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June 28, 2008

How To Generate A Nice Steady Online Income TODAY!

I'm at The Internet Marketing Momentum Bootcamp
in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of the questions that I got asked today was
what do you do just to earn a few hundred dollars
per month while waiting to launch your product, or
waiting for your business to really take off.

I've actually answered that question many times
over the past few months.

Let me break it down for you.

1) Get a copy of this ebook:

2) Sign up for the 100% commission affiliate

3) Read the ebook and write a simple review in
your own words.

4) Post that review on your blog, and email it
to your contacts. Also, write articles talking
about the ebook.

5) When the sales come in, 100% of the sales
price is deposited directly to your Paypal

I've just described to you how I earn several
thousand dollars per month, and have done this
steadily for MONTHS.

It really is that easy.

That is the simplest formula that I can offer
you... and it is exactly what I'm doing.

Get started now: http://20Ways.org

It really is that easy :-)


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June 27, 2008

I'm Off To Atlanta - And A Gift For You From A Multi-Millionaire Friend

I'm off to Atlanta today where Frank Garon and I
will teach/lead an intense 2-day bootcamp on Saturday
and Sunday.

This is actually the first event that I've hosted in
4 years. I've spoken at dozens of events but rarely
host them.

The first seminar that I hosted was back when Stephen
Pierce first came on the scene. I invited him to
speak at my first seminar.

Stephen accepted my invitation and the crowd LOVED him.

Now, he's doing so well that he's doing live television,
and has just published a book that he GAVE to everyone
listening to the most recent television show that he

Stephen gave me permission to give you a copy of that
book too. I have an autographed copy sitting on my
desk and it IS packed with some great information.

Please take a moment to get your copy of Stephen's
book at: http://TheRealSecrets.com/StephensBook/

One of the seminars that I spoke at earlier this month
was Ken McArthur's JV Alert Live Philly. Ken first
spoke at an internet marketing seminar when...
I invited him to speak at my second live seminar.

When Ken first decided to launch JV Alert, he asked for
my help in introducing him to some potential JV partners.
I brought a few top internet marketers into JV alert as
early partners, and I'm sure that helped to get it going.

At this weekend's event in Atlanta, Frank and I will do
most of the teaching. We have a combined 25 years of
experience in actually running online businesses.

We have two friends from Atlanta, both multi-millionaires,
who will teach short sessions on how they literally
generate millions using the internet. Those are the only
outside speakers, and they are not selling ANYTHING :-)

The reason that I don't host a lot of seminars is that
I do pour everything that I have into them. Unlike many
"Internet Marketing Seminars" I will actually teach you
anything and everything I know. I don't give you a teaser,
and then upsell you to the real information.

Frank and I hope to transform dozens of lives this
weekend. We're committed to your success.

If you haven't registered for our bootcamp yet, you still
can. It starts at 8:30am Saturday morning, and goes all
day Saturday and Sunday. If you can't stay all day, both
days, you should still attend. The information that we'll
share with will be that powerful.

If you frequent my blog, you'll see that not only do I
personally know Stephen Pierce and Ken McArthur, but that
I regularly network with (and pick the minds of) many top
Internet marketers

- Jeff Walker
- Mike Filsaime
- Rich Schefren
- John Reese
- Case Stevens
- Keith Wellman
- Mike Ambrosio
- Mark Hendricks
- Allen Says
- Jonathan Mizel
- Mark Joyner
- Michael Angiers
- Tim Kerber
- Tim Houston
- Sid Hale
- Gina Gaudio-Graves
- Jim Daniels
- Colette Marshall
- Len Thurmond
- Armand Morin
- John Childers
- Carl Galletti
- Stone Evans
- Yanik Silver
- Ken McCarthy
- Ewen Chia
- Patric Chan
- Doug Hudiburg
- David Cavanagh
- Dr. Mani
and most of the other top Internet marketers.

Heck, John Reese was a paid attendee at my first seminar.
John spent practically every break during that seminar
sharing his ideas. He constantly had small groups of people
standing around awed by some of his concepts.

I continuously pick the minds of the top online marketers.
I do actually sit around in their rooms, at hotels around
the world, and pick their minds one-on-one, so what I teach
you at my events isn't just what 12 years of running an
online business has taught me.

I teach you what they privately share with me... and it's
the little things that my friends share with me that often
clarifies something that I couldn't quite grasp.

Hanging out with the right people is an incomparable growth

I hope that you'll join us this weekend. Register now at:


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June 26, 2008

Sharing A Smile With Colette Marshall & Mark Widaw In Vegas

More photos from the Vegas Mastermind session.

This one features Colette Marshall of WorldwideBrands,
and Mark Widaw, whose sites include AskAboutAdwords.
Colette Marshall-WillieCrawford-Mark Widawer.jpg

I learned a lot from both of them, and don't be
surprised to see me doing interviews/teleseminars,
etc., with them and other attendees from the mastermind.


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Rubbing Elbows With Copywriter Ray Edwards

I took a few moments during the Las Vegas
Mastermind to catch up with my old friend
Ray Edwards.

Ray Edward & Willie Crawford In Las Vegas

Ray has written copy for me... and I even knew
him when a copywriting was only 4 figures :-)

Ray's an all-around nice person too.... but don't
tell him that I said that.


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Willie Crawford & Jeff Dedrick Discuss Affiliate Sales Contest

I took the opportunity during the Las Vegas
mastermind to pick Jeff Dedrick's mind on
affiliate marketing. Jeff has very quickly
evolved into a very effective affiliate marketer.
Willie Crawford & Jeff Dedrick At
The MGM Grand in Las Vegas


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Mike Filsaime & Michael Cheney At The Las Vegas Mastermind

Here's a shot of Mike Filsaime and Micheal Cheney
hanging out at Jeff's room in Las Vegas.

It was a very informal gathering, with us just
getting to know each other better, but a LOT
of deals were explored there too :-)


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Dinner At Felllinis's In Las Vegas

Tuesday night Nancy and I dined with the Mulacs and
Terry at Fellini's Restorante Italiano.

The food, the atmosphere, and the company were all
incredible :-)


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Jeff Walker Overlooking Las Vegas Airport

Here's a shot of Jeff Walker (his shadow anyway)
in front of the window overlooking the Las Vegas

What a beautiful view.

Maybe he's contemplating buying the airport :-)


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Three StomperNet Guru's In Las Vegas

While hanging out with Jeff, I caught this photo of
Tom Ham, Howie Schwartz, and Brad Fallon... all of
StomperNet. Who knows what they were working on :-)

Even though we were relaxing, networking, etc.,
most of the attendees to the mastermind meeting
had their laptops and/or they were busy text
messaging their staffs.

Some spent a lot of time on Twitter too :-)


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Hang Out With The Mulac's In Las Vegas

Here's a shot of me, Sephanie Mulac, my wife Nancy,
and Morgan Mulac, hanging out at Terry Esperland's


Like me, Nancy fell in love with the Mulac's daughters,
and I though that she was going to steal them.

The Esperlands were VERY gracious hosts too.


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Yarok Starak & Willie Crawford Hanging Out In Las Vegas

Here's a shot of Yaro Starak (the professional
blogger) and myself, hanging out in Jeff Walker's
suite in Vegas.


Yarok Starak And Willie Crawford - June 2008

We actually got into some pretty deep conversations,
and a lot of the people at that networking gathering
thought surprisingly alike.

It was a fun gathering.


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Willie Crawford & Jeff Walker At Vegas Mastermind

Just a few more photos from my past few days in Las

This is a shot of Jeff Walker and I high atop the MGM
Grand Hotel. From where we were, you could actually
"look down" on the airport which felt so close that
you could touch it.


Jeff Walker & Willie Crawford In Las Vegas - June 2008

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June 25, 2008

Email From A Long Time Customer

This is a sanitized email that I got from a customer recently.
I asked her permission to share it, and she granted that but
requested that I not reveal her identity or niche.

There are a LOT of very powerful lessons hidden in this simple
email written from the heart :-)

For the skeptics (and the FTC), I do have this note on file. I'm
hoping that she'll let me use it unsanitized some day. I'm fairly
confident that she will.

Here it is:

From: xx xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx.xxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2008 12:29 PM
To: 'willie@xxxxxxxx-xxxxxx.com'
Subject: Personal note of gratitude and admiration for Willie

Dear Willie,

I realize that you do not personally know me, although we have had brief
communication in the past on various forums, including your own. Before you
hit the delete button, I want you to know that this really is a personal
email, written directly to you - and only to you...and it is rather long.

I guess I should start this letter with a little background information
about myself...

I am a highly successful xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx. I am also a 'fairly'
successful xxxxx marketer. I must use the term 'fairly' here because I
compare that success to my success as a xxxer. I've been around for a great
deal longer than most people realize...quietly making a living online since

If you are wondering about the term 'quietly,' I mean that I have a website
for my xxxxx business, but I don't advertise it, I don't use SEO
tactics...I really don't do anything at all to promote it. I actively read
the forums, but I rarely make a post, and when I do, it's because I have a
genuine question, or I can answer a question that nobody else is answering.
I may make a total of five forum posts in a twelve month period - if that,
and usually, I have to sign up again as a member because it's been so long
since I posted, that I don't remember my username and password (or if I even
have one for that particular forum). I'm quiet, yet I am successful by being

Most of my xxxx work comes from referrals, and I work with very steady
clients - many of whom are well known marketers. You know that drill...they
xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx and tell me their requirements, I xxxx xxxx xxx
xxxxxxx, they change it to suit themselves or their purposes, they pay
me, they make money from the product, and everyone is happy. Before you get
suspicious, I'm not shopping for a new client by contacting you...I have
enough work :)

I also get work from people who manage to find my obscure little website.
Sometimes, I make people mad, because there are many jobs that I turn
down...either because I'm overloaded with work, or because I'm not
necessarily overloaded, but want to take it easy for a while...or because I
cannot, for moral reasons, xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx - for any amount of

As for affiliate marketing, in the past, I've steered clear of the Internet
Marketing niche, and all that it entails, and I've played in much smaller,
non-marketing related niches, and done most of my affiliate marketing with
xxxx xxxxxxx (stands to reason, since I am a xxxxxxxx), and despite what
all of the experts advise, I have managed to earn a great deal of money
sending customers directly to the merchant site, using my uncloaked
affiliate link in xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx.

I have, however, recently decided to start playing in the Internet Marketing
niche, for my own personal reasons...which may mean that I have to start
speaking up, just a little bit, but being the type of person that I am, I'm
not likely to get overly loud or aggressive :) My personal reason: I don't
like the direction that Internet Marketing has taken in recent years, and
I'm hoping to use my xxxxx talent and my knowledge to bring back the old
spirit of this industry.

That's enough about me. I'm not writing to tell you of my successes...I just
wanted to give you a little background information...on to the reason for
this letter.

Over the years, I've been quietly watching all of the players in the
Internet Marketing arena. There have been winners and losers, and very few
have impressed me in any way, shape, or form. I'm not easily impressed, and
never have been.

