August 06, 2008

Focusing On One Thing... All The Way Through To Completion...

I shared in a recent inner circle thread that Ken McArthur,
while speaking at a recent seminar, commented that he once
asked Tom Beal (Mike Filsaime's VP of Operations) what he
thought Mike's success secret was.

Tom's answer was "taking massive action, all the way through
to completion."

Mike, and many others, also teach doing one thing at a time,
rather than starting a dozen different things. Mike explains
that if you have a dozen project started but none of them to
the point where they are making money, your income is ZERO.

If you have just one of those projects finished and making
sales, you are miles ahead!

Recently, I wrote an editorial that I sent to my
subscribers with the subject line "Will You Just Stop..."

In that editorial, I instructed them to stop jumping from
project to project and actually just pick one and work it all
the way through to completion.

I got positive feedback on the editorial in both Twitter and
via email.

To show you how few people actually do that, and how
much of a difference it can make... I signed up for a
free giveaway that Odinn Sorensen and Ken McArthur are

I upgraded which entitled me to list up to 3 of my products,
up to 2 text links, and three banner ads in the members
area, and those will show throughout the site.

On a whim, I made one of my text links, and one of my
banner links for "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online"

Within 2 hour of adding those items, I made THREE sales
of that $27 ebook. I didn't track the source of those
sales, but since I hadn't done anything else to promote
the ebook that day... by that time, I ASSUMED that those
sales were just from those listings.

Yes, I know, I could have used a tracking url.

The interesting thing is that since my text links show so
frequently throughout the site, as does my banners, I
can only assume that MOST of the other contributors are
still thinking about what text links or banner to add...
those who upgraded.

Rapidly following through put my banners, and text links,
in front on people earlier, and will get it seen by more

If you haven't checked out that giveaway by the way, it's
That's the link to join as a contributor.

I DO want to encourage you to join this giveaway because,
JV Alert has many members with list of over 100,000 and
Ken has a very loyal following. So, this giveaway will be
HUGE, and can put you and your products in front of an
incredible herd.

Do it now, but follow the signup process all the way
through to completion... to include taking the "upgrade"
and tapping into some of the best advertising available.


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August 04, 2008

Recommended Teleseminar - The Truth about Making Money with Teleseminars - August 5th, 6-7PM EST

The Truth about Making Money with Teleseminars.
by my friend Kathleen Gage..

More information and registration

I'll see you there.


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It Never Ceases To Amaze Me...

how many of us will look at a seemingly difficult
chore, and put it off for days... even weeks.
Then, when we finally get around to doing it,
we discover that it really wasn't anywhere near as
difficult as we imagined that it would be.

We smile, look at the next seemingly difficult
task, and then postpone getting started on it.

What are you procrastinating doing today?


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August 03, 2008

Will You Just Stop...

While sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee, and quietly
contemplating how I can help you actually achieve
more online success... it suddenly struck me...

The real reason that more people aren't successful
AND how you can turn that around in about 30 minutes.

I'm sure that you'll agree that a big part of the problem
is that we're too easily distracted. We start working on
something but before we finish it, something else grabs
our attention and we go focus on that for a while.

The PROBLEM is that we generally never go back and finish
that first project.

In-fact, many of us get distracted by something else before
we can finish that second projects :-)

So the solution is obvious. Stick with ONE project...
all the way through to completion

The PROBLEM then becomes deciding which project to focus
our attention on.

After all, if you focus on the wrong project, then you
spend your time and energy doing things that you really
shouldn't be doing... while neglecting the things that you
should be doing.

Here's how you handle that.

First of all you do have to choose one project.

Choose one that will offer you a tremendous long-term
benefit. Choose one that will not just offer a return
today, but will offer a return on your time and energy
invested for a very long time.

Here's an example of how to do that in just the next
30 minutes... step-by-step:

1) Take one of the many private label rights ebooks that
you have and dust it off. Ok, that MAY take a little
longer than 30 minutes, but it will be worth it.

Go through the ebook, and make minor revisions, making sure
that it's something that you'd want to put your name on.

As you revise the ebook, include recommendations for one
of your products. If those recommendations don't fit
conveniently into the ebook, don't worry. You can just
add those to the "About The Author" or the "Recommended
Resources" sections.

Ideally, you make those links to one of your own product,
but if not, then make them for a product with a 2-tier
affiliate program.

Stick with me, and I'll explain why in just a minute.

2) Give the ebook a new title, and create a new cover
graphic for it. If you don't do graphics, get one of your
friends who does to create one for you. Creating a cover
graphic only takes a few minutes for someone proficient
at it.

3) Now, you are going to give this ebook away, with
permission to change the links recommending your products.
You're going to allow those receiving your ebook to change
those links to their affiliate links... giving them an
incentive to pass the ebook along.

If you own the product, just by giving away the rebrandable
ebook, you're building your affiliate program.

If you don't own the product, but it's for a 2-tier affiliate
program, you're building your second tier... making it
possible for other affiliates to earn YOU money.

4) Use a piece of software such as Viral Document Toolkit
( ) to make it easy for
those receiving your ebook to change your links with just a
few clicks of the mouse.

5) Create a text (or PDF) file explaining how to rebrand
the ebook. In that file, tell them how to sign up for your
affiliate program, or for the affiliate program where you
earn the second-tier commission. Make sure to give them
your tracking link if it's for a 2-tier program :-)

6) Distribute this ebook. The smart way to do that is to
offer it from websites where lots of others drive traffic
to the sites, and those visiting the sites, visit them
SPECIFICALLY looking for ebooks like your.

The perfect example, is the free giveaway site:

Now we get to the part where most people FAIL!

A good percentage of people reading this note will look
over the steps above and see how easy that is. They'll
understand that if just 1000 people in the above giveaway
downloaded their ebook, and only 1/4th of them later
passed it along, they've just recruited 250 new active

If those new active affiliates each only made 5 sales on
average, that's 1250 EXTRA sales you've made just from
FINALLY using one of those PLR ebooks that many of us
have cluttering up our hard drives.

If those 1250 sales made you just $5 profit each, that's
$6,250.... for giving away a free ebook with rebranding

Most people reading this note will see the logic in
what I just shared, and many will also go and register
at: However, very
few will do the most critical part.

Very few will take this very simple plan all the way
through to completion.

What else would you need to do anyway? Let's continue
with the steps... shall we.

7) After registering at the url above, check your
email and confirm your registration. A surprising number
of people fail to take that one step that takes all
of 10 seconds.

8) Log-in, and upload your gift. Most people don't have
the discipline to simply do this. Since you do, this
plan will produce results for you.

9) While logged in, enter your Paypal details so that you
can refer others and earn a commission just from telling
them about this giveaway. You'll earn commissions when
your referrals accept the one-time offer they'll see
inside the site.

10) Grab your referral url and start spreading the word.
Tell people via email, Twitter, FaceBook, forums, etc.

11) Watch your affiliate program, and direct product sales,
begin to takeoff.

It really is that simple. I know because I follow this
basic plan frequently. It's how I'll be able to spend
at least 2 weeks vacation in Hawaii later this Summer.

The "secret" really is to "Just Stop!" jumping from
project to project, and follow one all the way through to

I suggest that you start with the one that I laid out
above. That giveaway allows you to contribute anything
that's rebrandable.

It works - it really does.

Print this out, and then just do it. Then choose the
next ONE THING that you will focus on... all the way
through to completion.

Enjoy the rest of your day, knowing that you ‘re now
actually making progress :-)


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August 02, 2008

Odinn Sorensen's And Ken McArthur's Impact Giveaway - Could Get You In Front Of Hundreds Of Thousands!

Ken McArthur and Odinn Sorensen are inviting YOU to help make a great IMPACT as part of the Impact Boot Camp event that happens in Philadelphia, august 22nd to 24th.

You can be a part of this by joining Ken and Odinn as contributor on a unique new giveaway called "The Impact Action Giveaway". The giveaway is designed to bring a lot of attention and traffic to the event and to showcase the coaching clients and their accomplishments.

Join as contributor now:

The Impact Boot Camp event will receive an unusual amount of media attention (TV, radio and other media) and is attended by a lot of big players in the industry. The giveaway will attract a lot of the traffic and will generate it as well, with your help.

You have a unique chance to grab a lot of fresh new subscribers from this event and giveaway, many of which have not previously been exposed to giveaways or even internet marketing.

Don't get left out - join now:

The Impact Action Giveaway officially opens for members on august 21st, but you should join and add your gifts right now, because the site will start receiving a lot of traffic soon, and the top 25 gifts will be shown on the OUTSIDE of the giveaway in the whole pre-launch period (i.e. from now until august 21st).

Note: Aside from getting yourself in front of all this nice fresh traffic, there is also an unusual number of benefits of upgrading as contributor on this giveaway. It's not hype, just go and see for yourself ...

Join now:

Thank you,

P.S. You can read a lot more about the Impact Boot Camp event and even get a free ticket when you go to the Impact Action Giveaway:

Ken is co-founder of JV Alert, which has MANY members with
list of over 100,000 - hence my subject line ;-)

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August 01, 2008

Tons Of Free Gifts And 4 Automated Income Streams!

My friends Guido Nussbaum and Reed Floren
have just put together the world’s BIGGEST
internet marketing giveaway EVER!

If you’d like to download a bunch of free

And other free tools for your business…

Then you NEED to go to this page and sign up

I contributed a really nice gift ;-)

Check it out.


By the way..

Guido & Reed have also put a unique twist
on this site and you can create 4 streams of
automatic income, you really need to see this!

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July 31, 2008

"Do You Trust Me?"

Several months ago, at an internet marketing seminar,
a friend walked up to me and asked "Do you trust me
enough to give me $50?"

It was a strange question, and I did trust him, so I
said yes.

He handed me a form for a network marketing company and
said "Fill this out and hand it back to me. It's only
$50 per month, and you'll do well with it."

I read over the form, elected NOT to fill it out,
since it was difficult for me to figure out exactly
why I'd want what it offered.

I didn't want to get in just because I could make
money from it... I only wanted to get in if I knew
that I would use and enjoy the product.

As my friend passed by my table several times over
the next day, I politely smiled but didn't mention
the form that I hadn't filled out. He politely didn't
ask about it again :-)

Several months later, I mentioned this company to
another friend. He told me that he had gotten in,
and that the company FLOPPED and he got out a few
months later... a few hundred dollars poorer, and
a LOT wiser.

I had made ONE correct decision... one that I hope
you will make more often. That decision is to
trust your intuition ;-)

Trust me, but trust your intuition more.

I hope that your intuition will show you the wisdom
of getting in on this free project...

I've spent much of the last 2 weeks putting together a
mechanism that you can use to grow your list, recruit
new affiliates, generate some targeted traffic, and make
direct sales.

That mechanism is a unique free list-building giveaway.

If you haven't registered for my free giveaway, you're
really missing a great opportunity to accomplish all of
the above.

In fact, if you're an internet marketer and you haven't
registered as a contributor to this free giveaway, you're
missing one of the best opportunities to grow your list...
fast, easy, and free... that you'll ever see.

I know that things are busy, so I'll point out to you that
THIS is something that you want to get involved in.

Right now the giveaway is ONLY accepting contributions,
and then in a few days we'll open the doors to allow
others access to your contributions. That's when they'll
join your list, visit your site, and join your affiliate
program :-)

However, they can only do that if you register as a
contributor now!

Please don't miss out on this one. It's one of those free
things that is worth thousands of dollars... really.

Check out:

Intuition tells you that you should do this now, before
something distracts you :-)


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Warriors Forum Down For Maintenance ... What To Do?

As I made my usual rounds... according to my
carefully planned schedule, I dropped by The
Internet Marketing Warrior Forum, only to be
met with this...

Instead of going into shock when my second
favorite forum is offline, I simply dropped
by my favorite Internet Marketing Forum, at
The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

Check it out at http://TIMIC.ORG

You DO want to be a member ;-)


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July 30, 2008

Are You A "Mister Know-It-All?"

I spent part of yesterday explaining to a friend who is NOT an
online marketer how simple it is to earn a full-time living on
the internet.

I shared with him what I actually do and why it works. He
listened, but then countered with 20 reasons why he didn't think
that could work, and then went on to explain how he would run
such a business.

Back when I was in the military, those in leadership positions
were taught one simple rule...

"When you assume command of a new unit, you don't make any
changes until you see and understand the how and why of how
things are already being done."

That sounds simple enough, and it worked amazingly well.
It assured that an outsider didn't come in and on "day 1"
BREAK a system that was working flawlessly.

I see a lot of internet marketers doing just that!

They look at what others are doing and try to figure out a
BETTER way of doing it. That would make sense except they
often do this before they are earning ANYTHING. They
change proven systems to what they "think" would work :-)

Success in internet marketing is really simple. You watch
what other successful marketers are doing and you just do
the same things.

Here are two quick examples....

My friend Yaro Starak makes six-figures per year from
blogging. He sells advertising on his blog, sells affiliate
products, and does a few other things that he freely reveals
to people.

If it works for him, why wouldn't it work for you... and why
wouldn't you just copy what he's doing?

You can copy Yaro's system here:

A second example is one of my methods for rapidly growing my
list, making direct sales, and adding several hundred new
affiliates for my products... all from one effort, and all
in under a month.

You can see how I do that here:

Yes, internet marketing really is that simple :-)

That's it for now.

Go check out what Yaro is doing now:


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July 29, 2008

Free List-building Giveaway - Take A Minute To Digg It

Please help spread the word about our giveaway by
digging it here:

And register here:


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Make Sure That You Don't MISS Yaro's Fast-Action Bonuses!

Take a few minutes to check out profesional blogger
Yaro Starak's new course.

Yaro earns a nice six-figure income blogging full-time.

I got to network with him, and pick his brain, at a
mastermind session that we were at in Las Vegas about a
month ago. I posted pictures from that mastermind on
this blog.

Yaro launched his coaching program at 10am EST.... TODAY
and has some fast-action bonuses. That's why you need
to check out Yaro's course now.

If you investigate Yaro, you'll see that Yaro has
a student who built a simple blog up to where it is
now valued at over $5 million. So, being a professional
blogger can be very lucrative :-)

Please check out Yaro's course now, even if you're only
remotely interested, because the fast-action bonuses
may surprise you, and they won't last long. It's at:


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Get This "PDF Brander" - Viral Document Toolkit - At A HUGE Discount During This Warrior Special Offer!

You'll find the WSO currently being run by David Schwartz


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July 26, 2008

Contibute To This New Totally Unique List-Building Giveaway Event Of All Rebrandable Items

In conjunction with David Schwartz and Odinn Sorensen, I'm gathering
contributors for a very unique free list-building giveaway.

The giveaway will be all rebrandable items. That means that in order
to contribute, you have to offer a rebrandable ebook, audio, video,
software, etc.

This is a true JV in that you offer a product, all of the JV partners/
contributors promote the event, and drive lots of traffic to the site.

Visitors arriving to the site will join to get not just free items but
items containing affiliate links that they can change to their affiliate
links, or software that they can rename and sell, etc.

Unlike many free giveaways where people just download the items and
let them sit on their harddrives, since these have built-in profit
generators, the members downloading them will be more likely to
pass them on.

If you structure an ebook so that it contains lots of really great
information AND offers the possibility to earn commissions, then
those downloading them have TWICE the incentive to pass them on.

Contributors build their lists when members wanting to download the
gifts have to visit their sites and subscribe in order to get them.
Those members also have the option of paying a small fee and then
downloading the gifts from direct download links (without having
to visit any contributors' sites). In that case, the contributors
don't get a subscriber, but they can earn a commission if they
referred the subscribe who upgraded.

There are a lot of "twists" to this giveaway which will run from
August 12th - August 26th. Currently, we are only accepting Contributors
/JV partners.

Registering as a contributor is 100% free here:

Contributors are even offered the option to upgrade, as
explained at the link above. Basically, upgrading as a contributor
allows you to:

1. Get your gift displayed on the new member signup page AND at
the top of the gift download pages (you get extra points and gifts
are displayed based upon a ranking system as explained on the site).

2. Add one of your products to a rotation on a page shown to all
members and contributors each time that they log in. This product will
be sold via the system paying the product owner 50%, the referrer
25%, and site admins 25%. The product MUST be approved by the
admins who have final say on what is and isn't acceptable.

Everything is explained on the site, but since we are still working
on a FAQ, feel free to ask questions too.

This is an easy way to add some quality subscriber to your list,
gain exposure for your product, and earn some nice commissions.


By the way,if you want to see how easy it is to create
a rebrandable ebook, check out the video here:

You can easily turn a Word document into a rebrandable
ebook in 10 minutes using this software!

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July 24, 2008

Check Out This Blog Valued At $5 Million :-)

Read all about it and the blogger running it
here ==>>> $5 Million Blog


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July 23, 2008

Article Marketing Success Secrets

Here's a nice article by Bill Platt, owner of

Bill quotes me, Chris Knight of
and several other article marketing experts in
his article.

It's a worthwhile read.


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July 22, 2008

Yaro Starak Says "Internet Marketers Just Don't Get It"... Having A Real Blog Presence That Is

Watch Yaro Starak's video here:

Yaro makes six-figures from blogging, shows
how he uses it to make direct sales, how he
uses it to build lists, and even all of the
sources of his income.

Yaro also shares how he gets noticed by
mainstream media... and building a business
around your blog.

Don't miss this free video.


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10 Blog Traffic Tips by Six-Figure Professional Blogger Yaro Starak

10 Blog Traffic Tips

In every bloggers life comes a special day - the day they first
launch a new blog. Now unless you went out and purchased someone
else''s blog chances are your blog launched with only one very
loyal reader - you. Maybe a few days later you received a few
hits when you told your sister, father, girlfriend and best
friend about your new blog but that''s about as far you went
when it comes to finding readers.Here are the top 10 techniques
new bloggers can use to find readers.

These are tips specifically for new bloggers, those people who
have next-to-no audience at the moment and want to get the ball

It helps if you work on this list from top to bottom as each
technique builds on the previous step to help you create
momentum. Eventually once you establish enough momentum you gain
what is called "traction", which is a large enough audience base
(about 500 readers a day is good) that you no longer have to
work too hard on finding new readers. Instead your current loyal
readers do the work for you through word of mouth.Top 10 Tips

10. Write at least five major "pillar" articles. A pillar
article is usually a tutorial style article aimed to teach your
audience something. Generally they are longer than 500 words and
have lots of very practical tips or advice. This article you are
currently reading could be considered a pillar article since it
is very practical and a good "how-to" lesson. This style of
article has long term appeal, stays current (it isn''t news or
time dependent) and offers real value and insight. The more
pillars you have on your blog the better.

9. Write one new blog post per day minimum. Not every post has
to be a pillar, but you should work on getting those five
pillars done at the same time as you keep your blog fresh with a
daily news or short article style post. The important thing here
is to demonstrate to first time visitors that your blog is
updated all the time so they feel that if they come back
tomorrow they will likely find something new. This causes them
to bookmark your site or subscribe to your blog feed.

You don''t have to produce one post per day all the time but it
is important you do when your blog is brand new. Once you get
traction you still need to keep the fresh content coming but
your loyal audience will be more forgiving if you slow down to a
few per week instead. The first few months are critical so the
more content you can produce at this time the better.

8. Use a proper domain name. If you are serious about blogging
be serious about what you call your blog. In order for people to
easily spread the word about your blog you need an easily
rememberable domain name. People often talk about blogs they
like when they are speaking to friends in the real world
(that''s the offline world, you remember that place right?) so
you need to make it easy for them to spread the word and pass on
your URL. Try and get a .com if you can and focus on small easy
to remember domains rather than worry about having the correct
keywords (of course if you can get great keywords and easy to
remember then you''ve done a good job!).

7. Start commenting on other blogs. Once you have your pillar
articles and your daily fresh smaller articles your blog is
ready to be exposed to the world. One of the best ways to find
the right type of reader for your blog is to comment on other
people''s blogs. You should aim to comment on blogs focused on a
similar niche topic to yours since the readers there will be
more likely to be interested in your blog.

Most blog commenting systems allow you to have your name/title
linked to your blog when you leave a comment. This is how people
find your blog. If you are a prolific commentor and always have
something valuable to say then people will be interested to read
more of your work and hence click through to visit your blog.

6. Trackback and link to other blogs in your blog posts. A
trackback is sort of like a blog conversation. When you write a
new article to your blog and it links or references another
blogger''s article you can do a trackback to their entry. What
this does is leave a truncated summary of your blog post on
their blog entry - it''s sort of like your blog telling someone
else''s blog that you wrote an article mentioning them.
Trackbacks often appear like comments.

This is a good technique because like leaving comments a
trackback leaves a link from another blog back to yours for
readers to follow, but it also does something very important -
it gets the attention of another blogger. The other blogger will
come and read your post eager to see what you wrote about them.
They may then become a loyal reader of yours or at least monitor
you and if you are lucky some time down the road they may do a
post linking to your blog bringing in more new readers.

5. Encourage comments on your own blog. One of the most powerful
ways to convince someone to become a loyal reader is to show
there are other loyal readers already following your work. If
they see people commenting on your blog then they infer that
your content must be good since you have readers so they should
stick around and see what all the fuss is about. To encourage
comments you can simply pose a question in a blog post. Be sure
to always respond to comments as well so you can keep the
conversation going.

4. Submit your latest pillar article to a blog carnival. A blog
carnival is a post in a blog that summarizes a collection of
articles from many different blogs on a specific topic. The idea
is to collect some of the best content on a topic in a given
week. Often many other blogs link back to a carnival host and as
such the people that have articles featured in the carnival
enjoy a spike in new readers.

To find the right blog carnival for your blog, do a search at

3. Submit your blog to To be honest this tip
is not going to bring in a flood of new readers but it''s so
easy to do and only takes five minutes so it''s worth the
effort. Go to Blog Top Sites, find the appropriate category for
your blog and submit it. You have to copy and paste a couple of
lines of code on to your blog so you can rank and then sit back
and watch the traffic come in. You will probably only get 1-10
incoming readers per day with this technique but over time it
can build up as you climb the rankings. It all helps!

2. Submit your articles to This is another
tip that doesn''t bring in hundreds of new visitors immediately
(although it can if you keep doing it) but it''s worthwhile
because you simply leverage what you already have - your pillar
articles. Once a week or so take one of your pillar articles and
submit it to Ezine Articles. Your article then becomes available
to other people who can republish your article on their website
or in their newsletter.

How you benefit is through what is called your "Resource Box".
You create your own resource box which is like a signature file
where you include one to two sentences and link back to your
website (or blog in this case). Anyone who publishes your
article has to include your resource box so you get incoming
links. If someone with a large newsletter publishes your article
you can get a lot of new readers at once.

1. Write more pillar articles. Everything you do above will help
you to find blog readers however all of the techniques I''ve
listed only work when you have strong pillars in place. Without
them if you do everything above you may bring in readers but
they won''t stay or bother to come back. Aim for one solid
pillar article per week and by the end of the year you will have
a database of over 50 fantastic feature articles that will work
hard for you to bring in more and more readers.

This article was by Yaro Starak, a professional blogger and my
blog mentor. He is the leader of the Blog Mastermind mentoring
program designed to teach bloggers how to earn a full time
income blogging part time.To get more information about Blog
Mastermind click this link:

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July 20, 2008

Six And Seven Figures From Twitter?

Good Morning... From Chicago :-)

I'm at Ross Goldberg's Internet Marketing Master's
Seminar. I speak starting at 11:30 CST, and attendees
don't get to go to lunch until I finish :-)

While preparing for my presentation last night, I took
time out to read a report written by my dear friend,
Dr. Mani.

In case you don't know Dr. Mani, he's one of the most
brilliant marketers that I know. A pediatric heart
surgeon living in India, he raises money over the internet
to fund heart operations for kids whose families can't
otherwise afford them.

He uses the power of the Internet to save countless lives!

Dr. Mani was the first person that I heard discussing
Twitter, LONG before most Internet marketers had noticed
it. He has taught me how to leverage the power of Twitter
to make well over 1000 new REAL connections.

I now use Twitter in my business EVERY DAY. It's an
unmatched way of staying in touch with friend, and even
making direct sales.

I have also earned many thousands of dollars directly from
my Twitter posts ("tweets").

Dr. Mani's new report teaches you the proper way to use
Twitter in promoting your business. It's called...

"How To Profit From Twitter - Secrets To Tweet Your Way
To Riches!"

As I said, Dr. Mani is a master marketer, and this report
really delivers. I recommend that you get a copy now,
read it, and start applying what he teaches.

It works.

Get a copy at:

Ok, time to set up for my presentation.

Wish me luck :-)


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July 18, 2008

Just Passed 1250 Twitter Followers

I just screamed past 1250 followers on Twitter.

My friend Dr. Mani was using Twitter long before
I was, and is probably the first person that I heard
mention it. He wrote a great post on how Internet
marketers can use Twitter here:

If you're not following me on Twitter, please join me


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Where To Get The Amazon S3 Report

On my radio show today, one of my guests was Lucky
Balaraman. Lucky has written a report explaining
why during all of the big product launches lately
you'll notice video being streamed from Amazon's

You can get Lucky's Amazon S3 report here.

If you want to check out the half hour radio show
where Lucky and I discussed Amazon S3 multimedia
file hosting
, you'll can listen to the MP3 here.


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July 17, 2008

How To Get A Number One Position At Google - And Then STAY At #1


David Preston And Willie Crawford

A week or so ago, I sent out this note:

How I Consistently Rank #1 At Google In A Day For Free

Yesterday, I did an interview with David Preston where
I spilled the beans on my secret technique for getting
ANY website indexed by Google in less than 24 hours.

In the process, I shared how I consistently rank #1 for
many of my keywords, often in an hour or two, and
consistently rank on the first page... or at worse 2nd
page of Google, within a day.

David is now running a Warrior Special Offer, offering
the audio recording of that interview for only $5. Since
it's MY tactic that he shared, I insisted that I be able
to tell my friends about it too.

You can check out the MP3 of David and I here:

That note triggered a RASH of copycats on the Warrior

The thing is, most of the methods that they share will
get you a temporary front page listing. So, I convinced
David to add to his report my secret technique for making
sure that your listing STAYS on the front page.

David gives just one example in his report that was in
the #1 position at Google a week ago. Now, it's in the
#1 and #2 positions. I also own the #3 position on
Google's front page for the term... and it's a term
that shows 34,700,000 results.

If you haven't checked out David's report, do so today.
He's planning on raising the price... SUBSTANTIALLY.

Get it at:


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July 16, 2008

DVD & CD Profit Machine

If you sell physical DVD's and CD's,
click here to check this out.


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Willie Crawford's Very Own Internet Marketing Giveaway

I just wanted to give you advance notice that I'm working
on my own giveaway event. I'll actually be doing it in
partnership with Odinn Sorensen and David Schwartz.

The site is almost ready, and then we'll be looking for

If you're not familiar with these free giveaways, you can
submit an item to the site, and when people visit the site
and see your gift, they then have to visit your site to
download it. Generally, when they visit your site, you
ask them to opt-in to your list before they can get your

If your gift is valuable enough, they will happily join your
list, and this is a GREAT way to grow your list.

My partner Odinn was able to walk away from his six-figure
job largely because his list grew so fast when he started
participating in free giveaways.

The reason that I'm giving you advance notice is that every
gift in the giveaway will be a rebrandable item. It will be
all rebrandable ebooks, software, audios, and videos.

Rebrandable means that the people downloading them will
be able to change some of the links or text in the items,
generally to their own affiliate links, and then earn a
commission when they pass your free gift along.

So, you need to be thinking about what you'd contribute to
this free giveaway in order to build YOUR list. It does have
to be something original, but you could create something from
a PLR product. Duplicate items will NOT be accepted.

Contributors will also be required to help publicize the

Stay tuned for more details. You'll get them in the next
day or two. In the meantime, why not put together your own
rebrandable ebook. That's what I'm doing. I'm using the
Viral Document Toolkit to create it.

You can get the Viral Document Toolkit, and watch a video
showing how easy it is to use at:

If you do join this giveaway, and add a couple thousand new
subscribers to your list for free, your business should be
poised for some major growth.

Anyway, thanks for listening.

Do checkout now, and
get ready :-)


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July 15, 2008

Bluetooth? Don't Get Blue Snarfed!

What's Blue Snarfing?


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July 14, 2008

A REAL Fire Sale - As In Their House Burned Down

Please check out this fire sale and see if you can't
use this terrific product package, and in the process
help someone who just lost their home to a horrific


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July 13, 2008

You Didn't Miss This Secret Google Back Door Did You? PLUS My Traffic Secrets 2.0 Bonus

With so many people struggling to get traffic to their websites,
I wanted to make sure that you didn't miss the easiest Google
traffic that I've ever discovered.

Check out:

Also, you may have heard that John Reese is on the verge of
releasing Traffic Secrets 2. I do encourage you to check it
out. John has a really nice video, that contains information
he could have easily sold for several hundred dollars at:

If you do decide that Traffic Secrets 2 is for you, I am going
to be offering a special bonus of a step-by-step course that
will take you from identifying a niche, to getting a website
online, to getting that website where it's actually earning
a steady dependable income each month.

I've had a number of clients and friends ask me to teach them
how to just "keep their heads above water" while they learn
all of the other internet stuff. That's what this course is
designed to do. That course will be offered as a bonus with
Traffic Secrets 2, but I will also make other provisions for
you to get it.

That course will be offered at:

There's nothing there now but signup for an early notification
list. My goal is to have the course ready for you on
July 15th, but I still have a lot of work to do on it :-)


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July 12, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Secrets Of A #1 Google Ranking

Search Engine Optimization Secrets Of A #1 Google Ranking
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

It doesn't matter how great your product is, what a bargain
your price is, or how beautiful your website is - Without
traffic none of that matters.

So at its most basic, the biggest determinant of your
web businesses success is "getting eyeballs looking at
your webpages."

When looking at where the traffic comes from, it begins with
others linking (or pointing the way) to your site. Since most
people automatically turn to the search engines when looking
for something online, that naturally tells me that the most
important links that you can easily get are probably from
the search engines.

Since Google is currently the search engine getting the most
use online, and therefore the one that generates the most
traffic, that also means that you need to focus on getting
a front page, or ideally a number 1 listing, at Google.

However, your search engine optimization efforts should
involve structuring your site, and your other search engine
magnets, so that it bring in BUYERS from Google.

At its most basic, and simplest, getting a number 1 ranking
at Google that leads to an endless stream of sales boils down
to three parts. They are:

1) Targeting The Correct Keywords

2) Optimizing A Page For Those Keywords

3) Getting Links From Sites That Google Loves

Let's look at each of these.

First, you absolutely have to target the correct keyword. Your
webpages and everything that you do needs to incorporate the
keywords that your buying customers are actually typing into
the search engines.

You don't want to target the phrase digital camera, or printer
cartridge. Instead you want to target a specific model of
digital camera or printer cartridge, and you may even want to
target people in a specific location looking for a specific
model of printer cartridge.

That kind of targeting means that the people who find you are
searching for something very specific, and when they find you
by typing in that very specific search term, they click through
and buy.

Next, you need to optimize your webpages for those keyword
phrases. That generally means that you need the target keyword
phrases sprinkled throughout your webpages. It also means that
you want to use your target keyword phrases in your title and
description "metatags." You also want to include your keyword
phrases in anchor text on your webpages (the blue underlined
text in hyperlinks).

You basically want to include your keyword phrases in all of
the parts of your webpages that tells the search engines what
your webpage is about. This includes places such as italicized
or bolded text, your menu items, and even alt image tags.

Finally, you need to get sites that Google thinks are
important to link to you. Ideally, these sites include your
keyword phrases in the anchor text when they link to you.

Many who study search engine optimization full-time are
convinced that the external links pointing to your website are
THE part that makes the biggest difference in most cases.

Having an authority site link to you is like having a respected
authority in your community give you an endorsement. They are
telling the search engines, and the rest of the world, that they
recommend you. By using your keywords in the anchor text,
authority sites are also telling Google (and other less
important search engines) that that is what they consider your
site to be about.

This factor is so powerful that I have personally often gotten
a number 1 position on Google for my most important keywords by
just tapping into one free website optimization tool... one
authority site!

In fact, I recently did an interview with David Preston, an
expert at teaching offline businesses to tap into the web in
ways that most of their competitors never even dreamed of.
In the interview with David, we discussed in-depth, how I easily
get free front-page listings at Google in a day, and how I often
get #1 listing for my ideal keywords in just hours. You can
get the MP3 audio of the interview that I did with David at:

I mention David and that interview because he taught me another
CRITICAL part of effective search engine optimization. He taught
me how to focus my efforts on the buyers with lots of money
to spend... customers who have already budgeted that money for
what I have to offer.

So there you have my very simple three-part search engine
optimization formula for getting a free number one ranking in
Google in as little as a few hours. That fourth part, focusing
on the buyers actively looking to spend money is a bonus :-)

Willie Crawford is an Internet marketer with over 12 years of
experience at generating massive website traffic, and sales
using viral marketing techniques. One of his favorite traffic
generation tools is rebrandable PDF's which he creates using
the software at:

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July 11, 2008

How To Get A #1 Ranking At Google In A Day For Free

Yesterday, I did an interview with David Preston where
I spilled the beans on my secret technique for getting
ANY website indexed by Google in less than 24 hours.

In the process, I shared how I consistently rank #1 for
many of my keywords, often in an hour or two, and
consistently rank on the first page... or at worse 2nd
page of Google, within a day for almost any keyword that
I target!

David is now running a Warrior Special Offer, offering
the audio recording of that interview for only $5. Since
it's MY tactic that he shared, I insisted that I be able
to tell my friends about it too.

You can check out the MP3 of David and I here:


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Alternative Fuels Private Label Rights For $3.95 - A Real No-brainer ;-)

Think insane gasoline prices!

At only $3.95 getting this package really is a non-decision:


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July 10, 2008

Video Blogging Has NEVER Been Easier - Watch This Short Camtasia Video!

Check out this Camtasia by Jack Humphrey:
Video blogging has NEVER been easier or

WARNING: This could prove addictive :-)


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July 09, 2008

Where I Learned The Most Hardcore Internet Marketing FACTS!

Over the past 6 years, I've spoken at probably 30 different
live seminars, workshops, conferences, and bootcamps.

Naturally, I got the biggest rush out of my own.

However, there was ONE event that I spoke at outside of my
own that had a totally profound effect on me... and changed
how I did many things in my business.

Here's what some of the other attendees said about that

"Just the tips, tricks, and techniques you taught me in two
days was worth much more than the thousands of dollars of
information I had already paid for!"...

- - -

"I took 67 pages of notes at your Internet Marketing

- - -

"He answered a ton of questions that were thrown to him and
provided many of the resources that he personally uses"...

- - -

What are they all so excited about?...

- - -

"You are full of insight and wisdom. I can't wait until
your next seminar!"...

- - -

"For two solid days, you truly held nothing back and
answered all of the Internet marketing questions we could
come up with"...

- - -

"Your stuff rocks!"...

- - -

What are they all so excited about?...

- - -

"I can't thank you enough and would advise all who are
serious about creating the life of their dreams to get to
know him"...

- - -

"All I can say is WOW what a weekend!"...

- - -

"The weekend totally exceeded my already high expectations"...

- - -

What are they all so excited about?...

- - -

"Your seven steps (plus the money-maker) to starting an
online business quickly was the clearest and most complete
response I've ever heard"...

- - -

"You didn't hold back any valuable information even though
you were bombarded with many tough questions from us that

- - -

"To me, he is an Internet marketer's dream come true: the
real scoop delivered by a real person who happens to know
his stuff like no one else I have ever met"...

- - -

What are they all so excited about?...

- - -

"The sessions felt like I was spending the weekend with a
good friend who was willingly to share many of the trade's
inner secrets of success with me on his back porch"...

- - -

"One point you made especially hit home with me. It was
one of those aha! moments that clarified so much for me!"...

- - -

"I learned a great deal and made some fantastic contacts"...

- - -

What are they all so excited about?...

- - -

"If he puts on a seminar I would highly recommend you take
time out of your busy schedule to attend"...

- - -

"Run, don't walk, to his next conference!"...

- - -

"The discussion you had on email deliverability issues and
options was the most in-depth, informative discussion we
have ever heard"...

- - -

What are they all so excited about?...

- - -

"No canned presentations. No endless sales pitches"...

- - -

"He has patience, knowledge, understanding and most
importantly can deliver clear information"...

- - -

"Although I am not an Internet beginner, I learned
so much!"...

- - -

What are they all so excited about?...

- - -

You do deserve success. Don't let it sneak past you.
Willie Crawford

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July 07, 2008

The $92836.82 Internet Marketing Press Release

On September 21st, 2007, my team published a press
release regarding a soon to be released ebook.

On October 26th, 2007 that ebook was launched with a
second press release.

Since then, that simple ebook, launched without the
"traditional Internet marketing product launch" and
without any major JV partners, has earned $92,836.82.

Both press releases were written by Patrick Pretty,
and both press releases continue to generate sales.

If you want to know the secret behind that press
release, and how a press release can actually generate
sales for you longterm check out Patrick's ebook at


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July 06, 2008

I Love And AM Using Inner Circle Member Patrick Pretty's Simple PDF News Release Strategy!

Today I'd like to tell you about a product that created a
"light-bulb" moment for me.

As soon as I read "Simple PDF News Release Strategy For Internet
Marketers" by Patrick Pretty, I saw the beauty of the strategy.
It's part of my arsenal now. Consider making it part of yours,
regardless of your IM experience level. So many IM offers look
the same. So many read the same. "Same thing, different day" is
a frequent complaint. It often seems as though there's only one
IM playbook.

Perhaps you know Patrick Pretty as Internet Marketing's
"Sensational Master Of Eye Candy." That's parody, of course.
Patrick is a professional writer with more than 20 years'
experience. He's also a fine Internet Marketer.

"Simple PDF News Release Strategy For Internet Marketers" opened
my eyes to a new way of making money online. It's the "real
deal." A person never can get enough of those, right?

Patrick and I were two of the driving forces behind the amazing
success of "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online," one of the
bestselling eBooks of the past year. What most people don't know
before reading "Simple PDF News Release Strategy For Internet
Marketers" is that Patrick wrote the sales copy for "20 Ways."

Patrick used a crazy-simple PDF News Release Strategy for "20 Ways"
and other products. It's a way to get short- and long-term sales.

Remember my "light-bulb" moment?

You're also apt to have one before you get very far into the

Everything you need to get started is right inside the report.
You get templates to make News Releases with Microsoft Word and
Open Office. Patrick also has included two bonus products
designed to help you make even more money. This is what's known
as "win-win." It's an exceptional value, one you'll appreciate.
I know I did.

"Simple PDF News Release Strategy" is suited for beginners,
intermediate and advanced marketers. It will be a welcome
addition to your arsenal, whether you create your own products
or simply sell Affiliate, MRR, or PLR products.

The report offers a strategy Internet Marketers need to know
about. You'll also gain a refreshing perspective on the world of
IM. No one does IM like Patrick Pretty.

You'll notice that the moment you arrive at the site.

Take a look today.

Thanks for your time.
"Simple PDF Strategy For Internet Marketers" is well worth your

Willie Crawford

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July 05, 2008

How To Set Up A Profitable Niche Website In Under An Hour

I just wanted to show you a quick video that I made
for you, that shows how I set up profitable websites
in numerous niches... and how I spend less than 30 minutes
each setting them up.

Anyone can easily do this in less than an hour, even
if you've never set up a website before.

Take a look at this video:

Today, on my radio show, I also discussed why and
how I do this. You are free to download the MP3
from that show, and listen to it at your convenience.
That MP3 is at:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)


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July 04, 2008

That was probably the best money I've spent in a very long time!....and the absolute greatest bargain on the internet today!

What was this customer raving about when
he said:

Hi Willie....

That was probably the best money I've spent
in a very long time!....and the absolute
greatest bargain on the internet today!

Thanks for making it available.

Gary Thies

Why "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online"
of course.

Click here to get your copy.


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Don't Miss These Ready-made Websites In Some HOT Niches

Don't blame me if you miss this!

We're talking:

50 High-Quality, Professionally Designed Niche Websites
...covering a wide range of hot and popular topics & niche interests

25 Professionally Written Articles For Each Site
...these articles are packed with useful information on each topic that your visitors will love

Easy to setup, install and operate simple anyone can do it. You don't have to be a rocket scientist or technogeek!

Multiple Revenue Streams
...benefit from Google Adsense & Amazon and add even more revenue streams

Related News Feeds'll always have fresh content and the latest news for each topic to keep your site fresh

Automated Videos
...keep your visitors coming back to your site to see the newest and latest videos

Visitor Comments
...let your visitors help your site grow automatically and provide you with even more content

Easy Navigation
...each page has links to your articles, full sitemap - everything you need!

Automated Reciprocal Linking
...if your visitors link to you, they can get a link back automatically

Easy To Use Admin Control Panel
...approve, edit, delete comments, block spammers, monitor links to your site

... and much, much more!!!

You'll find them here:

Act Fast! Grab Your New Niche VRE Collection Now!
Only 708 Packages Available

Proven Profitable Niches Include:

Sailing Vacations
Weight Lifting
Global Warming
Domain Names
Italian Food
Venture Capital
Birth Control
Glycemic Index
Pregnancy Nutrition
Medical Careers
Business Credit
Hot Tubs
Maui Vacations
Adventure Vacations
Accounting Careers
Raising Chickens
Hair Transplants
Hydrogen Fuel
Memory Foam Mattress
Tai Chi
Youth Activities
Organic Gardening
Staying Young
Making Chocolate
Adult Dyslexia
Dedicated Servers
Data Entry
Work At Home
Coffee Franchise
FaceBook Marketing
Stress Management
Apple iPhone
Save Your Marriage
Hybrid Cars
Life Coach
Property Taxes
Living Wills
CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

Get complete details here:

What could be easier?


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July 03, 2008

John Reese Is Back With Traffic Secret 2!

I first met John back in 2002, had him at
my first seminar in 2003, and have learned
a LOT from him over the years!

He's been very quiet over the past few

And now I know why.

Many marketers remember John Reese's
somewhat 'famous' "Traffic Secrets"
launch back in 2004. You know, the
one that created the "Million Dollar Day."

And most remember the huge amount of
success stories that were created from
people that got the course and put it to

Well, little did most people know that
John has been quietly testing hundreds
of ALL-NEW traffic methods and
strategies to take that original course
to another level.

He wanted to take advantage of all the
powerful opportunities of Social Media,
Video Marketing, Content Syndication,
and much, much more.

He just posted a new video that you need
to go and watch RIGHT NOW:

Aside from all the great content that he
shares just check out the VIDEO STYLE

One look at this video and you'll get a good
idea of where the future of Video Marketing
is headed.

It's really impressive. Check it out:

P.S. You can actually go and watch TWO
videos right now by visiting this link:

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This Is Insane, But Ends At 9PM July 5th!

This speaks for itself.

Just scroll to the bottom of the page!


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This Is The Best Collection Of Niche Automated Ready-To-Make-Money Websites That I've Seen

One of my good friends, and Inner Circle Member, Xavier Nelson
has just released a brand new mega-deal he's named:

Virtual Real Estate Niche Websites Collection

If you were at my seminar last week, this is the type product
that I was telling you about!

Now you too can quickly and easily setup multiple, AUTOMATED
streams of income that will continue to make you money every
month like clockwork... at it will be in niches OUTSIDE of
Internet marketing!

It doesn't matter if you are at the beach on vacation, shopping
for groceries or just chilling out in the backyard, now you will
be able to finally enjoy truly automated income!

Surfers on the internet are looking for information and solutions
to their problems and you will be able to provide them not just
helpful answers and guidance, but also recommendations and
suggestions that will generate ongoing income for you while
keeping your visitors entertained and coming back again and again
for your help.

What's in this package for you? Let's see:

Key features; Instant Comments, Automated Links Manager,
Rotating Article Snippets and a whole lot more designed to
draw in your visitors (and the search engines), such as...

- 50 High-Quality, Professionally Designed Niche Websites

- 25 Professionally Written Articles For Each Site - Easy to
setup, install and operate

- Multiple Revenue Streams

- Related News Feeds - Automated Videos

- Visitor Comments

- Easy Navigation

- Automated Reciprocal Linking

- Easy To Use Admin Control Panel

- and much, much more!!!


He put a strict limit on it and I don't see this deal being around
for long, there's just too much in it for you and he's not asking
anywhere near what he should be.

Right now, first notice, head straight on over to

and you'll see what Xavier has been working on for so long.

If you want to beat the heavy traffic (before the JV Partners start
telling their lists about it), then I highly suggest you get over to
right now!

Enjoy the upcoming holiday but grab this while your competitors
aren't paying attention :-)


P.s. Also check out the special report Xavier included right on the page
It's got really good tips that can help you go another step further with
your business.

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He Makes Half A Million Dollars A Year On Ebay!

Have you registered to attend World Internet Summit New Zealand yet?

If not, here's another reason to stop whatever you're doing and make sure you're in Auckland on
July 17-20, 2008 (2 weeks to go).

Adam Ginsberg is showing you how to make half a million dollars a year on eBay. Don't think it's possible? Well here's proof...

Watch this video to see how he does it:

STEP 1: Go here right now

STEP 2) Scroll half way down the page to the photo and video of Adam Ginsberg

STEP 3) Click "play"

Then if you're even smarter, block out July 17-20, 2008 and do whatever you can to be in Auckland for our event.

Why not right?

FOR A LIMITED TIME it's only $197 to attend!
Why so low cost for such a huge event over 4 days? Simple - this price is an early bird price only. And secondly, the event has a sponsor. Which takes the pressure off of needing to charge you the full $997 ticket price.

But this deal won't last. Tickets are selling fast for this first ever event in New Zealand.

So check out the video now and then secure your seat to what is going to be an incredible 4 days with the world's best internet experts:


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July 02, 2008

The Best Internet Marketing Business Model...

Today's newsletter....

I'm catching my breath after attending 5 seminars in less
than 2 months, including one that I co-hosted.

During those events I interacted with a LOT of people.

I've posted photo's from some of those events to my blog

In all of my interactions at those events I sensed two HUGE
missing pieces.

First of all, I sensed that most people were overwhelmed with
having so many choices, and so much information. People
simply don't know which path to choose. They often don't know,
with any real degree of confidence, where to start with their
online business.

I'll share that I probably felt the same way at one time, so
I just chose a path (after examining my options).

You do at some point have to just make a decision.

Since making that decision, my path has changed many times.
It's only now becoming incredibly clear.

In case you're interested, I see myself spending about half
of my working time over the next several years working with
local businesses. Local "brick and mortar" businesses will
spend an increasing amount of their operating budgets using
online methods to get customers through the door, and to
build customer loyalty. I'll help them in two ways:

1) I'll teach them, in small local workshops, how to fix all
of the things that are wrong with their websites, and how to
turn those websites into effective direct response customer

2) I'll also use my own directory websites to generate and
funnel new customers to them.

I do have blueprints for both objectives already mapped out.
I've even shared my blueprints with you ALREADY... but you
may not have been paying attention.

Here's how I will get local governmental agencies to REFER
businesses to me:

Local governmental agencies will do this for me completely
free of charge because I'll be making their jobs easier.
Their job is to help local businesses succeed, and I show
them how :-)

Here's the actual slide presentations that I use when
teaching local businesses, plus all of the promotional
materials that I use in my own efforts to publicize my

I don't really have to work very hard to fill my workshops,
and this is such as easy business model that focusing on
it is a no-brainer for me.

I'll spend about half of my time helping struggling online
entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses. That time will
be spent working with those who are serious enough to
actually start doing what it takes.

That second "HUGE missing piece" that was shown to me in
my interactions at seminars was "true step-by-step

I've had numerous people point out this glaring problem
to me. Lots of websites promise step-by-step instructions
but VERY few deliver.

It finally dawned on me why this is the case...

Most of the people teaching you how to do things in the
Internet marketing niche have never actually done what they're
"teaching you!" So, they dance all around the topic without
ever settling down and actually teaching you in-depth how to
do things.

It is true that what you need to do will differ from person
to person, and situation to situation, but there are still
some basics that don't differ.

As I thought about this I decided to step up to the plate
and be the one to provide you with this very detailed
step-by-step how-to guidance. That's what I'm frantically
working on right now.

Why am I doing this?

Why should I be the one to do this?

I asked myself that question as I listened to those
telling me that this is what they really wanted. As I looked
deep within myself I acknowledge that as someone with over
12 years of online marketing experience, I am more qualified
that most others to be the one teaching this information.

Looking at the fact that most others don't teach you true
step-by-step how-to, I had to also acknowledge another fact...
Maybe I'm even a little intimidated by the challenge of
actually TEACHING YOU what really works... step-by-step,
and feeling responsible for having you follow my lead.

That meant that I had to actually KNOW what I was talking,
or writing, about.

I'm stepping up to the challenge, and you'll hear more
about it VERY shortly.

In the meantime, take a look at that first half of my model.

Offline businesses have had to let others know about what
they had to offer since the beginning of recorded history.

That's not going to change any time soon. To me, that makes
serving that market an easy decision. Offline businesses
will need your online expertise and services for as long as
there is an internet!

Get a copy of this report and read it today:

That one ebook will have a greater impact on my business
than any that I ever read :-)

Next, if you decide that you'd like to actually host local
workshops where you teach local businesses how to survive
and thrive (offering a much needed service) you can get a
complete curriculum (including slides and a script) here:

Lots of aspiring internet marketers constant jump from
idea to idea, frantically looking for something that will
work. They constantly look for the next big thing.

I've just shared with you where over 12 years of running
an online business has led me. I have no doubt that
following that path will give me a very nice income, more
free time, and all of the other things that I desire.

This is not complicated :-)


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July 01, 2008

We Need YOU To Help Lynn Save Her Home!

As an Internet marketer, in numerous niches, I actually
feel fairly insulated from economic downturns.

However, one of my inner circle members recently shared
with our group that LOTS of people aren't so lucky
She's on the verge of losing her home. She shared this
with the group because she desperately needed our help.

In our very supportive community, we share experiences
and knowledge, network with other marketers and business
owners, and have fun.

We also take care of our fellow members.

That's why, when we heard about Lynn Stivers and her
fight to save her home, the members rallied around
in support - and came up with a mind-blowing deal!

First, here's some background.

Lynn has been fighting to keep possession of her home
for many months. Taking advantage of a legal loophole,
she beat her previous deadline literally by HOURS.

Her last deadline is closing in now and the only option
she has left to keep her home is to finish raising the
money to pay the bank.

Many people are able to beat foreclosure by filing
bankruptcy but because of a legal technicality it won't
work in her case.

Lynn is determined to win so she has been working
feverishly, trying to raise the seemingly impossible sum
of $60,000 that she needs to pay off her arrears.

In her own words:

"On the surface that looks impossible...
but I don't give up!"

Lynn's a fighter!

Raising large sums of money fast happens all the time
on the Internet so with a little help, Lynn does have a
very good chance of winning.

She built a graphics membership site - and it ROCKS.
I bought access to a HUGE bundle of graphics from it,
and am really impressed at the quality and style of her

Don't just take my word for it - see for yourself (scroll
down the page a bit):

Aren't they awesome?

And now, because she's at risk of losing her home,
Lynn is doing something that gives you a chance to
both help her save her home - and get yourself the
same graphics you would normally pay a small fortune
for... at a mouthwatering low discount.

For the next 500 people who buy her graphics package,
Lynn is bundling 49 full sets of graphics for the one-time
payment of only $47.00

That's a incredibly inexpensive $0.95 per set of graphics
that would regularly cost you at least $27 EACH!

All of these are ORIGINAL graphics, created by a very
talented artist.

You get rights to use them on your website, blog or

This is a win-win deal like none other - and I urge
you to jump on it.

By doing this, you not only help grow your online
business and make your website or blog look more
professional - you also help a fellow business-owner
retain ownership of a home she holds dear and close
to her heart.

But even if you don't order a set for yourself, I have
a special request for you.

Because every little bit goes to help Lynn keep her
home, I ask that you spare a minute to think about
someone you know who may either need these graphics
or who has a list of clients/subscribers who may
want to own a copy - and tell them about this offer.

You could just forward a copy of this email to them.
By doing me this small favor, you will have helped
someone in a very special way.

Thank you very much for your support.

Once again, here is the link to get your pack of
49 sets of mind blowing graphics today - at a very
special low one-time payment...


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June 28, 2008

How To Generate A Nice Steady Online Income TODAY!

I'm at The Internet Marketing Momentum Bootcamp
in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of the questions that I got asked today was
what do you do just to earn a few hundred dollars
per month while waiting to launch your product, or
waiting for your business to really take off.

I've actually answered that question many times
over the past few months.

Let me break it down for you.

1) Get a copy of this ebook:

2) Sign up for the 100% commission affiliate

3) Read the ebook and write a simple review in
your own words.

4) Post that review on your blog, and email it
to your contacts. Also, write articles talking
about the ebook.

5) When the sales come in, 100% of the sales
price is deposited directly to your Paypal

I've just described to you how I earn several
thousand dollars per month, and have done this
steadily for MONTHS.

It really is that easy.

That is the simplest formula that I can offer
you... and it is exactly what I'm doing.

Get started now:

It really is that easy :-)


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June 27, 2008

I'm Off To Atlanta - And A Gift For You From A Multi-Millionaire Friend

I'm off to Atlanta today where Frank Garon and I
will teach/lead an intense 2-day bootcamp on Saturday
and Sunday.

This is actually the first event that I've hosted in
4 years. I've spoken at dozens of events but rarely
host them.

The first seminar that I hosted was back when Stephen
Pierce first came on the scene. I invited him to
speak at my first seminar.

Stephen accepted my invitation and the crowd LOVED him.

Now, he's doing so well that he's doing live television,
and has just published a book that he GAVE to everyone
listening to the most recent television show that he

Stephen gave me permission to give you a copy of that
book too. I have an autographed copy sitting on my
desk and it IS packed with some great information.

Please take a moment to get your copy of Stephen's
book at:

One of the seminars that I spoke at earlier this month
was Ken McArthur's JV Alert Live Philly. Ken first
spoke at an internet marketing seminar when...
I invited him to speak at my second live seminar.

When Ken first decided to launch JV Alert, he asked for
my help in introducing him to some potential JV partners.
I brought a few top internet marketers into JV alert as
early partners, and I'm sure that helped to get it going.

At this weekend's event in Atlanta, Frank and I will do
most of the teaching. We have a combined 25 years of
experience in actually running online businesses.

We have two friends from Atlanta, both multi-millionaires,
who will teach short sessions on how they literally
generate millions using the internet. Those are the only
outside speakers, and they are not selling ANYTHING :-)

The reason that I don't host a lot of seminars is that
I do pour everything that I have into them. Unlike many
"Internet Marketing Seminars" I will actually teach you
anything and everything I know. I don't give you a teaser,
and then upsell you to the real information.

Frank and I hope to transform dozens of lives this
weekend. We're committed to your success.

If you haven't registered for our bootcamp yet, you still
can. It starts at 8:30am Saturday morning, and goes all
day Saturday and Sunday. If you can't stay all day, both
days, you should still attend. The information that we'll
share with will be that powerful.

If you frequent my blog, you'll see that not only do I
personally know Stephen Pierce and Ken McArthur, but that
I regularly network with (and pick the minds of) many top
Internet marketers

- Jeff Walker
- Mike Filsaime
- Rich Schefren
- John Reese
- Case Stevens
- Keith Wellman
- Mike Ambrosio
- Mark Hendricks
- Allen Says
- Jonathan Mizel
- Mark Joyner
- Michael Angiers
- Tim Kerber
- Tim Houston
- Sid Hale
- Gina Gaudio-Graves
- Jim Daniels
- Colette Marshall
- Len Thurmond
- Armand Morin
- John Childers
- Carl Galletti
- Stone Evans
- Yanik Silver
- Ken McCarthy
- Ewen Chia
- Patric Chan
- Doug Hudiburg
- David Cavanagh
- Dr. Mani
and most of the other top Internet marketers.

Heck, John Reese was a paid attendee at my first seminar.
John spent practically every break during that seminar
sharing his ideas. He constantly had small groups of people
standing around awed by some of his concepts.

I continuously pick the minds of the top online marketers.
I do actually sit around in their rooms, at hotels around
the world, and pick their minds one-on-one, so what I teach
you at my events isn't just what 12 years of running an
online business has taught me.

I teach you what they privately share with me... and it's
the little things that my friends share with me that often
clarifies something that I couldn't quite grasp.

Hanging out with the right people is an incomparable growth

I hope that you'll join us this weekend. Register now at:


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June 24, 2008

Aren't You Ready For Success Now ... Plus The Story Of When I First Met John Reese

Hi. Just checking in with you again from Las Vegas.

Yesterday I sent out an email inviting you to my
bootcamp this coming weekend in Atlanta. Please
go ahead and register for that bootcamp here:

You need to lock in your hotel room, etc.

I had a number of people email me asking if I
thought that they should attend the bootcamp.
They wondered if the timing was right, or if they
should wait "until conditions are better."

My answer was "If not now, then when?"

We all have a lot of things going on in our lives,
and frankly, if you wait for everything to be "just
right" you'll never decide to actually CHANGE your

I'm a living example of how just taking action can
make a massive difference. If you study my history,
you'll see that I literally went from welfare, then
to the military, on to becoming one of the world's
leading internet marketers... by making simple
decisions and taking action.

If you've read my biography, you'll know that my
life was not a bed of roses. I just knew that things
could be better and acknowledged that that was only
going to happen if I got into action.

I started internet marketing back in 1996, and at
that time, I decided that I was going to someday
operate my own successful online business. I decided
that I would work:

- When I wanted to
- Where I wanted to
- With whom I wanted to

As I sit in my suite high up in The Monte Carlo
Hotel in Las Vegas, I have to acknowledge that I
AM living that dream.

The reason that I'm still in Las Vegas is that
tomorrow I'll attend a mastermind meeting with
some of the most successful affiliate marketers
that I know. These marketers were invited by Jeff
Walker, and were the top affiliates during his
recent product Launch Formula 2 promotion... plus
a few friends.

During the mastermind, we'll share tactics,
bounce ideas/projects off of each other and just

Networking with like-minded, proactive people is
very empowering. By being around those actually
doing what you plan on doing, you see proof of what
is possible, and you "feed off the energy."

I still remember my very first seminar. I sat around
Ramon Williamson's hotel room until around 3am the
night after the seminar ended. It was just me, Ramon,
and this guy that I had just met... named John Reese.

I often tell people how that impromptu brainstorming
session revolutionized my thinking. It so "kicked me
into action" that 4 MONTHS after attending my first
seminar EVER... I hosted MY first live seminar.

Frank Garon and I are hosting The Internet Marketing
Momentum Bootcamp in Atlanta this weekend, to give you
that type of momentum.

We'll teach you the things that you really need to
know to build and operate a successful online business,
but just as importantly, we'll give you that critical

We'll help you KNOW which things you really should be
focusing on in your online business... and which things
are just distractions.

We'll help you to connect with the other attendees,
and based upon your projects, point you towards
ideal joint venture partners, and get you moving
forward in a massive way.

I need to end this note now, because I have to head
down to the hotel lobby where my friend Greg Mulac
will pick up my wife and I and take us to a friends
house for a cookout around their pool.

You can see a glimpse of the place that we'll be at here:
The thread "An Attitude Of Gratitude For Our Las Vegas
Hosts" is about the friends whose house we'll actually
be at.

My friend Yaro Starak blogged a little about tomorrow's
mastermind session here:

I'll give you just a glimpse of where the mastermind
meeting will be here:

In order to get past the very tight security to the
mastermind meeting, you DO need to be on the guest list.

My point in showing you those last two links was not
to brag, but to show you that... with just a little action,
the internet lifestyle is very much a reality.

My point is also to show you that I don't just share a lot
of theory with you. I share my knowledge and experience, BUT
I also constantly pick the minds of my very successful peers,
and find out what they know that can help you :-)

It's just a matter of making a decision, then taking action...
putting one foot in front of the other.

Frank Garon and I hope that you will allow us the honor of
helping you to live the lifestyle that is your destiny.

I am no different than you. I'm just decisive. Your success
depends upon you being decisive too.

Register for our bootcamp now at:


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June 22, 2008

How To Save On Travel

When traveling to seminars and conferences, use this
site to find the best bargains and lock it in:

This is actually where I book my travel.


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The Pool Outside My Window At The Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas Nevada, While Attending The Internet Marketing Super Conference X

Here's a video shot through some very dirty windows
from my hotel room in Las Vegas. The windows were
dirty, but since I was on the 19th Floor, I didn't
feel inclined to scooting outside and cleaning them.

In the video I mentioned my Internet Marketing
Momentum Bootcamp

I also talked about how to buy raw land for as
little as $100 that you can then wholesale for
thousands. You can check that out here:

How To Buy Land For $100


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Secret 6K Affiliate Battle Plan - Never Revealed Before

Don't Miss This One!

This is about a product that I actually helped to
create. I did an interview sharing some information
that I had NEVER shared before.

This is important... It is about your money.

So don’t skip a word...

I will reveal to you a secret system for creating a
small affiliate fortune.

You don’t need your own product...

You don’t need to pay for PPC ...

You don’t need a mailing list...

The site I am about to reveal to you may make the
difference between “you” being a complete zero or
an affiliate hero.

Let me tell you a story about an...

Average affiliate who was able to bring in over 6K
in a week using only free traffic methods...

When I first heard this story I honestly didn’t believe it
myself until I saw the proof.

This guy has screen shot after screen shot of his massive
affiliate commissions.

It is rare to see that kind of proof anywhere.

I know I am rambling a bit here but you just have to see
the “proof yourself,” to believe it.

This system is on sales at a huge discount but scheduled
to increase price at midnight tonight.

So you have to act quickly if you want this discount...

Make sure you check out this 6K affiliate battle plan
before it is too late.

Do It Now!


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June 19, 2008

This Guy Schooled Me In Affiliate Marketing - He Whipped Me With Virtually NO List!

I'm on my way out the door for a few days in Las Vegas, where
I'll be speaking at Carl Galletti's seminar on Saturday.

However, I really really needed to let you know about this.

It's made a BIG difference in how I market affiliate products
- something that I'd been doing for 12 years prior to reading

The full story...

Back in March of this year, I started promoting Jeff Walker's
Product Launch Formula 2. I consider myself a pretty good
affiliate marketers, and did "ok" with that launch... as in
five-figures in commissions. I was in the top 15 affiliates :-)

As I started doing all of the standard things that I always
do for affiliate products promotions, I kept noticing this ONE
person consistently beating me for my most competitive keywords
in the search engines.

This guy was everywhere that I turned... like a thorn in
my side. He consistently ranked in the top 3 for keywords that
I was working very hard to rank on at Google.

This guy, Craig Beckta, did not have a huge list or a popular
website, yet he was EVERYWHERE.

When Product Launch Formula 2 finally launched, Craig made
lots of sales. He did it NOT by emailing his huge lists. He
did it by being where those researching (and trying to
decide whether PLF 2 was for them) went to buy.

After the launch I contacted Craig to see HOW he did it. He
turned the tables and asked if he could interview me. After
all, at one time during that launch I had 7 out of 10 positions
on the front page of Google for a key phrase that I was targeting,
but I could NEVER unseat Craig.

Craig interviewed me, and several other marketers who know
how to get incredible results. He combined that with step by
step instructions on how anyone can dominate the search engines,
and turned it into a course that he called, "Secret Affiliate

Craig just released Secret Affiliate Code, and if you are an
affiliate marketer, you can't afford NOT to read it. After all,
this guy out marketed people with lists of over 100,000... and
he does this consistently with affiliate promotions.

Take a minute now and check out what Craig is doing.

He had such an impact on how I market that part of what I'll
share in my presentation at the seminar this weekend will
credit Craig with "teaching this old dog a lot of new tricks."

Don't miss:


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Let's Discuss Help Desks On Blog Talk Radio - Today At 5pm CST

Today, on my Blog Talk Radio show we'll discuss
why you need a helpdesk to save time, save money,
avoid lost emails, and build a real online business.

We'll discuss different helpdesk platforms, how to
choose one, how difficult they are to install, and
numerous other topics during the 1-hour radio show...
including how to monetize your help desk.

Join us here:


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June 18, 2008

Like This Blog - Please Bookmark It

Click the link below to bookmark this site on any
of over 50 bookmarking sites, and also to get the
script... once I finish setting up a page for it :-)


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June 17, 2008

Still Struggling To Make It? This Free Course Will Help :-)

I pride myself in only promoting offers that are of
true value to you and your business...

Keith Wellman, Marc Horne, & Hollis Carter have
put a killer home study course together for you...

Grab it while their supplies last (it's free)*

They have already shipped out a couple thousand
of these packages, and trust me that time is of
the essence...

Watch the video - grab the course :)

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A Mailing List of 600,000 PLUS!

When my friend Thea Swafford shared that she had a database
of over 600,000 at a Michael Penland seminar long ago, it
was amazing to watch all of the marketers swarm over her at
the next break :-)

I quietly waited, called here later, and got her to share with
me her secret. The recording from that call is now in my
inner circle site... if I remember correctly.

Anyway, I adopted her techniques plus those of a LOT of others
to build a very respectable database myself... well over half
a million (being deliberately vague).

This database is a lot of different lists in a lot of different
niches, with MOST of them being outside of Internet marketing. I'm
very protective, and secretive, about some of these niches/lists.

However, I thought that I'd share one of my simplier list
building secrets with my fellow Warriors.

I find out about big name authors who are doing book releases,
and then in exchange for helping to publicize the release, I
get to include a gift on a page full of bonuses.

Typically, my gift is an ebook or perhaps an MP3 somehow
related to the topic of the book.

If I don't have an appropriate bonus, I create one, or outsource
one... although reworked/retitled PLR material is generally

One of my insider contacts for advance notice of these book
launches is Warren Whitlock... whom I chat with regularly at
Internet marketing seminars.

I'll be interviewing Warren on this very topic... "Building
Your List On The Backs of Book Launches" on Tuesday, June
17th, at 6-7pm CST.

You're welcome to join us for free at:

You can dial in to the number shown on the site, or you can
listen right over the internet. You can also ask questions
via chat right over the internet.

We're not selling anything on the call... just sharing information,
and also doing a recording.

Join us.


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How To Market Your Products and Services On Twitter

How To Market Your Products and Services On Twitter
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

Twitter is one of well over 1000 social networking sites
that I know of. I actually have a list of that many, but
have only checked out a handful of the most popular ones.

Actually, my list is about 1800 bookmarking and social
networking sites. I may share that list with my inner
circle soon... after my assistant go over it with a fine
toothed comb :-)

I've already shared my list of the most popular (and
productive) bookmarking sites in an ebook called, "How To
Bookmark Effectively For Massive Free Website Traffic!"
You can actually download that ebook for free, without
needing to opt-in or fill out any forms at:

Back to Twitter… Twitter is actually a micro-blogging
platform. You register, and then you can "follow"
others, and others can "follow" you.

When you log into Twitter, on the homepage you have a
window where you can type in messages ("tweets") of up
to 140 characters. When you click the "update" button,
everyone who has subscribed to your updates... everyone
following you, sees that message instantly... provided
they are logged-in to Twitter.

When someone that you're following updates, and you're
logged-in, you see their posts instantly.

There are Twitter users who post dozens of messages a
day. There are Twitter users who seem to stay logged
into Twitter and following their friends tweets for hours
each day.

At a recent JV Alert Seminar where I was on the expert
panel, I watched other panel members, who are also avid
Twitter users, actually carrying on conversations over
Twitter... right from the stage. They simply pulled out
their handheld devices, and twittered away!

While Twitter is fun to just chat with friend on, many
"capitalist"... like me, wonder if it can be used for
conducting business and making sales.

The answer is "Yes, but you shouldn't post blatant ads
on Twitter."

Instead, you should post links to resources and news, and
those links CAN be your affiliate links.

Twitter also has a "Direct Message" feature where you can
post a message directly to someone who is following you.
No one else sees that message, and using that feature is
more appropriate when your post only pertains to one

I have made numerous sales via Twitter. Some examples

1) When I noticed that the World Internet Summit was hosting
a live event in Auckland, New Zealand, on July 17th - 20th,
2008, I twittered about it. This is the first time that they
are holding an Internet marketing seminar in a location that
doesn't get very many of those type events, so I considered
it news.

Shortly thereafter, one of my followers from that area,
posted a thank you. The next time that I checked my email,
I DID notice that he had already registered for the event
and that I had earned a nice commission.

2) When Jeff Walker launched Product Launch Formula 2, I
tweeted about the bonus package that I offered. I had several
followers ask me questions about my package (via direct
message) and two of those purchased the package. That earned
me nearly $2000.

3) When a friend noticed that I was twittering about how easy
it is to earn money marketing to offline businesses as compared
to the Internet marketing niche, she posted a link to a product
that she suggested I check out.

I clicked on her link and saw that a friend, Rachel Rofe,
along with a co-author, Jaime Mintun, had a product that they
were selling called "How To Make $10K In A Weekend." The
product was literally "a seminar in a box." It contained
everything that I needed to conduct local seminars teaching
offline businesses about the internet. In fact, the product
even included:

- A PowerPoint Presentation that I could use to conduct a
1 or 2-day live seminar.

- Ads that I could run to get commission-only sales people to
actually sell the seminar seats for me.

- A script that I could use along with the slides or even
give to someone else to conduct the seminar for me.

- Supplemental materials that I could use as bonuses,
handouts, or products-for-sale at my seminars.

- Very detailed start-to-finish instructions.

The package literally contained everything that I needed for a
local seminar that I was already planning on hosting quarterly
in my hometown.

I drooled over the webpage, but didn't buy right away because
I was getting ready to travel to JV Alert Live in Philadelphia
that upcoming weekend, and I didn't want to get side-tracked.
However, at the seminar, I got a chance to chat with Rachel
Rofe, and she talked me into both getting a copy of the
course, AND becoming an affiliate for it.

Wrapping up this story... After going through the course, I
fell so "in love" with it, that I twittered about it as well
as mentioned it in an ezine editorial. The ezine editorial
sold enough copies to earn me nearly $1000, and the tweet,
triggered several old friends asking questions about the
package. One of those friends subsequently purchased the

Those are just a few of the many sales that I'm sure that
my twittering has generated. The key is not to just post
blatant ads, but when you have something worthy of sharing,
and that you know your followers will likely appreciate, then
you can generate sales from just pointing our resources.

