August 02, 2008

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Are You Locked In Everlasting Ignorance?

Are You Locked In Everlasting Ignorance?
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

Working with aspiring internet marketers for a dozen years
has been both exhilarating and exasperating.

It's exhilarating to see someone, who just the previous
month was struggling to make the rent payment, finally
"get it" and start regularly selling something that the
market loves.

It's exasperating to watch someone who "intellectually"
understands how to build a successful online business, but
for some reason won't do what they know that they should

For some reason, they look at the obvious answers, say to
themselves, "there must something else," and then keep on
looking for other solutions.

When you ask these people why they're not building a list,
offering that list what they tell them that they want, and
building real relationships with members of that list, they
respond with a look of bewilderment and contempt.

The real problem seems to be that they know what you know,
but won't do what you are doing and tell them to do to...
seemingly largely out of contempt, and a disbelief that it
really can be that simple.

They are described perfectly by Herbert Spencer, when
he said:

"There is a principle which is a bar against all
information, which is proof against all arguments, and
which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance -
that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

Contempt may actually seem like a rather strong word, but
how else would you describe someone observing what you are
doing, and obviously dismissing it as too simplistic.

They understand that it works for those who use it, but for
someone as enlightened as they are, there must be something
more advanced... something more complex.

So they keep look for the secret to online success, and
smirk when they look at the "simpletons" who so willingly
dismiss their right to contempt, and do what is proven to

This is of course not about anyone that you know personally.
However, if you are around internet marketing long enough,
you will encounter someone that this seems to describe

At that point, please be kind. There is actually nothing
that you can do for a man who chooses to stay locked
in everlasting ignorance.


Willie Crawford is founder of The Internet Marketing Inner
and host of "Willie Crawford Teaches Real Internet
Marketing," an internet-based radio show you'll find at Visit Willie's
show to learn how you can easily grow your email list by
1000 new subscribers within the next 30 days.

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August 01, 2008

You're A Poor

This site made me laugh so hard that I spilled
my coffee :-)

You're A Poor


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July 24, 2008

Missing Twitter Followers - Twitter Explains

When I logged into my account late
yesterday I noticed that I had about 500 fewer
followers, and that I was following about 450
fewer people.

Apparently, this was just a temporary glitch that
Twitter is working to fix, as explained here:

By the way, you can follow me at:


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July 17, 2008

Please Give Michel & Sylvie A Hand In This Project To Battle Breast Cancer

My friend Sylvie Fortin is a breast cancer survior.
Now she helps Michel's mother in as she undergoes
treatment for the same problem.

Michel & Sylvie has a project going (a fundraiser) that
your help is needed with. That help can be as simple
as helping to spread the word.


Sylvie Fortin, Willie Crawford & Michel Fortin

Please take a moment to check out their work, and
lend a hand:

Thank you,

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Ten Internet Marketing Lessons My Grandmother Taught Me

Ten Internet Marketing Lessons My Grandmother Taught Me
Copyright 2008 by Joanne Mason

During my childhood up until the age of about 13 my grandmother was a
central figure in my life. I grew up in a single parent home and my
grandmother was always there to assist with rearing, providing for and
nurturing me.

Her strong influence has helped to mold me into the person that I am
today. Her presence in my life is still felt daily. Today, like almost every
day of my life, I thought about her a lot.

Today I fondly remembered many of the colorful phrases or adages that
my grandmother often used. Strangely, I now see a correlation in many
of my grandmother’s wise old sayings to internet marketing.

Although she passed away nearly thirty years ago, long before the dawn
of internet marketing, I can still use the lessons that my grandmother
taught me and use them as words of wisdom in governing my online

If you’ve ever had anyone in your life use creative language like my
grandmother then chances are that you’ll relate to these sage lessons.
Just in case, you don’t have a clue what my grandmother was talking
about, I’ll translate them into modern internet marketing terms that you’ll
more easily understand.

1. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket – Create multiple streams of income

2. Procrastination is a thief of time – self explanatory

3. Birds of a feather flock together – you will be judged according to your associates

4. Don’t bite off more than you can chew – learn proper time management skills

5. Kill two birds with one stone – build your list and make money at the same time

6. Two heads are better than one - you need a JV partner

7. What goes around comes around – the law of attraction

8. Do unto others as you’ll have them do unto you – also self explanatory

9. If you lie down with dogs you’ll get up with fleas – reminder, you will be judged according to your associates

10. The early bird gets the worm – launch your product before anyone else

I hope this article gives you a lighter look at internet marketing and
maybe you eve had a laugh or too. Maybe you’ll also see the parallels in
the lessons that you learned long ago and how they can be applied to
your business today.

Joanne Mason is an Internet Marketing Consultant and the author of many
articles and several ebooks. After more than a decade online she enjoys
helping people discover the joy of building a successful online business.
Download her free ebook “21 Income Streams – Multiple Ways to Make
Money Online” at

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July 16, 2008

Steve Wagenheim's Video About Willie Crawford - Is He Too Honest?

One of my Internet Marketing Inner Circle Members,
Steve Wagenheim, made this video about me:

Steve is on a mission is expose the lies, deception,
and rip-offs that he's discovered in Internet
marketing. So when I heard that he'd done a video
of me, I really didn't know what to expect.

Anyway, take a look at the video, and if you visit
YouTube,leave a comment.


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July 14, 2008

Twitter Helped This Guy Get Out Of Prison - You Do Twitter Don't You?

Great story on what social networking... specifically Twittering
(Tweeting) can do for you:

By the way, my Twitter url is:

I'll Tweet you there :-)


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Who Said This...

Willie is a true mentor in the marketing world. He always has time for people no matter what their level of accomplishment to date. In the dictionary under "Good Guy" is says "See: Willie Crawford."

Click here to see which one of my mentors
said this.


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June 25, 2008

Email From A Long Time Customer

This is a sanitized email that I got from a customer recently.
I asked her permission to share it, and she granted that but
requested that I not reveal her identity or niche.

There are a LOT of very powerful lessons hidden in this simple
email written from the heart :-)

For the skeptics (and the FTC), I do have this note on file. I'm
hoping that she'll let me use it unsanitized some day. I'm fairly
confident that she will.

Here it is:

From: xx xxxx []
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2008 12:29 PM
To: ''
Subject: Personal note of gratitude and admiration for Willie

Dear Willie,

I realize that you do not personally know me, although we have had brief
communication in the past on various forums, including your own. Before you
hit the delete button, I want you to know that this really is a personal
email, written directly to you - and only to you...and it is rather long.

I guess I should start this letter with a little background information
about myself...

I am a highly successful xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx. I am also a 'fairly'
successful xxxxx marketer. I must use the term 'fairly' here because I
compare that success to my success as a xxxer. I've been around for a great
deal longer than most people realize...quietly making a living online since

If you are wondering about the term 'quietly,' I mean that I have a website
for my xxxxx business, but I don't advertise it, I don't use SEO
tactics...I really don't do anything at all to promote it. I actively read
the forums, but I rarely make a post, and when I do, it's because I have a
genuine question, or I can answer a question that nobody else is answering.
I may make a total of five forum posts in a twelve month period - if that,
and usually, I have to sign up again as a member because it's been so long
since I posted, that I don't remember my username and password (or if I even
have one for that particular forum). I'm quiet, yet I am successful by being

Most of my xxxx work comes from referrals, and I work with very steady
clients - many of whom are well known marketers. You know that drill...they
xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx and tell me their requirements, I xxxx xxxx xxx
xxxxxxx, they change it to suit themselves or their purposes, they pay
me, they make money from the product, and everyone is happy. Before you get
suspicious, I'm not shopping for a new client by contacting you...I have
enough work :)

I also get work from people who manage to find my obscure little website.
Sometimes, I make people mad, because there are many jobs that I turn
down...either because I'm overloaded with work, or because I'm not
necessarily overloaded, but want to take it easy for a while...or because I
cannot, for moral reasons, xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx - for any amount of

As for affiliate marketing, in the past, I've steered clear of the Internet
Marketing niche, and all that it entails, and I've played in much smaller,
non-marketing related niches, and done most of my affiliate marketing with
xxxx xxxxxxx (stands to reason, since I am a xxxxxxxx), and despite what
all of the experts advise, I have managed to earn a great deal of money
sending customers directly to the merchant site, using my uncloaked
affiliate link in xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx.

I have, however, recently decided to start playing in the Internet Marketing
niche, for my own personal reasons...which may mean that I have to start
speaking up, just a little bit, but being the type of person that I am, I'm
not likely to get overly loud or aggressive :) My personal reason: I don't
like the direction that Internet Marketing has taken in recent years, and
I'm hoping to use my xxxxx talent and my knowledge to bring back the old
spirit of this industry.

That's enough about me. I'm not writing to tell you of my successes...I just
wanted to give you a little background information...on to the reason for
this letter.

Over the years, I've been quietly watching all of the players in the
Internet Marketing arena. There have been winners and losers, and very few
have impressed me in any way, shape, or form. I'm not easily impressed, and
never have been.

You, however, have repeatedly impressed me a great deal over the years, and
I just want you to know that. Today, I took part in the Daddy's Day
Giveaway, and came to your gift. I was so impressed with the way that you
sent me right to the download, and then gave me the option to sign up, that
I felt compelled to write you this letter - just to let you know how much
you are appreciated and how valuable you are in this industry.

I've watched how you handle things on your forum. I've read your
newsletters. I've visited your sites and sales pages. I've purchased your
products. I've seen how you handle yourself on other forums. I've seen how
choosy you are when it comes to Joint Ventures and product recommendations.
I've seen that you believe in and use the products and services that you

You, Mr. Willie Crawford, represent everything that Internet Marketing
should be - you represent the true spirit of the Internet, and the old
spirit of Internet Marketing that I miss so much.

You do everything in true "Willie Style," and I am overly impressed. I hope
that you will continue to bring everything good that you are to this
industry...I fear that it needs your guidance and leadership now, more than
ever before. As I break into the Internet Marketing niche, I know that I
will face every success, every obstacle, and every heartache with the
question 'how would Willie handle this' in my head.

Warmest Regards,

Please take a minute to Digg this post by clicking

Thank you,
Willie Crawford

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June 24, 2008

Dr. Mani - "How To Market On Social Networks Effectively"

Nice article, by Dr. Mani... well worth taking a
few minutes to read:


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June 13, 2008

Part 1 of My Newsletter From Today - On Video

Here's the first half of my ezine from today,
streamed from YouTube.

I uploaded it there for those who would rather
listen in the background while doing something
else, and for SEO purposes :-)

The link to the PDF version is here too.


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June 10, 2008

World Championship Of Website Flipping

Check this out…

A buddy of mine, Justin Brooke, runs the worlds largest
source of website flipping information (
and he just partnered with the worlds largest website
marketplace ( to bring you the World
Championships of Website Flipping.

What is the World Championships of Website Flipping all about?

Well, Justin got together a bunch of partners to promote
a 100% free contest to find the worlds best website flipper.
Reason for this is so that he can create awareness for the
website flipping industry, brand the SiteFlipAcademy name,
and give recognition to the best website flippers in our industry.

Over 100 Contenders Already Registered

There are lots of prizes donated already (upto $20,000 in
Cash & Prizes!) I suggest you go check them out and register
as a contender. Registration is free at and all registered
members will get a discount coupon code from
to use during the contest period. Register Here:

Winner Gets a Real Leather & Engraved Metal Championship Belt!

If you think you have what it takes to be crowned the
“Worlds Best Website Flipper” then go take your title shot
by registering today. You’ll get a free contender kit
that tells you all about the rules and points structure,
plus the basics of website flipping.

Go Register Now... It's Free


P.S. Justin wrote a section of the contender kit that
shows a step by step plan that breaks the points system.
Only a few will dare try it.

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May 30, 2008

Bad News For List Builders...

Slowly but surely it's been happening. The first I remember
seeing signs of it was about 18 months ago...and it's gotten
worse ever since.

If you've been building a list in any niche, you've likely been
experiencing it too. What am I talking about?

The massive drop off in opt-in conversion rates for name squeeze
and landing pages.

I've witnessed name squeeze pages that previously converted as
high as 40%+ drop to as low as 12%. Even landing pages that
attract only the most highly targeted of traffic slip from
impressive 50-60%+ conversions down to single digit conversions.

I'll bet your opt-in conversions have dropped too!

Care to guess why this might be happening all the sudden?

No, it's nothing to do with poorly written copy or non-targeted
traffic. These variables are unchanged. It's something else
all together...

Your prospects have become IMMUNE to your obvious list building
strategy. Everyone and their Brother-in-law is using the same
style name squeeze and landing pages...all promising a free
report, 5-day email course, or...and I just love this one: the
privilege of reading a salesletter.

Don't get me wrong here, I think it's super-important for you to
build a list of prospects to follow-up with. It's the BEST way
to double or even triple your sales by selling those prospects
who don't buy on the first visit to your site. And sending them
to your salesletter; well you need to do that to persuade them
to make the purchase.

The problem is this: with opt-in conversion rates dropping like
flies, what can you do differently today? What can you do today
to boost your conversion rates back to where they they were two
years ago? And what can you do today to improve those
conversions to their MAXIMUM potential?

Let me share with you a little secret that the smart marketers
online are using to do just that. It can be summed up in one


Find a way to involve your prospect directly on your lead
generation pages, and your opt-in conversions will soar.

My friend, Ed Turner has helped close to five hundred online
marketers boost their slumping opt-in rates using a very
specific "involvement device". I asked Ed if he would be
willing to share such an example with my readers.

He's not able to show an actual client example (that would badly
skew his client's conversion rates). But instead, Ed put
together a quick sample of his own for you to check out. Don't
take the content too seriously, it was meant to be humorous.
But DO follow the whole thing through to the end.

Only by completing the entire process will you get a chance to
find out how you can increase your opt-in conversion rate using
the same technique.

Take 5 minutes and check this out now:'ll be glad you did.


P.S. Don't forget to follow Ed's process all the way through.
He shows you how you can boost your opt-in conversion the EXACT
same way at the very end.

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May 22, 2008

The Quickest Way To Get Cheap Sustained Website Traffic

The Quickest Way To Get Cheap Sustained Website Traffic
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

During a recent radio interview, one of the callers asked
Ways Tofor several ways to get fast, cheap, sustained website traffic.
She added on top of that “tall order” that she didn't want
to use pay-per-clicks!