You, however, have repeatedly impressed me a great deal over the years, and
I just want you to know that. Today, I took part in the Daddy's Day
Giveaway, and came to your gift. I was so impressed with the way that you
sent me right to the download, and then gave me the option to sign up, that
I felt compelled to write you this letter - just to let you know how much
you are appreciated and how valuable you are in this industry.

I've watched how you handle things on your forum. I've read your
newsletters. I've visited your sites and sales pages. I've purchased your
products. I've seen how you handle yourself on other forums. I've seen how
choosy you are when it comes to Joint Ventures and product recommendations.
I've seen that you believe in and use the products and services that you

You, Mr. Willie Crawford, represent everything that Internet Marketing
should be - you represent the true spirit of the Internet, and the old
spirit of Internet Marketing that I miss so much.

You do everything in true "Willie Style," and I am overly impressed. I hope
that you will continue to bring everything good that you are to this
industry...I fear that it needs your guidance and leadership now, more than
ever before. As I break into the Internet Marketing niche, I know that I
will face every success, every obstacle, and every heartache with the
question 'how would Willie handle this' in my head.

Warmest Regards,

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Thank you,
Willie Crawford

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June 24, 2008

Aren't You Ready For Success Now ... Plus The Story Of When I First Met John Reese

Hi. Just checking in with you again from Las Vegas.

Yesterday I sent out an email inviting you to my
bootcamp this coming weekend in Atlanta. Please
go ahead and register for that bootcamp here:

You need to lock in your hotel room, etc.

I had a number of people email me asking if I
thought that they should attend the bootcamp.
They wondered if the timing was right, or if they
should wait "until conditions are better."

My answer was "If not now, then when?"

We all have a lot of things going on in our lives,
and frankly, if you wait for everything to be "just
right" you'll never decide to actually CHANGE your

I'm a living example of how just taking action can
make a massive difference. If you study my history,
you'll see that I literally went from welfare, then
to the military, on to becoming one of the world's
leading internet marketers... by making simple
decisions and taking action.

If you've read my biography, you'll know that my
life was not a bed of roses. I just knew that things
could be better and acknowledged that that was only
going to happen if I got into action.

I started internet marketing back in 1996, and at
that time, I decided that I was going to someday
operate my own successful online business. I decided
that I would work:

- When I wanted to
- Where I wanted to
- With whom I wanted to

As I sit in my suite high up in The Monte Carlo
Hotel in Las Vegas, I have to acknowledge that I
AM living that dream.

The reason that I'm still in Las Vegas is that
tomorrow I'll attend a mastermind meeting with
some of the most successful affiliate marketers
that I know. These marketers were invited by Jeff
Walker, and were the top affiliates during his
recent product Launch Formula 2 promotion... plus
a few friends.

During the mastermind, we'll share tactics,
bounce ideas/projects off of each other and just

Networking with like-minded, proactive people is
very empowering. By being around those actually
doing what you plan on doing, you see proof of what
is possible, and you "feed off the energy."

I still remember my very first seminar. I sat around
Ramon Williamson's hotel room until around 3am the
night after the seminar ended. It was just me, Ramon,
and this guy that I had just met... named John Reese.

I often tell people how that impromptu brainstorming
session revolutionized my thinking. It so "kicked me
into action" that 4 MONTHS after attending my first
seminar EVER... I hosted MY first live seminar.

Frank Garon and I are hosting The Internet Marketing
Momentum Bootcamp in Atlanta this weekend, to give you
that type of momentum.

We'll teach you the things that you really need to
know to build and operate a successful online business,
but just as importantly, we'll give you that critical

We'll help you KNOW which things you really should be
focusing on in your online business... and which things
are just distractions.

We'll help you to connect with the other attendees,
and based upon your projects, point you towards
ideal joint venture partners, and get you moving
forward in a massive way.

I need to end this note now, because I have to head
down to the hotel lobby where my friend Greg Mulac
will pick up my wife and I and take us to a friends
house for a cookout around their pool.

You can see a glimpse of the place that we'll be at here:
The thread "An Attitude Of Gratitude For Our Las Vegas
Hosts" is about the friends whose house we'll actually
be at.

My friend Yaro Starak blogged a little about tomorrow's
mastermind session here:

I'll give you just a glimpse of where the mastermind
meeting will be here: http://www.skyloftsmgmgrand.com/

In order to get past the very tight security to the
mastermind meeting, you DO need to be on the guest list.

My point in showing you those last two links was not
to brag, but to show you that... with just a little action,
the internet lifestyle is very much a reality.

My point is also to show you that I don't just share a lot
of theory with you. I share my knowledge and experience, BUT
I also constantly pick the minds of my very successful peers,
and find out what they know that can help you :-)

It's just a matter of making a decision, then taking action...
putting one foot in front of the other.

Frank Garon and I hope that you will allow us the honor of
helping you to live the lifestyle that is your destiny.

I am no different than you. I'm just decisive. Your success
depends upon you being decisive too.

Register for our bootcamp now at:


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Serious Money Tips From A Funny Man

I just watched a movie that completely blew me away. I just
had to tell you about it. It stars my friend, legendary Internet
marketing expert Alan R. Bechtold and it's got to be the most
fun I've ever had studying the REAL way to launch any business
on the Internet.

Alan created this full-length movie to add another dimension
to his new book, "Will Work for Fun: 3 Simple Steps to Turning
Any Hobby or Interest Into Cash," from John Wiley Books.

Both are now available during a special promotion that starts
June 24, 2008. Get the book or the movie. I recommend you get
both. Either way -- there are loads of great gifts you can
also claim for yourself when you take advantage of this deal
during the promotion.


Hurry! Alan's special promotion celebration ends in just a
couple of days. You don't want to miss this. You'll have a
blast and take your business -- wherever you are with that
business right now -- to heights you never dreamed of.



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Dr. Mani - "How To Market On Social Networks Effectively"

Nice article, by Dr. Mani... well worth taking a
few minutes to read:


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June 23, 2008

Please Meet Me In Atlanta This Weekend - June 28th - 29th

Yesterday we wrapped up Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing
Super Conference X. I spoke on Saturday, and then spent
yesterday and last night hanging out with some of the
speakers and many attendees who were still in town.

There were some SERIOUS online marketers in attendance. One
of the gents that I had lunch with yesterday, for example,
wants to build a 100 MILLION dollar online business in the
next few years.... and I'm absolutely certain that he will.
The biggest difference between him and most internet
marketers that I know is that he takes MASSIVE action.

I'll actually be in Las Vegas through Wednesday, since I'm
attending a mastermind meeting sponsored by my friend Jeff
Walker on that day.

Friday, I'll head over to Atlanta where Frank Garon and I
will co-host The Internet Marketing Momentum Bootcamp.

I've wanted to do this bootcamp for a long time.

During the bootcamp, Frank and I will spend 2 VERY intense
days teaching you the things that you really need to focus
on to build a successful online business. We've both been
at it for over 12 years, and know what it takes.

We've also spend a lot of time picking some of the brightest
minds in the world of Internet marketing, so what we share
with you is NOT just our opinions and experiences.

If you were to make a list of the 25 MOST successful
internet marketers, your list would likely be close to the
list of who will be in the mastermind meeting with me on
Wednesday. I tell you that not to impress you, but to let
you know that I spend a lot of time learning what is
actually working for other very successful marketers, and
that does make me highly qualified to share that information
with you!

During the bootcamp, we'll get you focused, and get you
actually DOING those things that will grow your business

You won't just leave the bootcamp all pumped up... you'll
leave already in action. You'll leave with email address
and contact information of people that can help to make
your projects a reality.

You'll spend the weekend in a room full of VERY serious
marketers... as Frank and I teach in a highly interactive
setting. Then, after-hours, you'll continue the networking
and building business relationships that will transform your
online endeavors from a hobby to a real business.

Please go ahead and register now. It's only 4 days away.
Register here, and then make reservations at the hotel
listed at the bottom of the page (to get special rates):

If you have any questions, the easiest way to get them
answered is to email me at willie.crawford@gmail.com
I'll get back to you as soon as practical.

I do sincerely hope that you'll do whatever it takes to
join us. This is the first event that I've hosted in 4
years, and I don't anticipate hosting another one any
time soon. We'll stay up LATE at night answering your
questions and networking at the hotel.

I absolutely guarantee that this is the ONE event that
will finally get you going in the right direction!

Register now at:

I'll see you in Atlanta.


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How I Generated $64,000 In Sales During 1 Recent 27 Hour Promotion

Listen to my interview featured as a part of this
package: http://TheRealSecrets.com/Craig/

I did some advance legwork for that promotion,
but during the total of 27 hours that the sales
pages was live and taking orders, I generated
$64,000 in sales.

What you'll discover from listening to my
interview, and the others is that this in
DEFINITELY not difficult. It's just
consistently doing a few simple things :-)


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Free Teleseminar With Matthew Glanfield - June 24th

Coming up on Tuesday is another free teleseminar/webinar
with Matthew Glanfield being interviewed by Hilary
Stewardson. This is the 6th in the series of 12 weekly
interviews with experts in Internet Marketing.

Matthew Glanfield started his internet business in April
2005 and by the end of the year had generated $100,000
in revenue. It has been growing each year since then.
He has a lot of information to tell you about doing business
on the internet. Take advantage.

To register for these free teleseminars/webinars go to:



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Tom Beal, Willie Crawford And Robby Lablanc At Internet Marketing Super Conference X

In this photo Tom Beal and I got a chance to chat briefly,
and snap a photo. The guy in the background is Robby Lablanc.

If you don't know who Robby is, you can google his
name and you'll see that he's well know in Vegas
circles and musician circles. He honored us with
some of his recorded musical compositions during the


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June 22, 2008

Hanging With John Barker And David Schwartz In Vegas

Here's a shot of me, John Barker, and David Schwartz.

John wrote The AdWords Blackbook among numerous other
titles. David created Viral Document Toolkit.


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A Quick Photo With Carl Galletti And Jeanette Cates

Here's a shot of Carl Galletti, Me and Jeanette Cates
at Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing Super Conference X.

The seminar wrapped up today.


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How To Save On Travel

When traveling to seminars and conferences, use this
site to find the best bargains and lock it in:


This is actually where I book my travel.


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The Pool Outside My Window At The Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas Nevada, While Attending The Internet Marketing Super Conference X

Here's a video shot through some very dirty windows
from my hotel room in Las Vegas. The windows were
dirty, but since I was on the 19th Floor, I didn't
feel inclined to scooting outside and cleaning them.

In the video I mentioned my Internet Marketing
Momentum Bootcamp

I also talked about how to buy raw land for as
little as $100 that you can then wholesale for
thousands. You can check that out here:

How To Buy Land For $100


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Secret 6K Affiliate Battle Plan - Never Revealed Before

Don't Miss This One!

This is about a product that I actually helped to
create. I did an interview sharing some information
that I had NEVER shared before.

This is important... It is about your money.

So don’t skip a word...

I will reveal to you a secret system for creating a
small affiliate fortune.

You don’t need your own product...

You don’t need to pay for PPC ...

You don’t need a mailing list...

The site I am about to reveal to you may make the
difference between “you” being a complete zero or
an affiliate hero.

Let me tell you a story about an...