Aside from direct sales, I've noticed dozens of posts on my
followers blogs about things that I've posted to Twitter.
These blog posts were others indirectly promoting me and my
products to their audiences.

Your posts on Twitter are also indexed by the search engines,
so I've noticed my "tweets" showing up in Google for some
of my prime keywords. That's very powerful.

So, there you have a proven formula for marketing your
products and services on Twitter without being too "in your
face." The only thing left for you to do is go over to and set up an account. It only takes a
few minute.

Be sure to add me as someone you're following. My Twitter
URL is:

What are you waiting for? :-)


Willie Crawford is founder of The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle, Executive Directory of The International Association
of Joint Venture Brokers, and co-host of the Internet Marketing
Momentum Bootcamp. Have Willie teach you serious marketing
firsthand at:


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June 16, 2008

Special Report Generator Software

Thought you might want to see this...

How do you feel about writing reports to
build your list and drive mad traffic?

I've always had the toughest time when
it comes to writing. Anything really, but
a report -seriously- used to take me weeks
if not months to put together.

That is, until I found a new piece of software
that cranks out brilliant reports in about 45
minutes for ANY product or service you want.

Sound too good to be true? (I thought so too)

Just watch the quick demonstration video:

Here's what pro copywriter Jeffrey Levesque
had to say about the Special Report Generator:

"I have to admit, being an experienced copywriter,
I originally downloaded your software to SPY on you!

But, I was pleasantly surprised once I opened
the software! The software, along with your easy
to follow instructions, flows beautifully!

With all the services available to submit
reports online, creating special reports is
an important part of my marketing efforts..."

You can get the full scoop here:

Just check out the video and let me know
what you think. :) I am so excited every time
I sit down to write a report now. And it's only
because I know I'll have the evening off... and
have a finished promotional masterpiece. :)

If you'd like to generate powerful viral reports
that bring in leads and sales for anything you promote
- watch the video, and use the software.

There is one other thing you should know
before you head over to that page...

It's a killer. No kidding. You'll see what I
mean within seconds of hitting the site. You've
got a full 20 minutes to take action, or lose out.

It's so brilliant, it's almost devious. ;)

Do us both a favor, and check this out right now!

Take Massive Action Today,

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Recorded Call With Frank Garon On Generating Momentum In Your Online Business

The recording from the radio segment that I did with
Frank Garon is now available. You can listen to it or
even download the MP3 of the call here:


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June 15, 2008

Simple Click By Click Formula Transforms Any Dead-Slow PC Into a Stable, Lightning Fast and Secure System...In Just 15 Minutes!

Don't Miss Chris Mainieri's updated "PC Secret Formula"

I've already read it three times with marker in

I'll be hanging out with Chris in Daytona Beach on
July 12, and own him a steak dinner for all of the
time he's saved me in teaching me how to optimize
my computer.


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Download These Free Gifts

My friend Odinn Sorensen has just launch a free
giveaway in honor of Fathers Day. There are some
nice items available for free download there and
I highly encourage you to check it out:



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June 13, 2008

Part 2 Of Willie Crawford's June 13th Ezine - Video Streamed From YouTube

Here's the second half of today's ezines
where I tell you about a couple of big ticket
joint ventures that I need partners for, and
then review several products.

I also share a few secrets if you listen closely.

Here's the video:


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PDF Version of Willie Crawford's 13 June Internet Marketing Newsletter

Here's a link to today's Limitless Marketing Ezine if for
some reason you didn't get it via email. Also, you should
be able to find the ezine as 2 videos posted here on the

Here's the ezine:


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June 10, 2008

Free Copy Of Keith Wellman's $997 Autopilot Sales Formula Course

For a limited time you can get this course
free. In it, you'll learn:

=> How to choose a profitable niche...
=> Developing an "in demand" product for your niche...
=> Putting your sales system in place...
=> How to create a pre-launch...
=> Driving thousands of highly interested people to your site...
=> Pricing Strategy
=> Launch Strategy
=> Business building strategy to create long term, residual income...

...and so much more!

Get it here:


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Do You Want To Make $10K By This Weekend?

"Too good to be true."

That's the first thing I said when
I heard of

You can't REALLY make $10K in a

But I quickly bit my tongue once I
saw the content.

There really is a way to earn $10k by this
weekend - and you don't need ANY special skills!

It's done by leveraging the power of
offline businesses, and a little project
management on your part.

It's almost stupid-simple how easy it is.

This is one a dream come true:

"The ball is in your court" and strangely
most people will just stand there and look
at it.

Check out:


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June 07, 2008

NO, I Have Not Turned Blackhat...

I sent an email yesterday about a software package
that's probably responsible for over 2 million hits
that I've gotten in the past 2 months.

That software (membership) is at:

A number of people emailed, PM'ed, Twittered me, etc.
asking if I'd gone blackhat.

The way that I use the software in that package is
completely "whitehat" although, like many tools, it
has the potential for others to abuse it.

I just use it to save me about 40 hours per WEEK
over what it would take me to maintain my search
engine positions for some very competitive terms
if I did everything the old-fashioned way.


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Get Free Links From PR7 & PR8 Sites

Over the last few days I've learned some things about
how top online marketers actually generate website
traffic that I knew you'd want to know about.

For years, we knew that there had to be some secret
tools or tactics that they were using but not telling
us about. How else could they be getting so much
more traffic that we were?

What I learned was how some online marketers totally
dominate the search engine listings for many of
their very competitive keywords... and it's probably
not something that you would have ever guessed.

Take a look at:

Some of the gurus have had exclusive access to
software that lets them pull in incredible traffic
from some of the busiest websites out there.

This software was created by the top SEO software
expert... someone that hangs out with the gurus at
seminars and conferences, but that they rarely
talk about. He is a programming and software testing
"madman" who spends an incredible amount of time
developing, testing and tracking new programs.

For a few days, the inner circle has decided to
offer you the keys to the castle. They're letting a
very limited number of members into their elusive
private membership.

In a few day, the doors will slam shut again, and
if you're one of the lucky few who got in, you'll
understand why they keep it so quiet. Basically,
you don't tell too many people about a true magic

Go here to see why this has been kept so close-hold
until now:

check it out now. If you click through and you
see a notice saying "Sorry" then please don't say
that I didn't warn you. Go ahead and discover the
gurus SEO and traffic generation secret ;-)

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June 06, 2008

Meet A Traffic Generation Mad Scientist...

A few months ago, while sitting around in the hotel
lobby at a seminar in Orlando, Florida, I was shown a suite
of website traffic generation software that is now a
MAJOR part of my marketing mix.

That software has helped to generate over $60,000 in
affiliate sales in a single WEEK!

However, when I was first shown the software, which is
designed to divert traffic from some of the web's most
popular sites to your target sites, I was very

The software automates the process of posting
to certain sites, building pages on site that
encourage you to do that, and networking on sites
such as Craig's List, Yahoo, Google, and numerous
social networking sites that I won't list here.

The software is NOT designed to abuse those sites
but to automate the mundane parts that you now
spend countless hours doing.

Anyway, I was assured that the software could generate
so much traffic for me, that I was skeptical to say the
least, but wanted to believe that it could do what the
programmer told me that it would do.

I liked the programmer (noticing that we have similar
values) but wondered if the software was too "blackhat."
He pointed out to me that he offered it only to those
who would use it ethically, and that those who
abused the software would be quickly shut off
from access to it.

Hesitantly, I agreed to TEST the software, and that's
what I did for two months. The software suite has over
30 different pieces of software, each one designed for a
very specific purpose. I selected the ones that fit my
marketing style, and what I felt comfortable with, and
those are the ones that I tested.

Well, I was shocked at how much new traffic it generated
... and how quickly!

By the time that I saw the programmer again at a seminar
in Austin, Texas, I asked HOW I could share his software
with some of my best customers.

He told me to send them here:

Today, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Bishop.
He has created some of the most amazing traffic
generation software that I've even seen... and he keeps
working away in his own testing lab, constantly coming
out with new or improved stuff.

I call him "the traffic generation mad scientist."

Take a look at Bishop's software, and let me know if you
have any questions.

WARNING: This software could send you a lot of traffic
fairly quickly, so factor that in as you look over Bishop's
website. Make sure that you have the support staff and
infrastructure in place!

He did tell me that he's only going to make his software
available to my friends for 10 days... then he's taking it
off the market.

When you see the site, you'll understand why Bishop doesn't
want too many people having access to his tools. Check it out
now :-)

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Press Release On June 28th - 29th Internet Marketing Momentum Bootcamp - Atlanta Georgia

Click here to read the press release on PRWeb:

Internet Marketing Momentum Bootcamp

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Stealth Traffic Tools - Check Out This Incredible Software Today!

Click here to check out 30+ pieces of software that
makes up the Stealth Traffic Tools suite.


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June 03, 2008

Making Internet Marketing Seminars Pay For Themselves

Many people look at Internet marketing seminars
and view them as an expense.

I see them as an investment that pays me 100
times what I spend.

So for those still thinking about attend my seminar :wink:
here are some ways that I've recouped my investments
over the years.

1) At every seminar that I've ever attended, people have
swapped business cards. 90% of people go home,
stick those business cards in a desk drawer somewhere
and never look at them again.

I take a digital photo with many of the people I meet,
then when I get home I add the new people that I met to

my contact manager built into Send Out Cards:

I then send a greeting card to each person that I met
telling them how nice it was to meet them, maybe reminding
them of something that we discussed, and suggest that w
stay in touch.

The Send Out Cards system allows me to upload that
digital photo right to the greeting card... so if they don't
remember who I am the photo is a nice reminder...
and may even cause them to hold on to the card longer.

2) Whenever I'm going to be attending a seminar, and
I'm also an affiliate for that seminar, I log into my
Send Out Cards database, and often pull up a list
off all contact in a certain location... for example my
next seminar is in Atlanta... so I'll pull up all of my
Atlanta contacts... and send them all a card letting them
know that I'm hosting a seminar in Atlanta. Since they
can't use the excuse of travel and accommodation
expenses, the decision to attend for them should be
a non-decision.

3) I also add my contacts to "sublists" within my
SendOutCards database, so I have lists of people
that I met at specific events. When I'm going to another
of the same event, I'll often send those people a card
suggesting that we talk if they're going to also be

I'll include signup details in case they haven't already
register (using an affiliate link), and maybe let them
know that I'll be looking for JV partners, and invite
them to let me know what they are working on.

As an example, I'll be attending JV Alert Philly this
weekend, where I will be seeking JV partners on a
project... so I HAVE sent cards to a few people that
I definitely knew would be there and that I didn't want
to miss talking to.

In case you're not picking up on it, the most valuable
thing that I get from many seminars is the business
cards. The addresses, phone numbers, email addresses,
and all of the other data that's on your typical business
card is PRICELESS.

It's priceless only if you use it, but if you DO you can
easily build a powerful database of very proactive
business people, and the built in contact manager of
Send Out Cards makes it incredibly easy to use.

As a seminar promoter, this is also my secret weapon.
I have a database of people with a proven propensity
to attend live seminars! Who better to send a letter
or greeting card to telling them about other live
seminars that I'm hosting, or am an affiliate for?

Just food for thought!


By the way... if you're not familiar with Send Out Cards,
it's the system that I use to send out real, full-color
greeting cards right over the internet for about $1
each. You design them online, and when you click the
send button, the company prints them, stuffs them in
an envelopes... along with optional gifts, and mails them
via first class mail.

I can layout a card using "placeholder" such as names,
hometown, kids names, etc., and then send the same
"personalized" card to any number of people in my
database... much like you would with an autoresponder :-)

They're at:
Let me or any of several other SOC devotees know if
you'd like a free trial account :-)

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June 02, 2008

An $8000 Haircut?

"Hello David, I just took a late lunch break and
listened to the MP3. Here are my thoughts...

"Brilliant! David, what you have here is pure marketing
gold. When you and Willie talk, it's just dynamite. Even
though I've been consulting for years, I found myself
getting several "AHA!" moments throught out your conversation.
No fluff no filler, just 100% killer content that anyone can
use to make some serious income.

I honestly feel that if after listening to what you and Willie
have shared, if someone can't walk down their street, follow
your plan, and as a result collect a few thousand dollars within
just days, then they have no business being in ANY kind of
business. It's THAT simple.

I actually felt like I was eavesdropping on a private conversation
I wasn't supposed to hear. There were just too many gold nuggets
in your audio for me to mention, but one particular "magic question" you mentioned in your call, has allowed me to recently walk out of
my favourite hair salon with an $8000 check in my hand....and I
didn't even ask for it.
When David Preston and Willie Crawford talk, you better grab a pen and pad and listen.!"

Thanks David and Willie,

Hanif Khaki

The above testimonial was about the $9.95 OTO that's
a part offered after you get this:

If you haven't already grabbed your copy of David Preston's
report on how he gets offline businesses to call him up -
literally begging to give him $5000 checks for
consultations, do that now. Get it here:

Let me give you a brief bit of history...

David wrote that report after reading a report by Andrew
Cavanagh on marketing to offline businesses.

He was also inspired by a forum post that I made detailing
how I had local businesses tripping over themselves to hand me

David studied what Andrew and I did and then applied his own
brilliant twist. His twist has the U.S. government
advertising his services, rounding up referrals, and then
instructing them to contact David.

It's brilliant.

After I read David's report, I did 1 hour 40 minute interview
with him. I wanted to make sure that I understood EXACTLY
how he did things.

Now I'm using David's system.

When David showed ANDREW his system, Andrew, who RARELY
endorses anyone's product, sent out the following email:

Begin Andrew's Email:

Hi Willie,

I thought long and hard before recommending this "Offline Gold"
product and following the instructions I'm about to give you is
absolutely vital.

I'm not in the habit of promoting other marketers' products and
quite frankly some of the products coming out lately using my
"Offline Gold" label without my permission have been complete

But David Preston is the real deal.

David has made tens of thousands of dollars in less than a week
with the Offline Gold strategy he's willing to share with you.

But there is a problem and this is why I was reluctant to
promote his product.

He's released a 10 page report that reveals how you can get the
US government to send you more brick and mortar business
clients than you could ever handle.

The report is short and could certainly use some more detailed's a bit marginal at the 19.95 price tag.

But after you purchase this report David gives you a chance to
purchase an audio where he and Willie Crawford share the secrets
of marketing yourself to offline businesses.

David talks about business owners desperate to give him checks
of 1,500, and 5,000 dollars.

And exactly how he gets an endless stream of clients without
having to talk to brick and mortar businesses one on one.

They literally come to him.

This audio runs for one hour and 40 minutes and is easily worth
90 dollars or more.

Best of all when you buy David's report at 19.95 you get the
audio for just 9.95 (less than ten bucks!)

And David's follow up includes some excellent email lessons on
exactly how he implements his system.

So here's the deal:

I recommend you go buy David Preston's report for 19.95 and buy
the back end audio for 9.95 immediately after you purchase.

Both products combined are a bargain at a total of just 29.90...

And one more important point:

If you're from outside of the United States I also do NOT
recommend you purchase this report at present.

While the method used certainly can work in countries like the
UK or Australia the "how to" is geared specifically for the USA.

David's working on this and I'll let you know if he updates his
report but until then I'd suggest US buyers only...

Yours sincerely,
Andrew Cavanagh

P.S. Let me repeat. I do NOT suggest you buy David's report

You really must get the audio upsell immediately after you buy
to get true value.

One last word.

In one day David brought in enough clients to create over 50
thousand dollars in business using the method he reveals in this

And all those clients came to him.

This really is the best product I've seen so far that tapers
perfectly into my report Offline Gold For The Online Marketer.

Go claim your copy of the report AND the audio now...

End Andrew's email:

Go ahead and get you copy of the report now... along with the
audio that you will LOVE:

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May 30, 2008

Save Big BUCKS If You Use A Lot Of Bandwidth

If you've watched many of the big product launches
recently... the ones that stream more videos than
you could ever watch... you'll notice that many of
them host their videos at the same place.

That's because that's one of the cheapest places
in the UNIVERSE to buy massive bandwidth.

What they are doing is tapping into Amazon.coms
MASSIVE battery of servers and their excess
capacity which they let you buy.

The PROBLEM is that when you visit their site, or
try to figure out how it all works, it's one of the
most confusing puzzles that I've ever seen...

Until now :-)

The teaching staff of The Internet Training Lab has
just written an excellent ebook entitled

"How to Use to Store Your
Multimedia Files"

and it's very, very detailed, with lots of
screenshots, price comparisions, etc. It's very
well-written, with easy to understand step-by-step

You can get a copy here:

The ebook does cost $7, but is easly worth $47.

It's sold $7 secrets-style where after you purchases
you are told how to register as an affiliate and earn
100% commissions... deposited instantly to your
Paypal account.

Take a few minutes and check it out... and tell your
friends about it.

You could save them a lot of money :-)

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May 29, 2008

Want To Be A Niche MySpace or Facebook?

You can discover how to set up your own membership community
using software that is freely available. If you can follow
along with a video that shows you step by step how to set up
your community.

Check it out, you can even see the live site we created while
we did this video series.

It's called How To Build Community Sites Videos, and it will
have you creating your own community in no time at all. The
videos are easy to follow along with, and you can access them
over and over.

Just head on over to see what I mean:

Grab this before the price goes up.

To your success,


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May 28, 2008

If You're Drowing In Debt - Here's Help...

Today I bring you something different. It's hope from one
of your fellow subscribers...

Message from AnneMarie to everyone suffering from their debts

I know what you're going through because I have been there too
and believe me, it is OK. You ARE going to be fine because
there are so many fantastic opportunities waiting for you to
turn your life around.

I know you're worried sick about your debts, paying your
mortgage and feeding your family.

You're probably not even sleeping properly.

In fact, I'm pretty sure you're waking up in the middle of the
night, lying there in the darkness with feeling of despair and
panic of how you are going to get through this period in your

Believe me, I have been where you are. I have stood in your
shoes and I know exactly what you are going through.

Even though it happened to me in the last recession, I can still
feel the pain.

But the pain I feel now is from knowing that you are going
through the sheer desperation I went through when, today, you
definitely do not have to suffer like that.

If I was going through all again today ... what a difference my
life would be because I know that within a few short weeks I
would be in a position to take control of my debts. My life
would be turning around for the better and entirely because of
the knowledge I've gained from working online.

Sadly many people have been so very desperate, that they have
even taken their own lives.

How sad is that? It is so, so painful to think about!

Well, enough is enough!

I KNOW there is a way for everyone, no matter what their age, to

generate more money into their lives and I honestly believe that
each and every person reading this has an opportunity staring
them right in the face.

If I could shout it from the roof tops and people would take
notice, I really would, because I feel so strongly that nobody
needs to be worrying about debt problems if they would just
read this ebook and take action.

Grab it now and trust me! My email is in the ebook, so that you
will have someone to contact for any questions related to 'Turn
Your Debts Into A Fantastic New Life'.

It has taken me months and months of intensive work to put this
eBook together and I have gone without sleep, gone without going
out with my friends and doing almost nothing else other than
getting this readyfor you.

The price is set so that everyone can afford it easily.

What have you got to lose?

My sincerest wish to you for debt freedom.


PS. Please pass this email on to anyone you know who is
suffering because of being in debt.

P.P.S click the link and a minute reading the information here

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"247 Tips, Tricks Techniques To Help You Save Gas, Pay Less For Fuel And Get More Miles Per Gallon 24/7!"

247 Advanced Gas Saving Tips

Check this out!

It's a gas saving website that's all about
'coming together to create a brighter future'.

Most of these gas saving tips are new,
advanced tips that you don't hear about
and that many people/industries don't
want you to know about!

Go, check it out and seriously consider
the $7 investment for all 247 tips.

...Not only can you easily save this $7
on every tank of gas you buy, these tips
also help eliminate traffic congestion,
accidents and even fatalities, which
means that we all save even more gas,
time and money.

Here's to a brighter future,


P.S. After you check out this product, you
can earn 100% instant commissions just by
helping to spread the word!

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May 27, 2008

Secrets Of The Clickbank Millionaires - A Must Read Ebook

This simple ebook shares some stuff that many Clickbank
affiliates and merchants really would prefer that you NOT

Secrets Of The Clickbank Millionaires.

I priced it at only $5, and THEN set up an affiliate
program using Rapid Action Profits where you can signup
up as an affiliate and get paid 100% instant commissions
when you tell others about the ebook.

After you read it, you WILL want to tell your friends and
subscribers about it!

Click here to grab your copy!.


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How To Leverage Your List to Grow It Even Faster

How To Leverage Your List to Grow It Even Faster
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

People are peculiar creatures... more alike in our thoughts
and behavior than we like to admit. One thing that is true
of most people, regardless of culture, and unique
circumstances is that they like to know something that other
people want to know.

We also like to share that information.

It makes us look and feel smarter :-)

It allows us to appear to have inside information and we like
that. Not only do we like to share information, we like to
steer our friends and family in the right direction.

People share all kinds of information. They tell their neighbors
which exterminator to use and which one does a shoddy job. They
recommend the talented barber or hair stylist.

The same traits are common among your subscribers. They consider
you a trusted expert, and a great source of products or services,
or they wouldn’t stay on your opt-in list.

You need to find ways to take advantage of this human need to
know what-is-what and the instinct to share useful information.
Most people will share information willingly and without much
incentive from you. However, providing a little incentive
usually doesn't hurt.

Your first step is to convince your opt-in list subscribers
that they really do have the inside track for success by
being members of your list. There are about a million ways to
tell people that they are smart and that by being members of
your opt-in list proves it. Never miss the opportunity to share
that compliment.

Your next step is to get these smart subscribers to share your
great ezine with their family and friends thus building your

The easiest and simplest thing that you can do is to...
ask them.

Ask them to pass along copies of your ezine or autoresponder
messages, and include a link to your subscribe url at the
bottom of each issue. That way, those who read "pass-along
copies," and enjoy them, will know how to get more :-)

You can also Offer incentives for referring new subscribers.
I actually PAY my existing subscribers (on some lists) for
referring others.

You can offer cash payments for new referrals, having them send
the referrals to get something like a value-packed free report.
Use an affiliate tracking system such as
to automatically track referral commissions and then once a month,
pay those commissions.

If you want the paid referral system to be totally hands-free,
set it up as an affiliate program using a script like Rapid
Action Profits
. With Rapid Action Profits, they would use a
referral link to sell an inexpensive report, and when a
referral gets the report they pay the referrer directly. The
token fee for the report, is deposited directly to the
referrer's Paypal account.

This is a very powerful way of using subscribers or customers
to build a list of paying customers. Many people treasure a
list built this way more because it's a list of PROVEN

If you are not familiar with RAP, you can check it out at:

You can see how I implemented using RAP with an ebook that
I wrote called "Secrets Of The Clickbank Millionaires." I
let my subscribers sell the ebook for $5 (a real bargain
for their friends) but the payment goes directly to them,
and it's paid INSTANTLY. Since they don't have to wait for
Payments, it's a very powerful incentive for those with
cashflow problems.

You can see how I've implemented using "Secrets Of The Clickbank
" to incentivize subscribers to make referrals at:

Another powerful way to get your existing subscribers, and even
just random website visitors, to make referrals is to use a
tell-a-friend script on your site.

Perhaps, tell your list that referring your ezine to 4-6
people will earn them a free gift, and set the form to forward
them to that download once they’ve completed and submitted the
form. Don’t base it on the number of people who actually sign
up, but rather on them referring your list to their friends.
Many of their referrals won’t sign up, and you need to avoid
creating frustration in existing readers who are trying to
help you build your list.

You can find good tell-a-friend scripts in many places. The
Rapid Action Profits script mentioned earlier even has a
tell-a-friend script built in that allows customers and
subscribers to make referrals right from your download pages.

I've just given you a few quick and easy ways to leverage your
existing list to grow your opt-in list even faster. The leverage
comes from you simply getting existing subscribers to
recommend you to their contacts. You can do this with or
without offering an incentive.

Simple isn't it :-)


Willie Crawford is an Internet marketer with over 11 years
of experience at generating record-breaking sales and massive
email lists using viral marketing techniques. Rebrandable
created using Viral Document Toolkit are a favorite
tool! See the demo video at:

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May 26, 2008

A Warrior Special Offer For You To Check Out...

Don't miss this WSO:

It gets you into the affiliate program ahead of
everyone else too.


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May 25, 2008

A Nice, Clean, Short, Hype-Free Salesletter For You To Model

Check out this webpage (direct response sales letter)
by my friend Sid Hale.

It opens with a tremendous benefit, provides proof
and then closes.

It's proof positive that you don't necessarily need
long, hype-filled sales letters.

I know that this sales letter is VERY effective, so
you may even want to add this one to your swipe files ;-)

Checkout: Rapid Action Profits Sales Letter.


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An Articles Marketing WSO For You To Check Out

One of my friends, Paul Schmitt, is an expert at
Article Marketing. He consistently gets great
results and has a Warrior Special Offer running
right now that I recommend that you check out.

Here's part of a note from Paul to me:

Right now for just a couple of days I am running a very Special offer to
Warrior Members, a special discount on the ArticleStars SuperNova Secrets.
These videos contain my most powerful techniques and you will not find
these techniques anywhere else on the internet. These are the same
techniques I developed to get over 95,000+ views and earn over $12,000 for
just one article.

This offer is listed on the Warrior Forum in the Special Offers Section of
the forum and you don’t even have to register to view the Special Offer
Post or to get the Special Offer (WSO). The doors will be closing soon on
these videos.

This offer will not last very long. Even if you don’t choose to get the
offer I strongly recommend using the Warrior Forum as a great resource for
internet marketing knowledge.

Here is the link to the Warrior Forum Post were you can see some examples.

This will never be offered again for this price.


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May 24, 2008

Using Rebrandable Ebooks to Build Your Opt-In List

Using Rebrandable Ebooks to Build Your Opt-In List
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

Webmasters and ezine publishers scramble daily to find fresh
content on hot topics for their websites and ezines. They want
to give, or sell, this information to their insatiable

Knowledge grows exponentially, and there is a huge demand
for the latest of that knowledge to be summarized into
digestible pieces. Ebooks are a great way to distribute
that information while creating a list-building virus.

Ebooks are big with website owners and ezine publishers.
They have a much higher perceived value that just articles
although ebook are often little more than collections of

If you have the ability to write ebooks yourself, that’s

If you don’t have the ability to write ebooks yourself, you can
still join the fun. You can get private label rights (PLR)
ebooks which you can claim authorship of and use those, or you
can pay a ghostwriter to write one for you fairly inexpensively.

If you use PLR ebooks, it's advisable to make sure that
the information is accurate, and you probably also want
to edit them to match your writing style.

You can submit these ebooks to ebook directors and
preauthorize webmasters and ezine publisher to download
and redistribute them at no charge. Many websites even have
discussion boards where you can list your free ebooks.

You are probably wondering "How exactly is giving away
ebooks going to build my list?”

The answer to that question is simple.

A quality ebook on a hot topic with your website url in the
footer of every page is a viral mobile billboard. It can
spread clickable links pointing back to your sites all
over cyberspace.

In the “about the author” section of your ebook, you have “a
blank check” to tell about all of your relevant accomplishments,
and naturally you tell them how to learn more about those
accomplishments. You list urls that you want readers to visit.

If you really want others to pass your ebooks around, let
them personalize some parts of them, perhaps changing some
links to affiliate links that pay a commission, or maybe
just changing a link on the cover that says "A Gift From..."
with a rebrandable url.

There is software like Viral Document Toolkit that lets you
take any document written in Microsoft Word and save it as
a rebrandable ebook. Using VDT, you can designate links,
or even huge blocks of text as rebrandable (changeable).

Upload your rebrandable ebooks to ebook directories, and
now you'll get even more downloads because when people
pass those ebooks along they not only pass along great
information, but they now have the possibility of even
earning a referral commission "just for being nice." You’ve
“incentivized” them!

Every person who visits the websites of other website owners
that offer your ebook will have the opportunity to download
it, and if you use these little twists, they'll also want to
join your list.

Inside your ebook offer an extra related bonus that they
have to visit your website to register for and download.
Or point out that the information in your ebook does change
from time to time, and encourage them to register on your
site to receive free updated versions of the ebook. If they
are really interested in the topic, they WILL register.

Here's one final way to get them to join your list after
downloading your ebook. Create an audio version of the
ebook, and offer that audio for free, but ONLY allow it
to be downloaded from your website after the opt-in.

Creating an audio ebook is as simple as calling into a
service such as AudioAcrobat, or one of the free bridgeline
providers, and reading your ebook out loud. Since most
bridgeline providers charge hefty fees for each recording
that you do, I prefer using Audio Acrobat, where I pay
less than $20 per month and can do unlimited recordings.
AudioAcrobat is at:

Create an ebook this is on a hot topic, accurate, and
full of useful information, make parts of it rebrandable,
and then turn it loose to go out and round up thousands of
subscribers for you. It's really is that easy!


Willie Crawford is an Internet marketer with over 11 years
of experience at generating record-breaking sales and massive
email lists using viral marketing techniques. Rebrandable
ebooks created using Viral Document Toolkit are a favorite
tool! See the demo video at:

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Skinny People Make Me Look Fat... Or Vice-Versa

In a recent newsletter, I mentioned my friend, David
Preston, who does consulting with local businesses.

Here's a photo of David and I after just finishing
a nice meal at the Louisiana Lagnappe restaurant in
Destin, Florida. Apparently, David ate less than I
did :-)


David teaches local businesses how to use the Internet
marketing tools that you and I use everyday (and take
for granted), and they pay him THOUSANDS for his advice.

The amazing thing is that the government advertises,
finds interested local business people, and sets up
appointments for David... and doesn't charge him a penny!

David has written exactly how he does this in a short,
easy-to-understand report that you'll find here:

Check it out now Willie, or don't be upset when
your competitors beat you to the punch :-)


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May 22, 2008

How To Build A List Using Free Giveaways If You Have No List To QUALIFY As A Contributor!

Todd Gross is a part of Reed Floren's "IM Giveway."

In this free giveaway, I, and numerous others are
building our lists by giving away free gifts.

Todd noticed that many people with NO list feel
completely shut out of these giveaways, so he laid
out a "loophole" to getting accepted in these free

That is... Todd tells you how to get into one of
those free giveaway (as a contributor), build your
list, and at the same time actually pull your weight.

You see, in many of those free giveaways, you have to
show results, or your gift will be removed from the
listings. If you don't make referrals, you'll be
ineligible to use the giveaway to grow your list.

Todd's FREE MP3 audio, telling you HOW to qualify as
a contributor, and build your list from these free
giveaways, even if you have ZERO subscribers... is
his freebie in The IM Giveway.

You can get Todd's free MP3 here:


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2 hours until StomperNet opens up

In 2 hours, StomperNet Opens - at 3pm Eastern today.

Andy Jenkins is heads down getting ready for the launch, but he
wanted to share some interesting stats with you and THANK YOU
for your interest in Going Natural 3.

Straight from Andy:

FACT: The Original StomperNet launch analytics tracked 465,000
page views to the original Going Natural 1.0 campaign.

According to our Google Analytics, GoingNatural 3 is at 822,000
page views - and climbing.

Before we open, I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it
was to release these videos and get your incredible feedback.
Moving the Free Line is what we do, and we are so pleased that
you put the information in the GoingNatural 3.0 Videos and
StomperSite Seer to use.

Remember, the key to success is to TAKE ACTION, even if you
don't always understand why you're doing it. If the
information is from a trusted source, then it...s worth doing
as fast as possible.

If you haven't seen our Fast Action Bonuses, take a peek at
them here:


This is the location of our Online Brochure and Order page:


I wish you the very best of luck in your future endeavors, and
the best of luck if you're competing for a Fast Action Bonus
when you join StomperNet!


Andy Jenkins

P.S. Our countdown timer has been squished by the traffic load
and it...s not honoring actual time ‘til Cart Open - just
remember, 3pm EASTERN TODAY.

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"Traffic Mom" The Fast, Cheaper, Easier To Use Video Submission Service

Internet Marketing Inner Circle Member Cyndi Parker
has just unleashed Traffic Mom.


She has designed an system that she says is easier
to use, cheaper, and better than ANYTHING out there.

You're also allowed UNLIMITED VIDEO SUBMISSIONS with
Traffic Mom.

Why not click here and take it for a free test-drive


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$64 an hour by the end of the week?

I want you to imagine what it would be like if you could
write an article in seven minutes.

Did you know most ghost writers charge $5-8 per article?
If it only took you 7 minutes per article, you could write
8 articles in an hour. You could make up to $64 an hour!

Heck, that's just the beginning. If you have your own websites,
you can make a lot more than that. Article marketing is the
most predictable, cheapest and simplest method to bring traffic
to your site.

It takes most people 45 minutes to write an article. Just
imagine the advantage you could have if you could write
7 times faster than them!

Well, I just discovered someone who claims to be able to teach
just about anybody to write an article in 7 minutes. Not only
that, he has some funny mind trick stuff he does that also
allows you to be able to write for hours straight – and
actually enjoy it.

Do you think it's all hype? I did. That was until I heard all
of the success stories. Literally, one after another poured in,
claimingthat this product was like the second coming of Christ.

See for yourself – click on the link below and learn more about
his methods, and read what other people are saying about it. I
have no doubt that anybody should, after using his methods, be
able to make at least $40 an hour.

Check it out at:


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May 20, 2008

A How To Ebook On Social Marketing... I Wrote The Forward :-)

I just finished rereading Skye Mangrum's
new book called "Social Marketing" and
thought I'd drop you a line to let you
know about it. But first...

You can find it here:


It's one of the best books I've ever read
on exactly how to start pulling in new leads
and customers for whatever you sell, today.

That's right. Using Skye's killer social
marketing methods you can start seeing traffic
pounding your site in as little as 24 hours!

She sent an early review copy to me, and I
liked it so much I wrote the foreword for the

Check it out:

I highly recommend you pick up and read
this book immediately. Print it out and
use it as a desk reference for whenever
you need a flood of social media traffic!

To your success,
Willie Crawford

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May 17, 2008

Did You Grab Your Free Gifts Yet?

Just a quick reminder: did you get the Massive
Giveaway yet?

How would you like to get tons of resouces that you'd
normally spend thousands of dollars on?

All at no cost to you?

Simply join the internet's most MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

Nothing to pay, just a way of saying "Thank You!" for
being my subscriber.

Remember, we only have a few days left.

After that it's gone forever. Here you go:


Willie Crawford

P.S. - I'm sure you must be asking asking yourself
"What's the catch?"

There's NONE. You simply enter your name and email,
and you will be given instant access to TONS of
goodies at no cost whatsoever.

Talk about an internet boom... :)

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May 15, 2008

How To Set Up A $5000 Per Month Residual Income Stream In As Little As 20 - 30 Minutes!

I was on the phone yesterday talking with my good friend
Thea Swafford. I called her... catching up since we hadn't
talked in a while, and to let her know about the seminar
that I'm co-hosting with Frank Garon June 28th -29th


Thea Swafford - Membership Site Genius!

We got on the topic of all of the new product launches, then
forced continuity, and then membership sites.

She made the curious comment that many of today's "gurus"
are doing it the hard way... and shared with me how to set
up simple membership sites in under a day... that can earn
you $5000 - $10,000 residual income.... per month!

Then she pointed out that she had already shared her system
with me in the ebook that she helped to write "20 Ways To
Make $100 Per Day Online

Somewhat embarrassed that I didn't remember reading that
in her chapter, I dusted off my copy, and low and behold,
there it was... her plan of setting up very simple membership
sites... that required practically no work, and that can
easily earn you $5000 - $10,000 in residual income per

It's right on pages 207 - 212. It's amazingly simple, and
Thea even told me exactly which niche to apply her model to
in my business during our phone call.

She was right... most of today's instant gurus are doing
things the HARD way!

Check our Thea's simple membership site formula today
in "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online." Get your copy at:

I owe Thea a steak the next time that I see her :-)

Admittedly, it will take most people a little longer than
it did Thea to set up her membership site, but even if it
took you a few days... and you only had to do it once,
and then the money rolled in month-after-month... I still
think that's a good deal!


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TONS Of Free Stuff - Starts at 9am CST - Friday May 16th

At 9am CST, Friday, May 16th, my friend Reed
Floren will release the internet's most massive
giveaway EVER:

Simply sign up and get the scoop.

-tons of ebooks
-tons of scripts
-tons of everything you've ever wanted

Where did all these goodies come from?

I teamed up with Reed Floren who has
called in some favors from a whole BUNCH of top
online marketers and convinced them all to give
you TONS of Products at no cost to you.

It is our way of saying "thank you"!

These products are worth thousands and thousands of dollars
and have already made the owners thousands and thousands
of dollars.

Go get it now!

Download these goodies but before you do COMMIT
to actually using them!


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Yanik Silver's CRAZY "Trade-In" Sale

Yanik is running a cool new promo on 2 of
his BEST selling products that are BOTH in
my personal library.

Both of these are complete courses (CD's,
DVD's, Manuals, Quickstart Guides, etc.).

I DO refer to both of these course constantly :-)

The promo lasts for 1 week only, and lets
you "trade-in" your old marketing materials
and get up to $750 off!

Those products are
"Yanik Silver's Ultimate At-Home Internet
Copywriting Workshop:


"Yanik Silver’s Ultimate A-to-Z Information Marketing

Check it out now. Your "trade-in" is
suddenly worth a lot more than you thought.


It will be interesting to see how soon other
marketers copy this idea :-)

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Jason James lives like a slob!

It’s true.

Jason’s house is absolutely disgusting
right now.

In fact, his desk is a FRIDGE.

Alright, I’ll be fair - it’s not entirely his

He just made a massive move from
Virginia Beach to Massachusetts, and
hit quite a few roadblocks along the

In fact, he had so many obstacles that
he was out of work for WEEKS.

But hey, his loss is your gain - because
to make up for all his lost wages, he’s
throwing a MASSIVE firesale.

He’s giving away every single product
he’s ever made…. plus some of his
closest friend’s products… for LESS
PRICE of ONE of his products.

Click here to get in now.

Help Jason and get an incredible deal ;-)

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May 14, 2008

20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online

You have read this ebook haven't you?

I helped to write the ebook, along with
17 other authors, and I continue to learn
from it each time that I read it. Today,
I re-learned one of the BIG secrets to
residual income. That secret is from the
chapter in the ebook by my friend Thea

Check out this amazing ebook today at:

By the way, the customer-only affiliate
program pays 100% commission ;-)


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Do the spiders see you?

Andy and the StomperNet crew have released another video, and
they want to make the same kind of waves in ORGANIC SEO that
they did for PPC last time.

Their new video is called "Going Natural 3.0: Episode 2 -
Stomper Site Seer"

StomperNet faculty members Jerry West and Howie Schwartz talk
us through a demo of the new "Stomper Site Seer" web-based SEO
intelligence tool.

You give "Site Seer" your URL and it will instantly extract and
display all of the features of your site that the search
engines use to rank you.

When you see all of these factors at once, you will INSTANTLY
spot patterns and gaps in your on-page SEO, ESPECIALLY if
you've uncovered some previously hidden "wallet out" keywords
with your PPC testing.

You'll know EXACTLY what parts of your site you will need to
tweak and adjust to start getting ORGANIC results for the
keywords YOU want.

Not only that, but "Site Seer" will actually show you how well
you're doing with your off-page link building.

If you use "Site Seer", you'll know when you're giving the
search engines the wrong message, and you'll know exactly what
to change to start giving the search engines what they want.

And when you do that, they start giving you what YOU want:

Through the insight "Site Seer" provides, you can TAKE CONTROL
of your site's ranking in a way you never have before.


The "Site Seer" video contains very important information about
the release date, availability, and pricing of the software. I
don't want to spoil the surprise in the video, but here's a BIG
HINT: It will be released VERY SOON. It will be available TO

I can't say! I'm sworn to secrecy. You'll have to watch the
video to find out.

Plus, there's a killer bonus too! Dan Thies is back again,
this time with the "Keyword Strategies" video, where he reveals
his own personal methods and insights into keyword research,
honed over YEARS in the SEO industry as a top consultant!

All you have to do is drop your name and email into the
subscriber box and get access to that cool bonus.

Talk again soon,

P.S. Don't miss this opportunity - the people using the
"Adwords Triangulation Method" from the last video are doubling
clickthroughs, and in some cases, getting up to 4x conversion!
This stuff REALLY works and it's f'ree to check out!

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My Secret To More JV's, More Sales, And More Online Success...

I just finished writing an 8-page PDF that I think you
will find very useful.

In-fact,it WILL change the way that you do a lot of things

You can grab your complimentary copy here:

The report has the very long title of

"The Simple 'Secret Weapon'That I Use To Recruit
More Joint Venture Partners, Work With More Gurus,
And Sell More Affiliate Products Than Most Internet
Marketers Consider A Reasonable Expectation!"

Yes, that's a mouthful... and it's only 8 pages :-)
Get it here:

While you're at it, also don't miss the BEST course
ever created on how to craft email and autoresponder
messages that:

- Get Opened
- Get Read
- Get Clicked

That's free too. It's in video format.

This gift is from the same guy who writes emails
for Jeff Walker, Rich Schefren, Alex Mandossian,
and some of my other friends. He knows his stuff,
and watching his video is time WELL SPENT!

Check out that free video here:


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May 13, 2008

The Impact Factor - Reaching Millions Of People!

Want to reach millions of people?

If you want to cut through the clutter and reach your ideal
target audience, so you can get your ideas, products and
services in front of millions, then I have some great news
for you!

You see, Ken McArthur has just published a book that is perfect
for people who are on a mission to reach the masses.

Even better ...

Ken is handing out thousands of dollars worth of bonuses and
even zero cost tickets to live events to people who order his
book, but even if you DON'T want Ken's book, you can still make
out like a bandit and invest NOTHING.

Ken is handing out some amazing tips and resources, with audios
and videos from some impact building experts which you can
download INSTANTLY right now.

Small Business Owners, Authors, Speakers, CEOs, and champions
of worthy non-profit organizations need to be successful. But
what do all these people have in common?

Right! They all need to reach an large audience.

David Shenk, in his book "Data Smog: Surviving the Information
Glut," states that in 1971 we were exposed to an average of 560
advertising messages per day. By 1997 that number had grown to
over 3,000.

Today conservative estimates put it at over ten thousand!

That's each and every day!

Think about it: Every time you flip through a newspaper or
magazine, you encounter hundreds of ads. Add to that everything
from TV and radio ads to product placements, billboards, direct
mail and postcards, ads on the Internet from every direction
(an hour of surfing on the web can easily yield more than a
thousand ads), ads on the sides of trucks, vans, signs hung on
telephone poles, telemarketing ads, door-to-door salesman, the
list goes on.

You can easily see how they add up quickly!

Everywhere we turn we're being bombarded with ads from any and
every direction.

And that's a BIG problem.

It's one of the reasons why businesses that always found it
easy to turn a profit are starting to see their customer base
dry up.

They're finding it increasingly difficult to maintain
their growth, even seeing income they once took for granted
shrivel up and die.

And forget it if you're a newcomer to the entrepreneurial

The odds are stacked higher against you than they ever were in
the history of mankind!

But more importantly, you need to cut through all that clutter
out there and get your message delivered, and more importantly
acted on!

Ken McArthur, just spent a solid year researching and mastering
the problem of how to get your ideas, products and services
noticed, and make sure that people spread your message to the
masses so that you can have a personal impact in a world that
doesn't always want to pay attention.

Ken shares exactly what he discovered in his new book, Impact:
How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a
Noisy World.

Ken surveyed THOUSANDS of people to set up his system through
the MBS Internet Research Center, so you know this is GOOD.

Grab thousands of dollars worth of bonuses and even zero
cost tickets, plus amazing tips and resources, with audios
and videos from some impact building experts which you can
download INSTANTLY right now.

To your unstoppable success!

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May 12, 2008

Huge Discount On Internet Marketing SuperConference In Las Vegas!

I will be speaking at the 10th Anniversary of the Internet
Marketing SuperConference in Las Vegas, June 19-22 and I'd
like you to join me there.

This will be the first one that I've spoken at even though
I've known Carl for 7 years. This one struck me as one that
it was important to be at!

That's why I've worked out a special deal for you.

Until midnight on Thursday, MAY 15 you can join me at the
conference for 2/3rds OFF.

Here's where you can register for less than one third the
normal price:

I've negotiated this special price just for my loyal
followers as a way of saying THANK YOU to all those who have
supported me and my business.

And now I want to support you by seeing that you get the
latest secrets on Internet marketing.

This is the longest running Internet marketing conference in
the world and you are sure to get the best insider
information to help you catapult your business into the
stratosphere. And you get to save a lot of money to boot.

Here's where you get the special deal:

Join Me At The Conference for 2/3rds OFF
and Get These Valuable Bonuses:
If the 2/3rds discount isn't enough to get you to go to this
groundbreaking seminar, these free gifts will surely do the

* Bonus 1: The complete set of Video Recordings of the
conference on DVDs. You'll want these to review important
parts that you want to fully integrate or perhaps didn't
fully get the first time. These normally sell for $997.00
extra but will be included for free with this special deal.

* Bonus 2: The complete set of Audio Recordings of the
conference on CDROMs. This is so you can listen to the
seminar in your car, on your IPOD/Mp3 player and/or on your
computer. Normally, these are an extra $595.00 for the
complete set for all four days.

* Bonus 3: The Resale Rights to the complete set of Pre-
Conference TeleSeminars. These are recordings of the
valuable content-driven teleseminars that are done prior to
the conference and that are valued at $97.00 each. You will
be able to sell them and keep 100% of the profits.

* Bonus 4: Pay-Per-Click Credits. You'll get valuable
credits with some of the top Pay-Per-Click Search Engines.
We're constantly adding to this so the full value is not yet
fixed but will be going up as the conference approaches.

* Bonus 5: 400+ Private Label Rights Products. These are
products you can put your name on and call your own, change,
add to, etc. The value of this collection is into the
thousands and you'll get the entire set for free, if you act
before the deadline.


That's quite a lot of goodies...and you'll get them all for
FREE when you register for the conference at 2/3rds OFF.

Go here right now and get registered before all the seats
are gone!

See You in Las Vegas,
Willie Crawford

P.S. This special 2/3rds off sale ends at midnight on
Thursday, May 15. If you'd like to join me at one of the
best conferences of the year and save $1000.00, then go here
and register

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How To Get More Of Your Email Opened, Read And Clicked On :-)

If you've been an internet marketer for any length of
time, then you know the importance of having great
email copy...

Because emails are your main connection to your
prospects and customers...and if your copy isn't up to
snuff, then your messages will either be instantly
deleted or worse--you'll be unsubscribed.

I've looked a long time for a comprehensive course on
email writing that would show me, step-by-step, how to
craft a killer email that gets opened, gets read, and
gets click-thrus. And I've finally found it.

And best of all, it's FREE.

This 4-part video series is from Jay White, the behind-
the-scenes copywriter the gurus turn to when they need
emails that build strong relationships and drive a
flood of click-thrus.

Top-level marketers like Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker,
Alex Mandossian, Stephen Pierce, and many more have Jay
on speed-dial. Because his emails get the job done--
plain and simple.

And now, Jay is sharing his email writing secrets with
you. And it won't cost you a penny.

If you're looking to bump up the level of your email
copy and inject rocket fuel into your conversion rates,
then DO NOT miss this opportunity to learn from one of
the best in the business.

I know I have!

Until next time,


P.S. I met Jay and his wife earlier this year at Ross
Goldberg's event in Vegas. We had a chance to sit and
talk shop for a while.

Jay's story is truly remarkable--he actually came up
through the copywriting ranks as a catalog guy, writing
short, hard-hitting copy for some the biggest
catalogers in the world.

That's why his emails make such an impact--because he's
highly trained in the art of getting the message across
in just a few lines.

And in these 4 videos, he's going to hand you a simple
"copy and paste" formula you can easy apply to your
emails today--at no charge.

What do you have to lose?

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May 09, 2008

Do Something Nice Today - Help Dr. Mani Out On His Impact Factor Challenge - It Won't Cost You Anything :-)

Little things make a big difference.

Please join this simple challenge where
all that you're really asked to do is
do something nice for others each day.

Let's help this really take off!

Get full details and help out at Dr. Mani's

Thank you,

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Take A Deep Breath And...

Finally - It's Friday. I don't know how your week has been
but mine has been hectic, and I'm ready for a day or two off.

During this week, I've:

- Reconstructed 2 websites that completely DISAPPEARED from
my web host's server. Since the host that I used for that
dedicated server wouldn't respond to support tickets or
return my phone calls, I simply reconstructed the domains
on a different host, and then re-pointed those urls to the
new host. Now, I have to decide what to do about the other
48 domains still at that host... many of which are
experiencing problems :-(

- Did 8 recorded interviews... only one of which I forgot
about until the HOST of the interview called to remind me.

Those interviews were on the radio, or part of various
info products that will start showing up in a few weeks.

- Decided to get back in shape. So I joined an online
fitness site. The site is run by certified fitness experts
who also run online businesses. I get personalized long
distance coaching from experts who also understand
computer geeks.

My goal is to drop "a few" pounds, tone up a LOT, and
eventually get back into competitive running and maybe even
karate competitions. I used to enjoy both immensely.

Here's the site that I joined, and I'd love to have you
join us too.

I plan on blogging about parts of my journey back to
fitness. If you're like me, and spend too much time in
front of the computer, you've not kept fit. That's not
good for your health, and you need to do something about

- I did 6 telephone consultations with clients... ranging
from 15 minutes for a quick question, to 1 hour strategy
sessions. Most of those calls were with seasoned marketers
but 2 were with beginners who had NO idea what niche they
wanted to go into. They'd just heard that "you could make
zillions online while you sleep."

For those who had no idea what they wanted to do, and for
several others than I communicated with via Skype, I had
them read, "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online."

One of my mentors, long ago, told me that many people who
start home-based businesses just need to get over the
hurdle of earning a few thousand dollars per month FIRST.
That's what "20 Ways" shows you how to do very nicely.

If you haven't read this ebook, I ask you to get a copy
now, and read it today and tomorrow. You'll be glad that
you did. You can also read it completely risk free :-)

Get a copy, read it, and then if you don't like it, just
contact me at:
and I'll personally refund 100% of what you paid for this
amazing ebook. Get a copy at

- I looked over roughly $20,000 worth of info products
that people sent me review copies of via mail, UPS,
FedEx and digital access. These were all people looking
for help in promoting their products.

As you might imagine, I've only been able to really look
examine a tiny fraction of this "stuff." It's stacked
"ankle-deep" on my office floor :-)

As you can see, I had a fairly full week. I only shared
a fraction of it with you. If I were prone to overwhelm,
I'd certainly feel it by now.

I don't feel overwhelmed because I periodically give
myself permission to take a break. For me, that break is
generally just quiet time at the beach. There's something
about watching the waves, the sea birds, and children
flying kites, that's rejuvenating.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, maybe you need a break too.

If you're like me, you DEFINITELY need to get more exercise
and to get back in shape.

Why note take a day or two off to rejuvenate. The Internet
will still be here when you get back :-)

If you're a workaholic like me, to avoid feeling guilty
for just sitting on the beach, print out a copy of
"20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online" and take that with
you. Read it at your own pace... it's light reading. Grab
a copy now at:


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May 08, 2008

Make $1,500 Today...No Money Down

One of my all-time favorite reports... that
has made me a small fortune :-)

Check out:


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They're Lying To You And You Should Be Very Upset!

I've noticed a VERY disturbing trend lately that I think
you should be aware of. Not noticing it will cause
you to waste a lot of time, energy, and other resources.

What I'm rating about is "experts" that you listen to
for guidance whom I honestly believe deliberately give
you false information.

This email may make a few enemies, but I feel that it's
something that HAS to be said. In fact, I've even posted
similar notes on some VERY popular internet marketing
discussion forums. "The powers that be" may be pressured
into deleting them, but we'll see.

The problem is that less experienced marketers base
what and how they market on the advice of those that
they THINK are doing very well.

They also gauge how well they're doing by comparing their
results with the results that the experts share.

One of the most disturbing trends, the one that actually
sent me off on a crusade, is the fact that many "experts"
are telling people that they are getting astronomical
conversion rates when they send traffic to a webpage.

I've used a variety of methods to send millions of unique
visitors to some webpages written by copywriters who
charged tens of THOUSANDS of dollars to write those
sales pages, and I've NOT seen conversion rates like I
frequently see tossed around on discussion forums.

I feel that it's my duty to help you set reasonable
expectations, based upon typical results that those who
DO know what they are doing... get.

I'll share with you that targeted traffic, sent to very
well-written webpages, has converted as rate ranging from
above 20% to as low as .5%.

Seasoned copywriters often tell me that when they write
a webpage that converts at 2-3%, they're ecstatic!

This does NOT mean that you should settle for low conversion
rates. It means that you need to test, track, and then
do little things in your marketing that continuously
increase your conversion rates.

Those things include targeting the correct keywords.

Did you know that 80% of the keywords used by the trained,
seasoned experts, DON'T convert?

The most successful ones are successful BECAUSE they
test and track everything. So, they identify which keywords
aren't working for them, and then they focus on the winners.

Part of the problem though "seems to be" that many of the
experts are afraid to tell you the truth. They handle you
with "kids gloves" because they're afraid that if they
tell you bad news, you won't buy from them.

They seem to mistakenly think that you can't handle the
truth... that they have to paint a picture of everything
that they do producing incredible results.

Enough of the bad news though :-)

When I was in the military, my bosses taught me to NEVER
bring them bad news without also offering a workable

If you are an affiliate marketer in particular, you've
long been at a real disadvantage when promoting someone
else's product, because almost none of the big affiliate
networks provide any keyword tracking data for you to
KNOW which keywords (or pay per click campaigns) are the ones
that are really paying off for you.

I mention pay per clicks because unless you have a HUGE
database, PPC's are often the easiest, fastest, most
cost-effective way for many affiliate marketers to generate

Sadly, most people trying their hand at affiliate marketing
eventually give up - a lack of tracking and conversion
information makes it impossible for them to turn a profit :-(

Some of the "solutions" that I've seen used in the past were
a real train wreck. Either they used questionable tricks to
"get around" the problem (often breaching the "terms of
service" of major affiliate networks) or they just flat out
didn't work.

I'll get off my soapbox by sharing one solution that does
work... one that most of the fake experts, off spouting
bogus statistics, probably don't even know about...

It's called "Xtreme Conversions," and was created by Amir
Darwish, a friend, and a very talented programmer.

Simply by placing a small piece of code on your landing
page (or redirect page) you're using to promote products,
Xtreme Conversions gives you the data that you need to
make intelligent marketing decisions.

Extreme conversion lets you:

- Find the exact search phrases users types in that are

- Find the exact search phrases that gets users actually
clicking on your ads

- Learn exactly what your target market wants (that's huge,
because the key to success in internet marketing IS as simple
as offering your customers what they want!)

- Identify with laser precision the best negative keywords

- Conclusively confirm which keywords your SEO efforts should
focus on

- Dynamically insert the correct (most profitable) keywords
into your pages

xTreme Conversion works with Google AdWords, Yahoo, MSN and
six other major search engines. As for affiliate networks, it
works with ClickBank, Commission Junction, Linkshare, Amazon,
Azoogle, MaxBounty and any others that enables you to add a
tracking ID to your affiliate link.

When I chatted with Amir, and told him how upset about all
of the mis-information being spread around, he wanted to help
too. We both realize that if you make decisions based upon
bad information, or deliberately spread mis-information, you
don't stand a chance.

So Amir offered to give you $30 off the price of his software,
but only for the next 72 hours.

If you're an affiliate using pay per clicks, or search engine
marketing, you cannot afford NOT use this software!

Here's the link:

Now stop listening to those idiots... trust you instincts
more ;-)


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May 06, 2008

20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online

You have read this amazing ebook haven't you?

If not, grab a copy now, take the phone of the hook,
turn off the television, and absorb this ebook!

I CONTRIBUTED to it, and I've read it 4 times :-)


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Be Careful - Your Business IS At Risk

One of the emails that I received yesterday was from a
friend, and Inner Circle member, Michael Badger. In his
email, Michael issued the same ominous warning that I've
also issued, namely...

That you will see more new product launches in the
Internet marketing niche this month, than at any time
in Internet marketing history.

Michael went on to share a thought that I agree with
100%. That is that all of these launches will be
designed to get you emotionally pumped up, and buying
the product without really thinking it through. Then,
a few days later, you acknowledge that it's not really
going to help you... primarily because, just as with the
last dozen products that you purchased, you won't apply
what they teach.

You read the ebook, or went through the course, and
then continued looking for a largely non-existent, easier

I earn a full-time living marketing my own and affiliate
products. I've earned the majority of my income from
the Internet since 1996.

I'd actually like to make a deal with you...

First of all, I'd like to ask you to ignore 95% of the
things that you see promoted in emails. If you'll do that
I'll help you navigate the minefield, and share with you
what will actually help you to grow a real, long-term,
online business.

As I said, I've been in business online since late-1996.
I have figured out much of the puzzle, and I also have
many friends who've been in business just as long, who've
also figured out the puzzle, and who constantly share
with me what is working best for them.

Reading my posts here allows you to tap into that
experience completely free of charge.

What works anyway?

1) You need a product that the market wants, is willing
to pay for, and you need to offer it to people who can
afford to pay for it! Miss any of those elements and
you're swimming upstream... will soon tire, and then
you'll wash out to sea along with countless other
disappointed aspiring Internet marketers.

2) You need a process that CONVERTS. It does no good
to send prospects to a webpage if they don't take the
action that you want them to take. So you need to test
and track your conversions.

3) You need traffic. Having a website without traffic
is totally USELESS and won't earn you anything.

We'll get into traffic generation in a future post, but
I will recommend that at first you combine #2 and #3 by
diverting traffic from the easiest source to tap into that
I can think of... that's Google AdWords.

I do have to WARN you… if you don't know what you're
doing, using Google AdWords won't do anything for you
except empty your bank account.

Done right, you basically turn on a flow of quality
traffic, and you control how much, how fast, and how
long that traffic flows to your website.

Conversely, done wrong, you pay for a lot of the wrong
traffic, sent to the wrong pages on your website, in
the wrong volume, and it's wasted traffic, wasted time,
and waste funds.

I do recommend that even beginners start with Google
AdWords mainly because it really is the least expensive
traffic that most marketers can tap into, and you can
have that traffic flowing to your site in under an hour.

I also recommend that you START by reading a special
report by Ian Rollinson, a Certified AdWords Expert,
called “AdWords 180.”

Google AdWords Expert Ian Rollinson

The reference to "180" basically points to the fact that
MOST people do AdWords all wrong! Ian shares with you
his proven system that gets you MUCH better results.

At least it got ME much better results :-)

You can get a free report from Ian and learn more about
his system at:

I've been online since before Google, before AdWords,
and before 95% of the sites that are currently most popular
on the internet. YouTube and MySpace were inconceivable
back when I got started.

My point is, I've seen and tested a lot of things. I've
also done a LOT with AdWords. I've even conducted live
extensive teleseminars on using pay-per-clicks. Much of
what I taught a few years ago has CHANGED and I no longer
focus on teaching pay-per-clicks.

The first ebook that I absorbed on the topic was called
"The Definitive Guide To Google AdWords" and then I read
"Google Cash." Both ebooks taught me a lot, but the methods
taught in both were perfect for back then.

AdWords 180 shares methods (an approach to Google AdWords)
that are right for today. AdWords 180 will help you to get
some quick traffic without risking a lot of money or wasting
a lot of time.

Check out Ian site now, and grab his free report:

I'll end our discussion here for today, because another very
REAL DANGER that you face is information overload. All of
those product launches throw new information at you so fast
that you can't possible digest it all, so you can't possibly
benefit from it if you stay in the "collecting and analyzing

Eventually, you do have to shift into the doing mode.

That's it for now :-)

It's an absolutely beautiful day where I'm at. I hope that
it's the same where you're at. If it's not, I'll let you in
on a little secret...

You choose how you perceive your surroundings and circumstances.
So to have a great day, in a beautiful place, all you have to
do is… choose to.

Try it ;-)


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May 05, 2008

When The Gurus Want More Traffic - This Is Who They Call...

If you ever wanted to learn how to get massive amounts of
traffic without Google, or SEO.

Then this will be the most important email you will ever read.
(Im serious)

You see...

For the last 3 years many people have been hounding this one
guy to speak and reveal how he gets more traffic that some of
the biggest fortune 500 companies.

All the top Internet guys have heard of him but nobody has got
him to open up.

Until now...

This guy ran over 5.2 MILLION dollars PER MONTH through his
merchant accounts.

He has run BILLIONS (Yes, that's Billions with a "B") of
impressions through his adservers.

His websites have been ranked by Alexa as some of the highest
traffic websites in the world.

Lets just say he knows how to get MASSIVE AMOUNTS of traffic.

And he does it with out Google, SEO, or any search engines.

You always knew there was more to traffic than just SEO or Adwords.

Last year, he accepted 30 students who each paid $25,000 to learn
how he does it.

Right now his top student is making over 2.2 million a month!

And now, for the first time ever, his traffic tactics are
exposed in this video.

The best part is that you don't need to pay 25k for this,
actually you don't have to pay anything, just click on this
link to download this marketing genius' secrets into your brain.

If you want to make a lot of money online, then watching this
video is not a choice - IT'S A MUST! Think about it... This video gives
you internet marketing coaching from The Master of Mass Traffic,
who people pay 25k to learn from and it won't cost you a dime! Not
watching this video is seriously like refusing thousands of dollars
in cash...

My only advice = GO WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW!!!!


By the way...

One word of caution... business people who have applied his
techniques have reported extreme flooding of sales and many have
had their merchant accounts blow up! So make sure you follow
his advice about stocking your inventory and warning your merchant
accounts BEFORE you apply this stuff.

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May 04, 2008

That Little Twit Rubbed Me Wrong! Read Before NOON CST May 5th, 2008

Over the past three weeks, I've talked with a LOT of people
who are in the middle of product launches, or planning
to launch products soon.

I've been approached by over 400 people in that time
period who wanted me to either promote a product or
help orchestrate a launch.

Sadly, I had to decline 98% of them. There's only one
of me, and I'm at capacity.

I've also talked to a lot of well-known individuals who
have done VERY high-profile launches that flopped
miserably! All of the "buzz" that they managed to create,
gave the impression that they were doing six or seven
figures. The reality was that many didn't break FIVE FIGURES.

I spent a lot of time analyzing why some of these launches
did so poorly... looking for commonalties.

That's part of what led to my subject line. In discussing
one high-profile launch that flopped, many potential JV
partners declined to promote... not because the product
wasn't an excellent product, but because they disliked ONE
person on the launch team who approached them. One very irate
individual did call him "a little twit" :-)

More accurately, they disliked how he approached them...
his whole demeanor. Little things like that can KILL your
launch or joint venture before it even gets started.

I recently spent 2 1/2 hours on brainstorming calls going
over things that people do wrong in setting up joint
ventures. I recorded those calls, and will turn them into
a $97 product as soon as I find the time. Hopefully, I'll
have that done by the end of next week.

In the meantime, I'd like to share the MP3's with you for only
$5. It's a reward for being alert :-)

That's right, you get the MP3 audio from my two calls for
only $5...
but only if you order before NOON CST, Monday, May 5th. At
that time, I'm pulling down the order links, and the next
time that I offer this product, it will be $97. Advisors who
were on those calls told me that it's well worth that much...
and I'm going to listen to them :-)

To grab it now for next to nothing simply visit:

There's nothing on that page but the order link.

After you order, you're redirected to the download page where you
save the MP3's to your computer... and listen to them over and
over again.

If you're planning a product launch any time soon, or are in
the middle of a launch that hemorrhaging... you need this.

As with everything that I offer, it comes with a 100%, no
questions asked, money-back guarantee... but it will NEVER be
offered for less than $97 again. Get it now for only $5 at:


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May 03, 2008

Some Free Videos From A $25,000 Seminar...

Two years ago, at Yanik Silver's Underground Online
Seminar, I met Carlos and Lupe Garcia. They gave
a presentation on how they generate millions of visitors
per month to some of their webpages, and were a BIG hit
at the seminar.

Carlos and Lupe taught something so powerful that
at the end of their presentation, they announced that
they were holding a workshop, and they got a FLOOD of

That's impressive because the workshop cost $25,000
per person!

After the seminar was over, I got to spend some time
personally picking Carlos' and Lupe's minds. My wife and
I spent an evening at Ruth Chris' Steakhouse in DC,
sandwiched between Carlos and Lupe on one side, and Jon
walker (Jeff Walker's brother and business partner) on
the other side.

I've kept in touch with Carlos and Lupe since then. I
continue to learn from them via their workshops, etc.
Since they spend most of their time in Florida, only
a few hours from where I live, I frequently drop in
on classes that they teach etc.

I continue to learn from them because Carlos and Lupe
are known by those "in the know" as the "Kingpins of
Traffic". They've been the "hired gun" behind the scenes
for generating millions of website visitors for product
after product.

what they teach WORKS - plain and simple.

In any case, last year, Carlos and Lupe took on 30 private
coaching students at $25,000 each...
And now these students are reaping amazing results!

One of them is making $2.2 million a month, and another
is making over $500K a month...

I guess you could say $25K was worth it!

I have to admit that when they flashed the price of their
training on the screen at Yanik's my jaw dropped.

Now this is the best part... you can actually get access
to some of the information that these people paid $25,000
to get.

You see they're launching Traffic University on Monday, May
5th. That's basically the $25K coaching program but at a
price that average people can afford :-)

So in order to show people what they do, they've released A
LOT of powerful training videos...

I've watched these videos... AND studied some of the tactics
as they were being created. It's mind boggling how they
generated such HUGE amounts of traffic and online sales.

We're talking volumes of traffic that most people didn't even

Take a few minutes and go watch these videos now. This is
full-on, bare bones, big time marketing education from the
Undisputed Masters of Massive Traffic.

Here's the link:

Your jaw will drop like mine did. Now I just soak up their
experience-based teachings.

This is good stuff :-)

By the way...

I HAVE actually gotten a look at the pre-release version of
Traffic University. It's simply amazing - jammed packed with
real-world tactics that I am going to start using more in my
own business.

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May 02, 2008

I'm Getting Back In Shape, And Invite You To JOIN ME!

After hanging out with a number of old friends at
seminars who have recently lost a few pounds, and
toned up, I've decided that I need to get healthier
too... or at least "lose the gut!"

I found something that IS working for me, and shared
it in an email to my ezine earlier today... without
mentioning that this is what I'm actually doing.

Anyway, since filters may have blocked a few emails,
I wanted to post that note here too:

Here is is:

Git Off The Couch

I'm going to warn you right now, the topic of this e-mail is a
bit outside of the ones you usually get from me...

And it's a bit long-winded too, but that should just tell you
how important I consider the subject...

See, here at Limitless Marketing we usually discuss products and
services that will help you grow your businesses, and generate
killer revenues and profits too.

Well, this new service from my friend Glenn Grundberg and his
partner Joshua Morris is really NO different.

Here's what I mean. As marketers, we sometimes get caught up in
the daily whirlwind of marketing and forget one simple truth:

It doesn't matter HOW much you make if you're not able to enjoy

That's why I felt it was so important to get this e-mail to you.

Glenn and Josh have developed a powerful and exciting new plan-
called Personal Distance Training (PDT)- to Rapidly strip off
weight (or put it on, if that's what you need!), and get you
fitter and healthier...looking and feeling better...with more
energy and stamina than you've felt in years...

And do it painlessly, in just minutes a day- and from the
comfort of your own home or office!

At Iron Strong Fitness, they have leveraged their insider
knowledge and experience as top-rated, certified and licensed
Personal Fitness Trainers...

Into an incredible online platform and fitness membership of a
scope and quality usually reserved only for celebrities or the
very wealthy.

Here's how it works:

When you join the Iron Strong PDT program, you will be given a
powerful set of fitness and weight loss tools, including:

* An Exhaustive Fitness Library chock-full of vital health,
diet, and workout articles including my favorite, the "15 minute
Fat Blaster"

* Full access to an incredible Video Library of over 100 workout
routines and exercises that will show you proper form and safe
techniques to explode your results...

* Member's ONLY forums keyed to your training level where you
will personally interact with not only Iron Strong's Top
Trainers, but also Glenn, Josh and Brittany- the guys who TRAIN
the trainers...

* And much, much more...

But the REAL power of this sensational program is this:

When you become an Iron Strong Client, you will be assigned to a
Real, Live Human. Your Very Own Personal Trainer! Think of what
your pals are going to say when you drop THAT one on them at the
next gathering ;-)

Yup- unlike other online "fitness mills", Iron Strong Fitness
Hand-Crafts EVERY client's exercise prescriptions, diet
prescriptions and exercise regimens individually-meticulously
basing them on each individual client's personal body type,
goals, and health history, among other critical factors.

Then, once you have your prescriptions and regimens, it doesn't
stop there- these guys refuse to just dump you in your living
room or on a gym floor somewhere with your prescription
print-out clutched in your hot little hand...

Oh no- in fact it's just the beginning.

You will have a connection to your Trainer via a Secure and
Private Messaging System, where you can contact them any time
you like- to get answers to your questions, share your concerns,
and celebrate your Triumphs!

And here's the kicker- while you can contact them any time you
like: via PM, on the forums, or even by toll free call if you
are in the US or Canada, or Skype if you're not...

You may not have to...They are gonna call YOU.

That's correct- once you're on the program, you are FAR from
forgotten- in fact they claim they are not going to LET you
fail. And they back that up with their Iron Strong Guarantee,

Look- fitness doesn't just happen to you. High energy, the
feeling of power, and the satisfaction of looking great doesn't
just come over you like magic. There is a bit of effort

But if you make that effort, the benefits to your health and
strength will spill over into Every Area Of Your Life...

Even your marketing!

So Git Off The Couch, and I'll see you inside :-)

Oh, I almost forgot: As a special favor to me, Glenn (who
happens to be a TIMIC member :) has agreed to offer you, my
valued subscribers, an *exclusive rate* on this phenomenal new
membership. You won't find this ANYWHERE else but Right Here,
Right Now. Just use coupon code WillieC (case sensitive) at
checkout for a nice discount ;-)

This link will be good for three days ONLY, until 11:59:59 PM on
so don't delay: save over 30% off the normal rate before
Glenn puts the price back to normal and launches this incredible
service to the public.

How Strong Do YOU Want To Be?