Digging deeply into my toolkit of traffic generation techniques
that had actually work beautifully for me, I suggested joint
ventures and article marketing. Then I had to admit that article
marketing often doesn't produce an immediate flood of traffic
but that it can be sustained and highly targeted.

Joint ventures get you fast and cheap traffic because you're
arranging for those who already have the attention of your ideal
customers to send them to you. You're convincing those who
already have the trust and respect of your ideal customers to
point out to them that you can help to solve their pressing

My "answer" to the question of the quickest way to generate
sustained, inexpensive website traffic still is joint
ventures. As a joint venture broker, and Executive Director
of The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers,
I've seen first-hand how large, successful joint ventures with
just the right partners can deliver 7-figure days.

However, the joint ventures that so typify product launches in
the Internet marketing niche often miss delivering real
"sustained" traffic. They are mostly "flash in the pan"
launches where the traffic flow dies-off even faster than it
builds up.

A better option for generating inexpensive, sustained, targeted
website traffic is an affiliate program, or strategic
partnerships. The strategic partnerships can even BE an
affiliate program, where the partners have agreed to promote
certain products within that affiliate program contributed by
various members of the alliance.

In ultra-competitive niches, such as Internet marketing, where
you often see dozens of new product launches per week,
strategic alliances are almost a "requirement." It's sometimes
so difficult just to get noticed that the secret to breaking
through the clutter is TEAMWORK.

You often need to find a group of likeminded individuals, and
then work to jointly develop, launch and promote group products
and projects.

An example of a product launched using this model is the ebook
"20 Make $100 Per Day Online." This ebook was written
by members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle
(http://TIMIC.ORG), then group members created the buzz that
got the product noticed and eventually started other affiliates
promoting it.

The "20 Ways" ebook had a viral twist to it too though, and
that's what created and will sustain it's growth. That viral
aspect is the customer-only affiliate program. A customer is
eligible to register as an affiliate, and then use their
affiliate link to sell the ebook at 100% commission.

The 20 Ways Ebook was indeed launched via a strategic alliance,
an affiliate program, and viral marketing. It's a launch
formula that you could easily model, and use to generate a
steady stream of quick, inexpensive traffic.

Some would look at the "20 Ways" ebook though and ask "What's
the point - if you then give away 100% commission?" The answer
is that you need to build-in backend sales. Add links to your
product that drive repeat customer back to you, or offer
additional products to those customers on your download pages.

When I further contemplate the question of the fastest, easiest,
cheapest ways to generate sustained website traffic, I would
still have to say joint ventures... and an affiliate program.
An affiliate program fits the "inexpensive" criteria because you
only pay for performance. If the traffic doesn't convert to
sales, it costs you absolutely nothing. Any costs involved in an
affiliate program comes from revenue that you wouldn't
otherwise have anyway.

The only twist missing from the "20 Ways" model that I would
incorporate in hindsight... is to perhaps make some part of the
ebook rebrandable. Perhaps use software such as Viral Document
to allow customer who buy resale rights (as an upsell)
to change links within the ebook. No kind of resale rights are
offered for the 20 Ways ebook, but it is a twist that you might
want to consider for one of your products.

Anyway... joint ventures, an affiliate program, and releasing
viral rebrandable products are all proven methods of quickly,
easily, and cheaply setting in motion a sustainable flow of


Willie Crawford is an Internet marketer with over 11 years
of experience at generating massive website traffic, and sales
using viral marketing techniques. Viral Document Toolkit is
his favorite tool for creating rebranded PDF ebooks in minutes.
Checkout the demo video at:

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My Office - Beach View :-)

Many of the pictures I've posted from last weekend
were taken at Okaloosa Island, 25 minutes or so from
my house.

Often, when I just want to work by the ocean I
go over to Navarre Beach, which is roughly 4 minutes
from my house... in heavy traffic.


I showed this beach to a few friends who stuck
around on May 18th. In this shot you can see
a few sunbathers, and then off in the distance
you can see what's left of the Navarre fishing
pier. Prior to one of the big hurricanes 2
years ago, that pier was crowded with fishermen
every day :-)

There is a shaded pagoda, just out of view
from where the photo was snapped where I
often sit for hours and do exciting things like
read ebooks and work on web copy :-)

You have to admit... it's a nicely decorated
office. It's beautiful even in the middle
of winter... when temperature may drop into
the 30s some days :-)


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May 21, 2008

The Official Joint Ventures Expert At Idea Marketers

Just another title added to my resume....

The Official Joint Ventures Expert :-)


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May 20, 2008

Beware The Internet Marketing Value Vampires

Beware The Internet Marketing Value Vampires
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

Thousands of aspiring Internet marketers come online
every year, filled with hopes of earning a full-time
living from the Internet. They learn HOW to actually
accomplish that, yet they never reach their dreams.

Many get so close, and yet they are stopped by ONE thing.

They are stopped by an insidious poison that is so subtle
that it kills all chances that they have of success in a
way that leaves them with a smile on their faces.

That success killer is a "class of poisons" called "The
Value Vampires."

Value vampires are people and things that allow you to
gradually master a valuable skill, and then act as if
that skill has no value. It's people and thoughts that
cause you to undervalue things that you create.

Symptoms of value vampires operating in your universe

- You spend countless hours writing ebooks and then give
them away, or don't even distribute them, because you
become convinced that the information that they contain is
"common knowledge."

- You host teleseminar where you teach people things
that they need to know, and you don't charge anything
for the teleseminars or recordings because you consider
what you teach "common knowledge" or "common sense."

- You record interviews or teleseminars and then give
away the MP3's, and PDF's that you pay to have
created, because you become convinced that the
information they contain is "common knowledge."

- You spend countless hours creating Camtasia videos
showing how to do things such as configure scripts,
generate website traffic, or create products, and then
you give the videos away because you assume that
"everyone already knows what you teach."

STOP for a moment and examine what you're doing!

You're undervaluing your unique knowledge,
experience, and skills. You're concluding that because
what you're sharing is actually easy for you now, it
can't have any real value.

After acknowledging what's keeping your from actually
earning a living from sharing your knowledge and skills,
you need to ask WHY you behave that way.

If you are like many Internet marketers with a wealth
of valuable information, but aren't earning a decent
living from it, the problem is very likely caused by
value vampires that you can readily "identify."

These are people that you interact with everyday who
tell you "point blank" that you should give away
your hard work.

They imply that it can't possibly have any real value.

They subtly hint that you should feel guilty having
the audacity to charge someone for your ebooks, audios,
videos, teleseminars, and even LIVE events.

At the same time, these value vampire consume virtually
EVERYTHING that you produce. They value what you produce
enough to ask for a steady supply of it, yet lead you
to believe that it has no value.

Do you see the inconsistency?

I'm not implying that you need to charge for everything
that you produce and share.

I AM pointing out that if you've been in business online
for years, know how to do lots of things, and teach others
how to do lots of things, and you're still struggling,
you MAY be a victim of the value vampires.

I AM pointing out that if people are constantly asking
you for files that you create, then they're confirming
that your "output" has real value, and that you should
probably be charging for some of it.

Step back and examine your online activities today. Ask
yourself if you are falling prey to "the value vampires."
The first step to protecting yourself from them is
learning to recognize them.

After recognizing the problem, the next logical step to
finally building a profitable online business, is treating
it like a business. Ask yourself if you'd behave the same
way if your products were meals in a brick and mortar

Now that you've become aware of the Internet marketing
value vampires, the only reason you need be victimized by
them is that you enjoy it :-)


Willie Crawford is an internationally-acclaimed speaker,
author, seminar and radio show host, and leading Internet
marketing expert. When not out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico,
Willie can be found sharing his 11 1/2 years of online marketing
experience with members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.
Join them today at:

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April 29, 2008

He Reads My Blog On His Cell Phone :-)

Here's a shot and a note from a subscriber who
monitors my blog while he's out an about.

It's a large image even after I optimize it,
so give it a minute to load.

This Blog In A Cell Phone Feed Reader

His note...

Hi Willie,

thought you might enjoy this, when I'm out and
about I read your blog thru the feedreader on
my Sony Ericsson P1i Cellphone.

Often then when I get home, I go to your blog on
my pc to re-read stuff. Its a great way to pass
time when in the doctors waiting room, waiting to
get my hair cut or whatever.


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April 21, 2008

This Actually Made Me Blush

Here's a nice testimonial that I recently got from a customer.
It's both heart-warming and humbling...


In my 40 some years I have had the opportunity to read many
popular "self help" books, such as Psyco-Cybernetics by Maxwell
Maltz, MD and Dan Kennedy, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
and the Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason. While I must
admit I gained a tremendous magnitude of knowledge from each of
these books; none of them have moved me as much as "Git Off The

Your story of how you rose from poverty to prosperity is not
only uplifting, but also a testimonial to anyone who has an
ounce of will to succeed in this thing we call "Life." One may
not be able to help the fact that they are born into a family of
poverty. However, it is also a well known fact, as 'Git off the
Porch" so clearly emphasizes, that you don't have to stay there.
You can rise up higher if you have the willpower and desire to
do so.

Life has so many great things to offer if we are only willing to
accept “the gift."

Your dedication to your work, family and to God is something to
be commended and I offer my utmost respect. Yes, there IS a
reason that Willie Crawford is known as "The Most Honest Man In
Internet Marketing."

I especially related to your “Hit It, And Then Quit” theory.
Although it’s something I have known for many years… I certainly
needed that reminder.

Thank you for sharing your life story with me, having read it...
I feel an overwhelming sense of humbleness and know I have
emerged a better man because of it.

Congratulations on authoring such a well defined piece of work.

All the best of success!

Ronnie Bussey"

You can check out the ebook that he liked so much at:


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March 21, 2008

Eavesdropping On Two Three Pillars Help Desk System Customers

Here's an email that I got from David Perdew earlier today
showing how much he actually relies on my Three Pillar
Help Desk Software....

Hey there Willie

Hope you have a great Easter weekend...or just a great
weekend period if you don't celebrate it.

I just came back from a 90-minute motorcycle ride - it's a
glorious day here. And I found my friend and partner, Rob
Richards on the instant message waiting for me.

We're putting together the "almost giveaway"
site this weekend. Remember, all contributors will be Niche
Widget members.

Anyway, we were knocking out the to-do's and there was a
snippet of the conversation that I thought you might find
helpful - it gives you an inside view of how marketers
gravitate to the same great products and really use them to
make their IM lives better.

We're talking about Willie Crawford's Three Pillars Helpdesk

This was the real-unedited conversation just 10 minutes ago.
(I did change the instant message addresses to protect Rob's


[15:21] rob: I'm assuming I'm the help desk too right?
[15:22] david: I can set up helpdesk so both you and I can
handle issue management - I've got Willie's 3 pillars system
- it's easy.
[15:22] david: The link would be
[15:23] rob: I'm using the same one For the Bizzy Box it was
[15:24] rob: Go ahead and set it up on your site then and
I'll get limited admin access
[15:24] david: k
[15:25] rob: I can't imagine doing a giveaway now without
the 3 pillars
[15:25] david: That's my home page now. I open up to it.
[15:25] david: It's a lifesaver.
[15:26] rob: major time sucker - gone!
[15:26] david: yep
[15:26] david: And I can easily manage the same answers over
and over - love that customization.


Unedited, unrehearsed, undeniable truth.

You can get yours here:

Peace and Prosperity!

David Perdew

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March 03, 2008

SHOT By A Crab!

This incredible video would seem to have nothing
to do with internet marketing. It shows how a crab
actually shoots its prey:

Just a minor distraction? Now go check out how to
really improve your marketing. Find out more about
how to get your solo mailing (your ad) sent to 120,000
of my subscribers.

Find out why this is already being called, "The
Best Product Launch Formula Bonus



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What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success?

Here's an excerpt from a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading
this weekend, and that provided me with greater clarity...


What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success?
Discover Secrets To Achieving Total Success!

By Dr. Joe Capista

Chapter 8
Five Part Formula for Success

Success is not single sided; it is a holistic experience taking
into account all of life's experiences. I view success as a Five
Part Formula. Our conversation about success starts with
business, but ends with the total life experience.

If I asked a group of people to write down everything they
needed for success in business and life we could probably fill
countless whiteboards, blackboards, flipcharts, computer files
and notepads. I have found there are only five basic skills
needed in order to be successful:

1. Become an Expert / Have a Great Product and/or Service
2. Develop Sales and Marketing Skills
3. Get Help from Experts (Mentors)
4. Control Your Thoughts
5. Create Balance in Your Life

Each part is equally important to the others as they support a
balance of business success and life success. Business and life
successes are not exclusive of one another. When you have both,
there is a synergy so that you have greater TOTAL SUCCESS as
opposed to success in individual parts.

Of the five basic skills listed for success, money is not
included for specific reasons. Success is not a result of making
money; making money is a result of success. Money is not
necessarily a part of success; it can be a way of keeping score.
I truly believe that success is the result of providing value
and service. We are paid based on the amount of value and
service we provide. Money is a measure of that value and

When we work with our customers, we should be paid directly for
the amount of value and service we provide. In reality, we
should be providing more value and service than we are being
paid. If you do that, money will never be an issue. You will
always be paid the fee you deserve because you are providing
more to your customer based on the amount of value and service
you provide to them. Henry Ford said, “Wealth, like happiness,
is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a
byproduct of providing a useful service.”

The reason I know that money is not part of success is because
one of the most successful people I know is my father. My father
worked in a factory and never had the opportunity to make much
money. Yet he is still a success.

If you are in a position of a professional or you have the type
of job where you can make a good living, you should be making
money. In fact, you have an obligation to yourself and your
family to make money. If you are performing in your job to the
fullest extent or with the greatest skills it could be done, you
will make money. If you are not, you are cheating yourself and
your family.

It's like the Biblical story where the servants were given money
from their master. The gold they were given symbolized talents.
Two servants worked with the money, made more and were praised.
They used their talents. The one who didn't invest the money but
instead buried the gold and did nothing with it was admonished
and his gold was taken away and given to the servants who made
use of the gold. If we have been given talents and do not use
them, we are cheating ourselves and, in the end, the customer.