Average affiliate who was able to bring in over 6K
in a week using only free traffic methods...

When I first heard this story I honestly didn’t believe it
myself until I saw the proof.

This guy has screen shot after screen shot of his massive
affiliate commissions.

It is rare to see that kind of proof anywhere.

I know I am rambling a bit here but you just have to see
the “proof yourself,” to believe it.

This system is on sales at a huge discount but scheduled
to increase price at midnight tonight.

So you have to act quickly if you want this discount...

Make sure you check out this 6K affiliate battle plan
before it is too late.


Do It Now!


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June 19, 2008

This Guy Schooled Me In Affiliate Marketing - He Whipped Me With Virtually NO List!

I'm on my way out the door for a few days in Las Vegas, where
I'll be speaking at Carl Galletti's seminar on Saturday.

However, I really really needed to let you know about this.

It's made a BIG difference in how I market affiliate products
- something that I'd been doing for 12 years prior to reading
this: http://TheRealSecrets.com/Craig/

The full story...

Back in March of this year, I started promoting Jeff Walker's
Product Launch Formula 2. I consider myself a pretty good
affiliate marketers, and did "ok" with that launch... as in
five-figures in commissions. I was in the top 15 affiliates :-)

As I started doing all of the standard things that I always
do for affiliate products promotions, I kept noticing this ONE
person consistently beating me for my most competitive keywords
in the search engines.

This guy was everywhere that I turned... like a thorn in
my side. He consistently ranked in the top 3 for keywords that
I was working very hard to rank on at Google.

This guy, Craig Beckta, did not have a huge list or a popular
website, yet he was EVERYWHERE.

When Product Launch Formula 2 finally launched, Craig made
lots of sales. He did it NOT by emailing his huge lists. He
did it by being where those researching (and trying to
decide whether PLF 2 was for them) went to buy.

After the launch I contacted Craig to see HOW he did it. He
turned the tables and asked if he could interview me. After
all, at one time during that launch I had 7 out of 10 positions
on the front page of Google for a key phrase that I was targeting,
but I could NEVER unseat Craig.

Craig interviewed me, and several other marketers who know
how to get incredible results. He combined that with step by
step instructions on how anyone can dominate the search engines,
and turned it into a course that he called, "Secret Affiliate

Craig just released Secret Affiliate Code, and if you are an
affiliate marketer, you can't afford NOT to read it. After all,
this guy out marketed people with lists of over 100,000... and
he does this consistently with affiliate promotions.

Take a minute now and check out what Craig is doing.

He had such an impact on how I market that part of what I'll
share in my presentation at the seminar this weekend will
credit Craig with "teaching this old dog a lot of new tricks."

Don't miss: http://TheRealSecrets.com/Craig/


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Let's Discuss Help Desks On Blog Talk Radio - Today At 5pm CST

Today, on my Blog Talk Radio show we'll discuss
why you need a helpdesk to save time, save money,
avoid lost emails, and build a real online business.

We'll discuss different helpdesk platforms, how to
choose one, how difficult they are to install, and
numerous other topics during the 1-hour radio show...
including how to monetize your help desk.

Join us here:


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June 18, 2008

Like This Blog - Please Bookmark It

Click the link below to bookmark this site on any
of over 50 bookmarking sites, and also to get the
script... once I finish setting up a page for it :-)


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Guy Kawasaki Is Following 15,580 On Twitter With 13,901 Followers

As of a few minutes ago Guy Kawasaki was following
15,580 on Twitter with 13,901 followers.

What does he know that we don't?

Twitter, as a micro-blogging platform is incredibly

It allows you to connect with people on a deep level,
yet it also gets you around email problems. Many people
"drop their shields" on Twitter and give it that "talking
with an old friend" feel, even though over 1 million may
be watching and your discussion may be echoed on my blog.

I actually wrote an article yesterday sharing how I
also "market" on Twitter. That article (shared on this
blog) reveals that I've actually sold $2000 items right
from Twitter... and I've actually sold SEVERAL seminar
seats, and SEVERAL course, right from Twitter, THIS
week... and I have only 700 followers

Should you be twittering?


Of FaceBook at:

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Mastering "The Art Of The JV"

Mastering "The Art Of The JV"
by Willie Crawford

To many marketers in the "Internet Marketing" niche, setting
up a joint venture (a JV) has become synonymous with recruiting
"super affiliates" to promote a product launch. While only one
of many possible types of joint ventures, that is the type of
JV that this article focuses on.

This article addresses facts that you need to understand in
order to become a Master of "The Art Of The JV."

This article is specifically addressed to the individuals
seeking to persuade super affiliates to JV with them.

Mastering "The Art Of The JV" actually isn't that difficult.
It's something that many seasoned veterans within "The
Internet Marketing Inner Circle" have done. It only requires
acknowledging and adopting the proper mindset...which leads
to naturally taking certain actions.

As a seasoned joint venture broker, and lifetime member of
The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, please allow me to share
with you just seven concept that once fully integrated into
your thinking, and modus-operandi, WILL make you a MASTER of
The Art Of The Joint Venture.

The 7 Concepts are:

1) Joint venturing is not just asking someone to promote your
product. In the Internet Marketing niche in particular, lots
of novice marketers equate joint venturing with recruiting super
affiliates. Most super affiliate have countless products that
they can promote (their own products and the products of
partners). To such people, a joint venture often means a
long-term multi-faceted arrangement.

2) Joint venturing is not just about the money! Many super
affiliates are frequently offered 60-100% commission. Some are
even surprisingly offered greater than 100% commission, so money
is usually NOT their main motivator.

In case you're wondering how anyone could afford to pay greater
than 100% commission, think backend!

3) Successful joint venturing does often hinge upon who you
know. Man is a social creature and we thrive upon socializing,
getting to know people, and becoming friends. We like to work
with those that we actually know and also often make decisions
based upon the recommendations of those we know. Often, joint
ventures are landed when you are recommended by a friend of your
"target" JV partner.

4) An irresistible joint venture proposal must answer the “What'
In It For Me?” question. Too many people approach seeking
joint ventures without really asking what the other party wants
most! Seek joint ventures by first attempting to see the world
through the other person's eyes, and you'll get better results.

5) In seeking joint ventures in many niches, you are facing very
stiff competition. Many novice product developers seem to
completely ignore the fact that they are only one-of-MANY
releasing similar products in the same timeframe. Come to the
table prepared to prove how your product is superior, and why
your joint venture proposal is more desirable.

6) Being a part of the in crowd... “the inner circle,” can give
you a definite advantage. Most of us have a circle of trusted
friends. We have people that we have grown to know, like and
trust, and that's who we prefer working with (all things being
equal). That DOES mean that you may need to break into your
desired joint venture partners' inner circles.

7) The Law of Reciprocity is an inviolate law of human
interactions. It applies to every human culture that
anthropologists have ever studied. The law requires that when
someone does something nice for you, you're obligated to do
something nice for them in return. It requires that when
someone does you a favor, that you seek ways to reciprocate.

Learn to deliberately tap into that law by doing nice things for
others... particularly potential JV partners. That's not
diabolical - that's engineering a "yes!"

These are just a few of the concepts that you really do need
a firm grasp of in order to be a Master Of The Joint Venture.
Master these concepts and landing more lucrative joint
ventures will require MUCH less effort. Study and practice
"The Art Of The JV" until much of it is habit, and you will
one day discover that you HAVE "Mastered" it.

Willie Crawford is professional joint venture broker, and the
catalyst behind The Internet Marketing Inner Circle. Join
Willie and hundreds of seasoned joint venture masters networking
and making deals at: http://TheInternetMarketingInnerCircle.com

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June 17, 2008

What MOST Internet Marketers Are Doing Wrong - Even Most "Gurus" Do This Wrong!

What You're Probably Doing Wrong & How To Correct It

Just a quick note to point out the SINGLE BIGGEST MISTAKE
that most online marketers consistently make.

Even "gurus" who've been online 5 - 10 years often make
this mistake... consistently!

They do it if they are using article marketing.

They do it if they are using pay per clicks.

They do it if they're doing organic SEO.

What is that mistake?

They target the wrong keywords.

They either target keywords that no one is searching on, or
even worse, they target keywords that will bring them lots
of visitors... but those visitors won't convert to customers.

There's nothing more heart-wrenching than spending a small
fortune on pay per click traffic only to have that traffic
not buy a single thing.

It's enough to make you want to give up.

In fact, I've seen a lot of people who have simply given up
on their dreams, and gone back to the drudgery of a job that
they absolutely HATE.

Here's the key...

You need to know exactly which keywords people interested
in your product are searching on. More importantly, you
need to know exactly which keywords people looking to BUY
your product are searching on.

Whether it's to use those keywords in optimizing your sales
page, setting up pay per click campaigns, or article marketing,
it doesn't matter. You have to be found for the right
keywords in all of those instances, and you have to know,
beyond a shadow of a doubt, that those are the correct

Here's how I do it...


Running a successful online business, and living the life of
your dream does NOT have to be a struggle.

Check out: http://TheRealSecrets.com/Conversions/


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Still Struggling To Make It? This Free Course Will Help :-)

I pride myself in only promoting offers that are of
true value to you and your business...

Keith Wellman, Marc Horne, & Hollis Carter have
put a killer home study course together for you...

Grab it while their supplies last (it's free)*


They have already shipped out a couple thousand
of these packages, and trust me that time is of
the essence...

Watch the video - grab the course :)

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A Mailing List of 600,000 PLUS!

When my friend Thea Swafford shared that she had a database
of over 600,000 at a Michael Penland seminar long ago, it
was amazing to watch all of the marketers swarm over her at
the next break :-)

I quietly waited, called here later, and got her to share with
me her secret. The recording from that call is now in my
inner circle site... if I remember correctly.

Anyway, I adopted her techniques plus those of a LOT of others
to build a very respectable database myself... well over half
a million (being deliberately vague).

This database is a lot of different lists in a lot of different
niches, with MOST of them being outside of Internet marketing. I'm
very protective, and secretive, about some of these niches/lists.

However, I thought that I'd share one of my simplier list
building secrets with my fellow Warriors.

I find out about big name authors who are doing book releases,
and then in exchange for helping to publicize the release, I
get to include a gift on a page full of bonuses.

Typically, my gift is an ebook or perhaps an MP3 somehow
related to the topic of the book.

If I don't have an appropriate bonus, I create one, or outsource
one... although reworked/retitled PLR material is generally

One of my insider contacts for advance notice of these book
launches is Warren Whitlock... whom I chat with regularly at
Internet marketing seminars.

I'll be interviewing Warren on this very topic... "Building
Your List On The Backs of Book Launches" on Tuesday, June
17th, at 6-7pm CST.

You're welcome to join us for free at:

You can dial in to the number shown on the site, or you can
listen right over the internet. You can also ask questions
via chat right over the internet.

We're not selling anything on the call... just sharing information,
and also doing a recording.

Join us.


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Buy Land For $100 - $500 And Then Sell It Over The Internet For Thousands!

Here's a guy who buys land for $100 - $500 per parcel and then

turns around and quickly selling it right over the internet for thousands.