Willie Crawford

PS - The available slots are also limited- due to the insane
level of personal service they are offering, they want to make
darn sure they have everything just so, and they aren't willing
to compromise on quality one little bit, so get over there Right
Now and secure your spot!

PPS - If by some chance you get this late and miss the boat,
don't despair- Glenn and Josh have set up a registered
membership that will allow you to benefit from a lot of the
resources without the personal training component and some of
the premium content while you wait for a spot to become
available, so register today.

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May 01, 2008

How To Deconflict Your Launch Dates

As I look at the sheer number of new launches
planned in the Internet marketing niche in May,
and beyond, I know that there will be many days
when DOZENS of people will try to launch a product
or project on the same day.

Sadly, many of those people will send out an
email announcement and get virtually NO response
simply because all of the noise made by bigger
launches will drown them out.


One tool that you can use in deconflicting
your launch from all of the others is the
calendar tool at The International Association
Of Joint Venture Brokers

The IAJVB database contains all of the events
that our members enter, and they are output
on a calendar (via niche), so you can take a
look and see what is already planned.

The biggest drawback to this tool IS that the
database is only as good as the data entered.
That means that YOUR event won't be listed in
the database for affiliates and potential JV
partners to find you unless you enter it.

It also means that we can't tell you about
events where the event promoters don't let
us know... but if the product creator keeps
their launches too much of a secret, when they
do start the launch, it's likely to be drowned
out by all of the better orchestrated and better
publicized events anyway :-)

You can read more about The International
Association of Joint Venture Brokers
and become
a member today at: http://IAJVB.ORG

Willie Crawford

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May 2008 - The Busiest Month EVER In Internet Marketing

As I worked my way through my morning email, I read
several notes from "Internet Marketing Insiders" alerting
me to the fact that...

"May 2008 will be the busiest month EVER in the history
of Internet marketing for major new product launches."

These emails were from people who help plan new product
launches, help to mastermind new product launches, and
generally keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry.

That tells me many important things.

One of those things is that if you're working on an
important project of your own, the "email noise" will make
it even harder to focus... if you allow it to.

It also tells me that if you hope to get your new product
offering noticed, it's even more important to be a part of
a strategic alliance.

That's why I fired off this email to you.

I honestly believe that TODAY your survival... more than ever,
requires you to stop operating in isolation and become a part
of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

The Internet Marketing Inner Circle is a member-only site...
an alliance that I've been a member of since 2006. I've helped
to grow it into a family of online marketers dedicated to
helping each other learn the truth about Internet marketing.

We are also very dedicated to each others success.

Join us today: http://TIMIC.ORG

I'll see you on the inside ;-)


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April 30, 2008

You Are Using Redirects Or Cloaked Links... Aren't You?

I've written several articles, and written in several
of my ebook, on the importance of using promotional
domains when promoting affiliate products... and of
cloaking your links at times.

The biggest reason is that during many BIG affiliate
promotions, overly aggressive affiliates over-do it
and aggrevate a lot of people. This leads to a LOT
of spam complaints.

So, it's not uncommon for the domain for a product
to be blacklisted during a major launch. That means
that spam filters can be triggered just by your email
containing that url! If I remember correctly, that did
happen with Product Launch Formula 1.

It has happened for numerous other launches that I'm
aware of and IS why you are advised over and over again
by affiliate program managers to use cloaked or
redirected links!

At the same time,there a people who will tired of
receiving an ezine and rather than unsubscribing,
they'll drop an entire issue of the ezine into one of
the sites that accepts/process spam complaints.

For example, I once had an article running in a
very well-respected ezine with hundreds of thousands
of subscribers. My article was one of several in that
issue. A subscriber visited SpamCop (if I remember
correctly) and pasted the entire issue into their
complaint form.

The sites' form parses emails and identifies EVERY email
address and url in the email that is complained about
as a spammer. So, just by having an article with my
url in the resource box, my domain was blacklisted.

While that does not sound fair, it's the way a few
sites out there operate, and it can be nearly impossible
to get removed from some of these lists. The owner of
at least one of these sites has even received death
threats because he has adversely impacted so many
businesses, but his heavy-handed tactics continues.

So, you have been warned :-)

By the way, if you need a good place to get domains
inexpensively, I set this site up for clients where
I offer domains at VERY close to my costs:

I need to increase my price there :-)

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April 29, 2008

You Did Get This?

This may be pulled soon:


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April 28, 2008

How To Stop Wasting Time On Products That Don't Sell! Here's How To Do That At Clickbank!

Why Do People Market Products That Don't Sell?

That's a rhetorical question, and I have to admit
that there was a time when I sold products that
didn't sell that great.

However, after “being beat up” enough by people like
Marlon Sanders and Jonathan Mizel, who point out
that "Dead ducks don't quack" and said things like
"Whatever they're buying, I'm selling," I finally
got a clue.

The easiest thing in the world to sell is what
everybody is buying. So why sell anything else,
provided it is legal, ethical, works, etc.

With the software tools available today, it's very
easy to "spy" on the marketplace and see EXACTLY
which products are selling best, and even watch
trends over time.

As an example, one of my favorite tools allows
me to download the ENTIRE Clickbank product
database and then sort on that data a dozen different
ways... to locate the current best seller in any niche.
I can tell things like if most of those sales are
being made by the product owner or by affiliates,
refund rates, and whether the product is rising
or fallings.

In other words, with the right tools, THERE IS NO

Here's my semi-secret tool for finding the products
on Clickbank that won't be time wasters:


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April 27, 2008

500 dollars in 24 hours without a website?

A new report reveals how you can turn the store front of any
offine business into a long term online cash stream.

This system takes less than 24 hours to set up and you can
easily charge offline business owners in your local area 500
dollars or more to do it for them...

Here's the best part.

You don't need any complex internet marketing skills to do this.

In fact if you can set up a simple email autoresponder series
you're ready to go!

In this report Andrew Cavanagh shows you step by step how
to turn an ordinary offline store front into a customer stopping

Then he shows you how to turn those customers into a huge,
tightly focused email list.

And how to turn that email list into an ongoing cash stream.

You can be the rainmaker for businesses in your local area. And
when you're flooding their stores with new business you can charge
substantial fees for your service.

This system is pure simplicity and following the step by step
instructions in this report you can be charging business owners to
set it up for them today.

Imagine how you'll feel banking a check for 500 dollars in the
next 24 hours.

Go claim your copy of this report now...


By the way...

The price of this report won't last. Andrew will be raising the
price soon to reflect it's real value. I'd hate to see you miss out.

Go download your copy now...

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April 26, 2008

How To Joint Venture With Me...

Just dropping you a quick note from Armand Morin's Big
Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia.

Armand and I have been friends since late 2003 when we
met at Dr. Bob Silber's seminar in the Florida Keys. He
spoke at the first seminar that I hosted, which was just
4 months after attending my very first seminar.

As you can see, I don't spend a lot of time agonizing
over a decision after making it. I attended my first
seminar, decided to host my own, emailed a few friend,
and four months later... did it.

That first seminar was a bit of a challenge, but being
a seminar host was one of those creditential that I
wanted at the time... so I quickly figured it out. I
wrote about the challenges of that first seminar in my
biography, "Git Off The Porch," which you'll find at :-)

Back to the seminar I'm at now...

I attended primarily because I wanted to catch up with
a lot of old friends, and also iron out the details of
two projects with joint venture partners.

As I milled around in the bar/restaurant last night
the one question that I got was "what are you working
on now?" That naturally led to whoever I was talking
to sharing the details of their latest project with me.

As I reflected upon the joint ventures that I've taken
on over the past two YEARS, practically ALL of them have
been with members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.
I pointed this out to several people last night, and they
went over to join the site.

The Internet Marketing Inner Circle is at:

Reflecting upon how I now do joint ventures drove home
a number of important points... points that I frequently
teach, but that I also live.

1) I tend to prefer JV'ing with people that I actually
know. Since I spend HOURS some days brainstorming and
networking on the member-only focus at The Internet
Marketing Inner Circle, it's only natural that that's
where I'd find most of my JV partners.

Members of TIMIC are encouraged to use their real
names on the forum, and I teach those who will listen
that they should NOT do business with people who hide.
Would you go into an offline partnership with
someone who refused to tell you who they were? I harp
on this point, and teach what experience has taught me
works best in growing your online business on the forum.

The forum is actually where I do MOST of my online
teaching. Since it is such a caring and sharing
community, I enjoy helping fellow members out.

2) I tend to prefer promoting products for people who
reciprocate. They don't have to have a huge list, or
busy website, or be well-know... they just need to
acknowledge that I have "pet projects" too, and
approach me from that angle.

3) I like working on group projects since it's usually
easier to launch a project by leveraging the assets
of many rather than just depending upon your own
resources. In TIMIC we're actually in the process
of writing another group ebook... one that will feature
short chapters from 100 members.

Anyway, I DO highly encourage you to join TIMIC. It's
my online family... and "family takes care of each
other" :-)

I'll close by pointing out to you a free gift from
Dan Kennedy plus a chance to earn $5174 in his materials.
Dan is my favorite marketing "guru" and I own a HUGE
library of his materials. It has paid off handsomely.

Go register for a change to win a collection of
his course at:

Be on the lookout for photos from Big Seminar on my
blog. I take a lot of pictures at these events.


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April 24, 2008

aren't you tired of everyone trying to SELL you something?

I don't know about YOUR inbox, but there's no
shortage of soft-sell (or even hard-sell) pitches
making their way into my email mix.

Buy this, buy that.

THIS is the greatest!

For the first time ever. Now or never.

Blah ... blah ...

Don't get me wrong, I love marketing. I love the
art of it. I love the science of it. I love the
logic of it. And I certainly love the profits of
it... so these emails are welcomed as I take and
borrow from them for my own promotions.



I'm an offender!

Because I'm about to try *my best* to SELL YOU

The difference is, my "something" won't cost you
a penny. This isn't about spending money.

Instead, I want to "sell you" on an idea, a lesson,
that should be etched onto a "10 Commandments of
Actually Making Mo*ney" stone.

Here it is:

"You should only take flying lessons from a HIGHLY
TRAINED and EXPERIENCED flight instructor!"

Because if you DON'T do that, then not only will
you find yourself spending money on tips,
suggestions, ebooks and courses from "new flying
enthusiasts" (vs. expert flight instructors), but
you'll also end up LOSING money on these marginally
effective, theory based tactics and losing a lot of
TIME in the mix as well.

And if you're willing to be REALLY honest with
yourself ... there's a great chance that your past
few months, or even past few years are a perfect
example of what I'm talking about.

Write back and let me know if I'm wrong! (But, I
don't expect to get too many email replies back).

Here's my point (and the no-money, nothing to buy
sales pitch of it)...

There is a contest running called "The Massive
Marketing Arsenal Giveaway" (or, as Carl Galletti
calls it, "The Mother of All Offers" contest).

The prize is a library of education from Dan Kennedy
... the one man who offers up the best and most
profitable advice on likely the perfect home-bus*iness
model: information marketing. Some of his students
have risen from NOTHING but a kitchen table and a
few hundred bucks to literally $117 million in sales.

He teaches the teachers.

Beginners, 6-figure earners all the way to billion
dollar companies are part of his client / student

Yet you can walk away with over $5000 worth of
his best tips and best advice for NOTHING!

All for answering this one question:

“Which specific idea/solution of the 77 listed in
Dan’s letter would you like to learn more about
and why?”

(The link to the '77 reasons' is provided on the
contest page).

Have YOU made your way over to this contest to
post your reply?

Along the way, you also pick-up the 90-minute audio
course "Information Marketing: How To Create Your
Fortune With Information Products" and can pickup
a truely WOW gift (worth $297) ... the entire 12-cd
program "Masters of Marketing".

You get these last 2 gifts whether you win or not.

But just for posting your reply to that ONE
question, you are automatically entered into the
draw to win the entire $5000+ library from Dan

Here's the link:

The sad thing is, you have a VERY good shot at
winning ... seeing as only a minimal number of
individuals have bothered to take advantage of this
contest. (The masses are too busy wasting time
reading yet another "quick fix" sales pitch).

So there it is...

I gave it my best shot. I SINCERELY apologize if
I wasn't able to communicate the importance of
taking this one lazy step (to post your reply
on the contest page). That one lazy step could
win you a library that could absolutely revolutionize
your life.

Head over to the page below, register for your
gifts and follow the link directly to the contest
page. Go win your future!


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Demonstration Of How To Rebrand The Free Ebook

Here's a quick demo of just how easy it is to
the ebook mentioned in the previous post. I'm
a little long-winded... but you literally CAN
rebrand this ebook in about 2 minutes.

Here's the video:


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Free Rebrandable Ebook - 20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate

I recently revised one of my ebooks entitled
"20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate”

This ebook shares 20 of my favorite affiliate
marketing techniques and earlier versions were

I'm now offering a FREE rebrandable version of
this ebook.

This ebook contains rebrandable links for
- The Internet Marketing Inner Circle
- Viral Document Toolkit
- Rapid Action Profits
- 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online

In the text of the ebook, often as examples,
I mention the four products above, and include
live links. All four products are marketed
through customer-only affiliate programs...
three out of four using Rapid Action Profits.

If you are an affiliate for any of the products
above, you should grab a copy of this ebook,
rebrand it, and then start offering it to your
site visitors, subscribers, etc.

If you are NOT an affiliate for any of the
products above, the ebook is still a great
ebook to offer to your subscribers, site
visitors, and even affiliates for your products.
I share techniques in this ebook that have
allowed me to earn as much as $30,000 in
affiliate commissions in a single DAY. So,
don't discount the value of this ebook.

This rebrandable ebook is packaged in a zip
file containing the rebrandable file, a
rebrander tool (Viral Document Toolkit's
VDTBrander), and a readme file which explain
how to rebrand the links.

It takes all of 2 minutes to rebrand the

If you are not an affiliate for any of these
products, you can leave those links unchanged.

So grab the file today and start using this
ebook to make more sales!

Download this free ebook package directly from this


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April 23, 2008

Free MP3 On Landing More Lucrative Joint Ventures

On April 19th, I did a brainstorming call that centered
around how to set up more lucrative joint ventures.

I'd like to GIVE you a copy of the MP3 from that call.
The audio from that call is available for download now

It's the link at the very top of that page. Just click
on it and download it to your computer... then listen
to it at your convenience :-)

After doing the call, I decided to combine that audio
with some other materials and turn it into a for-sale
course, consequently I'm not sure how long I'll give it

So go ahead and grab it now.

Some of the things discussed on the call included:

-- The most common mistakes people make when seeking
Joint Ventures...

-- How do you deconflict your launches with other launches
in your niche?

-- How do you get big marketers to even look at you offers?

-- What tools do you really need to provide to affiliates?

-- What is "The Real Secret" to actually landing more
joint ventures and getting bigger-named marketers to want
to joint venture with you?

-- What is the secret to better joint ventures and
networking on forums

-- What is the key to setting up joint ventures through
social networking sites

We also discussed:

-- Questions about Rapid Action Profits

-- Preventing fraud with Paypal purchases

-- How to add customers to your regular ezine list after
the buy... transitioning them from customer to subscriber

-- Recommended transcriptionist - based upon experience

-- Are you better off networking with many or with just a few?

-- "Forced continuity" and how prominently should it be
mentioned on the sales page

I'm sure that you'll find the recording very informative.

Do get it today since I will eventually take this link down
and start charging for this audio. It's at:


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April 22, 2008

It's About Taking The CORRECT Action...

Today i'm going to show you a very simple (but highly
potent) profit acceleration secret - one that affects the
success of ALL your products and services (regardless of
what they might be).

So if the idea of grabbing a 'shortcut' to success appeals
to you, the special resource I've lined up for you today is
well worth further investigation:

The 'secret' I'm talking about actually relates to a
product I recently found out about here -

*Don't* go there just yet though!...

...I've got something VERY special you can take with you
(by arrangement ONLY for you as a loyal reader of this blog)

But first, what IS this secret anyway?...

Quite simply it's about helping to ENSURE your product is
going to bring you financial success BEFORE you start
selling it.

You'll read a lot in forums, ebooks, and other places about
how 'taking action' is the key to success...

Now, although that's certainly true, the REALLY smart
entrepreneurs know that it's far *easier* to succeed if you
invest a little bit of time pointing your action in the RIGHT

I can't tell you the amount of times I've seen great
products tied to poorly thought-out sales strategies...

...and yet by implementing this secret tactic up-front,
those very same products could regularly be making 10s of
thousands for their owners, rather than just 10 bucks

That's precisely why this particular product grabbed my
attention --

I'LL WARN YOU THOUGH: playing around with its 'money
numbers' to find the most profitable price points for your
products can become addictive ;)

Before you uncover what it can do for you, here's the
*special code* I want to give you:


I assure you it will come in VERY handy when you decide to
add this fun, profit acceleration product to your Internet
Marketing toolkit ;)

Go check it out now.

By the way...

I mentioned 'shortcuts' near the start of this message. You
should know that MOST so-called 'shortcuts' don't actually
lead you anywhere very fast - but this is one of the few
that really DOES.

Put it to work as part of your product creation process and
you'll be way ahead of most other marketers out there -
including your competitors:

...And please don't forget that special code:


It provides an EXCLUSIVE special discount ONLY for you as a
loyal reader of this blog.

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April 18, 2008

How I Boosted My Ezine Sign-Up Rate By 5200 MORE Subscribers Per Month - Virtually Overnight - And You Can Too


"How I Boosted My Ezine Sign-Up Rate By 5200 MORE Subscribers Per Month - Virtually Overnight - And You Can Too"

The title says it all. Make sure that you don't miss it :-)

Get it here.


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15 Free Really Nice, Professionally Done website Templates

My friend Robin Araoz is a very talented graphic artist.
He did the graphics for MANY of my websites.

Grphic Artist Extraordinare - Robin Araoz

My friend Robin Araoz is a very talented graphic artist.
He did the graphics for MANY of my websites.

Robin is now offering a collection of 15 new, very
nicely done website templates for free. You can get them

Robin operates a membership site where he offers PLR
rights to his templates, and this is his way of getting
you to take a look at them.

Please drop by Robin's site and download the free
templates. There is no obligation, and I really DO love
his work. He really over delivers on even his free
packages. The free templates that he's offering total
more that 200 MEG of files! They're all ready for you
to edit and use to set up your own sites in a variety of

Check it out:


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Secrets Of An Article Marketing Jedi...

For many years, I did intensive coaching with a number
of very serious marketers. These were marketers who had
clear-cut objectives, mapped-out plans, and amazing

One of the people that I enjoyed coaching the most was a
young man from Hong Kong named Alan Cheng. Despite the fact
that I had to get up very early in the morning to match up
our schedules, and do intense sessions over Skype, I enjoyed
working with Alan because he was that rare individual that
analyzed a course of action and then actually followed
Article Marketing Expert Alan Cheng

Alan's goal was to quit his high-paying corporate job and
work full-time for himself, spending more time with his
family, and actually enjoying his work.

When I was coaching Alan, we often focused upon article
marketing since it had proven such an effective long-term
business building strategy for me.

Alan eventually became such a master at article marketing
that "the student became the teacher."

I started LEARNING new things about effective article
marketing from the coaching sessions initially arranged
to teach Alan.

Fast-forward two years, and Alan has just released a new
free ebook on article marketing. Alan's ebook distills the
essence of article marketing so well that I'd be surprised
if it doesn't eventually become a classic... someday quoted
in the same breath with Claude Hopkins' Scientific

I reread Alan's ebook, "Article Marketing Strategies"
yesterday, and often found myself nodding my head, or
thinking to myself, "I need to do that."

When I asked Alan what he was going to do with his ebook,
he told me that he was going to give it away for a short
while. He also said that he was going to offer resale
rights to the ebook for the next 7 days for only $10. After
that, if he continues to offer resale rights, they'll cost
at least twice as much.

Take a minute and grab a copy of Article Marketing Strategies
now at:

Download the ebook, fix yourself a cup of coffee, and
then digest the 48 pages of hard-core article marketing
experience. Don't be deceived by the simplicity of what Alan

One mark of a true master is that what he does, and teaches
others to do, doesn't require struggle. It works almost
effortlessly because it taps into natural laws.

Alan's Article Marketing Strategies merely condense a vast
storehouse of effective marketing tactics to their very

Grab you copy now. It won't cost you a penny.

Go ahead and do that now before something distracts you
and you miss out on a great article marketing guide ;-)


By the way, Alan even has a CRAZY unadvertised bonus at
the end of his ebook. He offers free email coaching. That's
right... if you have trouble grasping any of his teachings
you can simply ASK HIM what he meant or what you're doing
wrong. I'm certain that offer won't last for long.

Remember "Money Loves Speed." Grab you copy now and take
immediate action:

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April 17, 2008

Have You Noticed "The Internet Marketing Cartel?"

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but lately you
DO seem to have a core group of top Internet marketers
who all seem to ONLY promote each other's products.

I don't see this as a conspiracy, despite the subject line
of my email. Rather, I see it as a group of marketers who
mastermind together, know each other, and promote each
other largely because they know and trust each other... and
know that they can depend upon each other to produce quality

I did notice this trend back in 2005, which is part of why
I formed "The Internet Marketing Inner Circle" in 2006.

I recognized that working in isolation is a very tough way
to grow an online business. "Lone wolves often starve."

So, I built a community of like-minded marketers, who work
together, mastermind/brainstorm ideas, and even jointly
develop and launch products.

I'd like to invite you into our inner circle. You can get
complete details and join today at: http://TIMIC.ORG

Do it today. Trying to build an online business in isolation
makes absolutely no sense!


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April 15, 2008

Experts Gloss Over This Web 2.0 Traffic Magnet...

Have you got any traffic to your website this week?


Are you like most... struggling to get even one visitor to show up?

You're in luck!

This guy got 10,658 FREE Visitors in 6 Days from a Web 2.0
property that noboby is talking about.

What could that traffic mean to you?


It's funny how the simple things can bring in the biggest

Get the details here:


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Don't Miss The MP3 and PDF From My Traffic Generation Teleseminar!

Here's what Paul Elliott had to say about my recent
teleseminar on free methods of generating website traffic


Paul Elliott

Willie Crawford has rung the victory bell again with his Free Web Site Traffic Generation Teleseminar! It was free at the time, but it's worth many times the price he's charging for it now. AND it comes not only as an MP3 audio but the transcript in PDF comes with it, too.

I listened to the free call live when Willie did it. It was loaded with never-before-discussed tips and techniques. For two solid hours I took notes--6 pages of 'em--and wished my wrist would quit aching so I could write faster! . . . and I still missed some.

Imagine my delight when Willie told us he was going to offer his transcript for sale!

You can bet I was in the front of that line! Yes, I paid for both . . . and was delighted to give him the money. It was that good, . . . and I could throw out the scribbled, incomplete notes I'd taken!

Willie gave us his methods and his resources. I think he revealed more than he intended, but that's his problem. We should all hope he never gets cured!

In fact, in the PDF all his resources as hot links. You can simply click them as you read it.

If you don't have it yet, GET IT! What is the risk? Willie might come to his senses and raise the price. (Psst . . . He'll even refund the price if you don' t like it.) Trust me, you'll thank me for twisting your arm.

Get this package now! AND get on Willie's mailing list, so you never miss another one of these calls!

Paul Elliott
Marketing Consulting With Unbelievable Guarantees!

Get your copy by clicking here :-)


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247 Different Traffic Generation Methods - Free Ebook!

The free ebook here:
lists 247 different traffic generation methods.

It's more of a listing than a detailed how-to, but it
did spare a lot of ideas for me, and I do recommend
that you grab a copy.

I'm not sure how long it will be up since I have suggested
that he sell this ebook instead. So go ahead and get it


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April 12, 2008

Earn $27 Instant Commission On This HOT Product

This course sells for $27 and pays 100% instant commission
into your Paypal account. The affiliate program is customer
only, but it's a GREAT product.


Check it out today, your customers will thank you as
much as mind do ;-)


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How To Actually Generate More Free Traffic To Your Websites

Check out this tele-class that I did where I share my most
effective free website traffic generation methods.

Grab both the MP3 audio and the PDF transcripts. I also
have an affiliate program paying 100% commission.

Take a minute now and visit:


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April 10, 2008

Lots Of Great Freebies - The Greedy Giveaway

Here's a giveaway where a ton of top online marketers
are giving away lots of great "stuff" ranging from ebooks,
to audios, and videos, to scripts.

Many of these products can easily be resold directly from
your website, while others are just products that make running
your business easier and more profitable.

Take a few minutes now and check out The Greedy Giveaway.

By the way, I contributed a rebrandable ebook that can
earn you commissions on FOUR top products.

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Less Than 24 Hours - Crazy Deal On My Traffic Generation Course - Pays 100% Commission!

On Saturday, April 5th, I hosted a 2-hour teleseminar
on time-tested techniques that you can use to generate
free traffic to your websites.

On that teleseminar I focused on methods that I ACTUALLY
use to consistently generate a ton of traffic to my
numerous websites.

I held nothing back on the call and the feedback has
been great. In fact, the feedback has been so great that
tomorrow, I'll start selling the MP3 audio and PDF
transcripts of that call for $27.

However, today I'm both traveling to Austin, Texas where
I'll speak at a seminar tomorrow morning, and I'm writing
the webpage that I'll use to sell that product.

That's where you come in. I have the recording and
transcript all ready, but need some more testimonials for
my sales letter. In fact, I'd like to make my webpage
MOSTLY testimonials.

That's what the subject line of this post is all about.

First of all, I'll have an affiliate program that pays
100% commission on the $27 product. That's right, the
MP3/PDF packages will sell for 100% and that will be paid
DIRECTLY to your Paypal account. I'll use Sid Hale's
Rapid Action Profits script to manage that 100%
commission affiliate program.

The affiliate program will be customer-only, so only
those who have bought the product can register as

Today, since I'm still getting my act together, I'm
offering this same package for roughly 1/4th of what it
will cost tomorrow.

That's right, today, I'm offering my two hour session
on how to generate free website traffic (in MP3 and
PDF) for only $7... plus if you deem it worthy, a
testimonial from you that I can use on my website.

Then tomorrow, as soon as I get the webpage ready, I'll
send you a secret link to sign up for the affiliate
program, grab your affiliate link and begin pocketing
those $27 instant commissions.

You'll get a great deal on the product, and I'll
have some new affiliates who actually know the
product, ready to promote as soon as the website
is finished.

It's a win-win.

You can grab your copy now at:

Here's what AnneMarie from Spain had to say about
the call:


I want to thank you for the brilliant information you
passed on in your traffic generation teleseminar. I had
heard of many of the methods before but definitely not
in the way that you employed them. That was phenomenal!
My notebook is full of all the points you mentioned
and I've even listened to the recording twice.

Also thank you for the brilliant suggestion on submitting
the articles. That way was something I had not thought of
before and a method I will definitely be using from now
on for traffic to all my websites.

I feel now that I have truly got the Rolls Royce of a
traffic generation system and am excited about
implementing it."

AnneMarie Callan"

As you can see, I covered numerous simple, easy
to use traffic generation methods. I did it in a
hype-free way, simply telling you what actually WORKS,
and what has allowed me to build a very successful
online business over the past 11 1/2 years.

Go ahead and get your copy now. Tomorrow it will
cost nearly 4 times as much... but still be worth it.
Get it here:

Thanks for your time and your help :-)


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April 08, 2008

Willie Crawford Makes Over $1000 Per Hour!

See that that headline is about here:

This IS something that you don't want to miss :-)


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April 04, 2008

Recommended Reading - Secrets Of The $10,000 WSO

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April 01, 2008

Product Launch Formula 2.0 - The Relaunch Happens Today - April 2nd, 2008

OK, I gotta make this quick...

In just a couple of hours, Jeff Walker is making
his sizzling Product Launch Formula 2.0 course
available one more time.

And here's where you'll find it.

Remember--Jeff is graciously extending the
special early-bird bonuses (previously only
available to the first few hundred people) to
everyone who orders in the next 24 hours.

So if you were shut out last week, make plans to
take advantage of his smokin' hot offer.

I'm also extending my killer bonus package which

1) A solo mailing to 120,000
2) A live 2-day seminar in Atlanta,Georgia
3) 2 1-hour one-on-one consulting sessions.

You can read more about my bonuses here it you
haven't already:

Talk soon...
Willie Crawford

P.S. At 12pm noon eastern Thursday, the link
goes down and Jeff will start his PLF 2.0 class.

You don't want to miss out on this. It's been
directly responsible for over 103 million
dollars in product sales... and you can add your
next launch to that as well.

So get yours today before they pull it (and all
the bonuses) off the shelf for good.

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March 29, 2008

The Ultimate Niche Finder

I just read a great article by Ken McCarthy.

He's the person who's trained more successful
Internet marketers than anyone else on earth.

The guy IS a genius.

I wanted to make sure you saw it. It may be what
you've been looking for.

Pre-System Training: The Ultimate Niche Finder

It's all in the market...

I used to wonder what it took to build a successful

I tried all kinds of things...

I followed all kinds of advice. I bought "plans" and
"programs." I sat through MLN pitches. I invested a small
fortune in traveling across the country so I could sit at
the fee of the "gurus."

You may be doing some of these things too.

How would you like to stop?

How would you like to know once and for all and beyond the
shadow of any doubt what you need to do to become truly
financially independent.

Because that's what we all want, isn't it?

We want to stop punching someone else's clock.

We want to stop being at the beck and call of some crazy
employer's whim.

We want to be free of the fear of having our incomes
suddenly cut off through no fault of our own.

We want to live life on our own terms.

These are worthy goals...

And they are attainable goals... for anyone willing to pay
the price.

What's the price?

The answer is so simple it's going to floor you.

It's this...

Service to a market.

I'm not talking about customer service or being in the
service industry. I'm talking about an attitude, an outlook
and an approach to business.

Where money comes from

Money changes hands when people are served.

That's it.

Yes, you can learn the newest "sure-fire" trick from the
latest get rich qwick Internet scam artist - and you
*might* shake out a few dollars.

Or you could get real and create something real.

Money comes from the marketplaces. Period.

It doesn't come from brilliant ideas or great products or
"genius" marketing.

All these things are nice and can contribute to your
efforts, but first and last the thing that matters is your
market and your relationship to it.

Once you "get" this idea - really get it - you'll be
financially bullet proof for the rest of your life.

But until you do, business will forever be a mystery - and
a painful one at that.

How NOT to do business

When someone is trying to sell you on a money-making
scheme, they usually stress how easy it is, how anyone can
do it and how it's all "push button" and on auto-pilot.

Guess what?

If you had a sneaking suspicion that offers like these are
worthless, you're right.

Of course, we want to be efficient. Of course, we want to
get the biggest bang for our marketing dollars. Of course,
we want to succeed.

But talking about these things in the abstract without
rooting them in reality of a real flesh and blood business
connected with real flesh and blood people is not going to
help you.

Here are the two biggest mistakes people make in business,
online and off.

#1 They focus on everything else but the market BEFORE
they start their business

# 2 They focus on everything else but the market AFTER
they start their business.

Let me give you an example that will make all this crystal

A man decides he wants to open a restaurant. It's been a
fantasy of his for years and he's seen people make good
money in the restaurant business so he dives in.

He finds a location and obsesses over the details of the
interior... He talks with chefs, picks one and starts
designing the menu...He opens accounts with food
purveyors...He recruits and trains his staff...He buys ad
from all the door-to-door ad salesmen that knock on his

The big day comes and he opens the door with a big blowout
for all his friends, family and investors.

Six months later, he's out of business and there's a
smoking crater where his net worth used to be.

What happened?

He NEVER at any point in the process asked the question:

"WHO will my business serve and HOW best can I serve them?"

It's crazy, isn't it?

How could any sane person spend tens (sometimes hundreds)
of thousands of dollars and months and even years ramping
up a business - and not ask this basic question?

Yet this happens every day of the week to smart, hard
working people all over the world.

People get an IDEA that THEY like and then they throw it at
the marketplace *assuming* the market will want it.

How to do it RIGHT

Start with the market first.

It's that simple.

Ask yourself this question:

"WHO do I want to serve?"

The WHO is infinitely more important than the WHAT or HOW.

Get the WHO right and you're more than halfway there.

The would-be restaurant owner probably never gave much
thought to WHO exactly might be attracted to his

Young people, old people, families, people on a budget,
high rollers on expense accounts...


What he should have done is drawn a circle around his
restaurant on a map (about ten miles away in all
directions), get in his car, drive around and really LOOK.

What kinds of people live in the area?

What kinds of restaurants already exist?

Which ones are doing well?

Which ones are not?

What do people in the market feel is missing?

Who's doing a great job - and who's not?

What can I bring to these particular people who live in
this particular area something that will "WOW!" them so
much that they come back again and again?

I guarantee that failed restaurants do not ask these
questions...they were too busy talking with their interior
designer about muted earth tones in the dining room.

I'm using a restaurant as an example because it's so easy
to visualize, but this applies to ALL businesses,
ESPECIALLY online ones.

The pros and cons of doing business on the Internet

All the gurus love to talk about the upside of doing
business on the Internet.

Low start up costs, low overhead, reach the whole world.

All these things are true.

But the downside to Internet marketing is this...

Unless you know how to promote online and turn visitors to
your site into customers, you won't make a cent.

It's a very special skill set and it's what we focus on in
our trainings.

At the System Seminar we teach a very simple formula.

Traffic + conversion = profits

We'll show you how to get visitors to your site.

In the Internet world that's called traffic.

Then we'll show you what to do with the people who come to
your site so that it's a positive experience for them - and
a profitable one for you.

That's called conversion.

When you get these two things right - and you're marketing
the right thing to the right market - you'll see that
success in business is not about luck.

It's about KNOWING.

One of the best market research experts I know is Glenn

In fact, let me re-state that...

Glenn is better at researching online markets to see if
they have real profit potential than any person I know.

That's why every year since I met him I've literally begged
him to make the trip to Chicago to share what he knows with
my students at the System Seminar.

So far, every year he's said yes.

Glenn doesn't hang out with the guru crowd and you won't
see him doing seminars all over the globe.

He leaves his beautiful home in New Hampshire to schlep to
Chicago as a personal favor to me - for which I am very

Take advantage of it...and take advantage of this
Pre-System tele-seminar I did with him.

Picking the right market is 90% business success - and no
one does it better than Glenn.

He'll show you he works his magic here:

See you next time,


Ken McCarthy
The System Seminar
Chicago - May 30, 31, June 1

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March 28, 2008

Is Email Deliverability KILLING Your Business? Here's My Solution!

Let's talk frankly for a minute...

The fact is that if you can't get your message in front of
your ideal customers, they can't be invited to visit your
website or buy.

As I sit around hotel lobbies at Internet marketing seminars,
the biggest complaint that I hear from veteran marketers is
that "email deliverability really sucks."

Many of my friends have database in the tens of thousands,
with some having lists in the hundreds of thousands. They share
that sometime, they'll send out a newsletter or promotion, and
then wonder if ANYBODY even received it :-(

But is "the sky really falling" when it comes to getting emails
delivered to our prospects and customers?

Can we do anything, or is it just a fact of life these days
to expect the majority of our emails to not reach people?

My first question is always what are these frustrated people

Frankly, I've concluded that while many of them ARE experts on
some topics, they are NOT experts on email deliverability :-)

I do have a secret weapon though. I tap into the knowledge
and EXPERIENCE of someone who actually has a clue. In fact,
the last time that I was in Las Vegas, I spent a lot of time
picking his mind!

I personally know of only one internet marketer who attends
the largest email conference in the world, and he's been there
every year.

It's Big Jason of big marketing... the 6'11" giant.

Not only does Jason stay up to date more than anybody that I
know, he's certified as an email marketing professional by

Now, if I can get a little personal...

Big Jason has a proven system of improving email deliverability
and fortunately for you has a cash flow problem at the moment.

He's also trying to help his parents and sister's family. With
five of his own kids, he's also helping support extended family.

That's so rare these days.

You can see what Jason's all about here...

Jason IS my secret weapon.

More emails delivered to my prospects and customers means more
in my pocket.

Jason is running a firesale, so access to his true insider
information ends in a day or two.

He's taught me changes that I've made that increased my email
deliverability... SUBSTANTIALLY.

I'd like to encourage you to help out a nice guy out and
get more of your emails delivered at the same time.

It's a win, win,

Find out more at:


P.S. Big Jason has been doing email marketing since 1996. We both
started the same year, and have withstood the test of time.

He's no joke.

It does very little good to "build you list" if your emails
don't get through. So, do check out what I've shared with you.

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March 26, 2008

$1500 In Three Hours... From A Mistake :-)

I thought you might get a kick out of this story of
a guy I've known for a few years who was about to
completely give up on his dream of making his living
on the internet, but then made a mistake and it ended
up making him $1,580.47 in less than three hours.

This is a guy that I've sat around at seminars talking
to numerous times. I've also interviewed him on my
BlogTalk Radio show, and know that he's the real deal!

Now he makes this little "mistake" on purpose and
repeats his results at will, and I think most people
could make this "mistake" happen for them too.

Check it out, it shows that good things DO happen to
deserving people :-)


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March 25, 2008

Where IS All Of The Traffic Online...

For years I've watched most webmasters struggle to get enough visitors
to their websites.

I've watched many others get millions of visitors on some DAYS.

My mentors do very well generating website traffic but they keep much
of what they do to themselves because of the potential for abuse.

I recently had a heart-to-heart talk with one of my friends and traffic
generation mentors, and I talked him into letting me share some of his
secrets with you.

He set up this page for me, but doesn't want to leave it up for long.

So please take a look now at:

He does offer access to his insider information for a very reasonable
price. Check out "Option 2" on the page above. Also, that price is
only good until midnight EST tonight.

I don't want to be too long-winded. I just wanted to point out an
incredibly effective source of virtually endless website traffic.


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March 23, 2008

How To Create A Rebrandable Ebook - And How To Rebrand Links In An Ebook

Check out this video demonstrating the Viral
Document Toolkit
by David Schwartz, and Willie

With the new Viral Document Toolkit,you can create
a rebrandable ebook
in mere minutes. Those that
you pass the file to can rebrand links and blocks of
text in minutes and create a rebranded ebook.


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Generating Traffic With A Viral PDF Ebook

Generating Traffic With A Viral PDF Ebook
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

The best product in the world won't sell if no one knows it
exists. Every Internet marketer struggles with generating
traffic to their websites. They try a lot of different
things – pay per click ads, article marketing, joint
ventures and so forth.

Almost every traffic generating strategy has a high cost in
the form of time or money (or sometimes both). However,
there is one solution that requires little time up front,
and can even be done without spending any money.

What I'm talking about is creating a viral PDF Ebook.

Consider this: what if you had an army of a thousand
“traffic soldiers” who went out and scoured the Internet
for you, trying to get people to visit your website? This
frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business
because someone else is bringing in the traffic for you.

Why would they do this? Because you have created something
SO valuable that they feel compelled to share it with

Here's how it works: First, you identify your target
market. You find a group of people who share a similar
problem, and then you offer to help them solve their
problem by giving them valuable information for free.

Next, you encourage and make it easy for them to share this
information with others. People will only do this if your
information truly benefits them. Also, you have to make it
simple for them to distribute it to other people who would
also find the information valuable.

If you can place an ebook into the hands of thousands of
different people, and within that Ebook there are links to
your product and website, you ARE going to make sales.

Creating traffic by using viral PDF ebooks is one of my
favorite marketing strategies. It's just another powerful
way I can control the traffic flow to my website. If you
aren't using viral PDF Ebooks, then you are basically
closing the door on a huge stream of traffic.

Also, an Ebook will not go viral unless it contains
valuable information in it. Don't underestimate how good it
feels to help other people... and get paid for it! Not only
will you get additional traffic, but you'll also be viewed
by your audience as a “solution provider”, and not just
some marketer pitching a product.

Plus, it's just fun to say that you wrote a book that was
read by over a hundred thousand people on the Internet.
Most published authors who get shelf space in Barnes and
Nobles can't even claim this achievement.

Bottom line: If you do it right, you can create a massive
amount of traffic with a viral PDF Ebook.


Willie Crawford is an Internet marketer with over 11 years
of experience at generating massive website traffic,
and sales using viral marketing techniques. Viral Document
is his favorite tool for creating rebrandable PDF's.
Don't miss this tool at:

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March 22, 2008

Identifying The ABSOLUTE Best-Sellers On Clickbank

One final "secret" for today, then I'm going to relax some.
In a recent ebook that I wrote entitled "Secrets Of The
Clickbank Millionaires," I mentioned a piece of software that
shows me the best selling product on Clickbank for ANY

The software actually downloads the entire Clickbank product
database, and then lets me sort that data a dozen different
ways so that I can choose the exact products that will sell
best for me.

For me, there is NO risk in promoting Clickbank products. I
only promote products that are proven sellers, that offer
the level of commission that I want, and that are generally
on the rise at Clickbank.

Here's the software that VERY few people know about that
I use to do that:


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Another BIG Secret - How I Manage To Get So Much DONE!

Another "secret" is that you can't do everything yourself.
There are simply not enough hours in a day, and it's
impossible for you to really master more than a few things.

Take my marketing of Clickbank products...

I was taught that if you drive traffic straight to the
merchant’s sales page, you get one shot at the sale, and then
even if the prospect buys, they're not YOUR customer.

I was taught that you need to get them on your list FIRST,
then presell them, and only then send them to the merchant’s
sites. If you do that, the person is your subscriber or

When I market Clickbank products, I generally drive customers
to a video squeeze page, where I offer them a short course,
THEN I offer them the product. If they don't get the product
right away, I can easily follow up with them via autoresponder.

My "secret" is that I DON'T create the video squeeze pages,
autoresponder follow-up messages, or any of that. I don't even
usually host the webpages or use my own autoresponder accounts.

HOWEVER, I do own the list.

You could say that I have what's sometimes called "A Silver

I will share my silver bullets with you :-)

Here's the system that I use:


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March 21, 2008

Dime Sales Script And 100% Profit

Don't miss this powerful script that lets you set up
your own Dime Sales (where the price automatically increases
after each purchase).

It's a lot more though. It really a powerful sales automator
tool that personalizes one-time-offers, offers a real affiliate
program, tracks stats, does Paypal affiliate mass payments and
MUCH more.

On top of that, if you read the bottom of the sales pages, you'll
see that it's also a customer-only affiliate program that pays
100% commission!

Don't miss:


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March 20, 2008

If You'd Like Some Quick Moolah - This Might Take 5 Minutes!

No, this post is not about overnight riches.

I did want to point out to you three things that could generate
some fast, easy sales for you though.

The first one is a new forum where you are allowed to place up
to 2 of your own free ads per day. This forum should see tens
of thousands of unique visitors over the next several weeks,
and these visitors will all have money to spend :-)

I'll be driving those tens of thousands of visitors to that
site, so I'm telling you, all you need to do is go there and
place your ads :-)

You do have to register for this forum, and then you can place
your ads for free. The ads should be for products that offer
real value to forum members. Go register now at:

The second thing that I wanted to share with you is a "dime
sale" script. This script powers sales where the product
increases in price after each sale, but it has a LOT of great
features, and supports an affiliate program and one time offers.

My friend Joel Holtzman created this program, and if you look
closely at his webpage, you'll see that he's offering 100%
commission on the script itself.

Get in on this one now BEFORE your competitors notice this :-)


Finally, if you haven't checked out my secret to following up
with customers at Clickbank automatically... check this out:

I use video squeeze pages, autoresponders, etc., to promote
top sellers on Clickbank, yet I don't set ANY of this up. This
IS my secret:

Just three quick things for you to look at.


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March 18, 2008

Digg It - A SEO Experiment For PLF 2.0

Please take a second to Digg this item:


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Quick Lessons From Spying On Mike Filsaime

My friend Mike Filsaime sent me a link to one of his videos
last night that I thought was the BEST marketing video that
I've ever seen.

Take a quick look at his video here:

As you watch Mike's video, look at how he structured it,
and also all of the different marketing elements that he
incorporates in the video... things like scarcity and
social proof.

After watching this video, I PM'ed Mike and asked HOW he put
this together. I fully plan on doing a few videos that
"model" this video.

In fact, I have an assistant already tasked to take several
of my scripts and put together a video like this:

If you are a serious student of internet marketing, this
video offers some really, really powerful lessons.

Take a look now ;-)


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March 16, 2008

Product Launch Formula Order URL

After hearing that the bonus for those who get
Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula through me
includes a solo mailing to 120,000, I had 4
people in Atlanta ask me for my affiliate url.

This is my link ==>> Jeff Walker's Product Launch
Formula 2.0
but you can't order until March 25th.
If you'd like to let me know that you want my bonus
though, just leave me a note at my help desk by clicking

While you can't take advantage of my Product Launch
Formula Bonus
yet, we can start pre-coordinating the
date for your solo mailing.


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March 14, 2008

Don't Miss This Once In A Life Time Product Launch Formula Bonus

Sitting in the Pensacola airport, on my way to Atlanta
this morning, a PM from an upset friend reminded me
that many emails don't get through or read in time, so
it IS important that I remind you of things here.

I wanted to make sure that you don't miss an offer
that I'm absolutely certain that I'll NEVER make again.
This offer can make any product launch or product relaunch a

I say that because I'm offering to promote your product
to over 120,000 people
PLUS teach you how to do a
successful launch

check out:

This will not be gone tomorrow, but I am only offering
this to a limited number of people, and it's on a
first-come, first-served basis.

If you marketing anything over the Internet and you
don't check this out, you're missing out on the best
deal ever.

My Product Launch Formula Bonus is at:


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My Product Lauch Formula Bonus Lens

I just wanted to encourage you to visit my
Product Launch Formula Bonus Squidoo Lens.

It needs a few more visitors to move up in
the rankings. Please drop by my Product
Launch Formula Bonus lens
, and vote, and say


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March 13, 2008

How To Rebrand Practically ANY Link Or Text In Any PDF

How To Rebrand Practically ANY Link Or Text In Any PDF
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

Sometimes your customers tell you exactly what they are
looking for in a product, and even point out features, or
hidden benefits, of your existing products.

If you listen closely, they even show you whole new
ways of marketing your products.

The perfect example, offering a powerful marketing lesson,
in our new Viral Document Toolkit, a PDF brander and

Viral Document Toolkit was designed to allow a user to
create, or import and edit, a text document, or any document
created in the Microsoft Office Suite, Open Office Suite,
or related programs. It can also easily handle any RTF

After the file is edited in the Viral Document Toolkit
"Builder" specifying which parts are to be rebrandable,
it is saved in a special file format (a .vdt format).
That .vdt file, along with the Viral Document Toolkit
"Brander" is passed along to customers, joint venture
partners, affiliate, etc.

Those that you pass rebrandable files to, open the
Viral Document Toolkit Brander, browse to where a
rebrandable file is, and then open any file with the .vdt

Once the file is open, the program instantly recognized
all of the rebrandable portions of the document, and
displays them in a table where you can change any of them
that you choose to.

The Viral Document Toolkit software allows you to make
plain text, hyperlinks, and embedded hyperlinks rebrandable.
It even allows you to designate HUGE blocks of text as
rebrandable (replaceable). You can also rebrand hyperlinks
embedded behind images.

One of our potential customer was watching a video of the
Viral Document Toolkit which was posted on our site at:
http://ViralDocument/ and noticed that the software
allowed you to do something ELSE that he wanted to do.

As he watched the demo video, and looked closely at the
types of files that could be opened within the Viral
Document Builder, he noticed that the dropdown list showed
no only Word, WordPerfect, RTF, etc., it also showed several
PDF options.

This customer instantly purchased the software because
he had a number of old PDF files that he wanted to update.
These files had links that no longer worked, and even
sections of text that were no longer accurate. He saw this
as the perfect tool to fix those problems.

When the customer purchased and began using Viral Document
Toolkit, he noticed that his version did NOT offer the
option for opening existing PDF documents.

He became VERY upset and quickly let us know that, accusing
us of “tricking customers.”

We explained to him that the Viral Document Toolkit was never
intended to allow you to modify existing PDF's and that
it couldn't do that. That capability never crossed our minds
as we developed the software.

The customer insisted that he had seen the software show
PDF's as an option in the dropdown menu in the demo video.

Upon going back and reviewing my own video, I discovered
that he was correct. Viral Document Toolkit would indeed
allow me to browse to and open any PDF document that wasn't
password protected or encrypted. If it was password
protected, it would open it if I had the password.

Further digging revealed what had actually happened. Viral
Document Toolkit uses the converters, and other "pieces"
internal to software already on your machine to identify
what types of documents are on your machine that it can
manipulate. It can "see" practically anything that's a part
of the Microsoft Office Suite, for example.

The program was also "seeing" PDF converters that I had
downloaded and installed on my laptop when I was working
on other projects. On several occasions, I had documents
ONLY available in PDF that I needed in Word format so that I
could update them. These were generally documents that I
had created or purchased the rights to change them, but that
I couldn't locate the source files for.

With the converts already installed on my machine, Viral
Document Toolkit did indeed have the ability to use the
pre-installed drivers/converters to change ANY PDF file that
I have except those that were encrypted or password
protected (where I didn't have the password).

This customer has pointed out to us a "hidden benefit" of
using our software that we had not even sought to create. That
customer had pointed out to us a whole new segment of the
marketplace to us.

That customer had shown us that we did indeed have a
piece of software that would allow you to rebrand almost any
link in any PDF document

It goes without saying that you should not violate
copyrights or licenses when changing PDF's. However, an
observant customer taught us "How To Brand Practically
Any Link In Any PDF" :-)


Willie Crawford in an internet marketing with over 11 years
of experience in generating massive website traffic,
subscribers and sales using viral marketing techniques.
Viral Document Toolkit is the latest tool he shares with
his visitors at:

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March 11, 2008

Free copy - The List Building Secrets Of Willie Crawford

On March 8th, I conducted a 90-minute teleseminar where I
shared some of the techniques that I've used to build my
database to over 1/2 million. I have numerous lists in
numerous niches, and most of that "over 1/2 million" is NOT
in internet marketing.

The recording from that call is at my transcriptionist right
now, and my audio editor has a copy to. That call will
become part of a larger list-building course that I'm
working on.

Today, I wanted to GIVE you a copy of the audio from that
call. You can access the MP3 for free just by visiting my
blog. The link will be in a post right at the top of the
blog. There's no registration, or any hoops to jump through.

Just download the MP3 and listen at your convenience.

I don't plan on leaving that audio up for long though.

It does NOT come with any redistribuion rights, and as soon
as I get the transcript back, then the audio will be removed
from the site.

For now, you can get it at:

The link to the audio is near the top of the blog :-)


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New Viral PDF Brander - Make Rebrandable Ebooks In Mere Minutes

Check out this video of how quickly and easily I can
create a rebrandable ebook, and how quickly I can
rebrand an ebook, with the PDF brander... The Viral
Document Toolkit


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March 09, 2008

I Love This New PDF Brander - Currently A Warrior Special Offer

My friend David Schwartz has a really amazing new
PDF Brander out. It lets you make text, links and
even entire HUGE blocks of text rebrandable. It
even lets you make embedded links, like links behind
images, rebrandable.

Here's the video:

David has this as a Warrior Special Offer at this link.

Don't miss out. The price more than doubles after the WSO!


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March 07, 2008

The Clickbank Millions - Silver Bullet Connection

Today I want to let you in on one of my BIG Clickbank success
secret weapons. If you read my ebook, "Secrets Of The Clickbank
Millionaires," I hinted about it there.


This is really the most powerful and completely automated
marketing system I've ever seen .

My good friend, Dustin Struckman, just recently launched a true
"push-button" marketing system that literally does *everything*
for you. I've never seen anything like this before and I strongly
encourage you to sign up right now at:

Basically, he's created 10 "Silver Bullets" - each one virtually
certain to make you money. Each of these Silver Bullets is
designed to:

* Automatically build your optin email lists
* Automatically follow-up with your prospects
* Automatically convert them into customers
* Automatically pay you a commission when they buy

All of this happens without you having to do or write or create a
single thing. You don't even need your own autoresponders.
The system handles everything for you . . . automatically. Talk
about push button simple!

Sign up today at:

Each month, Dustin picks 10 of the Top paying affiliate
products and creates these Silver Bullets for them.

What's a Silver Bullet, you ask? It's a profit-seeking set of tools
for each of the 10 products. Each Silver Bullet includes:

* Professional Video Squeeze Page - to capture your visitors'
name and email

* High-quality Squeeze Video - to grab your visitors' attention
and get them to opt into your list

* Content Mini-site - to pre-sell your affiliate product and earn
you commissions

* 5-part Email Series - to follow up with your prospects and
convert more sales for you on the back-end

* 250 Keyword-rich, AdSense articles to draw traffic from the
search engines and earn you a little extra on the side!

And all you have to do is:

1. Sign up for your Affiliate Silver Bullet account

2. Enter your ClickBank Nickname (free to get) into your ASB account

3. Upload the AdSense articles to get traffic to your customized
Silver Bullets... OR promote them to make it work even faster!

That's it! Absolutely everything else happens automatically...

You don't even need your own domain to use this program:

* No autoresponder required - It's included!

* No web hosting, domain or website required - Included!

* No special skills necessary - It's nearly 100% automated!

Take a look at the Site and see the quality of these Silver
Bullets for yourself:

Once you see them, you'll understand why I'm so excited about
this program and why I'm encouraging you to get started with it
right away.

If you take a look at Silver Bullet #8, you'll see how much I
actually use this marvelous system ;-)

Best Regards,

PS Dustin's offering this service for an extremely low price right
now, but I've told him he should definitely raise it. So if I were
you I'd sign up today and lock in the introductory price while
you still can...

PPS He just launched a new feature so you don't even need your own
website, domain or hosting account. Just sign up and start building
your list and making money within 30 seconds! It really is push
button simple!

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March 06, 2008

When Lions ROAR In Internet Marketing

Earlier today I learned the Jeff Walker's launch of Product
Launch Formula 2
had slipped... until March 25th. That
matters a lot to me, and many in internet marketing,
because we planned a lot of our marketing around that

Like it or not, when something BIG is happening in the
Internet marketing niche, it can overshadow many other
things going on in the niche.

That's not bad or good, it's just a FACT that you need to
acknowledge. If you have a product launch planned over
the next three weeks, and you're in Internet marketing,
your ability to get joint venture partners, and to grab
the attention of the marketplace ARE impacted by Jeff's
launch of Product Launch Formula 2.

You should actually pay close attention to Jeff's launch
and learn from it. I think that it will easily product
several million dollars in sales very quickly.

I encourage you to watch what's happening from the vantage
point of my blog, set up to highlight the launch, and the
very best bonuses offered by promoters of the launch. That
blog is at:

Please take a moment now to drop by the blog and say hi.
Let me know what you think of the bonus package that I've
put together. Just post a note right on the blog. I really
do need your feedback :-)


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March 03, 2008

How To Build An Internet Marketing List Of Over 100,000

How To Build An Internet Marketing List Of Over 100,000
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

In anticipation of an upcoming launch of Jeff Walker's
Product Launch Formula 2, I told my list that I was
going to offer a solo mailing to one of my lists of
over 120,000. This immediately started a flood of
emails asking how they could order early... something
that I anticipated.

The second flood of emails asked how I had managed to
build such a huge database. Rather than answering
that second question in individual emails, I decided to
answer it with this article.

First of all, I should point out that I've been in
business online since late-1996, and have been slowly
building my lists almost since the very beginning.
So, I didn't accomplish this overnight. Still, I
know that you can build a huge list rather quickly
if you use the right techniques.

Here are some of my favorite list-building techniques:

1) Put a sign-up form on every page of your websites,
except for direct sales pages where it would interrupt
the flow too much. Next to that sign-up form, give
a powerful reason why they need to join your list,
and ask them to take action.

Next to the sign-up form, assure them that you will
protect them from spam. Also post a few testimonials
as proof of the value your newsletter provides.

2) Write information-packed articles and distribute
them everywhere appropriate. I've written over
850 information-packed article on the topic of
Internet marketing. Those articles demonstrate
my expertise, share useful information, and bring
visitors to my websites ready to join my lists.

I believe in sharing a lot of cutting edge
information in my articles. Many people only drop
hints, but I'm not afraid of sharing too much. The
reason is that knowledge grows exponentially, and
since I'm constantly learning new things, I can
never teach you everything that I know.

Since I don't fear running out of useful information
that you will value, my articles are genuinely
helpful, and that generates lots of loyal subscribers.

3) Write information-packed, inexpensive ebooks and
then allow affiliates to sell them for most of the

I create a steady stream of ebooks - largely
expansions of my articles - and then I set up
affiliate programs where affiliates earn as much
as 100% commission. Money is a great motivator
for getting others to send you lots of new
"paying" customers and subscribers

My favorite tool for setting up these “ebook traffic
magnets" is Sid Hale's Rapid Action Profits script.
This script allows you to set up a system where an
affiliate earns INSTANT commissions which are paid
directly to their Paypal accounts.

High commissions are a great motivator for people to
send you new potential subscribers. When those
commissions are paid instantly to affiliates who often
have cash-flow problems, it's like pouring gasoline on
a fire.

You'll find Sid's Rapid Action Profits System at:

4) Run pay-per-click campaigns... when the math makes
sense. This is something that I don't see a lot of
my competitors doing. However, when I know that my
conversions rates or backend profits are sufficient,
I often run pay-per-click ads... sometimes even for
free items.

With pay-per-clicks, you need to closely monitor your
results. You also need a good idea of the lifetime
value of a new customer or subscriber. To me, it
makes perfect sense to lose a dollar to gain a new
highly qualified subscriber.

If you're paying attention, you'll notice numerous
Internet marketers who run promotions where they pay
a dollar or more for referrals who simply opt-in to
a list. I essentially do the same thing when using
pay-per-clicks. With pay-per-clicks you reach new
subscribers who may not already be on a dozen other
marketers’ lists.

5) Use free giveaways where appropriate. I contribute
to, and help to promote free giveaways, when they are
well managed and the quality is high. I've built
large lists doing this and have a friend who got
over 5000 subscribers from one of his first giveaways.
I've written about how I do that many times before.

The key with free giveaways is that you need to
offer a gift of high enough value that your new
subscribers instantly bond with you. You still have to
develop the relationship, but your gift should start
it on a positive note.

Many people who participate in free giveaways offer
"absolute garbage." Once their new subscriber downloads
their free "gift" and look through it, they HAVE to
feel insulted.

My rule is to always offer a gift that's good
enough to sell. I was humored when, in one recent
giveaway, I contributed resale rights to one of
my new ebooks, along with a rough website. Before
the giveaway was even over, at least one fast-acting
individual had my ebook set up using the Rapid
Action Profits script mentioned in number three,

6) Give away free viral ebooks. Write ebooks on topics
that you know a lot of people are interested in. In
those ebooks recommend specific solutions to problems,
and include affiliate links to buy those products.
Make some of those links rebrandable.

If the ebooks are filled with lots of useful
information, AND they have links that can be
rebranded, then you have an ebook that should go
viral. People are incentivized to spread it!

In these ebooks, offer some type of a free bonus...
perhaps an audio recording, or a template, or free
piece of software, but require readers to visit your
website to get this bonus. On your site, require
them to register, or join your mailing list, to get
the freebie.

If the original ebook delivered tremendous value, then
the new potential subscriber will have no objection
to joining your list. If the free ebook offered marginal
value, then they have to assume that your other "gift"
will be more of the same, and so they won't subscribe.

For creating viral ebooks, I recommend using the
"Viral Document Toolkit" a next-generation PDF brander
created by David Schwartz. The Viral Document Toolkit
allows you to easily create rebrandable documents where
you can specify links, and text that can be rebranded.
You can even specify rather large BLOCKS of text as
rebrandable... and even rebrand hyperlinked images!

You create a rebrandable ebook, and then pass along
the ebook (with most parts locked, but some parts
changeable) along with the rebrander tool, to your
subscribers, website visitors, customers, etc. Since
they can profit from changing the ebook, they happily
spread it, and in the process build you a huge list.

You'll find the Viral Document Toolkit at:

David finished testing the Viral Document Toolkit
software March 1st, 2008, so you'll be using a tool
that 99.9% of your competitors will have never seen. VDT
is actually so revolutionary that NO ONE other than a
few of David's closest friends have even been allowed
to touch it, until now.

If you make your new viral ebooks good enough, you may
be pleasantly surprised to see your competitors promoting
them ;-)

6) Take massive action and do it immediately. One of
my secrets to building my database so large is that
when I'm shown a new tool or technique, and it passes
"the common sense test," then I put it to immediate use...
provided it doesn't distract me from something more
urgent that I'm already working on.

Many of my contemporaries, and subscribers, complained
about having no list as long as five years ago. Many
of them still use that same excuse for why they've
not made any real business growth progress.

I'm not sure why this is since all of the techniques that I,
and that many of my mentors use, are so simple... and even

The key is not to over-analyze things. That traps
you into "paralysis by analysis." Instead, get into
the habit of doing while others are still "thinking
about it."

My friend, Dr. Joe Vitale, taught me that "money
loves speed!"

I've just shared with you some of the techniques
that I've used to build a massive subscriber database.
Of course, I can't cover every technique that I use
in this short article. I will close by sharing that
part of the key to growing your list is actually
retaining the subscribers after you get them. To do
that, you merely need to deliver tremendous content
telling them how to solve their most pressing

Simple - right?


Willie Crawford is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, author,
seminar and radio show host, and leading Internet marketing
expert. When not out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, Willie enjoys
sharing his 11 1/2 years of online marketing experience with his
ezine subscribers. Join them at:

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March 02, 2008

How Not To Inadvertently Violate Paypal's Terms Of Service

One of my friends has a huge thread over at Warrior
Forum on Paypal freezing his account, with a large sum
of money in it, for 6 MONTHS.

Since their customer service department is only open
Monday - Friday, it will be tomorrow before he can
even begin to get at the full explanation.

However, reading about reminded me to tell you about
this free report pointing out things that you need to
be careful with in selling items via Paypal.

You can grab the free PDF report here:

Get it, read it, and take it seriously! I did :-)


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February 29, 2008

35 Free PLR Packages + Free Solo Mailing To 120,000

From my ezine this morning...

With this being a leap year, today is a rare day. I
encourage you to enjoy it, and to actually NOT spend
that much time working :-)

To do my part in helping you do that, I'll be brief.

To do your part, you just need to run down this short
list to take advantage of a few things.

1) First of all, there are 35 different product packages
being offered for free in this PLR product giveaway:

What's unusual about this giveaway is that all 35 of the
products come with ** Unrestricted ** Private Label Rights.

Today is the first day that all 35 products were available
from the site, so even if you checked out the site before,
do it again. This giveaway ends in just a few days. This
is good stuff, and you can take any of these products and
with only minor changes, have your own lucrative products.

2) If you frequent forums, you've probably seen a few threads
talking about Version 2.0 of Jeff Walker's Product Launch

Jeff did confirm that he has a new version due out soon,
and I KNOW that it will be totally amazing. From listening
to Jeff's presentations in Orlando a few days ago, I know
that his "formula" will make me well over $1 million in

To see how effective PLF is, you should check out this
short video:

Jeff shows how someone using his formula went from being
on food stamps, to doing VERY well. This person had a
product that he was already selling... with dismal results.
He applied Jeff's formula and sales skyrocketed.

Since I know that when Jeff launches V2.0 there will be a
few marketers offering some really NICE bonuses, I felt
that I should do the same. That's where the "free solo
mailing to 120,000" in my subject line comes from. Part of
my bonus package will be a solo mailing to 120,000 of my

I'm also planning on offering a seat to a $1997 seminar
that Frank Garon and I have planned for May, in Atlanta.

I know that Product Launch Formula works... I use it
frequently. I know that Version 2.0 will incorporate
changes in the marketplace since the original was releases
(things like Web 2.0 and some other changes that make a
huge difference) so I know that it will get anyone doing
an online product launch RESULTS.

At the same time, I know that without hand-holding, or
"a hand up" that many buyers won't gain maximum benefit
from PLF. So, that's what I'm going to offer my

Do take a look at the video at:
I learned several "actionable" things just from watching
that free vides. You should too.

3) If you haven't grabbed your copy of "Secrets Of The
Clickbank Millionaires" your time is almost up. Right
now, you can get this ebook, along with resale rights
to it, and over 20 other products for an insane $1.97.

That ends on March 2nd. Check it out today, before you
forget and lose out BIG. After March 2nd, the ebook will
cost you MUCH more.

In that ebook, I share insider information on what top
Clickbank merchants and affiliates hope that you'll never
discover. I share how some manage to make hundreds of
thousands of dollars in sales EVERY month.

Most Clickbank affiliates probably don't make ANY sales
MOST months. Many Clickbank affiliates make sales, but
they're so low that it's embarrassing. Those who know
what's in my ebooks sit around bars at Internet
marketing conferences bragging. That's how I discovered
many of their secrets :-)

Get a copy of that ebook now at:

If after reading this ebook, you don't see how to
skyrocket your Clickbank sales, then you're in the wrong
business. It's not rocket science.

In fact, in the ebook, I share MY system for making an
insane number of sales of my OWN products on Clickbank.


As you can see, I've fired an early shot in the bonus
wars, and significantly raised the bar. That should make
things very interesting :-)


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February 28, 2008

Twitter - A Secret To Instant Communication With The Gurus!

Sign up for a free Twitter account today, and then start
using it to follow and instantly communicate with your
favorite guru:

This tool is VERY powerful, even if you have a small

Go register now.


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February 27, 2008

Earning Six And Seven Figures As A Clickbank Affiliate!

*** IMPORTANT! ***

If you still haven't grabbed a copy of my new ebook,
"Secrets Of The Clickbank Millionaires" grab your copy
now at:

You’ll discover how those earning six and even seven-figure
incomes with Clickbank products ACTUALLY do it. You'll
see things that you probably never thought of, as well
as some things that will SHOCK you.

I don't hold anything back in this EXPOSE.

Get your copy now at:
You not only get the ebook... you also get a license
to resell it and a complete website!


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Video - How To Double Your Organic Search Traffic

Check out this video....

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Please Join Kevin Riley & Willie Crawford On The Radio Tonight, February 27th...

Just a quick reminder not to miss my radio show...

It’s tonight at 6-7 PM CST, and I’ll have Kevin Riley as
my guest.

Kevin, is an absolute master at creating products that his
market can't seem to get enough of. I'm going to get him
to share how he does this with you.

If you create your own products, and they're not selling
like hotcakes, then you need to tune in to this free
interview. If you're thinking about creating your
own products, then it would be a great idea to tune
in to this radio show and avoid many of the common
pitfall that so many others make that doom their
products to failure… before it even launches.

Please join Kevin and myself at:

You can listen to the show right over the Internet at
the url above. You may also phone in your comments or
questions. There's also a chat interface where you
may type in your comments or questions.


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February 23, 2008

Secret Backdoor To Free Google Traffic...

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Why Subscribers From Free List-Building Giveaways ARE Valuable!

Visit any popular Internet marketing discussion board and
you'll see a lot of discussion about effective ways to build
a list. Almost invariably, someone will suggest entering one
of the numerous free giveaways that you see each month.
Almost as quickly as this is suggested, some other "sage"
will point out that "freebie seekers" are a waste of time...
and that "they never buy anything."

Is this true, and if not, what is the key to eventually
turning them into customers?

In my 11 1/2 years online, I have participated in dozens of
free giveaways, and added countless loyal subscribers to
my lists. Some subscribers HAVE opt-ed out of my lists as soon
as they downloaded my free gift. Others have been on my
lists for years, and do purchase from me regularly.

Free giveaways are one of several very effective ways that
I've managed to build a database that numbers in the hundreds
of thousands (in several different niches). I share some
of my favorite list-building methods in a short report that I
wrote on the topic here:

Before we get too far, I should probably explain what I mean
by "free list-building giveaways." These are generally
cooperative efforts where several marketers team up, each
offers one (or several) free items from a central websites,
and then they all promote the giveaway website.

Visitors to these sites: register, and once inside, they
are presented with descriptions of each free gift, and
usually, they have to visit each contributor’s website in
order to retrieve their free gift. The idea is that when
they visit the contributors’ websites, each contributor puts
the potential subscriber through a "squeeze page" where the
subscriber has to subscribe in order to get the gift. This
is how it builds that contributor’s list.

I don't ALWAY force visitors to my websites to register
for the gift because if they don't want to be on my list,
then I don't really want to force them. Instead, I often
build backend into my gift, or I offer an additional,
irresistible bonuses from within my original gift that they
do have to register to get.

I've actually discussed this topic with numerous people who
have had as much success with free giveaways as I have. We
all agree that part of "the secret" is that you have to
build a relationship with your new subscribers before you
try to sell them something.

“People buy from people that they know, like and trust."

It's your job as the marketer, and list owner, to get your
new subscribers to know, like and trust you. That often
takes time.

One of the true masters at doing this though is my friend
Odinn Sorensen. Odinn understands the process so well that
I recently had him on my radio show where we discussed his
list-building techniques for a full hour. Odinn has added
as many as 5000+ new subscribers to his list from a
single giveaway, so I figured he could teach my radio
audience a thing or two.

You can actually listen to the recording of my interview
with Odinn at:
You may also download the MP3 recording of that show directly
from that page and listen to it at your convenience.

Odinn explained that one of the keys to a successful
giveaway, and to getting subscribers that you immediately
start building a good relationship with, is to offer only
quality gifts. You should NEVER give anything away that
is not actually good enough to sell. To do otherwise
insults your new subscriber, and that's certainly no way to
start off a new relationship.

Another, not so intuitive reason that some free giveaways
are more successful than others, is that you need a good
theme for a free giveaway. People are suspicious. They
want to know WHY anyone would give them something for
free. Without that good "reason why" many potential subscribers
won't even pay attention to your free giveaway.

Three excellent examples of free giveaway that demonstrate
my point are:

1) Odinn's Daddy's Birthday Giveaway, where his reason why
is that "as a birthday present to himself, on his 39th birthday
he quit his regular job." To celebrate he's giving gifts to
his subscribers. That's a reason that anyone wanting to
quit their jobs and run a full-time business from home can
relate to. It gives potential subscribers a warm feeling
and they want to celebrate with Odinn.

You can see how Odinn set his giveaway up at:

2) Doug Champigny's and Xavier Nelson's Free PLR Giveaway.
With this free giveaway, the attraction is that subscribers get
free, unrestricted, private label rights to products that they
can rework, put their name on, and market as their own.