If you never graduated from high school and you work in a
factory, you may not have the opportunity to make a lot of
money, but that does not mean you cannot be successful. You can
still have the components in your life to be a successful
person. However, if the people who have been given the talents
to make money don't do it, they are cheating themselves by not
applying themselves to their fullest extent and making money.

Again, success is not the result of making money; making money
is the result of success. Success is the result of providing
value and service. Money measures the amount of value and
service that you provide. Simply put, when you provide value and
service, you will be successful and make money.

Although there have been many words and pages already dedicated
to the first three parts of the formula, they are so important
they bear repeating. Looking at the five parts you would find
the following:

Become an Expert

Have a Great Product and/or Service

Expertise is not easy to come by and many people fool themselves
into thinking their knowledge is adequate and self-designate
their level of skill as that of an “expert.” Some people believe
because they fulfilled a required curriculum or passed a test
they are suddenly an expert. It is not uncommon upon completion
of dental school that some dentists think they know everything
they need to know. In reality, they know very little.

Markets change and demands for the service you provide changes.
If you don't recognize the market shift or change in demand for
what you are doing you will be left behind. This is true for any
industry. At some point I knew that if I wanted to be an expert
dentist, and more specifically a cosmetic dentist, I had to get
specialized training. There were four places I could have gone
for the next level of training. I chose The Las Vegas Institute
of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) because I liked their
philosophy and what they had to offer.

In the last few years alone, I took multiple courses that cost
hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and expense to become a
cosmetic dentist. It was a major commitment and one I was
willing to make. Anyone who is an expert in their field has to
make an incredible commitment of time, money and energy. It
doesn't just happen by chance. I also discovered along the way
that as I focused on improving my skills as a cosmetic dentist
my skills as a general dentist improved.

Developing a high level of expertise was really a matter of
vision for me. In the last eight years I knew I wanted to do
more cosmetic dentistry. I was intrigued by what was possible
and instinctively knew I had to learn more. The standard
curriculum no longer met my needs and I needed more professional
training. I also realized early on that improving my overall
ability is about being fair to my patient. Everybody, no matter
what industry they are in, needs to be on top of their game.

If you're not at the top of your game, you're not being fair to
your customer. It may not mean you are giving them an inferior
product, but you're certainly not giving them the highest
quality of service. I've discovered many folks balk at continued
education and advanced training. They are captured by a mind-set
that whispers, “I don't deserve to spend that kind of money on
myself,” or “I'll just get by.” I've found these folks are
usually worried about what they're giving up, mainly in dollars,
as opposed to what they're going to get.

By investing in your own training and education, you will gain
more in the long run than you're giving up. With increased skill
comes increased confidence. With increased confidence comes
increased competence. The rewards will continue to multiply.

Many are comfortable with the status quo. They feel because
they've been at something for a long time it qualifies them as
an expert. I learned a long time ago just because you've got a
lot of years in or you've done something repeatedly, that
doesn't necessarily make you an expert. Some people work in a
vacuum doing the same thing day in and day out thinking they are
the best at what they do. Wrong!

You can't increase your expertise on your own; someone has to
teach you. I don't care if you're already at the top of your
game, there's somebody that's on top of you that's doing it
better. That's the person you have to talk to!

This is about your Service, your Product and the level at which
you deliver. Years ago I heard a saying that has stayed with me,
“If you're not moving ahead, you're moving backwards or you're
dying.” I know as long as I'm fixing teeth, I'm going to be

focused on learning a new and better way and definitely keep up
with the latest and greatest techniques and technology.

If someone wants to be considered an expert, they have to put
constant effort into learning all they can about what they do,
what their customers need and what the market demands.

Develop Sales and Marketing Skills

The success of your business is directly proportionate to your
ability to sell and market. Taking that one step further, I
believe the success of your life is directly proportionate to
your ability to sell and market. The better you sell and market
the higher level of success you will attain.

I'm not talking about selling used cars. I'm talking about
selling your Services, Products or ideas. Additionally, you are
selling your philosophies, your principles to your children and
selling to make relationships with your spouse and family

I'm talking about selling Products and Services they want and
need that are going to make them better people. Sales and
marketing is not about you getting something; it is about you
giving something.

Sales is a kind of strategic influence. Too many times we think
of sales as manipulation because we have the vision of the slick
salesperson; the person who's trying to sell for his or her good
and not for the good of the customer. Sales is about benefits
and coming to a mutual agreement with your customer that what
you have to offer is of value. Once value has been established,
you have the responsibility to influence the person to say,

You always have to have the other person's highest good in mind.
In fact, Charlie used to tell me about the U Attitude. When he
first presented the U Attitude idea, it was foreign to me. He
would sit in front of me, hold his pad of paper and he'd draw a
U. One part of the U started with the customer coming tome and
it ended back with the customer to complete the U. This means
the process has to start with the customer, come to me, and then
go back to the customer. The customer always has to be the
person who benefits the most in the sales process and the U
Attitude has helped me to remember this over the years.

Selling is about helping the client. The times I have been sold
by people who have good sales skills is fantastic; a great
experience. They see what I want and what I need. They know how
I'm going to benefit by it and they help me get there. Sales
require compassion, understanding, and talking in such a way
people are comfortable dealing with you. When you create comfort
for your customer, they will return again and again.

Most of my patients do business with me because they say they
trust me. They'll say, “If that's what I need, I trust you know
what is best.” They have put their faith in me and I'm not about
to let them down.

Selling isn't rocket science, but it is a powerful skill. I've
seen more than one salesman take advantage of a person with
lesser knowledge or expertise. This is not what I consider
ethical, professional or right. I am committed to interacting
with my patients and customers as if they are my brother or
sister. I'm always challenging my integrity with the question,
“If this were a member of my family, would I recommend this
procedure? Am I presenting the best possible solution and
filling their true need?”

Focusing on these questions helps me to be more assertive,
especially if a patient doesn't understand how important the
decision can be in that moment. I've actually said, “If you were
my sister or my brother or my father, I would have you do this.”
I tell them this is for their benefit, not for mine.

I've told people, “I'm not doing this because I'm trying to
charge you a fee, I'm trying to help you. I want to help you get
something better than what you have.” Being assertive isn't
uncomfortable for the customer or salesperson when done from a
place of integrity and support.

People who have a problem with sales or are afraid of sales
don't look at the benefit they create for their customers. They
only see it as taking rather than giving. If you really believe
in what you are doing, you recognize the sale is a contribution
to your customer.

We have an obligation to help our customers say yes to what they
want or need when it benefits them and we know we are providing
value and service to them. We also have an obligation to let
them know when they shouldn't make a purchase if we believe it
is not in their best interest.

Our responsibility is to help them make the best decision once
we have established value or perceived value.

Get Help from Experts (Mentors)

Success is not a solo journey. To succeed you need to let others
help you improve your business and your life. There are many
ways to accomplish this. One is through a relationship with a
mentor. I firmly believe you have to take the time to be
mentored. There also comes a time you must be willing to share
your knowledge by being a mentor.

Being mentored is one of the greatest events that has happened
to me. I have had many mentors in my career. Without a doubt,
Charlie Schaivo has been my primary and most

influential mentor. However, Charlie didn't teach me everything.
What he could not teach he led me to. Charlie is a very smart
man. He knew what he could do to influence me and he knew when I
needed the expertise of others. He would lead me to courses and
to people who could teach me what he could not.

Charlie pointed me towards the DiSC® Profile. As you read in a
previous chapter, learning the DiSC® profile system was one of
the most important shifts in business and consciousness I have
had in my life. It has helped me immensely in both business and
personal relationship building.

I spent a full week learning behavior profiles in 1985 just so I
could be more successful in my business. Little did I realize
that it would also impact my personal life. I also took a
two-day course on Adventures in Attitudes® a couple of years
later through Charlie. From there he encouraged me to take more
courses in sales, marketing, success, and leadership. All these
course have little or nothing to do with dentistry, but

to do with my ultimate success.

The courses I've taken that were unrelated to dentistry have
made me a much more successful dentist than the courses related
to building my technical and clinical skills. I am not
discounting technical training; it is simply to emphasize that
you need a well-rounded education through the guidance of

Mentors are essential. You can't pick up a book and read enough
to get the accelerated learning that a mentor can provide. It
doesn't mean you can't learn these skills on your own, but it's
going to take much, much longer. And you will probably never
learn at the depth and level you would from a mentor.

In addition to Charlie, there was also Dr. Ciampoli, the dentist
I bought my practice from. Even though he had many areas that
were antiquated, he taught me a lot about handling people and
patients. He was a good mentor for teaching me the importance of
being technically competent and honest with patients.

There were many others over the years. Each had something to
teach me. Fortunately for me and for all of my patients, I was
willing to learn. If there was one thing I would recommend to
anyone who wants to be wildly successful, it is to find mentors
and learn from them.

Through Charlie I developed a list of mentors/teachers that have
served hundreds of thousands of people just like me: Napoleon
Hill, Earl Nightingale, Og Mandino, Dennis Whitely, Zig Ziglar,
Wayne Dyer, and Mike Vance to name only a few. I would listen to
their tapes until I wore them out and had to get another. I've
used the knowledge of seasoned experts as my mentors even though
many I have never met in person. I gleaned every bit of wisdom
they had to offer. I have found some of the original thought
leaders to be so profound I still listen religiously to their

Mentorship doesn't have to be a difficult experience. There are
very informal as well as formal methods of mentorship. Let's
begin with the informal. Consider the top five people you spend
time with the most. Each can be a mentor in his or her own
right. To be successful you need to make sure those you
associate with most are people that inspire you and lift you up.
You must be clear about who you want to spend time with and
understand the power they have in your life.

There is an exchange of energy in all relationships. Some people
enhance our energy; others can actually deplete our energy. I'm
very deliberate in choosing people that increase my energy and
fuel my dreams. We may not call one another mentors, but the
influence we exert on each other's lives is the same as a
mentor/student relationship. I feel so strongly about this I've
made efforts in the opposite direction, minimizing

relationships with certain people because we weren't on the same
track or heading in the same direction. I look to mentors in
both my personal and professional life.

Charlie was a great mentor for my marriage as well as work.
Certainly my parents who've been married for over 50 years are
incredible mentors when it comes to relationship and marriage. I
have some mentors that I simply examine their life and

admire their capacity to live it to the fullest. Take for
instance, Euse Mita, the leader of the reflection group in which
I am an active member. He is a great example of this kind of
person. I have known him for about 25 years and over that time
he has mentored me and I sometimes have mentored him. Even
though we do not see each other very often, when we do meet and
we are together, I walk away a richer person. A brief encounter
with Euse can keep me going for days.

There are many forms of mentorship some formal and contractual
and some informal existing within the relationship of a friend
or family member. As valuable as having a mentor is there will
come a time when you are asked to mentor. Seize the opportunity
to mentor because the learning never stops! I am currently
mentoring a businessman and even though he is learning new
things, I am increasing my skills and stay sharp by prepping for
our mentoring sessions.

Having the right kind of mentor and noticing who you spend time
with leads into the fourth and fifth necessary components for
success: Control Your Thoughts and Create

Balance in Your Life. Because the fourth and fifth parts are so

important, I have devoted an entire chapter to each.

Success – A Five Part Formula

Success Summary

1. Business Success and Life Success are not exclusive of
each other. To have TOTAL SUCCESS you need success in both
2. To have TOTAL SUCCESS you need to:

- Become an Expert (have a great Product and/or Service)

- Develop Sales and Marketing Skills

- Get help from Experts (have mentors)

- Control your Thoughts

- Create Balance in your life

3. You may not be the “best” at what you do, BUT be the
best you can be.

4. To be the best in your field requires continued

5. The success of your business and the success of your
personal life is directly proportional to your ability to sell
and market.

6. Our lives revolve around selling a Product, Service or

7. Sales is strategic influence, not manipulation.

8. Develop a 'U' Attitude.

9. Always have the customer's interests foremost and have
integrity and honesty in your sales process.

10. Sales and Marketing are skills that need to be learned.
Very few people are “natural born” sales or marketing people.

11. You need people — mentors — to teach you what you do not

12. Find successful people and study their behavior.

13. Mentors can be living or dead.

14. Pay people to teach you what you do not know.

Order you own copy of What Can a Dentist Teach You about
Business, Life and Success? within the next 24 hours and receive
over $2,551 in bonus gifts from experts around the globe. Go to

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February 23, 2008

Some Free Info-Packed MP3's You Shouldn't Miss...

For several YEARS, I hosted a free weekly networking and
brainstorming call... fairly regularly.

Eventually my schedule grew so hectic that I found it
difficult to fit in a call every week, and I looked for
alternatives. I settled upon hosting an Internet-based
radio show where I invite guest expert.

I now search high and low for experts who "walk the walk"
and are good at explaining what they do.

This note is to invite you to visit my show archives
and listen to some of the very insightful episodes that
I've hosted.

As an example, this week I interviewed Odinn Sorensen.
He shared how he was able to quit his six-figure job
less than two years after he discovered Internet marketing.

Odinn also shared how he built his huge mailing lists
using free giveaways. In one giveaway he added over 5000
subscribers. In another one he added over 2000.

He built a list that most seasoned internet marketers
only dream of - by doing some very simple things. He
nurtured his list and now it is VERY responsive. Odinn
shared how he does everything, and why it works so
beautifully in his interview.

You can listen to the recorded interview that I did with
Odinn, which is now in the archives of my radio show.
You're also welcomed to download the MP3 recording of that
show, and listen to it at your convenience. It's at:

As an aside, Odinn has his own free giveaway going right
now. He's celebrating his 39th birthday, and the fact that
less than two years after he first discovered Internet
marketing, he walked into his bosses office and QUIT his
six-figure job.

Odinn and I talk about that decision in our information-packed

His free giveaway has over 200 gifts, and they are quality
gifts... I contributed one :-)

Odinn's giveaway is at:

There are over a dozen other recommended episodes of my radio
show archived for you at:

You can download the MP3 of ANY of those shows and listen to
them at your convenience. I don't even ask you to register
or fill out any forms :-)

Why not burn them to a CD, or put them on your iPOD, and
take me with you wherever you go :-)


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February 18, 2008

Hotlink Alarm - Stopping Hotlinkers In Their Tracks

Here's a short video showing how Hotlink Alarm

You can get a copy here.