He's done this thousands of times!

I'll have to see if I can get him on the show.

Check out: http://TheRealSecrets.com/LandFor100Dollars/


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How To Market Your Products and Services On Twitter

How To Market Your Products and Services On Twitter
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

Twitter is one of well over 1000 social networking sites
that I know of. I actually have a list of that many, but
have only checked out a handful of the most popular ones.

Actually, my list is about 1800 bookmarking and social
networking sites. I may share that list with my inner
circle soon... after my assistant go over it with a fine
toothed comb :-)

I've already shared my list of the most popular (and
productive) bookmarking sites in an ebook called, "How To
Bookmark Effectively For Massive Free Website Traffic!"
You can actually download that ebook for free, without
needing to opt-in or fill out any forms at:

Back to Twitter… Twitter is actually a micro-blogging
platform. You register, and then you can "follow"
others, and others can "follow" you.

When you log into Twitter, on the homepage you have a
window where you can type in messages ("tweets") of up
to 140 characters. When you click the "update" button,
everyone who has subscribed to your updates... everyone
following you, sees that message instantly... provided
they are logged-in to Twitter.

When someone that you're following updates, and you're
logged-in, you see their posts instantly.

There are Twitter users who post dozens of messages a
day. There are Twitter users who seem to stay logged
into Twitter and following their friends tweets for hours
each day.

At a recent JV Alert Seminar where I was on the expert
panel, I watched other panel members, who are also avid
Twitter users, actually carrying on conversations over
Twitter... right from the stage. They simply pulled out
their handheld devices, and twittered away!

While Twitter is fun to just chat with friend on, many
"capitalist"... like me, wonder if it can be used for
conducting business and making sales.

The answer is "Yes, but you shouldn't post blatant ads
on Twitter."

Instead, you should post links to resources and news, and
those links CAN be your affiliate links.

Twitter also has a "Direct Message" feature where you can
post a message directly to someone who is following you.
No one else sees that message, and using that feature is
more appropriate when your post only pertains to one

I have made numerous sales via Twitter. Some examples

1) When I noticed that the World Internet Summit was hosting
a live event in Auckland, New Zealand, on July 17th - 20th,
2008, I twittered about it. This is the first time that they
are holding an Internet marketing seminar in a location that
doesn't get very many of those type events, so I considered
it news.

Shortly thereafter, one of my followers from that area,
posted a thank you. The next time that I checked my email,
I DID notice that he had already registered for the event
and that I had earned a nice commission.

2) When Jeff Walker launched Product Launch Formula 2, I
tweeted about the bonus package that I offered. I had several
followers ask me questions about my package (via direct
message) and two of those purchased the package. That earned
me nearly $2000.

3) When a friend noticed that I was twittering about how easy
it is to earn money marketing to offline businesses as compared
to the Internet marketing niche, she posted a link to a product
that she suggested I check out.

I clicked on her link and saw that a friend, Rachel Rofe,
along with a co-author, Jaime Mintun, had a product that they
were selling called "How To Make $10K In A Weekend." The
product was literally "a seminar in a box." It contained
everything that I needed to conduct local seminars teaching
offline businesses about the internet. In fact, the product
even included:

- A PowerPoint Presentation that I could use to conduct a
1 or 2-day live seminar.

- Ads that I could run to get commission-only sales people to
actually sell the seminar seats for me.

- A script that I could use along with the slides or even
give to someone else to conduct the seminar for me.

- Supplemental materials that I could use as bonuses,
handouts, or products-for-sale at my seminars.

- Very detailed start-to-finish instructions.

The package literally contained everything that I needed for a
local seminar that I was already planning on hosting quarterly
in my hometown.

I drooled over the webpage, but didn't buy right away because
I was getting ready to travel to JV Alert Live in Philadelphia
that upcoming weekend, and I didn't want to get side-tracked.
However, at the seminar, I got a chance to chat with Rachel
Rofe, and she talked me into both getting a copy of the
course, AND becoming an affiliate for it.

Wrapping up this story... After going through the course, I
fell so "in love" with it, that I twittered about it as well
as mentioned it in an ezine editorial. The ezine editorial
sold enough copies to earn me nearly $1000, and the tweet,
triggered several old friends asking questions about the
package. One of those friends subsequently purchased the

Those are just a few of the many sales that I'm sure that
my twittering has generated. The key is not to just post
blatant ads, but when you have something worthy of sharing,
and that you know your followers will likely appreciate, then
you can generate sales from just pointing our resources.

Aside from direct sales, I've noticed dozens of posts on my
followers blogs about things that I've posted to Twitter.
These blog posts were others indirectly promoting me and my
products to their audiences.

Your posts on Twitter are also indexed by the search engines,
so I've noticed my "tweets" showing up in Google for some
of my prime keywords. That's very powerful.

So, there you have a proven formula for marketing your
products and services on Twitter without being too "in your
face." The only thing left for you to do is go over to
http://Twitter.com and set up an account. It only takes a
few minute.

Be sure to add me as someone you're following. My Twitter
URL is: http://twitter.com/innercircle1

What are you waiting for? :-)


Willie Crawford is founder of The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle, Executive Directory of The International Association
of Joint Venture Brokers, and co-host of the Internet Marketing
Momentum Bootcamp. Have Willie teach you serious marketing
firsthand at: http://InternetMarketingMomentumBootcamp.com


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June 16, 2008

The Amazing Law Of Expectation

The law of attraction is severely weakened if
you don't expect the results you've asked for.

On the other hand expectation reinforces and boosts the
electrical vibration and frequency of your thoughts and desires
Expectation is what tells your subconscious that this
request is based in truth, so it complies and goes out to get it.

Expectation is what creates the white heat in desire.

Learn to do it right

A visualization and/or an affirmation without expectency
tells your subconscious that you don't really care about
the outcome, or believe you will get it and so it lets it
off the hook for results.

Add intensity to your expectation and your subconscious
has to work that much harder to quicken the pace of retrieval.

If you don't build expectation into your meditations and desires
the universe considers them flimsy, wishy washy and unreal
without committment or substance and doesn't really waste
it's time to find and pull

Join us this evening

Monday June 16th

9PM Eastern

and eliminate your blocks to its proper functioning and
learn to do it right for wealth, health and happiness.

Open your channels to expectation and receive what you want
and deserve.


Learn the secret,

Harrison, Robin and Willie

True Millionaire Stories

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Special Report Generator Software

Thought you might want to see this...

How do you feel about writing reports to
build your list and drive mad traffic?

I've always had the toughest time when
it comes to writing. Anything really, but
a report -seriously- used to take me weeks
if not months to put together.

That is, until I found a new piece of software
that cranks out brilliant reports in about 45
minutes for ANY product or service you want.

Sound too good to be true? (I thought so too)

Just watch the quick demonstration video:

Here's what pro copywriter Jeffrey Levesque
had to say about the Special Report Generator:

"I have to admit, being an experienced copywriter,
I originally downloaded your software to SPY on you!

But, I was pleasantly surprised once I opened
the software! The software, along with your easy
to follow instructions, flows beautifully!

With all the services available to submit
reports online, creating special reports is
an important part of my marketing efforts..."

You can get the full scoop here:

Just check out the video and let me know
what you think. :) I am so excited every time
I sit down to write a report now. And it's only
because I know I'll have the evening off... and
have a finished promotional masterpiece. :)

If you'd like to generate powerful viral reports
that bring in leads and sales for anything you promote
- watch the video, and use the software.


There is one other thing you should know
before you head over to that page...

It's a killer. No kidding. You'll see what I
mean within seconds of hitting the site. You've
got a full 20 minutes to take action, or lose out.

It's so brilliant, it's almost devious. ;)

Do us both a favor, and check this out right now!


Take Massive Action Today,

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Recorded Call With Frank Garon On Generating Momentum In Your Online Business

The recording from the radio segment that I did with
Frank Garon is now available. You can listen to it or
even download the MP3 of the call here:


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The Radio Show That I Was On In Philly

Here's the website of Bill Anderson who featured
me on his show, in Philadelphia, on June 6th.


Doing the show was a lot of fun.


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How I Built My Database To Over 600,000

I just uploaded the latest issue of my newsletter (as a PDF file).

In this issue I GIVE you a free copy of one of my special reports
that reveals several of the ways that I've managed to grow my database
to over 600,000 subscribers.

Mind you, most of these subscribers aren't in the internet marketing
niche. I'm in many niches, not all of which I will reveal, because
sometimes it makes more sense to just keep quiet :-)

Still, I know that you'll find the report VERY eye-opening. I'm
giving it away just for a few days.

Get that issue of my ezine here:


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June 15, 2008

Simple Click By Click Formula Transforms Any Dead-Slow PC Into a Stable, Lightning Fast and Secure System...In Just 15 Minutes!

Don't Miss Chris Mainieri's updated "PC Secret Formula"

I've already read it three times with marker in

I'll be hanging out with Chris in Daytona Beach on
July 12, and own him a steak dinner for all of the
time he's saved me in teaching me how to optimize
my computer.


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Download These Free Gifts

My friend Odinn Sorensen has just launch a free
giveaway in honor of Fathers Day. There are some
nice items available for free download there and
I highly encourage you to check it out:

====>>>> http://TheRealSecrets.com/FathersDay/


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Teleseminar, The 7 Laws Of Expectation - Monday at 8pm CST

On Monday, June 16th, at 8-9pm CST, I'll be on

"The Exclusive Kick Butt and Take Names
"7 Laws of Expectation" Call With
Harrison Klein and Willie Crawford"


Millionaire LOE Expert Harrison Klein

You can get more info and register here:

There is a token charge for the call.
The call will be packed with excellent info.


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June 13, 2008

18,000 email subscribers in 3 months offline?

When you work with regular brick and mortar
businesses the numbers and potential profit can be huge.

In less than 3 months the average offline business can
generate an email list of 900 to 18,000 highly targeted

Just one email to a highly targeted list like that can bring
in 500 dollars to 12,500 dollars or more in sales.

And you can be charging substantial fees to offline business
owners for setting up the email autoresponder system.

It's all revealed in this gift article. Check it out now...

Let's Rock!

P.S. Most internet marketers are focused on creating an income

But if you learn how to create a series of automated emails
for an OFFLINE business you can be making 500 dollars
or more in as little as 24 hours from now.

Best of all you don't need your own website and the business
you work with doesn't need a website either.

This article explains exactly how this works. Go take a look
now... http://TheRealSecrets.com/18000/

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Part 2 Of Willie Crawford's June 13th Ezine - Video Streamed From YouTube

Here's the second half of today's ezines
where I tell you about a couple of big ticket
joint ventures that I need partners for, and
then review several products.

I also share a few secrets if you listen closely.

Here's the video:


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PDF Version of Willie Crawford's 13 June Internet Marketing Newsletter

Here's a link to today's Limitless Marketing Ezine if for
some reason you didn't get it via email. Also, you should
be able to find the ezine as 2 videos posted here on the

Here's the ezine:


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Part 1 of My Newsletter From Today - On Video

Here's the first half of my ezine from today,
streamed from YouTube.