Doug and Xavier required all contributors to contribute
gifts that subscribers would truly value, and consequently,
I think that they have a winner. You can see how they set
this giveaway up at:

3) Rob Richards noticed that the Internet marketing niche was
getting a little tired of the free giveaways where all of
the contributors seemed to be offering the same old worn
out products. It's obvious when you check out some of these
giveaways that some contributors just took some outdated
product that they had resale rights to, and "tossed it into
the mix."

In the WORST of these free giveaways, you'll see numerous
contributors offer the SAME free gift. That constitutes a
double insult to potential subscribers. It says, "Not
only am I offering your a freebie with very little value,
but I'm offering your something that dozens of others
obviously also have giveaway rights to.

Anyway, Rob's twist was to put together a giveaway where
each gift is first of all a complete business in a box.
That is, it's a product, with a reseller website, and
graphics, where all the new subscriber really need to do
is download a product package, add their own payment link,
and upload it to their site, to have a product that's ready
to market.

Rob also added a number of other slight twists. For example,
instead of making the giveaway totally free, he set up a
memberhip site where you have to pay $1.97 to get in,
and THEN you have access to the 20+ products. He also
required that the products be totally top quality. Some
of the products offered in this giveaway were created just
for that giveaway. I know that FACT because I wrote an
ebook entitled "Secrets Of The Clickbank Millionaires"
just for Rob's giveaway.

Odinn had taught me well, so when I looked at what to
contribute to Rob's project, which is called "Bizzy Box
Giveaway," I understood that the secret to getting
quality subscribers was starting the relationship off
on a positive note. So I gave them an ebook that I could
have easily sold for $47 (along with resale rights).

You can check out Rob's model and see his other subtle,
winning twists at:

If you study these three giveaways, you'll see that,
first of all, free list-building giveaways do work. More
importantly, you'll see the types of free list-building
giveaways that generate quality, targeted, responsive
subscribers. You'll see giveaways where the contributors
understand, or are coached in the proper way to build
relationships, and turn "freebie seekers" into raving

The big secret, by the way, is to honestly care about,
and respect your potential subscribers. It’s to only give
them something that you'd value if someone gave it to

When you think of it in those terms, it's not so complex
is it?

Use this secret, and you'll be one of those rare individuals
who responds to the threads on Internet marketing
discussion forums arguing emphatically that free
list-building giveaways do work. You'll argue that they
do produce quality subscribers, because for you they
will :-)

Willie Crawford is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, author,
seminar and radio show host, and leading Internet marketing
expert. When not out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, Willie can
be found sharing his 11 1/2 years of online marketing experience
with members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.
Join them at:

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February 22, 2008

Successfully Building Your List From Free Giveaways

Earlier today, I had the honor of interviewing Odinn
Sorensen, sponsor of Daddy's Birthday Giveaway, on
my Blog Talk Radio Show.

If you missed the interview you missed a LOT of
great information. Odinn gained over 5000 subscribers
from one of the first free giveaways that he took
part in. He shared why they work so well for him,
his secret techniques, and what so many do wrong.

He has discovered that subscribers gained from these
free giveaways ARE often very responsive. He shared
how he builds a relationship with them.

I invited Odinn on my show because he only started
his online business in the summer of 2006, yet
this month, he walked in a quit his six-figure

You can listen to the recording of the show that
I did with Odinn here:

You can even download the MP3 and listen to the
recording at your convenience. It shows what you
CAN do when you just decide to do it and get

Be sure to check out Odinn's free giveaway too.
He has over 200 free "QUALITY" gifts that you
can download! Click here to check that out!


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What They Hoped That You'd NEVER Learn About Selling Clickbank Products!


Like many in the Internet marketing arena, I've sold
products via Clickbank for years. Like many, I've not
always been overjoyed with the results that I got as
an affiliate, or as a merchant.

Over the past year though, I've really cracked the code!

I shared some of what I learned in an ebook that I
finished writing yesterday.

You can get that ebook here:

In that ebook I share tips, tactics, and some of the
strategies that top Clickbank merchants and affiliates
have shared with me. Some of these border on blackhat,
or unethical. I don't delve too deep into those in my
ebook, but I DO tell you how to really turn your
Clickbank results around.

The ebook that I mentioned above is my contribution to
a new type of "giveaway." In this giveaway, you pay a
tiny membership fee (less than $2) and can then access
some really great products... like my Clickbank ebook,
and you get resale rights to them.

These products are ALL "Businesses In A Box" meaning
that all you need to do is add your payment links,
upload the pages to your website, and you can market
them for 100% profit.

One of the twist to the giveaway is the license that
you get with the ebooks or other products. You can
sell these products for any price that you choose,
and even give them away to members of your PAID
membership siteS.

At the same time, the license does not allow others to
totally devalue the products.

Take a look and grab my ebook:

Read the ebook, use and, and even resell it. I wrote
this BRAND NEW ebook specifically for this project, and
because I wanted you to know THE TRUTH!


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February 20, 2008

Download This New Free PDF By Rich Schefren & Jay Abraham - It Rocks!

Just when I think Rich Schefren has topped himself, he
shoots up the ladder another rung... and keeps "raising
the free line" :-)

I just finished reading his new Special Report he wrote
with marketing master Jay Abraham titled "The Maven
Matrix" and I gotta tell you--I can't believe he's
giving this stuff away.

It's 84 pages of SOLID content!

In fact, if you see some glaring spelling or formatting
errors in this email, it's because I'm hurrying through
it as fast as I can.

Because I'm chomping at the bit to go put these
strategies to work right now--it's THAT good.

Check it out for yourself here.

The Maven Matrix is 84 pages focused on one thing
and one thing only--How To Become A Maven In The
Fastest And Easiest Way Possible.

Rich and Jay simply lay it all out for you, step-by-
step, and show you exactly how to reach the elusive
Maven-ship level and slingshot your way to superstardom
(and super profits) in your niche.

And they're charging nothing for it.

Scratching my head over that one (this could easily go
for $197 or better) but hey, who am I to question two
of the world's top Mavens?

Inside this jam-packed report you'll discover:

--The real reason why traditional marketing is becoming
less effective by the day...

--Why the odds are 100 to 1 that you are your own worst
enemy in marketing -- and sabotage your own marketing

--An easy short-cut to massive recognition, credibility
and trust...

--Why you don't have to be the best to be the leader in
your niche (although it helps)...

--The reason why Mavens get most of the sales, prestige
and wealth...and everyone else gets the scraps...

--The secret strategies Rich used to become a Maven in
a few short months...and create a $7.5 million business
in just a year...

--How becoming a Maven triumphs over saturation
advertising and globalization...

--Why Maven Marketing gives you an almost unfair
advantage over 99% of your competitors...

--How to gain your market’s trust almost instantly...

--Why admitting your mistakes and failures almost
always boosts your sales...

--24 different maven personas that create enormously
successful businesses...

--Why hate mail is the mark of Maven Marketing

--The real reason why social network marketing works--
and how you can harness it for almost instant success

--How to get more than $55,000 worth of DVD courses and
training programs FREE...

And lots MORE.

Do yourself a favor and download a copy NOW.

This one document alone could literally mean the
difference between a good year...and a RECORD BREAKING
year. And you're getting it for nothing.

So fight, scratch, claw, knock somebody over, whatever
it takes--just get your hands on a copy now.

You'll thank me later. I guarantee it.


By the way... everyone knows that Rich and Jay are both
legendary in their own right when it comes to marketing
and business building.

But having them tag-team like this? On the same report?
To teach their tried-and-true methods for becoming a
dominant force in your marketplace? For FR*E?

Now you've got something that's not only unheard-
of....but also unparalleled in the industry.

Grab a piece of internet marketing history now.

I'll get to hang out with Rich and Jay this weekend in
Orlando. These guys have taught me a lot and I learn
from them every chance that I get!

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February 18, 2008

274 Free Gifts That You Don't Want To Miss!

I just downloaded a BUNCH of free stuff from Odinn's
free giveaway.... like over 300 Meg of stuff that I know
that I'll actually use.

I think that you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you'll
find in this free giveaway. Check it out here:

You can thank me later.

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WordPress Blog Theme Generator - Customize Your WordPress Blogs In Minutes!

Here's a really neat piece of software that allows you
to give any of your WordPress blogs the exact look and
feel that you want.

This tools is so EASY that you'll wonder how you lived
without it.

Here's what The WordPress Theme Generator will do
for you:

- Turn any jpeg image into a complete blog theme in
just 60 seconds
- Turn any header graphic into a complete blog theme
in 30 seconds
- Customize existing themes

With the easy to use built-in photo cropping tool,
your new theme blog will ready in just minutes!

I LOVE this software!!!

Seriously, if you are not displaying your niche blog to
it's potential, you are losing out on readership - which
equals lost profits! Don't hold off any longer, get your
copy here:

Check it out here:


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The Blackbook Of Craiglist Marketing Part II

I hope that your week is going well.

I started mine off by reading an ebook early this morning
on marketing on Craiglist. I don't do much marketing
on Craiglist because I realize that I can't master
EVERYTHING. So, this is one of those topics that I haven't
really tried to master.

I purchased this ebook on the recommendation of a friend.
I did learn a LOT from this ebook entitled...
"The Blackbook of Craiglist Marketing Part II."

I haven't read part I yet, but probably will. I do
encourage you to check this ebook out if you're interested
in using free ads on Craiglist to drive traffic and sales
to your site. The author explains how to use Craiglist
to easily drive traffic to Clickbank products, Ebay
products, etc.

Check out:

This ebook is sold $7 Secrets style so after you read it,
you can turn around and market it for 100% commission if
you find the ebook helpful. The instructions for doing
that are inside the back of the ebook :-)


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February 17, 2008

Free MP3 & PDF - "How To Actually Turn Your Private Label Rights Products Into Your Own Original Products"

You can download a LOT of Free Unrestricted Private
Label Rights Products from here:

Then, to help you actually USE those products to make
money, you can access a recorded teleseminar here:

In that teleseminar, Michael Ambrosio and I tell you
exactly how to turn private label rights ebooks, software,
and articles into your own original products.

You won't even have fill in a registration form. Just
visit the page and download the MP3 and/or the PDF

I don't force you to subscribe to a list here, because
I hope that you'll see the value that I routinely give,
and will want to be one of my subscribers anyway. You
can subscribe using the box in the menu bar on the
right ;-)


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LOTS Of Free Products This Morning, Including Unrestricted Private Label Rights

I just wanted to let you know about several places
where you can go to get some nice freebies this morning.

All of these ARE quality free products.

First though, I want to invite you to tune into my radio
show tomorrow.

You can listen right over the Internet, and it's free.

My guest will be Steve Wagenheim, and we'll spend an hour
discussing how to actually be successful at "article

Steve started online in 2003, but it wasn't until last
year that he cracked the code, and had his first six-
figure year. He'll share how he did that.

You can listen to the show here:

While on the site, please click on the link underneath
my photo and mark the show as a favorite. It helps with
the show's ratings :-)

Ok, on the other freebies...

The first one is a private label rights giveaway that starts
at noon today.

All of the free gifts come with Unrestricted Private
Label Rights. You can access those free products here:

Another free giveaway for you to check out, that I highly
recommend is at:

And... I also want to point out another free gift that I'm
using on many of my sites. It's called the "Niche Widget."
It lets you just copy and paste a snippet of code into
your blog, forum, webpages or even MySpace or FaceBook

That code causes a flash banner (a widget) to show up on
your site that then earns you 50 - 100% commission on
roughly 2000 products in dozens of different niches.

With the Niche Widget, your instant commissions are paid
directly to your Paypal account, so you don't even have
to wait :-)

You can get the niche widget free here:



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February 16, 2008

New Niche Widget Monetizes Any Of Your Blogs, Forums, and Websites.... EFFORTLESSLY!

If you haven't checked out David Perdew's
new Niche Widget, you're should. You can see
a version of it in the menu bar on the right.
It's the animated banner.

It can actually be set up to display any of
over 2000 products in numerous niches.

Here are two kickers...

1) It pays you up to 100% commission!

2) It's FREE!

Get it here:


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How To Land More Joint Ventures With Super Affiliates

You spend six months or more coming up with a great
product that practically every Internet marketers
would "love" to have. You develop the product, write
and refine a great webpage, send traffic through it
and get an incredible conversion rate. With your
big product finally ready to "roll out," you start the
process of lining up joint venture partners only to
"hit a brick wall."

Out of 50 potential joint venture partners that you
contact about your product, offering them a generous
50% (or even 60%) commission, none of them can "fit
it in!"

As you developed your product, and planned the launch,
you realized that all you needed was for a few “super
affiliates” to promote it, and you'd have your
"six-figure month." You knew that as soon as one
"guru" promoted it, all of the others would notice,
and would want to promote it too.

Yet your launch fizzled! Let's look at few reasons
that happens... all too often. Let's look at how you
can prevent that from happening during your launch.

One of the most common reasons that the launch for a
great product never really gets any support is... not
coordinating far enough in advance. Often, those with the
really large list will have pre-planned their major
promotions over a month in advance. They get asked
to promote so many REALLY good products that they
can pick and choose "the best of the best." Savvy
product developers know this and get a commitment
to promote their products early.

If you have a product launch planned, and you want
it promoted by intermediate-level or top online
marketers (based on their audience size), then you
really do need to let them know far in advance.
Even if you don't have all of the details, lock in
a launch date, and get a tentative agreement from them
to promote your product.

You also need to remember that many of the large
list owners already have their own product line.
They could just promote their own products and have
no shortage of profitable things to offer their lists.
You need to approach them with this fact in-mind.

I interviewed over 50 of the "top internet marketers"
for my Internet Marketing Inner Circle site. I asked
them directly what the secret was to ordinary
marketers landing lucrative joint venture with them.
They told me, and I share all of those answers at:

However, I won't force you to listen to all of the
interviews (or read through the transcripts) to
discover that they want you to see things from
their perspective. Realize that they do have lots
of choices. Some get approached dozens of times per
week by people wanting them to promote new products.

Knowing this, you need to answer two big questions…

First you need to explain to potential joint venture
partners why their list members would love to hear
about your product from them. How would your product
really improve their subscribers' lives. If you
answer that question convincingly, you're ahead of
80% of the people who approach them seeking joint

The second big question that you need to answer is
“Why should they choose your product instead of all
of the other choices that they have?” It's not always
about the money, but more lucrative commissions can
help them decide in your favor. A product offering
bigger commissions, a higher documented conversion
rate, or residual commission is naturally more attractive.

The other thing that can really help you is to
acknowledge that you're not the only one launching
a new product, and then seek ways that you can
coordinate your efforts better with others launching
products. When two people approach the same marketer
about promoting a launch in the same timeframe,
someone has to loose.

Either the marketer chooses to promote your product
or he chooses to promote the other person’s product.
The marketer could also choose to promote both products
at the same time, in which case his poor subscribers,
already bombarded with too many new "must have things,"
lose. They generally lose when they buy two products
in rapid succession and never give themselves time to
really learn, and use, either.

If you band together with other marketers to
"deconflict" your launch schedules, that would certainly
help everyone concerned. That's another purpose of
The Internet Marketing Inner Circle. Members who are
planning product launches are encouraged to share
their plans with other members. They are encouraged
to work together setting up mutually beneficial joint
ventures... instead of just operating in a vacuum, and
competing head-to-head with everyone in their niche.

If you have a new product launch planned within the
next 2-3 months, and you're not doing the things outlined
above, you're seriously handicapping your launch. If
you've taken into consideration most of the things
outlined above, then you have discovered the secret to
getting joint ventures with more of the super affiliates
- affiliates who CAN sell a lot of your products!

Launching a new product is not as easy as it would seem
at first glance. The biggest reason is that there are
a lot more really intelligent people releasing a lot
of terrific products these days. However, now you
understand the key.

Willie Crawford has taught thousands how to build successful
online businesses since late-1996. His inner circle membership
site contains over 50 interviews of leading online marketers
sharing their tips on "How To Break Into The Internet Marketing
Inner Circle."
You can access those powerful and shocking
interviews at:

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30 Minute Backlinks - Get Backlinks From PR5-7 Sites!

Here a nice product by Michelle MacPhearson...


Michelle MacPhearson - Creator of 30 Minute Backlinks
I'm sure you know how valuable it is to
know something before everyone else...

This product won't be officially
released until next month, so you'll be
way ahead of the rest of the market by
acting on it now. Look,

Back links = Search Engine Ranking = Traffic

Compared to other one-way linking
methods this one is cheap, fast and easy.

The product is actually a tutorial that
shows you step-by-step how to do it and
provides some very valuable resources
that really make it easy to do this type
of linking.

I'm talking about hundreds of links to
well established sites with high PR
rankings, many in the PR5-7 range.

Plus, there are some fine points you
need to know to make it more profitable
than if you had tried it without the
insider knowledge from this product.

I highly recommend this method for
anyone who has something to sell and
needs backlinks and traffic (hey, like
who doesn't?).

Like I said, I'd get on this before the
rest of the world figures this out.

The product's official release isn't
until next month -- a word to the wise.

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February 15, 2008

How To Monetize A Blog Or Forum

How To Monetize A Blog Or Forum
Copyright 2008 By Willie Crawford

Blogs and forums are ideal “traffic magnets” for a website.
Your website’s visitors know that they are frequently
updated, and that they are interactive, so they keep
returning to "join the conversation."

Search engines know that they are frequently updated, so
search engine spiders frequent return to re-index their
content. Properly configured blogs will “ping” the search
engines and directories each time that they are posted to,
constantly calling the search engine spiders back.

Since blogs and forums even come pre-installed in C-panel
on many hosting accounts, getting a website going can be
as simple as registering a domain name, hosting it at a
host that offers C-panel, and with just a few clicks of a
button, selecting the blogging or forum platform that you
want to use.

You can even customize the look and feel of that blog or
forum later if you want to. That way, you can literally
have a website up and running in UNDER an hour. All that
you need to do is make the blog or forum your homepage, and
your site is literally ready for the world!

The big question has always been, how do you then earn
revenue from that blog or forum. Here are some options
that I use and recommend:

1) Use your blog or forum to build a niche mailing list that
you then market to via email. Simply post a subscription
form right into the html code of the blog or forum that
invites your visitors to join your mailing list. If they
enjoy the content on your blog or forum, many visitors will
subscribe. You'll build a mailing list fairly effortless
over time.

If you're really lazy, that mailing list subscription can be
to an "evergreen” newsletter. That is, you can write, or
have written, a series of email messages that each new
subscriber gets in sequence when they sign up. Put together
52 issues that are scheduled to go out once a week, or 24
issues that are set to go out every 2 weeks, and you have a
newsletter that essentially “runs itself” for a year.

Each issue of your newsletter could contain: a simple article,
an editorial, and a product recommendation. It doesn't have
to be any more difficult than that.

I write each issue of my newsletter fresh, but do know people
who use the "evergreen model." They simple set the
autoresponder sequence to start over again when the last
issue is reached, then they periodically add new issues to
the series or revise outdated issues.

If you'd like to see how I've integrated a subscribe box
right into my blog, you can check it out at:

With a newsletter, the most often missed point is that you
DO need to sell your subscribers on signing up. You do need
to give them a compelling reason, assure them that you'll
protect their data, and instruct them on exactly how to

2) Use your blog or forum to sell affiliate products. This
can be as simple as putting graphics and product
recommendations right into your menu bar. I do that on my
blog at the url above.

On my blog, I now sell affiliate products that pay me 50 to
100% commission, and that pay me instantly. If you check out
my blog at the url above, you'll notice an animated 150 x 600
banner that advertises several products.

When a website visitor clicks on that banner and buys one of
those products I earn 100% commission, and it's instantly
deposited directly to my Paypal account. Not only do I earn
a steady stream of commissions from my blogs and forums,
but I don't have to wait on slow-paying affiliate programs.

The banner on my blog is called "Niche Widget" and is was
added to my blog simply by copying and pasting a tiny bit of
code into the webpage. It will work on ANY blog, forum, or
webpage, even on your Faceback or YouTube (or other social
networking websites) webpages.

In fact, adding the Niche Widget to sites like Facebook or
YouTube is as simple as clicking on the Widget where it says
“Grab This Widget.” This prompts you to log into any of over
a dozen social networking sites and AUTOMATICALLY add the
widget to your profile. However, that is primarily designed
to send your widget viral, and have lots of others passing
along YOUR affiliate link. To get paid you need to click
on the link that says “Make Money With It!”

What could be easier?

With Niche widget you can choose from a variety of niches
ranging from pets, to relationships, to marketing, to food,
or health, and the widget will display ads paying you from
50 - 100% on products related to that niche. The database
has over 2000 different digital product in it.

To get the Niche Widget absolutely free, you just visit and sign up. There are premium
accounts, but you can go with the free account if desired.
The difference is that premium accounts pay higher
commissions and pay you a percentage of sales on free
accounts when others sign up through you.

With the premium account, when someone who signs up through
you earns 50% commission, you earn 25% commission, and the
owner on Niche Widgets earns the other 25%.

I really like the system. It was earning me MORE than Google
AdSense the very first day that I installed it.

3) Google AdSense or other pay per click programs. You
register for one of these accounts, insert the code into your
page, and then you basically “sell your targeted traffic.”

The AdSense code displays related ads on your blog or forum,
and then when someone clicks on an ad, that advertise pays
Google for the traffic, and Google pays you an undisclosed
percentage of that advertiser's payment (for each click

This was at one time my favorite revenue model because it
required very little work. You simply insert the code into
your webpages, blogs, forums, etc., and then someone else
finds the advertises who pay you. However, after only a
little testing, and noticing a higher revenue stream, I AM
replacing AdSense on most of my site with Niche Widget. You
can get that again at:

4) Your own products. If you have your own products, you can
market those directly from your blog or forum just as you do
affiliate products. For example, I have both a blog and a
forum on my soul food recipes site. On both the blog and
the forum, I run an ad for a cookbook that I wrote and sell
copies of EVERYDAY.

Since I know that many of my repeat visitors already own my
cookbook, I also use to run Google AdSense ads, but now use
the Niche Widget.

The Niche Widget displays rotating ads for other cooking
related digital products... mainly cookbooks.

5) Product Reviews. It also makes perfect sense to write
reviews of products and services related to your niche and
then post those on your blogs or forums. I do that by writing
reviews and posting related articles on my blogs and forums.

This works because the reviews, or articles, containing niche
specific keywords let the search engines know to rank my blogs
or forums highly for those keywords. This content (these
reviews) posted regularly, are what call the search engine
spiders back time after time to keep re-indexing my sites.

I've just outlined five ways that you can monetize a blog or
forum. On many of my sites, the blog or forum is EASILY the
most visited page on the entire site. Visitors will often
visit the blog or forum on your site repeatedly, and NEVER
venture off the blog or forum to check out the other sections
of your site.

Therefore, if you do want to earn a living from your website,
it is critical that you use proven effective ways to monetize
your blogs and forums. I've just given you FIVE that earn
thousands of dollars per month for me :-)


Willie Crawford is an internationally-acclaimed speaker,author,
seminar and radio show host, and leading Internet marketing
expert. When not out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, you'll
find Willie sharing his 11 1/2 years of online marketing
experience with members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle
Join them at:

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It You Do This... You're CRAZY!

Today, I want you to really stop and think about one of the
craziest things about how we do business online.

Many of us spend countless hours, reading, studying, testing,
creating webpages, etc.... all to build up a businesses that
we hope will change our lives. I know I that use to sometimes
stay online for up to 18 hours… STRAIGHT.

We put in all of that hard work, and yet we make it
incredibly easy for someone to just walk in one day and
destroy everything that we've worked SO HARD to build.

Practically every day that I visit popular online discussion
boards I read about people who woke up to discover their
entire businesses GONE.

This can happen to you. You can log-in one day to discover
that your entire website has been erased, or that someone
has taken control of your websites, or that your web host
has accidentally deleted ALL of your websites. I have seen
it happen.

The crazy thing about it is that there are simple things
that you can do to protect yourself.

My friend Tom Brownsword, who earns a living protecting
U.S. Government computers, recently shared with me dozens
of simple things that you can do. These can be as simple
as closing well-know backdoors in popular blogging platforms.

The good thing about building your websites with a blogging
platform like WordPress is that it is so popular that almost
any programmer or webmaster can help you to get it up and
running, or help you to trouble-shoot when you encounter

The problem with these same platforms is that the criminals
and "crazies" know exactly how these software platforms work,
and they know where all of the vulnerabilities are.

I urge you to take a few minutes and grab the recording
that I did with Tom where he tells what you CAN do to
protect the business that you've worked so hard to build.

If you KNOW that you can easily do things to protect your
business, and you don't, isn't that… less than sane?

Get the audio and transcript of the interview that I did
with Tom here:

Also, check out this case study of what essentially amounted
to online identity theft... and discover how easily someone
can tarnish your online reputation if you're not watching:


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February 14, 2008

Willie Crawford Wants To Partner With You...

First of all Happy Valentine's Day :-)

On this day, I reflect upon the people and things that mean
so much to me. I also reflect upon the luxury that I have
of spending as much time with them as I want to.

I recently told Inner Circle member Cyndi Parker that my
wife and I will be in Bali, Indonesia in June. We'll be at
a seminar, but mostly on vacation. Cyndi reminded me of how
LUCKY we are.

I run an online business because spending 20 years in the
military taught me to appreciate freedom of choice! For
those 20 years, I was told where to go, and when to be
there. I promised myself never to work for anyone else
again, and to build the lifestyle that I really wanted.

Then I simply let those already doing it teach me how.

My friend, and Inner Circle member, Odinn Sorensen is doing
the same thing. He shared in an introduction to TIMIC members
that he's only been online since 2006, yet on February 17th,
he's walking away from his JOB :-)

That's Odinn's birthday, and to celebrate, he's conducting
his "Daddy's Birthday Giveaway." If you're an online marketer,
this giveaway will offer a lot of great and useful tools.

Contributing to this giveaway is also a great way to build
your list. You can register as a contributor here:

Odinn does have a secret as to how he was able to quit his
job in just over a year from discovering Internet marketing.
He's an excellent marketer, and he was teachable.

He took to heart the advice to build a list. If you'd like to
know EXACTLY how Odinn built a list large enough to make him
comfortable leaving a six-figure job, grab my report…

"How I Boosted My Ezine Signup Rate By 5200 MORE Subscribers
Per Month - virtually overnight - And You Can Too."

That report is at:


If you're not familiar with The Internet Marketing Inner
, you should check out: http://TIMIC.ORG

In my subject line, I wrote that "I want to partner
with you."

I really do. Like many marketers, I am looking for great
products and ideas to help market. That's the life's
blood of my business.

The problem that I encounter is that MOST of the new
products that I'm shown, and MOST of the product ideas
bounced off of me, are not things that the market wants.

After encountering this dilemma so often, I've largely
turned to my own "brain trust." That's what TIMIC is.

TIMIC is a group of serious marketers, looking to build
viable long-term online businesses by offering what the
market WANTS and is willing to pay for.

That's how you build a successful online business. You
find a problem or want, you confirm that it's profitable,
and you find or create the solution.

Members of TIMIC often work in teams to create these
solutions. I work with those teams (large and small).
It was such a team that wrote the VERY successful ebook,
"20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online."

Members of TIMIC are currently working on an ebook
where 100 members share the stories of how they made
their first $100 online. TIMIC member Rob Toth is
orchestrating this project right on the member-only
forum that TIMIC members use to orchestrate projects.

I'd like for YOU to join that project. You just need
to contribute a 2-4 page chapter. Rob will provide
you with the guidelines and a sample chapter.

You do need to join TIMIC to participate in this
project, or any of several others just kicking off.
Sign up here today: http://TIMIC.ORG


I'm very proud of what TIMIC members are doing.

TIMIC member David Perdew was on the hot seat at
JV Alert, last week (February 10th), showing off a
new "niche widget" that he was preparing to launch.

David's widget allows you to paste a line of code into
your website, blog, forum, or into your profile on
many of the social networking sites, and the widget

This widget displays various messages and promotions
for any of 2000 products, in a niche that you select.
When someone clicks on the widget and buys a product,
you earn from 50% up to 100% instant commission. The
commission is deposited directly into your Paypal

David's niche widget is FREE, although there are
"super duper models" that do cost a few dollars.

I PREDICT that within a month, you'll see David's
widget on over 300,000 websites, blogs, MySpace
and Facebook pages, etc.

David actually has it set up so that a person can
merely click a few links and automatically insert
the widget into many of the social networking sites.
You don't even need to copy and paste the code in
those cases.

It's pretty slick! You can get a free copy at:


Another TIMIC member offering something that
people LOVE is Kathleen Donaghy.

Kathleen has created a series of very professional
opt-in videos... and skins. You just insert your
opt-in autoresponder code, upload the skins and
videos, and you're all set.

These opt-in videos work much better than the
out-dated plain opt-in boxes, simply because so many
people are in too much of a hurry to READ a webpage.
They'd much rather watch a short video.

You can check out Kathleen's creations, and even
grab a very nice free sample at:


Ok, I think that I have given you enough to think
about and do for today.

I DO highly encourage you to

Join The Internet Marketing Inner Circle

It’s at http://TIMIC.ORG

... and I look forward to working with you. Lately,
I probably spend 2-3 hours per day working with
TIMIC members just on the forum… or bouncing
PM’s back and forth as we brainstorm ideas.

It IS where I do my networking, brainstorming,
masterminding, etc.

Check it out: http://TIMIC.ORG :-)


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February 13, 2008

A Widget That Pays You Up To 100% Commission Instantly!

If you look over in my menu bar, you'll notice a flashing
widget displaying a few rotating products.

This is brand new.

It's something that a member of my inner circle has been quietly
working on for months... and that I've been impatiently dying
to get for months!

I've made special arrangements for you to get this cool widget
that you add to your blogs or webpages just by pasting a tiny
snippet of code.

This widget makes you INSTANT commissions (as much as 100%)


It's free to you, if you signup now.

Get it at:

I think that this is going to be HUGE.


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Nice Video Opt-In Gift To Power-up Your List-Building

Kathleen Donaghy, a professional vidoegrapher, as well
as a seasoned internet marketers, has created a really
nice set of opt-in video skins.

These allow you to incorporate videos that Kathleen
provides, with a squeeze page templates that also she

Setting these up is a snap, and she's even offering you
some free skins. Check out the really nice Valentine
themed one.

Go sign up now before she changes her mind ;-)

I just wanted to show you a cool site, with a Video
Opt-in Skin AND a Professional Video you can pick up
without spending a dime

Click here for your opt-in video gift :-)


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February 12, 2008

Camtasia Video Downloader - A WINNER!

Here's a piece of software that I played with over
the weekend, while at JV Alert. It lets you download
all of the files associated with a Camtasia videos that
you see posted online.

Naturally, you'd often want permission to do this, but
it makes it so convenient for you to download streaming
videos and watch them at your convenience, that it's
really make my life easier.

Check out Camtasia Vidoe Downloader here.


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Are YOU Inadvertently Promoting Scumware or Malware?

Patrick Pretty recently relayed an interesting case-study
to his subscribers about a client who was indirectly
endorsing malware.

I thought that you'd fine the who thing eye-opening, so
I'm posting it here:

Dear Willie,

Last week one of our HotlinkALARM
customers got the surprise of his life.

After installing the software, the customer
received 284 Alert emails, informing him of
hotlinking in progress.

To date, that's the one-day record for a
single customer. But the record isn't what's

What's important is that the software saved his
business a ton of grief.

The customer had set up HotlinkALARM to protect
his website graphics, including his business logo
and other key branding images.

Imagine his shock when he discovered that a
thief had visited his website prior to
installation of the software and made off with
some of the company's key assets.

That's right! The thief had hotlinked his business
logo and other key graphics and was displaying them
on a free Blogger Blog hosted on

But the story doesn't end there.

The free Blogger Blog was delivering malware!

It clearly had been set up to harvest content and
to trick visitors into believing it was a
legitimate site.

Far from it. It was a malware site -- and the
customer's logo and other digital assets had
been appearing on the page.

He had plenty of company: Lots of images owned by
other companies or individuals also were on the
page. The thief had hoped to "sanitize" the page
by using quality content and graphics mined from
other sites.

In this way, unsuspecting visitors might be
inclined to click on links. When they did, they'd
receive a malware download.

Because the customer had installed HotlinkALARM,
our replacement graphics quickly swooped over the
page, sparing our customer embarrassment by
substituting "Piracy Detected" images for the
stolen graphics.

The customer talked about his experience with the
Blogger thief in HotlinkALARM Case Study HA-3-08.

HotlinkALARM served him well. He was grateful for the
Alert emails -- even more grateful for the substitution
graphics. His company's name and images no longer are
associated with a malware site.

The other owners of images on the page weren't so lucky.
Their graphics still are appearing on the malware site.

So, on Thursday, HotlinkALARM set a new record for
detecting hotlinks from a single customer's site.

More importantly, however, the software
protected the customer by replacing the graphics
on the malware page and reporting the theft.

He might never had known without HotlinkALARM.

Take a minute or two to read the Case Study:

As always, thanks for your time, Willie.


Patrick Pretty
The "Most Beautiful Little Boy In The World" -- 1964

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February 11, 2008

The Simple Truth - The 7 Biggest Secrets Beginners Can Use To Quickly & Easily Make Huge Profits On The Internet

Free ebook by my close friends Brett McFall and Tom Hua.

This business really doesn't have to be complicated.

Grab this short but insightful ebook. Download it directly
from here:


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Sorry, I was just listening to the recording that where
Brian Edmondson interviewed Jason James on how he recently
earned $24,000 in affiliate commissions in ONE HOUR!

In the recording, Jason reveals that part of his success
was due to the bonuses that he offered. He also revealed
that when you offer nice bonuses, there are people who
just go around emailing the various marketers telling them
that they just bought through their link, and asking for
their bonuses.

If you're not careful, you could end up giving your bonuses
to someone who not only didn't order through your link, but
to someone who sent the same email to numerous marketers.

That could be an expensive mistake for a marketer who falls
for that mistake.

Jason shared a lot of other tips "I think" are worth THOUSANDS
if you use them.

If you haven't grabbed the audio of Jason's interview, get
it here:

There is some good stuff. Jason earned $24,000 in COMMISSIONS
in a hour, so he definitely has something to teach many of


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February 10, 2008

72 Marketers Sharing JV Secrets!

I'm currently in a room with 72 Internet marketers in Orlando,
Florida. Every time I attend a seminar, I'm floored by the
different people that come to them. People in any niche you can
imagine, focused on creating relationships and helping each other.

It's a beautiful thing to see.

Even more interesting, Joel Comm came up with an idea to do
something that has never been done before.


Every single one of the 72 people that are here have all
contributed their single most valuable joint venture secret.
Immediately after they were written, they were taken and written up
in PDF form and only those 72 people have the ability to make it
available to you.

Some of the mind blowing secrets include:

* The secret ninja method to pulling in JV partners that you
thought would never be willing to help you promote your products.

* The hidden location where you can find potential partners
without ever leaving your computer.

* The launch preparation tactic that will save you tons of

* The business networking site you must have a presence on to
reach partners you never would have thought of.

* How to find joint venture partners in even the most obscure
niche with ease.

* How using multiple methods to communicate with your partners
will set you apart from the rest of the people hounding them to
promote for them.

* The one thing you can do to boost your credibility through the
roof (and help people, too!)


A portion of the profits from the sale of this tip report are going
to Hearts and Hands International.

Seriously, nothing like this has ever been done before. To see a
joint project like this come together in a period of 90 minutes was
absolutely mind blowing.

Every individual in the room (72 of them) contributed not only
their ideas, but their copywriting ability, their ability to create
graphics, their ideas, and many of their skills.

You truly missed something special, but you can click below to get
this amazing report and all of the secrets of some of the greatest
marketing minds, right now!


Wouldn't you want to be a part of that?

Feel free to forward this email onto anyone that could use Joint
Venture tips and any and all buyers can promote this, too Willie!

Check it out ;-)

P.S. To see the results of the most incredible 90 minutes of any
seminar, ever, click below.

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I Had Beets For Lunch & You Get Your Own $7 Best-seller - ACT NOW!

I'm at JV Alert Live Orlando now, and need just a minute
to tell you about a new product just created by EVERYONE
in the room.

It's an ebook (with bonuses worth OVER $5000) sold $7
Secrets-style, meaning that once you purchase, you can
also sell the product at 100% commission.

The product is an information-packed ebook that you DO
need to check out right now.

Take a look now:

This ebook will do very well over the next few weeks,
and you want to be one of the first to tell you subscribers
about it. Part of the proceeds from this product will also
go to charity, so you will also be helping out in a great

Grab your copy now:

I just finished having lunch with several close friends,
where they served.... beets! Grab this product and I
promise that YOU won't be stuck eating beets :-)

Thank you,

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$24,000 In Affiliate Commissions In ONE Hour

My friend Jason James recently earned $24,000
in affiliate commissions in a single hour.

Jason shared exactly what he did in an interview
that you can grab the record of.

Click here to grab that interview from me now ;-)


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February 09, 2008

How To Generate Emergency Cash Fast...

Many have asked me to repost How To Earn Emergency
... so here it is.

How To Generate Emergency Money NOW!
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

Over the past 11 1/2 years, I've created dozens of
information products, and sold hundreds of affiliate
products. I've discovered what does and what doesn't work
in quickly creating AND marketing information products.

I've also shared with dozens of clients, and thousands of
subscribers, my very successful methods for earning a
living online. When I say shared, I'm referring to those
who were willing to listen and apply what I taught them.
Those who listened, but didn't do, aren't counted in that
number because to me "sharing" is a two-way

Today, I'd like to share with you exactly what I've
instructed dozens of people to do when they've came to me
with cash-flow emergencies. These were people who usually
came to me looking for a loan or a hand-out. Instead, I
usually had them do what I'm about to share with you.

I've learned over the year that giving handouts too quickly
only conditions the person to come back a few weeks later
for another handout. I believe that it's important to teach
them a proven method for extricating themselves from such

Here's the exact plan that I've directed many people to

1) Look around you, and identify two large, related
problems that you could create two information product as
solutions to. These need to be painful enough problems that
people are acutely aware of, that they desperately want to
solve , and that they'll pay for good solutions to.

You generally want related problems because the plan
calls for selling both solutions to the SAME people. You're
going to sell the first solution through affiliates, giving
them the majority of the money, and then you're going to
keep at least half of the money on the second (backend)

You’re going to set up you sales process so that you “lead”
with one product and then offer the second product as an
upsell, or special offer after the first purchase is made.

The reason that you're going to pay your affiliates so much
is that you need them NOW. Without their enthusiastic
promotion of your products, this plan often CAN'T work very

The most CRITICAL part of this whole plan is step 1, and
the most CRITICL part of step 1 is making sure that you
identify a real problem that people actually want to solve.
Otherwise, you end up creating products that no one will

When I look at why products fail, the number one reason (in
my opinion) is that demand wasn't verified beforehand).

Teaching you how to do the research is beyond the scope of this
short article, but it only needs to take an hour or two. It IS
important to skip. An excellent guide to conducting painless
research is Steve Wagenheim's "Niche Research Revolution."

If you need help with the research, it's at:

2) Create the solution (product), or better yet, modify and
improve on an existing solution.

If you are good at researching, or already an expert on a topic,
then by all means write an ebook on it, or create a piece of
software that solves a big problem. At the same time, in many
niches you are surrounded by thousands of experts who have
already done the majority of the work for you. They've already
created the product and will often sell (or even GIVE) you
the rights to it. Then all you need to do is refine and
improve on these product that you have "Private Label Rights"

Just go to any search engine, and do a search on your keywords
plus the term "private label right" or "PLR," and you'll locate
dozens of sources. Alternatively, just visit my blog, and
you'll often discover dozens of people giving away private label
rights for various reasons. That blog is at:

Simply sit down and refine those PLR products (where someone
has already done 90% of the work) into something truly

3) Get a few people to critique your product, offering
you feedback that both allows you to improve your solution
and that perhaps you can use as testimonials. After your
product is created, simply post on a discussion forum (after
confirming that it's permissible) that you are looking for
product reviewers. You'll get dozens of volunteers.

If you don't get dozens of volunteers, I would take that as
an indication that you haven't really found a painful enough
problem... at least not one that that particular community
cares about.

Do one product all the way through until it's ready to launch
and then do the other one. For many people, doing them
simultaneously is too confusing.

4) Set these products up for sale with their own affiliate
program. Use a system such as Rapid Action Profits that
allows you to pay instant commissions. The instant
commissions are "key" because instant cashflow is as
important to many of your potential affiliates as it is to you.
You'll recruit lot of affiliates who are promoting your products
almost on impulse.

That's great!

You want people who will promote your product today rather
than a week or two from now.

I recommend Rapid Action Profits as the affiliate program
platform because it's inexpensive, easy to set up, and you can
use it on as many different websites (with as many different
products as you want) after purchasing the software just once.
I use it on over a dozen websites. You can get RAP here:

Rapid Action Profits is designed to work with Paypal, meaning
that you don’t need a merchant account, and that anyone with a
Paypal account can become one of your affiliates.

5) Recruit affiliates by posting to forums that have a "joint
ventures" section. Post to communities set up to facilitate
your recruiting affiliates such as JV Alert and The
International Association of Joint Venture Brokers.

Announce to your email list that you are looking for affiliates.

Private Message (PM) or email ideal affiliates that you've
noticed promoting similar products, and ask them directly to
promote yours. Be very clear in these communications or you're
likely to get declined or to not get firm commitments to promote
your products.

6) Turn customers into affiliates. Email customers who have
purchased your previous products thanking them, and pointing
out your new product(s). Explain why it's a match for them and
rather than focusing on making a sale, make your focus
recruiting them as an affiliate (if appropriate).

Set up your autoresponder system so that any time anyone
purchases your product they are automatically invited to
become an affiliate. Consider adding a blurb right on your
download page that invites them to join your affiliate

Your best potential affiliate ARE those who know and like
your product, so it makes perfect sense to recruit customers
as affiliates.

7) Use article marketing to generate interest and find
customers. Write a 500 - 1000 word article that:

a) Describes the problem that your product solves.

b) Explains why this really IS a problem that they DO want to

c) Proves why your product is the perfect solution.

Submit these articles to every appropriate article directory
that you can locate as well as post them on your blogs, your
sites, and on discussion forums that have article sections. If
you can afford it, use an article submission service such as or This will save you
considerable time and quickly get your articles in 100 times as
many places.

8) Leave "the land of excuses" and just do it! Make the
decision that you're going to implement this plan, and then
instead of looking for reasons why you can't implement it, look
at the very real reasons why you MUST implement this plan.

Acknowledge that the key to the success of your plan is taking
massive, immediate action, and refusing to EVER give up.

9) Update, test and track your sales process. As your articles,
affiliates, and emails drive traffic through your site, evaluate
how well your sales letters are converting. The ability to
split-test, and determine the exact conversion rates for your
sales letters is built right into Rapid Action Profits. Test
four or five different versions of the sales letter changing
only minor things on each one, such as the main headline or
the number of testimonials.

When you discover one sales letter that works better than
others, keep the one that is working, but then create a
slightly different version of the winner to test against your
new "control."

10) Rinse and repeat. Once the sales start coming in, and you
see that this formula does indeed work, use the same system
to roll out other products. You are now building an army of
active, happy affiliates. Offer them other, equally-lucrative
products to promote.

Don't allow the momentum to stop once you get it going - that's
incredibly wasteful.

11) IMPORTANT: Slow down enough to act rationally rather than
in desperation. I put this step at the bottom because I want it
at the top of your mind as you get started.

As you implement this simple, proven plan, make sure that you
take a deep breath and don't act out of desperation. People who
feel like that "HAVE" to get results today, often make very bad
decisions. Slow down enough to make sure that you're actually
doing each of the preceding 10 steps, and in particular make
sure that you really confirmed that what you're offering the
market is something that they want.

I've watched dozens of people use this exact method when they
suddenly found themselves needing to make a house payment, pay
a medical bill, or catch up with mortgage payments... and their
bank balance was "less than zero."

This system does work. If you really examine it, there's nothing
magical or mysterious about it. It's just common sense, and
taking massive action. Now it's time for you to apply both :-)


Willie Crawford is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, author,
seminar and radio show host, and leading Internet marketing
expert. When not out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, Willie can
be found sharing his 11 1/2 years of online marketing experience
with members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.
Join them at:

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Something You Need To Do Right Now...

I just wanted to encourage you to check out Tom
report on website and computer security.

Tom explains how organized gangs can do something as seemingly
innocent as hack into your WordPress blog, and from there attack
other sites, and do MILLIONS of dollars worth of damage. This
type of activity is big business, and it's extremely well
organized and orchestrated.

Tom also explains how back doors to your blogs and websites
allow this to happen, and how you can close those doors.

It DOES affect you.

Get Tom's report (in PDF and MP3) here:


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February 08, 2008

SEO Equalizer Rocks The SEO World

The more I play with SEO equalizer, the more I realize just how
powerful it is.

Before I had to go to Wordtracker to get my keywords. Then use
WebPosition Gold to look at my onpage factors. After that I
would start up SEO Elite to find people who were linking to my
competitors or use search modifiers and the linkdomain

BUT, search modifiers and the link domain command can sometimes
give you strange results.

On top of that, if I needed to submit pages I had to go back to
WebPosition Gold. If I needed to submit articles it was back to
my articles submitter.

To find pages that I would exchange links with me I was back to
using search modifiers. But you have to keep ups with did you
already email them so I had to have excel open to keep track if
I emailed them.

Plus if I wanted to email them and ask for and link I need to
use SEO Elite or create a text file with names and email to run
through my bulk mailer.

Then I had to use my tools to check to see if any website I was
linking to has been banned.

Now I'm back to WebPosition Gold to check to see how my rankings
were looking. Do I need to tweak the tile tags or anything else?

After that I'd go back SEO elite to create the link pages for
any new partners that came across later. Plus I still had to use
a No Follow tag on the outgoing links, since I really didn't
know the quality of the websites I was linking to.

This was just insane having this many tools. Not to mention, the
amount of time it took going back and forth between them was a
total waste of time.

So, instead of having to work with WebPosition Gold, SEO Elite,
Wordtracker, Article submitter, my own tools, Excel, Email Mail
program, and Notepad...

I can simply use one tool. All I can say is, "SEO Equalizer

If you want to boost your current SEO results, then you NEED SEO
Equalizer. Period!

You can get your copy right here:


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Hanging Out With David Perdew, Creator Of An EXCELLENT "Analytics" Tool For Rapid Action Profits

Here I am with Inner Circle Member David Perdew...


Like me, my buddy, David is a big fan of Sid Hale's Rapid
Action Profits Script
(Sid just released Version 2.0).
David likes RAP so much that he markets over 300 of his
using the script.

Yes, over 300 different products sold using Rapid Action Profits.

The fact the he can set up a product/affiliate program so
quickly on RAP, speaks volumes for how easy to use, and
powerful, it is.

If you haven't check out RAP, you can do that here:

David's Analytics tool let you figure out what's working right
in your business model, what's not, and how to improve things.

I took a look at the beta version of David's software 2 weeks
ago... a benefit of being a member of The Internet Marketing
Inner Circle, where he asked for beta testers. I fell in love
with the software, and have about a dozen new products that
I'll be rolling out within the next two weeks, and I'll use
The RAP Analytics and Reporting Package to make sure that I'm
doing thing RIGHT.

RAP, combined with this tool, makes testing a tracking
incredibly easy.

The Analytics add-in, installs in minutes and then shows you
in graphic from FOUR Critical pieces of information:

1) which products are selling and which are dead?

This lets you focus your time and energy on promoting the
products that your customers WANT. It also shows you
which product promotions or websites might need work.

2) Who my best affiliates are?

With affiliate, the 80/20 rule definitely applies. You will
discover that just a few of your affiliates promote your
products diligently, and make the VAST majority of your sales.
Aren't these the affiliates that you should focus on working
with... maybe even offering them special dispensation to
hang on to them?

3) Which of my customers are buying the most product?

Some customers will buy from you over and over again as
long as your offer them quality products. However, you
should NOT take them for granted. Knowing who your best
customers are, maybe you want to send them a gift, a
thank you card, or make them a REALLY special offer every
now and then.

My marketing mentors taught me that one of the biggest
reasons customers leave you is that they feel neglected
or taken for granted. Don't let your customers feel that

4) Which days or periods do your customers buy the most.

If you know which days, or which time periods your buying
customers are online, you'll better know how to time your
offers. If you email when they are online, your offers are
less likely to get buried by spam.

Knowing which days you customers have historically been
in a buying mood certainly suggests which days you should
send out your newsletters or email offers.

David's Analytics tool gives you this data in mere minute.
Check it out at:

Check out Dave software. It if you do use RAP, it will
quickly show you which of your efforts are paying off the
most :-)


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February 06, 2008

Webinar Tomorrow Where I Share How To Sell A LOT More Affiliate Products!

I'm doing a webinar tomorrow where I share with
you how to sell a LOT more affiliate products. The things
that I'll share, apply whether you are an affiliate, or if
you manage your own affiliate program.

Register for the webinar here:


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14 Private Label Right Niches With Adsense & Amazon Built In - 4 With No restriction

Yes, you can have your own line of
14 products in some great niche markets.....

Not only do you get a great products to
call your own, but 4 come with ...

* 5 Parts Press Release
* 7 Parts E-Course
* 10 Google Ads
* 10 Yahoo Overture Ads
* 50 Articles In Text
* A Fantastic Adsense Site

And the other 10 come with A Fantastic Adsense Site
as well...

In a hurry

It's common marketing knowledge that having
your own product (or preferably, your own
line of products) can put you on the fast
track lane in Internet Marketing.

Well here's the chance to grab your share
of this booming market and get revenue from ...

* Adsense
* Amazon
* Products S.ales

And just to make sure you know what to do with
your Private Label Content...

You also receive 3 Products teaching all there is to know
regarding Private Label Right Content.....

Putting it to use The Right Way!

Start your niche revenue empire today....
Get All The Details

But you have to act quick as the price
goes up $ 0.10 every 1/2 hour.

So go now and save:

Don't forget you can earn
100% commissions on this product,
and 50% on all other products.

Have A Great Day....


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It's Important That You Read This TODAY!

PLEASE, PLEASE take a minute to download and read
this report on website and computer security:

Actually, you can read the PDF or you can just listen to
the MP3. This is really important stuff, and could very
well SAVE your online business.

This is one of those things that you absolutely must MAKE
time to do. Some things, it's ok to put off. This one is not!


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Get Rapid Action Profits At 50% Off - Ends Tomorrow!

Yesterday, I did a radio show with Sid Hale, creator of
Rapid Action Profits, among other products.

Sid and I discussed viral marketing, how to do it right,
and online business strategies in general. During the
call, I also got Sid to offer you a copy of Rapid Action
Profits for 50% off the regular price.

To take advantage of that special offer, just visit:

Scroll down to the order link, and when you click on it,
you'll see that the price displayed on the order form is
actually about HALF of the price stated on that page.

That special goes away at midnight, tomorrow night. That's
actually using one of the new features built right into
Rapid Action Profits. You can set up a special offer that
expires after a certain time, or that expires after a
certain number of units. So, the special available at that
link is very REAL, and goes away as advertised.

If you missed Sid's interview, you can hear it at:

In fact, you can even download the MP3 from that show and
listen to it at your convenience. Sid didn't actually join
me on that show until about the 10 minute point, so you can
even fast-forward the MP3 if you'd like ;-)

Check out the special now because if you get distracted,
you're going to pay a lot more than you have to. It's at:


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Does Article Marketing Actually Work?

If you check out this pages at
you'll see that I've only posted 18 or so of my
articles there:

However, you'll notice that those few articles
have gotten over 9,400 views. I can only imagine
how many views I would have gotten if I had posted
more of the 8500+ articles that I've written there.

I'm actually going to post several hundred of my
articles there when I get around to it :-)

My reasons? A big one is that it's a PR6 site.
Another is that lots of people DO actually visit
the site to read the article, and a lot of people
do subscribe to the RSS feeds.

The reason that I don't have more articles there
already is that I'm lazy. The submission services
that I most often use don't automatically submit
there, or I haven't configured my accounts with
them so that do. I need to fix that :-)

I CAN trace traffic and direct sales to my articles
posted at though.

Just a FYI.


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You Do Subscribe To My Newsletter Don't You?

It just occured to me that some regulars to my blog are NOT
on my ezine list.

To avoid missing out BIG TIME, please go ahead and subscribe
today. Do that here: Willie Crawford's Newsletter


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February 05, 2008

Save BIG On Rapid Action Profits

I interviewed Sid Hale, creator of Rapid Action Profits today
on my Blog Talk Radio Show.

One of the things that I wrestled out of Sid was a discount
of almost 50% off the regular price on his software, but that's
only valid through midnight, Thursday night, February 7th,

You can listen to Sid's interview here:

You can even download and listen to the MP3 of my
interview with Sid at the url above.

To snag the discount that Sid offered, just click the image

Disregard the price shown on that page, when you click
on the order link, it reveals our little secret.

The HUGE discount does go away at midnight on the 7th. This
is actually one of the new features built into Rapid Action
Profits Version 2.0
. You can now runs quantity or time-limited

Sid and I discussed viral marketing, how to easily set up
you own affiliate program using RAP, and even my article on
how to generate quick cash that I published earlier today.

Take a listen now:


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How To Generate Emergency Money NOW!

How To Generate Emergency Money NOW!
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

Over the past 11 1/2 years, I've created dozens of
information products, and sold hundreds of affiliate
products. I've discovered what does and what doesn't work
in quickly creating AND marketing information products.

I've also shared with dozens of clients, and thousands of
subscribers, my very successful methods for earning a
living online. When I say shared, I'm referring to those
who were willing to listen and apply what I taught them.
Those who listened, but didn't do, aren't counted in that
number because to me "sharing" is a two-way

Today, I'd like to share with you exactly what I've
instructed dozens of people to do when they've came to me
with cash-flow emergencies. These were people who usually
came to me looking for a loan or a hand-out. Instead, I
usually had them do what I'm about to share with you.

I've learned over the year that giving handouts too quickly
only conditions the person to come back a few weeks later
for another handout. I believe that it's important to teach
them a proven method for extricating themselves from such

Here's the exact plan that I've directed many people to

1) Look around you, and identify two large, related
problems that you could create two information product as
solutions to. These need to be painful enough problems that
people are acutely aware of, that they desperately want to
solve , and that they'll pay for good solutions to.

You generally want related problems because the plan
calls for selling both solutions to the SAME people. You're
going to sell the first solution through affiliates, giving
them the majority of the money, and then you're going to
keep at least half of the money on the second (backend)

You’re going to set up you sales process so that you “lead”
with one product and then offer the second product as an
upsell, or special offer after the first purchase is made.

The reason that you're going to pay your affiliates so much
is that you need them NOW. Without their enthusiastic
promotion of your products, this plan often CAN'T work very

The most CRITICAL part of this whole plan is step 1, and
the most CRITICL part of step 1 is making sure that you
identify a real problem that people actually want to solve.
Otherwise, you end up creating products that no one will

When I look at why products fail, the number one reason (in
my opinion) is that demand wasn't verified beforehand).

Teaching you how to do the research is beyond the scope of this
short article, but it only needs to take an hour or two. It IS
important to skip. An excellent guide to conducting painless
research is Steve Wagenheim's "Niche Research Revolution."

If you need help with the research, it's at:

2) Create the solution (product), or better yet, modify and
improve on an existing solution.

If you are good at researching, or already an expert on a topic,
then by all means write an ebook on it, or create a piece of
software that solves a big problem. At the same time, in many
niches you are surrounded by thousands of experts who have
already done the majority of the work for you. They've already
created the product and will often sell (or even GIVE) you
the rights to it. Then all you need to do is refine and
improve on these product that you have "Private Label Rights"

Just go to any search engine, and do a search on your keywords
plus the term "private label right" or "PLR," and you'll locate
dozens of sources. Alternatively, just visit my blog, and
you'll often discover dozens of people giving away private label
rights for various reasons. That blog is at:

Simply sit down and refine those PLR products (where someone
has already done 90% of the work) into something truly

3) Get a few people to critique your product, offering
you feedback that both allows you to improve your solution
and that perhaps you can use as testimonials. After your
product is created, simply post on a discussion forum (after
confirming that it's permissible) that you are looking for
product reviewers. You'll get dozens of volunteers.

If you don't get dozens of volunteers, I would take that as
an indication that you haven't really found a painful enough
problem... at least not one that that particular community
cares about.

Do one product all the way through until it's ready to launch
and then do the other one. For many people, doing them
simultaneously is too confusing.

4) Set these products up for sale with their own affiliate
program. Use a system such as Rapid Action Profits that
allows you to pay instant commissions. The instant
commissions are "key" because instant cashflow is as
important to many of your potential affiliates as it is to you.
You'll recruit lot of affiliates who are promoting your products
almost on impulse.

That's great!

You want people who will promote your product today rather
than a week or two from now.

I recommend Rapid Action Profits as the affiliate program
platform because it's inexpensive, easy to set up, and you can
use it on as many different websites (with as many different
products as you want) after purchasing the software just once.
I use it on over a dozen websites. You can get RAP here:

Rapid Action Profits is designed to work with Paypal, meaning
that you don’t need a merchant account, and that anyone with a
Paypal account can become one of your affiliates.

5) Recruit affiliates by posting to forums that have a "joint
ventures" section. Post to communities set up to facilitate
your recruiting affiliates such as JV Alert and The
International Association of Joint Venture Brokers.

Announce to your email list that you are looking for affiliates.

Private Message (PM) or email ideal affiliates that you've
noticed promoting similar products, and ask them directly to
promote yours. Be very clear in these communications or you're
likely to get declined or to not get firm commitments to promote
your products.

6) Turn customers into affiliates. Email customers who have
purchased your previous products thanking them, and pointing
out your new product(s). Explain why it's a match for them and
rather than focusing on making a sale, make your focus
recruiting them as an affiliate (if appropriate).

Set up your autoresponder system so that any time anyone
purchases your product they are automatically invited to
become an affiliate. Consider adding a blurb right on your
download page that invites them to join your affiliate

Your best potential affiliate ARE those who know and like
your product, so it makes perfect sense to recruit customers
as affiliates.

7) Use article marketing to generate interest and find
customers. Write a 500 - 1000 word article that:

a) Describes the problem that your product solves.

b) Explains why this really IS a problem that they DO want to

c) Proves why your product is the perfect solution.

Submit these articles to every appropriate article directory
that you can locate as well as post them on your blogs, your
sites, and on discussion forums that have article sections. If
you can afford it, use an article submission service such as or This will save you
considerable time and quickly get your articles in 100 times as
many places.

8) Leave "the land of excuses" and just do it! Make the
decision that you're going to implement this plan, and then
instead of looking for reasons why you can't implement it, look
at the very real reasons why you MUST implement this plan.

Acknowledge that the key to the success of your plan is taking
massive, immediate action, and refusing to EVER give up.

9) Update, test and track your sales process. As your articles,
affiliates, and emails drive traffic through your site, evaluate
how well your sales letters are converting. The ability to
split-test, and determine the exact conversion rates for your
sales letters is built right into Rapid Action Profits. Test
four or five different versions of the sales letter changing
only minor things on each one, such as the main headline or
the number of testimonials.

When you discover one sales letter that works better than
others, keep the one that is working, but then create a
slightly different version of the winner to test against your
new "control."

10) Rinse and repeat. Once the sales start coming in, and you
see that this formula does indeed work, use the same system
to roll out other products. You are now building an army of
active, happy affiliates. Offer them other, equally-lucrative
products to promote.

Don't allow the momentum to stop once you get it going - that's
incredibly wasteful.

11) IMPORTANT: Slow down enough to act rationally rather than
in desperation. I put this step at the bottom because I want it
at the top of your mind as you get started.

As you implement this simple, proven plan, make sure that you
take a deep breath and don't act out of desperation. People who
feel like that "HAVE" to get results today, often make very bad
decisions. Slow down enough to make sure that you're actually
doing each of the preceding 10 steps, and in particular make
sure that you really confirmed that what you're offering the
market is something that they want.

I've watched dozens of people use this exact method when they
suddenly found themselves needing to make a house payment, pay
a medical bill, or catch up with mortgage payments... and their
bank balance was "less than zero."

This system does work. If you really examine it, there's nothing
magical or mysterious about it. It's just common sense, and
taking massive action. Now it's time for you to apply both :-)


Willie Crawford is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, author,
seminar and radio show host, and leading Internet marketing
expert. When not out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, Willie can
be found sharing his 11 1/2 years of online marketing experience
with members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.
Join them at:

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February 04, 2008

Do Free List-Building Giveaways Work?

Do Free List-Building Giveaways Work?
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

One of the biggest complaints that we hear from novice Internet
marketers is that they can't compete with others in their niche
because they "have no list."

One of the solutions frequently offered is to suggest that they
stop whining, and start building a list. Somewhat more
productive advice is to suggest that they join one of the free
list-building giveaways as a starting point.

Naturally, that brings us to the question of "are free
list-building giveaways" worth the trouble?"

Do they work?

Do they produce quality subscribers?

My personal answer is, "It depends."

If you do it the way that 90% of people entering those free
giveaways do it, then I think that you're hurting yourself
more than you're helping.

I DO offer free items in select free giveaways. Just one of my
several autoresponder accounts with is
rapidly approaching a verifiable 200,000 subscribers. Many of
these subscribers did join my list(s) as a result of free

So, why did I answer with "it depends" then?

First of all, you need to realize that contributing a gift
during one of these free giveaways is just the first step in a
long relationship-building process. Far too many people blow
it right from the start. They offer a free "gift" in these
events that they'd be insulted if someone offered to them.
They violated "Rule #1".

Whatever you offer in one of these free giveaways, or any gift
that you offer to your customers for that matter, should be
something nice enough that you COULD sell it if you chose to.

Starting a relationship off by offering someone JUNK, as a bribe
to get them onto your list, leaves them with a bad first
impression of doing business with you. Offering an ANCIENT
product that you have resale rights to (along with 10,000
others), or that you purchased on Ebay for 99 cents, is plain

To give you an idea of the quality of gift that I think that you
should offer, the most recent one that I contributed was a free
ebook entitled, " How To Keep Digital Product Thieves From
Robbing You Blind." I wrote this ebook from scratch, consulting
with several computer security and website experts in the
process, and then GAVE it away as an subscriber bonus. That
was an ebook that I researched, wrote, collaborated on, and
had some nice graphics designed for... all so that I could give
it away.

The second thing to consider is the quality of the giveaway

You need to get involved in events where the organizers cares
enough to really monitor the quality of the gifts contributed.

You do not want to be associated with a free list-building
giveaway that "feels desperate or amateurish.”

You also need to make sure that the organizer of the giveaway
REQUIRES joint venture partners (gift contributors) to all
promote the event. Ideally, those who are discovered not
promoting the event, usually by the fact that they have made
NO referrals, should be purged from the database of those
eligible to receive subscribers fairly early in the giveaway’s

I've witnessed countless free giveaways where the majority of
contributors merely contributed an outdated product and then did
absolutely NO promotion. They planned on getting a free ride. A
promotion with lot of people doing that can, at best, have only
mediocre results.

Participating in free list-building giveaways CAN jump-start
your list-building. I know numerous online marketers who've
built lists into the thousands... and even tens of thousands
with most of their early list members being from free giveaways.

It does work. It can build you a targeted, responsive list if
you offer the right gifts, and if you select the right
giveaways. If you join the wrong ones, contribute JUNK, and
then wait for others to do all of the work, you're in for a big
disappointment. In these type of events you do get exactly
what you give.


Willie Crawford has been teaching list-building and website
traffic generation since late-1996. His ebook, ""How I Boosted
My Ezine Sign-Up Rate By 5200 MORE Subscribers Per Month -
Virtually Overnight - And You Can Too," considered a classic
by many, is availalbe at:

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The Top Internet Marketing Forum ***HACKED*** ?????

It's early Monday morning here in northwest Florida,
and I've already received half-a-dozen interesting
phone calls.

One of the first ones that I got pointed out that THE
top Internet marketing discussion forum had been hacked.
I was asked if I knew anyone who could help out...
programmers, etc.

I'm fairly confident that they'll have that problem
under control shortly, but also wanted to point out to
you that this happens all of the time. It's VERY common
for large forum operators to be forced to repeatedly "tweak"
their code to closer vulnerabilities, and thwart people who
enjoy being mischievous.

It's not just forums that are vulnerable though. Blogs,
especially those built on common blogging platforms, are
definitely MORE vulnerable because MORE people have them
and are familiar with the code.

That's why you really do need to do yourself a big favor...

Get, and READ a copy of this short report on website and
computer security. If you don't like reading, you can also
grab the MP3 audio.

Please do that now.

Get it here:


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February 03, 2008

Secrets Of The $10,000 Warrior Special Offer (WSO...

The title says it all.

Grab this report today!


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February 02, 2008

WANTED: The Story Of Your First $100 Online!

I'm currently involved in a project to write an ebook where
100 Internet marketers tell how they earned their very first
$100 online. I'd like for YOU to be a part of that ebook.

Back in October 2007, members of The Internet Marketing
Inner Circle released "20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online."
That ebook had 20 chapters, written by our various members,
telling how we each earn a living online, doing fairly simple
things... and generally working only a few hours per day at

That ebook was a major success, and is still doing well.

Inspired by 20 Ways, Rob Toth dusted off an idea that he had,
and members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle are now
busy writing the ebook on our first $100 online.

I'm telling you this because we still need more contributors.

We have less than half of the contributors that we need at
this point, but the project is picking up speed.

You DO need to be a member of The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle to contribute. You can join our close-knit group, which
is very much "a family," here: http://TIMIC.ORG

Being a part of this new ebook will spread your story,
you name, and your url, to tens of thousands of readers who
will then be inspired.

You'll be doing many struggling marketers, who have yet to
make that very first $100, a HUGE favor.

Please join us now: http://TIMIC.ORG


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January 31, 2008

Join Twitter Today... It's great for keeping up with what friends are doing!

Get details here:


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Earning A Living Online Does NOT Have To Be A Struggle!

Another thing that frustrates the heck out of me is
people who seem to forever be struggling to make ends meet
when they don't HAVE to.

I see this happen most often simply because those people
sell things that are NOT wanted
don't want them.

If your subscribers aren't buying something - stop offering
it to them and focus your energies on selling something that
they DO want. That seems intuitive but it's something that
far too many people don't do.

Earning a reasonable living online should NOT be a struggle.

Earning a five or six-figure monthly income online is not a
reasonable expectation for many people, but regularly earning a
couple thousand is something anyone can do.

If you haven't read "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online"
yet, get a copy today.

Read it, mark it up, and then DO the things that it teaches.
That simple ebook shares with you 20 different ways that VERY
ordinary people earn a minimum of $3000 per month online. They
do this working only a few hours per day, spending most of their
time enjoying family and LIFE.

Get a copy of 20 Ways at:

I'll let you in on a hidden income stream there.

There is a customer-only affiliate program for "20 Ways To Make
$100 Per Day online
." It pays 100% commission. After you
purchase the ebook, you are offered the chance to sign up
for the affiliate program. We use Paypal IPN and a number
of other technologies to confirm who is eligible to be an
affiliate, and those affiliates get 100% commissions paid
directly to their Paypal accounts when they make a sale.

When I say that the affiliate program is a hidden gem, I
mean that 95% of customers don't even notice it. If you look
at our webpage at ...

You'll notice that the affiliate program is not even mentioned.

We want you to get the ebook on it's own merit! At the same
time, I KNOW of several affiliates who've shared with me that
they've earned in excess of $7000 with just one or two emails.
that they did was read the ebook, and then write VERY honest
reviews in their own words, and send them to their lists.

That's why I get frustrated when I watch people banging their
heads against walls, trying to sell things that NOBODY
wants. That's crazy.

Check out this ebook now. Give it a read, make lots of notes,
and put what you learn into action. At the same time, tell your
friends about it. Get it at:

The ebook was actually written by members of The Internet
Marketing Inner Circle. We are actually in the process now of
writing another group ebook. In this ebook, 100 people will
how they earned their first $100 online.

If you are a member of TIMIC, please drop by the forum to get
involved. That's where the project is being coordinated by Rob

If you are not a member of TIMIC, you can still join and get in
on this project. You can join at http://TIMIC.ORG


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One Of The Few Things That I Allow To Frustrate Me

Watching many of the things going on around me online has me
somewhat frustrated this morning. I actually seldom ALLOW
myself to get frustrated.

Life is simply too short to spend your day all stressed out.

One of the things that DOES upset me is watching others
blatantly STEAL from me and YOU.

If you have any kind of digital products that you're selling,
there's a chance that ten times as much of your product is
being passed around by pirates. That could mean that if you
made $1000 in sales this week, there was demand for $11,000
worth but certain people knew where they could get it for free.

Let me explain...

There are actually people who spend a lot of time probing your
websites, looking for unsecured directories, unsecured log
files, etc... anything that gives them the unsecured URL to your

"for sale" product.

Once they discover these URLs, some of these people are
actually a part of communities where they freely SHARE these
URLs. They see something inherently wrong with you making
money from your hard work.

There are many things that you can do to defend yourself
against this. Over the next few issues, I'll share several
of them with you.

Today, I BEG you to stop ignoring the problem and check
out a program that alerts you to people bold enough to
link to the files right on your server. Those are people
who not only STEAL your stuff... they actually make you pay
for the bandwidth too.

These are people who not only keep you from making more sales,
but if they link to one of your large video or audio packages,
they may actually put you over your bandwidth limit and get your
site shut down!

I've seen it happen :-(

Take a few minute now and grab a copy of Hotlink Alarm:

Hotlink Alarm alerts you to potential problems and then gives
you lots of options as to what you do next . For example,
you can even redirect the hotlinker's traffic to your
sales page... or just serve up a banner saying that they're
stealing from you. It's easy to set up, and very much worth
a few minutes of your time!


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A Free, Recommended MP3...

Here's quick listen audio that you can learn a lot from, it

- A way to create cashflow from organizations you belong to,
and to drastically reduce any printing costs you have

- How to find hot target markets without using keyword research

- How to build your own wildly profitable publishing empire and
position yourself quickly as a leader in your marketplace

- How to easily setup your own internet radio show

- How to tap into over 80 market niches using one simple line
of code on your webpages or blog

Be sure to have a pen and paper ready, you'll get lots of ideas.

You don't have to register to listen, just click here :-)


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January 30, 2008

35 Stunning Video Squeeze Templates - With Master Resell Rights!

Click here to check it out.