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February 16, 2008

"Install SEO WordPress" Video Series - Very Detailed & Dirt Cheap

A WordPress blog is one of the easist ways in the world
to get a site up and running. Properly optimized, it
WILL be the traffic magnet, and center of your website.

At least my WordPress blogs are on the sites that I have
them on.

Here's an inexpensive video series that steps you through
properly setting up and properly optimizing your WordPress
blogs to be really attractive the the search engines!

Check out:

After you get that new WordPress blog optimized, but sure to
add the Niche Widget to it to plug in a handoff income
stream. Grab that free at:


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February 11, 2008

The Cheapest Web Host?

One of the questions I got asked most often this
weekend at JV Alert was who is the best and cheapest
web host.

Best and cheapest aren't necessarily the same but
web hosting is largely a commodity. It depends upon
what you're going to use the domain for. For example,
that cheapest how that I often recommend does restrict
the number of emails that you can send at a time using
scripts on your server.

Here is the host that I recommended to MOST of the
people who asked me this weekend though:


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January 28, 2008

People Who Care About You, And People Who DON'T!

The seminar in Las Vegas is over, and I'm safely back home.
I hung out with a lot of old friends, and made a lot of new
ones... many of them my subscribers :-)

I also reinforced the fact that my PURPOSE in life is to
help you... and others get more out of life...and to protect
you from making BAD decisions.

One minor incident that happened to me in the seminar room,
yesterday, forcefully reminded me of that.

As I sat in the back of the room, an old friend who is well
known in the Internet marketing niche, walked up to me and
asked an intriguing question. He asked if I trusted him
enough to give him $50.

Not wanting to insult him, and because I DID trust him and
his judgement, I answered "yes."

He then handed me an order form, and suggested that I join
a network marketing company, that IS growing fast, under him.
When I pointed out that I already "had too many balls in the
air" and wouldn't really be able to work the business, he
pointed out that all I REALLY needed to do was one mailing
to my list.

I actually know that if I did that, the product was "good
enough" that I would have built a nice downline, and set
myself up with a nice residual income.

However, I also had to remind myself the MOST of my
subscribers and contacts couldn't market it as effectively as
I could. They would join the company, pay the monthly fees,
and largely forget about it. They'd pay the fees month after
month, as they acknowledged that they "SHOULD" take action,
but they never would. Eventually, many of them would just
drop out... having paid monthly fees for 6-8 months.

I didn't want that, so I politely declined. I hope that if
you're ever in a similar situation, that you will too. Look
beyond the impact that it would have on your bottom-line and
ask if your subscribers can realistically be expected to
benefit to.

I do realize that it's not your fault if they WON'T take
action... when they know that they should. I just personally
have a problem with that whole scenario.

Be well,

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January 27, 2008

Stop Hotlinkers and Digtal Product Theives - Demo Video

Here's a short demo of HotLinkAlarm...

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January 26, 2008

Fabian Lim Gives Three Pillars Help Desk Software Thumbs Up

Today, I'm getting a LOT of nice notes regarding
Three Pillars Help Desk Software.

Fabian Lim, pictured here with me on my visit to
Singapore, just made it his official help desk

Here's what Fabian had to say...

Hey Willie,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say I’m really
pleased with Three Pillars Helpdesk System.

The top three features that impressed me most were:

1) The ease of installation (the installation
videos made installation a breeze)
2) The ease of use (I didn’t even have to read the
user manual)
3) Feature-rich options like one-click canned response
and desktop notifier

And the life-time guarantee won me over immediately!

It is true that every marketer should use a helpdesk
system to manage their online business and support
their customers efficiently and effectively.

In fact, superior customer service IS a key differentiator
in today’s competitive online environment – and the Three
Pillars Helpdesk System has helped me gain an unfair
advantage online i.e. the WOW factor.

Highly Recommended!


Fabian Lim


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January 21, 2008

My Very Effective Time Management System

In my ezine today, I shared some of how I manage my
time. Here's part of that editorial...

Good morning,

I started my day as usual, running down a short
checklist of things to do first. In case you're interested,
that list included:

- Check my helpdesk for unanswered tickets
- Check The Internet Marketing Inner Circle for new posts
and PMs
- Glance at my email
- Read for 1 hour
- Write for 1 hour
- Review my prioritized to-do list

That's the short checklist that I've already run through
today and I thought that by expanding upon the WHY those
things are on my list would be instructive.


First, I check my helpdesk. It's the nerve center of my
entire operation since it's where customers and my assistants
communicate with me, and where I get a snapshot of what's
going on.

My helpdesk is at:

It's powered by the software that you can get for under $100

I have my helpdesk configured so that when a help ticket is
posted, ONLY the person who is responsible for that category,
can see that ticket when logging in as admin, AND when someone
posts a ticket to that category, that admin gets a desktop and
email notification.

I have my helpdesk configured so that certain categories are
used ONLY for my staff and I to communicate back and forth.

Since email is so unreliable, my helpdesk is THE center of
my business. It's where threaded conversations between me,
assistants, customers, JV partners, and clients are securely
stored and processed.

Today, I logged in, and in about 10 minutes got a feel for
all that had transpired in the last 24 hours, and also got a
reassurance that no customer support issues were festering just
beneath the surface. In 20 minutes, I did what use to take
me several hours.


I glance at my email, first skimming the "from" field, and
then skimming the "subject" field. That's how many of my
associates scan their email too. That's why it IS important
that your email clearly identify you. The subject should also
be VERY clear, because what I did next was select and delete
90% of the email in my inbox.

My helpdesk allowed me to know that important communications
were more likely to make it to me. It also gave me greater
confidence that I could delete MOST email without worrying
about missing something.

That takes us back to the importance of your email subject.
It should clearly state what the email is about. If it doesn't
there's a good chance that someone getting hundreds or
thousands of emails per day WILL delete your email unread.

I should add that I "mass delete" most email because it is
necessary for survival. I force myself to only "handle" each
correspondence once. So, when I first open an email, I
decide what to do with it, and often then write that action
right into my calendar.

If you get any volume of email and you have the habit
of saving it all out of fear of missing something, I assure
you that if you don't have the time to read it now, you're
very unlikely to have more time to read it later (as more
and more of it piles up in your inbox).


Next I logged into the member-only forum of The Internet
Marketing Inner Circle. That forum is actually a nerve
center for my business and a lot of others. Right on that
forum, at this very moment, several projects that I'm a
part of are being coordinated.

-- We're coordinating an ebook where 100 members will share
how they earned their first $100 online. This group project
will inspire many, get the names of the 100 contributors
publicized, and earn money for affiliates who help to market
that ebook.

Incidentally, if you want to participate in that project, you
CAN. You do need to be a member of TIMIC. You can join at:


-- We are coordinating a group ezine that we're determined
to make one of the highest quality ezines on the face of
the planet. The ezine will be 99.9% content, and I'll tell
you more about that later.

-- Various pockets of people are jointly creating and
marketing ebooks, software, membership sites, free giveaways,
services... and just about anything that you can imagine.
I provide inputs on many of these projects, or even tie them
into other projects.

One of the things that I teach is that the easiest way to
launch a project is to tap into the energy... or momentum...
of an already successful project. That is, launch a new
project by making it a backend or upsell product to something
already getting lots of traffic from buying customers.

So, every day, I log into the TIMIC Forum at largely
pre-planned times. I plan those times because otherwise I
could easily lose control of my time.

I do also visit a few other forums, but those are during odd
times... perhaps while I'm listening to a teleseminar, or
on hold while making a phone call.

I DO get lots of gems from my time spent on other forums too,
although NOTHING compares to the quality of interaction that
I get from the TIMIC Forum.


I set aside an hour for reading early each morning. That hour
is spent reading the next document that I ABSOLUTELY must get
off of my desk!

It can be an ebook, a software license, a JV agreement, or
some offline publication. I just set aside that time because
in that one hour, I get more read than I would in a day of
reading while doing other things.

This morning, I read an ebook on social networking that is the
best one that I've read to date. I read it because I was asked
to write the forward to it. That turned out to be an excellent
use of my time as this ebook is destined to become a reference
guide on the topic.

I also reviewed a JV agreement that I needed to get back to
a JV partner. JV agreements can be tricky because they need
to cover a LOT of things that most people probably never
consider. You need to cover such topics as... what happens if
the JV doesn't go as expected... or if one of you disappears for
a few MONTHS.


I set aside an hour for writing. This time was spent writing
and editing 3 articles that should be very well-received. When
I don't set aside time to really focus on my writing, it often
shows :-)

So, this morning I finished polishing all three articles, and
they are now ready for publication.


Next, I turned to my "to do" list and identified what on the
list I really should do next. I looked for things that REALLY
needed doing, and that it made sense for me to do, rather than

I also looked for one or two things that would take very little
time to finish off, so that I could get the pleasure of quickly
finishing those things, and then mark them DONE!


So that's how I started my day. In the process I also reviewed
my plans for the rest of the day, and for the next week. Part of
that plan includes a trip out to Las Vegas this weekend where
I'll be speaking at Ross Goldberg's seminar.

Looking at that caused me add reviewing my presentation, and
perhaps dry-running it to my schedule. Although I must confess
that often when I speak at seminars, I don't finish writing the
presentation until the night before... or sometimes the day of.

Seminar speakers often use the excuse of "we wanted to get a
feel for the audience before finalizing the presentation." The
reality is that many of us are masters at procrastination.

That brings me to one other thing that continuously surprises
me about human nature. When we put off things that we image
will be difficult, we are often shocked by how simple and easy
they were to do once we actually sit down and do them.

That's why I do have a morning routine.

I once listened to an interview between Dan Kennedy and Robert
Ringer. The discussed waiting for inspiration to strike, and
they both agreed that for them it was often a matter of just
sitting down and getting started (they were speaking of writing).
It's evolved to that point for me too... after I start writing
the words just flow.

By the way, here's a link to check out Ross' seminar:

It's inexpensive, hotel rooms in Vegas are CHEAP, and I'd be
honored to see you there. Bring lots of business cards, a
digital camera, and a jacket


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January 14, 2008

Are You A Twitter'er - I Am

Here's my url:

Willie Crawford

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January 11, 2008

RAP Analytics - A Tool That Will Save Your Bacon!

If you use or have even considered using Rapid Action
, then you definitely need to check out the new
Rapid Action Profits (RAP) Analytics And Reporting Package

Like me, my friend, and Inner Circle Member David Perdew is
a big fan of Sid Hale's Rapid Action Profits Script. In fact,
David likes it so much that he markets 283 of his products
using the script.

Yes, 283 different products sold using Rapid Action Profits.

The fact the he can set up a product/affiliate program so
quickly on RAP, speaks volumes for how easy to use, and
powerful, it is.

If you haven't check out RAP, you can do that here:

David's Analytics tool let you figure out what's working right
in your business model, what's not, and how to improve things.

I took a look at the beta version of David's software a week
ago... a benefit of being a member of The Internet Marketing
Inner Circle
, where he asked for beta testers. I fell in love
with the software, and have about a dozen new products that
I'll be rolling out within the next two weeks, and I'll use
The RAP Analytics and Reporting Package to make sure that I'm
doing thing RIGHT.

RAP, combined with this tool, makes testing and tracking
incredibly EASY.

The Analytics add-in, installs in minutes and then shows you,
in graphical format, FOUR Critical pieces of information:

1) Which products are selling and which are "dead in the

This lets you focus your time and energy on promoting the
products that your customers WANT. It also shows you
which product promotions or websites might need work.

2) Who your best affiliates are?

With affiliate, the 80/20 rule definitely applies. You will
discover that just a few of your affiliates promote your
products diligently, and make the VAST majority of your sales.
Aren't these the affiliates that you should focus on working
with... maybe even offering them special dispensation... to
hang on to them?

3) Which of your customers are buying the most product?

Some customers will buy from you over and over again as
long as your offer them quality products. However, you
should NOT take them for granted. Knowing who your best
customers are, maybe you want to send them a gift, a
thank you card, or make them a REALLY special offer every
now and then.

My marketing mentors taught me that one of the biggest
reasons customers leave you is that they feel neglected
or taken for granted. Don't let your customers feel that

4) Which days or periods do your customers buy the most.

If you know which days, or which time periods your buying
customers are online, you'll better know how to time your
offers. If you email when they are online, your offers are
less likely to get buried by spam.

Knowing which days your customers have historically been
in a buying mood certainly suggests which days you should
send out your newsletters or email offers.

David's Analytics tool gives you this data in mere minutes.
Check it out at:


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January 08, 2008

Dealing With Internet Marketing Copycats

Dealing With Internet Marketing Copycats
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

When I first started creating my own ebooks, courses,
and later... software in the Internet marketing niche,
I was appalled at how quickly people produced copies
of your original creations.

I wasn't as upset by the fact that someone recognized
a great idea and decided to create something similar,
as I was by the fact that people often just reverse
engineer your product, sell it dirt cheap, and then
DESTROY your market.

My thinking then, was that in the brick-and-mortar world,
when a new product is rolled out, it is protected by
patents and copyrights to an extent. Having been an
economics major in college, I knew that most companies
enjoy "monopoly profits" or higher than normal profits
on many products when they first release them. The laws
are structured so that they can price the product high
enough to recoup their research and development costs.

Regulatory agencies acknowledge that if you don't allow
businesses an opportunity to recoup their R&D costs,
there is less incentive for them to spend hundreds of
millions... perhaps even billions, developing some new

In the online world, we don't generally have very high
product development costs, but if the product is complex
enough, we DO have considerable development and testing
costs. This is especially true of a piece of software.
I suppose that is why I'm still appalled when I see
someone spend a small fortune developing and testing
a piece of software, and then a week after it is released,
there are cheaper imitations on the market.

My mentors have taught me that this is NOT a problem
unique to the online world. They have also showed me that
the "solutions" to the problem can be gleamed from other

In the fast food industry for example, McDonald's(R) knows
that as soon as they do a new promotion, within a week,
others will copy their idea. Others assume that McDonald's
wouldn't spend millions on a promotion unless they had
tested it and knew that it would work... so their
competitors often take the short cut of piggybacking
on McDonald's testing and tracking.