I uploaded it there for those who would rather
listen in the background while doing something
else, and for SEO purposes :-)

The link to the PDF version is here too.


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June 12, 2008

Another Gaylord Opryland Shot

Although I have several HUNDRED photos taken
inside the Gaylord Opryland hotel, I'll resist
the temptation to show you all of them.

Most of them show me eating anyway :-)

Here's a nice on though.



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John Childers' Speaker Training At The Gaylord Opryland Hotel

May 30th - June 1st, I attend John Childers'
Million Dollar Speaker Training at the Gaylord
Opryland Hotel in Nashville Tennessee.

Here's a shot from inside the hotel, which I
understand has more than 1000 rooms.


One of the inside courtyards of the
Gaylord Opryland Hotel

The hotel had walkways about 3 stories up that
passed through the center of huge gardens with
water fountains, three story tall bananan and
magnolia trees, and even a flowing river :-)

All of this was under a greenhouse type
transparent roof.

Not that I don't see hotels like this everyday,
but we did take a lot of pictures.


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Product Review "How To Make $10K In A Weekend" by Rachel Rofe and Jaime Mintun

I got a copy of this product after getting a recommendation
from Donna Fox on Twitter. It turned out to be a great

I then mentioned it on Twitter too... recommending it to my
followers. One old friend "direct messaged" me asking if I
"really" thought the product was THAT good.

When I get a question phrased like that, it's really saying,
I value you friendship, and hope that you wouldn't burn a

I told him to get the product because I know that he plans
on using it to put together local workshops, and I have
no doubt that it will add hundreds of thousands of dollars
to his bottom line... this year.

My friend in very proactive though.

The product is EVERYTHING that you need to host local seminar
where you teach offline businesses ecommerce and then upsell
them to your services.

You get everything from a system for hiring outside sales
people to fill the seats for you, (complete with sample ads &
script for them to use) to PowerPoint slides and a script that
you can use for hosting a 2-day seminars... or give to someone
else to conduct the seminar for you.

You are told...
How to decide who to target.
How to find a place
How to get people in the seats
How to structure your seminar for a lot of
interaction and high perceived value
How to price your event
How to process orders
How to time the presentations, breaks, meals, everything...

Literally EVERYTHING that you need to host a seminar
for offline businesses teaching them about:

- SEO & Website Optimization
- Setting up and testing a direct response website
- Following up automatically
- Common mistakes people make on websites
- How to turn their website from a billboard that just sucks
cash from their bottom line, to a results-generating dynamo

You get a lesson plan for teaching all of the things that sound
easy to a seasoned internet marketers but sound like some
foreign language to an offline business person.

Since, after you teach most of these offline businesses "how to
ecommerce" they'll glaze over and want you to do it for them,
you are also told how to do that... outsourcing all of the work
if you want to.

You are given lots of extras that you can give your seminar
attendees as bonuses... or sell to them.

After going through this package, I couldn't really think of
anything missing. You are literally handed the slides, a script
to go with them, and supplemental material. All you need to do
is READ the script, or get someone else to do it for you.

My recommendation...

If you have any interest at all in host seminars for offline
businesses, or even for internet marketers, you need this

I fills in so many of the gaps.

Get it here: http://TheRealSecrets.com/10KInAWeekend/


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Willie Crawford, Chris Curtis & Ken McArthur Share A Laugh At JV Alert

Here's a semi-candid shot of Ken and Chris sharing
a laugh. Chris and Ken are both from the Philly area,
but it took someone from Florida to introduce them :-)


Willie Crawford, Chris Curtis & Ken McArthur At JV Alert Philly


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Willie Crawford & Doug Champigny - Backed Against A Wall!

Here I am hanging out with my friend Doug
Champigny at JV Alert Live. Against that
wall, we felt like raising our hands over
our heads.


Willie Crawford & Doug Champigny in Philadelphia


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A Live Seminar - The Best Place To Demo Your Software

Here's a shot from JV Alert of Jeff Levesque
demonstrating his software to several hot
prospects... and several customers.


This is one of the absolute best ways to find
new longterm customers for high-end software,
and THE best way to find joint venture partners
to help promote you products and services.

My seminar in Atlanta, Georgia, June 28th -29th,
will be set up to facility this same type of
interaction. Check it out here:


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Willie Crawford & David Schwartz Discuss Viral Marketing - On the Radio - June 18th, 2008

David and I will do a radio segment on viral marketing...
what it is, and how to do it RIGHT, on Wednesday,
June 18th, at 5-6pm CST.

As the creator of Viral Document Toolkit David should
make a interesting guest. As someone who uses a LOT
of viral marketing techniques and tools, I'm sure we'll
deliver lots of useful information.

You can join us at:

You can listen right over the internet, or call in
on the number shown on the site. You may also ask
questions via the chat feature built right into
Blog Talk Radio.

Mark this on your calendar, and bring your toughest
viral marketing questions!


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Overcome Information Overload & Procrastination and Gain Momentum - Free Call With Willie Crawford & Frank Garon

Please join Frank Garon and Willie Crawford on
Monday, June 16th,2008 at 9-10am CST on Blog
Talk Radio


We'll share some of the things that we've learned
in our combined 25 years of experience in building
online businesses.

The hardest part for many people is just deciding
what to do first, and getting started.

Information overload, and having soooo many choices,
can be overwhelming.

We'll offer lots of useful tips, tactics, and insights
- guaranteed to get you moving in the right direction.

You can listen right over the internet, or you can
phone in and ask a questions. You can also type your
question right into the chat feature built into Blog
Talk Radio.

I hope to talk to you on Monday morning! Get more
information and join the call here:

That page shows you what time the event is in your
local timezone too.

By the way, Frank and Willie have a full 2-day
intensive bootcamp in Atlanta, Georgia on June 28th -
29th that focuses on this same them. You can find out
more about that and register now at:

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June 11, 2008

Warren Whitlock & Willie Crawford Discuss Building Your List Through Book Promotions - Tuesday, June 17th at 6pm CST!

Join Warren Whitlock On BlogTalkRadio To Discuss
Zero Cost Listbuilding

Warren Whitlock will be the guest on my BlogTalkRadio show
on Tuesday, June 17th, from 6-8pm CST.

Listen to Willie Crawford Teaches REAL Internet Marketing on internet talk radio

Warren's company helps to orchestrate numerous book launches,
where Internet marketers like you and I help to spread the
word... and get to offer a gift to potentially MILLIONS of
new prospects.

We get to build our email lists on the backs of book launches
by best-selling authors whose names most people readily

Here's a blurb from Warren's site at:

"In the next few weeks, millions of people will learn about
the new books we promote, and many will decide to buy one
or more of the offers

When you join us as a promotional partner, your business
lead generation 'gift' will be exposed to these qualified
buyers. Those in your target market will choose your offer.
Imagine hundreds or even thousands of people telling you
that they are interested in your business!"

Warren is an expert at lead generation and listbuilding,
and we'll spend a full two hours sharing the secrets with

To join the radio show over the Internet, or to get the
dial-in number visit:

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June 10, 2008

World Championship Of Website Flipping

Check this out…

A buddy of mine, Justin Brooke, runs the worlds largest
source of website flipping information (SiteFlipAcademy.com)
and he just partnered with the worlds largest website
marketplace (Sitepoint.com) to bring you the World
Championships of Website Flipping.

What is the World Championships of Website Flipping all about?

Well, Justin got together a bunch of partners to promote
a 100% free contest to find the worlds best website flipper.
Reason for this is so that he can create awareness for the
website flipping industry, brand the SiteFlipAcademy name,
and give recognition to the best website flippers in our industry.

Over 100 Contenders Already Registered

There are lots of prizes donated already (upto $20,000 in
Cash & Prizes!) I suggest you go check them out and register
as a contender. Registration is free at and all registered
members will get a discount coupon code from Sitepoint.com
to use during the contest period. Register Here:

Winner Gets a Real Leather & Engraved Metal Championship Belt!

If you think you have what it takes to be crowned the
“Worlds Best Website Flipper” then go take your title shot
by registering today. You’ll get a free contender kit
that tells you all about the rules and points structure,
plus the basics of website flipping.

Go Register Now... It's Free


P.S. Justin wrote a section of the contender kit that
shows a step by step plan that breaks the points system.
Only a few will dare try it.

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Free Copy Of Keith Wellman's $997 Autopilot Sales Formula Course

For a limited time you can get this course
free. In it, you'll learn:

=> How to choose a profitable niche...
=> Developing an "in demand" product for your niche...
=> Putting your sales system in place...
=> How to create a pre-launch...
=> Driving thousands of highly interested people to your site...
=> Pricing Strategy
=> Launch Strategy
=> Business building strategy to create long term, residual income...

...and so much more!

Get it here:


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Keith Wellman, Hollis Carter, Jeff Dedrick And Willie Crawford at JV Alert Philly

Here's a shot of me hanging out with Keith, his
right hand man Hollis, and Jeff Dedrick in Philly.

Keith Wellman, Hollis Carter, Jeff Dedrick and Willie Crawford

Lots of big JV's were sealed over a sandwich or
a beer in that lounge.


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How To Get Massive Free Website Traffic

How To Get Massive Free Website Traffic
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

There is only one real secret to getting a lot of
visitors to your website. That is merely figuring out
where lots of your ideal visitors are, and standing in
front of them.

When you think of it in those terms, it's really simple.

There are also only three real ways to get in front of
the traffic flow. You can buy traffic, borrow traffic, or
create traffic.

You buy traffic using pay-per-click search engines. It's
very dependable, and can give you a steady flow of
consistent traffic.

The big drawback with using pay-per-clicks to generate
traffic is that it can be very risky. Those who use
pay-per-clicks to generate 100% of their traffic, and
are considered the best of the best, will tell you that
as many as 7 out of 10 campaigns that they set up will
lose money. The professionals very quickly shut off the
losers, and their winners more than make up for the
losses, but it's really not a game for someone not
properly trained.

You can also buy traffic using an affiliate program. Since
you only pay for the traffic when a sale is made, it's a
very low-risk method. Since your affiliates are sending
you their best customers, you can also think of it as
borrowing traffic.

I love the affiliate program model, and have numerous
products sold via affiliate programs. I also sell a lot
of others’ affiliate products. It's win-win.

You can also create traffic by putting things on the
Internet that people are attracted to. You can create
content by writing articles or blogging for example. I
love content creation and have written over 1100
different articles. My articles teach people how to
solve pressing problems, and at the same time point them
to me (my sites) as a great resource.

When you create content your big challenge is to get it
noticed and indexed by the search engines, so that people
can follow links from there to your site. It's actually
fairly easy - but time and labor intensive.

If your content is "viral" it will be something that
others will happily share. Examples include in-depth
articles, essays that touch people on a deep emotional
level, or humorous videos that you post on YouTube.

Of the three methods of getting traffic (buying, borrowing,
and creating it) my favorite has to be borrowing it...
with creating it second. I generally only buy traffic
when I need a really quick surge to test my website's
conversion process.

The key to generating an absolute flood of free traffic
is getting noticed, getting backlinks, etc., from high
traffic websites such as Google, Craig's List,
Yahoo, YouTube, and the various bookmarking and
social networking sites.