The video squeeze page templates just require editing in
an html editor and you're all set. Plug in your custom
video code, autoresponder code, a few enticing words,
and you have a killer, Web2.0 video opt-in form.

It's easy to set up.

Get it here.


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Demo Video - What Happens When Thieves Hotlink To Your Images And Your Use Hotlink Alarm

Here's a short demo video showing one way that Hotlink Alarm
can be configured to work. In this demo, hotlinked images are
just replaces with default images. You could also use your
own custom images, or even redirect traffic from sites hotlinking
to your files, over to YOUR site.

Here's the demo video:


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How I Handle Customer Service In 10 Minutes Per Day

How I Handle Customer Service In 10 Minutes Per Day
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

While attending a recent seminar in Las Vegas, I found
myself in a room with horrible Internet connectivity. As
someone who actively monitors and manages hundreds of
websites, this used to really panic me. Yet, I calmly sat
through many of the seminar presentations, knowing that
all of my customer service concerns were being handled
very promptly.

Let me explain my set-up, and you'll understand why
customer service is so easy for me now.

I should begin though by pointing out that, as your
online business starts to grow, keeping up with the
customer service issues is often the most challenging
part of running your business.

Just keeping up with all of the emails can be nearly

Like many online marketers, I decided to outsource customer
service, but also maintain positive control. I maintain my
own helpdesk (customer service center) where a few assistants
take care of 95% of issues within minutes of them arising.

I route a major percentage of communications through my
because that puts everything all in one place. I
have a threaded record of many exchanges, stored in a
secure database, so I can always go back and look up the
details later.

I am a bit of a "control freak" so I haven't put the life
of my business totally into the hands of strangers. I have
a few customer support assistants that I know fairly well.
I know that they are trustworthy, understand my business,
and have good judgement.

I use a help desk software, called Three Pillars Help Desk,
but there are other comparable support desk packages. At
under $100, this is an amazingly feature-rich piece of
software though.

The typical customer service interaction is as follows:

1) A customer has a question, lost a download, needs a
software install, wants to joint venture with me, can't
get a file to open properly, etc.... they visit my help
desk and fill out a help ticket.

I DON'T require them to register. They just fill out the
ticket, and they are entered into the system, receiving an
email confirmation. Actually, before they submit the ticket,
they are encouraged to peruse the "frequently asked questions"
(FAQ) built right into the help desk. Often, the answer to
their concern is right there and they don't even need to
file a help ticket.

2) As soon as a help ticket is filed, admin assistants
assigned to that "category" of ticket, receive a desktop
notification that a new ticket has been filed. They get
an audible chime, as well as a desktop icon that tells them
how many tickets are awaiting responses.

I have my help desk set up so that I get these same,
notifications. I have it set to check every 15 minutes,
so I can see if any tickets go unanswered for too long.
Usually, my tech support is fairly fast though.

3) Admin assistants log into the admin control panel,
using their unique admin log-ins, and respond to the tickets
in categories assigned to them. They don't see, and can't
respond to tickets in categories not assigned to them.

One of the categories at my helpdesk is "Personal For
Willie." Naturally, I only want those tickets visible to
me. Three Pillars Help Desk Software allows that option.
Tickets regarding JV's are also only visible to me, but I
could have an assistant assigned to sift through JV
proposals, and have all of those tickets ONLY visible to
that admin. Many of my contemporaries do have assistants
assigned to screen JV proposals... some using the very same
helpdesk setup that I just described.

4) Many of the help tickets that we get can be responded
to with a "one-touch response." The admin just selects the
answer from a drop-down selection of pre-composed answers,
clicks "send," and in a matter of SECONDS that ticket is
taken care of. The precomposed answers are assigned to (and
only visible for) specific categories, and the categories
are assigned to specific admins.

Perhaps a customer unfamiliar with PDF's or .zip files failed
to download and save one properly, or perhaps they don't know
how to open the file. Perhaps a customer had a harddrive
crash, and needs a replacement copy of an ebook. If my tech
support is provided with proof of purchase, they are
authorized to replace these files. My admins are empowered
to make these types of decisions, that I really shouldn't
need to get bogged down with.

5) As soon as the ticket is responded to, the customer
gets the response via email, and the desktop notifier, when
it next updates, shows that that ticket has been taken care

I mentioned earlier that I route most communications
through my help desk. This includes requests for joint
ventures, requests for me to broker joint ventures,
request for me to review a product, etc. Details on
how I do all of these things are also included in the
FAQ, so potential JV partners can see if their product
is a likely match before they even file a help ticket.

Email is so unreliable these days. There is nothing
more disconcerting than having a customer upset with you
over not responding to an email that you never even
received. You don't have that problem with the help desk.
The correspondence is stored right in the database, and
only visible to appropriate parties. You can retrieve
records by name, email address, and a number of other
database variables at any time... even for closed
tickets. So, you have a real treasure of data at your

The FAQ file shows how many views a given question has.
That can show you potential problems, or indicate that
you need to cover a product feature more thoroughly on
your sales letter. Just paying attention to something
like that could easily double your sales of a given
product. The fact is that most prospect, who have a
question, won't bother asking. So you need to really
pay attention to those who do, and assume that many more
had the same question ;-)

Anyway, I've just shared with you how I handle customer
service for the hundreds of websites that I actively
manage in mere minutes per day. I haven't actually
tracked how much time my admin assistants spend responding
to tickets. They haven't asked for raises in a long time,
so I assume that it's not very much.

If you want to spend more of your time working on growing
your business, rather than putting out customer service
"fires," then I highly recommend that you set up your
own help desk. My helpdesk of choice is Three Pillars: but there are others. You
can get as fancy as you want to with a help desk with them
ranging from free to several thousand dollars in price.
Three Pillars Help Desk was designed specifically for Internet
marketers which is why it was a natural choice for me.


Willie Crawford is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, author,
seminar and radio show host, and leading Internet marketing
expert. When not out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, Willie can
be found sharing his 11 1/2 years of online marketing experience
with members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.
Join them at:

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January 29, 2008

Here's How To Build An Email List AND Website Traffic

When I talk to aspiring Internet marketers, their two
biggest excuses for not being more successful are:

1) They don't have a lot of traffic.

2) They don't have a big list.

I'd like to remove both of those excuses THIS WEEK!

First of all... no traffic...

I wrote a report last year where I shared "My Top 10
Most Effective Free Website Traffic Generation Techniques."
Those techniques haven't changed for me, with the exception
of this year I "expect" to use the social networking sites
more. I'm still integrating that into the mix though.

Here's where you can get a copy of my traffic generation

My friend, Carlos Garcia, generates hundreds of MILLIONS of
visitors to his sites and offers routinely. He uses the
CPA/CPM networks. This is a little complex, but is how he
also earns millions of dollars each year.

Carlos and I were on the phone yesterday discussing his
techniques, and a seminar that he has coming up next month.
I'll be at his seminar getting a better grip on exactly
what he does.

You can get a free copy of a report that explains EXACTLY
what Carlos does at

Now, on to list building...

One of the quickest ways to build a list is to join one
of the free list-building giveaways. You offer a valuable
gift, and in order to get it, people have to opt-in to your

If you offer a quality gift, you've started the relationship
off with good feelings and many of those subscribers will
stay on your list for YEARS and eventually become paying

If you offer JUNK, you've started the relationship off "on
a bad footing" and they're going to remember you as the marketer
who gave them worthless junk. They are going to unsubscribe
very quickly, and perhaps make a mental note never to buy
anything from you.

The next free list-building giveaway that I personally will
participate in should have around 500 JV partners all driving
subscribers to a site. That's 500 people driving hundreds
of thousands of potential subscribers your way.

All that you need to do is find a decent product that you
own the rights to, and offer it as your gift. This should be
an item good enough that your potential subscribers would
happily PAY for it if they couldn't get it for free. This is
where most people go wrong in these free giveaways... they
offer something that has never been sold... and never would
sell because it has no real value.

I think that you get the point there.

For this giveaway, I wrote an ebook that is so new that it's
still at my proofreader. It WILL be available for free
on February 1st, which is when that free giveaway kicks off.

You can register as a JV partner for that free giveaway here:

You DO need to be able to act fast though since it kicks off
on Friday!

If you are just interested in the free gifts...
- free ebooks
- free scripts
- free mp3s
- free resale rights
- etc.

I'll give you that URL on February 1st :-)


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January 28, 2008

Franks Kern's Free Workshop

I just saw this in my inbox and you can bet it's going to
cause a MELTDOWN.

If you thought people were freaking out over Mass Control now
...wait until you see this blog post:

Here's the scoop:

Frank Kern is teaching an EXCLUSIVE 2-DAY workshop that's *just* for the people
who get Mass Control. And he's doing it as a GIFT to his new members.

The last time he taught a workshop, it was his famous Serializer class
...and it cost $10,000.00 a head.

(Plus it sold out in 54 minutes without a launch.)


The only "catch" is you have to be a Mass Control customer to

He's not letting anyone else go.

Just the people who get Mass Control.

This is probably the single most valuable bonus I've ever seen offered.

After all, his last workshop was $10,000.00.


No Pitching.

No "All Star Lineup".

No Fluff.

Frank says it'll be 100% content and hot seats
...just like he did at his $10K Serializer events.

You can get the full story here:

...but you need to know this:

If you're at ALL interested in Mass Control, you need to be ready to
come on board on Friday, February 1st at 9:00 PM *PACIFIC* time.

Frank says he's only taking somewhere in the neighborhood of
500 people ...and there are over 43,000 people in line for
Mass Control as of today.

Even if he took 2,000 it would fill up.

You can see why he's limiting it here:


Once people find out about this workshop he's
giving away, there's going to be even MORE
demand for Mass Control than there already is.

Think about it. Everybody already wants Mass Control ...and this
is just like throwing fuel on the fire.

And since everybody and their brother is promoting Mass Control,
this means the entire Internet is going to find out about this


I believe that only YOU can decide if Mass Control is right
for your business.

I've seen the actual course and it's amazing.

I personally recommend it and am willing to stake my reputation
on it.

HOWEVER - that's just *my* opinion.

If you're interested in it, you should have a look at the SEVEN free videos and the
three hours of audio case studies Frank has here:

(Just look for the links on the left.)

Talk soon,
Willie Crawford

P.S. I'm not alone in telling you that the content you can get here for free
is easily better than 99% of the stuff you'd pay $1,000.00 for:

And if you're wondering why so many people are behind Mass Control,
then you need to look no further than this amazing free content.

After all ...if the free stuff is this good, imagine what the REAL course is like!

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Why You Should Know About Steve Wagenheim

On my flight home from Las Vegas, I read an excellent ebook by
Steve Wagenheim
. If you frequent the Warrior Forum, then you
know who Steve is - if not, I'll tell you that he's a very
honest and hardworking Internet marketer.


Steve Wagenheim and Family

I read Steve's ebook (which I printed out prior to the flight)
"Niche Research Revolution." If you've read, or heard of Frank
Kern's Underachievers' Course, I'd equate Steve's ebook to a
concise version of that course. He doesn't explain the
side of things though... like how to physically set up a

Steve begins by acknowledging that the hardest part of starting
an online business is the research. As someone who has coached
dozens of clients recently I know that that is true... and that
it's the hardest thing to actually get people to do.

It's actually one of the things that practically ALL of my
want to outsource :-)

Steve looked at that fact, and decided to solve the problem
by researching 30 niches... that you are VERY unlikely to have

Steve shows step-by-step how he:

1) Confirmed how many people were actually searching on
relevant keywords.

2) Confirmed EXACTLY what people were search for when they
searched on those keywords.

3) Confirmed that those people were actually spending money
in those niches.

4) Confirmed how competitive each niche is.

5) Confirmed how many people were using Google AdWords to
drive traffic to those keyword related products.

6) Confirmed that there were existing affiliate products that
you could sell, that we already selling well.

Steve also showed his system for not risking ONE PENNY of your
own money in testing the market and setting up your AdWords

The 30 niches that Steve researched probably won't make you
$10,000 per month each. They will each make you a few hundred
to a few thousand, if you follow his step-by-step system.

Since Steve essentially uses the SAME system in each niche,
making minor adjustments for differences in a given niche, once
you see the pattern, the very real system, you'll be able to
duplicate it in countless other niches.

Take a few minutes and check out Steve Wagenheim's "Niche
Research Revolution
" today. You find that his system is
something that you can do. You'll also be pleasantly surprised
at how hype-free his website it.

He doesn't need it, he "walks the walk!" :-)

Check out:

Steve ROCKS!


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Need Traffic? Here's "THE MAN!"

I have something VERY special for you today.
Its a mind-blowing FREE report by Carlos Garcia.

Carlos is a MASTER at driving MASSIVE TRAFFIC.

He has run campaigns that have done 5 million per MONTH.

He has run BILLIONS of impressions through his adservers.

And he has helped his clients make MILLIONS.

Lets just say he knows what he is talking about when it
comes to LARGE SCALE online advertising.

He knows how to get MILLIONS of visitors to his site
WITHOUT using GOOGLE, SEO, PPC or black hat tactics.

He knows how to optimize an offer so that it sells like CRAZY.
He knows all sorts of little tricks for negotiating great deals on
advertising space.

I could go on and on about what you should read Carlos new
report. But I wont. Just do yourself a favor and read it.

Carlos is going to host a seminar in February. Thats why he has
released this report. All the biggest names in marketing will be
there, since they know he is the man when it comes to driving
HUGE amounts of traffic to a website.

So check out his report. I promise you it will be worth your time.

You can download the report here

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January 27, 2008

A Desperate Stay-At-Home Mom That Changed Her Life!

Early this morning, I was really inspired by reading an
ebook by Rita Cass...


Meet Rita, a young lady who like many of us, found herself with
her "back against the wall," and decided to DO SOMETHING!

Sometimes sheer desperation and panic can be the greatest
motivators of all.

Rita Cass felt sick to her stomach every time another bill
hit her kitchen table.

New baby...

Lost job...

No income...

Overdue bills...

Exhausted, couldn't even sleep...

Yes, that's a pretty desperate situation to be in.

Rita could have given up.

Instead, she turned to the Internet.

She jumped right in there and started building an online
income rather than spending months over-analyzing things.

She didn't have that luxury.

Now she averages $7,116 every month, working only a few
hours per week.

She tells you how in her ebook...

Rita's system is so simple, she says ANYONE can make money by
following her 5-Step Plan.

Rita had to be a bit of an innovator. She didn't have gobs of
money to buy all the latest and greatest magic guru products.

You could say she never attended Internet school, but she does
know what's making her money!

She'll reveal her proven self-taught methods that anyone can use.

No smoke and mirrors, no lies, just genuine work at home methods
that REALLY work.

In fact, she has FIVE separate Internet Income Plans that you can
use to begin making money in no time.

Think about it... if a frightened new mother with no money, a
hungry crying baby, and bill collectors ringing the phone off
the hook, can create a stable, ongoing income online...

then SO CAN YOU.

So check out Rita's ebook now. If you're already making
six-figures you'll be inspired to even greater accomplishments.

If you a struggling...
Stay-at-home Mom?
Stay-at-home Dad?
Job Seeker?
Just someone who wants to increase your income?

Then Rita's 5 Simple Internet Income Plans are for You...

With this 90+ page easy-to-read income guide, even a COMPLETE
beginner can learn how to make a life-changing income of $7,116
per month or even more with their very own Internet business.


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January 26, 2008

Willie Crawford's AND Michael Green's Favorite HelpDesk Software

I'm in Vegas, just catching up on some emails.

I just finish reading one of my favorite ezines,
Michael Green's, and was pleasantly surprised to
discover that we both love the same helpdesk
, and use it in the same way.

I have a couple of people who man my helpdesk
and take care of trouble tickets.... so I can
take a weekend in Las Vegas and know that my
customer service is being take care of.

Here's what Michael had to say about the Three
Pillars Help Desk
(I'm just quoting part of his

Hi Willie,

This week I wanted to let you in on a little secret that
helps to ensure that my 'How To' empire runs smoothly.

Of course one of the great things about internet marketing
is that once you've set things up, you can just leave your
online business and carry on with what you were doing.

A properly set up online business shouldn't require any
great input from you once things are running smoothly.

But the stumbling block tends to be dealing with ongoing
customer and prospect enquiries, plus the deluge of junk
mail and JV offers that you'll quickly start to receive.

Some good, some bad, but all time consuming!

Like many other professional online marketers I've dealt
with this issue by setting up a Help Desk and I simply
employ three part-time people on different time zones
(one in the US, one in the UK and one in India) to help
answer queries.

The help desk dramatically reduces the amount of frivolous
enquiries and spam because someone has actually got to
bother filling out a ticket, rather than just emailing
the first thing that comes into their mind.

It's also much more professional and has given me back
time to do whatever I please, including developing more
online products.

Help desk software has traditionally been very expensive,
but I hear good things about this new product for those
who are interested in following my example:

... and it's a tiny fraction of what you'd normally
expect to pay for help desk software.

Check out the helpdesk software that Michael and I BOTH
use to power our customer support ;-)


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January 24, 2008

Saying 'No' To Those Who'd Exploit Your Good Name

Here's a nice editorial, borrowed with permission from my friend Patrick Pretty's blog.

Willie Crawford, Will Bontrager and I have been very busy with the launch of HotlinkALARM. Our product, which sends users an email when it detects hotlinking to files and gives them a heads-up that a thief might be at work, is a response to the global problem of digital piracy.

Our core belief is that most people online have honest intentions. But it's definitely not all people. There are individual thieves who delight in taking things without paying for them, even using branded images to trick their website visitors into believing their operations are above-board.

HotlinkALARM takes that trick out of the thief's playbook. It is a strong deterrent not only against product theft, but also against identity theft. As a practical matter, a practiced thief wants his or her website visitors to believe they're dealing with an honest broker.

And they pull off the deception by using branded images they steal from websites. If you're like most people, you pour your heart and soul into your business. And you tweak and refine so your presentation is "just right." It's what distinguishes you from competitors and helps you build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

They know they can count on you to over-deliver.

But what they may not know is that they're not really dealing with you: That's the precise confusing circumstance hotlinkers create.

They create the appearance of honesty by adopting the identities and branding tools used by honest merchants. Hotlinking and identity theft are part of their poison plan to make money through deception.

It was a trick used against us: A person illegally posted "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online" on eBay only a few days after its release on October 8. He offered a two-thirds discount on "20 Ways" in his illegal eBay auction -- and he pulled images and testimonials from our sales site, meaning he used our bandwidth so he could extract a double penalty from us.

Not only did he take our product, he sent us a bill to make it easier for him to deliver the product to his customers. Such things happen all the time -- and lots of times it's just the tip of the iceberg.

That's why we designed HotlinkALARM not only to detect hotlinking to images, but also to files such as PDFS (eBooks), video files, audio files and other types of files.

HotlinkALARM is an early-warning system that also has the ability to inform visitors to a hotlinker's website that he or she is displaying unauthorized files. It's a remarkable product.

Think about the position the thief put us in: First, there was the issue of the theft itself. And then, of course, he was harvesting illegal profits from our hard work. His customers actually left him positive feedback because they didn't know they were dealing with a thief.

A thief was serving as a spokesman for our product, basking in the glow of the positive feedback and diluting our hard work and our carefully conceived brand identity every step of the way.

But what if a customer asked for a refund? If they couldn't get it from him, they very likely would have turned to us. After all, it was our book, our brand -- and the customer likely would believe we had sanctioned this auction.

We could have found ourselves in the position of sifting through Support Tickets for a thief. And what if he'd changed our product or edited it in some way? In other words, what if he'd decided to turn our product into something that it wasn't while trading off our good names?

A person willing to steal our product and our brand identity certainly is capable of other misdeeds.

We had an extremely low refund rate with "20 Ways"; it's a quality product that became one of the bestselling ebooks of 2007. It's still flying off the shelves.

But that's not really the point: The point is that someone stole our property, adopted our brand identity as his own -- and put us in the position of having to clean up his mess.

That's one of the biggest reasons we created Hotlink Alarm: We had the need to take a tool of deception away from hotlinkers and digital thieves. Our product gives webmasters, online merchants from virtually all market segments, designers, artists, authors, Internet Marketers, brand-based businesses better control over their intellectual property.

HotlinkALARM and "Image No Copy," which is included with Hotlink ALARM, make it tough on image hotlinkers, digital pirates and thieves.

And speaking of thieves . . .

Have you heard that a company has sprouted up that sells phishing kits?

That's right! I'm not making this up. Customers, for a fee, now can buy a turnkey phishing site. Included in the kit are email templates and hacking tools -- a complete hacker's kit all under one roof.

Yes, thieves are recruiting an international army of like-minded thieves. And they're even trying to game the thieves they recruit by inserting calback features into the code so private data from the thieves and the thieves' customers all can be exploited.

Thieves stealing from thieves and the customers of thieves: There truly is no honor among this constantly expanding lot.

The headline on the post you're reading is "Saying 'No' To Those Who'd Exploit Your Good Name."

HotlinkALARM helps you do just that.

The world is a big place indeed. Some people have licensed themselves to exploit honest merchants, to extract illegal online profits and appropriate personal property and carefully crafted brand identities.

I mentioned the phishing kit above because it illustrates the point that thieves will go to great lengths to enrich themselves while harming other people and companies.

Lots and lots of people likely will buy the turnkey phishing sites, a criminal business in a box. They'll be looking for even more wicked ways to exploit online merchants and their customers.

Hotlink ALARM helps you say no to the exploitation of your images, products -- and your good name.

Have a piracy-free day, Friend.

Patrick Pretty
The "Most Beautiful Little Boy In The World" -- 1964

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January 22, 2008

Is This Guy CRAZY? 52 Experts & 50 Million In Profitable Strategies

When James Jackson first told me about his Marketing Course
, I actually started a thread about inside the private
member-only forum at The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

The discussion centered around when is a package too BIG.

I asked that because I was floored at the fact that James was
offering practically every marketing course that he could get
rights to... and he was offering it all for less than $100!

Honestly, I was appalled at first. I had purchased rights to
some of these courses, and planned on selling them at closer
to what they are worth. I knew what it took to orchestrate
and record many of these courses.

I've hosted two live seminars and they're a lot more work than
they appear to be :-)


The VALUE you’ll get compared to the cost of this package is an
extremely lopsided deal in your favor.

There no other website on the planet where can you get all 18 of
these top notch courses, seminars and workshops produced by 52 of
the worlds’ top online marketers that have collectively grossed
over 50 millon dollars in sales!


Consider that you would normally have to pay $97 to $397 for just
a single course that’s included in this package and those are actual
prices that others have paid just to get access to these courses

You get access to verifiable million dollar marketing methods and
strategies from the likes of...

*Mike Filsaime
*Russell Brunson
*Gary Ambrose
*Ewen Chia
*Michael Rasmussen
*Cory Rudl
*Dan Kennedy
*Ron Legrand
*Robert G. Allen
*Yanik Silver
*Joel Christopher
*Tellman Knudson
*Mike Glaspie
*Kenneth McArthur
*Andrew Fox
*Anik Singal
*David Vallieres
*Marlon Sanders
*Henry Gold
*And many more...

But you have to act fast. This very special offer will only last
until Midnight Jan 31st and after that the price will double so
you really need to check this out now...

Check out:


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Please Watch This Videos - Watch A JV Go From Idea To Massively Successful Product Launch

Here's a short video that shows how a causal conversation
on a discussion forum turned into a project, a partnership,
and a product that is destined to touch the lives of hundreds
of thousands, perhaps millions of online marketers in countless

It shows how, when you're really listening to the marketplace,
products that they actually need and WANT come to you naturally.


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January 19, 2008

Combatting Hotlinking, Digital Product Theft and Brand Dilution

Here's an interview of Will Bontrager, Patrick Pretty
and Willie Crawford discussing the problems caused by
hotlink, and digital product piracy.

Many webmasters think that it's innoncent, but Will,
Willie and Patrick explains how it can suck the
very life out of your business, and what you can
do about it.

Will, Patrick and Willie created Hot Link Alarm after
noticing blatant theft of their own products.

You are encourage to check out this simple software that you
install on your server to protect all of your downloadable


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NICE Set Of Master Resale Rights

It's a dreary, cold, rainy day here in northwest Florida, so
I stayed inside to get caught up on work.

I did take time out for some fun though. I spent time
channel surfing on one of my new computer toys called...

"Watch TV From My PC"

Watch TV From My PC is a newly released product that
allows you to view thousands of TV stations and videos
from hundreds of countries, in many different languages
directly from your computer all with the click of a button.

You can also listen to thousands of radio stations from
around the world.

For a limited time, you can get this brand spanking new
product with Master Resale Rights. This one's gonna be HOT!

I recently installed it on my laptop and have watched
shows in English, Spanish, French, and Filipino (Tagalog).
I also listen to energizing music while working. The
array of stations is HUGE.

Check it out at:


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January 18, 2008

10,658 FREE Visitors in 6 Days from a Web 2.0 Website

I just want to call your attention to an incredible report by my
friend Dave Bullock on how he generates traffic almost effortlessly.

While many websites struggle to get 100 visitors a day, Dave recently
got 10,658 FREE Visitors in 6 Days from a Web 2.0 property that NOBODY
is talking about.

What could that traffic mean to you?


It's funny how the simple things can bring in the biggest

Don't miss this:

Dave's report is not free. It IS less than $6 :-)


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January 17, 2008

Louviere - Crawford Teleseminar Postponed - New Teleseminar On Digital Product Theft!

This is just a quick note to let you know that the
teleseminar scheduled with Eric Louviere for tonight
at 8pm CST has been postponed.

There were some major scheduling conflicts, and so
we'll let you know when we reschedule... if you are
still subscribed to this autoresponder.

I would like to invite you onto another teleseminar
tomorrow at 2pm CST featuring myself, programmer
Will Bontrager, and marketer/copywriter/branding
expert Patrick Pretty.

The focus of that teleseminar will be on protecting
your products, your brand, and your customers from
those who steal digital products.

You can get more detail on that teleseminar here:

I apologize for the need to reschedule the call with


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January 16, 2008

Free Teleseminar On Computer and Website Security TODAY!

Instead of an article today, I want to make sure that
you make it onto the free teleseminar with Tom Brownsword
on computer and website security.

Today, Wednesday, January 16th, at 4-5:30pm CST,
I will host a free call with Tom Brownsword on website
and computer security. Tom is a certified computer
expert who uses his expertise while working for the
U.S. government.

Tom and I will discuss risks to your online business,
and things you can do to make your websites, computers,
etc. more secure. We'll go over some common website
security holes that you can close right away.

To register for the call with Tom, please visit:

There is a timezone chart on this webpage!

PLEASE let your online friends know about this important
free call. Twitter them, PM them, blog about the call, etc.
They WILL thank you :-)

Not on Twitter? Join us at:


Speaking of calls, here are three others to mark on
your calendar...

1) On Thursday, January 17th, at 8-9pm CST, I'm
hosting a free teleseminar with direct response marketer,
and highly-paid copywriter, Eric Louviere.

On this call, Eric will share his "Niche Marketing
and CPA Marketing System. He will also, as a bonus
reveal his 7 Special Copywriting Insights.

To register for the call with Eric, please visit:

2) On Friday January 18th, at 2-3pm CST, I will host
a teleseminar with programmer Will Bontrager, and
marketing/branding genius Patrick Pretty.

Will, Patrick and I recently created and released
a solution to the problem of people stealing your
digitally downloadable files. It's a piece of
software called HotLinkAlarm, that alerts you when
someone is stealing your images, mp3s, pdf, videos,
or accessing your scripts in an unauthorized fashion.

The software even allows you to swap out a file that
you detect is being stolen :-)

We created that software after members of The Internet
Marketing Inner Circle noticed a thief selling one
of our products on Ebay and linking directly to our
site from the listing.

People are robbing many online marketers blind, and
many prefer to ignore the problem. We'll share how
even someone using your images can severe harm your
brand, and impact your bottom-line.

I'll send out a follow-up email on Thursday to
remind you of this call, and with details on Saturday's
networking and brainstorming call. In the meantime,
I do encourage you to check out Hotlink Alarm at:

3) I haven't had a networking and brainstorming call
in a while so I WILL plan one this week. That will
be on Saturday, January 19th, at 11am CST.

That call will be open discussion on ANY internet
marketing topic that "cranks your Ford." I will
moderate the call to make sure that it's useful for
everyone on it though. I'll also record the call...
another reason that I'll keep it on-topic.

To register for that call, please visit:


That's it for today.

I do want to request the BIG favor of having you check out
HotLinkAlarm. It lets you do things like detect when
someone is "hotlinking" to your website files and actually
have their visitors' browser redirect to YOUR website.

How cool is that. They think that they're stealing from you,
and instead, when they attract someone to their website
looking for your creation, that visitor is actually redirected
to YOUR website.

It's at:


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January 15, 2008

What I Did When I Was Mercilessly Robbed!

I've actually been robbed a number of times in my life...
only once at gunpoint. That was when I was a college student
selling books door-to-door in Baltimore, Maryland.

Over the past few months, I discovered that I was being
BLATANTLY robbed online, and I actually felt more violated
than when I was robbed at gunpoint. Two quick instances I
will share with you... actually three.

1) In November 2007 we discovered that someone had stolen,
and listed our brand new ebook on Ebay, and was selling it
for 1/3 of the authorized price... under-pricing us and all
of the other affiliates. We pointed this out to Ebay, and
they gave us a "red tape maze" to navigate!

2) In November 2007 someone pointed out SEVERAL webpages
that people had hastily throw together, selling JUNK, that
had fake testimonials from me and other well-known marketers.
In other cases they used our photos and words, over different
names. Here, they were stealing, and tarnishing our brands.
Many people who buy from those sites think that they are
buying from us, or our partners.

3) In December 2007, a friend emailed me to point out that a
post on a VERY busy forum, used by people who steal others
products and share them, contained links to DOZENS of my
products... which I offered no types of resale rights to.

Whether you realize it or not, these types of things are also
happening to you everyday. Digital images and products are
passed around "like candy" on the Internet.

Most people know that it's happening, yet feel that there is
nothing that can be done about it. I use to feel the same

Today, January 15th, 2008, I'd like to point out to you that
there is a solution to all of the problems pointed out
above. It is something that has been in development since
November 2007, has been rigorously beta tested, and is
being offered to my fellow online marketers for the first
time today.

It's a new piece of software that you install on your server
called "Hotlink Alarm."

HotlinkALARM is a powerful software tool that alerts you
via email when your website graphics and digital property are
being used without your permission by image "hotlinkers" and
other thieves.

You'll know instantly if your website graphics or products
have been compromised. Features built into HotlinkALARM then
let you decide what to do about it.

HotLinkAlarm was developed by Will Bontrager (a programmer
who's been creating amazing software since the 80's), Patrick
Pretty, and myself, in response to being appalled at how
HUGE digital property theft has grown.

Hotlink Alarm detects when your images or products are being
stolen, notifies you via email, and then allows you to
automatically substitute customized files in place of
those files.

In our example with the Ebay listing, we could have displayed
any number of messages right in the thief's Ebay listing, and
even redirected the traffic BACK to our website.

The email that you get when HotlinkALARM detects a theft
provides you with the url, the file being stolen, and other
relevant information. The software lets you use an array of
responses to this detection... you're back in control.

If you're in a hurry, you can grab this software at:

Hotlink Alarm protects your:

* Video files
* Audio files
* PDF’s
* Zip files
* JavaScript files
* CGI programs such as forms
* Images

In the theft mentioned in #2 above, the criminals stole our
images and hosted them on their server. HotLink Alarm comes
with a program called Image No Copy that guards against this.

With image no copy, your common criminal copies your images just
as you can copy images from most webpage. However, when they
look at what they just copied from your site, they discover that
they downloaded an entirely DIFFERENT image. At that point, most

criminals will grow frustrated and go steal from someone else,
realizing that you're serious about protecting YOUR intellectual

Hotlink Alarm was created because I, and members of The Internet

Marketing Inner Circle, were appalled at how blatantly people
were stealing from us. We put our heads together and several of
us came up with a powerful solution.

Now we'd like to share that solution with you.

If you're as fed-up as we are with people robbing you blind, and
then laughing in your face about it, you CAN now do something
about it!

Think about this... if thieves are stealing just 10% of your
product downloads, and you stop that, with just a few minutes of
work... installing a very easy-to-install piece of software,
you've likely increased your bottom line by 20-30%.

Remember, many thieves... after stealing your products,
blatantly share them with hundreds, perhaps even thousands of
others. This can completely KILL sales of a product before it
even gets started.

Take a few minutes now and get HotLink Alarm.

You'll be glad that you did :-)

Thanks for listening, and for doing your part to stop this
crime. Thanks for being a good "cyber-citizen."

Willie Crawford

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January 13, 2008

Facebook HUGE Enough For 60 Minutes - But Advertising Can Be Tricky

For those of you in the US, tonight's 60 Minutes will
feature Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
. I may actually
watch a little television tonight for a change :-)

This shows how HUGE facebook, with over 70 BILLION
pageviews per month is getting.

I offered an ebook on advertising on Facebook last week.

This is the ebook that is a real eyeopener, and you can
get it here:

Facebook is unlike any of the other social networking
communities and if you don't know what you're doing,
your advertising on Facebook WON'T work!


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January 11, 2008

"New Year's Gift...Make $1,500 Today No Money Down"

URGENT - if you haven't checked out Andrew Cavanagh's
special report on marketing to local businesses, do that
right now.

Andrew first brought up this topic with a post to the
Warrior Forum, with the subject line:

"New Year's Gift...Make $1,500 Today No Money Down"

That thread received around 8500 views before it was deleted.

The thread focused on the fact that most local businesspeople
have NO IDEA how to market online. Just by walking in and
striking up a conversation with many of them, you can
literally earn thousands of dollars for a few hours work.

This is actually what I do by operating a few "local portal
website." Local realtors, doctors, lawyers, etc., spend
thousands each year on "yellow pages" advertising with no
idea of whether or not it's working for them. I show them
that it's NOT, and then show them what will bring them a
measurable increase in business... namely using the internet.

Anyway, Andrew wrote up a lot of what he does, that's very
similar to what I do in working with local businesses. He did
give me a lot of unique twists that I had never considered
though. Clearly, "he walks the walk!"

He offered that as a special report in a Warrior Special Offer,
but announced that he was soon going to end that offer and then
you'd pay $67 for the report.

Right now you can get that same report for next to nothing.
Here's a backdoor that he set up for me :-)

If you snooze, you lose :-)


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DTAlpha - "The CNN Of Internet Marketing!"

My good friend, Stephen Pierce, is opening up a project
called DTAlpha to 2500 beta testers today at 11am EST.

I first met Stephen back in April of 2003, when I invited
him to speak at his very first Internet marketing seminar,
which also happened to be the first seminar that I ever
hosted. I have considered Stephen and Alicia friends
ever since! Stephen quickly rose to become perhaps THE
top internet marketer of today, now consulting for top
Fortune 500 companies.

Stephen has a knack for putting together products and
projects that change lives!

I won't attempt to describe DTAlpha, but instead will tell
you that we opened up 500 slots to beta testers back in
early December, and that they were gone in about an hour.

I'll also tell you that DTAlpha is a collaborative effort
by Chet Holmes, Christopher Guerriero, Dave Lakhani,
T. Harv Ecker, Jay Abraham, Jerry Clark, Joe Polish, John
Carlton, John Childers, Mike Filsaime, Patrick Chan, Russell
Brunson, Stephen Pierce, Yanik Silver, Jim Britt, Armand
Morin, John Reese, Larry Benet, me (Willie Crawford) and a
few others.

The project is designed to provide you with the latest new
and information in the world of direct marketing before
anyone else get it. We know that the key to making great
business decisions is having the right information, at the
right time. So, we're all going to share much of what we
know, in near-real-time, with you. If become a beta tester,
we're going to share it with you for free.

On top of that, Stephen Pierce is going to GIVE access
to a course that he sells for $5000 to all beta testers.
There are a few other thank you gifts too... t-shirts,
and things like that.

Beta testing opens up at 11am EST. Around that time,
check out


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January 10, 2008

DTAlpha Beta Testing Reopens January 11th For 2500 Additional Testers!

Just a quick update that the 2500 slots for beta testers
will open on Friday January 11, 2008 at 11:00 am EST. At
that time, I'll plan on posting the url to register here.

A number of people commented during the initial testing
that they didn't see any of my materials in there. If you've
checked lately you'll notice headlines from me on the
ticket, and if you've access the blogs, you've seen my
material there

You'll also get a steady diet of free steaming audio and
video from me the other "informants"...

- Chet Holmes
- Christopher Guerriero
- Dave Lakhani
- T. Harv Ecker
- Jay Abraham
- Jerry Clark
- Joe Polish
- John Carlton
- John Childers
- Mike Filsaime
- Patrick Chan
- Russel Brunson
- Stephen Pierce
- Yanik Silver
- Jim Britt
- Armand Morin
- John Reese
- Larry Benet
... and a few other surprises.

If you want to see feedback from earlier testers, it should be
on the talkback blog:

The teacher in me wants to point out that while DTAlpha is
already a tremendous resource, I don't want you to overlook
the fact that it demonstrates something we've all discussed for
YEARS... the power of a joint venture.

Anyway, stay tuned. Let me know if you have any questions though.
I get them quicker through my helpdesk ;-)


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January 09, 2008

Discover Self

This is a site set up by a brilliant programmer, named Robert
Woodhead, that lets you semi-automatically submit your
website(s) to all of the top search engines and directories.

Robert has a lot of EXCELLENT information on how to get some
great search engine rankings and traffic. He's tracked down all
of the top search engines and directories, and points out to you
the ones actually worth bothering with. Many of these are niche
directories that get LOTS of traffic, and it's likely that you
never heard of them.

Using Robert's site is FREE, but if you give him a small
contribution, he gives you access to even more amazing website
traffic building tools.

I've used Robert's site off and on for as long as I can
remember, and I have top 10 rankings for THOUSANDS of my
important keywords.

Check out:
The url lets Robert know that I'm still talking about him ;-)


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Another Gift For You - "Seller Beware - teaches you not to inadvertently violate Paypal's terms of service!

You do need to download and read a copy of..

"Seller Beware - How to avoid Paypal's lethal game of 'Pin
The Tail On The Internet Marketing Donkey"

This is an ebook that explains to you how countless marketers
inadvertently step on Paypal's "terms of service" and find their
accounts FROZEN or CLOSED.

There are dozens of things that you can innocently do that
violate Paypal's TOS, or even federal and international laws.
This ebook will point out some of the most common mistakes and
hopefully prevent you from making those fatal errors. There is
nothing SADDER than having thousands of dollars sitting in a
frozen Paypal account.

Don't let it happen to you.

You can download a free copy of "Seller Beware" in PDF from


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Free Gift For You - Ebook On Marketing On The Two Biggest Forum In Our Niche!

Today I wanted to offer my subscribers and my website visitors a
number of free gifts that are actually "worth more than the
electrons that they are printed on."

I see so many people just passing out JUNK, usually to build
their list, that I dug through my notes to give you some
real gems.

The the first freebie that I want to share withe you is the
ebook "Forum Profit Strategies."

It was written by Derrick VanDyke, and came with "Master Rights"
so I'm passing a copy along to you.

It shows you how to rake in some easy cash by making special
offers at Digital Point and the Warrior Forum. If you don't know
what you're doing on these two forums, you could quickly find
yourself banned... so you do need to read this ebook!

While I've talked a lot about WSO's I haven't mentioned Digital
Point much to you. It's a HUGE marketplace though.

There are some excellent tips in this PDF and I'm GIVING you a
copy. You can download it just by clicking on the link across
the top of this page:


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watch this before it's too late

Go here and watch this. It'll just start playing automatically:

It's Frank Kern's 19-minute Mass Control video where he breaks down
how his marketing pulled in $23.8 million dollars in 24 hours.

You need to see it before it's taken down.


You're going to see a TON of buzz about this if you haven't already
...and for good reason.

The content in Frank's video is excellent. Especially the "I.D.T." method
he shows you.

Anyway, a lot of people are probably going to *only* focus on
the $23.8 million part.


And that's why you should do this:

1. Watch the video. It's 100% pure content and Frank is practically
giving away the farm in terms of the stuff he shows you.

2. Take notes on the "I.D.T." part. You'll see what I mean.


(It's free just like the video.)

The reason why is because Frank gives you the *real* story about this whole
$23.8 million bucks in 24 hours deal.

I've read it and I can tell you this:


You won't believe the stuff that happens "behind the scenes" of these
big launches.

Just trust me on this - watch the video and get the 33-page report.
You can get it all here:

Talk soon,

P.S. I just realized that some people might not know who Frank Kern is.
He's probably the most in demand, expensive, and IMPOSSIBLE-to-get
marketers on the planet.

He used to be on the "marketing scene" but a few years ago he started to
go underground and stopped taking email subscribers, stopped appearing
at seminars, and eventually stopped working on anything that wasn't at least
a one million dollar project.

But trust me ...if you haven't seen or heard of Frank Kern, you've definitely
seen his work and have probably been influenced by it.

He's the guy who did the marketing for the first Stompernet Launch
...and that did over $18 million in 24 hours. (He wrote the emails, the sales letter,
and did scripting on the famous videos.)

And one time just for fun, he did the marketing for a dating product that did
$1.4 million in just four hours.

He's also the guy behind the mysterious "Serializer" seminars ...that sold
a million bucks worth of seats in just 54 minutes a tiny list and without

...And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Frank just happens to be one of the
only guys out there who makes over a million a year selling "non-marketing"
stuff to small niches.

I've even heard that people tried to pay him just to get on his email list.

No kidding.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video ...then get the 33 page Mafia

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January 08, 2008

70 BILLION Pageviews Per Month ... Only $3 ????

Just a quick note to remind you that the special
report, "Ebook Social Ads - The New AdWords" is still
only $3 until 5pm CST today. Then the price goes up
SUBSTANTIALLY. My advisors want me to raise it to
$37 at that time.

This report tells you how to tap into the incredible
traffic that Facebook is getting.

Can you really afford to ignore a site that's getting
over 70 BILLION page views per month?

Grab the report at:


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January 07, 2008

2008 - The Year Of Social Network Marketing???

If you haven't got your copy of Facebook Social Ads yet, you're
about to lose out.

It's only $3 today, and may go back up to $37 tomorrow. Get it


2008 is definitely the year for incorporating social marketing
into your mix - whether we're talking networking sites like
Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIN or sharing sites like Digg,
Reddit, Flickr, etc. The time to jump on this massive force is
now. The friends at StomperNet just released a meaty 50 minute
video on how to leverage Social Marketing starting today:


Back to Facebook Social Ads...

If you missed why you absolutely must learn "how to play according
to the rules" on this site that gets 70 BILLION page views per
... here why...

Unless you've been hiding under a rock lately, you have to
had noticed all of the uproar about Facebook. MANY are
calling it the new MySpace!

Countless marketers, fed up with Google AdWords, also think
that using "social ads" on Facebook will eventually be much
more profitable for them.

However, Facebook is not Google, and it's NOT MySpace...

Facebook is currently enjoying 70 BILLION page views per
month, and is the sixth most trafficked website in the
United States.

Facebook gets more traffic than Ebay, and is rapidly closing
in on Google's traffic figures.

That means that if you are an online marketer, you CAN'T
afford to ignore it.

I just finished reading an ebook called
Facebook Social Ads - The New AdWords" that explains the
Facebook phenomena better than anything I've read.

It explains all of the ins and outs of profitably
marketing on Facebook. It has some knowledge that I consider
essential for you. The Facebook crowd is very different.
They're so quirky, that many have actually formed protest
groups because they don't like how the owners are running
Facebook. Yes, these are protest groups, hosted ON Facebook.

This ebook was being marketed for $37, which I thought was
worth it, but a big excessive. So.... I bought resale rights,
and for the next 48 hours, I'm offering it to you for only
$3. That price is only good through 5PM CST, Tuesday,
January 8th.

The deadline is so that you won't put off getting knowledge
that I consider absolutely critical. After the deadline,
the price will probably be set closer to the recommended
resale price... before the authors BAN me.

Grab this book now, read and apply it. It's at:

It's only $3... and if you don't have $3 drop me a note
at my helpdesk explaining your situation, and I might just
BUY you a copy. I do want you to have a copy that bad!

My helpdesk is at:
The ebook is at:


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PROOF - You Can Earn A Decent Living Online

I thought that you might need a little motivation this
morning, so I created a short Camtasia video showing
you some of my online sales this weekend. I didn't get
too specific, but do show that the stuff that I teach
actually works.

I'm working on two articles that you'll also find
helpful. They still need polishing. I'll post them
to this blog when they are ready. For now, check out this

Hopefully, this will motivate you and get your week
off to a great start.

As my friend Wes says "see you at the bank!"


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January 06, 2008

JV Alert Earlybird Special Ends January 7th!

My friend Ken McArthur just sent me a reminder that the
earlybird signup for JV Alert ends Monday. It REALLY is
a good deal, and I'm already scheduled to be there. In
fact, Ken has me on his panel of experts :-)

Here's the reminder that he sent:

Hey Willie ,

Just a quick reminder ...

The last day for the Early-Bird Special for jvAlert Live is Monday,
January 7th.

Most likely by the time you are reading this, that means TODAY!

Right now the price is only $695 for TWO people to come to event,
but on the 8th the price goes up to $1,297.00 and it's just for one

The time for procrastinating is over. Grab this special now at:

That said ...

I NEVER want money to be the reason that you don't come to jvAlert
Live. If money IS the reason, e-mail me and I'll do what I can
to help you get there.

jvAlert Live is more than an event to me. It's a personal mission
because I believe that it changes lives every single time.

I want you there if it is at all possible, so help me help you to
get there.

All the best,


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The RULES At Facebook!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock lately, you have to
had noticed all of the uproar about Facebook. MANY are
calling it the new MySpace!

Countless marketers, fed up with Google AdWords, also think
that using "social ads" on Facebook will eventually be much
more profitable for them.

However, Facebook is not Google, and it's NOT MySpace...

Facebook is currently enjoying 70 BILLION page views per
month, and is the sixth most trafficked website in the
United States.

Facebook gets more traffic than Ebay, and is rapidly closing
in on Google's traffic figures.

That means that if you are an online marketer, you CAN'T
afford to ignore it.

I just finished reading an ebook called, Facebook Social Ads
- The New AdWords" that explains the Facebook phenomena better
than anything that I've read or listened to.

It explains all of the ins and outs of profitably
marketing on Facebook. It has some knowledge that I consider
essential for you.

The Facebook crowd is very different. They're so quirky, that
many have actually formed protest groups because they don't
like how the owners are running Facebook.

Yes, these are protest groups, hosted ON Facebook.

They are a culture that you DEFINITELY must understand
before you dare try selling anything there.

This ebook was being marketed for $37, which I thought was
WORTH it, but a big excessive. So.... I bought resale rights,
and for the next 48 hours, I'm offering it to you for only
$3. That price is only good through 5PM CST, Tuesday,
January 8th.

The deadline is so that you won't put off getting knowledge
that I consider absolutely critical. After the deadline,
the price will probably be set closer to the recommended
resale price... before the ebooks' authors BAN me.

Grab this book now, and learn how to tap into an incredible
pool of online traffic and buyers. It's at:

It's only $3... and if you don't have $3 drop me a note
at my helpdesk explaining your situation, and I might just
BUY you a copy. I do want you to have a copy that bad!

My helpdesk is at:
The ebook is at:

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January 05, 2008

Why I HATE This Guy...

If you take a look at The Internet Marketing Warrior Forum
right now, you'll see that the busiest.... most popular
thread is currently one by Andrew Cavanagh.

That thread has the subject line...
"New Year's Gift...Make $1,500 Today No Money Down"

In the thread, Andrew points out that many in the Internet
marketing niche are completely missing the greatest
opportunity to profit from their marketing expertise.

They're missing out on selling their online marketing know-how,
to brick-and-mortar businesses where their expertise is NOT
taken for granted. In the Internet marketing community,
in places like The Warrior Forum, that knowledge is often
considered "a given" by anyone who's been around longer
than six months!

Andrew is actually teaching something that I've been preaching
a LOT lately. We just approach the subject differently.

I've been teaching that you can easily build a six or even
seven-figure income by running a local portal website. I
started a thread on that topic here:

In my thread, I shared that I run city portal websites, charging

local businesses anywhere from a few hundred, to thousands of
dollars a year, for advertising. The portal system that I
actually use can be seen at:

There's a slide show that you can watch there... for free, that
explains our entire system ;-)

In his thread, Andrew acknowledges that I'm pointing out a great
opportunity. He even says right in his thread, "I believe
Willie is the portal king." Then he goes on to "throw out" idea
after idea on how to easily market your online expertise to
local businesses... doing them a big favor. You can see his
HUGE thread

When I said that I hate Andrew, I was really joking. I actually
LOVE the ideas that he offers in the thread. I'm a little
envious that I didn't come up with some of them :-)

In-fact, I liked what he was sharing so much that I managed to
get an advanced copy of the report that he mentions in the
thread. He plans on offering that report through a Warrior
Special Offer, but because I have "connections" you can get an
advanced copy too if you want it. I highly recommend that you
do that. You can get it here:

I read through Andrews report making lots of notes. He's spent
several decades in direct sales, AND is an incredible
copywriter. The tips that he shares on building rapport with
local business people, and showing them that you're on their
side... so convincingly that they practically BEG you to take
their money is extremely powerful.

What Andrew actually teaches it that you get local business
people to become your customers by actually HELPING them market
their businesses more effectively online. That's a winning
formula, and he explains how to do it masterfully. Get a copy
of his report before your competitors even hear about it.
Here's that link again:


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January 03, 2008

Free Stomper Scrutinizer Software - Get It!

The new Stomper Scrutinizer software is ready to go -
and it's free for everyone

You can see the "Scrooge" video and the instructions for getting
the Scrutinizer software at this link:

I Really Like This Video!

P.S . This really is the gift that keeps on giving. A wonderful
gift that will drive their profits higher in
the coming year...

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Learn These Free Website Traffic Generation Methods In MINUTES!

I'm catching up on a lot of reading and listening to audios
this morning.

I just finished going through a nice set of SHORT, lasar-focused
traffic generation audios. In the process I've picked up a few
things that I, or an assistant WILL be implementing to turn
up our traffic generation even more.

Here's a short segment from the webpage that shows part of
what you get:

You won't spend weeks (or months) learning these 7 simple traffic
strategies. Each audio is only 3 to 6 minutes long, so just 32
minutes from now you'll know the inside scoop on how to drive
hungry visitors to your web site!

Here's what you'll discover from these 7 audios in mp3 format:

# How to Get Free Traffic from Forums (3 1/2 minutes)

# How to Get Free Traffic from Blogging (5 minutes)

# How to Get Free Traffic from Niche Directories (6 minutes)

# How to Get Free Traffic from Friends & Family (3 minutes)

# How to Get Free Traffic from YouTube (5 minutes)

# How to Get Free Traffic from Online Networking (6 minutes)

# How to Get Free Traffic from Article Generation (4 1/2 minutes)

In addition to the 7 high-quality audios (which can be played on
your computer or transferred to your iPod or a CD) you'll also
get the 23 page transcript of the audios so you can read these
techniques if you prefer. Either way, you can satisfy your traffic
craving in almost no time at all!

But I'm not done yet... I'm tossing in 3 more audios!

In the Traffic Tidbits Volume 2 audios, plus 12 page transcript,
you'll discover:

# Time Honored Traffic Generation Secrets (5 minutes)

# Using Article Generation As An Affiliate Tool (4 minutes)

# Article Generation - To Outsource Or Not To Outsource? (5 minutes)

And as a special bonus, you'll also receive the following 3 Advanced
Traffic Tidbits audios and 13 page transcript:

# Advanced Article Marketing (5 1/2 minutes)

# List-Building Using YouTube (5 1/2 minutes)

# Driving More Visitors to Your YouTube Videos (4 1/2 minutes)

That's a total of 62 minutes of mp3 audios!

In just over 1 hour, you can have a clearer focus and dozens
of simple things that you can do to turn up the FREE websites

Check it out here:

Load the MP3 up in your IPOD and listen to them while out
walking the dog, or driving to work.

Learning what actually works can be totally painless ;-)


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"The Fun Marketing Method"

I just picked up a brand new report and I'm really
excited to tell you about it...

Check it out here:

The Fun Marketing Method reveals exactly how marketers rake
in moolah day after day doing something that can't possibly
be considered "work." (You'd have to bust your butt to make
this kind of dough at your 9-5 job!)

And you can rake in cash using this easy method even if you:

* Don't have your own website
* Don't have your own product
* Don't have your own opt-in list
* Have little or no marketing experience

If that sounds good, go to:

By the way...

You can also promote The Fun Marketing Method and earn 100%
INSTANT commissions to your PayPal account. This works so
great that I've already earned over $1500 TODAY ;-)


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January 02, 2008

Did You Get My Gift?

Here's an email that I sent out earlier today, and
wanted to make sure that you don't miss...

As you know, I send you an email whenever I have something
important to share with you, but I have never sent out an email
that received such a huge response as the one I sent you the
other day with the $613.31 MOST INCREDIBLE ‘FREE’ GIFT EVER
opportunity that I arranged for you from The Legendary Marketing
Guru…Dan Kennedy!!!

In fact, there were so many of the people on list that claimed
it, that I haven’t had time yet to check to see if you were one
of the people who grabbed it.

If you did claim your gift, then I wanted to let you know that
it’s on it way to you.

Just in case you missed it or haven’t had time yet to see what
this is all about, I wanted to let you know that time is running
out and I’m sending you this email as a LAST CHANCE REMINDER.

Find out about everything that’s included in with this $613.31
gift by clicking onto the link below:

When you do click onto the link above, you’ll receive complete
details, but I thought you like to see just a list if what makes
up this $613.31 Gift that I was able to arrange for you as a
thank you.

Here’s what’s included:

* Two full months of Dan Kennedy’s NO BS MARKETING LETTER
(considered the best marketing newsletter on the planet).

* Two full months of Dan’s MONTHLY EXCLUSIVE AUDIO CDs (Dan’s
exclusive interviews with successful users of direct response
advertising, leading experts and entrepreneurs in direct
marketing, and famous business authors and speakers)

* Two full months of Dan’s MONTHLY ‘MARKETING GOLD’ HOTSHEET.

* Dan’s first hand advice with SPECIAL FREE CALL-IN TIMES,
making it substantially easier and more convenient for you to
have ‘one-on-one’ access to him personally and ask him your
specific marketing questions.

* GOLD MEMBERS’ RESTRICTED ACCESS WEBSITE: A section of the website contains past issues of the NO B.S.
Marketing Letter, articles, special news, etc. ONLY Gold Members
are given the access code for this website.

There are contacts and resources that Dan and his clients use -
and in many cases, have found only after diligent and difficult

But Wait…There’s Plenty More!!!

* The No B.S. Income Explosion Guide & CD specially designed for
NEW MEMBERS to show them how they can create exciting sales and
profit growth in their Business, Practices, or Sales Careers &
greater success in their business lives.

TELE-SEMINAR…..hear a dynamic discussion of key advertising,
marketing, promotion, entrepreneurial and Phenomenon strategies

These are a series of three fast-paced, jam-packed view-at-home
Webinars with Dan Kennedy, ‘Marketing & Advertising Coach’ Bill
Glazer, ‘Peak Performance Coach’ Lee Milteer… presenting

“everything you need to know about outrageously effective
advertising, extraordinarily productive and profitable
marketing, and fast implementation’ (getting things done).
Webinars exclusively devoted to SPEED….to dramatically
accelerating your accomplishment of your most important goals!

This is ‘in-depth’ TRAINING especially for NEW GKIC Members.

* You’ll also receive Dan Kennedy’s “Success Marketing
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Now you can see why THE MOST INCREDIBLE FREE GIFT EVER is a true
$613.31 value and why YOU need to experience this for your

As I mentioned to you the other day, there is one catch. Dan
will not keep this deal open forever. After he's reached his
limit – this deal is history. So, please don't delay. I strongly
urge you to check out your special thank you gift right here:

Willie Crawford

PS: One FREE look is worth a thousand words of
advertising. Dan's "NO B.S. Marketing Letter" truly speaks
for itself - powerfully. But you be the judge and see if
I'm right! Like I said don't take this FREE gift lightly.
Just head over here to see what you're getting.

PPS: I suppose I should point out….just ONE really good idea,
strategy, improvement, or kick in the butt you get from all of
this can easily provide a HUGE amount of added income in your

To find out what’s waiting for you click onto the link below

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Unrestricted PLR On 7 Audio Ebooks - Goes Up 5 Cents Every 30 Minutes

Here's a note I sent to a few friends and wanted
to pass along to you...

Happy New Year!

I hope you had fun and were safe during
you New Year Celebrations... Mine was safe and
relatively quiet.

Now we start 2008...

And Wow!

It looks like it is starting off on the right foot..

Because I have a Fantastic Package Of New Audio Ebooks
with Private Label and Master Resell Rights for you :-)

And guess What?

The Private Label Rights are Unrestricted....

In A Hurry?

So you can do what ever you want with them.....

How would you like to get your hands on some
clear and concise ...

* Advertising Tips
* Blockbuster Cash Secrets
* Breakthrough Sales Solutions
* Clever Profit Generating Insights
* Product Selling Principles
* Customer Tested Buying Triggers
* Influence Tactics

Now, you can get all you need to developing your
Online Marketing Success..

Earn some real money selling your new audio ebooks.....

It's a win win, no matter what your needs are......

Get All The Details

I would hurry, the price increases 5 cents every 1/2 hour..

Get It While It's Still Cheap..


100% Commission Available.....

To YOUR Success

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December 31, 2007

A Gift I Sent Via Email

I sent this to part of my list today, and wanted to make
sure that spam filters didn't keep you from getting it:

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you
something very, very important...

...Thank YOU!

Yep, I mean it...without people like you we'd be positively,
100% out of business. As I watched 2007 draw to a close, I was
thinking of some special way to show how much we appreciate you.
Of course a card would do it -- but that'll probably just get
thrown out in a couple days.

So here's what I came up with...

It's a THANK YOU GIFT that will significantly
increase your profits and bottom line.

I made arrangements with the #1 Marketing Expert in the world,
which includes 2- FREE Months of Dan’s ‘ELITE’ Gold Membership
(Including The World’s Best Marketing Newsletter on The
Planet…The ‘No B.S. Marketing Letter’).

If you want to see how I honestly feel about Dan Kennedy
and how much he's changed my life, just "google"

"dan kennedy + willie crawford" and you'll read how I've been
raving about him for YEARS!

Now…you’ve just got to find out about everything that’s included
in with this $613.31 gift by clicking onto the link below:

If you haven't heard of Dan Kennedy let me give you the
quick run-down. As a marketing consultant he has worked hands-on
with clients in 136 different product, service, and business

In the information-publishing field, he has literally
guided hundreds of startups to multi-million dollar
annual sales. (In fact, studying Dan's material has been largely
responsible for my success.)

He routinely commands fees of $19,000.00 per
day for private consulting, $45,000.00 to as much as
$75,000.00 plus royalties to write an ad campaign, series
of sales letters or other marketing materials, with over
80% of all clients who utilize his services once opting to
do so repeatedly. Many of these client relationships are
now 5, 7, 10, even 15 years in duration.

So don't take this deal lightly...Greg Renker, CEO of the
Guthy-Renker Corporation, famous for its TV infomercials
featuring Tony Robbins, Victoria Principal and other
celebrities, says: "I anxiously wait for the No B.S.
Marketing Letter. Each Issue is packed with new information and
terrific insights that are invaluable to our business."

Frankly the No BS Marketing Letter alone is like a day-long,
intense seminar in print arriving every month in your mailbox.

I promise once you start reading this newsletter you'll be
hooked. Simply put, that's the whole reason he'll let me make
this sensational offer.

But, there is one catch. Dan will not keep this deal open
forever. After he's reached his limit – this deal is history.
So, please don't delay. I strongly urge you to check out your
special thank you gift below:

Willie Crawford - A Dan Kennedy Fanatic :-)

PS: One FREE look is worth a thousand words of
advertising. Dan's "NO B.S. Marketing Letter" truly speaks
for itself - powerfully. But you be the judge and see if
I'm right! Like I said don't take this FREE gift lightly.
Just head over here to see what you're getting.

PPS: I suppose I should point out….just ONE really good idea,
strategy, improvement, or kick in the butt you get from all of
this can easily provide a HUGE amount of added income in your

To find out what’s waiting for you click onto the link below

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December 29, 2007

DT Alpha Beta Testing - Next Phase, January 4th, 2008

Unless there is a BIG change of plans, beta testing of
DT Alpha will open up to another 2500 testers on Friday,
January 4th, 2008.

The slots for testers are expected to go FAST, especially
given the $5000 value bonus that will be GIVEN to the

I have had about 300 people ask me to let them know when
the testing opens up. Since that will be hard to do
before all of the slots are gone, I encourage you to
keep track of things on the blog monitored by testers:

Feel free to join the discussion there.

There's also been a lot of discussion on what will be
different... what new tools and tactics we'll see in

I personally think that DT Alpha demonstrates one of
the trends that you'll see. Basically, you'll see more
strategic alliances in online marketing efforts...
something that I've actually been espousing for nearly
two years.

If you look at DT Alpha, you'll see a number of pretty
savvy marketers have joined the project in one way or
another to include: Stephen Pierce, Tony Robbins, Jay
Abraham, Mike Filsaime, Joe Polish, Yanik Silver,Russell
Brunson, T. Harv Ecker, Ewen Chia, Patrick Chan, John
Childer, John Carlton, Jim Britt, Dave La
and Chet Holmes... to name a few. My name is in there
somewhere too.

My blog at:
also gives you a sneak peak at the synergy from something
like this.

You do want to be a part of DTAlpha in 2008... especially
since beta testers can get into a free version.


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December 28, 2007

My Secret CRM Software Pre-loaded With 750,000 Leads

If you follow any of my online postings lately, you'll know
that my 2008 goals include a 7-figure income. That's something
that I can't do selling $20 ebook.

You see, I also run several local portal websites where I sell
advertising to local businesses. Realtors, bankers, insurance
companies, car dealers, travel agencies, restaurants, etc.
budget a LOT for advertising.

Some of these companies LITERALLY spend millions on yellow page,
newspaper, radio, television, billboard, and online advertising.
Since it's a part of their budget... a part of their business
plan, it's natural for them to advertise with me... especially
if I convince them that I can deliver quality prospects.

I can do that, and I use techniques that most Internet marketers
use subconsciously... such as risk reversal. That makes that
part of my online business fairly easy.

I do have a few secrets though. One is that I joined several
of the local chambers of commerce. I actually spend time
to know my customers... and letting them get to know me.

Just as I preach “networking” to build you online business, I
also DO IT in the offline world… or where those two worlds
merge :-)

I also have an amazing database, that I thought I'd offer to you


My Secret Customer Relationship Management Software with
750,000 Leads

This is a database that I use in a number of ways, to include
tracking down and contacting potential advertisers.

When I describe this database, I'm sure that you'll want
access to it to. This database is:

1. All US listings.

2. Leads include the name of the business, contact's name,
contact's title, phone number, address, city, state, zipcode,
county, number of employees, gross sales, SIC code (category).
They do NOT include email address.

3. Over 40,000 listings for mortgage companies and agents.

4. Over 500,000 listings for real estate companies and agents.

5. Over 300,000 listings for insurance companies and agents.

6. Over 200,000 listings for broker companies and agents.

7. Over 100,000 listings for printing companies and agents.

8. Over 5,000 listings for Mary Kay Cosmetics Distributors.

9. Over 19,000 listings for Product Distributors.

10. Over 24,000 listings for home improvement companies and

11. Over 8,000 listings for landscaping companies and agents.

12. Over 2,000 listings for Avon Distributors.

13. Over 2,000 listings for Shaklee Distributors.

14. Over 30,000 listings for marketing companies and agents.

15. Over 4,000 listings for Vitamin Distributors.

16. Over 2,000 listings for Herbalife Distributors.

17. Over 40,000 listings for sales companies and agents.

18. Over 2,000 listings for telemarketing companies and agents.

19. Over 15,000 listings for carpet cleaning companies.

20. Over 10,000 listings for stock broker companies and agents.

21. Over 1,000 listings for Amway Distributors.

You can search the 750,000 leads database by company name,
address, city, state, zipcode, county, phone number,
contact name, contact title, SIC Code and Industry. It’s a
database that can be used to locate your ideal customers!

Check out this database at:


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December 26, 2007

Opt-in a reality?

I hope that you had an incredible Christmas. Mine was quiet,
but the best one of probably the past 10 years :-)

Anyway, I just wanted to take a second to show you something
I'd wanted to share earlier... but didn't really have full
permission to share until a phone call this morning :-)

We all know the power of videos on our website to draw
attention and make sales.

I've been privy to a very cool video application that allows
you to play videos on your site. I've actually discussed
this application both over at The Warrior Forum, and inside
The Internet Marketing Inner Circle's private members-only

What's so great about this video application?

Get this...

After the video, an fully-functional "opt-in box" appears
that allows you to build your list.

Heck, you can even stick an order button after the video!

Check it out here:

My close friend, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, the creator of Magic Video
Player, has seen conversion rates increase by 181%

This is a no-brainer.


By the way...
Mike has this priced at less than $20 but says it's just
because he's in a festive mood. That price WILL change after
the holidays. Get it now ;-)

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December 23, 2007

How To Get Much More Of Your Email DELIVERED :-)

About 2 months ago, I commented to members of The Internet
Marketing Inner Circle
, on our member-only forum, that the
BIGGEST problem that we need to tackle next is...

Email Deliverability.

After all, what good does it do to build a list in the
hundreds of thousands... which is where my database is,
if much of the email in NOT getting through.

This is a problem that I've also discussed with a number
of "gurus." I even suggested to one friend that he
create a course on the topic. He frequently speaks on how
to dramatically increase your email deliverability at
conferences. He explained that many people don't seem
to recognize what a problem it is, and wouldn't pay
what he'd want for his information.

My friends have ALL noticed the response rates to their
newsletters drop off. A few have even stopped publishing
because it seemed so futile.

Many friends who grew so frustrated that they started
just publishing their newsletters on their blogs -
they obviously feel the pain!

We'll, I just finished reading an ebook that explains
EXACTLY how to get MUCH more of your email through.

This ebook focuses on how the server is set up...
DNS settings, SPF etc. The author does a masterful
job of clearing up one of email marketing greatest

how to get more email delivered to ISPs which are
notorious for heavy filtering...

Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL etc.

If you're an email marketer who's not ready to just
hang it up, I urge you to grab a copy of this report.
Amazingly, it's only $7, and sold in the "$7 Secrets"
fashion... as in you can turn around and sell copies
for 100% commission after you purchase a copy.
That's explained on the website.

Grab your copy now, and start getting results with
your email marketing again. Get it at:


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December 19, 2007

My Radio Show This Afternoon - Operating A Profitable City Portal

Please don't miss my radio show this afternoon at:

Today, December 19th at 4PM - 5PM CST, Tim Drobnick and I
will spend an hour talking about setting up and running a
hometown portal website. Tim has been doing this for a
long time, and I now own several local portal websites

Imagine for a minute, having a website where hundreds
of local businesses (car dealers, realtors, etc.)
pay you thousands of dollars per year to advertise.
It's a very real business, and Tim and I will explain
"the how and why" it works so well.

We'll tell you how you could have your own profitable
hometown portal up and running in an hour. We TEACH you
how to get traffic and paid advertisers :-)

You can call in to this show segment, or you can listen
right over the internet. It should be a great episode.

Head on over now to:

When you get there, click on the link under my photo
labeled "add to favorites" and/or "add to friends."
Adding my show to your "favorites" increases the shows
rating, so I thank you in advance :-)

When the BlogTalkRadio site comes up, it automatically
displays all times in your LOCAL time, so you don't
have to do any mental gymnastics.


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PROOF - You CAN Add Video To Your Site In Under 2 Minutes :-)

I received an email a few days ago telling me of a piece
of software that I could:

1) Download
2) Unzip
3) Edit one text file
4) Upload to any of my sites
5) And have profitable videos playing right on that site.

The email said that it was sooooo simple that I could
do it in under 2 minutes. This software doesn't even
require a database, or any of that other techie stuff.

I tested it out and actually DID install video on several
of my sites in under 2 minute each. When I slowed down
enough to explain what I was doing, and shoot a Camtasia
video for you, it took me about 5 minutes.

Here's the video proof that you have NO excuse not to
be using profit-pulling videos on your sites:

I'll explain the domain name at another time :-)


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December 18, 2007

A WSO That You Shouldn't Miss

Just a note to let you know that the team that put
together the ebook "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day
Online" are running a Warrior Special Offer on that

Here's the blurb from today's issue of my ezine:

Just a quick note that'll only take a minute.

The team (18 authors, 9 proofreaders/editors, and 1
programmer) who produced "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day
Online" decided to run a Warrior Special Offer today.

It is a great deal with a SUBSTANTIAL discount offered
on the ebook itself, PLUS there are some really nice
never-before-offered bonuses.

Please take a minute and checkout:

If you've already purchased 20 Ways, we have decided
to do something special for you too. You'll get an
email in the next day or so with a special, absolutely
free gift :-)


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Let's Discuss Business Plans On Blog Talk Radio Tonight!

Let's Discuss Business Plans On Blog Talk Radio

Tonight, at 5:30pm CST, Bev Clement and I will
spend half an hour talking about creating a business
plan. You DO have a business plan don't you? If
not, how do you know that the things you're doing are
moving your business in the right direction - efficiently?

Please join us on the radio show. You can tune in
right over the internet, or you can phone in with
your questions and comments.

To get more details please visit:

When the BlogTalkRadio site comes up, it automatically
displays all times in your LOCAL time :-)

Looking forward to talking with you tonight!


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December 16, 2007

How I Boosted My Ezine Sign-Up Rate By 5200 MORE Subscribers Per Month - - Virtually Overnight - And You Can Too"

"How I Boosted My Ezine Sign-Up Rate By 5200 MORE Subscribers Per Month - Virtually Overnight - And You Can Too"

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December 14, 2007

21 PROVEN Income Streams!

I just finished reading an excellent ebook by
Joanne Mason called...


Joanne outlines 21 different ways that you can make real
money online, often giving examples of people using these
techniques. Since several of these examples are things
that I do, I can definitely vouch for how profitable
they are. In fact, in the ebook, she shares parts of
conversations she and I had regarding some of the ideas.