McDonald's solution is simple. They are always several
promotions ahead of their competitors. When you see a
new promotion being rolled out, you should realize that
they already have the next several promotions ready to
go. The effect that this CAN have in the marketplace is
to make it "obvious" that competitors using their OLD
ideas are "behind the times"... and in certain "hip"
marketplaces, this can make a difference in sales!

You see major electronics manufacturers do the same thing.
When Sony releases a new gadget, they KNOW that it's
going to be reverse engineered... despite whatever patent
protection they have in place. So, they simply have the
next SEVERAL generations in the laboratory... or even ready
to release.

The infomercial business is another example that is
instructive. MOST infomercial productions are expensive and
FLOP. So, when a company produces a winner, they stick with
it until it stops working. Then they often shelf a successful
promotion that has stopped working, planning to pull it back
off the shelf a few months or years later.

Since infomercials are so expensive, as soon as one proves
profitable, as indicated by the fact that a company
continues to run it, a dozen cheap knockoffs of that product
... and that promotion, are quickly produced.

Knowing that this is going to happen, those in the infomercial
industry do two things that you already know that you should
be doing....

1) They test and track everything. The front-end product
is often sold at breakeven, or even at a loss.

2) They upsell, cross-sell and offer backend products. When
they get a customer on the phone, that customer often ends
up spending 2-3 times as much as they had initially planned.
They simply can't resist the offer of a second "widget" at
half-price, or the special collector's display case for it :-)

Just as in Internet marketing, successful infomercial
marketers realize that the profits really are in the

The biggest difference between those successful in the
infomercial business and your typical Internet marketer is
that since so much is at stake with an infomercial, "the system"
forces them to do what is known/proven to work. In
the Internet marketing niche, since the cost of launching
and marketing a product is often so low, marketers often
ignore the things that they know would make them many
times more successful.

Since the barriers to entry in the Internet marketing niche
are so low, it makes us lazy! So, we don't do the things that
will not only make us more successful - we also don't do the
very things that will allow us to out-market the copycats.

By their very nature, those producing cheap copycats of
your products are lazy. So, in order to out market them you
need to do two things...

1) Produce a superior product. When your product is simply
better, those who can't afford to waste time risking the
very life of their business on "junk" will buy your products.
They will also spread the word that they got outstanding
results with your product.

2) You need to use up-sells, cross-sells, and backend
offers. Once you've EARNED that customer's trust, you
"put an iron cage around them" by simply out marketing
your competitors.

There are countless other very competitive industries where
imitating what everyone else is doing seems to be the norm.
The car sales business seems to be that way. Yet, certain
dealerships excel despite the copycats who often want to
compete on the basis of price... which is almost always a
losing strategy.

In this article, I probably pointed out to you as many
problems as I did solutions :-)

However, if you look closely, you will see that dealing
with Internet marketing copycats really isn't that difficult.
You simply need to think longer-term than they do, and you
need to make sure that your front-end sale is part of a process.
It's your process that they can't... or won't copy. Really
test and refine your process, and then "look two moves ahead."


Willie Crawford is an internationally-acclaimed speaker,
author, seminar and radio show host, and leading Internet
marketing expert. When not out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico,
Willie can be found sharing his 11 1/2 years of online marketing
experience with members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.
Join them at:


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January 01, 2008

My Ultimate 2008 Goal!

When I first started my business online back in 1996,
I told myself that I would become a success, and then
I would help as many people as practical to do the same.

I told myself that I'd figure out how to actually earn
a full-time living from home... over the internet, doing
something that I really enjoyed, and then teach other to
do the same.

I've largely accomplished that goal, and as I step into
2008, I'm reminded of my ultimate calling.

My calling is to help you achieve your dreams by putting
your interests first. Jay Abraham called that "The
Strategy of Preeminence" if I remember correctly.

You DO need to do your part... and be willing to put in
the effort. It's not as easy as some would have you
believe - but then you know that :-)

However, if you do you part, here's a prayer that shows you
where my heart is at when it comes to serving you.

I first read this prayer many year ago, and thought
to myself, "What a nice standard to try to live up to
in my interactions with my brothers and sisters!"

Here it is:

"Lord, make me a channel of thy peace - that where there
is hatred, I may bring love - that where there is wrong,
I may bring the spirit of forgiveness - that where there
is discord, I may bring harmony - that where there is
error, I may bring truth - that where there is despair, I
may bring hope - that where there are shadows, I may bring
light - that where there is sadness, I may bring joy. Lord,
grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted
- to understand, than to be understood - to love, than to
be loved. For it is by self-forgetting that one finds. It
is by forgiving that one is forgiven. It is by dying that
one awakens to Eternal Life. Amen."

And no, I haven't snapped, and I'm not going through a
mid-life crisis. I'm just reminding myself of what it's
all about :-)


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Recipe For A Happy New Year

Recipe For A Happy New Year
Author Unknown

To leave the old with a burst of song
To recall the right and forgive the wrong;
To forget the thing that binds you fast
To the vain regrets of the year that's past;
To have the strength to let go your hold of the not worthwhile of the
days grown old,
To dare to go forth with a purpose true,
To the unknown task of the year that's new;
To help your brother along the road
To do his work and lift his load;
To add your gift to the world's good cheer is to have and to give a

Happy New Year.

Your Opportunity!

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December 18, 2007

Soft Snickerdoodles and Awesome Graphics

Internet Marketing Inner Circle member Michelle Brouse
just shared a great snickerdoodle cookie recipe on the
members forum.

She also shared it with her ezine... so if you're one of
Michelle's subscribers, be sure not to miss it.

By the way, Michelle is the graphic artist who did the
graphics on probably 25% of the sites that I've put up
over the past year. She does a great job, and the only
reason that she didn't do more is because she is in
such demand that I had to wait in line.

You can check out Michelle's work at


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November 28, 2007

Front Page Google Listing In 6 minutes!

It happened one year ago today. That is the day that my
friend Frank Sousa, along Mike Koenigs and Rocket Helstrom
released Traffic Geyser. Frank actually showed it to me
at a seminiar in Las Vegas, sponsored by Content Desk. I
got to see and test it maybe 3 months before it's official
release :-)

Getting targeted INTERESTED visitors has never been so

As a demo, they activated it for a customer last night, and
within ONE HOUR they had a #1 Google listing for his keywords,
with over 5 million competing pages.

During the one year period that Traffic Geyser has been online,
they've produced MILLIONS of visitors for their clients. In
one case they were able to produce a top Google listing in 6
minutes! Now of course, nobody is going to promise that kind
of result for you, but it DOES happen.

It's more common though to see top search engine listings
within 24 to 48 hours.

To Celebrate the 1 year anniversary, they have allowed me to
offer you COMPLETE access to their Gold level account for only
$1. That was sold for $247 when they first came out with it.
(But there are more bonuses available to you NOW then when
people were buying it for $247) It's a no brainer!!!

What do you get for $1? Well like I said, you get complete
access for two solid weeks. Drive as much traffic as you'd
like... but in addition to that you get:

Mike and Rocket's Infomercial Starter Kit...
Frank's Secret Spider Generator
101 Background Music Tracks
and over 6 hours of recorded webinars, training and materials,
altogether worth WELL over $700...

And you get it ALL for just $1 but you must act now, as this is
strictly limited to one week.

So go to this URL NOW... to get the full story:


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November 24, 2007

Shift Happens - Globalization And The Information Age

I found this video very though provoking...

and grounding.


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November 07, 2007

How To Make $5000 Month In The Autopilot Lead Generation Business - Starting The First Month!

Here's a nice webinar by some of the guys that I'll be
hanging out with in Miami this weekend.

This webinar is on lead generation.

The seminar this weekend will be on affiliate marketing.
I'll be teaching my favorite techniques at the seminar.


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Hot For Money - 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online

Here a nice video on "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online."

You'll also find this movie here.

You can, and SHOULD grab a copy here


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Rich Schefren And Thinking Bigger

More from today's ezine...

Over the past 10-11 years, I've consulted and brainstormed
with a LOT of online marketers.

One of the biggest challenges I've faced with those that
I've coached is getting them to think bigger. I've had more
clients who only felt comfortable marketing $27 ebooks than
I've had clients who wanted to market big ticket items.

The thing is that - the big ticket items are often easier
to sell, and you get a much lower refund rate with many
big ticket items!

I'm lucky in that I've surrounded myself with big thinkers,
and their thinking has rubbed off on me. I've listened to,
and just as importantly, watched what really successful
marketers actually do. Then I've adopted many of their

As an example, my friend Rich Schefren was the one that
really convinced me to use mind-mapping. Now, my big ideas
are captured and flowed out in my mind-mapping software...
and it makes the how-to of doing most things crystal clear.

I follow Rich's examples because I've watched him in
action. Some of his habits would blow your mind. For
example he uses software that actually FORCES him to read,
and watch video, faster. As a result, he digests a lot
more material with NO loss in comprehension.

If you can increase your reading speed by say 30%, then
you've effectively added 30% more time to your day...
assuming we're talking the time you'd spend reading :-)

Rich was one of several VERY high level people that I
spent time on the phone with yesterday. I use computers
and the internet for most of my business activities, but
sometimes the phone works better :-)

Rich and I discussed information overload, over-hyped
promotions, the lunacy with inappropriate bonuses during
product launches, and the impending shakeout in the
"Internet marketing niche." We share a lot of the same
thoughts... but I'm sure a lot of that comes from having
heard Rich speak at least four recent seminars.

Rich has an excellent pdf report, part-2 of his
"Attention Age Doctrine," that I recommend that you get,
read, and apply to your business. That report is not
officially out for a few more days ;-)

Get that free report here:


Rich, and my other mentors, have taught me to think HUGE.

If you were to peek inside my mind, or look at my mind-maps,
you'd see:

- Plans to grow one of my niche email list by over 100,000
in the next six weeks.

- Plans to sell half-a-million dollars in cookbooks
between now and January 1st, 2008.

- Plans to take a membership site to six -figures in
monthly residual income.

- Plans to build more success stories in the Internet
marketing niche than anyone else ever has.

That plan involves just taking those that are willing to
learn, and sharing with them the things that work for me
everyday. Incidentally, almost NONE of those things are
things that I created.

More to come...

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November 05, 2007

Are You On the 'Buy Now Wizard' Band-wagon Yet?

So how much of the Buy Now Wizard's sales pitch and promise is
real and how much is just good old fashioned "we'd like your
money" marketing?

Buy Now Wizard from Rob Toth (of 27AM Network, Inc), is a "sales
and opt-in conversion boosting software" which is fancy
marketing talk for "this software has features that you can add
to your webpages, sales pages, squeeze pages and other offers to
grab the visitor's attention and/or give them more incentive to
take action."

Skepticism aside for a minute, there is common sense here.

If you can grab a webpage visitor's attention when they first
enter your page AND do a great job at grabbing the attention of
those who are turning away from your offer and are leaving your
page... you greatly increase your ability to communicate your
sales message to them.

If you also implement proven sales psychologies that date back
to our caveman (and cave-woman!) days, and provide a bigger
incentive and urgency for your prospect to take action, it goes
without saying that your sales will increase.

There isn't much of a debate for whether the concepts that Buy
Now Wizard is based on would create a boost in conversions.
(Which is probably why it can offer a guarantee to its claims).

The questions instead are:

1) Do you need to worry about conversions that much in the first

2) Do you need a software to set this up for you?

3) And, if so, then is Buy Now Wizard really your best bet?

I can answer #1 very plainly: of course! Again, not much to
debate here.

Consider your current income... let's say it's $50,000 per year
based on various sales pages and squeeze pages that you run for
your business. Let's say your sales pages average out to 2%
sales conversion and your opt-in pages average out to 20%
opt-in. This all produces your $50,000 per year.

Here's a no brainer... if you can boost your conversions by just
50% (ie: take your 2% sales conversion to 3% and take your 20%
opt-in conversion to 30%), you don't need to pull out your
Windows Calculator to know that your income would be an extra
$25,000 for the year (total of $75,000).

So there's no need to discuss whether giving some attention to
your sales and opt-in conversions is important. In fact, if you
do it right, it is the fastest way to give yourself a raise (as
I just demonstrated).

Question #2: Do you need a software to set this all up for

I love automation and simplicity as much as the next person. But
how many quick fix products do you really need? Is a software
essential for all this?

Well... yes... unless you want to set out to program all of this
yourself (that's no small feat) or hire your own programmer to
do it for you (that's the silly and costly approach but I've
seen some stubborn marketers take that route).

To be able to replicate some of the attention grabbers of Buy
Now WIzard (Browser Warning Bar, Before You Go Exit Window and
Second Chance Sales Saver), coding would be required or you need
a software. And certainly to handle the automation of the
scarcity (limited quantity) and urgency (limited time) tools,
you definitely need a software solution.

Alright, so there's no arguement that the Buy Now Wizard
principles and functions make sense as being important. There's
no arguement that focusing on the conversions of your various
offers is critical (though often it's disgustingly overlooked).
There's also no arguement that a software solution is needed.

That brings me to the 3rd question: Is Buy Now Wizard really
your best bet?

To answer that would take a bit of digging around.

Currently, there are a handful of less than impressive tools in
the marketplace and only a couple of high-quality and high-value
alternatives. I won't spend time on the low grade "me-too"

When looking for the "fear of loss" type functions, the next
best product that you'll find retails for $299.99. Great product
but it won't give you the attention grabbing functions and the
price is a bit scary for some.

When looking for the "Before You Go Exit Window" feature of Buy
Now Wizard, you'll find one publisher selling a similar solution
for $79.99 (just for that function) and another one retailing
theirs for $97.01 initial payment + $99/month.

When looking for the "Browser Warning Bar" feature ... well ...
you won't find one.

If you chose the alternative independent solutions, you'd be
looking at a price tag of approx $299.99 + $97.01 + $99/month
and you're still missing at least one attention grabbing
feature. (Not to mention you now have multiple companies to run
to if you need tech support!)

So as it stands Buy Now Wizard takes the cake and comes out the

It's a solid product.

As with everything else, it has room for improvements. For
example, the $299.99 product has a dead-simple installation
process, but then again Buy Now Wizard doesn't take more than a
few brain cells to figure out (it comes with a video
walk-through to help even technophobes).