This can be as simple is searching through Yahoo
Answers for questions on your area of expertise, and
then posting a great answer - along with an appropriate
link to your website or product.

It can be as simple as searching through YouTube for
videos on your area of expertise, and then leaving a
comment along with a link sharing that they can find
more information on the topic at your site.

It can be as simple as using the search engines to
locate dozens or even hundreds of blogs and forums
in your niche, and then interacting with these

There's only one problem with most of the methods that
I just mentioned. They can be time consuming and labor
intensive. Just locating active communities in your niche
can literally take hours.

I do have a secret. I use automated software to monitor
and notify me of active blogs, forums, and communities
in my niche. I use automated software to notify me when
they are discussing my area of expertise or there is
a new video posted pertaining to my area of expertise.

When I discover a new resource, I then analyze it, and
if appropriate, I interact with that high traffic site,
and leave a link back to my site, which is a perfectly
acceptable practice.

So there you have my secret for generating literally
hundreds of thousands of free hits to even my newest
sites. Of course, your site has to be about something
that people are interested it.

I do strongly advocate using software to automate many of
the mundane processes such as just finding these sites.

Many webmasters really struggle with website traffic
generation, and there is absolutely no need to. You
merely find the huge pools of traffic interested in
your topic, and then you stand underneath the waterfall,
and enjoy the cool, refreshing flow of new visitors.


Willie Crawford has been marketing goods and services online
since 1996. With very busy websites in dozens of niches, he
teaches that the secret is automating the flow of traffic,
since without traffic you don't really have a web business.
His favorite traffic generation software is at Stealth
Traffic Tools
: http://IncredibleWebsiteTraffic.com

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Meet Carrie Wilkerson - The Barefoot Executive

One of the many people that I met this weekend
who IS making a big difference in many lives is
Carrie Wilkerson.

Here's a photo of Carrie and I:

Carrie Wilkerson & Willie Crawford at JV Alert

Carrie has branded herself as "The Barefoot Executive"

She works with stay at home moms, and helps them
to build viable online business while doing the
things that they love.

Incidentally, we had numerous people running
around JV Alert Live this weekend barefoot. It
was the strangest thing that I'd seen. I do have
a video clip of Warren Whitlock sitting around
the hotel lobby barefoot for example.

Anyway, go check out Carrie's site, and the
things that she is doing to help women build
online businesses: http://barefoot-executive.com/


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Do You Want To Make $10K By This Weekend?

"Too good to be true."

That's the first thing I said when
I heard of

You can't REALLY make $10K in a

But I quickly bit my tongue once I
saw the content.

There really is a way to earn $10k by this
weekend - and you don't need ANY special skills!

It's done by leveraging the power of
offline businesses, and a little project
management on your part.

It's almost stupid-simple how easy it is.

This is one a dream come true:

"The ball is in your court" and strangely
most people will just stand there and look
at it.

Check out: http://TheRealSecrets.com/10KInAWeekend/


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Breakfast At The End Of JV Alert Philly - June 9th, 2008

The Monday after most JV Alert Live Seminars
end, those still in town gather over breakfast
for last minute deal-making and just to say

Here's a short video from that gathering on
June 9th, 2008:

Lots of deals and lots of great information were
actually shared at my table, and I'm sure that
that was the case at many of the other tables.

That video was shot with a Flip Video camera :-)


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June 09, 2008

Willie Crawford Picking Chris Curtis' Mind On Generating Media Attention

Here's a shot of me hanging out with Chris
Curtis at JV Alert Philly.

Chris Curtis & Willie Crawford

Since Chris has gotten so much media
attention later, I couldn't resist asking
her her secret... especially some of the
MAJOR magazine coverage that she has
gotten recently.

Hopefully, I can share much of what she
revealed to me with members of The Internet
Marketing Inner Circle


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Hanging Out With Retired JV Broker Gina Gaudio-Graves

Here's a shot with my friend, Gina Gaudio-Graves
at JV Alert Philly.


Gina Gaudio-Graves & Willie Crawford

Like me, Gina is an expert at brokering joint
ventures. However, she has now retired from the
business... leaving less competition for me.


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Odinn Sorenson, Willie Crawford & Chris Curtis At JV Alert Live Philly

Here's a shot of Odinn Sorenson, Chris Curtis and
myself at JV Alert Live.


Odinn Sorenson, Willie Crawford, Chris Curtis

Odinn is working on a project that I'll provide
more details on within the next 2 days. We're
also doing a joint project.

Chris owns WBO, and has recently appeared in
Black Enterprise Magazine, Forbes, and many
other places. She also has her own radio show.

You can read more about Chris at:

Chris and Odinn are both members of The Internet
Marketing Inner Circle


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June 08, 2008

SaRita Hartin On Joint Ventures - Tuesday June 10th

Here's a quick note to remind you of the next
teleseminar/webinar this Tuesday evening, June 10th.

In case you have been somewhere on Mars, this series of 12
weekly teleseminars/webinars started May 20th - I was the third
one to be grilled!

But that means it is only 1/4 of the way through. You still have
time to hear some more great people and great information.

The topic: Hilary Stewardson is interviewing experts in internet
marketing - successful marketers. How did they do it?

These interviews take place every Tuesday evening:
9:00 EDT.

For more information and to register check into:


The next interview is with SaRita Hartin. SaRita is
a coach and mentor, teaching how to do Joint Ventures.
She was the one who got Hilary fired up about doing this
series of teleseminars. So now it's Hilary's turn to put
SaRita on the hot seat!

Here's to your success.


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Three Inner Circle Members At JV Alert

Here's a shot of Internet Marketing Inner Circle
members Roosevelt "Bud Simmons, Cyndi Parker, and me.

Roosevelt Simmons, Cyndi Parker, and Willie Crawford

I'll be blogging about projects that both
Roosevelt and Cyndi showed me.


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Kevin Nations And Willie Crawford Hanging Out At JV Alert

Here's Kevin Nations, who's a HUGE thinker, taking
a few minutes for a photo at JV Alert. I pick Kevin's
mind any chance that I get.

Kevin Nations & Willie Crawford in Philadelphia

You'll find Kevin at: http://kevinnations.com/blog/

While on Kevin, watch the submarine video.
Kevin served in the military on submarines :-)


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Hanging Out With Television Star Sanyika At JV Alert

Here's a photo for JV Alert Live Philly of me hanging
out with Sanyika Calloway Boyce, whose financial
fitness show you can catch on NBC each week.


Sanyika Boyce and Willie Crawford in Philadelphia

You can check out what Sanyika's up to here:


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Joint Venture With Me On These Projects!

I have several joint ventures that I'm looking
for JV partners for.

One is a $97 monthly membership that pays 50%
recurring commission. This is ideal for an ezine
publisher who serves Internet marketers.

Another is a real estate product that pays $800
per sale in commission. The real estate product
really IS idea for anyone interested in investing
in real estate. You just need to tell your list
members about the product via a mailing or two
and collect the commissions when they are taught
a system for getting raw land for literally
pennies on the dollar, and then selling it over
the Internet, for ten times as much.

A third one is a product designed for offline
businesses. This product is ideal for you to promote
if your customers are brick-and-mortar businesses.
It pays several hundred dollars commission per easy

If you are interested in any of these JV’s, please
contact me via my helpdesk at:

Please submit a ticket and use the category,
"Personal For Willie"

I look forward to joint venturing with you.


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I Want To Joint Venture With You ... REALLY!

Ok, I'm just getting started on the third day at
JV Alert Live Philadelphia.

Like many of the attendees, my biggest reason
for being here is to set up or work out the
details of some big joint ventures.

As I got dressed this morning, I realized just
how fortunate I am... to be able to just pack
up and fly to a seminar or conference anywhere
in the world... literally at a moments notice.

I also realized that you may not have that
luxury, yet you may have a product that you're
trying to set up a joint venture on that's a
perfect match for my list.

Hence this email...

If you do have a product that you are on the
verge of launching, I invite you to tell me
about it. It does need to have tremendous
value, be something that lots of people want,
and just be a great product.

If that sounds like you, then I invite you to
contact me via my helpdesk, and tell me about
your product. Just:

1) Visit http://WillieCrawford.com/helpdesk/

2) Click on the link that says "Open A New Ticket"

3) Select the category "Personal For Willie"

Describe your project.

That ticket will only be viewable by me, and I'll
read it and get back to you as soon as practical.
I'm at a seminar today (speaking) and will be
traveling much of tomorrow, but I will respond
personally to your ticket.

Here's a secrets... You Never Know What You Can
Get Or Who Might Be Interested Until You Ask!

So, submit that ticket!


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June 07, 2008

NO, I Have Not Turned Blackhat...

I sent an email yesterday about a software package
that's probably responsible for over 2 million hits
that I've gotten in the past 2 months.

That software (membership) is at:

A number of people emailed, PM'ed, Twittered me, etc.
asking if I'd gone blackhat.

The way that I use the software in that package is
completely "whitehat" although, like many tools, it
has the potential for others to abuse it.

I just use it to save me about 40 hours per WEEK
over what it would take me to maintain my search
engine positions for some very competitive terms
if I did everything the old-fashioned way.


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Getting Ready For The HotSeat In Philly

One of my favorite parts of JV Alert is the hotseats.

Here's Inner Circle member Odinn Sorenson is preparing
to explain his project on the hotseat.


Odinn Sorenson at JV Alert Live Philly, right before
his hotseat session.


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Get Free Links From PR7 & PR8 Sites

Over the last few days I've learned some things about
how top online marketers actually generate website
traffic that I knew you'd want to know about.

For years, we knew that there had to be some secret
tools or tactics that they were using but not telling
us about. How else could they be getting so much
more traffic that we were?

What I learned was how some online marketers totally
dominate the search engine listings for many of
their very competitive keywords... and it's probably
not something that you would have ever guessed.

Take a look at: http://IncredibleWebsiteTraffic.com

Some of the gurus have had exclusive access to
software that lets them pull in incredible traffic
from some of the busiest websites out there.

This software was created by the top SEO software
expert... someone that hangs out with the gurus at
seminars and conferences, but that they rarely
talk about. He is a programming and software testing
"madman" who spends an incredible amount of time
developing, testing and tracking new programs.

For a few days, the inner circle has decided to
offer you the keys to the castle. They're letting a
very limited number of members into their elusive
private membership.

In a few day, the doors will slam shut again, and
if you're one of the lucky few who got in, you'll
understand why they keep it so quiet. Basically,
you don't tell too many people about a true magic

Go here to see why this has been kept so close-hold
until now: http://IncredibleWebsiteTraffic.com

check it out now. If you click through and you
see a notice saying "Sorry" then please don't say
that I didn't warn you. Go ahead and discover the
gurus SEO and traffic generation secret ;-)

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The World's Highest Paid Profession - Vs Th eWorld's Oldest Profession

Here's a shot that I took at John Childer's
Speaker Training, in Nashville, TN, May 30th -
June 1st.


Outside the secret class room at John
Childers' Million Dollar Speaker Training

The training was the best training that I've
received in my 12 years online. Maybe because
it was just what I needed at the time.