The ebook is no-fluff and tells you where and how to
get started with any of these income streams. Joanne
also points out lots of free, or inexpensive, resources.

Here are the 21 streams that she outlines:

How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs

How to Make Money Online with Blogs

How to Make Money Online with eBooks

How to Make Money Online with ebay Referrals

How to Make Money Online with Your Own Niche Directory

How to Make Money Online with an Internet Radio Show

How to Make Money Online Selling Stock Photos

How to Make Money Online Interviewing Experts

How to Make Money Online with a Classified Advertising Site

How to Make Money Online with a Local Real Estate Portal

How to Make Money Online Creating Your Own Software

How to Make Money Online with Telesminars & Webinars

How to Make Money Online with Residual Income Programs

How to Make Money Online with Audio eCourses

How to Make Money Online as a Coach/Consultant

How to Make Money Online with a Content Site

How to Make Money Online as a Virtual Assistant

How to Make Money Online a Local Online Mall

How to Make Money Online with a Social Networking Site

How to Make Money Online Providing Helpdesk Support

How to Make Money Online with Your Own Membership Site

PLUS...when you purchase "21 Income Streams" right now
you'll also receive 3 amazing bonuses as a thank you
gift. You'll love these bonuses.

Check out the bonuses and grab your copy here:


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December 10, 2007

Let's Talk Soul Food,Collard Greens, Cookbook, and Marketing

Today, at 5:30pm CST, I'll be the featured guest
on Mary Lou Cheatham's radio show GreensCast.

Mary's show is at:

Here's the show's description from the url above:

"Willie Crawford, world famous Internet marketer,
is the author of SOUL FOOD RECIPES. It is full
of amazing, mouth-watering, old-fashioned Soul
Food And Southern recipes he learned while growing
up on a North Carolina tobacco farm. He will
discuss the development, publication, and
distribution of this outstanding cookbook.

He is the author of the world's most famous collard
greens recipe. With Willie's permission, authors
Paul Elliott and Mary Cheatham included his recipe
in their cookbook, The Collard Patch."

Mary and Paul are authors of "The Collard Patch,"
the world's finest collars cookbook.

By the way, if you are in the market for a great
Christmas present, we are running a special where you
get autographed copies of my cookbook and of Paul and
Mary's cookbook. You can grab that special at:

I'll talk to you on the show :-)


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Free Publicity For Your Marketing Seminar

Are you planning an Internet marketing or network
marketing seminar any time within the next YEAR?

If so, I'd like to help you get the word out.

The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers
maintains a database of events and product launches.
Members use that database in planning their own
events or product launches, and in locating events
or new products to launch.

You can find out more about IAJVB at http://IAJVB.ORG

I personally maintain the site "Internet Marketing Seminar
Schedule, located at

If you are hosting an Internet marketing seminar, workshop,
conference, bootcamp, or tele-event, I'll list your event
for free at Internet Marketing Seminar Schedule .com

If I can promote the event as an affiliate, I'll promote
it through many more channels, but regardless, I'll list
it on my well-ranked site, that does get a lot of traffic.

To have me list your seminar for free, simply visit:
and file a help ticket.

When filing the help ticket, PLEASE select the category,
"Seminar Listing" from the drop down menu. Please provide
all of the detail in the ticket to include date,
time, location, and points of contact.


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December 09, 2007

A Job Offer From Willie Crawford???

Yes, a real job... with semi-regular hours,
and organized things to do.

Ok, you'll be working for yourself, but it will be
a "job" that you can devote as much or as little time
as you want to, and you can create a NICE residual
income from it.

When I listened to one of the speakers at Yanik Silvers'
Underground Online Seminar share that he earned hundreds
of thousands of dollars from operating ONE simple "portal"
website, it sparked my interest.

This speaker, Richard Beaty, had basically built a
website where he listed most of the businesses in this
Colorado town for free in his local business directory. Then
he went to each of them and told them that they were listed,
BUT... that in order to compete during the really short,
really competitive tourist season, they need premium

They needed listings on the front page or listings with
nice graphics, etc. He basically took the yellow pages
concept online. He drove lots of traffic to the site, and
people soon found themselves getting a LOT more business
from his site than from any other source.

This made Richard rich :-)

Well... I listened to that presentation, and decided to
do the same thing.

I did a lot of research, and spent nearly TWO years testing
various pieces of software trying to find exactly what I
needed. I even asked three different programmers if they
could create the platform that I wanted.

Recently, a friend came to me with EXACTLY what I had
been looking for, FOR TWO YEARS! Now, I've started up
two portal sites for local towns and I project that both
will make me several hundred thousand dollars profit per

Since advertisers will pay me for listings year after year,
much as they do with yellow page listings, that is the
closest things to a hands-free retirement plan that I've

I'll show you my portals in a further issue of this
newsletter. I want to totally DOMINATE the search engines
for certain keywords first... something I'm very close
to doing :-)

I mentioned that I have a job for you. That's because my
friend, Tim, and I want more people to use our platform.

We envision a portal director in every city in American,
and in many other countries too. We're offering you the
chance to use our proprietary programming to run your
very profitable portal site(s).

It's not free, but we GUARANTEE that you'll earn $1000
before you own us a PENNY. That's how refined we now
have the whole system. You just plug into it, follow
our training, and stop chasing all of the hair-brained
schemes that fill your inbox everyday.

Take a minute now and check out our system. Tim has
recorded some videos that explain it all. He's more
photogenic than I am, though clearly NOT an actor :-)

Check out:

If you watch closely next year, you'll see that I'll focus
more and more on my portal sites, and be much less
noticeable in the "Internet marketing niche." The reason
is simple... my portal sites will be too profitable for
it to make sense for me to focus on much else :-)


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Give Yourself An Early Christmas Present With Xavier's Treasure Chest

Here's a massive collection of Private Label Rights
and Master Resale Rights Products...

at a giveaway price!

Click here to get Xavier's Treasure Chest :-)


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December 08, 2007

When Marketers Flake Out...

Willie just sent this email to his list
(I proofread it for him):

Subject: I care about you...

I'm sitting on the beach, near my house, here in Florida,
thinking about how I can better serve you.

Yes, I have my laptop, and a Verizon wireless card :-)

While just relaxing on the beach, I read a passage in a book,
that I though was REALLY beautiful. I though that I'd share
part of it with you. It reads:

"No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will
see how our experience can benefit others. That feeling
of uselessness and self-pity will disappear. We will
lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our
fellows. Self-seeking will slip away. Our whole attitude
and outlook upon life will change. Fear of people and
economic insecurity will leave us. We will intuitively
know how to handle things which use to baffle us. We will
suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could
not do for ourselves."

I shared that pass with you because it actually describes
my life today!

I shared it with you because I've adopted that passages
as a standard to live up to. I think that it's a creed
worthy of any of us adopting... don't you?

Time for me to pack up and head back home. The dog
needs walking :-)

I'll close by encouraging you to check out a simple
ebook that has touched a lot of lives this year. I
helped to write it :-)

Check out === >>>

Be happy. You deserve it.

End email:

Must be some type of mid-life crisis.

The ebook is very good though.


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December 06, 2007

My All-Time Favorite Ebook

This ebook shows what types of things sell
VERY well over the internet. It's very

Read what I had to say about it right on the

Get the Success Alert eBook Right Here!


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December 04, 2007

4 Free Gifts That Are ActuallyWorth Something!

I'm posting this part of today's ezine online because
I don't want subscribers to miss out on some really
nice free gifts:

Today I wanted to GIVE you a couple of nice freebies. Any of
them are easily worth $17. They are thank you gifts for
being a subscriber, although they do teach you about things
created by clients or friends.

The first one is a nice little ebook called...

"How I Made $1000 In 2 Days Using The Power Of Forums and
Joint Ventures!"

This ebooks was written by The Internet Marketing Inner Circle
member Robin Araoz after he read my $5 ebook, "How To Make
$1000 - $2000 In 24 Hours Or Less!"

That $5 ebook has THOUSANDS of very satisfied owners
incidentally. You can find out why at:

You can download a copy of Robin's ebook 100% free from:


The second freebie is a very insightful interview of
Mike Filsaime called...

"Confessions Of An Internet Millionaire"

You can see that I sell this ebook for $17 here:

You can download the MP3, PDF, and reseller's
website here:

Yes, I know that "Millionaire" is spelled wrong
in the URL above. My friend Mike spells as bad
as I do, so it's sort of a joke :-)

I'm actually offering this ebook as a bribe. You see I
want more listeners to my Blog Talk Radio Show. So, in
exchange for the $17 ebook above, AND the Master Resale
Rights, I ask that you drop by my show at:

You can read about show dates, and guests on the
site. The next show will be tomorrow at 12 noon - 1pm
Central Standard Time ;-)

Please register, and then add yourself to my friends
or listeners' list (in the right menu bar).


The third freebies is an interview that my friend
Rich Schefren did with a guy who built a $50 million
business by blogging! He has a video blog, and reviews

Rich interviewed a 32 year old named Gary Vaynerchuk
when he was doing research for his recently released
Attention Age Doctrine II.

Rich shared that interview (in MP3 and PDF) on his
blog. I found it eye-opening enough to actually
download it, print it out, and then spend three hours
sitting on the beach reading it, hilighting it, and
making notes.

I'm not a slow reader :-)

I read through it several times, and am actually already
implementing some of the notes that I made!

You can download that interview... without so much as
giving your name or email address here:



While I AM an "Internet Marketer" I do have lots of
residual income streams that are outside of what most
people think of when they think of that niche.

One thing that I'm involved in is running "city portals."
These are websites where local businesses pay to advertise.
I typically list businesses for free on my websites and
then sell them enhanced listings.

This is VERY lucrative. It's not unusual for portal
director to make $10k per month just helping local
businesses get online. It's probably the easiest thing
that I do :-)

Businesses spend thousands each year on relatively
ineffective Yellow Page ads. I point out to them that
more of their customers are probably searching online
these days, and I often don't have to do much more

I do this is a very low pressure fashion... by having
lunch with local business people, etc.

My friend, Tim, explains what we do in the recording

The second product that I offer local businesses, but
also offer to serious online businesses are personalized
mugs. These mugs are environmentally friendly, and VERY
high quality. I drink my coffee out of one with The
International Association of Joint venture Brokers'
crest on it. (It also has my name ... of course).

I GIVE free website "stores" to other online marketers
so that they can market these mugs and earn nice

For a very limited time, I'll even send you a free
15 ounce ceramic mug if you have an email list or
busy website, and are interested in marketing these
beautiful mugs.

Sorry, but this offer is restricted to the United States.

Since we're all marketers, I'll share how I use these
mugs in my marketing...

When I want to get the attention of a big name contact
that's impossible to reach via email, phone, etc., I
send him a personalized mug along with my contact info.
They always email or call ME :-)

Since I stand out from the crowd, I get taken seriously,
and that's how I land a lot more joint ventures.

You can take a look at part of my product line here:

If you're interested in the free sample, please contact
me via my helpdesk at:
From the drop-down menu, select the Category "Personal
For Willie" and I'll get back to you ASAP.

At the website above, you CAN order personalized mugs
for family and friends too. They'd arrive in plenty of
time for Christmas ;-)


Ok, so if you counted, there are about 4 freebies offered

Several of those freebies are created/contributed by
members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle members.
I'm inviting you to join TIMIC too. It's a membership
site that feels VERY much like a family. That's because
the members actually get to know and care about each
other. It's about business, but we all prefer doing
business with people that we "know, like and trust."

You can join us at: http://TIMIC.ORG
I'll see you on the inside :-)


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December 03, 2007

Google #3 in 10 Minutes - Video Proof!

Want to see Traffic Geyser produce a Google #3 result in ten

Last week Frank Kern hosted Traffic Geyser co-founder, Mike
Koenigs at his "secret office hideout" in La Jolla, CA.

If you don't know who Frank Kern is, he's the guy who
masterminded the launch of "StomperNet" with Brad Fallon and
Andy Jenkins that produced $18.3 million dollars the first day.
His "mass control marketing" strategies have consistently
produced multi-million dollar product launches for himself and
his partners.

Frank Interviewed Mike and had him demonstrate Traffic Geyser
for his personal list.

You won't believe the results:

- A Google #3 position in 10 minutes
- 6 out of 10 positions on Google's first page in less than a
- And "pushed" Frank's video to hundreds of video sites,
podcast directories, social bookmarking sites and blogs in

You can see it for yourself right here:

Frank agreed to share this video with us for the next 48 hours.

Check it out before we have to take it down.

And you have less than 48 hours to take advantage of their full $1 trial, which gives you full access to their Gold membership...


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The Death Of Network Marketing!

Read The Full Story Here...


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Why Wait Until January To Make A New Years Resolution - Start Your New Year Today!

As I watch 2007 wind down with less than 30 days to go,
like many I look forward to 2008. Unlike most people who
will make New Year's Resolutions on January 1st, 2008,
I made a December Resolution, and have already put it
into action.

I've noticed that we all like to procrastinate, and just
saying that we'll start something next month, is the
perfect excuse. So, I eliminated that excuse by asking
myself, "Why wait until next month?" So I didn't :-)

I encourage you to set aside some quiet time this week,
and examine your long-term business goals. Then make a
plan, and begin doing the things necessary to make them
a reality.

Start taking action as soon as you can. It's just too
easy to put things off!


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December 01, 2007

Traffic Geyser $1 Special

It happened one year ago today. That is the day that my
friend Frank Sousa, along Mike Koenigs and Rocket Helstrom
released Traffic Geyser. Frank actually showed it to me
at a seminiar in Las Vegas, sponsored by Content Desk. I
got to see and test it maybe 3 months before it's official
release :-)

Getting targeted INTERESTED visitors has never been so

As a demo, they activated it for a customer last night, and
within ONE HOUR they had a #1 Google listing for his keywords,
with over 5 million competing pages.

During the one year period that Traffic Geyser has been online,
they've produced MILLIONS of visitors for their clients. In
one case they were able to produce a top Google listing in 6
minutes! Now of course, nobody is going to promise that kind
of result for you, but it DOES happen.

It's more common though to see top search engine listings
within 24 to 48 hours.

To Celebrate the 1 year anniversary, they have allowed me to
offer you COMPLETE access to their Gold level account for only
$1. That was sold for $247 when they first came out with it.
(But there are more bonuses available to you NOW then when
people were buying it for $247) It's a no brainer!!!

What do you get for $1? Well like I said, you get complete
access for two solid weeks. Drive as much traffic as you'd
like... but in addition to that you get:

Mike and Rocket's Infomercial Starter Kit...
Frank's Secret Spider Generator
101 Background Music Tracks
and over 6 hours of recorded webinars, training and materials,
altogether worth WELL over $700...

And you get it ALL for just $1 but you must act now, as this is
strictly limited to one week.

So go to this URL NOW... to get the full story:


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November 30, 2007

My "Command Center"

I've mentioned several places that my helpdesk is
like a command center to me. I say that because it's
where I communicate with customers, employees, independent
contractors, relatives, and a plethora of others.

I find the helpdesk MUCH more reliable than email, and
since it gives me a threaded discussion, I drive a lot
of communications there. Depending upon the "doorway"
that I send a contact to, you generally only see what you
are “suppose” to see. For example, my assistants see options,
and drop-down menus, intended only for them. It's really
a very powerful piece of software.

You can get your own copy of this helpdesk “dirt cheap”

It's a snap to install, and will really uncomplicate your life!

Here's what one customer, and inner circle member, had
to say about Three Pillars Help Desk:

"Willie -

I bought The Three Pillars help desk system, installed it,
customized it, and had it operational in less than 3o
minutes! Very impressive...(That 30 minutes included setting
up a new domain -

The easy-to-follow, no-fluff installation guide was perfect!

I'm already very happy with this system.

In less than 5 minutes, I had 20 different categories of
product support setup and tested the system. Willie, this
thing is really going to solve a lot of problems for me.

Like you and nearly every other marketer on the planet, I
get hundreds of emails every day! Losing support emails in
that mess is like playing Russian Roulette with my customers.
It was only a matter of time before I had some very angry

But with The Three Pillars help desk system, I'm able to
respond to these important requests immediately, while
helping my customers see that they get only top-notch service
from my business.

I had only one complaint/suggestion about the software, I
thought... but after I sent the suggestion to you, I
discovered that you had already anticipated my suggestion
and implemented it.

I'm so happy I can finally automate AND improve my support
communications with this system.

Well done.

David Perdew"

Get you copy now at:


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November 28, 2007

26 Alternatives To Google AdSense

One of many ebooks that I read over the past week is Ben
Shaffers, "Adsense Alternatives - Profit From The Alernatives
To AdSense

It's a solid ebook... 55 pags of alternatives to relying
upon Google AdSense to monetize your sites. Ben reviews
26 ways that you can do it... several of which I've decided
to use on some of my sites.

I'm sure I'll have more to say on my results in the near

Ben's ebook is also a nice product for you to offer to
your list. It a value-packed product and pays you 100%
commission... deposited directly to your Paypal account.

Check it out at:


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Free Webinar Tonight!

In December 2004, I was introduced to Send Out Cards.
This is a company that allows customers to send real,
full-color greeting cards right over the Internet.

I now use this system to stay in touch with family,
friends, and clients. I also earn a NICE living
from telling others about the system.

Customers log-in to their accounts, select from a
card catalog of more than 8000 cards, enter a
message, upload a digital image to the inside or
cover, confirm the addresses, and click send.

The company prints out a full-color greeting cards,
puts it in a nice envelope, and mails it anywhere
in the world via first-class postage.

I do this for $1.03 per card (if sent to a U.S.
address). Outside of the U.S.... it's slightly more
due to differences in postage rates.

You can also include a gift like a nice box of candy,
or caramel popcorn... and other types of "holiday
gifts" right along with the card.

This system makes it so easy to do your Christmas
shopping and send out your cards that it's crazy
not to use it. In fact, you can create ONE card,
inserting placeholder personalization tags in the
card, then you can upload your database of people
that you want to send that card to, and with a
few clicks of your mouse, you can have fully
personalized versions of that card on the way to
dozens or even hundreds of recipients.

what could be easier.

I'm hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, November
28th, at 9:30 - 10:30 PM EST where my friend Jack
Bastide and I will demonstrate the system and
tell you how to instantly get set up to use the system,
and/or to earn money from telling others how to use
the system.

As we're right in the middle of the holiday season,
NOW is the perfect time to learn more about

Get more details on the webinar and to register for
free here:

We'll actually be giving away some fairly valuable
gifts right on the webinar.

Primary Email

 We Promise Not To Spam You!

I'll talk to you on Wednesday :-)


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Install Your Own Help Desk To Cut Emails By 80%

Here's a video showing how easy the Three Pillars
Help Desk software that I use is to install and use.

Click the banner...


This one tool, and my mindmapping software have,
combine, probably increased my productivity 4
fold in the last 3 months!

Take a look here:


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November 26, 2007

Traffic Secrets II ?

Interesting :-)


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Tool To Make It Easy For Your Clickbank Affiliates To Promote YOUR Products

I blogged about this in the midst of another thread,
but this needed to be set apart.

Check out this software (less than $10) that lets you
give your affiliate several tools already coded with
their affiliate links:


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Grow Your Business Faster By Partnering With Big Dogs!

If you're still running your Internet marketing business
now as you did a year ago, or even six months ago, you're
probably falling WAY behind your competitors.

Things are changing in the world of online marketing at an
exponential pace. It's changing so fast that it feels
almost impossible to keep up.

One BIG change that you HAVE to have noticed is that there
are DOZENS of new product launches (in the IM niche) every
week. Actually, there are hundreds, but most never get out
of the starting gate. Most can't get enough super-affiliates
to promote them to break through the noise.

Most new product launches that I've watched over the past
TWO YEARS have been dismal FAILURES. The reason, again, is
because there are just so many of them that it's hard to
get noticed.

Large list owners, the ones that could get your products
noticed, know that their lists are tired of being
constantly promoted to. So, they are very selective in
what they promote. This makes it a challenge for the little

In a second, I'll tell you about two solutions, but first
let me address one of the biggest reasons that even when
the little guy gets a product launched, it often fizzles.

Most affiliate program managers simply offer too few
promotional tools. Affiliates aren't really LAZY, but if
they have a choice, it only makes sense to promote for the
affiliate program that makes their job easy. That generally
means offering lots of easy to use tools.

Many smaller affiliate program operators set up on Clickbank,
and then, all that they really offer is an affiliate url.
That's LAZY. For less than $10, any Clickbank merchant can
offer his affiliates more promotional tools, and set those
tools up in less than 15 minutes! Here's how to do that:

I've talked with lots of affiliate program managers, and
I can tell you, unequivocal, that the ones with the best
performing affiliate programs offer the most tools to their
affiliates. It just makes sense.

Back to the solution of too many product launches, and
the little guy being locked out.

That's why nearly two years ago I conceptualized The
Internet Marketing Inner Circle (TIMIC). It's in full swing
now, and if you're not a member, and you have or are thinking
about having your own product, then you CHOOSE to be locked

The Internet Marketing Inner Circle is an alliance of
online business people who know, like and trust each other.
When they have to choose a product to promote, it's only
natural that they'd promote a member's product first. After
all, wouldn't YOU promote one of your friends products
ahead of that of a stranger... all things being equal?

Take a minute now and check out The Internet Marketing
Inner Circle. It's where I devote at least 20 hours of
my time per week, working with members in setting up deals,
creating and refining products, critiquing web copy, and
just networking with serious online business people.

If you want your business to have a fighting chance, you
own it to yourself to tap into the brain-trust at:

One way that TIMIC members are solving the problem of too
many product launches is by tapping into the database of
The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers.

IAJVB founders noticed long ago that many people in the
same, or closely related niches, often launched products
on the same day. The problem with that is that they often
wanted the same super-affiliates to promote BOTH products.
So even if both products were excellent, the affiliates
had to choose ONE over the other... or come across to their
customers as simply “greedy opportunists willing to promote

Affiliate who promote a different product every day soon
notice that their most valuable asset is shrinking. They
notice that list members start jumping ship. So, the smart
ones simply won't do it. The others are often discussed
on public forums in not too complimentary terms :-)

Anyway, IAJVB allows members to list their products,
projects, and events in an integrated database. Members
can search that database and somewhat deconflict their
launches. Members can glance at a calendar and see what's
on the horizon in the days and weeks that they have a
launch planned. This of course assumes that whoever is
launching the product is an IAJVB member, or is using a
joint venture broker who is.

*** Members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle get a
free 1-year membership in IAJVB :-)

IAJVB is technically closed to new members as we upgrade
the database capabilities. That upgrade has been completed,
but IAJVB is still putting a few last minute "pieces of
furniture" in place" before opening the door to the outside
world. This means that right now, only TIMIC members are
adding their projects, products, and events to the database.

IAJVB membership will open to the public on December 1st,
2007. You can sneak in now, but they are still doing some
housekeeping. You can read about IAJVB at:

You can get the complimentary membership by becoming a
member of TIMIC. I hope that you'll join us today.


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November 16, 2007

Take Care Of This Today!

I'm here in Orlando, Florida, speaking at Michael Penland's
Internet Marketing and Joint Venture Super Conference. I've
met with a lot of old friends over the last 24 hours, and
that's what makes these conferences special for me.

It's where I get to catch up with old friends and it's where
I make new online friend.

One person that I got to meet in person for the first time
is David Schwartz. David, is one of the 18 co-authors of the
ebook, "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online." So am I.

Chatting with David, and a few others, is what prompted me
to give you a little "nudge" this morning.

If you haven't read, and aren't implementing what we teach
in "20 Way," then you're missing out "BIG TIME."

Several of my mentors are convinced that this simple ebook
is easily the Internet marketing product of the year. I
honestly believe that this ebook could be the single best
selling ebook of all time. I don't says that to brag, but
because the ebook has only been out since October 8th. In
those few weeks, with no hyped-up promotions, and without
a coordinated push by the Internet marketing "gurus,"
that simple ebook is already on its way to $100,000 in

Why is this simple ebook so successful?

Take a look at:
Read what the ebook reveals.

The ebook is doing so well because several thousand people
have read it, and now they're spreading the word that
this RARE ebook DELIVERS!

That's it.

Do both of us a favor right now. You'll be doing yourself a
favor because this ebook is exactly what so many people have
been looking for.

You'll be doing me a favor because my "mission" is to show you
what really works in building a successful online business!

When you read this ebook, you will intuitively see that we share
with you exactly what we do to earn really nice livings online.
Once you are exposed to what we do, I'll feel successful because
I will have shown you the key.

Take a few minutes now and check out "20 Ways To Make $100
Per Day Online." You'll discover how we do it, working just
a few hours a day. We share our models in a completely
hype-free fashion.

Today is your day ==>>

I'll post a few photos from this weekend's seminar, and from
last weekend, on my blog, today and tomorrow. You'll be able to
check those out at:

Thanks for listening.

Go ahead and grab that ebook


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November 14, 2007

Some People Do Actually CARE About You :-)

I just wanted to get out a quick invitation to you, requesting
that you check out "The Internet Marketing Inner Circle". This
is where I spend at least 1 hour each day lately. It's where I
do my online networking, brainstorming and coaching.

It's a membership site like no other.


Here's what one member recently wrote:

"Hi Willie,

I will admit that I joined The Internet Marketing
Inner Circle because I knew I'd make a lot of money
through the 70% commissions, more than the extensive
marketing education, the ability to JV with the
big-fellas online, and put to use the high-end
software you give members as a bonus.

However, what I found was something I was unprepared
for - you've really created a sense of community
which is really something quite special! This is the
first time online that I've experienced anything like
this, where I was actually made to feel at home, by
you and the other members. It's hard to put in words
how meaningful that is, it's like the community that
you've created makes the Internet personal, caring,

I applaud the vision you had to create this great
supportive group, and I'm so glad I saw the wisdom
of being a part of it (and thank you, too, for the
high-end marketing education and all the business
stuff - they do truly give anyone the way to make as
much money online as they want).

....It's just that you've created something that's
so much more than that. I've always thought of you
as a first-class person, and The Internet Marketing
Inner Circle raises that a notch or two, through
the great community of everyone working so well
together, creating something far more than any of
us are individually.

Thank you!


Dan Klatt,"

That testimonial made my day so much that we finally
broke down and decided to offer a special monthly
membership - something that we've NEVER offered

The reason that we've never offered a monthly
membership before I that I feared people joining,
grabbing the proprietary software that I spent more
than $25,000 in having developed, and then leaving.

Now, members like Dan helped me to realize that the
community is even more valuable than the software.
Anyone who does just stay for a month simply isn't
meant to be part of The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle ("TIMIC").

Please join us now at:


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November 12, 2007

A Free Gift For Veterans Worldwide

From my ezine earlier today...

This note is aimed at the armed forces veterans who are
ezine subscribers. If you're not a veteran, I don't mean
to exclude you - I just want to thank fellow "vets" for
the sacrifices they've made (and continue to make) in
defense of our countries.

If you are not a vet, I'll just offer a quick tip. Grab
and read this: If you don't already
have a thriving online business, it will get you off to
a great start!

For the vets, I have a gift for you. To get it, just drop
by my help desk and introduce yourself. Select the category
"Veterans" from the drop down menu, and just type a short
note to me. I'll get back to you with the gift. Since I'm
traveling part of today (flying back from Miami), it may
take me a little while, but I will respond to your note

So, drop by and say hi at:
That is a lot more reliable than using email ;-)

By the way, if you like my little help desk, you can get a
copy of what I use at:


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November 07, 2007

Incredibly Rare Success Secrets Revealed!

In today's issue of my ezine I mentioned:

I woke up one day, and discovered that practically everything that I attempt seems to be successful. Maybe it's just that I'm more selective in what I "try" but success has become effortless. I have learned to "score" things competing for my attention (often subconsciously) and then choose the best one.

Getting back to thinking big, part of that is teaching your
mind to see what is actually possible. If you don't believe
that something is possible, you actually go out of your
way to PROVE that it can't be done. You minds seeks way to
substantiate whatever thoughts you feed it.

If you tell yourself that something can't be done, you
seek and "find" proof of that. At least you convince
yourself that you've found proof. On the other hand, if you
tell yourself that something CAN be done, your subconscious
mind goes to work finding proof of that fact. This can
happen with no conscious effort on your part... once you've
properly trained you mind.

This may all sound cosmic to you, but it's all actually
very scientific. I'll share some of that science with you
on my blog soon. That'll keep my emails from being too

Much of my understanding of the science of success was
derived from listening to this set of audios.


It's a set of 26 MP3 audios that I absorbed just by listening
to them while out for my evening walks/jogs. Now the
incredible knowledge that they share is a part of my subconscious
thought process.

It's now habit!

Click here to grab a copy of my very favorite success audios,
==>>> The Master Key System.


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November 04, 2007

A Recommended Ebay How-To Product!

I "made time" to check out a product that a friend
mentioned to me in a phone call recently.

It's a package of 5 Products on making a killing on Ebay.

The 5-Product Package Is Only $7 and comes with permission
for you to resell it for 100% INSTANT commissions...

The product is "solid" and an excellent way to learn things
the insiders are doing on Ebay.

I recommend that you grab this package :-)

You can earn a living selling on Ebay, that is a proven fact....

Get All The Details at


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Free Up Time With A Help Desk - An A 48 Hour Special!

I'm happy to report that, my help desk is how I've ADDED
about 90 minutes to my day. I can log into my help desk,
glance at tickets by category, and then respond to
many of them in under 10 seconds!

For example, if a customer downloads a product but fails
to save it properly, or has a hard drive crash, and they
contact us (with proof of purchase) and asks for a
replacement, that takes me all of 2 seconds to select
a pre-composed response from a drop down menu, and send
them a new link!

The answer to many commonly asked questions are stored in
the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and upon reading the
answer, those customers don't even file a help ticket :-)

The help desk allows me, or assistants, to keep a running
dialog on certain topics/issues all in one threaded
conversation. This is very powerful and a big timesaver.

I have assistants assigned to answer specific categories
of help tickets. This makes life really easy since I can
have my techies, answer technical questions for example.

If you'd like to check out the help desk system that I
use, and LOVE, visit:

I'll let you in on a secret here...

I started using this help desk about 7-8 month ago. It
made my life so much EASIER that my productivity probably
increased by 30%.

There were a few things that I didn't like about the
software... little things that I wished that it did, but
that it didn't. The original owner kept the software
simple, largely to keep it more affordable. Programmers
are expensive, and he didn't want to raise his prices.

I INSISTED on a few more features, and when I couldn't
get my way fast enough, I BOUGHT the company :-)

So now, I own the website listed about, and all rights
to the software, etc.

To celebrate, I'm going to run a 48-Hour Special. The
regular price for the full-featured version of this
helpdesk is $77. With all of the improvements that I
made to the software, I'm raising the price to $97 on
Wednesday, November 7th, at 7am EST. I need to do that
to recover what I paid my expensive (by brilliant)
programmers :-)

However, between 7am EST Monday, November 5th, and
7am Wednesday, November 7th, I'm going to DROP the
price to only $47 per copy.

I'm waiting until Monday morning to do this because
we're busy updating the site....

New name
New graphics
New offer
New price

We'll have those updates done, and the changes made
in our product delivery system by Monday morning...
I hope :-)

So mark your calendar, and go get a help desk system
that's better than some that I've looked at that cost
$300... for less that $50.


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Be A Guest On My Radio Show!

As previously mentioned, I've started my own radio show. It's
hosted at:

I'll host several shows a week, and all of the past episodes
will be archived on the site.

By why do YOU care?

We'll, I'm looking for guests. It's a great way to tell the
world about that new product that you're getting ready to
roll out!

The show centers on what ACTUALLY works in the world of
Internet marketing. So, if you have something that I can readily
see PROOF of it working, you may be an ideal guest for my show.

To let me know that you're interested in being on the show,
please leave a note on the blog or to be more discrete, just
drop by my help desk, and leave a note there. Select the
category, "Personal For Willie" and I'll get it. My help
desk is at:


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November 03, 2007

Over 100 Free PDF Cookbooks

Need some holiday cooking ideas? You'll find over
100 free PDF cookbooks here:

This site is still growing, and we expect it to
eventually have several HUNDRED free PDF cookbooks.

If you'd like to contribute one of your favorite PDF
cookbooks, you can do that here:


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November 01, 2007

Stand In Front Of MILLIONS Of Potential Subscribers

This morning, I kicked off what I think will be the
biggest free list-building givaway that we've ever


The giveaway allows JV partners to "stand in front of"
the millions of people coming online between now and
December 31st, who are looking for holiday cooking ideas
and holiday gifts.

We expect around 5 million visitors to this site.

To benefit from that traffic, you need to offer an
original PDF cookbook or cooking-related ebook. That
product can start out as private label, but you MUST
change the name and graphic, and should modify the inside
too. Adding links to your websites and writing about you
in the "About The Author" section can pay off for a very
long time.

Each JV partner can only contribute ONE ebook, and
each entry is reviewed by a live person :-)

Duplicate submissions will be rejected.

Join this free list-building giveaway, unlike anything
that you have ever seen at:


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Secrets Of The List Building Maniacs and This Old House!

My friend Fabio (Fabman) Mariano is currently holding
a "This Old House Fire Sale."

This fire sale offers some real quality stuff at a bargain

When I say quality, I'm talking one of my original ebooks
that I haven't officially released yet. In that ebook,
I share the history behind my plan to build a database of
OVER 1 MILLION subscribers.

I share the method, and the madness :-)


Click here to get my ebook as a part of Fabman's
This Old House Fire Sale!

This is the ONLY place that you can currently get
this product!


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October 30, 2007

Show Someone That You're Thinking Of Them Today!

Suprise someone that you care about with an
unexpected greeting card.

Actually they wouldn't get it for 2-3 days since
it has to be mailed, but I'll pay for the card
and the postage.


1) Go to:

2) Click the link labeled "Click To Send A Free Card"

3) Fill in the form to set up a free account.
- The address that you enter will be the return
address on the envelope.
- The username and password will be used to log
back in and mail additional cards later if you
choose to.

4) You'll step through a process where you can
select from several THOUSAND full-color greeting
cards, enter a message, upload a photo if desired..

Then when you click send, we'll print the card,
stuff it in an envelope with first class postage,
and mail it to anyone in the world :-)

Why would I do this for free... give you a card
that's costing me? I want you to see the system
that I use to keep in touch with family, friends,
and clients.

Many of the people that I set up with a free sample
account, letting them send a few cards at my expense,
later become my customers... especially when they
see what beautiful cards they can send dirt cheap!

Give it a try now. Mail the card to someone in your
house and you get to see their faces light up when
they get that unexpected card.

There's even a short video for you to watch if you
want... the video steps you through our very
intuitive system.



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October 29, 2007

My #6 Best Traffic Generation Tactic Of All Time!

Totally Free Traffic Tactic #6 is:

"Build Your Own Affiliate Program"

If you could choose only one web traffic tactic,
starting an Affiliate Program should be it.

An Affiliate Program can be the foundation
for many, many marketing opportunities.

And best of all, you only pay affiliates
after they make a sale.

It's better than free traffic.

It's guaranteed profitable traffic.

It's X Factor Traffic!

In fact building your own affiliate program is such
an important traffic tactic that I'm going to give you
a 17-page PDF and a 94-minute audio lesson on
exactly how to start your own affiliate program.

Get your totally free traffic lesson right now at:

BUT - X Factor is not just Affiliate Traffic.

X Factor is the Top 10 Totally
Free Traffic Tactics of ALL-TIME

X Factor Traffic is the only 10
traffic tactics you'll ever need.

X Factor is step-by-step instruction on
exactly how to drive 100s or even 1000s
of highly qualified visitors to your site
every single day (absolutely free)

X Factor Gets Traffic Faster.

Get X-Factor Traffic now before October 31st at midnight:


PS: Get The top 10 totally free
traffic tactics of all time before
October 31st at midnight Pacific time,
because after that, they are gone forever:

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October 26, 2007

My #10 Top Traffic Generation Tactic of All-Time :-)

I've told you in previous notes about a course that I
poured my heart and soul into helping to create. That
course is Trafficology's Top Ten Totally Free Website
Traffic Generation Tips.

We're now on the verge of closing the doors to the
current version of Trafficology FOREVER... but I didn't
want you locked out without getting a peak at the

So, we're going to actually share a few of those
techniques with you.


Totally Free Traffic Tactic #10 is:

"Recapturing Misdirected Traffic"

While numerous webmasters struggle with getting
enough traffic everyday, millions of people click
on links everyday and don’t get what they are
looking for and would have happily paid for.

You can fix that by simply focusing on
Recapturing Misdirected Traffic.

Two quick and easy ways to do this are:

-> Re-direct your own traffic
-> Re-direct other people's traffic

To re-direct your own traffic, simply spend
time looking at your log files. Figure out
what keywords they are searching for that
you are not properly targeting.

Identify pages that people are trying to
find that they are not getting.

You can also create a custom 404 error page.

But not one of those lame "Sorry - Page Not Found" ones.

Instead make it useful...add a search box,
a site-map, links to your most viewed pages
or most commonly purchased products.

There are even tools out there you can use
to automatically figure out what the visitor
was looking for and then re-direct them to
the page they were really looking for.

You can learn all this and much more about how to
Recapture Misdirected Traffic in X Factor Traffic.

(Including a quick and easy way to
Re-Direct Other People's Traffic)

X Factor Traffic will teach you the only
10 traffic tactics you'll ever need.

X Factor will reveal the Top 10 Totally
Free Traffic Tactics of ALL-TIME

X Factor will show you step-by-step,
exactly how to drive 100s or even 1000s
of highly qualified visitors to your
website every single day (absolutely free)

X Factor Gets Traffic Faster.

Get X-Factor Traffic now before October 31st at midnight:

- Willie

PS: Get The top 10 totally free traffic tactics of
all time before October 31st at midnight Pacific time,
because after that, they are gone forever. This IS
how I generate an endless stream of traffic ;-)

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October 25, 2007

Build A List of 20,000 - 50,000 In The Next Two Months!

Now that you've done the two things below... in order... so
that you didn't miss my radio show, then do this, to FINALLY
start building that list.

Fully 95% of the people, that I talk to personally about
Internet marketing, complain that their biggest problem is that
they have no list. They say that if they had a list in the
thousands, or tens of thousands, then success would be a given.

My response to that complaint is to create a "list-building
giveaway" and then invite you to participate.

Basically, I've set up a site that I KNOW (based upon past
experience) I'll be able to drive several MILLION visitors to
between now and December 31st. These millions of visitors will
be mostly people who will come online looking for holiday
cooking ideas, and holiday gift ideas.

I'm going to allow YOU absolute free of charge, to piggyback
on my efforts and stand in front of that traffic, and add many
of them to your mailing list.

All that this will require of you is that you offer them a free
PDF cookbook or cooking-related PDF document. Yes, you can
take a pubic domain or private label rights cookbook and
rework it for this project. Your cookbook does need to be
unique, and it does need to be one that you have permission
to give away.

When you, I, and hundreds of JV partners, spread the word about
a free bundle of over 100 PDF cookbooks, the site will be
FLOODED with traffic. Those visitors will read the descriptions
of the available cookbooks, click on the links to download the
ones that they want, and join your list.

In order to download the cookbooks, they will have to visit the
individual contributor's site (YOUR SITE) where you can invite
or require them to join your list in order to get your free

It's that simple, and many JV partners will build lists of tens
of thousands from this.

Many people will read this email and make excuses why they
can't participate. I hope that you're not one of them.
Instead, take a look at:

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It Really Is All About Taking Focused Action

In today's ezine I gave 4 things for you to do, in order.
The first one was to join my radio interview with Patrick
Pretty at 11am EST. You can join us via webinar at:

To call in and ask a question or make a comment, the number
will be (347) 215-8784

If you're busy, you can still tune... just bring up the
broadcast on your browser, turn up the speakers, and
continue what you're doing. However, we will try to share
a lot of useful information with you ;-)

When you visit the site above, please take a second to say
"hi" on the blog.

Here's the second thing I had on the list for you to do today...

2) Ask yourself how you can work smarter rather than harder,
and get better results. This is very important. I grew up on
a farm, around some VERY hard-working people. Yet, many of
them died so broke that their families had to borrow money for
their funerals :-(

Working harder is definitely not the answer! Putting in twice
as many hours won't generally make you twice as much money in
the long-run. It will often just destroy your health. I'm
sure that you understand what I'm saying.

One way to work harder is to make your communications easier
for your audience to understand. On the Internet, that means
that you absolutely, 100%, no-arguing... you must use video.

Most of your audience has been conditioned, by a lifetime of
watching television, to learn by watching. Many prefer that
over reading, listening, or learning by doing.

It's just easier to sit and watch a video for a few minutes!

That means you need to commit to using video in your marketing,
or you need to acknowledge that you're going to be
out-marketed by those who do. I've made that commitment, and
have started putting video on practically ALL of my websites.

It's working! My sales are up, my subscription are up,
everything is up :-)

So, your second thing to do today is to check out this course
on how EASY it really, really is to put video on your
websites. The only danger is that, once you see how easy...
and fun.. it is, you may want to go overboard. Remember
"balance in all things that you do."

Get that course at:

Let me pause here and share that that IS an affiliate link. I
tell you that because I do market products that I really,
really believe in, as an affiliate.

I'll also share with you that since the product is SO good, it
is also a great product for YOU to market as an affiliate. If
you'd like to be an affiliate for this product, simply sign up

To further encourage you to become an affiliate, I'll even
reveal that you can earn up to 70% commission with this product.

Obviously, I wouldn't tell you this if I was just interested in
selling you the product, rather than also helping you to find a
great selling product :-)

I really do care about your success.

I'll give you time to do the first 2 things before I reveal the
next two :-)


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October 24, 2007

Really Nice Set Of Website Templates For Only $5 Plus Earn 100% Commission

You need to get in on this amazing sale of website templates.

Inner Circle member Robin Araoz is actually the graphic artist
who did the layout, and even the logo on the t-shirts, for

Robin obviously doesn't know the value of his EXCELLENT work
because he's running a sale where he offering over 200 MEG of
high quality Internet marketing templates... for ONLY $5.

This is a real no-brainer :-)

After you purchase you can also register to resell the
templates and *** earn 100% commission *** deposited directly
to your Paypal account. Grab this package now at:


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October 23, 2007

Adding Video To Your Website Has Never Been Easier

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Taking Video To A Whole New Level

If you've hesitated to put video on your site until
now, you just lost ALL excuses!

Check out:


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October 22, 2007

Over $19,188 of Internet Marketing Tools, Free!

In an interview earlier today, I mentioned I'd post
sources for free products here on the blog.

Here's a free giveaway with an advertised $19,188 worth
of software, ebooks, and memberships, that you can get
without spending a dime?

On Tuesday, October 23rd at 10:00am an exciting new site
is launching called Ebiz Launchpad, and through my JV
Partnership I can tell you about it and you can access it

It has a jaw dropping twist that will really supercharge
your marketing--you need to see it to believe it... (hint:
could you use an extra few 100 or few 1,000 signups for
your list?)

You can login now, and one more thing--about the jaw
dropping twist--the sooner you login the more you benefit!

Go to:


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My Blog Talk Radio Show

I will start hosting a twice a week radio show... with
unscheduled episoded every now and then too. On these
shows, I'll feature guests from within the Internet Marketing

Each show will be live, and you'll be able to call in and
ask questions of me and my guests. You'll also be able
to listen to archived episodes of the show.

To check out the show at anytime, just click here:

The icon in my menu bar on the left takes you the same
place :-)

If you think that you'd make a great guest, feel free to
contact me via my help desk. The help desk is monitored
constantly, and is therefore the BEST way to contact me.
It's at

Just one more way of staying in contact with you and
sharing with you what actually works in internet marketing.


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October 19, 2007

Chris Knowledge And Willie Crawford Talk Joint Ventures In 30 Minutes

Chris will host me on his Blog Talk Radio Show, and we'll
be taking live and email questions. This call is at

The topic is Joint Ventures.

You can tune-in free here:


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"Earn Money From Other Peoples Sales Completely On Autopilot, 24x7 In All Niches, From All Countries Even When You Sleep!"

This is VERY powerful.

Check out:


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October 18, 2007

Only 69 Days Left Until Christmas!

At the beginning of this week, “I threw out the challenge"
for you to end this year with Massive Action. I want
you to end the year poised to achieve your dreams in 2008.

We both realize that unless you start taking massive
action, that not much is going to change in your online
business life.

Hopefully, you're one of the ones serious enough to
accept the challenge.

Hopefully, you've already downloaded and digested the
business plans and tactics shared in "20 Ways To Make
$100 Per Day Online." If not, please grab that ebook
now at:

This ebook will help you through your first few steps,
to include identifying the right niche for you. However,
a few people have indicated that they want to "discuss"
their ideas. They ‘re having trouble “finding a niche.”

If that's you, I'd like for you to be on a special
networking and brainstorming call this Saturday, October
20th, at 11am - 12:30pm. The call is free. On the call
I'll hopefully be joined by numerous other very savvy
Internet marketers, and we can discuss how to actually
find YOUR niche.

To join that call, you need to register at:

Registering will trigger an autoresponder message with
the call-in details. Then on Saturday, we can discuss
"finding a proven, profitable niche!"

Christmas IS only 69 days away, and for many people
that means stress and sadness, rather than joy. That
feeling is brought on by the expectation to buy lots
of expensive gifts, and then go into the new year with
TONS of credit card debt.

Instead of doing that, YOU CAN start the year out with
a big smile on your face. You can also afford to pay
cash for your Christmas gifts. Simply read (and
apply) "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online"... and then
don't feel compelled to spend your newfound fortune on
overpriced trinkets!

Either tomorrow, or Saturday at the latest, I'll share
with you how I, and dozens of partners, should EACH add
over 10,000 new subscribers to our lists between now
and Christmas. Instead of letting up during the holiday
season, WE simply give all of those holiday shoppers
what they are looking for. It really is that simple.

More about that later though.

For now, finish reading "20 Ways" and if you've read it
once, but not put it into action, start taking massive
action today. If you don’t own it yet, get it at:

We'll talk on Saturday :-)

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October 16, 2007

How To Actually Turn Your Private Label Rights Products Into Your Own Products

In today's ezine I told you about the Source Code
, and told you that I'd teach you how to
turn that source code into your own profitable

I did a teleseminar where Michael Ambrosio and I
do exactly that. You can access the MP3 audio
recording and the PDF transcript of that call by
clicking here.

Simply scroll to the bottom of that page, and there
are the live links to both files. I don't ask for
you name or ANYTHING :-)


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Now we're down to only 76 days remaining in 2007

From today's ezine...

Yesterday, I issued the challenge of re-committing yourself
to making your dreams and plans a reality.

I pointed out that there were only 77 days left in 2007, so
now IS the time to get started if you plan on looking back
on 2007 with a big smile on your face.

I received emails from 236 people saying that they were
stepping up to the plate. A few offered to hand their
projects over to me, so that I could make their dreams a
reality. That's NOT the way that it works. I'll share
with you what I know, but I'm not going to do it FOR
you. I can't... there's only one of me and thousands of
people on my list that... at least "say" that they are
ready to start taking action.

If I were to drop everything that I'm doing and focus
on just one person's project, I'd be neglecting the
others... many of whom might be more willing to put in
the necessary effort. It does take effort :-)

If you're really paying attention. I've already shown
you MUCH of what you need to know and do. I post much of
that type of information on my blog. That blog is at:


Today, let's examine the most basic of questions. Before
you can build a successful online business, you need
to answer these questions... in this order:

1) WHO is my market?

2) What do they want?

3) What will they pay for? What are they already paying
for, which is PROOF of what they really, really want?

On my blog, I have an article entitled, "How To Guarantee Your
Product's Success Before Your Even Start!"
That article
shows how I answered those very questions in putting
together a recently-released, very successful product.
You can read that blog post at:

That product is an ebook called, "20 Ways To Make $100
Per Day Online." While you are searching for the answers
to the questions above, you can offer your list members,
and website visitors, that ebook. The ebook has universal
appeal because people who are online and have a wide
variety of interests are all usually interested in
supplementing their incomes.

Check out that ebook at:

You'll notice that the affiliate program is not even mentioned
on the web page. That's because we sell the ebook, NOT the
opportunity for you to make money from selling it.

The affiliate program for that ebook is customer-only. When
you purchase the ebook, you are told how to get your
affiliate url on the download page.

I COULD tell you that the ebook was released on October 8th,
and that several affiliates have already earned OVER $3000
just from sharing with list members and visitors to their
websites/blogs what they LOVED about this ebook. It IS that
good, but then again, I'm biased since I helped to write
it. Get a copy and then decide for yourself.

So your next step is identifying your market. If you don't
identify a large pool of people with similar interests,
and then figure out what they want, you'll waste a LOT of
time. You'll jump around too much and be too unfocused.

So, spend the day doing that. Visit my blog and read
the article listed above to get you started.


I will close by telling you about a "Source Code Goldmine"
that you're going to be hearing a lot about today. I was
told about it a few days ago by Jeremy Burns, the guy who
owns the site.

I got a chance to look at the actual product and fell in love
with it because I could see the potential for several major new
products :-)

Jeremy's package is at:

Jeremy is offering the source code to 10 products
(software and ebooks). His package IS a great deal If you
are going to use it. You could easily take any of those
products and turn them into your own product that earns
you a six-figure annual income.

I'll even show you HOW to do that. That's another resource
that you'll find on my blog :-)

If you're on many Internet marketers' lists, you'll hear
a LOT about Jeremy's Source Code GoldMine today. Jeremy
is only offering a total of 500 packages, and I would be
surprised if they don't sell out in a day or two. So, if this
sounds like something that might interest you, check it our

However, above all else, take focused action!


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October 15, 2007

Only 77 Days Left In 2007

Most of today's ezine...

Today, I started my day out the same as I do most days.
I reflect upon the day ahead, and how I can best accomplish
what I believe that God placed me on this earth to do.

Incidentally, I end my day in self-examination. I look at
what I did right, and what I did wrong during the day...
and I ask myself what I could have done better.

Glancing at my desktop calendar, I see that there are only
77 days left in 2007. That in many ways created a sense
of urgency for me. Like you, I do have goals for this
year, and I'm behind on one of them. That goal is actually
to help YOU reach your goals.

I AM personally where I want to be, and live an enviable
lifestyle. I live in a very beautiful part of Florida, close
enough to the ocean to taste the salt in the air. I
have a loving and faithful wife of over 20 years. All
of my basic needs are met, and if I so desired, I'd never
have to work another day in my life.

So, life IS good.

I now see my purpose as reaching out to more people who
are in the situation that I was in when I first came
online. My purpose is to guide YOU through the
minefield of actually building a successful online

This week, I'll attempt to help you focus more and make
the decision to actually do what you already intuitive
know that you need to do.

With so many distractions around, you DO need to FOCUS.
It's just too easy to get sidetracked. So, I'm going to
give you some very specific goals for this week. They'll

1) Actually locate and start marketing a product that
enough people actually WANT so that you can generate
some revenue.

For this first goal, if you haven't already, your
assignment today is to get a copy of the 247-page ebook,
"20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online." Don't spend too
much time mulling over such a simple risk-free decision.
Get the ebook, read it, and then you'll thank me later!

Get this ebook at:
The decision is TOTALLY risk free. If this ebook doesn't
help "light the path" for you, just let me know and within
minutes you'll have 100% of your money back :-)

2) Get started actually building a list. If you have been
using the excuse for YEARS that you have no list, I'm going
to take that excuse away from you this week. I'm going to
get you started actually building that list.

Let's make our goal a nice comfortable list of just 2000
new subscribers. That's only 1000 per month. I'll show
you this week HOW to do that with ease ;-)

While a larger list would be nice, a list of just 2000,
if it's a highly qualified list, can easily provide a
very comfortable living... if you treat them properly.

That's one of the things we will get your started on
THIS WEEK. You will not end 2007 with the same old
"tired" excuse of not having a list... unless you choose to!

3) Get started generating some steady traffic to your
site. “That list” above is one way to bring back visitors
to your site who already know you. Those are actually your
most valuable visitors... in my opinion.

In any event, you need a steady flow of people to your
site, who are reading your webpages and doing whatever
it is that you want visitors to your site to do.

By the end of the week, you should have a plan in place
and have actually started to generate some targeted website
traffic. This presupposes that you already have a
website. If you don't, then we need to take care of that
first. Goal #1 covers that nicely.

Practically everything that I know about generating
"free" website traffic is contained in the course that
you'll find at:

I do encourage you to get that course. It contains a ton
of audio and other resources where I, and a lot of marketers
MUCH smarter that I, teach you how we do it. We don't
spend countless hours working at generating website
traffic - I'd rather spend my time out deep-sea fishing in
The Gulf Of Mexico :-)

So, I'll try to focus you on traffic generation methods
that are free (or inexpensive), don't require all of
your time, and that you can see how I actually use them.


Ok, we do have a full week ahead. We have a challenging
77 days ahead. Our goal is to reach that goal that you
set for yourself... that resolution that you set at the
beginning of 2007. DON'T give up on that goal!

Get started now by reading "20 Ways To Make $100 Per
Day Online." Yes, it is 247 pages, but you can skim the
chapter headings and read the chapter that sounds most
interesting to you first. However, plan on reading all
of the chapters. The 20 authors of the ebook pack a lot
of experience into those 20 chapters.

Grab this ebook now, make a commitment to yourself, and
then simply make time to get started. Read just the first
chapter, and you ARE on your way. Get the ebook at:


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5000 Dollars For Purchasing A Book?

My friend Chet Holmes just came out with a book that
became the number one best selling business book in
the country and recently became a NY Times best seller.


Legendary Speaker and Sale Trainer Chet Holmes

Even better, he is very popular on the speaking
circuit (one of my favorite speakers). Many of his
friends are incredible speakers too.

So he got 60 famous speakers to give away more than
$5000 worth of training programs for nothing, and all
you have to do is purchase his book.

When I saw that Chet was doing, two things struck me...

1) I wanted that package.

2) I wanted my product included... which it now is!

Here’s how it works. You go to this site
and you select the Amazon link to acquire the book.
(Sells for $25 in the stores, but is $16 on Amazon right
now if you hurry.) But if you purchase it in the stores,
the bonus deal still works.

When you purchase, Amazon sends you an email with an
order number (or use the store’s receipt number). Then you
go to this site: and
enter your order number and you’ll get a six month pass to
over SIXTY different training programs in every field from
health, to wealth, to investing, to even spiritual guidance.
Giants like Tony Robbins, Guerrilla Marketing - Jay Levinson,
Harv Eker, Jack Welsh, Alex Mandossian, Mark Thompson, Rich
Schefren, Jim White, Bill Bartmann, Dave Lakhani, Chris
Howard, Willie Crawford (sorry, I had to throw that in there)
...and so on have all contributed to this bonus bonanza.

A chance like this does not come around every day. And it
won’t last. So do it right now.

And because he’s my friend, do me a favor and pass this to
every person you know who is in business.

What the book is about: Chet’s specialty is doubling sales.
He has doubled the sales of more companies than anyone that
I know... or know of. His techniques work great and the best
part is, to quote Chet: “Becoming a master is not about doing
4000 things; it’s about doing 12 things 4000 times.”

There are four concepts in the book that each will double
your sales in a single year.

Chet himself gives a ton of bonuses on that page, including
a five part $1000 series entitled: “Five Against One: See
Karate Master (oh, yes, Chet’s also a karate master) take on
five business owners at a time and show all of them, right
on the spot, in only 45 minutes, how to double their sales.
There are five of these sessions, with 25 different types of
business owners so there’s something for every person. Any
one of these bonuses would be worth far more than buying this
book, but you get over 60 of these training programs for just
investing in a book!

This bonus page began with only 30 free training programs.
Now it is up to over 60, so KEEP going back there every week.

Pass this on and please ask YOUR friends to pass it on!
They'll thank you.


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October 12, 2007

Buzz About 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online

If you "Google" the phrase "Make $100 Per Day Online"
you'll see that this humble ebook, really is fast
becoming, is called by severl people, "The Internet
Marketing Product Of The Decade."

If you haven't gotten a copy yet,get one now.

Click here to get a copy of 20 Ways To Make $100
Per Day Online."


Many of the reviews that you'll read point out
that the ebook actually takes internet marketing
in a whole NEW direction. In many ways, that
was our intent. We were trying to get away from
all of the hype, and just offer something that
was "doable" by anyone willing to just give it
a try.

Here are comments from one member of The Internet
Marketing Inner Circle... on his blog...

From Audio Products To Group Products

20 Ways To 100 A Day Gets Rave Review

Infoproduct Creation Case-Study - Product From A Thread

Find out what all of the excitement is about!


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October 10, 2007

Over 1 Million Visitors In 60 Days

2007 seems to be the year that I really totally
figured out how to generate a virtually unlimited
amount of traffic, and how to get MILLIONS of hits
for free.

Part of that was hitting what my friend Jack
Humphrey called "critical mass."

Discover more of my secrets to never having to pay
for website traffic again... and literally having
all of the visitors that you can keep up with without
hiring more assistants.

Check out


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October 09, 2007

$100, 000 Million In 23 Months?

Here's an email that I sent to one of my sub-list
today on Russell's Brunson's launch which kicked
off today. If you're familiar with Vince James,
or have listened to Jeff Walker's Product Launch
Formula, you already know part of the story.

Anyway... this email points to the rest of the story...

This letter isn't for everyone. In fact, I know there
will be people who unsubscribe from my list and get
angry at me for even mentioning this.

I wish I could say sorry - but I can't.

If you would like to learn how a 28 year old guy made
over $100 million dollars (yes ONE HUNDRED MILLION)
in just 23 months selling a product that sold for just
$60, then click on the link below:

If it offends you to learn from someone who did spend
time in jail and lost $48 million dollars because of
these mistakes, then please don't click on this link:

What was impressive to me was the fact that the author
didn't try to cover up these mistakes, but instead shows
you exactly what they were, how and why he made them,
and also how to protect yourself from making the same
mistakes. (that and how how was able to get $48 million
in a bank account to begin with).

You should check it out!


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Your Dream 100

In early 2003, I acquired the audio tapes from Jay
Abraham's PEQ Workshop where he and Chet Holmes taught
some incredible stuff.

I listened to every tape in the set... several times in
rapid succession... immersing myself and absorbing it ALL
very quickly.

As a result, I now notice my "reticular activating system"
working flawlessly :-)

One of the things that Chet taught was making your
"Dream 100" list.

This is a list of the top 100 people in your industry that
you'd like to network with and get to know better. Think
of it as "JV'ing on steroids!"

These are the people that you'd like to form solid
business relationships with.

These are usually "centers of influence" in your niche -
people who can help to make you more successful. They can
teach you things. They can introduce you to people. They
have discovered certain keys to success, and can be
convinced to share them with you.

I DO have a "Dream 100" list. Most of the people on that
list are now in The Internet Marketing Inner Circle... or
on the verge of joining.

Do you have your dream 100 list written down? You should!
I've found it an excellent tool. Make just starting that
list one of the things that you accomplish today. It will
help you to focus better.

By the way, our new ebook "20 Ways To Make $100 A Day
Online" was written by some of those inner circle members...
people on MY Dream 100 List ;-)

Independent reviewers are already calling this simple ebook,
"The Internet Marketing Product Of The Decade!"

You can tap into their wisdom at:

Building a successful online business doesn't have to be a
challenge, or a great mystery. Check out the ebook everyone
is talking about now. It's at:

Wishing you love, peace, health, and prosperity :-)


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October 08, 2007

What Would You Do To Save Your Mom's Life

My friend Chris Knowledge is having an "IM-A-Thon"
in an effort to save his moms life. She's currently
in a very unsafe place, so he's trying to raise
$20,000 to save her.

You can read the full story and find out how you
can help here:


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20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online

Just a quick note to tell you that you can now get

"20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online"


This is the ebook that my inner circle and I wrote, and
that is different from ANY other ebook ever written.

Take a look at:
Once you get this ebook, be sure to sign up for the
affiliate program. That lets you sell the ebook, using
your affiliate link, and earn 100% commission...
deposited instantly to your Paypal account.

Don't miss out :-)


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October 07, 2007

I Confess - The Rumors Are All True!

Visit THE busiest discussion forum in the Internet Marketing
niche, The Internet Marketing Warrior's and you'll see that
there's a lot of NOISE right now.

It's all about an ebook that will be released at 9am, EST,
tomorrow, October 8th. The ebook is called,
"20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online."

You can see what they're saying about it on the Warriors here:

You can watch a video from one of the early reviewers here:

Tomorrow morning, at 9am EST, you can get your copy here:

You want to be one of the first ones to get it because when
you do, you can then register for the customer-only
affiliate program, and then you can sell the ebook for 100%
commission (deposited directly to your Paypal account).

That thread on the Warrior Forum shows you how HOT demand
for this ebook already is. The video tells you how good
the product it. Get your copy tomorrow morning at 9am EST

If you're curious as to what gave us the idea to write
that ebook in the first place, and know beyond a shadow of
a doubt that it was really, really wanted, take a few
minutes and read this thread:


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October 05, 2007

Today - Actually Discover The Best Free Website Traffic Generation Methods - PERIOD!

Here's How I Actually
Generate The MAJORITY Of My Free Website Traffic

These Are The Top TEN Techniques
That I PERSONALLY Use After 11 Years Of Testing

Click here to discover
what works best for generating free website traffic right now!



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October 04, 2007

Making More Money By Giving Away More Gifts

I hesitate to do this, but I'm going to spill the beans
on one of my stealth promotion tactics.

Many of us in Internet marketing have been trained
that the way to build a list is by giving away free
gifts in exchange for the opt-in. Even world-famous
millionaire marketers like Dan Kennedy and Jay
Abraham teach you to offer the "ethical bribe!"

The problem with that is that you're building a list
of freebie seekers! You're building a list of people
conditioned to expect things for free... and you're
telling them that they can get very valuable things
for free.

You DO tell them on your download pages that your
super-duper freebie is worth a small fortune.

Don't you?

Many of us have been taught that one way to attract
more traffic to our websites is to post your offers
for free gifts on other websites, or mention them in
ezine ads.

The problem with that is that you're bringing in
visitors who are not interested in buying. They land
on your site, claim their free gift, and then leave.

After all, they really need time to go through what
you just gave them before they have time to think
about buying something. They hesitate to stack up
all of those things out of fear that they'll never be
able to wade through it all. So, by the time they
get all of your freebies, they figure they have all
that they can digest for a while.

Relax... it's not really that BLEAK!

Those who join your list in exchange for freebies
do often realize that the freebies still left them
needing other things that you had to offer. They
often realize that while free is good, there are
certain tools, and certain know-how, that they need
to build a successful business, that they simply
can't get for free.

Those who come to your site seeking free gifts do
often want, and need, other things that they may have
noticed on your download page. Maybe their business
has finally grown to the point that freebies,
especially outdated freebies (which you should be
giving away), simply don't cut it.

NOW we have a dilemma. Those who joined your list
for the freebies, may have unsubscribed by the time
that discover that they need what you offered for
sale. They may no longer have any of your emails :-(

Those who visited your site and grabbed all of your
free ebooks, software, and MP3's may recall seeing
a product that you offered, and that they now need,
but they can't remember WHERE they saw it.

What's missing from this picture is a little "memory
jogger." They need something that they see every day,
even USE every day, staring them right in the face
and reminding them of you.

YOU need something that allows YOU to maintain top
of mind awareness of you and your products.

If your customers have downloaded "a hundred" freebies
in .zip format, the answer is simple. It's so
obvious that you're going to smack yourself! How
about a branded unzip utility that you offer to
every new subscriber that you get and to every
person who visits your site to download your gifts.

Imagine them using YOUR branded unzip utility
dozens of time a week. Each time that they download
and unzip a file, they see one or two unintrusive
ads for your products.

THAT, my friend is one of my big secrets. I actually
have a branded unzip utility that you can get, brand
and pass along to your subscribers and website visitors.

Where do you get this magic tool?

Ok, I've spilled the beans! Now, I need to think
about what I've just done.

And YOU need to put this incredible tool to work for
you BEFORE your competitors do :-)


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Can We Talk

I ran this note in my ezine today...

I hope that your Thursday is going well.

Mine is, but then again, my mentors all taught me that only
you can decide how your day will be perceived as going. So,
I "choose" to have a great day everyday - you should too :-)

Tomorrow, I'm headed over to Atlanta, Georgia for Armand
Morin's Big Seminar X. There should be a huge crowd of
online marketers there, so the networking should be
incredible. I also expect to learn a lot of new tips and
techniques from the speakers.

Today, I did actually want to invite you to "talk to me!"
I invite you to drop by my blog and leave a note on the
thread called "Can We Talk?" You do have to register (through
TypeKey), but this lets you post to thousands of sites
across the internet without having to re-register at each
site. It's how I control spam on the blog.

Drop by and leave a note at

Let me know what's on your mind… as it pertains to Internet

So, this is the place for leaving a comment :-)


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October 03, 2007

Earn Money From Other People's Sales

Here's a way that you can actually EARN MONEY FROM OTHER


One you see this, you will beg me to keep quiet, but
it's too late. I've already told all of my friends :-)

Don't be the last one to know - Click here!


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Where does web traffic Really come from?

Where does web traffic really come from?

I have to admit, back when I first got online,
I had no clue!

And it didn't take me long to figure out that
"Build it and they will come" doesn't work online.

But over the last 11 years online, we've
been able to pinpoint the top 10 top most
effective ways to get real, dependable,
targeted traffic to any website.

And it can all be broken down into these
10 simple and easy to implement (and totally
free) web traffic tactics:

- Willie


I recently sat down with my brand new
home-made website and gave it the
"birds and bees" talk about the straight
truth of exactly where web traffic really
comes from....

And using these 10 super easy "X-Factor
Traffic Tactics" I was able to get over a
million targeted visitors to my brand new
home-made website in just the past 60 days.

You can get the complete blueprint of "#6"
completely free and be using it for yourself
within the hour - it's all broken down for
you in 2 PDF's & 3 MP3's.

It's ranked as the #6 Most Effective Free Web
Traffic Tactic in Internet History by
Trafficology (the go-to source for real traffic
results online for almost a decade)

...and it's yours just for asking:

It's probably not what you think.

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October 01, 2007

Resale Rights That It's IMPOSSIBLE Not To Make Money From

He's a set of resale right to a viral tool that basically
resells itself. If you grab these rights, and can't make
money from them, then you probably should NOT be in Internet


Click here to see what I'm raving about!


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$20,000 In 20 Days?

My friend Michael Green has an interesting challenge issued.
He promises to teach you in a day-by-day fashion how to make
$20,000 in 20 days.

This is definitely worth taking on! Check out:


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THIS Week Will Change The Face Of Online Marketing FOREVER!

A bold statement, but I've seen things coming for months that
very few others know about. Print out this email so that you
don't lose it. It is that important.

If you read it, and then set it aside, you WILL find yourself
looking for it later. You'll find yourself looking for it when
you realize what is happening... when you see that one little
computer program is about to touch... potentially hundreds of
millions of computer users.

I'm not being melodramatic. I'm giving you a chance to step in
front of something that...

"EVERY Person Alive With A Computer Could Possible Be Interested

Rather than wasting a lot of time telling you about it, I will
just tell you that visiting this page could be the single
BEST decision you'll ever make since coming online:


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Willie Crawford And Seth Godin?

What does best selling author, and marketing genius, Seth
Godin have to say about this project you'll kick yourself
if you don't check out?


Seth Godin

... and why is Willie Crawford's name in the headline :-)

Click here to dramatically improve YOUR marketing!


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September 30, 2007

Why I'm NOT "The King Of Pay Per Clicks"

Why I'm NOT "The King Of Pay Per Clicks"
by Willie Crawford

Back in the Spring of 2003, I was at Joel Christopher's
Master List Builder Workshop. Marlon Sanders was up speaking.
We had never formally met, but Marlon had obviously read some
of the things that I'd written on using pay per click

Back then, I was heavily into pay per click advertising, and
had even done TWO teleseminars with my friend Marty Foley on
the topic. We called the teleseminars "Master The Pay Per
Clicks." We recorded the teleseminars and sold those
recordings for a long time.

I still use the recordings from those teleseminars a few
places because much of the information is timeless. Marty
and I taught a lot of testing and tracking. What has changed
most since then is primarily the rules and policies at the
pay per clicks... and which search engines are the most
important. We taught solid basics back then, and they still

Anyway, as Marlon was doing his presentation, he spotted me
in the audience, and used what I did as a simple, proven
model of generating a steady flow of traffic to your website
and converting it to sales.

Back then, for every $1 that I invested in pay per click
traffic, I generated $7 in profit. Not a bad return on

Marlon referred to me as "The King Of Pay Per Clicks" and
asked me a few basic questions. I answered them, and Marlon
proved his points.

Actually, one of the points that I heard Marlon make that day
was "Whatever they're buying, I'm Selling!" The lesson that I
learned from Marlon there was, sell the items that your
customers are looking for rather than what you'd like to sell

In that same presentation, Marlon yelled, "Dead Ducks Don't
Quack!" I understood his message there to be, if people
aren't buying a product, then stop wasting your time and
effort trying to sell it to them. People KNOW what they want.

Just those two statements made that entire weekend worth the
13-hour drive from Florida to San Antonio. I drove because
I wanted to use the drive time as time to listen to a course
that I had recently purchased. I did listen to the audio tapes
in that course all the way to, and from, San Antonio...
completely absorbing the course in the process.

I absorbed and later applied what Marlon taught during that
fateful presentation. I applied what I learned during that
time spent in "Automobile U" ... the 26 hours driving back
and forth between San Antonio. Both learning experiences
shifted my think in major ways.

Later that year, Ramon Williamson coached me and provided me
with a lot of much needed direction. When I mentioned to him
that Marlon had dubbed me as "The King Of Pay Per Clicks,"
he asked if I really wanted to be "pigeon holed" by that title.

Ramon asked me to clarify what "I" wanted to be known for on
the Internet marketing landscape. Back then, I decided that
I really wanted to be a coach and a mentor. That's what I
still get the greatest joy from doing online.

So, while I did leverage the fact that an "Internet marketing
icon" had dubbed me "The King Of Pay Per Clicks," I also took
Ramon's advice to heart and distanced myself from the label.

Today, as back then, I realize that without traffic to your
website, your web business CANNOT be successful. You simply
need visitors to a webpage who, upon arriving, take the
desired action.