Buy Now Wizard is a recommended tool for your online income

Should you grab a copy? Do you like seeing more sales for the
same offer and from the same amount of traffic (same amount of
effort)? My point exactly!

Make the investment and download your copy. It is guaranteed,
after all, so you really can't go wrong.

To learn more about Buy Now Wizard or to download your copy,


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October 08, 2007

A review of 20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online by Paul Hooper-Kelly

This new e-book has been created by some of the members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, under the guidance of the founder, Willie Crawford.

I joined the Internet Marketing Inner Circle just too late to contribute to this fine work, but I do have to declare an interest, right away: I'm so jealous I didn't write it myself! But I will cast aside the green eyed monster to tell you why -- whether you are a newbie or a seasoned operator -- you should own this book.

For a start it is no skimpy 30 page report, but a full blooded 247 page book, tightly written by several of the members of the IMIC -- all experts in their own particular expertise.

Whenever I get my hands on a new e-book, I first look to see if they have bothered to put in bookmarks. If you are unfamiliar with these, they are interactive links, which appear on the left hand side of the Adobe Reader, when you click the "bookmarks" tab. The presence of these indicate the writer cares about their reader and has not neglected these in the rush to get the product to market and the money in the bank in the shortest possible time. This first test was passed with flying colors: a very detailed interactive bookmark list all to rarely seen, these days, and a good omen for the care that has obviously gone into the contents.

In his introduction, Willie Crawford sets out the ethos of the book, expressing the hope, instead of leaving it to slumber on your hard drive, you review it often and act on its advice. Sound sentiments indeed, because -- as complete as this book is -- you still need to inject that vital spark of your own decisive action.

In many ways, internet marketing is a double-edged sword. Because of the ease with which an internet marketing business can be started, normal business considerations, such as a proper business plan are hardly ever considered. Therefore one of the most powerful aspects of this book is the overview of various business models. Ways of producing profits in the short, medium and long term are all looked at in some detail and -- if followed diligently -- will surely save many wannabe internet marketers from early disillusionment and a premature exit from the business.

Now for the contents themselves: I was immediately impressed by the section on the vital aspect of "The Right Mindset", written by none other than Dr Mani. Most books on business success ignore this aspect, yet having the right attitude and the inner toughness to carry on when things get tough is vital to your eventual success.

Nor does the book neglect that other important aspect of business success, with a section by Patrick Pretty on branding. If you have yet to hear of him, you certainly won't forget meeting him for the first time within these pages. He will show you how to give your business a distinctive and memorable image.

Another refreshing change about this book is its honest style. There is none of the "This is so easy you'll be able to retire by Friday", so often a feature of other money-making publications. As respected ghost writer, Bev Clement, rightly says, in her section about ghost writing, this can be a very satisfying and rewarding business which can -- eventually -- make you $100 a day. But it does take time, a certain amount of skill and plenty of attention to detail.

The book then gets down to the practical aspects of discovering a suitable niche, including the essential art of keyword research, which is very well set out in a very easy to understand, "paint by numbers" style.

Just as Bill Gates is obviously fascinated by computer operating systems and Donald Trump loves real estate, you'll thrive more easily working in an area you enjoy. So this book covers multiple aspects of on line moneymaking from selling on eBay to even creating your own software, via multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, teleseminars, resell rights, membership sites, greeting cards and even off line to on line selling.

Speaking of selling, that most central function of any successful business justly gets full and detailed attention -- including article marketing, e-mail marketing and forum marketing: all highly effective methods for attracting high quality traffic to your web site for free or very little outlay.

I am not an affiliate for this product, so this review is entirely unbiased and from the heart, because I think it should have pride of place on any serious internet marketers bookshelf. To call this product a mere book is an insult. It is so comprehensive as to be elevated to the status of a home study course, at the very least. So complete is it, the only thing missing is what only you can supply: the action.


Do you spend months getting #1 on Google I've got there twice -- in two hours:

Will you treble your sales, like John Reese, when you have web video?

Click here to get The Internet Marketing Product Of The Decade!

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October 06, 2007

Don’t Blame ME! It’s Britney Spears’ And Dr. Mike’s Fault

First there were the “Leave Britney Alone” videos

Then Dr. Mike begged us to Leave John Reese Alone

Now, there are the Don’t Blame Willie videos… which just
might be the ones that you care about the most.

They point the way to you making money!

Here's a direct link to the video


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October 03, 2007

Opt-In Voodoo - Even For You Blogs

Do you ever get a sense that you're in the right place at the
right time? My friends Keith Wellman and Ross Lambert got that
feeling a short time ago, and I bet you will, too. Here's the
story in Ross's own words...


"The small telecommunications company that I wrote software
for was taken over by a big, dumb, evil corporation (BDEC). The
BDEC was laying off people so fast the HR department couldn't
keep up. In spite of the fact that my software made MILLIONS
of dollars for the BDEC, it was only going to be a matter of
time before I was sold down the river, too. Because they were
big and dumb, the BDEC didn't like telecommuters, and I live
in a gorgeous small town near the mountains. I wouldn't move
for anybody, so my days were definitely numbered.

In self-defense, I signed up for Keith Wellman's mentorship
program. Within a few weeks, I got the feeling I in the right
place at the right time: Keith taught me a TON of techniques
and gave me enough ideas to last YEARS.

Probably the very best thing Keith taught me was how to
"think" in terms of opportunities. One day, I woke up to the
fact that I had a lot of software "playthings" I'd written
that were worth a lot of money to the right people.

So I started finishing them and shared them with Keith. And
that's when Keith got the feeling, too. :-)

Forgive me for saying so, but my software is just plain cool.

It inevitably saves you time and, depending on how you use it,
makes you money, too. It is called Optin Voodoo.

Optin Voodoo is a form wizard. Now, that may not sound sexy, but
what it does is actually VERY cool: It turns some complicated
programming into a fill-in-the-blank exercise. You can insert an
e-mail opt-in form right into the middle of your sales letter,
and when the form is submitted your visitor is NOT redirected to
a different page. Instead, Optin Voodoo holds their place in
your sales letter and replaces the opt-in form with virtually
anything you want, whether it is a picture, a Flash widget, a
movie, text... anything that your browser can render.

Think about that for a minute. You can collect e-mail opt-ins
without interrupting your sales letter. In fact, you can deliver
a bonus for opting-in RIGHT IN THE SALES LETTER ITSELF!

It's crazy fun, and web site visitors love it. It's starting to
look like some marketers are increasing both the percentage of
visitors who sign-up for e-mail opt-ins AND making more sales,

Prior to Optin Voodoo, marketers selling online have always had
to choose between more sales or building their list faster. Now
you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Keith Wellman and I are selling Optin Voodoo at a low, low
introductory price. But as you know, introductory prices don't
last forever. So go check it out RIGHT NOW at:

You, too, are in the right place at the right time: This is one
tip that I *know* will pay off. Remember you heard it from me.

Ross Lambert"

I couldn't have said it better myself :) Go grab your copy now


P.S. Optin Voodoo also has a version that supports WordPress
plugins and sidebar widgets. This makes it a snap to incorporate
super slick opt-in forms right into your WordPress blogs.

Don't wait, check it out right now at:

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October 02, 2007

Women Internet Marketers Social Networking Site

Here's a nice site designed for "Women Internet
Marketers." It's put together by Diane Corriette,
who is hosting a teleseminars series that I'm
speaking at on October 22nd.

Drop by, say hi, and sign up:


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September 28, 2007

The 36 Most Influential Internet Marketers

Dr. Mani is blogging about his list of the
"36 Most Influential Internet Marketers."

His list isn't complete but I'm extremely
honored that he included my name... in the
company of John Reese, Andy Jenkins, Brad
Fallon, Mike Filsaime, Yanik Silver, Allen
Says, Paul Myers, Stephen Pierce, and Mark

Drop by Dr. Mani's blog here and share your


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September 26, 2007

Advice On Buying A New Computer System

Computer Secrets Unleashed!

My friend Paul recently told me that he was ready
to replace his ANCIENT computer system. He explained
to me that he only really used it for email and
surfing the net.

Paul knows that I run an Internet-based business and
ASSUMED that I could advise him on the best computer
system to buy.

The reality is that the last time I bought a computer,
I walked into Circuit City, and more or less picked
a laptop at random.

So rather than pretend that I had a clue about the
best options in computers for my friend, I asked the
experts hanging out at The Internet Marketing Warriors.

I got a LOT of recommendations for Dell, the Mac
loyalist came out in force, and it seems few people
like Vista :-)

I also discoverd all of the answers I needed in this


Computer Secrets Unleashed.

Now, I'm armed to help my friend get the absolute
best deal on a computer, and to get it set up properly
once he gets it. Not only that, after reading this
ebook... actually 3 different ebooks in a series,
I can actually BE an authority on buying and setting
up a computer.

I've finally learned, when you don't know... ASK :-)


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September 22, 2007

A Very Effective Clickbank Sales Model

I haven't seen this sales model used it
a while, but it's very powerful. See if you
can tell why it works so well:


Click here to Lose 9 Pounds in 11 Days!


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Inner Circle Member Shows "Tired Ass"

Here's a great video that Internet Marketing Inner
Circle Member Paul Hooper-Kelly shared with us:


You can check out The Internet Marketing Inner Circle


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September 20, 2007

Frank Garon's UK Seminar To Be Broadcast Via Internet TV!

Here's a tip for you if you're anywhere near the U.K.
or just want to take a quick vacation there...

My trusted friend Frank Garon is hosting "Internet Success
Bootcamp LIVE" next weekend. It's in England, September
28th - 30th. It's a good deal and Frank is "good people"
who won't mislead you. Check it out at:

While this seminar will pack David Cavanagh, Mike Filsaime,
Armand Morin, Marlon Sanders,Kirt Christensen, Greg Cesar,
Neil Stafford, Neil Travers, Nick James, Anik Singal, Jason
Baxevanidis, Glenn Dietzel, Len Thurmond, Bruce Safran, Carl
Galletti And Frank Garon... all into the room, you don't
really need to travel to tune in.

They're broadcasting the event over Internet television.

Will this become a new standard?

Check it out and register at:


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September 17, 2007

I Helped To Put Him In The Book Of Records

One of the roughtly one dozen teleseminars that I participated
in within the last week made it into the Singapore Book of
Records :-)

Check out:


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September 16, 2007

Women Internet Marketing And Personal Development Speakers Wanted!

My friend, Diane Corriette, is seeking women speakers to
be a part of her teleseminar series, but she's also
allowing men.

I'm actually already on the schedule to speak in
October... she's extending the schedule into 2008.

It looks like a great opportunity for some exposure.

Get the details here:


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September 15, 2007

Your Emails Sound Desperate!

I first posted this over at the Warrior Forum after
noticing an email trend that has to be hurting the
senders results... and evidence suggests that they
aren't aware of the problem.

After some fairly good responses, all largely
agreeing with my message, I though that I'd post
it here too. I even had one or two people asking for
permission to post it on their blogs.

Here it is:

Your Emails Sound Desperate!

Like many of you, I'm subscribed to far too many lists.
I stay on many of them to see what my competitors and
potential JV partners are up to.

One trend that I've noticed in many of the ezines that
I've subscribed to recently is that they often have a
noticeably "desperate" overtone.

When I read the advertorials in these ezines, what I
"hear" is....

"I've never made a sale a day in my life, am extremely
desperate, and really, really, really hope that you'll
be the one person to buy from me today."

That's a slight exaggeration, but not much of an

If you do publish an ezine, before sending out each issue,
take a moment and ask yourself what the overall "tone" is.
Sounding desperate CAN'T inspire trust and confidence
in your readers. Instead, it says to them that since you
haven't figured out how to make even a few sales, then
what you're recommending to them probably hasn't worked for

Consider the expression, "Obviously you can't transmit
something you haven't got!" That's what a lot of your
readers are thinking, and a desperate sounding email
clearly shows what you haven't "got" yet.

I asked Rich Schefren, in a one-on-one at the beginning
of this year, "What is a person suppose to do instead of
faking it until you make it." His answer was to be your
authentic self. That answer is, in my opinion, what the
ezine publishers who "see themselves" in my post, should do.

Rich went on to explain that you should just identify
what you DO know, and what IS working for you... and share

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now :-)


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September 12, 2007

Register Your Domain Names Here

A number of people have asked about a good, reliable
place to register domain names.
Here' where I steer my
clients and Inner Circle members to register domains


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Featured On Internet Marketing News Watch

Our latest project, The Internet Marketing Inner Circle,
which is the project that WILL have most of my attend
through at least the end of 2007 (when it will likely
take on a life of it's own)was featured here on Internet
Marketing News Watch.

Students of marketing are invited to take note of this
and 100 other places the The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle will appear in over the next week to include
dozens of articles, press releases, online discussions,
etc. ;-)


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September 10, 2007

What The Heck's Going On Here? We're Not Telling :-)

Could this be a part of some diabolical plot to
take over The Internet Marketing Inner Circle?


and of course:

But these resolve differently.

The plot thickens :-)


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September 08, 2007

The Okaloosa Island Mastermind

Here's a shot of the marketers who gathered today for
dinner at Okaloosa Island. For now, I'll let you see how
many people you can recognize. Later I post pictures
of individual attendees.

Most attendees met someone that they planned on working
on projects with together... so the meeting was very productive.


On The Beach at Okaloosa Island, Florida

As you can see from the photo, the turnout was relatively
small. Everyone seemed to get along great though, and
we had fun.


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September 03, 2007


Many people do absolutely TERRIBLE running ezine
ads. Part of the reason is that they run the ads
in the wrong places. A second reason is that they
simply don't know how to write decent ezine ads.

Here's an article on the topic:


Before putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and
writing ad copy for your next promotion, you should read
and consider these helpful copywriting tips. They're
designed to give you more insight into your customer's mind
and write copy that will generate a better response.

1. Take some time out to research your customer, so you
know who you are writing to and what their problems are
that you can solve.

2. Write in the first person as though you are having a
conversation directly with your prospect.

3. Consider their possible objections and answer their
questions in advance.

4. Many prospects won't read past the headline if it
doesn't compel them to read more... Therefore it makes good
sense to spend as much time as possible crafting a headline
that will stand out and demand attention. Select
descriptive words and phrases that ellicit interest in the
main benefit, such as the ones found in this freely
downloadable document here.