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June 06, 2008

Meet A Traffic Generation Mad Scientist...

A few months ago, while sitting around in the hotel
lobby at a seminar in Orlando, Florida, I was shown a suite
of website traffic generation software that is now a
MAJOR part of my marketing mix.

That software has helped to generate over $60,000 in
affiliate sales in a single WEEK!

However, when I was first shown the software, which is
designed to divert traffic from some of the web's most
popular sites to your target sites, I was very

The software automates the process of posting
to certain sites, building pages on site that
encourage you to do that, and networking on sites
such as Craig's List, Yahoo, Google, and numerous
social networking sites that I won't list here.

The software is NOT designed to abuse those sites
but to automate the mundane parts that you now
spend countless hours doing.

Anyway, I was assured that the software could generate
so much traffic for me, that I was skeptical to say the
least, but wanted to believe that it could do what the
programmer told me that it would do.

I liked the programmer (noticing that we have similar
values) but wondered if the software was too "blackhat."
He pointed out to me that he offered it only to those
who would use it ethically, and that those who
abused the software would be quickly shut off
from access to it.

Hesitantly, I agreed to TEST the software, and that's
what I did for two months. The software suite has over
30 different pieces of software, each one designed for a
very specific purpose. I selected the ones that fit my
marketing style, and what I felt comfortable with, and
those are the ones that I tested.

Well, I was shocked at how much new traffic it generated
... and how quickly!

By the time that I saw the programmer again at a seminar
in Austin, Texas, I asked HOW I could share his software
with some of my best customers.

He told me to send them here:

Today, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Bishop.
He has created some of the most amazing traffic
generation software that I've even seen... and he keeps
working away in his own testing lab, constantly coming
out with new or improved stuff.

I call him "the traffic generation mad scientist."

Take a look at Bishop's software, and let me know if you
have any questions.

WARNING: This software could send you a lot of traffic
fairly quickly, so factor that in as you look over Bishop's
website. Make sure that you have the support staff and
infrastructure in place!

He did tell me that he's only going to make his software
available to my friends for 10 days... then he's taking it
off the market.

When you see the site, you'll understand why Bishop doesn't
want too many people having access to his tools. Check it out
now :-)


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Press Release On June 28th - 29th Internet Marketing Momentum Bootcamp - Atlanta Georgia

Click here to read the press release on PRWeb:

Internet Marketing Momentum Bootcamp

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Stealth Traffic Tools - Check Out This Incredible Software Today!

Click here to check out 30+ pieces of software that
makes up the Stealth Traffic Tools suite.


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June 04, 2008

Free Offline Gold Video... Don't Miss This One ;-)

This Offline Gold video reveals how you can make an
exceptional income selling your online marketing skills to
businesses in your local area...

In this video Andrew Cavanagh talks about how one of
his friends, a restaurant owner, used some simple search
engine optimization strategies to top the search engines,

And turn that search engine traffic into real sales.

In fact on New Year's Eve this restaurant had so many
diners try to book his high priced meals they could have
booked every table twice over.

Best of all Andrew reveals how businesses in your local
area are a potential gold mine for you.

How you can charge 500, 1000, 1500 dollars or more
for helping business owners with their online marketing.

Go watch this gift video now...my compliments...

Yours sincerely,

P.S. This isn't just pie in the sky.

Real people are making real incomes following the Offline
Gold strategy outlined in this video.

Many people have made 500 dollars, 1,000 dollars, 1,500
dollars or more their first day talking to business owners.

I'd love to hear from you a week from now time telling
me you've just cashed your first check from a brick and
mortar business owner in your city.

Go watch the Offline Gold video now...

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My Response To A Refund Request - A Few Minutes After They Purchased!

A customer just requested a refund, which I cheerfully
issued, but I couldn't help also pointing out her real
problem... as I see it. I thought that I'd share that
conversation with you.

From the customer... via my helpdesk:

"I JUST bought this book. I skimmed through it and I was
hoping for some new fast cash information.. but all of
the info in this ebook... I already know and have hundreds
of references to on my computer... There is nothing new in
here for me... can I please get a refund?"

My response to a ticket that I probably should have let one
of my support people handle :-)

This is not all of the reply. The first part just confirmed
that we were issuing the refund immediately. Here's the
part that I wanted to share:

"As one of the authors of the ebook, and someone who will
earn several hundred thousand dollars this month, I will
tell you that the ebook is packed full of solid information.
Many of the authors will actually earn well over $1 million
in their web businesses this year.

The ebook was not written to be a get rich quick ebook but
to give you solid business models that work. The stuff that
I shared for example is some of the same materials that I
teach in seminar costing as much as $5000.

Since you do already have lots of info in hundreds of
references on your computer, may I suggest that what you
really need is this bootcamp:

Respectfully and Lovingly,
Willie Crawford"

That response really was written with a lot of love
because I could feel the person's desperation. However,
they were chasing after fast cash so fast that they
couldn't take a deep breath and start implementing the
real solution to their problem.

I hope that you are not in a similar situation.

I also encourage you to check out The Internet Marketing
Momentum Bootcamp. It WILL get you focused and
moving forward... massively!


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June 03, 2008

Free Teleseminar - Carl Galletti & Willie Crawford On Joint Ventures - June 4th

On Wednesday, June 4th at 6PM EST, 5PM CST,
3PM Pacific, Carl Galletti will grill me on
what it take to actually orchestrate and
profit from lucrative joint ventures.

I'm speaking on joint ventures at The Internet
Marketing Super Conference, and Carl is going
to ensure that I really know my stuff.

If you have a product launch, or need to know
what it takes to ACTUALLY make joint ventures
work, don't miss this teleseminar! Most people
are doing JV's all wrong and their promotions
and product launches show it!

You can join this teleseminar, which is simulcast
via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice.
For the call in number or web access, click here:


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Help this singer, her father will grow your biz two-fold

In case you missed this email...

Okay this is a really different email than anything I’ve ever
sent you. This email will give you the opportunity to experience
a two-fold growth in business---get ten thousand dollars in
training to do it -- but also launch a new singing star---and
show the folks in Hollywood the real power of Internet marketing
when you and my other subscribers get involved. Please send this
email on to just two other people.

Amanda Holmes won “Best Music Video Of the Year” from the Los
Angeles Music Awards and is a very hot and up-and-coming singer
with a debut single hitting iTunes on June 3.

Her father, Chet Holmes, is the author of the hardcover
best-selling landmark business book, The Ultimate Sales Machine.
This book is launching in paperback the same day!

Hence the idea to help Amanda hit the top of iTunes and have her
father help you in return – he’s arranged for you to get ten
thousand dollars in training programs from legendary trainers or
thinkers such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins,
Guerrilla Marketing, T. Harv Eker, and so on.

For Amanda: We’re going to ask you to go and vote on her single-
hot or not---and after you vote, you can buy her single on
iTunes and help her out---by all means, spend 99 cents and let’s
drive this sincere and good-hearted girl to the top of iTunes.

For you: Ten Thousand Dollars in Gifts for You when you get this
remarkable book.

Chet Holmes teaches perhaps the most important business lesson
you will ever learn for creating a fast growing and well run
business. In a sentence, here it is: “You don’t get to be a
master by doing four thousand things, you get to be a master by
doing twelve things, four thousand times.”

In The Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet lays out, in twelve
info-packed chapters, the twelve skills that make all
businesspeople true masters at growing revenues. Four of the
chapters in this book are designed specifically to double
revenues within twelve months. While the book doubles your
income, you also get the ten thousand dollars worth of training

So go now and vote on Amanda and get her Dad’s book and be a
piece of history. Show the record label execs that we can put
someone at the top of iTunes just with viral marketing and then
put your business at the top with this fantastic book, The
Ultimate Sales Machine.



Speaker name.

P.S. Here are a few business-building insights from Chet as my

Insight one: Best Buyer Strategy. Chet lays out, step by step,
how every company should have a special effort to get their
dream clients or dream affiliates. He tells how one affiliate
won him fifteen million and how you can get affiliates like that
to help market your product or service. He reveals the coveted
secrets of how he got- and you can get too- more than sixty
Fortune 500 clients.

Chet Holmes teaches how you can pick up the telephone and call
(and get on the phone) CEO’s of the world’s largest companies
just like Chet did, clients like Solomon Brothers, Wells Fargo
Bank, America Express, Estee Lauder, Ford, Morgan Stanley and so
on (all clients of Chet’s).

Insight two: The Stadium Pitch: What if you could have all your
potential buyers all in a giant stadium and you could go out and
present to all of them all at once.

First question: Are you ready right now? 99.99% of companies
surveyed are NOT ready.

Second question: While we know you want to make sales in that
stadium, what are the thirteen other “strategic objectives” you
can accomplish with an opportunity like that? Learn this and see
a nine-fold increase in results from the same efforts you’re
already making. This is an amazing concept and it has really
helped every company that has deployed it. This is something
truly original, not taught anywhere else and it really, really
dramatically increases your ability to get in front of a lot
more buyers without spending a penny more.

Chet’s book is packed with rare insights, but also with the
full-on practical steps to see these powerful insights manifest
results quickly in your business. How to sell better, market
better and manage better. Chet was the top producer in every
position held. He then went to work for billionaire Charlie
Munger where he doubled the sales of nine different divisions, a
few of them two or three years in a row.

He is so methodical in this process that his success, like
yours, is a certainty. This man is a scientist about success.
Breaking it down into just twelve areas. Simple, straightforward
but highly effective methods of creating for yourself “The
Ultimate Sales Machine.”

Go to your bookstore or to the link below and get a few copies
of this book (one for each key staff member). You’ve never had a
book you’ll highlight more or breakdown into steps for success.
Then go to a special site (given at the site below) with your
“receipt number” and that will give you access to the 100
training programs that Chet persuaded all his friends to give to

Are you ready to double your business while also helping Chet’s
Daughter, Amanda? Helping Amanda shows the folks in Hollywood
that America yearns for songs with meaning, with some depth,
with some heart.

Meanwhile, here’s what Brain Tracy has to say about Chet’s book:
“Chet Holmes is one of the greatest teachers of marketing, sales
and business success in the world today. This incredible book
will supercharge results in every part of your business.”

Visit this site and cast your vote and get over ten thousand
worth of training programs for your trouble.


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Making Internet Marketing Seminars Pay For Themselves

Many people look at Internet marketing seminars
and view them as an expense.

I see them as an investment that pays me 100
times what I spend.

So for those still thinking about attend my seminar :wink:
here are some ways that I've recouped my investments
over the years.

1) At every seminar that I've ever attended, people have
swapped business cards. 90% of people go home,
stick those business cards in a desk drawer somewhere
and never look at them again.

I take a digital photo with many of the people I meet,
then when I get home I add the new people that I met to

my contact manager built into Send Out Cards: http://SendOutCards.com/willie

I then send a greeting card to each person that I met
telling them how nice it was to meet them, maybe reminding
them of something that we discussed, and suggest that w
stay in touch.

The Send Out Cards system allows me to upload that
digital photo right to the greeting card... so if they don't
remember who I am the photo is a nice reminder...
and may even cause them to hold on to the card longer.