Since the need for website traffic is so CRITICAL, back in
2003 I purchased the domain name "Website Traffic PhD." I
had no idea what I was going to do with that domain, but I
KNEW that not having enough website traffic was what "pained"
most webmasters, and that if I could show them how to get an
unlimited stream of website traffic, I had a product that
they would trip over themselves to get.

Marty Foley and I did discuss creating a joint product that
would be an “encyclopedia” of proven methods of generating
website traffic. Perhaps because I still hadn't learned
enough back then, I didn't tackle a job that I didn't feel
totally qualified for.

I did nothing with that domain, and even allowed the name to
expire, but later re-registered it.

Back in December 2002, I first met John Reese at a seminar at
Hawks Cay, down in The Florida Keys. That was at the same
seminar where I first met Ramon Williamson and Marty Foley.
Ramon, Marty and I all gave presentations.

As time progressed, I got to know John better, and he and
Ramon attended the very first seminar that I hosted. Ramon
spoke, and John totally riveted attendees during conversations
held in the back of the room during breaks (and at meals).

John demonstrated his marketing savvy when in March of 2004,
he conducted his sell-out, $4500 per seat, seminar on website
traffic tactics. John leveraged that seminar into his Traffic
Secrets Course, which made him $1 million in under a DAY!

John validated for me that REALLY studying traffic generation,
and then teaching others how to generate website traffics was
an excellent use of my time.

Between 1996 and today (11 years) I have studied just about
every website traffic generation tactic imaginable. Over
time, I learned which ones worked consistently “for me”
(long-term) and which ones required the least expense and

Today, after sifting through what must be over 100 possible
traffic generation tactics, I have just a few core tactics
that I use and teach. I even have my "Top 10 Best Free
Traffic Generation Techniques." Those are THE techniques
that worked for me yesterday, and will work for me tomorrow,
without my having to struggle staying up with the latest
search engine tricks.

I'd rather go fishing, or spend time playing with my
grandchild, than spend countless hours chasing after the
latest, usually very short-lived, search engine tricks.

This strategy is so powerful, that on one site that I
recently setup and promoted using my "Top 10 Free Traffic
Generation Techniques" I generated over 1 million visitors
in under 60 days. Needless to say, the site is a success,
and will earn me a nice income stream for a very long time.

I like that model... build a website, plug in free traffic,
make minor adjustments, and let the site make you money :-)

In case you missed why I'm no longer "The King Of Pay Per
Clicks," it's because it takes too much struggle! I prefer
the long-term, very effective traffic generation tactics
that I share with friends at:

When something works, why change it. When something isn't
working, it's insane NOT to change it. Just that simple
observation, properly responded to, will make you an online
success. Now, it's time for you to do it!


Willie Crawford has been teaching others uncomplicated methods
of building successful online businesses since 1996. Today, he
does most of his teaching inside an exclusive membership site
filled with other experts dedicated to uncovering the truth
about how to succeed online. Join Willie and dozens of other
"old-timers" at:

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September 27, 2007

One Million Hits In 60 Days - From Scratch!

I used these 10 simple, easy and free
"X-Factor Traffic Tactics" to get over a
million targeted visitors to a brand new
home-made website in just the past 60 days.

You can get the complete blueprint of one
of them completely free and be using it
for yourself within the hour - it's all broken
down for you in 2 PDF's & 3 MP3's.

It's also ranked as the #6 Most Effective
Free Web Traffic Tactic in the History of the
Internet by Trafficology (the go-to source
for real traffic results online for almost
a decade)

...and it's your's just for asking:

It's probably not what you think!



PS: When I saw this one I actually would have
rated it the #1 Tactic of all time, it's
so brain-dead simple, yet effective...

But you be the judge:

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I Didn't Mean "Kiss Him" Literally :-)

I recently did a 2-HOUR interview with Sid that's
mind-blowing. Sid has been in computers since 1969, has
owed his own business for 25+ years, and is a storehouse
of wisdom.

I ran into Sid on the forum created for users of Jonathan
Leger's $7 Scripts. Sid was there helpfully explaining to
people how to get the most out of the script, and also
just offering some great marketing advice. On that
forum, I complained about some of the script's shortcomings
... the biggest one for me being that you couldn't email
everyone in your database through the script. It let me
build this huge database of over 10,000 in one instance, but
I could only contact a fraction of them because of the way
that the script works.

To me, the script was ideal for building lists. I've
build several by rolling out inexpensive products in
several niches, where I gave customers permission to
sell the product at 100% commission because all I really
wanted to use the product for was to pass along some
valuable information... and build a list. So I built
these lists that I COULDN'T USE!

Sid solved that problem and many other by creating
a program that works similar to the $7 script... only it does
so MUCH more. On top of that, it lets me email everyone in
the database that's produced by marketing a given product...
AND ... I can even import those formerly useless lists that I
created using the $7 script into Sid's script.

When Sid showed me what he was working on, I quickly
volunteered to be a beta tester. When Sid had the
product perfect, "I wanted to kiss him" :-)

NO, not literally... but you will want to hug him after
you get your hands on this script. It's at:

Sid's interview is actually still being transcribed.
Members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle will notice it
in their membership area shortly. After they listen to Sid's
interview, many will probably be irritated by the fact that I
ended the interview after 2 hours. We honestly could have gone
on delivering stuff that you'd want to hear for another 3 hours!


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7 Ways To Make 700 Bucks In 7 Days

My trusted friend Jason James has just released an ebook
on 7 Ways To Make $700 in 7 Days.

I bought, downloaded, and read Jason's ebook. I liked
it enough that I bought the resell and PLR rights to

It's good!

You can read about Jason's ebook in a hype-free sales letter,

Do it now, and you can thank me over a steak dinner later :-)


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September 26, 2007

Writing And Marketing An Ebook As An Inner Circle Group Project

My friend, and inner circle member, Case Stevens,
does a good job of explaining the dynamics of a
project we are currently under taking at The
Internet Markeitng Inner Circle.

You can read Case's observations on his blog here.

Basically, we're writing an ebook on ways to Make
$100 Per Day Working Just 1-2 Hour Per Day. We
have around 20 people each writing a chapter on
exactly how they do it. On top of that we have a
LOT of volunteers helping with proofreading,
graphics, programming, press releases, you name

This is a group project in the truest sense of
the word. Even the customer list will be treated
as a group asset.

Check out Case's blog to see what he has to say.
Then join The Internet Marketing Inner Circle to
perhaps join in on one of several other group
projects already starting up :-)


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THIS Is Going Crazy!

Sid Hale has JUST released what some are already
calling "Sales Software of the Year"!

He describes it as a cross between the famous
"Butterfly" script, and the "$7" script.

I was a beta tester, and now, am thrilled to
finally be able to share it with you!


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September 25, 2007

Just released from "My Mentor" Yanik Silver...

Info marketing from A-to-Z (and beyond)... from the
info marketer that I look up to the most!

If you're already selling information products or have been
thinking about it - this will be really important so please
pay attention…

Over the last few months Yanik Silver held two SOLD OUT
workshops all about how to profit from information
products. He did both workshops himself with no line-up of
speakers and presenters. Attendees paid $15,000.00 for the
information covered during his "Info Marketing Players"
workshop and the "How to Sell High Priced Information
Products & Services" workshop.

(Yanik is definitely someone I pay attention to since he's
sold just about everything online from el-cheapo ebooks to
$20k 'MasterMind' programs!) I've attended many of his
seminars and workshops,and use much of what he's taught
me ;-)

The thing is Yanik had never presented an entire seminar
and workshop devoted only to information marketing before
these two. And the lucky few who attended walked away from
this training with the ability to successfully expand any
information marketing business to the next level or
instantly take a new idea and create income at will.

So why's all this important now?

It's because Yanik has finally released both sets of

Yep, at noon today he's making the recordings from both
these events available in one package he's nicknamed
"Yanik's Ultimate A-to-Z Information Marketing Brain-in-a-

Listen, I've seen the material and there's really just one
word to describe it….HUGE!

When my friend MichaelWorthington visited my home a few days
ago, this package was what I was busy digesting... and using
to tweak my own big ticket product launch!

You're looking at over 3,000 pages of written material,
swipe files, exhibits, examples and templates from both
workshops. Plus you get the full set of DVDs & Audio CDs
from the "Players" workshop and Audio recordings of the
"High Priced" event. And that's not even including all kinds
of other checklists & hot bonus material (like personal
one-on-one help) that Yanik is throwing in.

Frankly, this package is one of the most comprehensive I've
seen and instead of the $15k others paid for this
information - you'll sneak away with everything for a
fraction of a fraction of what others paid. (But I must
warn you the discount is only temporary for the
introductory release and then the price is going back up to
reflect the true value of everything here.)

Now that's not the only reason to be quick. You see, there
are some incredible 'Fast-Mover' bonuses available there
and I hope you there before they're all sold-out!

Listen, the information from these events was a complete
"TELL ALL" covering in minute detail how Yanik has sold
over $12,000,000.00 in information products with absolutely
zero employees (except his wife, Missy)!

But even more exciting than that is on the page you'll be
introduced to a few of Yanik's success stories - who are
cashing in on topics as diverse as guitar lessons to
investing to salsa dancing. Pretty cool!

Fact is, I'm convinced nearly anyone can use these same
inside secrets to make themselves a personal fortune from
almost any hobby, niche or passion once they apply Yanik's
material. Don't pass up this chance before the price goes
WAY up.

Get all the details here:

This won't last ;-)


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Private Label Rights To 28 Original "Above The Fold" PROFESSIONAL Squeeze Page Templates

Xavier Nelson, a member of my Inner Circle has just release a
NICE collection of original squeeze page templates.

You can get them at:

These templates are designed to be viewed "above the fold" which
means visitors can see all of your content, without having to scroll.

This just went live at
and after I snatched it up, I wanted to make sure you could get a
copy for yourself too... Not just because of the collection that you
see on the page, but because of what's hidden away on the download

Xavier doesn't mention it at
but he's added some extra bonuses on the download page that really
come in handy.

You also can make 75% commissions from referrals ;-)

You Use These QUALITY Templates A Squeeze Page Templates For:
* Squeeze pages to capture leads...
* Thank you pages...
* Landing pages...
* Audio or video postcards...
* Special offer pages...
* Reminder notices...
* And any other way you can imagine...

PLUS They Include *** Private Label Rights*** So You Can Brand Them
And Sell Them And Keep 100% Of The Profits.

If you can't see the profit potential here, let me pour you
another cup of coffee :-)

You can see a preview of all the templates right now at:

Go check it out - these are new and really classy.

Xavier really over delivers!
He's also giving you a manual to show you how to use the templates,
as well as two templates you can use to sell this collection and
he even threw in a special bonus (hint - even more powerful templates,
and a video showing you how to work with them).

Do check it out now because Xavier did mention that this is just
now launching so he's set it really low to help him introduce this
incredible collection of Private Label Rights Squeeze Page Templates!

He will be increasing the price soon. So grab this package: before you miss out on
a good deal.

Xavier really over-delivers...with the unannounced stuff on his
download page, making me proud to be associated with him, and
happy to share with you a great bargain ;-)


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September 23, 2007

A Measure Of Integrity

I recent read that a measure of integrity is
what a person does, even when no one is

I like that, and often ask myself what is "the
next right thing" to do. I also surround myself
with people who live by a simlar code. You'll
find a lot of them in The Internet Marketing
Inner Circle.

One of the projects we're working on there is
an ebook outlining xx number of ways of making
$100 per day, working online just 1-2 hours per
day. Various members are contributing chapters.
Then a committe will review each chapter for
soundness, and to make sure that the author is
offering MORE THAN THEORY. This is what will
separate that work from similar one.

Each author will only share things that they've
actually done or are currently doing.

The Internet Marketing Inner Circle is setting
new,higher standards in many way :-)


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Interesting Video By Yanik

Check out this video by Yanik Silver.

It previews a product he's releasing on Sept 25th,
that should sell out fast.

I own most of Yanik's products... and this one will be
a part of my library too.


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September 21, 2007

Frustrated With The $7 Scripts - Check This Out

When I first saw Jonathan Leger's $7 Scripts I jumped on
it because I knew that I could do extremely well with
it. I did build several huge lists and make thousands
of sales with it.

However, I often found myself very frustrated when it
was so slow in responding to Paypal and customers
emailed saying that they didn't get downloads. I was
also frustrated seeing that I could only contact a
small fraction of my customers because the script
didn't allow you to email you entire database.

There was no easy way to let them know of an update, etc.

Now - All That Has Changed!


Inner Circle Member and Script Developer Sid Hale

Here's a script created by my friend Sid Hale that does
all of the things that the $7 scripts didn't do like:

- Allow you to use a system generated url that DOESN'T
contain your Paypal email.

- Allows you to email all customers. The $7 script only
allowed you to email affiliates (customers who had made

- Allow you to import your database built using the $7
scripts (with all fields) so you CAN migrate over and
your affiliate program built on the $7 scripts will
continue working!

Sid's Script, called Rapid Action Profits does a ton
more things and I cannot recommend it enough.

Check it out for yourself, and you'll feel the same:


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How To Make $100 Per Day Working 1-2 Hours Per Day!


September 21, 2007


Willie Crawford
The Internet Marketing Inner Circle
Phone: (877)-262-3367

‘Average’ People To Show Other ‘Average’ People How To Make $100 Daily Online While Working Part-Time From Their Homes

NAVARRE, FLORIDA (SEPT. 21, 2007) — History will be made Oct. 8, when “average” people from all corners of the globe introduce other “average” people to the profitable world of part-time Internet Marketing.

“Millions of people dream about supplementing their income part-time from home but don’t have a clear idea on how to get started or a realistic sense of what’s possible,” said Willie Crawford, founder of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle (TIMIC).

“Our one-of-a-kind information product was created by ‘ordinary’ TIMIC members to show other ‘ordinary’ people how to achieve a goal of making $100 a day working online part-time,” Crawford said. “It’s a way for average people to give themselves a pay raise of $36,500.”

More details, including the website name TIMIC has chosen for the venture, will be released in the coming days.

Crawford is one of the most recognizable faces in Internet Marketing and has gained an international reputation as a mentor and speaker. From humble beginnings on a small North Carolina tobacco farm, Willie graduated from North Carolina State University and was commissioned an officer in the U.S. Air Force.

Crawford turned to the Internet in 1996 to supplement his military wages, turning his initial foray into a full-time business.

His biography — “Git Off The Porch” — inspired an entire generation of full- and part-time Internet Marketers.

“Many people aren’t aware that skills and interests they already have can translate into a sustainable part-time income that can make a real difference in their lives,” Crawford said.

“Each chapter in our forthcoming eBook was written by an ‘ordinary’ person who makes money by applying ‘ordinary’ skills that relate to their interests,” Crawford said. “That’s what’s makes this product truly extraordinary.”

Helping manage the venture is Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian, a highly successful Internet Marketer who happens also to have a full-time job: pediatric cardiac surgeon in Madras, India.

Dr. Mani said the venture covers a range of part-time marketing interests, including eBay, infoproduct creation, writing articles, providing services, participating in Affiliate programs and much, much more.

It’s “win-win,” Dr. Mani said.

TIMIC will issue an updated News Release and announce the website name next week. # # #

ABOUT TIMIC: The Internet Marketing Inner Circle (TIMIC) is a gathering place for online entrepreneurs across the globe to share information, ideas and professional skills, and to build healthy, long-lasting and profitable business relationships.

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September 20, 2007

Take A Minute To Tell Someone That You Care!

No, I'm not getting mushy on you.

I DO want to make it easy and convenient for you to show someone
that you love and are thinking about them, but I MAY also
benefit... and I get to teach a marketing lesson.

Here's the story...

One of my businesses is "selling greeting cards." My customers
go to my website, design a card, click a button and their
personalize card are printed in full-color, and mailed first
class to anywhere in the world.

My customers can even upload digital images to their cards,
or use their OWN handwriting fonts :-)

I sell these cards by setting up free sample accounts. It's
one of the oldest selling models known... the free sample
model. I pay for the postage, etc. for a customer to send
the first few cards. A certain percentage fall in love
with the system and continue using it... then I make 30 cents
or so off of each card that they send.

This system works so well, that it's worth it for me to
spend SEVERAL DOLLARS just to get you to try out the system.

So, today, right now, I invite you to send a greeting card to
someone that you love. You design it online, and in a few days
they get it in the mail... in a nice-looking envelope. They'll
smile and say, "Thanks for thinking of me."

Send the cards from here:
There's a video there that steps you through sending the cards,
but you won't really need it.


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September 19, 2007

$4000 In 2 Minutes For Less Than $3?

In today's ezine, I mentioned a change that I made to one
of my website sales letters that took less than 2 minutes
to set up, cost me less than $3,and increased my sales by
over $4000 in 2 days.

This was on a product that pays me 100% profit.

I'll reveal to you that all I did was add this seal to
the bottom of that webpage!


Improving your sales results doesn't have to be difficult.

Find out how you too can use this sale to boost customer
confidence, your credibilty, and your sales.

Click here to do what I did ;-)


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September 18, 2007

How To Give Birth To Your Brand

I’ve just finished reading Patrick Pretty’s repor t on
branding called “How To Give Birth To Your Brand.”

It ‘s a quick read at 18 idea-packed pages. Patrick does
an excellent job of telling you how to really stand out
in a crowded marketplace.

You can grab a copy, for FREE, from here:


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September 17, 2007

What A Moron!

Yesterday as I reviewed some of my notes, I saw a HUGE mistake
that I've been making. I teach that you should offer your
products in as many formats as practical, so that your customers
can "consume" them in whatever medium they prefer.

Several years ago, I wrote an inspirational biography called
"Git Off The Porch!" The book was WELL received, and I have
lots of feedback posted at

It's also listed on which is a great place to list
your physical books and even ebooks ;-)

A month ago, I started looking a the Spanish Language market,
and that book is now being translated into Spanish :-)

What I completely MISSED was that many potential readers would
prefer listening to it. I should have been offering it all along
as a downloadable MP3 and on an audio CD.

That's why I called myself a "moron."

It's the classic case of "do as I say, not as I do" :-)

Anyway, I did the only logical thing. I created a recording
of the short but powerful (157 pages) book. I did it myself
because it's MY story, and I can tell it with a greater passion
than probably anyone else.

That audio is now at my sound editor. He's cleaning up any
noticeable background noises, etc. so that I can provide you
with as "crisp" a recording as practical.

I will be marketing the downloadable MP3 version for $9.97
and the audio CD for $14.97 as soon as I get it back from
the audio editor. I expect it back today! I expect to have
the first CDs available by Wednesday. My duplicator can get a
job onto the market in 24 hours, but I don't like cutting thing
too close.

Anyway, I wanted to give you an opportunity to access the
downloadable MP3 at a special "secret" price. So, I'm going to
make the MP3's available (they'll be broken into several MP3's
for easier download), for only $5.

That's only if you get them within the next 2 days though.

It's a "Blue Light Special" :-)

You'll also be placing an advance order, since I won't have the
MP3's edited and uploaded until probably early tomorrow morning.

Here's what you need to do though.

1) Go to

2) Scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of the page, you'll see 3 buttons. The middle
one will be a Paypal "Buy Now" button. That button is to place
an advanced order for the downloadable MP3's.

3) Click on that button and order the $5 "Blue Light Special"

4) You'll get a Paypal confirmation immediately.

5) As soon as the audio editing is complete, you'll get an
email with your link to a download page.

So go ahead and do that now :-)

Then give some thought to whether or not YOU are overlooking
something that you can easily provide to your customers...
something that they already WANT. If so, don't be like me,
waiting YEARS before you recognize an obvious need ;-)


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4 Of The Experts You Meet Inside The Inner Circle!

Here I am with three of the experts featured in interviews
or presentations in The Internet Marketing Inner Circle...


There's Elsom Eldridge Jr., author of "How To Position
Yourself As The Obvious Expert,

Mark Hendricks, host of the ISS Workshop,
and Gary Knuckles, owner of Budgetware Inc.

All of these Inner Circle Members actually live
in Florida, with Gary living only about 30
minutes away.

I've know each of these guys for 5-6 years
if memory serves me correctly :-)


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The Internet Marketing Inner Circle Team

Sifting through some old photos in the middle of the night
I thought that I'd share a couple from days gone by...

This one was snapped at a seminar that I hosted and features
Inner Circle Member Kelvin Brown, my daughter Charlene...
who you read about during my Wedding Fire Sale, and Frank

Charlene now helps with support and hangs out on the
member-only forum at The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

Frank spoke at this seminar, but we also did a teleseminar
together on Changing Web Hosts.


Many members of my Inner Circle have been on my team
for 4 or 5 years, but you're welcome to join our family :-)


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September 16, 2007

A Place To Discuss The Internet Marketing Inner Circle!

Here's the blog set up for you to keep up with news
about The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

There ARE things that even non-members want to know
about :-)

Click here to check out the blog!


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September 15, 2007

Time Is Running Out!

My friend Dr. Mani is winding down his 24 hour
marathon blogathon for Congential Heart Defects.

If you haven't visited and offered your encouragement
yet, please do so now :-)

Just click here and say hi, or offer a contributionto help fun a child's heart operation.


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If You're Going To Get Mad - At Least Make It Positive!

Everyday, I notice some VERY upset people posting
to the various discussion boards, etc. Often, they
are upset because life has not given them a big

They're upset because they can't get a "guru" with
a list of 1 million to promote their ebook... those
gurus all seem to be only cross-promoting each other.

They're upset because they don't have much website
traffic and can't figure out how to get more.

They're mad because family and friends are starting
to talk about them and ridicule them.

When I see this, I also see that you CAN channel that
anger in a positive way. I've met dozens of people who
became major successes BECAUSE one of their parents
or a teacher once told them that they would never
amount to anything. The got made, got busy, and
proved them wrong.

That's what I'm actually proposing those who can't
seem to get a guru to promote their products do.
That's what I'm actually proposing those with no
website traffic do.

I'm proposing that they use the challenges to get
upset enough... determined enough... to make things

When that happens, you get very proactive and do
the things necessary to bring about the results that
you desire.

I have seen dozens of people who faced seemingly
unsurmountable odd and come out on top. Many of them
ARE today's internet marketing gurus.

A good starting point for someone ready to take
responsibility for their own results is:

This is a whole group of people who decided to
"take the bull by the horns" and, working together,
they are accomplishing great things!

Join us:


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Being Happy

Many of my mentors taught me the importance
of being happy and sending out positive energy.

My friend Dr. Mani just posted a note by me
on the topic of being happy to his blog at:

Drop by and say hi to Dr. Mani. Also give him
a hand in his efforts to raise $50,000 to fund
heart surgery for children needing heart
operations. Every penny really does count.


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Inner Circle Member Dr. Mani Gives His All!

Dr. Mani is a member of The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle. We have a membership drive going right now.
Thus far, Dr. Mani's bonuses is the one that gets my
vote for best bonus.

Here's an email that I got from Dr. Mani recently
where he offers his bonus....

I'm offering a very unique bonus. No one has ever
done this before. Yet, it is incredibly valuable -
to everyone who gets it!

What's the bonus?



Or rather, my time. It is my MOST precious commodity.
I don't lightly offer it to anyone. Yet, for this
product, I'm throwing it in as a bonus...

Because It Ties In With Giving YOU The Most
Value From The Program - If You're In

So what's the product?

It's not quite a 'product' as access to a group of
exciting, energetic and enthusiastic experts in IM
- inside top marketing expert Willie Crawford's

Internet Marketing INNER CIRCLE

I've been a member for around a month now. The kind
of people I meet in there are the exact sort I love
networking with and working along with.


In one word... RESPONSIVENESS.

A question rarely goes unanswered.

A request rarely gets no response.

A suggestion rarely goes unacknowledged.

I cannot say that about any other forum.

Not even the Warrior forum - and if you know me,
that's where I network the most, and have for over
4 years.

But the INNER CIRCLE is exclusive. Smaller. More
close knit. And I like to think of the group as a
friendly group of helpful marketers, each assisting
each and partnering for profit.

So, my bonus will add value in this way...

For Every Member That Signs Up From My
Recommendation, I Will Commit To Posting
ONE TIME Every Week On The Forum

This means if 100 people join up through my link,
I just might have to end up LIVING there - coz I'll
have to post 15 times EVERY DAY!

I'd love doing it if that happens, though, because
you'll be one of 100 RESPONSIVE folks - in addition
to the many who are already in the group.

So will I see you there?

If you register, please drop me a note saying you
signed up after hearing about it from me - and with
confirmation/proof of your signing up.

All success

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Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Blogathon

My good friend, Dr. Mani, in just starting a 24 hour
blogathon to raise money to fund heart operations for
children in India who would have little hope without
his efforts.

Dr. Mani using proceeds from many of his online
activities to fund these delicate operations.

Please drop by and say hi to Dr. Mani on his blog.
I will spend a 4 hour period this Saturday afternoon,
where I will blog continuously to lend my support. I'll
get a good night's sleep first.


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September 14, 2007

Free Teleseminar - The Art Of The JV

On Monday night, September 17th, at 9-10:30pm EST, I am being
interviewed on "all things joint venture" by Kelvin Brown.

Kelvin is in the process of collecting YOUR questions that you'd
like discussed. Anything that you'd like to ask about how joint
ventures are typically setup, tracked, and managed would be great
things to ask questions on.

Also, I imagine a big part of the focus will be on how you approach,
negotiate with, and actually get people to agree to joint venture
with you in the first place. Kelvin will decide which questions to
discuss since we probably can't get to all of the ones likely to
be submitted in 90 minutes :-)

To register for the free call, and submit your questions to Kelvin,
please visit and fill in the registration form at:

You're free to just post your questions on that blog.

However, to get the details for joining the live call, you do
need to register.


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Thanks For Your Help :-)

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm often
inundated with emails, PM's, etc.

Here's a shot of my inbox, from The Internet
Marketing Warriror Forum:


I've "sanitized" the screen shot so that it's difficult
to tell who I'm negotiating with about possible JV's
etc. I will tell you that I direct many of them to join
me and discuss the project inside The Internet Marketing
Inner Circle
, where, if I can't take it on, a lot of
very capable marketers and business people who hang out there
probably can.

I've actually closed PM boxes on several discussion forums
where I've done a lot of business networking. The reason
that I haven't done this at The Warrior Forum is that they
shut off the email feature. Spammers were sending all kinds
of crazy messages using the email feature of the forum,
thus spoiling a very useful business tool.


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I Need A HUGE Favor Please - The Favor Is For YOU :-)

After 11 years of online trial and error, testing a
tweeking, successes and yes... failures, I woke up one day and
found myself an online success and "a role model."

That started the problems that I now need your help with.

If you're in a hurry, just go here:

After I started figuring out "the internet marketing game," I
felt compelled to teach as many people as practical - what
actually works. I saw thousands of people REALLY struggling,
and spending lots of time and money on things that COULD NOT work.
The stories that I could tell you would really break your heart!

I distinctly remember an elderly gentleman from Jacksonville,
Floria who had invested thousands of dollars in "guaranteed
traffic." Those visitors probably were actually sent to his
website, but not even ONE subscribed or contacted him. The
problem was that those visitors had no intererst in what he
was selling, and they were "delivered" to his site using

I remember talking to one "guru" who told me of once hiring
a search engine optimization firm that "hooked him" by bragging
that they could do things to his site GUARANTEED to increase his
traffic significantly.

Then, they took his thousands of dollars, spent a small fraction
of that on pay-per-click traffic, and kept the rest. This
seasoned marketer saw a big, but temporary jump in traffic, and
assumed that it was SEO tricks that caused this. It was only
months later, when traffic fell back to normal that he sifted
through his website logs and figured out what had happened.

I've seen far too many people selling website packages where
you brought someone in for free, and then made your money
when they upgraded. You earned no money on free signups, you
only earned a commission when a free signup was upgraded.
The "UPGRADE" was to the status that allowed THEM to earn
commissions on others who upgraded.

In that last SCAM, there is not even a real product... you're
just paying for the right to get paid when others that you
trick to sign up, decide to upgrade. Fortunately, schemes
like that are quickly closed down by the FTC!

After watching enough retired school teachers, work-at-home
moms, ministers, doctors, lawyers, computer programmers...
people from all walks of life, get BURNED, I made it my mission
to spend the rest of my online time teaching those "willinging"
to be taught...

How To Actually Build A Successful Online Business Instead
Of Chasing After Unworkable Schemes.

I adopted the mantra, "No man has the right to play with
another man's dreams!"

I believe in and feel committed to that mantra to the very
core of my being.

That takes us back to THE PROBLEM and THE SOLUTION...

On my blog, I'll post a screen shot of my inbox from just
ONE of my private message (PM) boxes from one of dozens of
websites that I'm an active member at. That inbox rarely gets
below 500 messages waiting for me to respond to, or go back
and work on when the timing is right!

Like many, I literally get thousands of emails to several
email addresses EVERY day. No, I can't, and don't try to read
them all. I have an assistant who logs-in before I'm
scheduled to, and deletes all that are obviously spam. Certain
emails are also immediately routed to people assigned to take
care of them based upon certain filters that I have set up.

Still, I found the demands on my time so INCREDIBLE that I
needed a better way to help MORE honest, hard-work,
often-desparate, people who came to me for coaching, mentoring,
and advice.

My solution was to put together an online community where
not only I, but dozens of others just as committed to helping
you, could coach and teach in a group setting. That's a BIG
part of what The Internet Marketing Inner Circle is.

The favor that I need from you today is for you to take a
minute and check out this site. Simply visit:

When you check out the site, you'll discover what hundreds of
others have... that it's just what the doctor ordered. I hate
hype, and appreciate the fact that you're intelligent enough
to evaluate things for yourself. So I just ask you to take a
look now.

I'll close by sharing with you some of the comments from our
site members... our family :-)


"Hi Willie,

When I first started to write this note to you, it turned out to
be a long article, mostly about what I have gained from being
associated with you, in friendship and business.

I though I had better cut it down to make it believable. In
short, I first found out about Willie in the first generation
Warrior Forum in the late 90'. Responding to each others forum
posts. Then it graduated to me sending a couple of email
questions, then a phone call, visits, meets at conferences and

Willie, the reason I mention this is it shows how we have built
a relationship over the years that has let me into your personal
circle. Thank you.

Now, for anyone else who happens to be reading this, I should
tell you that I have been a part of The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle from the beginning. I have seen it grow from the original

There is much more to come. But more importantly, I have been
studying the audios, the PDFs, and I have been participating in
the forum. As a forum member, asking questions or asking for
help, has given something we in the internet world crave.

Instant Gratification: And now looking at the updated offers, I
am betting that some of you will enjoy the bonuses as much as
the main products.

Join us in the Inner Circle, I would love to meet you."

Kelvin Brown


"Everybody who's anybody is in here! Within a few hours of
joining I had connected to 3 knowledgeable experts. Re-connected
with people I had known from other places online, put myself
forward to join in an event and provided other members with
information about what I do online. You get an opportunity to
showcase what you do so that as members we all get to know each
other. That's how true community is created. This is not only a
place to expand your mind and your income but also a place to
expand your online connections too! I wouldn't hesitate in
recommending membership of the internet marketing inner circle
because diversity and inclusiveness are celebrated and
encouraged. Its less of an 'ole boys club and more like a

Diane Corriette
Women Internet Marketers"


"If you're an aspiring marketer looking for proven ways to make
money online, you naturally wonder what you need to do avoid
costly, time-wasting false-starts. My advice now consists of
three succinct words:

'Simply come here.'

The Internet Marketing Inner Circle is exactly what the name
implies: a gateway to true insider's knowledge, information that
prevents you from kissing frogs and permits you to build
momentum out of the gate.

You'll learn from leaders such as Lynn Terry, Rosiland Gardner,
Gina Gaudio-Graves, Rebecca Hagel, Jane Mark, Thea Swafford and
other remarkably talented women.

And Willie Crawford, Dr. Mani, Paul Myers, Mike Filsaime, Marlon
Sanders, John Hostler and other remarkably talented men will
help shape your thinking and keep you on the right track.

This is a unique opportunity, one that already has made a
difference in my marketing life and will continue to do so."

Patrick Pretty
"The Most Beautiful Little Boy In The World" -- 1964


"Joining The Internet Marketing Inner Circle was without doubt
the best decision I’ve made since I started out online!

Since I registered my first domain 1997 I’ve joined many forums
and membership sites. Most of them offer products, courses and
software for download and have a forum. So what makes The
Internet Marketing Inner Circle different from them?

First off, Willie Crawford! Having easy access to your advice
and knowledge is priceless.

The way you dedicate time, share your knowledge and keep pushing
as well as helping all the Inner Circle members in the forum,
only a fool would choose not join the site now!

The members are an amazing bunch of marketers and the total
amount of knowledge found among them rivals that of any other
hot forum online. I’m so happy I joined as I’ve made JV’s,
connected with new marketers, made new friends and not to
forget, had a really good time as a member.
So let me thank you for running this site and for the increased
success I’ve had since I joined!"

Kenth "The Designer" Nasstrom"


If you join this community and actually USE what we share with
you, then your life has just CHANGED in a way that, prior to
today, you didn't dare imagine.

This world is filled with unimagined wealth, and happiness.
You've just been shown how to get your much-deserved share.


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September 12, 2007

This Will Be Gone In A Flash!

I hope you got this note in time... It kicks off at
12 Noon EST.... and may be over within hours!

That’s because today, Wednesday September 12th,
2007, you’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Here’s what’s up:

I’ve got a special report for you today showing exactly
how several ordinary business rookies are now doing
tens of millions of dollars in online sales…

…But the BEST PART is that they get all of their visitors
for free, virtually on auto-pilot from the search engines.

Here’s the report:

These folks – including a brand new guy who’s now
getting oodles of visitors to his baseball and softball site,
or another guy who’s now ranked #1 on Google for key
terms in the Dating market – all started out as rank

But now they have amazing success – and it wasn’t even
that hard.

They didn’t have to go through a complicated,
hit-and-miss process.

Instead they got step-by-step hand holding from
a lady who’s getting over a MILLION visitors for FREE
every single year in the hyper-competitive golf market

Her name is Nancy Andrews and she’s been
hammer-locking Google, Yahoo and MSN into ranking
her sites #1 for years.

Her Google ranking is actually a special, ‘authority site’
type of ranking that is even better than ‘merely’ being #1.

Check it out... now!


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September 11, 2007

Spreading Positive Energy This September 11th

Today is a somber day for many American... and indeed many
people in many parts of the world. It marks the 6th
anniversary of the terrorist attack that we experienced on
September 11th, 2001.

It is important for me to pause and reflect, but it's also a
time when I ask myself how I can possibly spread more GOOD in
the world.

This blog is actually one of the tools that I use for
doing just that. Here are a few good things that I actually
get to help make happen.

Online marketing is powerful (to me) because so many wonderful
things happen BECAUSE of it. Would you believe it could
even save a child's life?

My friend, Dr. Mani, is a heart surgeon for kids and also an
experienced online marketer. On September 15th, for the fifth
year running, he's doing a unique 24-hour day-and-night
blogging marathon to raise funds and awareness for Congenital
Heart Defects.

Drop by and show your support in any way you can - the site
is here:

At the same time that Dr. Mani is doing his blogathon, I'll
be doing a mini blogathon (a minimum of 4 hours). So will many
other bloggers. If you have a blog, you can help too. You can
find details on Dr. Mani's blog.


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Willie Crawfod and Women Internet Marketers?

No, it's not what you think...

I'm doing a webcast on Monday, October 22nd and
I'd like to invite you. This webcast is one in
a series, being hosted by my friend Diane

I'm one of a dozen speakers presenting at a Free,
100% Online Internet Marketing And Personal
Development Seminar Taking Place October 22nd - 29th.

Please register here now:

I realize that the seminar is over a month away,
but go ahead and register while you're thinking
about it. The autoresponder will send you a
reminder, and I look forward to having you on my

You can also read about the event here:
but the first link lets Diane know that I sent you :-)


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September 10, 2007

"Five Years" Of Procrastination Got You... Where?

Having marketed products and services in the "Internet
marketing niche" since 1996, few things these days
really surprise me.

The one thing that continues to perplex and BAFFLE me is
the sheer number of people that spend YEARS simply
thinking about getting started. They collect information to
make sure that they analyze "ALL" of the facts and make the
best decision. Since they never feel that they have all of
the fact, they never decide to "just get started."

The reality in Internet marketing is that things do change
very rapidly. That means that you'll never have all of the
relevant data. You don't need to analyze all of the facts
to make a good decision - you just need a sufficient amount
of the right information to make less-risky decisions.

Nothing in life is without risk. Just deciding to go for
a walk involves some risk... although generally not much.
In my neighborhood, where we have lots of bears, it can
be riskier than in many other neighborhoods. So I don't
walk down dark trails in the middle of the night :-)

Even though technology and techniques change rapidly in
online marketing, human nature doesn't. So if you study
and understand copywriting, psychology, basic human needs
and wants, etc., then you will very quickly have all of
the knowledge that you need to make rational decisions
regarding an online business.

It does take a certain personality type to just "decide"
to finally "walk through your fears" and actually start
building your own business. It takes someone capable of
courage... “the ability to take action DESPITE having
rational fears.” Often, it also takes a burning desire
to move away from a desperate situation. That's why so
many of the bio's of successful online marketers reveal that
they were once homeless, jobless, bankrupt, or otherwise
down and out.

They woke up one day and found themselves "in a place"
that was simply no longer acceptable! Being "in that
place" was more unpleasant than the slight discomfort
of finally getting started :-)

One thing that I have found useful in easing my fears,
and allowing me to actually take the steps necessary
to build my own massively successful business is having
a mastermind group. Having a group that you can bounce
ideas off of, that you share common objectives with,
and who all really care about each other is VERY powerful.

It also helps to surround yourself with people who are
doing the very things that you want to do. It helps
to surround yourself with like-minded people who have
also already taken a journey that you're just starting.
They can both reassure you, and point out the dangers
to you.

After many years of studying and learning, and also
being asked by hundreds of people to personally
mentor them, I finally set up the perfect "support group"
for those READY to finally build the life that they've
been dreaming about for years. It's a membership site
where your advisors ARE some of the VERY biggest name
in the Internet marketing industry.

I call this group...

"The Internet Marketing Inner Circle."

If you can admit to yourself that you've been just
"thinking about" building an online business for too
long, but haven't moved forward for some reason, here's

If you haven't progressed enough to proudly share your
accomplishments with family and friends, then here is the
perfect solution:

Take a look now. It's not for everyone. It's for those
who are finished with "just paying lip service" to
building an online business.

It IS much easier when you have caring guides. You
no-longer have to be a lone wolf. You don't have to do
much guessing! Simply, visit this site and join us:

I’ll actually be there to welcome you ;-)


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September 08, 2007

"How You Can Become Wealthy In Internet Marketing"

Here' s a nice little product that I liked... but
I also took part in creating it :-)

It's also one of those $7 Scripts-powered sites.

Once you purchase this product, you qualify for 100%
commissions - $27, per sale paid directly into your
Paypal account.

Check it out here:


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September 07, 2007

WARNING: This Will Be Gone FOREVER In Less Than 1 Hour!

Yesterday I told you about this special that will end with
me pulling my best selling traffic generation report off the
for a while. That special is posted at:

That special ends at 9am CST today.


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September 06, 2007

I LOVE This Design!

Here's a new website that I'll be rolling out in
early-mid October:

Is that a gorgeous design... or what?

No... I didn't design it. I'm lousy with graphics :-)


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September 05, 2007

Willie Crawford - Going Out Of Business???

That's the headline that I used in today's ezine.

I went on to explain...

Today, I'm making a major shift in my online business operations.

That shift is so that I can BETTER SERVE those who really want
to build their own successful online businesses.

That's now, even more, my "PURPOSE"... a big part of my reason
for continuing to take up space on this planet :-)

On Monday, I'll share with you ALL of my plan!

Today, I'm ending part of my marketing system by running one
last Warrior Special Offer. It's insane, and you don't want
to miss it! It only lasts through Friday morning, so check
it now:

If you're in a REALLY big hurry, you can "the idea" here:

That's it for now.

Stay turned for Monday morning...


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September 04, 2007

My Traffic Generation Techniques Now To Be Published Offline!

A second thing that happened over the weekend, is that the
publishers of a MAJOR offline publication read my report,
"My 10 MOST Effective FREE Traffic Generation Techniques."

They were so impressed that they are interviewing me and
turning my techniques into a product that will eventually
be in the hands of tens of thousands, probably hundreds of
thousands of webmasters... in countless niches.

If you haven't grabbed your copy of that simple report,
where I share what is actually working to make traffic
generation no longer a challenge for me and my clients,
you need to do that right now. It will come off the market
soon, as it is developed into a packaged course.

Get your copy of "My 10 MOST Effective FREE Traffic Generation
Techniques" now at:


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This Email Made My Day - It Shows My "Reason Why!"

As I logged-in this morning, looking at a very busy schedule
... as I build up to a product launch that kicks off next week,
one of the emails reminded me of how really satisfying this
business can be.

That email showed me the impact that we CAN have on others'
lives. Here's that email (shared with the writers permission):

Hi Willie,

My name is Gab. I bought your "Git Off the Porch" book a
couple of days ago.

Willie, Gracias! I admire your fight against your addictions.
It has inspired me to quit smoking. You brought tears to my
eyes for so many reasons (both of joy and sadness).

Sadness because you made me realize how much more I had and
just sleep walked through for the last ten years.

I too, was an economics major (Haverford College Class of '96).
But while in college I didn't take advantage of all my

Tears of joy because the lessons you taught were exactly the
lessons my father has taught me but I hardly listened. You
have brought me closer to him! I told him about you and your
book and we talked and I thanked him for everything! I am now
speaking to people I have not spoken to in years. I just
called and said "Hey man, what's up? Let me know if you need
anything, I'm here."

Mostly, I know that my path is the right one -- I have
recently begun speaking to God again and I am happier for it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

All the best to you and your family and
God Bless You!


That email was one of several events that kickstarted
my day in a MAJOR way. If you haven't checked out my
book that has changed a LOT of lives, check out:


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September 03, 2007

Can I GIVE You Edmund Loh's PLR Package?

If you're on many of the email lists that I'm on, then you're
undoubtedly getting bombarded with notes about Edmund Loh's
“PLR Gold5”. It's a HUGE package where he's offering 40
different QUALITY private label rights products.

I think that the package is a tremendous value, and have
already grabbed it. I've also identified several PLR
products that I'll actually be turning into my own fresh

I even went as far as to hire two new assistant that I'll
you to on my blog in the next few days. Both of these
live near me and among other things will have the job of
converting some of these PLR products into marketable products
for me. More about that at a later date.

For now, I just wanted to encourage you to not miss this

But WAIT… I want to purchase this package FOR you.
Actually, I want to offer it as a bonus when you buy one of
several pieces of software that I'm offering limited licenses

You see, I have 2 pieces of software, that are currently
being marketed for $49.95 and $97 respectively. This
software IS selling TODAY. However, I recently purchased
all right to the source code, and I'm offering just a few
people branded copies of my software.

With these branded versions, you'll be able to turn around
and sell the same software that is already doing well for
me... only it will have your name brand, your banner, and
will in essence be YOUR PRODUCT.

I'm not offering any kind of source code or resale rights
to my products. I'm offering a license that allows you to
sell your version of the software itself, plus limited
resale rights to your version of the software. You get a
pre-compiled piece of software that CAN'T be changed in
any way, under the licensing agreement.

The license is written to protect the ability of everyone
purchasing a license to make sales at retail without having
the product completely devalued... as usually happens with
resale rights products.

Anyone buying one of these limited licenses, who wants the
private label rights at:
needs to first of all buy a license from me, then purchase
the PLR package at the link above, then forward me their
receipt. I'll reimburse you the cost of the PLR bundle.

You can read more about the license by visiting:

You'll probably find the answer to many of your questions
at the link above. After glancing at the answers posted
at the link above, if you have any additional questions,
please email them to me.


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Internet Marketers Against Poverty

Check out "Internet Marketers Against Poverty"
It’s a 4-day online charity event that should
do some GREAT things!

Watch this powerful video:


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September 02, 2007

This Free Giveaway Ends In A Day - Don't Miss Out!

This excellent free giveaway ends in a day. After that,
you won't be able to get these top quality free gifts, so take
a few minutes now and check out:


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Very Limited Availability Software Licenses

I hope that your Sunday is going well... unless you're in a
part of the world where it's Monday, in which case I hope that
your Monday is going well :-)

I just wanted to call your attention to the fact that I'm
selling a very limited number of licenses to two pieces of high
quality software that I just locked in the EXCLUSIVE rights to.

This is NOT the cheap software that you see offered in a
thousand places with "Super Galactic Master Private Label
Resale Rights" :-)

I'm basically going to set up just a few people with branded
versions of the software, issuing them a license to offer this
software under conditions that ensure they can profit for a long
time, and at the same time protects other licensees.

This is not one of those quick sales, I'll take the time and
explain the license to any interested parties. Those who purchase
the licenses will get a ready-to-market product complete with
their brand, graphics, contact details, etc. They will not
get a website, since your website should be structured based
upon your customer base... and not just be a copy of 20 others.

I've listed the detail of this special and very limited offer


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September 01, 2007

Are You A "Member" Of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle?

The Internet Marketing Inner Circle (TM) has been
quiety growing and developing into THE membership
site to belong to for about a year now.

Beginning September 10th, 2007, it will be completely
"uncloaked" and you'll definitely want to be a member.
If for no other reason that to display the cool logo
on your site :-)
The Internet Marketing Inner Circle Logo

However, it will be the place to go for mega-JV's,
networking, learning how successful online marketers
actually build and run their businesses, for the most
powerful, thoroughly tested, unique software around.

There a lot more coming. The salespage is actually
being rewritten this very minute :-)

You can get in early, and even save $100 on the
one-time, life-time membership fee.

Check it out now, and let me know if you have any
questions. Click here to check out The Internet Marketing
Inner Circle.


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August 31, 2007

My Computer Is LIGHTENING Fast! My Paypal Is Filled With $10 Orders!

Here's a cool new product that I recently ran into...

It's created by Kris Mainieri, who has been fixing and optimizing
computers for 13 years.


Kris Mainieri -Computer Repair And Optimization Expert

How would you like to make your computer twice as fast in
just a few minutes?!

Click here..

If you spend any time at the computer, then I highly recommend
this. It is a step by step blueprint on how to make your computer
fast, secure and stable!!

This 'written for dummies' guide reveals the secret formula on
making your computer a super computer in just minutes!! The
faster your computer is, the more money you can make!

Check it out at:

I'm Serious!

Don't let this one slip away. If you use your computer at all, this
simple dirt cheap guide will help you get more done in less time so
easily! Grab it today..


By the way, this report is $9.97 but you are allowed to resell
it at 100% commission... hence the remark about my Paypal
being filled with $10 orders ;-)

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August 30, 2007

Newbies - Here's A Great Product And Easy Commissions

Here's a set of Camtasia videos designed specifically
for the beginners. They make seemingly complicated
and intimidating tasks very easy to understand.

These 10 Camtasia videos cover just the few things that
you should get a handle on when you first get started.

The videos are $20 through September 3rd then the price
goes WAY up.

Right now, when you grab these videos, you can then
become an affiliate and earn a 50% commission.
Since you can obviously see how needed and WANTED
this product is, buying it and then offering it to
your contacts is a no-brainer.

On top of that, you can get the resale rights to these
10 videos. Get them now at:


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I Just Couldn't Resist Buying This!

Being a seasoned, AND SKEPTICAL marketer, it actually
takes a very well-written email to get me to go check
out a product. So, when I come across an email that
does that, I save it to my swipe files.

One email that I read today made me do just that,
and then I couldn't resist the product. I read it,
an ebook, in about 30 minutes... with market in

It was an excellent purchase and helped me to solve
a nagging problem... the computer that I use all of
the time takes FOREVER to boot up and then it
sometimes run slower than I like. That problem is

Anyway, here's the email that got me to buy...
I have changed the links to my own affiliate links
since after you buy, you can then become an affilate
at 100% commission. The guys that sold it to me writes
such convincing emails, he doesn't need any more
sales :-)

Here it is:

Hi Willie

XXXXX here. I wanted to send you an email about
a cool new product I just ran into..

How would you like to make your computer twice
as fast in just a few minutes?!

C'lick here..

If you spend any time at the computer, then I highly
recommend this. It is a step by step blueprint on how
to make your computer fast, secure and stable!!

This 'written for dummies' guide reveals the secret
formula on making your computer a super computer
in just minutes!! The faster your computer is, the
more m'oney you can make!

Check it out at:

See you at the bank,
P.S. Don't let this one slip away. If you use your
computer at all, this simple dirt cheap guide will
help you get more done in less time so easily!
Grab it today..


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August 29, 2007

Some Much Needed Help For The Beginner

When you've been in this business as long as I have,
you take for granted how to do many things. I can do
most common “webmastering” task in my sleep now.

However, it wasn't always that way. That's where I owe
you an apology. For the longest time, 99% of the
products and information that I shared with you, was
intended for the intermediate to advanced marketer. The
novice was left to muddle through on his own.

All that's changed today!

My good friend, Joel Holtzman, just released a really
nice set of video tutorials that explain those things
that I use to take for granted. The videos show how
to do those essential tasks that you need to get your
website up and running, and to keep it running smoothly.

Having these video tutorial means that you're no long
hostage to your webmaster, who might take days just to
update a Paypal button or something.

The videos cover:

- How To FTP
- Setting Up An Autoresponder At Aweber
- Setting Up A Clickbank Account
- Using Paypal
- Setting Up A Wordpress Blog
- Setting Up a PhpBB Forum
- Setting Up A MySQL Database
- Using Camtasia

Altogether, there are 10 videos.

My friend Joel, who admits to being “ a bit of a geek,"
ran these videos past me to confirm that they were
thorough…. yet easy to understand.

I nearly feel out of my chair!

These videos are just what the doctor ordered. They
should make anyone comfortable doing these common
but sometimes intimidating tasks.

Take a minute now to check them out:

Joel is charging a few dollars for these videos, but since
he's NOT a marketer, and wants to share his labor of love,
he's practically giving them away. However, he's going to
drop his special offer on Monday though, so go ahead and
check them out now.

Please let me or Joel know if you have any questions.


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Don't Miss The ULTIMATE Free Graphics Giveaway

Some of my friends have organized a free giveway
that includes 111 different graphics related packages.

The HAS to be something in this package that you
need either now, or that you WILL need later.

Some of these graphics packages were contributed
by Inner circle Members by the way.

Grab these free graphics before the free giveaway
ends at:

In case you're wondering what's in this amazing
giveaway, here's the run-down...

Todd's Squeeze Page Audio with Graphic Provided By - Todd Gross

Mini Site Templates Provided By - Jim Miller

Aqua Power Buttons (PLR) Provided By - Odinn Sorensen

Free GOLD Membership To ThePLRProject Provided By - Sharlene

The Brand New Buttons For Clicks Provided By - Reimund Lube

The Holidays Are Coming! Provided By - Michelle Brouse

Subscriber & OTO Graphics2Go Provided By - Kathe Lucas

Tons of Order Button Graphics Provided By - Brian Russell

Screen Snapper and Draw Quik Graphics Editing Software Provided
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5 Website Graphic Sets PLR Provided By - Jerry Plumlee

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TrafficAndProducts Bronze Membership Provided By - Dan Foley

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356 Web Templates Provided By - Bryan

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What are you waiting for! There HAS to be something in
this giveaway that you can use :-)


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Grab A Free Copy Of James Grandstaff's Downline Secrets2 Now!

If you haven't heard yet... James Grandstaff
has released "Part 2" of his "Downline Secrets."

James Grandstaff.jpg

James Grandstaff - Expert At Automated MLM Recruiting

Before I get to my review, I thought I should
play a little catch-up in case you have no
clue as to what Downline Secrets "Part 1" is

Basically with Downline Secrets part 1 you
get free access to a recorded call between
Mike Filsaime and James Grandstaff. Mike asks
James questions about the success he had
using (a free advertising
resource) to grow his downline.

You get access to the MP3 and PDF transcript
of the call (which is nice because I don't
always like to sit in front of my PC to read
or listen to content.)

During the call James reveals how he used
his free Instant Buzz traffic along with his
(now proven) 3 step strategy to explode his
downline into the thousands on complete auto

The cool part is he did it while maintaining
his full time job as a PC support technician
in Michigan.

And from there you have the opportunity to
buy the same software that James developed
to grow his downline and use it to grow your
downline in any program you happen to be
involved in.

So all-in-all is a great
site and offers a lot of great info for free
on how to build your downline using the web.

What makes Downline Secrets "Part 2" so much
better is that it takes over where Downline
Secrets 1 left off.

What I mean is this...

With Downline Secrets 1 you were left to
figure out all the technical stuff in order
to duplicate James' results for your MLM
business. The software and detailed videos
are fantastic but you still have to come up
with the web copy, the hosting, the HTML
page design and so on... The yucky stuff.

Let's just say his target market is much
smaller because if you don't have the much
needed technical skills or the money to hire
those with the skills, you are pretty much
out of luck and can't fully benefit from
the entire system he is teaching.

This time around you get access to a call
between James Grandstaff and Chris Zavadowski
who is also very successful in the MLM scene.
He grills James for over an hour and gets
all the must know secrets out of him.

The system James is offering this time is
over the top! He covers all the technical
stuff for us this time and everything is
completely set-up. All the technical issues
have been removed. This is great because
more people can now truly benefit from his
teachings and proven system.

Now, I want to let you in on something...

Once you register for the call below you
will see an offer for James' Elite upgrade
membership. All I can say is ==> TAKE IT!

It's only $47 bucks and for what you get
it's simply mind blowing!

In a nut shell... he's offering you a
professional designed lead capture page
that gives away a customized version of
his new manuscript called 'How to Get Rich
Building a LAZY Downline!'

This PDF is first customized with your
affiliate links to several "generic" MLM
training resources. As you give this thing
away you will earn commissions from those
you refer who upgrade in any of the programs.

And since they're all MLM related, the
conversion rates should be extremely high!

All you do is simply advertise the lead
capture page via the special link you get
and James' software sends an email to your
prospects (with a link to your customized

Everything is on auto-pilot!

Oh, and don't worry, the traffic aspect is
even handled for you. Be sure to check out
the bonus that's included :-)

See, I told you this thing was awesome.

As you can see, I'm totally excited about
this because it's refreshing to see a great
product come along that is truly capable of
changing the lives of others.

So yes, Downline Secrets 2 gets my highest

Sign up below and buy everything ;)

Here's the link:

Take care of your business and yourself :-)


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20 Sets Of Unrestricted Private Label Rights That I Just Purchased!

Here is a nice set of 20 PLR products that I just purchased
the unrestricted resale rights to:

I purchased these products because they are in 4 very profitabloe
niches, if you position the products properly.

I also purchased the rights because they ARE unrestricted and
I wanted to pass them along to members of two of my membership
sites. That means that if you are a member of either

1) The Real Secrets


2) The Internet Marketing Inner Circle

you shouldn't purchase these rights! I'm GIVING them to you.
Log in after 11am CST today (August 29th) and you'll see them
posted in the appropriate section :-)

If you are not a member of either of the sites above, then
you should check out these products at:

As I said, these products do have tremendous potential.
However, most people who get them will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
with them. You be different ;-)


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August 28, 2007

Free PLR Product Pack!

In my ezine today, I wrote that I'd share some
nice freebies with you here. Here is a nice collection
of free PLR product that I recommend...

Free Private Label Rights Package


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More Website Traffic For You

One of the biggest challenges facing most webmasters is…

The sad fact is that there are websites that get fewer than 25
visitors per day.

This is a very real problem because without website traffic,
there are no customers to subscribe to your ezine, read your
blog, or buy your products.

This is such a HUGE and PAINFUL problem that it's also big
business... teaching webmasters how to get more traffic. It
is one of the areas that I've created products in for example.
It only makes sense. I've gotten good at traffic generation
through many years of study, testing, trial and error. Now,
I offer that knowledge to my customers for a small fee.

The problem of not enough website traffic is also the topic of
endless discussion on internet marketing forums, at live
events, and in ezine articles. I frequently see posts on forums
where someone will ask "What's the best way to generate website
traffic?" Numerous people will offer great suggestions. Others
will offer horrible suggestions.

Those offering horrible suggestion are merely passing along
something that they heard or read. Had they tried the techniques
that they suggest, they would NEVER pass them along. Most of
the bad suggestions are just too complicated, or produce really
poor, untargeted traffic.

While suggested methods such as forum posting, writing articles,
affiliate programs, viral tools, press releases, SEO, link
exchanges, exit traffic exchanges, pay per click, etc. can
all work, not all of them are cost effective.

Here's a bigger problem though...

Even most of the people who tell you the best ways to generate
traffic, don't tell you EXACTLY HOW to do that. That's usually
because they haven't actually done it. They're just passing
along something that they heard but never bothered to try :-)

The reality is that you HONESTLY can only master a few traffic
generation techniques. Try to learn and implement too many
different techniques, and you usually don't have time to get
really good at any. I personally get hundreds of thousands
of visitors to many of my sites every month. I'm not into the
millions on any site that I've notice :-)

I personally use, and recommend that you get really good at,
just a few techniques. I've written a special report that
shares "My Ten Most Effective Traffic Generation Techniques." I
just cover the ten that are easy for me to manage (with my
incredibly busy schedule) and that consistently product great
results. You can check out my special report at:

Get that report, and even though it's only 10 techniques, start
with just ONE. Implement just one technique today to drive
traffic to one or several of your websites. Then pick a second
technique that work synergistically with the first one. They
should feed off of each other... multiplying the effect of
each exponentially. Fully implement the second... really
working it, and then consider going to a third.

A key point of the techniques listed in my special report is
that they can be used without spending ANY money. You can
spend a little on automation, and save time, but it's not

Incidentally, what I do is no different from what many others
that I know do. Last week, I spent time out in California
sitting around talking with some very successful marketers.
The conversation often turned to traffic generation, increasing
conversions and what is currently working best.

When I chatted with my friend Mike Long, it was about some of
his clients and associates. The organic (free) search engine
traffic that they are able to generate is AMAZING. Mike has put
together a short video that shares some of the techniques. I
encourage you to watch it now. You can watch that video at:


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August 25, 2007

100,000 Visitors Per Month... Without Spending A DIME!

Earlier today I did my weekly networking and brainstorming call.

On part of that call, we talked about generating more website
traffic. On the call I promised to share this video with the

Take a quick look. It shows how the friend of a friend out
maneuvers companies with budgets in the hundreds of millions.
She gets a TON of free (organic) search engine traffic, and
is top ranked in some VERY competitive niches.

Can you say over 100,000 visitors per month in just one niche...

Watch the video:


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From 150 Visitors Per Day To Over 4300 Visitors Per Day

Here's a screen shot of the traffic stats from one
of my relatively obscure niche websites.

My traffic gradually crept up to over 4300 visits per day,
and I expect that number to DOUBLE next month. I did this
using methods that I outline in my special report,

"My Top 10 Most Effective FREE Websites Traffic Generation

You can check out this report through a special offer at:


NOTE: The special offer ends on Sunday night!

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August 24, 2007

Jeff Dedrick's New Product... Is It Worth The Time Of Day?

I get approached to promote DOZENS of new products
practically every week. I often get FedEx'ed
preview copies weeks in advance. If you drop by
my house, you'll see that I even have stuff still
in shrink-wrap... where I didn't get a chance to
look at it before it went on sale, and before it was
technically sold out :-)

Anyway, one of the products that I did take a
look at this week, and spent some time watching
videos from for several HOURS today is Jeff Dedrick's
"Hidden Sales Project!"


Jeff Dedrick

Why would I devote hours of my time to something
like this? Because Jeff convinced some excellent
marketers to share with him their backend sales
process. They shared with him "the method to their
madness" :-)

We've all heard for years that "The money's in
the backend." I know that beyond a shadow of a
doubt since I earn 4 times as much money on
backend sales... over the "life" of a customer
as I do on the front end.

That's also why I sell some product at 70%
commission, and even have some that I give 100%
commission on. That first sale is just to get
clients comfortable with me, and to let them see
that I'm trustworthy, etc. Prior to that first
sale, I'm an unknown quantity!

Heck, I even wrote a biography to use largely as
a front end product... to let potential customers
get to know me better. Many of my customers who
pay me thousands of dollars per year come to me
after they've read a copy of my bio.

Jeff's very inexpensive HIdden Sales Project shows
you how these very savvy marketers set up their
sales process, and you can just COPY what many of
them do. They've tested, tweaked, and refined
their processes, and have them running like
well-oiled machines. Now, you can listen to them
share with you exactly what they do, and model
your system after their.

If you're out there reinventing the wheel, you're
wasting a lot of time that you don't need to waste.

Take a minute now and check out Jeff's product.
It's well worth the time. Get it, put your system
in place, and then take some time off and drive
down to my place in Florida and let's go fishing.
When you have your system properly set up, you
can take more time off for things like that. You
make more money while actually doing less work!

Check Jeff out at:


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August 20, 2007

You Did Grab These FREE Original Unrestricted Private Label Rights - Right?

These are a good deal... they're free and high
quality private label rights that you can use in
dozens of different ways.

Grab them today :-)


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August 19, 2007

Viper Resell… YOU Can Still Get In!

Viper Resell, the elite and exclusive PLR report and sales
letter membership, is filling up FAST!

Eric Louviere is capping this tremendous value-filled
membership to keep everything inside exclusive for YOU.

This is NOT the usual regurgitated and
saturated information in most PLR sites with 1,000 or more

Here's a quick recap…


A QUALITY PLR Report every month

A PROFESSIONAL Sales Letter to market the report

(As you know, a sales letter alone would usually cost you
some serious moolah… but for a limited time you get BOTH for
the same 'sick-low' price each and every month!)

Every month you simply log in and a hi-quality PLR report
and sales letter (that you would normally pay hundreds for)
are all done FOR YOU... for peanuts!

PLUS, you get to sell resell rights to all the content and

Talk about instant profit potential on steroids.


Check it all out and get some other ideas about how you can
use your PLR content.



PS Even if you have a big list already or are just
starting out, the QUALITY of your content will either
promote you or expose you in the eyes of your subscribers.

Create YOUR competitive advantage right now… while there's
still room for you to GET IN!


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Free Original PLR's - NOT Worn Out Junk ;-)

I'm part of a giveaway that's offering you private
label rights to some products with tremendous potential.

Everyone participating in this PLR giveaway had to offer
their own fresh PLR products with UNRESTRICTED private
label rights.

Most of these products have NEVER been seen anywhere
before because they were created just for this giveaway.

Grab these nice gifts now, and turn them into your own
highly profitable products. Get them at:


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August 17, 2007

Make Sure That You Don't Miss This!

Take minute now and checkout:


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August 16, 2007

The "Save a Child's Heart" Firesale

My friend Dr. Mani is a heart surgeon in India who operates on
children with heart defects. He operates on children who don’t
have much hope without his help. They generally can’t afford
the life-saving surgery that averages just $3000 per child.

To fund the heart operations, Dr. Mani sells products over
the internet and then uses that money to save lives.

Dr. Mani has a fire sale going now that’s offering some really
nice products pertaining to social networking. The products
make it easy for you to tap into this amazing source of endless
traffic and sales.

Please take a moment to check out The "Save a Child's Heart"

It’s at

By helping with this fire sale, you’ll be saving lives and helping
to spread good in the world.

Feel free to tell your friends about the fire sale. Dr. Mani has it
set up through Clickbank, so you can earn 40% commission by
helping to spread the word… or you can just pass along this
link: knowing that 100% of the
proceeds go straight to the cause :-)

If you need the Clickbank referral link, let me know via my help
desk at


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August 15, 2007

It Pays To Write "Pretty!"

Take a minute and check out this eye-opening ebook
by my friend Patrick Pretty.

I've written around 700 articles, and dozens of
ebooks, yet Patrick taugh me how to write much
more effectively.

Patrick teaches why most writers quickly lose
their readers... if they ever had their attention
in the first place, and how you can really grab
and hold their attention.

If they're not reading your messages (whether it's
email, ebooks, or articles, they can't take the
action that you want them to take.

Patrick's ebook is called

Write Faster - Write Better

Get your copy at:


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Your Writing’s Valuable!

If you're still paying to get articles and
content for your web-sites (or blogs, or
newsletters, or books and reports), can I
ask the reason?

Here's the thing... You can get TONS of exclusive,
original, private label articles and books for
*no money* (via 100% rebate) through Info Go Round’s
unique "Cash for Content" program. There's nothing
else like it online!

Do yourself a HUGE favor, potentially save THOUS'ANDS
of dollars per month or per year, and check out
IGR here:

You need content for your business. IGR's got it.
And YOU can get it for FR'EE!...

Here To Your Success,


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Do You Need More Website Traffic

"Discover My Simple Simple
Traffic Secret That'll Bring A Continuous Stream Of Visitors To Your Site, Every Single Day
- With Little Time, Experience Or Investment!"

Read "Get More Traff EveryDay! Easy!"


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August 13, 2007

Check Out My Website Traffic

The screen shots on this page show the traffic
increases on two of my websites over a very short
time frame:

Daily visits DOUBLED on one site in a MONTH...
and nearly QUADRUPLED on another site in a MONTH :-)

What's amazing is that I just applied a few very
simple techniques that cost me practically nothing,
and should continue generating traffic for the

To find out what I did, grab the ebook at:


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All Go Things Come To An End... Don't Miss This One ;-)

Earlier, I told you about Jason James'

"Untold Marketing Secrets"

I even spent about 30 minutes discussing
up doing a recent brainstorming call. It's
good stuff. I'll dig that call up from my
"vault" and try to post it here.

In the meantime, I should warn you that
Jason is about to raise the price on one
of the best products that I've seen in

The price goes up tomorrow.

Take a minute now and check out...


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Free Report - How To Actually Turn PLR Products Into You Own Profitable Products!

I recently conducted an interview with Michael Ambrosio
where we shared how we actually take PLR products and
turn them into our own, new, and in-demand products!

We've both done this numerous times...Michael even shares
how he used very simple projects to finance new cars,
mortgage payments, etc.

I've transcribed the recording of that call, turning
it into an ebook that you can download for free. You can
also download the MP3 for free.

To access either, just visit:
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you'll
see live links to both products. I don't even ask you
for your name :-)


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3 Fire Sales Today! What The Heck Is Going On?

Over the last several days, I've received notes from at least
a dozen friends telling me that they are contemplating holding
fire sales. They've bounced ideas, dates, and general themes
off of me.

The reason that I'm getting so much discussion about fire
sales is because I recently released the updated version of
my special report on the topic. In that special report, I give
the case-study of how I generated way over $100k in only 7 days.
I also give the case study of two lesser-known individuals who
jointly conducted a fire sale that generated over $100k.

I've found fire sales especially useful for generating
emergency funds to meet short-notice "life experiences." That's
how I paid for my youngest daughter's wedding for example.

Personally, I consider fire sales an excellent way to
generate emergency funds, but if you don't know what you are
doing, you can fall flat on your face. As we see more and more
fire sales these days, YOUR fire sale will need to be
exceptional to stand out! Grab a copy of my report to see why
mine did so well, and how yours can too. Get it at:

Putting together a fire sale involves much more that throwing
together a bunch of worn out products, and offering them at
a discount price. You need to bundle related products that
people would REALLY want to buy even if they were not on
sale. The fact that they’re offered for only pennies on the
dollar should just be what makes the offer a non-decision!

Here are three fire sales that illustrate that point well.
Rather than "hype up" any of them, I encourage you to check
all three out. Look at how the products are bundled, how
the offers are structured, and the tremendous value offered.

1) Joanne Mason’s Mid Summer Fire Sale

2) James Reilly’s Fire Sale

3) Ameer Salim's Wedding Honey Moon Fire Sale

Congratulations Ameer by-the-way :-)

As you look over the fire sales above, also notice how
MANY product they offer. Anyone getting any of those
packages should be able to take just practically any of those
products and generate five or six figures when properly
packaged and marketed.

If you don't know how to take individual products from
these fire sale packages and make enough to buy a new
car, or finance a house, then you haven't been visiting
my blog lately. I've actually posted an audio interview
with Mike Ambrosio on my blog where we discuss that very
topic. After you finish browsing the fire sales, check

Doing these few things will teach you a LOT about conducting
a successful fire sale, and get your week off to an
outstanding start :-)


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August 11, 2007

102 Degree Temperature Drives Marketer Bonkers!

Scott and Sharlene Raven have a BIG problem.

Both the airconditioner and their refrigerator
just went out... at a time when it's 102 degrees!

Rather than just sit around and complain... and
sweat, they decided to raise so quick funds to
fix their problem by holding a "Heat Sale."

They've assembled a nice group of products, many
of them with Master Resale Rights and are offering
them to you at over 90% off.

Take a look now...and see if you can't use these
products... helping them out of a sticky situation,
and getting a real bargin.

Check out:


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Write Faster - Write Better

Yesterday, I read a very interesting ebook titled,

"Write Faster - Write Better"
by Patrick Pretty.

It's a fairly short ebook that taught me some
powerful lessons about how to grab and hold
my readers' attention better.

Needless to say, if you don't get your reader
to start reading your articles, etc., you can't
make any sales. If your writing is boring, they
will simply stop reading in the middle or very
early in your article, and never get to the end
or take the action that you want them to take.

Patrick shares how professional journalist, often
under great time pressures, churn out riveting
stories very fast... often in an environment
filled with distractions.

I've written over 650 of my own articles, and
thought that I did a good job. The system that
Patrick taught me in Write Faster - Write Better
WILL make me a more effective writer.

You can check out Write Faster - Write Better at:

If you writing (especially your articles) aren't
getting the response that you desire, their ebook
is just what the doctor ordered :-)


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August 10, 2007

Discover... The Master Key System!

Discover Charles F. Haanel's

The Master Key System

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Would You Like A Free Website Review?

For much of last 4 years, I have been hosting free
networking and brainstorming calls many Saturday

On these calls we sometimes review one or two websites.
I send out the url's of the sites, to those registered
for the calls, a day or two in advance.

We all take a look at the sites in advance, and then
during the calls, we offer our constructive feedback.
Since we have some very experienced marketers,
copywriters, etc., on the calls, this feedback often
completely turns a web business around.

During the calls where we don't have websites reviews
scheduled, we have open discussion of Internet
marketing related topics. You can listen to part of
last weeks call (which was open discussion) at:

To submit your website for a possible free review,
you need to register at:

Registering will trigger an autoresponder message which
contains the call-in number, and details on how to
submit your website. You DO need to be on the call
when your website is reviewed, and we do need to
schedule it a week or two in advance. So, don't delay
in submitting your website.