5. Ensure the copy is written in simple English in a
flowing style that's easy to read. Consider asking a friend
to review your copy before submission.

6. Take time to write a compelling first line to keep the
reader interested, and an action-taking last line to
fulfill the need of the ad -- to get a click-thru to your
web site. Reiterating the main benefit in the closing line
is worthwhile.

7. Try not to confuse the reader by keeping a consistent
tone to your writing. Sometime you need to detail exactly
what the prospect needs to do.

8. Don't be afraid to use shorter paragraphs and punchy
bulleted lists. This makes your copy easier to read.

9. Only write as much information as you need to to get
your version across. Long is ok, as long as you're not
needlessly repeating yourself.

10. Using more verbs in your vocabulary can be more
persuasive than using adjectives.

11. If you're writing an ad to be published in HTML, make
sure you use a simple font in black text.

12. Many prospects fear the thought of losing out on a good
opportunity. Take advantage of that fact. Create a sense of
urgency by giving a deadline or a good reason why they
should take the desired action NOW.

13. Use simple commands wherever necessary to instruct your
prospect of the next step to take. The easier you make it
for them, the more chance you have of them following your

14. Use testimonials throughout your copy to add
credibility and real-life user experience to your offer.
Wherever possible, detail the exact problems that your
offer alleviated.

15. Focus on benefits rather than features. That's what
your prospect is really interested in.

16. Use the word 'You' more than the word 'I'. Remember,
it's all about your prospect and what you can do for them.

17. Don't forget to use a PS. This is the second most read
area of an advertisement. Consider mentioning your
guarantee here.

18. Why should the prospect trust you, let alone buy from
you? Let them know the reasons why.

19. Write as though you are an expert on the particular
subject. Convey experience and satisfaction to the reader
to project honesty.

20. Make sure your order process is as simple and
straightforward as possible. Don't make it hard to figure
out and place it in a position where it will be noticed.

I hope these tips give you some good food for thought when
writing your next ad for promoting your business.
About the Author: Eva Browne-Paterson has been publishing
EvieB's New-Z from - since 2001,
and partners with Jullieanne Matheson in To save on advertising and reach a
targeted audience, try Targeted Solo Ads -

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September 01, 2007

The Biggest Private Label Rights Blowout In 2007 ;-)

Willie here with what I suspect to be the *BIGGEST*
PLR Blowout in 2007.

If you love Private Label Rights as much as I do,
then you wouldn’t want to miss this one.

You and I know that the average Source Code sale
usually offers around 10-12 brand new products. In
other words, that’s like 10-12 totally different
income streams waiting to flow into your pockets!

Interesting, isn’t it?

Well my friend, Edmund Loh of PLRGold fame, is
going to OUT DO it in his fifth and final PLRGold

And it’s going to be BIG (and I mean it!).

SIDENOTE: In a hurry? Check out the preview here:


Firstly, it is NOT about 100s of useless, recycled
low-quality PLR products pooled from different
places (aren’t we all tired of that already?)

Now, for what it really IS:

* You can be in business with the *BIGGEST*
collection of brand NEW PLR products that you can
milk the profits from in your name... for a long
time to come!

* Discover the Internet’s most ingenious PLR
profit tactics all in one place – from the PLR
extraordinaire himself!

* Forget Internet startup chores such as sales
copywriting and graphic designing – heck, you
don’t even have to really write another word,


Watch out for my next note on the *BIGGEST* PLR
Blowout of 2007. It will certainly rock your
business, as it has done for hundreds of other
PLRGold members for the last 2 years!

In the meantime, you can check out the preview here:

Check it out!


P.S. BONUS! Download the teaser copies to some of
the upcoming PLRGold releases from this link:

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August 30, 2007

The 650 Pound Pumpkin

Here's a photo of my buddy Dave Franks with one of the
giant pumpkins that he grows. This one is estimate to already
weight 650 pounds and it's stil growing.


What does this have to do with marketing... I hear you ask :-)

Dave is one of many friends that I discuss marketing with.
Dave wrote a cookbook, southern cooking, somewhat similar
to mine. When he sent me a photo of his one of his pumpkin,
my marketer's mind instantly sought ways to use the photo.

The first thing that came to mind though was that it wasn't
obvious how BIG this pumpkin really is. Dave had sent me
a photo of just the pumpkin. Being the genius that I am :-)
... I suggested that HE get in the picture, to add some

Where's the marketing angle? Well, it's an interesting
picture that draws the eye long enough for me to tell you
about Dave's cookbook.

Here's the ad that is sometimes run in my recipes

This issue sponsored by...

Oprah Winfrey, Louis Gossett Jr., Governor Lamar Alexander...

They All Enjoyed This Man's Cooking. Now you can too.

Dave Franks' one of your fellow list members has finally
released the cookbook that his friend Alex Haley (whom he worked
and cooked for many years) pressed him to write. It's called
"Foods Of The Southland" and it contains over 250 of Dave's
own delicious recipes developed over nearly 70 years of cooking.

From barbecue beyond compare to deserts that you can't just
have one serving of, Dave's recipes are "the real deal!"

Grab a copy of Foods Of The Southland" today by visiting:

Hey, the ad works, so you're suppose to go check out Dave's
cookbook. Incidentally, Dave taught ME the secret to good
old-fashioned, Southern, pork barbeque (or barbecue if you
prefer). Ask me what it is someday :-)


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32 More Domains For Sale

In an earlier post I mentioned that I had a few
domains that I planned on selling. In going through
the sites that I own and probably won't develop,
I've identified 32 more.

I've listed them below. If any of them interest
you, please let me know via my helpdesk at:

Those 33 domains are:



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August 28, 2007

A Free Giveaway That You Shouldn't Miss

What can I say?

Quality, free products.


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August 24, 2007

Free - The Info Product Masterclass

Rather frustrated with all of the JUNK offered in many
of the free listbuilding giveaways, Will Barden teamed
up with me and eight other markers to offer your some
gifts of real value.


Will Barden

You won't find these products on Ebay, they're not
"older than dirt" and they're all written by experts
who write from their own successful experiences
creating and marketing information products.

What more do I need to say?

For a limited time, you can get these products absolutely
FREE at:


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August 22, 2007

Willie Crawford BUSTED!

This guys caught me admitting that I don't
always do what I teach. However, he also
proved that what I teach WORKS!

Check out:


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August 18, 2007

Is There Really An Internet Marketing Inner Circle?

Often, you hear people talking about The Inner Circle of
Internet Marketing.

Is there really such as thing as The Internet Marketing Inner

This logo, spotted on t-shirts sported by a number of gurus
suggest that there just might be :-)


Logo of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle

The Internet Marketing Inner Circle site is here.


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August 14, 2007

The 99 Most Recent Articles Written By Willie Crawford

That was the subject of an email that I got from Google Alert
this morning.

If you’re not familiar with Google Alert, it’s a free service that
you can set up at where you specify a search term,
url, etc., and then anytime Google spots a new occurrence of that
term they notify you via email. The email this morning was
just triggered on a stored “Alert” I had set up for my name.

That’s a good way to keep track of what’s being said about you
online 

The alert this morning actually showed me a page over at
The Phantom Writers. com … one of several services that
I use to distribute my articles. The page just linked to some
of my articles that had been distributed through their service
and were also stored on their site.

If you want to check out the page… it’s here

Google Alerts Rock! Article Marketing Rocks!


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August 12, 2007

Online BootCamp Gets Affiliate Marketers Making Money Quickly By Reducing Learning Curve And Providing Answers

By Kellie Fowler

Online BootCamp Gets Affiliate Marketers Making Money Quickly By Reducing Learning Curve And Providing Answers

If you’re struggling to keep up with busy schedules, growing time constraints, escalating financial issues, and a family that you yearn to spend more time with, you’re not alone.

Like you, more and more people are fed up with the 9-5 grind and with putting in overtime hours and efforts that go above and beyond only to receive disappointing paychecks.

Understandably, they feel they are missing out on life and looking for legitimate ways to generate additional revenue without resorting to just another low-paying part-time job.

And, as many of these people have found, the answer they are looking for can be found in affiliate marketing.

With little start-up costs and the only resources needed including just a computer and Internet access, this online publishing business is freeing people up to live their lives to the fullest, all the while finally achieving financial freedom, while simultaneously spending more quality time with family and friends.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not.

Better yet, you can learn the techniques and strategies used every day by James Martell, a successful affiliate marketer, in his online course, to be conducted one evening per week for eight weeks.

It’s called the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp - Online "Night School" Edition and “seats” do fill up fast!

Why? Because Martell has been successfully teaching students how to create profitable affiliate marketing businesses for years.

See for yourself what one Martell student says about the BootCamp training: “In the past, I've attended several seminars with multiple speakers. None came close to James' powerful, articulate, hands-on, gritty presentation. He's by far the best Instructor I've been privy to hearing... and grasping.”

Martell BootCamp student Darryl Ruff agrees: “I’m a slow learner, but James makes things simple to understand. Would I attend another BootCamp as a refresher? In a heartbeat!”

Martell’s BootCamp students consistently give the training an enthusiastic thumbs-up, with BootCamp student Sheldon Smollan calling the BootCamp “a genesis opportunity.”

But never before has this “opportunity” been offered online, allowing Martell’s students to save time, money and the associated travel, which means everyone now has the chance to achieve true online success – and from the comfort of their own homes, with Martell looking over their shoulder every step of the way and available to answer questions, address concerns, and more.

So, even if you already have Martell’s top-selling Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook, or listen to his engaging weekly audio newsletter, the Affiliate Buzz, this online course curriculum may be just what you need to propel your online efforts to sure-fire success.

And if you are not familiar with “Martell’s book, buzz and bootcamp” (as they are referred to throughout the industry), you can get everything you need now in this exciting and informative first ever online BootCamp course.

“I believe my experience at (Martell’s off-line) BootCamp was the best investment I've ever made in myself, in my family, and in our dreams, explains BootCamp attendee Denis Vaillancourt. This opportunity has energized and motivated me to get to the next level of my affiliate marketing career. I'm confident in my future success now because of me BootCamp experience.”

Understanding from students like Vaillancourt the overwhelmingly positive impact the BootCamp has made on their personal, professional, and financial lives, Martell has searched for some time for a way to personally deliver his training “live” to his worldwide audience, but it wasn’t until recently that he found the robust technology he felt truly mirrored the personal training he painstakingly delivers through his off-line BootCamps.

So, just a few weeks back when Martell was exposed to an online conference room that would allow him to present the entire BootCamp using his PowerPoint presentation, live videos and live audio feeds, he knew he found the answer - and the first ever online affiliate marketer’s course curriculum was born.

Structured much like a night-school course, the curriculum will be delivered by Martell “live” in eight classes.

Martell will dedicate each class to covering one of the eight steps outlined in his recently refreshed Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook - "2006" (THIRD EDITION).

Students can watch via the Internet as Martell personally delivers the powerful tutorials that allow students to watch him as goes step-by-step through all the stages of building a website, finding products to promote, determining which companies to partner with as affiliates, adding keyword-rich content to his site and submitting his site to the search engines.

What’s more, Martell’s online students will participate in live, interactive question and answer sessions, and be on track to complete weekly assignments all of which, when added together, make the online BootCamp experience as effective as the off-line BootCamp experience.

And because you’re learning from someone who uses these same eight steps day-in and day-out to maintain his own enviable success, you bypass the steep learning curve associated with affiliate marketing and can be up and running and making money in a matter of weeks, after implementing Martell’s proven eight steps - which have more than withstood the test of time, much like Martell himself.

What this means for you is that you can get your online business up and running faster and you can be assured that, once you implement the eight steps just as Martell details them, you’ll be on your way to making money – be it part-time or full-time – from the comfort of your own home.

Now, you really can take control of your future and your family’s future and steer it in the direction of financial freedom, allowing you to determine how much you work and even how much you make.

So, the big question is: What’s stopping you?

You and your family are worth it and this online training is, as Martell’s students have pointed out, the chance of a lifetime.

All you have to do is grab it.

For more information, and for class schedules, visit:

About The Author

Kellie Fowler is a successful freelance writer and a seasoned professional providing valuable insight and advice to those wanting to create work at home business for themselves. Her numerous articles offer real-life tips and techniques to those looking for a way out of the rat race.

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August 11, 2007

20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate - Part 10

Tip #9 – Create Ebooks To Promote The Product

This technique is very similar to tip #8. If you can write an
article, you can expand upon that article and create an ebook.
The ebook will have a higher perceived value, and a longer

You can use the tools at Total Web Audio to actually turn your
ebook into an audio or video ebook. Listen to my interview at to
learn how to do this.

With any ebook that you create you should build backend sales
in. So… you can recommend your primary product, but also mention
additional product that make the primary product more useful :-)

If you make the links in your ebook rebrandable, now you can
reward others for passing the ebook along. If you have links to
two-tier affiliate programs you can build a second-tier
residual income stream as your ebook goes viral.

To get all 20 of these insider techniques in a free
PDF ebook, simply visit:
You'll find the direct link at the top of this page :-)

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20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate - Part 9

Tip #8 – Write Articles To Promote The Product

Writing articles to promote specific products is perhaps my most
powerful free promotional tool. In the article you provide great
information, and then “gently” point your reader to a product that
you are promoting.

My favorite formula for doing this is called “problem, agitate,
solution.” You explain a problem that your product will solve.
The focus of the article MUST be on the problem. You go on to
emphasize why this REALLY is a painful problem that your reader
REALLY wants to solve. Point out some of the consequences of not
solving this problem. Finally, you reveal how your product is the
perfect solution to the problem.

This is a very effective technique. You write these article,
distribute them to hundreds of sites and ezine publishers, and
before you know it you have thousands of links pointing to you
and your product.

To get all 20 of these insider techniques in a free
PDF ebook, simply visit:
You'll find the direct link at the top of this page :-)

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20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate - Part 8

Tip #7 – Use A Promotional Domain

This sort of piggy-back on #6, but if a product is worth
promoting, it’s usually worth setting up a special domain
to use in promoting the product.