2) Whenever I'm going to be attending a seminar, and
I'm also an affiliate for that seminar, I log into my
Send Out Cards database, and often pull up a list
off all contact in a certain location... for example my
next seminar is in Atlanta... so I'll pull up all of my
Atlanta contacts... and send them all a card letting them
know that I'm hosting a seminar in Atlanta. Since they
can't use the excuse of travel and accommodation
expenses, the decision to attend for them should be
a non-decision.

3) I also add my contacts to "sublists" within my
SendOutCards database, so I have lists of people
that I met at specific events. When I'm going to another
of the same event, I'll often send those people a card
suggesting that we talk if they're going to also be

I'll include signup details in case they haven't already
register (using an affiliate link), and maybe let them
know that I'll be looking for JV partners, and invite
them to let me know what they are working on.

As an example, I'll be attending JV Alert Philly this
weekend, where I will be seeking JV partners on a
project... so I HAVE sent cards to a few people that
I definitely knew would be there and that I didn't want
to miss talking to.

In case you're not picking up on it, the most valuable
thing that I get from many seminars is the business
cards. The addresses, phone numbers, email addresses,
and all of the other data that's on your typical business
card is PRICELESS.

It's priceless only if you use it, but if you DO you can
easily build a powerful database of very proactive
business people, and the built in contact manager of
Send Out Cards makes it incredibly easy to use.

As a seminar promoter, this is also my secret weapon.
I have a database of people with a proven propensity
to attend live seminars! Who better to send a letter
or greeting card to telling them about other live
seminars that I'm hosting, or am an affiliate for?

Just food for thought!


By the way... if you're not familiar with Send Out Cards,
it's the system that I use to send out real, full-color
greeting cards right over the internet for about $1
each. You design them online, and when you click the
send button, the company prints them, stuffs them in
an envelopes... along with optional gifts, and mails them
via first class mail.

I can layout a card using "placeholder" such as names,
hometown, kids names, etc., and then send the same
"personalized" card to any number of people in my
database... much like you would with an autoresponder :-)

They're at: http://SendOutCards.com/willie
Let me or any of several other SOC devotees know if
you'd like a free trial account :-)

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June 02, 2008

An $8000 Haircut?

"Hello David, I just took a late lunch break and
listened to the MP3. Here are my thoughts...

"Brilliant! David, what you have here is pure marketing
gold. When you and Willie talk, it's just dynamite. Even
though I've been consulting for years, I found myself
getting several "AHA!" moments throught out your conversation.
No fluff no filler, just 100% killer content that anyone can
use to make some serious income.

I honestly feel that if after listening to what you and Willie
have shared, if someone can't walk down their street, follow
your plan, and as a result collect a few thousand dollars within
just days, then they have no business being in ANY kind of
business. It's THAT simple.

I actually felt like I was eavesdropping on a private conversation
I wasn't supposed to hear. There were just too many gold nuggets
in your audio for me to mention, but one particular "magic question" you mentioned in your call, has allowed me to recently walk out of
my favourite hair salon with an $8000 check in my hand....and I
didn't even ask for it.
When David Preston and Willie Crawford talk, you better grab a pen and pad and listen.!"

Thanks David and Willie,

Hanif Khaki

The above testimonial was about the $9.95 OTO that's
a part offered after you get this:

If you haven't already grabbed your copy of David Preston's
report on how he gets offline businesses to call him up -
literally begging to give him $5000 checks for
consultations, do that now. Get it here:

Let me give you a brief bit of history...

David wrote that report after reading a report by Andrew
Cavanagh on marketing to offline businesses.

He was also inspired by a forum post that I made detailing
how I had local businesses tripping over themselves to hand me

David studied what Andrew and I did and then applied his own
brilliant twist. His twist has the U.S. government
advertising his services, rounding up referrals, and then
instructing them to contact David.

It's brilliant.

After I read David's report, I did 1 hour 40 minute interview
with him. I wanted to make sure that I understood EXACTLY
how he did things.

Now I'm using David's system.

When David showed ANDREW his system, Andrew, who RARELY
endorses anyone's product, sent out the following email:

Begin Andrew's Email:

Hi Willie,

I thought long and hard before recommending this "Offline Gold"
product and following the instructions I'm about to give you is
absolutely vital.

I'm not in the habit of promoting other marketers' products and
quite frankly some of the products coming out lately using my
"Offline Gold" label without my permission have been complete

But David Preston is the real deal.

David has made tens of thousands of dollars in less than a week
with the Offline Gold strategy he's willing to share with you.

But there is a problem and this is why I was reluctant to
promote his product.

He's released a 10 page report that reveals how you can get the
US government to send you more brick and mortar business
clients than you could ever handle.

The report is short and could certainly use some more detailed
information...it's a bit marginal at the 19.95 price tag.

But after you purchase this report David gives you a chance to
purchase an audio where he and Willie Crawford share the secrets
of marketing yourself to offline businesses.

David talks about business owners desperate to give him checks
of 1,500, and 5,000 dollars.

And exactly how he gets an endless stream of clients without
having to talk to brick and mortar businesses one on one.

They literally come to him.

This audio runs for one hour and 40 minutes and is easily worth
90 dollars or more.

Best of all when you buy David's report at 19.95 you get the
audio for just 9.95 (less than ten bucks!)

And David's follow up includes some excellent email lessons on
exactly how he implements his system.

So here's the deal:

I recommend you go buy David Preston's report for 19.95 and buy
the back end audio for 9.95 immediately after you purchase.

Both products combined are a bargain at a total of just 29.90...

And one more important point:

If you're from outside of the United States I also do NOT
recommend you purchase this report at present.

While the method used certainly can work in countries like the
UK or Australia the "how to" is geared specifically for the USA.

David's working on this and I'll let you know if he updates his
report but until then I'd suggest US buyers only...

Yours sincerely,
Andrew Cavanagh

P.S. Let me repeat. I do NOT suggest you buy David's report

You really must get the audio upsell immediately after you buy
to get true value.

One last word.

In one day David brought in enough clients to create over 50
thousand dollars in business using the method he reveals in this

And all those clients came to him.

This really is the best product I've seen so far that tapers
perfectly into my report Offline Gold For The Online Marketer.

Go claim your copy of the report AND the audio now...

End Andrew's email:

Go ahead and get you copy of the report now... along with the
audio that you will LOVE:

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Join Me On This Free Teleseminar Series - I'm "On Deck" Tuesday, June 3rd!

Register for this free teleseminar that I'm
doing tomorrow night.

It's part of a teleseminar series where for 12 Tuesdays in a
row, experts on various internet marketing topics will teach
you tons of things that you can apply directly to your
online business today.

I promise that you won't be disappointed when you tune in
to my session :-)

Yes, the whole series is free.


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Free DVD's From April Warrior Event In Austin, Texas

Back on April 11th - 13th I spoke at The Warrior
Event held in Austin, Texas.

My buddy Eric Louviere organized and taped the
entire event. Now, Eric has decided to GIVE AWAY
the DVD's of the event.

You do have to pay postage :-)

You can get those DVD's here:

Speakers at that event included:
• Marlon Sanders
• Willie Crawford
• Dr Mike Woo-Ming
• Keith Baxter
• Kevin Wilke
• Matt Bacak
• Craig Perrine
• Marc Harty
• Jordan Hall
• Brian Koz
• Michael Young
• Jeff Dedrick
• Gauher Chaudry
• Eric Louviere
and others...

Get your set here:


By the way...

During my presentation I revealed one of my secret
JV strategies that I'd never shared anywhere before.
I just couldn't let Marlon deliver better content
than I did :-)

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Please Register Now For The Internet Marketing Momentum Bootcamp - While Discount Hotel Rooms Are Still Available!

I'm co-hosting The Internet Marketing Momentum
with Frank Garon on June 28th - 29th.

If you've struggled for years with you online business,
or just spent a lot of time preparing to start one, Frank
and I designed this 2-day event to remove all excuses.

If you leave our bootcamp, and aren't already DOING things
that will grow you business... MASSIVELY... it's only
because you prefer it that way.

It is urgent that you go ahead and sign up for the
bootcamp now, and reserve your hotel room, since the
rooms that we have blocked at a very special discount rate
are going fast.

Register for The Internet Marketing Momentum Bootcamp at:

Please go ahead and do that now :-)


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Meet Me In Las Vegas At The Internet Marketing Super Conference - June 19th - 22nd at 2/3rd Off

The Internet Marketing SuperConference is the longest
continuously running Internet marketing seminar. This year
is it's 10th anniversary.

If you've never been to it, you're in for a treat.

Top Internet marketers from all over the world come to hear
the little-known secrets and techniques that are turning
little investments into BIG PAYOFFS.

There's networking with some of the top people in the

There's lots of valuable information shared by the 16

I'll be one of the featured speakers :-)

It's FOUR DAYS of intensive training and discovery that will
have you experiencing success in your Internet business...
even if you've never had any before.

So, I worked out a special price for you that basically
rolls back the price to what it was 10 years ago!

Here's where you can register for less than one third the
normal price:


I've negotiated this special price as a way of saying THANK
YOU to all those who have supported me and my business.

And now I want to support you by seeing that you get the
latest secrets on Internet marketing so you can achieve the
success you deserve.

You are sure to get the best insider information to help you
catapult your business into the stratosphere. And you get
to save a lot of money to boot.

Here's where you get the special deal:


And hurry. This won't last long.

Attend The Conference for 2/3rds OFF
and Get These Valuable Bonuses:

If the 2/3rds discount isn't enough to get you to go to this
groundbreaking seminar, these free gifts will surely do the

* Bonus 1: The complete set of Video Recordings of the
conference on DVDs. You'll want these to review important
parts that you want to fully integrate or perhaps didn't
fully get the first time. These normally sell for $997.00
extra but will be included for free with this special deal.

* Bonus 2: The complete set of Audio Recordings of the
conference on CDROMs. This is so you can listen to the
seminar in your car, on your IPOD/Mp3 player and/or on your
computer. Normally, these are an extra $595.00 for the
complete set for all four days.

* Bonus 3: The Resale Rights to the complete set of Pre-
Conference TeleSeminars. These are recordings of the
valuable content-driven teleseminars that are done prior to
the conference and that are valued at $97.00 each. You will
be able to sell them and keep 100% of the profits.

* Bonus 4: Pay-Per-Click Credits. You'll get valuable
credits with some of the top Pay-Per-Click Search Engines.
We're constantly adding to this so the full value is not yet
fixed but will be going up as the conference approaches.

* Bonus 5: 400+ Private Label Rights Products. These are
products you can put your name on and call your own, change,
add to, etc. The value of this collection is into the
thousands and you'll get the entire set for free, if you act
before the deadline.


That's quite a lot of goodies...more than $3,758.00 worth,
in fact. And you'll get them all for FREE when you register
for the conference at 2/3rds OFF.

Go here right now and get registered before all the seats
are gone!


See You in Las Vegas,
Willie Crawford

P.S. This special 2/3rds off sale ends any day now. If
you'd like to network at one of the best conferences of the
year and save $1000.00, then go here and register now:


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