These free website reviews are VERY popular, and
VALUABLE, so register and take advantage of one of
the best deals around :-)


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August 07, 2007

Get More Traffic EveryDay! Easy!

Over the past 2 months, I've experienced a tremendous
increase in traffic on ALL of my websites that I really
focused on.

I increased the traffic by going back through some
of my own notes, and by studying the notes and courses
of some people that had proven to me that they were
getting significant traffic.

My resulting traffic increase on just ONE of my sites,
is shown in the graphic below:


Screen Shot Of One Sites Stats

On this site, I went from an average of less than
200 visitors per day for about 10 months straight, to
where I quadrupled that traffic to nearly 1000 visitors
per day in June, to nearly quadrupling that traffic
to 3400 visitors per day in July.

This month, I expect to at least double those traffic
number for that site, and many of my other sites that
I focus on.

The techniques that I'm using to increase my traffic
are easy, inexpensive, and not really that time

As I said, I've studied a lot of notes and courses
over the past month or two. The one that had the
biggest impact on me, and that I recommend that you
get a copy of today, I called...

Get More Traffic EveryDay. Easy!

I was written by Wes Blaylock... someone whom I've long
looked up to. Check it out now at:


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Don’t Be A Hypocrite…

This is from today's issue of my ezine...

No, I did not call you a hypocrite.

I do want to discuss "The Disease Of Hypocrisy" with you,
in today's issue.

More specifically, I want to talk about trying to sell
others things that you wouldn't buy, and trying to teach
others things that you don't know.

Hardly a day goes by that I don't visit a discussion
forum (getting a feel for my market) where I don't see
a question posted by some beginner (or old-timer who just
doesn't get it), asking how they can get more sales. This
person is often selling some product that offers to teach
what he is asking about :-)

To any seasoned marketer, the disconnect in that whole
equation is obvious. This person is selling information
on how to do something that they just admitted not
knowing how to do. If it's their product that they're
selling, then they just admitted having NO CLUE how to
do what they pretend to be an expert on.

If it's not their product that they are selling, then
asking how to do what the product proports to teach
either means that they have not studied the product
that they recommend, or that what the product teaches
doesn't work. A third possibility is that they did
studied what the product taught, but upon realizing that
the method taught by the product required WORK, they
continued looking for an easier way.

In any of the three cases above, I don't believe that
the person can genuinely recommend the product.

You should make it a hard-and-fast rule that you will
promote absolutely nothing that you haven't actually
examined, used, and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt
that it works.

I have watched dozens of people really push products
hard that I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt
wouldn't work. My opinion was based upon filtering
what the product claimed to do, through my 11 years
of online marketing experience.

I'll let you in on a non-secret. When you sell someone
something that doesn't work, you are destroying their
businesses and severely damaging their chances of success.
You're KILLING them! In the process of callously harming
them and their businesses, you are also harming yourself.
You see, whatever harm you do unto others you also do unto

I think that many of my readers intuitively understand
the truth of what I just said. They understand that
you cannot teach something you don't know. You cannot
transmit something that you don't have. At the same
time, you cannot honestly recommend a product that
you have not used and gotten good results from. You
can't honestly recommend it because you DON'T know that
it works.

The solution to that last problem is incredibly obvious.
Don't recommend any product that you haven't
personally examined and used. Take the time to really
get to know a product, and then you can give it your
heart-felt recommendation... and know that you are not
DESTROYING another person's chances of success in the

You may argue that you cannot afford to buy every
product that you'd like to promote. You don't necessarily
have to. Many people launching new products, and even some
owners of older products will actually GIVE you the product
if they believe that after examining it, you will actually
promote it. There are scammers who ask for "review copies"
of a product with no plans of promoting them... but life
balances things out for them too :-)

The reality is, that with many affiliate programs, 25
of fewer affiliates generate the majority of the sales.
So, it's certainly worth giving a review copy to a
potential affiliate who actually plans on doing
protracted promotions for the product... if it meets
his expectations and standards.

This is one of many secrets, or semi-secrets, that the
"gurus" understand and tap into all of the time. It's
also a big part of their success. The top online
marketers often won't reveal to you these little
tidbits on how they manage to do so many things that
you find so challenging.

My friend Jason James has a free report that I
recommend that you get and read. It's called "Untold
Marketing Secrets - Preview Report." You can download
a free copy of that very eye-opening report from:

In this PDF Jason goes over 19 seldom discussed
"secrets" that top marketers take advantage of all the
time, but seldom discuss publicly. It's not that they're
hiding anything from you, it's more that they don't
want to attract too much attention to the things that
are working best for them. Get Jason's report now,
read it, and then consider getting his full course that
the report provides a preview of.

Jason is "one of the good guys!" He believes in
telling you everything. I liked him from the first time
that I met him. I guess part of that is that we were
both soldiers at one time. That makes us both part of
a very strong brotherhood - a brotherhood where honor,
integrity, and defending YOUR interest are all things
that we take very seriously.

If you are personally at a point where you want a major
business breakthrough, I recommend that you grab Jason's
entire Untold Marketing Secrets course. You can get it

It will cost you less than I'll spend on lunch today.
I do have two, out of town, Internet marketing friends
visiting though. You'll undoubtedly see photos from our
little visit on my blog later this week :-)

Anyway... Go ahead and get the full report today . It’s
good. I wouldn't steer you wrong. I care too much about
you. Visit:

Also, spend some time thinking about your product lineup
and marketing methods today. Make sure that your marketing
isn't hypocritical. Hypocritical marketing seriously harms
your business in the long-run.


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August 06, 2007

How To Make $2000 In The Next 2 Days From Ebay Without Listing ANYTHING!


You Can Make $2000 In The Next 2 Days From Ebay Without
Listing ANYTHING! Don’t miss these insider secrets to
Ebay! Who said earning mad money had to be difficult?
Get started right now by clicking this link
=== >>>


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Ross Goldberg's Affilate Marketing 2.0 Tactics

Check out this video from Ross Goldberg...


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Are You Getting Your Tail Kicked? Here's Why!

Are you using Camtasia Videos to supercharge
your affiliate sales?

If you aren't, your competitors will be kicking
your tail in no time.

Discover a simple way to add brandable videos to
your affiliate marketing aresenal.

Go here now...


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August 05, 2007

Be Sure To Download Your Free Self-Improvement Gifts Today

Back on August 3rd I announced that I'm participating in
the 117 Self-Improvement Gifts Giveaway, which started
about ten days ago.

I posted to an extent because they have a referral
contest going and I was WAAAYYY behind. I waited to start
telling people about the giveaway until my free gift
was editied and uploaded (an audio and PDF product

When I joined in and started getting referrals, I got this
message which I shared with you..

Dear Willie,

Congratulations, you have just referred a new user!

Your current position is 155 in the download
area, which allows you to receive up to 85% of total

In order to get into the #1 position on the listing,
all you will need to do is refer another 4867

After sharing that note enough people followed my link
and downloaded the free gifts, that I moved from number
155 to numbe 73. Since my post was right as we entered
the weekend, I suspect most list members and regular
site visitors missed that note.

So, I'm encouraging you to grab your free gifts now.
There's some good stuff in there... it will surprise

Grab your gifts here:


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PLUNK? He Called Me "The Marketer's Marketer" :-)

I recently read a report on marketing, branding,
positioning... copywriting by Patrick Pretty. It's
one of the BEST pieces I've ever read on the

The fact that he refers to me as "The Marketer's
Marketer" within the report had no influence on
that opinion :-)

He just does a great job of telling you how to be
a better marketer by infusing your marketing with
something he calls "PLUCK."

Patrick is a former child star that I sort of missed
back when I would have probably enjoyed his acting
talents the most. You see, back in the sixties and
seventies we didn't have a television. I don't
think we had a television or telephone in our house
... for any extended period of time, until I was at
least in my mid to late teens. I often dropped by
relatives homes and hung out there until the wee
hours of the morning to get my television fix. This
was pretty common in my neighborhood.

Anyway, go check out this highly recommended report
by Patrick, where he shares his "Eight 'Principles Of
Pluck." And how to "Pump Personality Power Into Your

It's good stuff.

check out:


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August 04, 2007

Making Affiliate Sales IS Incredibly Easy

Find out why and how here...


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August 02, 2007

Help! I'm Losing :-)

I'm participating in the 117 Self-Improvement Gifts
Giveaway, which started about a week ago.

I just joined in because I was waiting to finish
up the product that I wanted to give away. It's not
a personal development product, but one that shows
you, an Internet marketer, how to improve your
financial life.

It shows you how to quick and easily turn some of
those PLR products that you have into profit
producing products. That's why I got cute and
subtitled it "From Digital Dust To Gold Dust.


People offering gifts or promoting this giveaway
have their gifts listed on the site based upon
the number of referrals that they have made. Since
I just started I am WAAAYY behind.

In fact, here's part of an email I got letting
me know that I did just make another referral:

Dear Willie,

Congratulations, you have just referred a new user!

Your current position is 155 in the download
area, which allows you to receive up to 85% of total

In order to get into the #1 position on the listing,
all you will need to do is refer another 4867

As you can see, I need for you to go grab you gifts,
and to use my link. Make sure that you get my
gift too... in position number 155, but with your
help, we'll move up fast.

Grab your gifts here:


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Don't Miss The 117 Self-Improvement Gifts Giveaway!

Need 77 Ways to Transcend Challenges in your Life?

We ALL face challenges in life.

You, me, and everyone in this world. Our challenges
might be different from each other. However, we all
know there is a way to conquer each one of them.

We all know that every obstacle in our life can be
solved when we are brave and face the truth of our


I would like to share with you 77 Self Improvement
Gifts, that you can use as a guide to face any
challenge you may have.

HINT: There are more than 180+ gifts available, you
may not need them all, of course. But download them
now so that when you do, you will have them all.

Here is the link:

It is FREE for a limited time.

I wish you luck with any challenges you may face at
this moment. I know for certain you will be able
to overcome them all.

Success is YOURS,

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August 01, 2007

Less Than 1 Hour To Go - Don't Miss Out :-)

Yesterday I announced that I'm offering resale rights on
my best-selling list-build report for 48 hours only. The
resale rights to that report (that I sell numerous copies
of EVERY day) will remain on sale until 9am CST tomorrow
morning. Then I will stop selling them forever.

For the next 90 minutes, until 8am CST, TODAY, when you
get those resale rights, and then get the fire sale package
offered here,
I will refund your purchase price on my resales rights
package. This rebate offer is ONLY good until 8am CST
because that is when the best fire sale that I have seen
in a very long time ENDS!

You'll find complete details on this deal at:

Basically, it's:

1) Get the resale rights within the next 90 minutes.

2) Get the fire sale package within the next 90 minutes.
When you get the resale rights, you'll see instructions
for getting the fire sale and completing this special
offer on the download page :-)

3) Submit your receipt for the fire sale to my help
desk. Once we confirm that you ordered the fire sale
through my link, we'll rebate the cost of the resale

Go take a look now.


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July 31, 2007

How About Some Self-Improvement Gifts?

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Here's A Little Secret For You...

I'm currently running a Warrior Special Offer for the
resale rights to my special report on list-building.
This special report sells VERY well by the way :-)

You can read about that WSO at:

The secret is that, on the backend, I'm offering a great
fire sale package. Those who get the fire sale package
and send me their receipt (as instructed on my download
page, and in my autoresponder message) will get the price
of my resale rights package refunded.

So it's like getting the resale rights to one of my
best sellers for free.

The offer is only good until tomorrow morning though,
since that's when the firesale ends. You can read
about the fire sale here:

This is a product with a proven track record. If you
can't make sales of my list-building package, you may
not want to stay in Internet marketing. It's that
easy to sell.

Get it now at:


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July 30, 2007

Free Website Builder Allows ANYONE To Build Their Own Website Fast And Easy


Now Even If You're A Complete Beginners You CAN
Build Your Own Websites For FREE!

With This Quick And Easy Website Builder Software
Worth $197.

Download It For **FREE** Now Before It's Gone!

Want A Quick And Easy Way To Build Your Website?
Download This FREE Software Worth $197 Now!

You just lost all excuses for not having your own website.

Watch the short video to see how easy it is!


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July 29, 2007

Grab This Intelligent 404 Script NOW!

Here's something that I just bought, and wanted to encourage
you to do the same:

It's An "Intelligent 404 Error Page Script"

Take a look at some of the amazing features & benefits:

* Arrange it so viewers NEVER see another "page cannot be
displayed" message, even if they've come from one of your
affiliate pages.

* "Intelligently" Point Your Visitors to the Right Page -
Never again lose sleep over whether or not you happened to input
a misspelled URL address in one of your ads.

* Install a simple "intelligent" script that can determine on
its own what page a viewer was looking for (even though it was
typed wrong) and take them there without hesitation.

* Receive an instant email message whenever a viewer reached
your custom error page (including comprehensive details of where
they came from and what URL they were originally trying to

* Guarantee that you capture EVERY sale by redirecting
previously "lost" visitors to your sales page.

* Install and be up and running in just minutes--then let
Intelligent 404 do all the work!

* And so much more!

And, if you act now you can grab this "must have" tool for just
$5.00 AND you'll get 100% commissions also!

But, act fast because the price is rising every few minutes...


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Don't Miss This Rare Video On JV'ing With The Big Dogs - Only $5 And Pays 100% Commission!

I shared some great tips on landing lucrative JV's in this
candid, video-taped interview.


My friend Michael Worthington cornered me at a seminar
not too long ago, stuck me under some brights lights, and
then forced me to reveal...

How To JV With The Big Dogs Even If You're A Relative Newbie.

I'm not sure that he didn't slip something into my food earlier
in the evening... based upon how open I was with him.

You can grab a copy of that video for only $5. On top of
that, after you purchase the video, you get permission to
resell that same video earning 100% commission, which is
deposited directly into your Paypal account instantly.

While Mike shot this video in his hotel room, under ambient
light, I think that he did a good job.

Grab this rare video - NEVER offered before ANYWHERE at:


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July 28, 2007

Is It Safe To Use The $7 Secrets Scripts?

There has been a lot of discussion on several
discussion boards about Paypal actually closing
down accounts belonging to people who sell...
or even giveaway products using Jonathan
Legers $7 Secrets Scripts.

If you use the script wrong, in any of numerous
ways, you can be shut down for breech of Paypal's
Acceptable Use Policy.

You could also unknowingly break several federal
and state laws!

Here's a FREE report that gives you the straight
information that you need to understand to stay out
of hot water!


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$7000 EASY - Did John Hostler "Hustle" Willie Crawford?

Mr. X has a new physical newsletter coming out that will
dig deep and expose a lot of things that you need to know
about internet marketing. As you've seen from his previous
Warrior posts, no one is off-limits when he starts taking
pot shots.

I just finished reading the free 30 page August issue that
you can grab from his site. On page 15, there is an aritcle
by John Hostler that is both very good and makes me question
how much I was USED :-)

Actually,John lays out a system that he uses over and over
that earned him $7000 in quick profits back in January of
this year. $3500 of that was money that I paid John, unless
I'm mistaken. That ONE tactic, should easily provide a
full-time income for many here on the Warriors.

This is great information. Thanks X and thanks to all of
the contributing writers. You can get a free sample of issue
one at:

By the way, I felt that I got the best of the deal with
Hostler. Before I spent the $3500 I flowed it all out and
saw that I'd easily earn 5 times that much over the next


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Please Don't Miss These

I just sent this note to some of my subscribers,
but in-case the email filters blocked it, I
didn't want you to miss it...

As I prepare for a networking and brainstorming call
that I'll host in a few hours, I just noticed how much
email I get!

There is just soooo much going on in the Internet marketing
niche, and email is the most effective way to spread the
news. The problem is that since there is so much news to
spread, we're flooded with email. We can't pay attention
to it all, and get anything else done.

This past week, I read an average of three ebooks a day,
and wrote six new articles and two new ebooks myself. It
seems that information is not only growing exponentially
but it's really exploding :-)

Anyway, today I just wanted to ask you to take a look at
a fire sale that is the best one that I've seen since I
hosted my own "Wedding Fire Sale" back in late February
of 2006.

The fire sale that I ask you to take a look at is at:

When I first heard about this fire sale, I immediately
grabbed everything simply because it's a REALLY good bargain.
After I grabbed the main bundle, they showed me a one-time
offer for 118 private label rights products, and I grabbed
that too. Each set of private label rights were mere
pennies, and I saw how I could turn any of them into
$20,000 - $50,000 easily.

I did a teleseminar with Michael Ambrosio on Thursday night
where we discussed how to take private label rights and
actually create your own software, ebooks, etc. Mike and
I have both done this, and know that it's really easy.

In the teleseminar, Mike reveals how he can take a PLR
product, like an ebook, and use that to pay for a major
expense, like a new car, or travel, or a house :-)

What Mike shared on that call is so powerful, and so
valuable that I really do want you to listen to that call.
You can access the MP3 without filling in any forms or
anything. I'll never know that you even listened to it.

To download and listen to the MP3, simply go directly to
my download page:

Listen to this recording several times and then take
action. If you feel like you don't have time, burn it to
CD and then listen to it in your car, or upload it to your
portable MP3 player or IPOD, and then listen to it while
out walking. Listening to it several times will allow
you to catch the subtler points and get you into action. Do
commit to using what Mike and I invested a lot of time and
energy in learning and testing, developing into a system,
and then freely passing along to you.

That's it for today.

I will close by encouraging you to check out a second
fire sale that I found too good to pass up. It's at...

Make today a day that you finally Take MASSIVE Action!


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July 27, 2007

The All NEW 30 Day Challenge

It's time again for the 3rd annual 30 Day Challenge!
If you've never heard of it before, here's the skinny,
right from their homepage:

"In a nutshell... The Thirty Day Challenge is about
making your first $10 online. For a full 30 days we
are going to be showing you exactly how to start your
own Internet business and generate your first income
online without spending a dime.

"That's right, this is going to cost zip, diddly,
nothing, nada, ziltch. The entire training program is
free, and you won't have to spend a thing to get your
business started and begin making money. No credit card

Sounds cool, right? Read more and sign up here:

If you're an internet marketing and online business
novice, you can't beat this free course. There's simply
no better way to quickly learn the basics and mechanics
of making money on the internet without risking a cent.

And look, even if you aren't a newbie, you're still
going to learn something about taking MASSIVE ACTION
to get your projects going. We all know that 85% of
success is simply showing up. Here's your chance to
challenge yourself to go from nothing to a money-making
internet business in just 30 days - Step By Step, One
Day at A Time.

And judging from the material Ed Dale and his crew have
put together for the previous two years' challenges,
this year is going to be the best ever.

Go there, sign up, get in the forums and read the blog.
Start getting ready, because August 1st may be the
first day of your first (or even your NEXT) internet

Go here now:

You won't regret it.

I've already signed up :-)


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Mr. X’s IMX Files And The Willie Crawford Connection

When I first met Mr. X back in 2004, he was actually
considering leaving Internet marketing! I actually have
him no video admitting this…
but I take no credit for him :-)

Back then, we communicated briefly, and I talked him into
attending a seminar that I was hosting on Okaloosa Island,
near my home northwest Florida.

“X” attended the seminar and apparently got
something that he needed.

While at the seminar he shared a room with one of
our Inner Circle moderators, with the initials of K.B.
I’m not sure what Kelvin did to him, but he’s not
been the same since :-)

“X” joined the mastermind group of one of my speakers,
and they not meet weekly with others in an interesting

In the recent past, X released the AdWords Blackbook,
followed by The BlackbookVideos.

Now, this somewhat dangerous man is rolling out a
physical newsletter on August 1st. He’s calling it
The IMXFiles. In this newsletter he’s going to
great lengths to get at the truth in internet marketing,
and he considers no-one sacred. John Reese, Mike
Filsaime, John Carlton , Tom Bell, The Rich Jerk , Carl Galletti ,
Joel Comm … NO ONE is safe from X.

Check out the free sample from issue one of his newsletter


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Willie Crawford and Ross Goldberg Say...

Here'e a really nice fire sale that you should check
out. Among the very unique items that you will find
are exclusive interviews by Ross Goldberg and myself.

In addition you'll get tons of Private Label Rights,
Master Resale Rights, some insider products without
rights (you don't really want your competitors to
have these anyway)... just a lot of great stuff at
a giveaway price.

Check it out now - You'll Thank Me!


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July 26, 2007

Has Jason James Revealed Too Much?

I just finished reading a free report by my friend,
Inner Circle Member, Jason James.

I downloaded the report after getting an email from
Jason. Here's part of that email...

I have been at this Internet marketing game full-time now
for a little over 2 years. In that time I have been to over
20 Internet marketing seminars, met 100's of people, and
learned quite a few things.

Well it always wasn't easy for me, but through trial and
error I learned many things the hard way. I'm writing to
you today to help you avoid making that same mistake.

I have prepared a special report for you called "Untold
Marketing Secrets" which details some of my best secrets
for making money online...

Anyway, I downloaded the report, printed it out and read
it. In it Jason VERY BLUNTLY shares 19 "untold marketing
secrets" most of which I've NEVER heard any Internet
marketer publicly voice.

I encourage you to download and read that free report
now. Reading it WILL save you a lot of money and

Download the PDF by clicking here ;-)


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Don't Miss My Call Tonight At 8pm CST :-)

Just a quick reminder for you...

I'm hosting a free teleseminar TONIGHT on how to actually profit
from those Private Label Rights that many of us have just taking
up space on our hard drives.

My dear friend Mike Ambrosio has used products created from
private label materials to finance his home, his cars, just
having fun, and lots of other things. Mike has refined it all
down to a step-by-step process. When I saw what he was doing
and how successful he is at it, I talked him into doing the
free call for you tonight.

To get all the details and register for this free call, which
will be 8pm - 9pm CST tonight, simply fill in the form at:

My autoresponder will send you all of the details instantly.


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Better Than The $7 Script AND LOTS More Traffic For You!

I just finished reading a report on how to generate
more targeted traffic to your website. I'm already
getting hundreds of thousands of visitors per months
to some of my sites, but figure you can never get
too much traffic.

I got a lot out of this report and honestly feel that
if I USE what it teaches, I will multiply my traffic :-)

When I purchased this report, thorugh one of those
nickle sales... the price goes up every few minutes
by 5 cents, I also got a GREAT bonus. It's a script
that let's you run those sales where your customers
can then turn around and sell the same product for
100% commission.

The beauty of this script though is that you don't
need to go through the hassles involved in setting up
the $7 Scripts. You don't need a database, or any
of that non-sense. Just change a couple of lines of
code, upload a few files and you're all set!

Since this is going up every few minutes, check it
out now! It's at:


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July 25, 2007

Fire Sale That You Don't Want To Miss - 100 Sets Of Resale Rights - 118 Sets Of Private Label Rights!

Here a fire sale offering great value and some really
useful products.

They're offering resale and master resale rights to
some VERY good products for next to nothing.
After you purchase, you are presented with a one-time
offer where you can get 118 different private label
rights products dirt cheap!
Check it out now at:

The fire sale is for a good cause and it's a nice twist.


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Are You In Danger Of Losing Your Paypal Account?

In my free report, "Making Affiliate Sales IS Incredibly EASY!
I mentioned another free report that you should get to protect
your Paypal account from being shut down. I'm still putting
the finishing touches on a customized version of that report
which I expect later today. In the meantime, you can download
the same report (not customized for me) here:

This report is VERY important, especially for those using
the Seven Dollar Secrets scripts, and similar systems.


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FREE - "Making Affiliate Sales Is Incredibly EASY!"

I just posted an offer for a free report that I offered
to the Warrior forum. It's a special offer over there
even though it's free. I thought that I'd also offer it
to my subscribers here since that's allowed by WSO rules.

Here's my post from the Warriors:

Making Affiliate Sales Is Incredibly EASY!

In fact it's so easy, that I feel guilty at
how easily I earn money lately.

I recently noticed that MANY of my Warrior friends
REALLY struggle to make affiliate sales, and so I've
decided to share with you EXACTLY what I'm doing...
with great success.

I wrote a special report which I was going to offer as
a WSO for $19.97. Then I decided to drop the price to
only $5 to really spur sales on more. Lower priced items
DO sell better!

Then, I decided to GIVE you the report on one
condition... That condition is that you commit to
yourself that you'll stop making excuses and start
taking action today. The willingness to take massive
action IS the most common success trait among all
of the most successful people that I know!

So there you have it. Just go to this page and fill
out the form to have the download url emailed to you:

I WON'T subscribe you to ANY list. I WILL invite you
to subscribe to my list on the download page, but it's
totally optional :-)

This report tells you exactly how I sell a ton of
affiliate products, generate a ton of traffic, get
lots of subscribers, and really don't have to work
very hard anymore.

This IS something anyone, in any niche, can do!

Today IS your lucky day. I have no idea how long I will
leave this WSO up, do take advantage of it now!


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July 24, 2007

An Interview To Help Out A Friend

I mentioned in an earlier thread that I try to do
at least one interview, teleseminar, or media event
per day.

One of the interview that I recently did was to help
out a member of the Internet Marketing Warriors who
was trying to help out a disabled friend. He's running
a Warrior Special Offer right now, when you can get
all of the interviews at any price you choose.

Check out:

Just contributing a few dollars to this worthy cause
WILL make you feel better ;-)


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July 23, 2007

A 1000% Increase In Website Traffic!

A 1000% Increase In Website Traffic!

Take a look at this:

That's a screenshot of the traffic change at one of my
websites with just minor changes over the past 2 months.
That site, which I had largely ignored for a long time,
went from 300 visitors per day back in October of last
year, to 900 visitors per day in June 2007, to over 3000
visitors per day this month. That's a 1000% increase in
traffic (compared to last October).

Now, I'm getting ready to really turn up the heat on the

What did I do to this site? I started following my own
advice. I was reviewing the recordings from a teleseminar
that I did last December called "Website Traffic Generation
Techniques That Work!" I knew that stuff that I was teaching
works so I decided to go back and see where I wasn't applying
my own advice! Then I started "doing as I say."

Incidentally, you can grab a copy of that recording here:
Do it now, since this is scheduled to go away on July


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July 20, 2007

Over 100 Places To Do Free Internet Radio Interviews!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I actually try to
do at least one interview a day. That's fairly ambitious,
but many of the interviews are actually for products that
clients and subscribers are working on. I get more
requests for those than I can fit into my schedule.

What I REALLY like doing are the Internet radio shows.
They are easy to get on, their audiences understand
much of the technology and terminology that I use, and
I sell a lot of products ( and get a lot of new subscribers)
through these Internet radio shows.

My friend Kathleen Gage has written a nice directory where
she points out (with a LOT of detail) over 100 Internet radio
shows that you can probably get on.

You can check out Kathleen's "Directory of Resources for
Internet Radio Show Interview Opportunities" at:

Kathleen offers both the ebook directory and an MP3. It's
good stuff. Kathleen has been a professional speaker and
media expert for many, many years.

check her out, and then start getting that free publicity.


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$5141.00 Worth Of PLR Ebooks, Software, And Scripts for FREE - With Absolutely No Catch!"

My friend Scott Case just released the
internet's most massive PLR giveaway ever:

Simply sign up and get the scoop.

-tons of ebooks
-tons of scripts
-tons of private label rights
-tons of everything you've ever wanted

Where did all these goodies come from?

I teamed up with Scott Case who has
called in some favors from a whole bunch of top online
marketers and convinced them all to give you TONS of
PLR Products at no cost to you.

It is our way of saying "thank you"!

These products are worth thousands and thousands of dollars
and have already made the owners thousands and thousands
of dollars.

I just can't hide the excitement. You really need to
grab these products while you can!

Go get it now!



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Don't You Miss These Freebies :-)

Here's something that you don't want to miss...

"The Original Giveaway." This is a free product giveaway
where the requirement for contributing was that the
product needed to be original. That basically meant that
the contributor had to have created the product themselves.
Many of the freebies (ebooks, software, audios, videos,
access to membership sites, etc.) were created JUST for
this giveaway.

I encourage you to grab some of these freebies, but to
also consider throwing in your own free gift. It's a
great way to build your mailing list. You can
download your gifts and/or add your gift by visiting:


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Willie's BIG "Secret"...

Let me let you in on one of my biggest "non-secrets!"
Many of the more-than-100 of my own products that I sell
from my sites started out as private label rights. Over
the years, I've acquired the source code to over 50
different pieces of software. I've often had programmers
make minor modifications, and then introduced my OWN
versions of some that software.

Over the past few years, I've acquired the private label
rights to OVER 160 ebooks. Many of these, I reworked,
revised, and now market as my own product. Some of these
are sold from 1-page websites, and bring in a NICE
monthly income month-after-month.

If you do the math, you'll realize that I still have tons
of private label rights to products that I've done
absolutely nothing with YET. That's because there is
so much great "stuff" out there :-)

Here is how I'm taking private label products and completely
DOMINATING some of my niches! Here is how I'm using PLR
products to build a new 4000+ square foot beach-front
house later this year ;-)


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July 19, 2007

Free Updates For Purchasers Of My "Really Fast Money Report!"

On June 18th, 2007 I started selling my special report,
"Really Fast Money - How To Make $1000 - $2000
In 24 Hours Or Less!"

I've recently updated the basic package. Updates

- Expanding upon the special report itself.

- Adding a brandable ebook that can be given away
and used to generate sales for the main report,
which pays 100% instant commissions to your Paypal

- Graphics which you can use in promoting the main

- Addition of a one-time-offer which pays affiliates
50% commission on an excellent product which complements
the main report. This product was created by a person
who bought the main report, used it to generate some
quick funds, and then spent several days jotting down
new and innovative ideas for applying my basic concept.

If you purchased the original report, you are entitled
to the updates FREE. To get the free updates, please
submit a ticket at my helpdesk:

We will need your Paypal transaction number to verify that
you did indeed purchase the report :-)

If you haven't purchased, and profited from this special report
yet, grab your copy now (for ONLY $5) at:

Those who have purchased and applied this special report ARE doing
well with it. You can see some of the testimonials on the
page at:


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July 18, 2007

Make Money WithThese Free Private Label Rights Products!

In today's ezine, I mentioned that you could easily take some
of the products that you have private label rights to, and with
very little work, have your own products.

Here is a free giveaway that included some PLR products. What's
great about this giveaway is that the products are suppose to all
be FRESH and they also have to be the products of the contributors,
so there's a great chance that you'll find stuff here that you
haven't seen before.

Check out:

To learn how to best profit from this PLR, check out:


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Aren't You TIRED Of Making Excuses?

Here is the ezine that I sent out today...


Recently I've grown to appreciate even more the fact that
some people really don't want online success.

I learned long ago that the only person I can really change
is myself, and even that's sometimes a challenge :-)

I also learned long ago that many people are more comfortable
complaining and making excuses than they are taking action. Many

people are afraid to even try because they FEAR success.
Sitting back and complaining is actually much more comfortable
for them.

The great fact is that you actually can accomplish anything
that you decide to accomplish. Certain people have understood
this for thousands of years. That's why you have sayings such

"Even before you ask, it is given unto you."

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can

And my favorite, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and
ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you"

That last passage is of course from The Bible. With all of
the recent 777 hoopla, I chose that passage because it's from
the 7th verse of the 7th chapter of Matthew. I'm sure that if
I looked for a third 7 I'd find it in there somewhere. (This
is not a religious article... and I do have tremendous
respect for all belief systems)

Man really has known "the secret" forever. You understand it
intuitively. For example, you understand the power in asking!

A big part of what I've done over the past month is to "lower
the bar" and make it easier for those who are willing to take
a little action to actually begin building a successful
online business.

Back on June 18th, 2007, I surveyed the landscape and realized
that many people who had taken NO action were using the fact
that many how-to courses were "too expensive" for them. So, that
day, I created a short report on how to generate some quick
revenue that anyone could use in getting your business up and

I entitled that report, "Really Fast Money - How To Make $1000
- $2000 In 24 Hours Or Less!" I priced that report at only $5
and am happy to report that several THOUSAND people bought it
through me.

In that report I answered objections to having no list, being an
unknown, not having a product... and dozens of other excuses.

Numerous people rose to the challenge, and did exactly what the
report teaches. As a result, I have a file full of testimonials
and case studies.

That simple $5 report changed the lives of those who wanted a
better life more than they wanted to cling to their excuses.

You can still get that report for only $5 (if you're ready to
stop making excuses) at:

One of the more common excuses IS having no list. The FACT is
that most of us start out with no list, no contacts, and no
name recognition. Some of us keep using that excuse for years,
and others get busy and build a list.

To help those ready to stop using that worn-out excuse, I
wrote a special report entitled, "How I Boosted My Ezine Sign-Up
Rate by 5200 Per Month... virtually Overnight... And How You
Can Too!"

A huge number of people grabbed that report, put into action
what it teaches, and now no-longer can use the excuse of not
having a list! I made that report so ridiculously cheap that
anyone could afford it too. You'll find that report at:

Many people survey the Internet marketing landscape and reason
that it's the big list owners, or those with a product of their
own, that have an advantage. To counter that excuse, I pointed
out dozens of places where you can actually get free products
with "private label" or "master resale rights."

The products with Master Resale Rights can be resold for any
price that you choose, and you get to keep all of the money.

The products with Private Label rights can be revised, edited,
and actually turned into your own products. Someone else has
already done 90% of the research and hard work. All you need to
do is some minor editing, maybe get a new graphic, and you have
a NEW product that you can legitimately put your name on and

I market private label and products with master resale rights
that I often get from the same sources that I point out to you.
Many of the over 100 products that I sell from my websites fall
into this category. These products sell every day!

To locate these products with master resale rights or private
label rights, just drop by my blog at:

As I stated in the beginning of this editorial, many of us
using excuses. Many of our excuses are somewhat legitimate.
However, there are VERY few obstacles that we can't overcome.

My parents separated when I was about three years old, and I
spent the next 15 years of my life on my grandmother's tobacco
farm, living off of government subsistence and surplus food.
Being from "the wrong side of the track" I wasn't guided into
taking college prep course, or considering any possibility
except working a farm or factory job for the rest of my life.

Now, I earn a fortune working from my laptop, and I work
from practically anywhere that I want to, and set my own hours.
I honestly take my laptop, along with a wireless card, and go
sit by the ocean and work for hours. As long as I am within
range of a cell phone signal, my office is anywhere that I
choose it to be.

Going from welfare to where I am today required a lot of hard
work and DECIDING that I was going to do it. It required a
radical transformation in thinking... away from making excuses.
I share that gradual transformation with you in my
autobiography. I encourage you to pick up a copy today at:

I have honestly shown many people how to turn their online
businesses around over the past few months. I've even revealed
how I generate from $2000 to over $10,000 ROUTINELY just by
posting an ad to an online discussion board. I spent 75 minutes
laying out in excruciating detail how I do that in an interview
one of my friends recently recorded. You can find that interview

So, back to my original question...

If you're not having the success that you want in your online
business, why is that? What excuse are you falsely leaning
upon. I ask that question to deliberately make you
It's when we are uncomfortable that we grow the most. I want you
and your business to grow. However, I can't want your success
more than you do, and only you can make it happen :-)


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July 17, 2007

They're Picking On Me Over At The Warrior Forum :-)

Here's an interesting thread over at the Warrior forum:

The thread is basically people who did well and have a lot
of praise for my special report,
"Really Fast Money - How To Make $1000 - $2000 IN 24
Hours Or Less!"

If you don't own a copy, you really have no excuse. It's
only $5 and it's making some people thousands! Get it


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July 15, 2007

Do You Want A Free Website Review?

This is just a quick note to let you know that our
next networking and brainstorming call will be Saturday,
July 21st, 2007, at 11am - 12 noon CST.

To confirm what time that is in your timezone please
check the time chart here:

On this call, we will review/critique 2 websites, and
then open the call up briefly to discussion of Internet
marketing topics or Q&A.

You can register for this call by filling in the form at:
This will trigger our autoresponder which will send you
the call-in details and instructions on how to submit
your website for a free review on a future call.

Some of these calls have some very experienced
individuals, so you want to join when you can.


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July 13, 2007

People Actually Keep Copies Of My Bio On Their Nightstand - PLUS A Sale!

Yesterday, after posting about my autobiography here
on the blog, I decided to run what is essentially a
2 for 1 sale.

When you get a copy of my bio, I will also give you,
a copy of my special report, "How I Boosted My Ezine
Sign-Up Rate By 5200 Per Month... Virtually Overnight
... and You Can Too!"

This report cost the same as the PDF version of my
bio. That's why I say it's essentially the same as
a 2-For-1 Sale.

I listed this deal as a Warrior Special Offer here:

That's where I'd like for you to place your order.
You'll get instant delivery of the PDF biography (or
we'll get the physical version on the way to you in
the next outgoing mail!) However, to get the listbuilding
report (we need for you to drop by our helpdesk) and
let us know that we want the bonus. The help desk is
at and it takes less
than a minute to leave a note. No registration is

One reason that I'm sending your through my Warrior
Special Offer is that I want you to read all of the
nice things people are saying about my bio. Things like...

Begin part on note you can read on The Warrior Forum:

One thing I will always say about Willie and that is he
is as honest and trustworthy as anyone I have ever met
online. There is always gold in his reports and I have
always been able to learn from them and make money and
take action and be a better business person and there is
not a day that goes by that I recommend to a friend or
new acquaintance that they visit I
even have sticky notes of his reports on my work desk.
Now, my work desk is a Real Work Desk! It cost me more
than $1,000.00 and I am not kidding. Nothing and I mean
absolutely nothing is in the vicinity of that desk that
would distract me from my online business. Matter of fact,, is at my bedside 24/7/365 and my wife
loves me for it. You figure it out :-) I cannot read it
everyday, but I do in fact reference it at least once a

End note that you can read here:

Take a look and grab this bargain!


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Killing Two Birds With One Stone

One of the things that I've written about before is link
bait. That's putting things on your site that brings
people back again and again and that causes people to
link to your site.

This blog incorporates several implementation of
link bait, to include:
- A multi-part serious of super affiliate tips
- A listing of places to place solo ads
- A listing of popular discussion forums

One piece of link bait that I've recently rolled
into another site... not yet ready for prime time,
is a product review directory. This directory
allows people who have purchased a given product to
rate it.

You can check out the script that I use to run that
directory... and several others, by clicking here.

This review directory actually has two purposes. One
is to serve as link bait that also hopefully eventually
attracts the attention of the search engines... as more
and more people link to the product review directory.

At the same time, the products that I list for review
in the directory are products that I'm an affiliate for.
So, eventually, when someone searches for just the
title of a product, I'll also rank high in the
search engines for that term too. How powerful is that!

The script that I use to run the site only cost me $5.
It may be more now, since it was a special sale, but
maybe not! You can check on it by clicking here.

If you do get the script from this site, you will get one
of those one-time offers thrown at you after you purchase.
Just scroll down to the bottom of that page, and that's
where you'll find the link to your product.

Just one more tip from my bag of tricks!


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The Newbie's Easy Income Plan With Master Resell Rights

I just finished re-reading a REALLY nice product, by
my dear friend Liz Tomey, that I want to recommend to
you... and offer to you for ONLY $5.

Read what Liz Tomey has to say about her product...

"I Can Regularly Make Well Over Two Thousand Dollars In
Just Two Days From eBay And I'll Show You How Easily
You Can Do It, Too!

If you've been losing sleep worrying about your finances,
hating your job and wondering why you can't seem to
make any real money online...

Here's something GUARANTEED to keep you awake tonight!

*The Newbies Easy Income Plan*

I make a very good income from a number of different
money-making methods online.

But, this is by far the easiest, quickest and most effective
method I use. It's also one of my favorites.

The information I am sharing in this course helped me to
develop a lifestyle that I thank God for every day! I truly
believe that if you put my method to work, it won't be long
before you will be doing the same thing!"

Because I want to pass along this proven method of
generating quick cash, I'm offering it to you for only
$5 today :-)

Click here to get it!


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July 12, 2007

Can You Actually Email To A List Of 10,000 Tomorrow?

Have you heard that 1 subscriber equates to $1 in
monthly income for you?

That’s right, for every subscriber on your list you
should be averaging $1 in monthly income.

So, that means if you have 1000 subscribers you could
be generating $1000 in monthly income, all from your

Sending emails and getting money sure beats slaving
away at some 9-5, underpaid and overworked, if you
ask me.

But… take it a step further… what if you could get
2500 subscribers… or 5000 subscribers… or even 10,000
or more?

You guessed it...

Then you could be generating $2500, $5000, or even
$10,000 or more per month, every single month.

All just for pushing one measly little “send” button.

Sound like something you can handle?

Sure it does… who wouldn’t want that?

But first you have to build that list. And just
how do you do that?

Well, if you had asked me that question a month
ago I would have told you to prepare for months of
hard work, dedication, and hundreds or thousands

That was then.

This is now.

Today, I’d suggest grabbing a free account at List
Bandit, the one resource with the tools potent
enough to quickly and easily build that list for you.

This brand new program is attracting people by
the thousands because its developer, Gary Ambrose,
is one of the most recognized email experts in
the business.

And now he’s handing you the tools to build your
list, easily and automatically.

All you need to do is register now, for free, at
and let the program handle the heavy lifting.

Don’t delay. The sooner you sign on, the sooner
you start generating that incredible monthly income
with your profitable new list.

Here’s To Your New List,

This page will reveal to you how you can possible
email 10,000 tomorrow ;-)

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John Di Lemme, We Need To Talk!

For John Di Lemme's new book launch, he's offering
$9317 in bonuses when you buy his inexpensive book
... and it's all to raise money for charity.

My only problem with the whole thing is that my
contribution is listed as number 34 out of 63.

At least I'm listed before Larry Benet :-)

I'm just having fun. John and Larry are both old

What's this all about anyway?

We'll here's the explaination that I snagged from
John's website:

Dozens and Dozens of Marketing Titans, Success Heavyweights and
Millionaire-Maker Rock Stars Have Lined Up to Bring You Over 60
Must-Have Gifts, Success Tools and Profit Pulling Resources

Why? To Raise One Million Dollars and
Impact Millions of Lives Around the World

With the Bonus Bonanza of the Century

Introducing the most ambitious, highly-anticipated, grass-roots
book campaign of the year, which will raise a million dollars
for Impacting Faith, helping outreach programs and fellowship
programs worldwide…

It’s John Di Lemme’s
Find Your Why & Fly!
* The Ultimate Success Factor*

There are over $9,300+ in Bonuses plus 10 Find Your Why books
that you’ll receive when you order, so read on
(or go to the bottom of this page and order now!) to discover
everything that’s coming to you in the success bundle of the

Where Does the Money Go?

To Impacting Faith, based in South Florida with a global reach
of historic proportions.
Through key partnerships with organizations such as:
Campus Crusade for Christ
Global Pastors Network
Places of Hope International
India Gospel League
EQUIP Ministries
Children’s Evangelism and Life Outreach International
Impacting Faith’s outreach efforts nationally and
internationally have also expanded through growth in the
Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry and Latin American
Ministry. Lives are being touched throughout Palm Beach County,
the United States and around the World.

Check it out at:


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July 10, 2007

Some QUALITY Free Gifts For You To Download

Most of the free giveaways that I've checked out recently
offer too much worn out JUNK that generally is not even
worth downloading. Many people seem to put very little
thought into what they are offering.

When you give away a freebie to gain a new customer or
subscriber, that freebie should be soooo good,that the
customer would have happily PAID for it, if it wasn't free.

One giveaway that lives up to my standards as far as
offering gifts WORTH downloading is "The Original Giveaway."
Contributors to this giveaway are screened VERY closely,
and are expect to offer something original... NOT something
they buy for 99 cents on Ebay!

Check it out! You can download a "bunch" of ebooks, software,
access to membership sites, video, audio, PLR rights, and
niche products.

All of it is free, much of it you can easily turn around
and sell, and much of it was created JUST FOR THIS GIVEAWAY.

Check out:


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My $1600 Real Value Bonus With Mike Filsaime's Package

Is Mike Filsaime “For Real?”

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but up until this
point I've been fairly quiet about Mike Filsaime's launch
of his new product, ""The Seven Figure Code!"

This is not because I don't have anything to say, but
rather, because I didn't want to add to all of the noise.

Let me share my OPINION on Mike, his product, whether
or not I think that you need it, and a few other things
... if I may.

First, Mike, the person...

I've known Mike for several years and watched in amazement
as he came out of "nowhere" to become one of the top
marketers in his niche today.

I know Mike well enough that I can pick up the phone and
give him a call, or contact him via email or IM at will.
I don't abuse that because he is as busy as I am, and I
respect the value of his time.

I have, on occasion, had extended conversations with Mike,
and in the process, I have developed a deep respect and
TRUST of him. So, I "know, like, and trust him." I watched
him come on the scene, learn, grow, and even make a few

Mike made his BIG splash when he launched his Butterfly
Marketing System. Prior to launching that system (which
included a course, scripts, and a few other goodies) Mike
often spoke of "Butterfly Marketing" when on-stage at
various seminars and conferences where we both often

When Mike was ready to launch Butterfly Marketing he
did something that should inspire "the little guy."
Mike revealed to me, in an intimate interview, that the
success of his launch was NOT due to the big names
promoting it. Most of the big names DIDN'T promote it.
The success of Butterfly Marketing, which quickly earned
"seven-figures" was due to the promotions of mid-level
marketers... people that Mike refers to as his "brat pack."

When Mike “surveyed the Internet marketing landscape,”
he realized that it is sometimes easier to grow your own
network than to break into existing "inner circles!" So
that's what he did. That largely "home-grown" inner
circle was responsible for much of the success of Butterfly

Incidentally, I have the interview with Mike where we
discussed this and other topics posted in my membership
site at:

Fast-forward a year or two, and Mike was ready to host his
own seminar where he offered a behind-the-scenes look at
how he runs his multi-million dollar internet business.
Mike had mentored under a lot of very brilliant marketers,
and had partnered with someone the I deeply respect...
Tom Beal.

When I first read about Mike's "7-Figure" seminar, I was
ready to signup, even when I read that it was priced at
$10,000 per attendee. Mike later lowered the price to

I did attend that seminar where Mike, and several other
VERY successful internet marketers gave a in-depth looks
at how they built and run their businesses. One of the
first things most people unfamiliar with Mike and his
circle of mentors and confidants realize is that, unlike
MOST "internet marketers," they treated their online
endeavors as very serious businesses. They create “systems,”
have staff, have business plans, and do all of the things that
you'd expect of a business.

During that weekend seminar, I took copious notes as I
listened to Mike, Tom Beal, Stephen Pierce, Rich Schefren,
and scores of others. I flowed out how I would implement
many of the things that they taught me right at the seminar.

Now, Mike is offering the recordings from that $5000
seminar, at less than 1/10th that price, but for a short
time only. The time limit is part of the reason that I
had to encourage you to take a look at Mike's product now.
You can read all about Mike's "The Seven Figure Code" at:

That IS an affiliate link. I do earn a commission if you
purchase the course through me. However, that's not my
motivation for recommending the course to you. The product
launched several days ago, and yet I held off on joining
the crazy frenzy of marketers playing "let's see who can
offer the biggest bonus." It's a course that sell for
less than $500, and you have marketers offering bonuses
that they claim to be worth $20,000. Do they honestly believe
that you're that naive?

I want you to actually evaluate whether or not you need
and will USE the product. So take a LONG look at this

Read every word on it... just make time to actually read and
evaluate the sales letter.

Then, if you realize that this course can make a big
difference in your life, just as the information that it
contains has in mine, go ahead and get it. I will tell you
that it won't help you if you don't act upon the… very
powerful… information that Mike shares.

Since everyone else IS offering bonuses, I felt that I
needed to offer one too. I wanted to offer one that you
could and would actually use though... not a bunch of
worthless junk that's just going to distract you or clutter
up your hard drive.

Many of the marketers seem to be throwing together a
bundle of worst than worthless “garbage bonuses” and then
hoping that a huge list of “nothing’ will overwhelm you into
buying on impulse. I say this is worst than worthless, since
just sifting through it all will put you behind where you would
have been had you never acquired it!

I decided to offer you TWO hours of my personal time. I'm
going to offer you two hours of one-on-one telephone
consultations. These two hours have to be coordinated
with me (and my staff) but they can be divided into
several shorter calls… which is what I encourage.

If you check my webpage that I use to tell people about
my mentoring and consulting services, you'll see that my
bonus has a very real value of $1600. This is based upon
what I charge for consultations every day. Checkout:

You'll see that I state right there on the page that my
rates are "non-negotiable!" That's because after 11 years
of doing, and teaching, "internet marketing" I have learned
the actual value of my time.

Since I am offering my personal time, I will offer emphasize
two conditions:

1) You will have up to two years to redeem this bonus of
two hours of one-on-one consultation. In addition to being
over the phone, we can also make part of this two hours
face-to-face. I attend a lot of internet marketing seminars,
and I'm not opposed to conducting consultations after-hours
at seminars.

2) When you arrange a consultation session, you need to
“have your act together.” Realistically, you need a written
list of points, questions, etc., that we will cover on the
call. Your time is valuable... so is mine, and this bonus
should not be squandered.

I do need to limit my bonus to just 20 people. I anticipate
those 20 people signing up relatively fast. The way that I'd
like to work this is that as soon as you purchase, you submit
a ticket at my helpdesk, letting me know that you're taking
advantage of my bonus. We'll do all of our scheduling/
coordination through my helpdesk, because it provides a
threaded history of our coordination conversations.

My helpdesk is at:
You do not need to register or jump through hoops to submit
a ticket.

The helpdesk also has a FAQ that you can access now if you'd
like, and one of those questions is "Is The Bonus Still
Available For "The Seven Figure Code?" After I get 20
signups that I can confirm purchased through my link, I will
let it be known in the answer to that FAQ.

Twenty customers, each getting 2 hours of my time, means that
I'm actually going to give a full "normal 40-hour workweek"
away as a bonus to those who take advantage of Mike's course.
I actually put in more like 60-80 hours many weeks, but you
get the point.

I'm doing this because I really want to see you succeed...
maybe even more than you do (if that's possible)... and I'm
willing to go out of my way to help you, if you're willing to
help yourself.

Go signup now at:
Tomorrow probably will be too late :-)


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July 09, 2007

Blogging To The Bank 2.0 - Have You Checked It Out Yet!

Things in the world of blogging for bucks has changed
dramatically in the past year. That's why you absolutely
need this course!

Click the image, grab it, and read it TONIGHT!


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July 08, 2007

Are Firesales Dead?

I ran a fire sale to pay for my youngest daughter's
wedding. That fire sale generated over $120,000 in
revenue in 7 days (front and backend).

My friend Michael, generated $160,000 in a week.

I think that they are still very much alive.

I just re-read the course that I learned how to
put on a really successful fire sale from. It's
by Michael.

You should grab a copy, study it, and you'll see
why copywriter Carl Galletti describes it as
"Giving Away The Keys To The Kingdom!"

Check out:

There IS a right way to do it ;-)


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July 07, 2007

How I More Than Doubled Sales At One Of My Sites - OVERNIGHT!

I hope that your Saturday is going well. My wife decided
that she wanted to shampoo the carpets today. They needed
it since they were beginning to smell like our Shitzu.
So, I'm taking a break from shampooing the carpets to tell
you how I recently more than DOUBLED my sales on one of my
sites overnight.

I recently purchased Master Resale Rights to a one-time-
offer script. This script works by not only showing the
OTO only once, but also by showing the offer for only a
limited time... as the webpage visitor watches the clock
count down.

I tested this on one of the sites that I sell physical
cookbooks from. After they purchase the featured
cookbook, they are shown the OTO page where they can get
a package of three other popular physical cookbooks at a
discount price. The discount's not very much but it's
working like crazy. Over 42% of customers are buying the
bundle of extra cookbooks :-)

When someone is looking for new recipes and they are
browsing in bookstores, or at magazine racks they often
buy several books or magazines, so this behavior is
typical. I have friends who are cookbook collectors,
and one has over 600 cookbooks! So, I sort of expected
to have a lot of success with this experiment.

My profit margins are fairly high on the cookbooks, we
incur NO additional marketing cost, and very little
extra postage. Our customers get a bargain, and we
more than double our profits. I think that's something
to get excited about!

Why am I telling you this. I want you to check out the
simple script that I use. It took me about 30 minutes
to get everything setup, including the copy explaining
the bundled offer... just some basic cut and paste from
the product pages :-)

Take a look at this script. It makes a nice, easy
weekend project. I don't know if it will be as effective
in your niche. It could do better. In any event, the
script is less than $10, and makes it very easy for you
to increase your sales, or "give yourself a pay raise"
as John Reese describes it. Get the script at:


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Two Powerfully Profitable Suggestions

During today's networking and brainstorming call,
which will be at 11am CST, we are scheduled to
review two websites. Then I will open the discussion
up to general marketing discussion.

Two of the items that I plan on bringing up both
involve things orchestrated by Will Barden!


Will Barden

They are:

1) An Easy Way To Get Your Own Highly Profitable,
Hot Product.

An easy way to get a product is to begin with someone
else's product that you have Private Label Rights or
Master Resale Rights to.

For thousands of these, simply visit this free giveaway
organized by Will Barden.

There you'll find everything from software, to ebooks,
to multi-media, to articles, to graphics... a endless
array of FREE STUFF... even access to entire membership
sites PACKED with goodies.

You can take any of this free stuff and, in a little as
a day or two, turn it into your own highly profitable
products. Here's how you do that... let's assume that
you're reworking an ebook that you have private label
right to.

- Print it out and revise/improve upon it.

-- As you read it and mark it up, ask "What questions did it
leave unanswered?" Answer those to improve upon it.

-- As you read it and mark it up, ask "What statements made in
the original document did YOU question? Even if those
statements are accurate, if they caused doubt in your mind
then maybe you need to elaborate on them... or add proof.

- Identify what can you add as backend to your product.
What can you offer from links in your ebook, from your
download page, from a one-time-offer, and from follow-up
autoresponders that buyers of your product should be
interested in.

- Make or have made new graphics. You don't want your
product to have the same look and feel as dozens of other

- Revise the salesletter if one came with the package.
Often the salesletters included in these packages are
hastily done, and done only because the author knows that
the customers who grab the PLR package expect it. So, these
salesletters are often horrible!

- Write an autoresponder series that thanks the customer,
offers the download link again, teaches them how to get the
most out of the product, invites them to join your affiliate
program, and offers them other items for sale.

- Consider, if you want to offer resale rights on your new
product. In the Internet marketing niche, it doesn't
generally hurt your sales since 95% of the people who buy
your resale rights do nothing with them.

- Offer review copies to select individual via email, PM,
and discussion forums. What you're "fishing" for here are
testimonials. However, you do want honest feedback... you
want to know where you can improve the product BEFORE
offering it to the marketplace.

- Roll the product out when it is ready. Do NOT become
a victim of perfectionism, and never release the product.
Realize that no product is perfect, and learn to recognize
when it is good enough.

- Rinse and Repeat!

- Market these products as standalone products.

- Add these products to existing bundles of product that
you already sell, breathing new life into a website.

- Bundle these products into related (themed)
bundles... ie, adsense, copywriting, list-building,
fitness, pets, healthy living/cooking, pay per click,
graphics, keyword, etc.

- Offer bundles of these products inexpensively on
Ebay as a list builder.

OK. That should get you started. Go on over to:
and download some really nice products with PLR or
Master Resale Right now.

This works, and if you don't overcomplicate things it
can really grow your business.


The second thing that Will Barden brough to my attention,
that revolutionized my online business life, was his own
help desk software.
I use this software EVERY DAY.

It's simple, inexpensive, and has just the features that
I need. Perhaps my favorite feature is that it notifies
me and assistants, right on their desktop when there are
"trouble tickets" waiting. I have it set to check every
5 minutes on the software installed on my personal computer,
so I keep my pulse on what's happening.

I don't need to hype up this help desk software. If you're
buried underneath an avalanche of email, this will rescue

Now, you know part of what I "plan" on covering at today's
networking and brainstorming call.
Things never go exactly
as planned though... so we'll see. In any event do these
two things today!


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July 06, 2007

Affiliate Mangers - How To Energize Your Affiliate Force

Affiliate Mangers - How To Energize Your Affiliate Forceby Willie Crawford

I've been told by a number of managers of HUGE affiliate
programs that 95% of their sales come from their top 25
(or fewer affiliates). When you consider the fact that
some affiliate programs have thousands, even tens of
thousands of affiliates, that's actually pretty sad!

The fact is that most affiliates join an affiliate
program, and then do nothing. Why is that. It's generally
because being a great affiliate marketer can be hard WORK.

Even the top producing affiliates are not big fans of
hard work. They often have insider techniques that they
use but don't discuss with anyone.

So how does an affiliate program manager energize his
affiliate force?

Since affiliates don't like hard work, the obvious
answer is to make it easy for them. You do this by
providing easy to use tools. For example, if you could
have your affiliates just share a video with their lists
and website visitors, that's really easy. Often, they'll
use a tool like this or a branded PDF file, when they
wouldn't use other tools. Part of the reason they'd do
that is that often their list members enjoy these info
product and don't seem to notice that they're being sold.

Video works so beautifully because the prospect isn't
even require to do any WORK. They just sit and watch. We're
all conditioned to watch television and movies. However,
many of us have grown to hate reading... it's too much like
work, and reminds us of when we were in school, and often
had burdensome reading loads.

If only Camtasia-style videos could be branded easily with
affiliate links that then redirected the viewer to the
affiliate site, this would be heaven - right.

Well, you can very easily brand Camtasia videos with
affiliate urls. There's absolutely NO reason that every
affiliate in your affiliate force can't be given a
personalized (branded) version of your sales-producing
videos. That would get a lot more of the hundreds,
perhaps even thousands, of affiliates on your team, actually
out promoting your products.

The real secrets that you've taken advantage of is the facts

1) For many affiliates, you really do have to do it for

2) You have to make your affiliates feel special. Giving
them a video to distribute that has their url embedded
accomplishes that. With Camtasia, the video will play, and
at the end of the video, deliver your affiliate's prospect
right to the sales page or order form.

4) You need to give your affiliates the tools that they
prefer to use. This sometimes differs but video is really
hot these days. It's hot with your affiliates' customers
too, because they don't have to work... they just sit and
watch, and buy :-)

5) Many affiliates worry about protecting their sales. They
worry about other affiliates hijacking their links. With
branded Camtasia-style video, as the customer is taken to
the sales page, you can also "set the cookie." Depending
upon how your affiliate program software is configured,
you can prevent that cookie from being overwritten.

Offering your affiliate the easy to use tools that they
prefer does one other things - it makes them loyal to
YOU. Many affiliates display no real loyalty, and hop from
product to product... often going to competing products.
If you're offering a tool like branded video, and your
competitors aren't, your affiliates will stick with your
affiliate program.

Ok, so we've just covered a few ideas on how to really
energize your affiliate force. Doing the things covered
above can easily double or even triple your affiliate
sales. The key to doing that is taking massive action.
Start by learning how inexpensive and easy it is to
offer your affilates branded videos. You can do that at:

Willie Crawford has been marketing affiliate, and
his own products, over the internet since late-1996.
His innovative techniques and total dedication to
his customers makes him an in demand mentor! Camtasia
video is his favorite tool. Discover how you too can
create a flood of traffic with branded Camtasia videos

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Check This Out - He's Making A Nice Living In A Simple Niche

Here's a short report that I just finished reading
that proves you can do well in very simple niches, and
do it in just a few hours a week.

Check out:


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July 04, 2007

Time To Declare YOUR Independence?

7 Days To Independence Half Page Ad

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July 03, 2007

When A Product Actually Goes Viral…

In December 1995, I wrote a special report called
The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Succcess

Now, I’m on the verge of releasing the 2007 edition of that
popular ebook.

Just on a whim, I googled the title. The SERPs showed
846,000 returns. I only glanced at the first 2 pages, and
clicked off to do other things satisfied that my work had
indeed gone viral.

By the way, if you'd like to grab that special product, just
click here.
When I release the update, I do plan on giving
it to all past purchasers, who properly registered!

I have two other recent works that I hope will be 3-4 times
as successful, but that one simple report has sent me tons
of traffic practically every month since I wrote it! If you’re
contemplating doing something simply, there is no time like
the present. If you’d like a great way to get it started, grab
my simple $5 report at: ;-)


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July 02, 2007

John Di Lemme's $1 Million Charity Book Sale And $9,200 BONUSES - Don't Miss It!

John explains this charity booksale, that I'm proud to have been
a contributor to, in this short video:

Here's the full story...

Yesterday marked the start of something very big.

It's been building up for months.

Over 75 of the biggest names in the personal
success industry have lined up to help a formerly
clinically diagnosed stutterer.

Go here to see who is behind this historic event:

John Di Lemme overcame his challenges to
shock the world and to become a legendary
speaker and a giant in his field, changing
thousands of lives with his amazing message
of strength, persistence and personal power.

How did he do it?

He found his "why."

And now John shocks the world again by
giving you over $9,200 in bonus gifts when
you order his book, Find Your Why and Fly.

This man does nothing halfway, so when he
told me about his book launch I couldn't wait
to join in, plus all the proceeds go to charity
so everybody wins in this.

I urge you to go and get the book, stake your
claim to any or all of the bonuses you like, and
start believing that anything's possible!

Here's the link again:

To Your Success,


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July 01, 2007

A Bunch Of Freebies For You This Morning

This is free giveaway that I'm participating in:

You can get a lot of nice products here to include software,
ebooks, audios, and PLR rights.

My gift, which I HAVE sold for as much as $97, is near the
bottom of the first page of gifts.

Check it out now:


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June 29, 2007

Here's A Very Nice Collection Of Over 400 Free PLR Articles

This collection of free PLR content was just passed
along to me, and so I'm sharing it with you. You
do have to register to get them but that takes a
5 seconds. Register at:

In case your wondering what topic are covered, here's
a breakdown of the ariticles. They are a good starting
point for many things to include writing your own
original articles, blog posts, ebooks, PLR article
packs that you want to sell, etc.

Affiliate Marketing (27)
Article Marketing (12)
Autoresponders (26)
Blogging (11)
Bluetooth Tech (25)
Buying A Boat (25)
Clickbank Marketing (1)
Computer Security (10)
Diamonds (25)
Ebay & Auctions (29)
Excavation Equip (25)
Garage Remodeling (24)
Google Adsense (11)
Internet Marketing (3)
Jewelry Wholesale (25)
Newport Beach (25)
Optin List (21)
Pay Per Click (14)
Porsche (25)
Pre-Paid Legal (24)
Private Label Rights (10)
RSS Syndication (9)
Search Engines (12)
Self Improvement (24)
Sitemaps (10)
Ski Vacations(25)
Website Traffic (28)

Grab these now ;-)


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Are You Really Happy?

Here's part of the editorial from today's issue of
my ezine...

Let me start out by asking you a personal question today...

"Are You Happy Doing What YOu're Doing?"

A client from the UK recently asked me that question, and
upon reflection, I realized that I AM. You see, I truely do
live "The Internet Marketing Lifestyle."

I can get up any time that I want, grab my laptop and my Verizon
Wireless card, and go practically anywhere and run my business.
Many days, I go sit by the beautiful beach near where I live,
watching the wave, and children playing in the surf, and I work
on websites and answer email from there. If it's HOT I can sit
at a picnic table at one of numerous beachside pavillions, and
work for hours. The local park services are even kind enough to
provide numerous electrical outlets at the beachside pavillions,
so I don't even have to worry about my laptops' battery running

Aside from working when and where I want to, I also ONLY do the
work that I truely enjoy. That work happens to be helping people
who want financial freedom, and to work from home, to realize
their dream. I do that by sharing with them what I've learned
over the past 11 years online (and that I continue to learn

I've discovered my true purpose in life. It may sound hokey,
but I honestly believe that God wants me to be of service to
my fellow man. I honestly believe that I was taught through
study, mentoring, and the school of hard knocks, what actually
works in building and running an online business so that I can
pass it along to others.

... But back to that question, "Are You Happy Doing What You're
Doing?" Today, I'd like to for you to reflect upon that
question a lot. If you're not happy, then I'd like for you to
examine why. It's likely because you're doing the wrong thing...
in the wrong niche... selling the wrong product or service...
something is out of balance. Maybe it's that you don't REALLY
believe in the product or service that you're marketing. You can
never be really happy if that's the case.

I ask you to reflect upon that question today, because you do
deserve both success and happiness. You'll only find them
though if you're honest with yourself in examining what will
really make you happy, and why you're not currently truely happy
(if that's the case).

Another observation is that internet marketers who do things
that they are not truly happy doing often experience MAJOR
burnout! Most of the fairly successful marketers that I've
known, who quietly faded from the scene, did so because of
just that problem!

Ok, enough psychobabble :-)

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June 28, 2007

Now You CAN Get Traffic Like The Big Dogs!

I'm sure you already know that traffic is the lifeblood of any
online business. Did you know that most people struggle when
it comes to generating targeted traffic to their websites?

Every internet marketer knows that without traffic you will
never make any sales online.

Today you can get your hands on a great video tutorial and
transcripts package that will teach you how to drive HUGE
traffic to any website...


You get 14 Videos, that show you step by step:

1. How to find money making keywords.

2. How to use Ebay to send traffic to your sites.

3. How to send traffic through article directories.

4. How to submit your listing to a Link Directory.

5. How to write HTML pages in a way Search Engines LOVE!

6. How to bring traffic to your sites by using Forums.

7. How to drive traffic to your websites through blogs.

8. How to send traffic to your sites through iPod casting.

9. How to send traffic to your sites through RSS.

10. How to send traffic to your sites through Stumble Upon.

11. How to send traffic to your sites through Squidoo.

12. How to send traffic to your sites through Videos.

13. How to send traffic to your sites through MySpace.

14. How to send traffic to through a Secret Social Site.

It's time to get an INSANE amount of traffic to your websites!


You should not even be thinking about whether to invest
in this package or not. Traffic is essential to your
business and every new trick you can learn will in turn
increase your sales & profits in the long run.

Stop chasing traffic like a little puppy, today...


These videos are short and straight to the point, no
razzle dazzle, just simple steps you need to take.

This great package also come with TRANSFERABLE MASTER
RESALE RIGHTS, so you can resell it to your visitors
and make back your investment after one sale...

If you own a website and need traffic, don't miss out on this one!


To ALL The Traffic You Can Handle!


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June 27, 2007

Camtasia Users - Watch This Short Video

I’ve told many of my friends about a Camtasia
brander that I’ve been beta testing for a while.

It’s finally been released onto the market and it
works beautifully. Now, affiliate program
managers can allow their affiliates to brand
their Camtasia videos with their affiliate links
and have “jump to” link BE the affiliate link.

If you are an internet marketer, you have to
understand what a revolutionary tool this is.

Take a look at this short video, let me know if
you have any questions ;-)


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Don't Miss $4,137.00 In Gifts From Tim Knox!

Tim Knox recently launched his new book, "Everything I Know About
Business I Learned From My Mama."


Naturally he wants the book to soar up the charts so Tim is giving
away $4,137.00 worth of downloadable materials to every one who
gets a copy during his launch. I contributed a VERY valuable item
to that batch of downloadable material since Tim is a good friend.

This Book Is For:

- Anyone who is thinking about starting a new business
- Anyone who has recently started a business
- Anyone who is struggling to stay in business
- Anyone considering a franchise or business opportunity
- Stay at home moms who need to make extra money
- College grads about to start their career in business
- Employees about to be downsized
- Executives looking to leave the career track
- Baby boomers and seniors in need of a second income
- Retirees who don't want to sit on the porch and watch the world go
- Anyone who is floating through life with no direction or purpose
- Anyone seeking personal or business success should get this book!

Learn more and grab a copy of time book here;
Tim Knox's Book


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5200 Additional Subscriber Per Month Free!


A few months ago,I wrote a special report
detailing how I increased my number of
new subscribers by an average of 5200
per month! It was using a fairly simple,
common tool that costs nothing to use
except a little set-up.

I'm in the process of dusting off that old
report and updating it. As soon as I
finish, I plan on offering anyone who
bought the old version, the updated version
for free (they won't be very different).

When I first released that report, it
was as a Warrior Special offer, and then
later I told my list about it. Sales were
incredible. I didn't even write a sales
letter. I just sent them to my order form
which you can see by Visiting:

When I re-release the product, I will have
a full-blown sales page, but this product
sells itself so well that I won't need a
long sales page.

Why am I telling you this? Simply to
emphasize that if you have old reports or
ebooks that you've written, maybe you
should consider updating them and then
re-releasing them. I have no doubt that
my re-released report will generate four
figures in a week, and maybe five figures
with a month. That's how hot the topic
is because "The Money Really Is In The

Watch for my updated version of this
report. If you want to get a headstart
grab the old one, and then when the new
one comes out, I'll send you that one tool
Grab the old version at:


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June 25, 2007

Michel Fortin Brain Dump

I've been a big fan of Michel Fortin for at
least 5 or 6 years. When I first came across
Michel it was through his ezine. I use to
devour every issue. I'd often compliment him
on an issue... and to my SHOCK he even wrote
me once to compliment me on an issue of my
ezine. That was when I first realized that
you never know wHO is subscribed to your list.

I later learned that many of your competitors
even subscribed using names and email addresses
that you wouldn't recognize as belonging to

Back then I was soaking up internet marketing
knowledge like a sponge. Michel taugt me
important lessons by mentioning his child
playing at his feet while he was working...
and how much he enjoyed being able to
experience that.

Several years later I met Michel at a copywriting
seminar Gary Halbert sponsored. I think that was
the first time that I had met him, John Carlton,
Gary Halbert, and Mark Joyner in person.

Michel had some really great stuff to share...
results of his testing of all aspects of copy.
I took frantic notes. After all, Michel was the
guy who wrote John Reese's salesletter that
made more than $1 million in sales in a day. That
was the first time that I'm aware of that that
had happened in the internet marketing niche that
I'm in.


This past weekend I read through a very insightful
special report called Michel Fortin Brain Dump.
This report was actually written by Stephen Dean,
a client of Michel's high priced copywriting
coaching. I actually read through the report
several times, making lots of notes each time. Now,
I'm putting some of those notes into action!

However,I did want to take the time to recommend
that you grab a copy of this insightful report.

You can read more about this special report, and
get it (for under $10) here:

Grab it now, before the price increases! This is
good stuff :-)


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A Live Marketing Test...

I'm conducting a marketing test on this page.