One BIG reason that you want to do this is to ensure more
of your messages get through when promoting a heavily
promoted product. Affiliates sometimes do stupid things in
a desperate effort to make more sales. These things often
lead to spam complaints and to the primary domain for a
given product being blacklisted. That means that when you
use the url’s provide by the affiliate program, which
contains the blacklisted domain name, spam filters often
block YOUR emails from delivery. If you just invest a few
dollars in a promotional domain, you completely avoid that

As you use the promotional domain in ads, articles, etc., you
actually start building page rank for YOUR domain rather than
for the affiliate program.

Using your own promotional domain also allows you to change
your mind about a product that you are promoting. For example,
you could discover that a keyword research company generates
customer complaints. If you’re using a promotional domain,
you can go into your webpages and change where those links
from your site point to.

If you set up a promotional domain so that it simply redirect
from the registrar straight to your affiliate link, then you
can log into your account and simply change where a link
points to. This is very powerful and I do often purchase
domains that merely point to an affiliate program.
Example are:

Those three links are set up to redirect a visitor to websites
selling big-ticket ($997) items That pay me over $400 per sale.
Just one sale covers the cost of
the domain and for several fishing trips :-)

Using a promotional domain in your ads and articles also just
looks more professional. Many of your customers may not even
realize that it’s an affiliate link if you set it up properly.
When you purchase a domain at
you can set it up so that the actual domain your visitor is on
is masked, and the browser bar show the address that you choose!

To get all 20 of these insider techniques in a free
PDF ebook, simply visit:
You'll find the direct link at the top of this page :-)

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August 10, 2007

Hanging Out At Michael Penland's

Group Shot From Michael Penland's Seminar

Since I'm in a photo posting mood, here's a photo
from one of Michael Penland's Seminars.


This photo features Willie Crawford, Dale Calvert,
Michael Worthington, Mike Stewart, Michael Penland,
and Paul Elliott.

Yes, the picture is "half Mikes" :-)


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August 09, 2007

Brainstorming - Strategy Session At The Beach

During Michael Worthington's visit on Tuesday, August
7th, we did a recorded a little at the beach. You'll
see some of that video on our sites or in our products

Full motion video is a nice touch. Most of what I've
done is Camtasia screen capture video, but I'm doing
more full motion lately.


In this photo, Michael and I are just discussing
marketing strategy... and also what types of products
are currently selling best.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming products.


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The Beach Crowd

Here's a shot of the crowd that was hanging out at
the local beach Tuesday at noon.

Pauline snapped this shot.


Pauline is a photographer, who has taken a lot of photos
of skydivers lately. She took hundreds.... I believe
around 800 pictures on Tuesday. I sort of felt like a
model, because she was snapping them so fast.

You can check out some of Pauline's photo's at:


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Lunch At The Beach

Back on Tuesday, I wrote in my ezine that I was
entertaining out of town guest. We'll those guests
were Michael and Pauline Worthington.

Michael operates the site

Micheal has interviewed me for two recent products. One was
on how I earned over $10,000 from a single Warrior Special
Offer. You'll find that interview at:

The second interview that Micheal recently recorded with me was
on doing very successful joint ventures. I'll tell you more
about that later.

Michael and Pauline joined Nancy and I for lunch at a
local beach. He's a shot of us on the patio of the
beachside restaurant.



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August 08, 2007

How To Get Unlimited Free Website Traffic

How To Get Unlimited Free Website Traffic
Copyright 2007 by Willie Crawford

At my very first Internet marketing seminar, Internet
marketing pioneer, Jonathan Mizel, taught me how to generate
all of the free website traffic that my business needed to
be successful.

Naturally, hearing his message for the first time, and
really being somewhat overwhelmed with the whole "internet
marketing game," I didn't fully comprehend what Jonathan

From the stage, Jonathan taught that the secret to all of
the traffic needed for a mega-successful online business is
simply to "find the traffic and stand in front of it!"

I hear you!

You're thinking, "That was brilliant - but what does it mean?"

It means exactly what it says. I doesn't need to be any
more complicated than identifying your market, identifying
where all of those potential customers are, and then
standing in front of them.

One of the keys to using that strategy is acknowledging
that someone else probably already has the attention of a
LOT of your desired customers. Therefore, all you need to
do is get them to point those customers in your direction.

How do you do this?

You do it with:

1) Your own affiliate program

2) Joint ventures

3) Product giveaway or offering freebies in some fashion

4) Creating and distributing fresh content

You do it by doing a dozen different things that you
probably already know how to do!

Can it really be that simple?

Yes, it really can be that simple. There is a need to know
the correct steps to take in applying the techniques
mentioned above... and dozens more, but they are all really

The reason many of us don't have more website traffic, and
more success in our online businesses is that we
overcomplicate things. When we are told that the key to
doing something is too simple, we look for something less
obvious. We think that since that's something that
"we already knew" it can't be the key.

I've recently started applying more simple, common sense
methods to generating traffic on many of my websites. The
result is that on many of my sites, I've been able to
double, triple, even quadruple my number of website
visitors. On some sites I've at least quadrupled my website
traffic for TWO consecutive months... proving that this
wasn't just some fluke.

I show a screen shot of my website statistics from one
site at: That
screenshot is NOT atypical of results I'm getting on a lot
of my other sites. That traffic is generated using simple,
"common sense" techniques.

When you really examine website traffic generation at it's
most basic level, it really is easy. It really is as simple
as, "Locating the traffic, and standing in front of it."
Do that and you really can get unlimited, free website

I didn't give you a laundry list of techniques in this
article because after reading them you would find yourself
saying, "I already knew that!" Instead I challenge you to
actually apply some of that common sense... which you’ll
discover actually isn't so common :-)

If you are struggling with generating sufficient website
traffic, and yet not doing what others who generate
unlimited traffic tell you that they do... do you see the


Willie Crawford is an 11 year veteran of internet marketing.
Many of his websites run on near autopilot, with a huge
amount of traffic generated with very few simple techniques.
You can learn these simple, free or inexpensive techniques

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August 06, 2007

The REAL Need For Speed In Internet Marketing

The REAL Need For Speed In Internet Marketing
Copyright 2007 by Willie Crawford

In the Internet marketing arena, as in many areas
of life, many people often come up with the same
or similar ideas at the same time. When that
happens the one who take massive action first is
usually the one that wins.

If you look at many modern marvels, you'll see
proof of this. You'll see proof that people
with great ideas almost seem to be tapping into
some pool of cosmic thought. You'll even noticed
ideas that first appeared decades or centuries
before they came to fruition. That strengthen
the "cosmic consciousness"concept even further.

Leonardo da Vinci conceived of a flying machine
similar to the helicopter, long before it was
anywhere near practical. He also saw numerous
other inventions that were yet to be created.

Getting back closer to this century, several
people conceived of designs for the horseless
carriage (or automobile) at the same time. They
worked furiously and independently on their
ideas... scarcely aware of what anyone else was
doing that was similar to their experimentation.

The inventors of the flying machine had the
same experience. Several teams of inventors
worked on the concept in isolation, scarcely
aware of each other.

In numerous other cases, individuals saw a need,
and developed a product to fill that need, often
completely unaware of others doing the same thing.

This also happens in the world of Internet
marketing. Several people will notice a problem,
see offering a solution as profitable, and set
about creating that solution.

Where the world of Internet marketing differs
from the example of invention of the automobile
or airplane is in the speed with which Internet
marketing products can be created. Software and
information products can often be created in days
rather than months or years.

The need for speed comes into play due to the
fact that with many products, the market often
remembers who was first. The one who was first
to introduce a product is sometimes viewed as
having the more credible product since they
obviously "invented it."

In the world of Internet marketing, those who
were casually explore the idea usually introduce
their product second. They can do "ok."

Following closely on the heels of those who
rolled out a similar product second... are the
copycats. These are the people who buy an ebook
and blatantly copy the concept... and then roll
it out at a cut-throat price. These are the
people who see a piece of software and shamelessly
reverse engineer it... and again roll out a similar
but cheaper product.

The person who has an idea, mulls it over for months,
perhaps even years, and then finally decides to
create the product, often comes in last. This
person's product often hits the market just as
market conditions are changing, and the need for
that specific product is no longer very strong. This
person proved the saying, "You snooze, you lose."

In my 11 years of creating and marketing information
products over the internet, I have personally
witnessed dozens of cases where lack of speed
meant that instead of earning six-figures on an
idea, a person only earned heart-ache.

You need to develop (through practice) the ability
to recognize a need, prove that it's great enough,
and then take massive action. If you are in the
arena of Internet marketing in particular, there
are hundreds of people probably looking at the
same problem, or idea, that you are looking at
right now.

One example from my own experience is a "fire sale"
that I conducted February 28th - March 6th, 2006.
This fire sale generated six-figures in sales in
only seven days, and paid for my daughter's
wedding among other things.

I put together the fire sale because I'd read a
lot about them, and I had all of the tools that
I needed after purchasing Mike Filsaime's Butterfly
Marketing System. My daughter had announced that
she planned on getting married that September,
and she wanted a fairly fancy wedding!

Surveying the Internet marketing landscape, I
could sense that many of the 1500 or so people
who had purchased Butterfly Marketing, were also
thinking of hosting a fire sale. In fact, many of
them were discussing it on a customer-only discussion
forum set up just for owners of Buttefly Marketing.

Sensing that dozens of people might soon launch fire
sales all at once, but also hearing dozens of them
express reasons why they couldn't, I simply did it!

I later shared how I made a split second decision,
put together a team of launch partners with another
split second decision, and then executed a fire sale
that made over $100,000 in that 7 day period. My
case-study of how I acknowledged and harnessed "The
need for speed" is now available from my websites at:

I could give you numerous examples of people who came
to me with an idea, and I showed them that someone
had just released a similar product mere weeks

I could give you numerous cases where someone
announced a year or more ago that they had an idea for
a product. They mapped it out, got temporarily
excited about the idea, and then let it sit on the
shelf. A few months later, or maybe even a year
later, someone introduced "their" product to market.

"The great fact" is that many of us come up with
the same or similar ideas at the same time. What
distinguishes the difference between success and
failure in those cases is the ability to acknowledge
"the need for speed" and then act upon it.


Willie Crawford has been successfully marketing
goods and services over the internet, and teaching
others to do the same, since 1996. His "wedding fire
sale" is often cited as a classic fire sale case
history. To learn how Willie generated "six-figures"
from a simple idea visit:


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July 29, 2007

Important Notice If You're Selling Louis Allport's Reprint Rights Products

Louis has announced on this page
that he's taking all of his products offline, and that
holders of licenses other than private label rights
will no longer be allowed to sell themn afer December
14th, 2007.

I offer numerous Louis Allport products because he
produced some EXCELLENT videos. So, I have my work
cut out for me making sure that I'm no longer selling
his products after the cut-off.

Louis has a list of all of the affected products on
this page:


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July 25, 2007

5 Critical Rules for a Successful Fire Sale

Here's a nice guest article...

5 Critical Rules for a Successful Fire Sale
Copyright 2007, Joanne Mason

Fire sales have become a staple among marketing strategies for
raising quick cash. Some very well respected Internet Marketers
who have held their own very successful fire sales include Willie
Crawford, Mike Filsaime, Ross Goldberg, and Joel Comm. In some
cases, their results were reported to be as high as six figures
for a fire sale lasting just a few days.

Maybe you’ve thought about running a fire sale to raise some
emergency funds or inject a fast infusion of cash into your
business but aren’t sure you could make it a success. While I
can’t guarantee that you’ll pull in six figures I can suggest the
trends that I’ve found some of the most successful fire sales to
have in common. After studying the tactics used by the marketing
gurus to achieve such great results, I’ve written this article
to offer you five critical rules for your own successful fire

1. Sell Fresh or Unique Products at a Significant Discount

One of the best ways to attract customers to your fire sale is by
offering fresh or unique products at a great discount. This works
even if there are other fire sales running at the exact time as
yours. By offering products at that aren’t available elsewhere at
a deep discount you literally make people an offer that they
can’t refuse. People will always want to get in on a good deal at
a price that they know they won’t be able to get later.

2. Run the Fire Sale for a Specific Reason

Fire sales are traditionally thought of as serving a particular
purpose. I’ve seen fire sales that were conducted to finance
weddings, buy supplies for new babies, pay bills for ailing
family members, take trips for holidays, raise money for
charities or bring in funds for other special occasions. Your
reason may be fun or serious in nature. The reason might even be
because you want to make some money quickly. Just make sure that
you state a reason because people have been conditioned to expect
your fire sale to be connected to a reason. Otherwise, it’s just
another product that you’re selling.

3. Set Limits to Create a Sense of Urgency

A successful fire sale depends on a build in sense of urgency.
This is usually created due to a scarcity mentality. In other
words potential customers know that they must act quickly in
order to take advantage of a raising price or a limited quantity
of goods.

4. End the Sale at a Specified Time

Another important factor is getting potential customers to buy
now is by letting them know that the offer will end at a specific
time such as midnight on a specified date or after reaching a
certain number of customers such as 500 or 1000. There are even
scripts that you can place on your webpage or mechanisms that can
be used to count down sales until the fire sale ends. Be to set
real limits and stick to them to maintain the credibility of your
fire sale. This is especially important if you plan to host a
future fire sale. After the sale has ended you can offer a
special bonus to late visitors to your website. Allow them to
join your mailing list to get advance notice of your next fire
sale and you’ll already have a waiting list of customers the
minute your start your next fire sale.

5. Get JV Partners to Help

Joint Venture partners are critical to the success of your fire
sale. Whether you solicit JV partners to donate products or only
to promote the fire sale to their subscriber lists their
contribution will be invaluable in determining your success. JV
partners can help you build excitement by getting the word out
about your fire sale to a much larger number of people than you
possibly could on your own in a much quicker time frame. You’ll
want to invite JV partners early and give everyone a certain time
to begin selling so that everyone starts out on a level playing
field and has the same opportunity to earn commissions from your
fire sale.

These are just a few of the common habits that I’ve noticed among
the highly effective fire sale practitioners. If you’re planning
a fire sale in the near future I invite you to implement these
tips and also study the models of other successful fire sales.
Like everything else in internet marketing after studying the
only way to be truly successful is to go out and use what you’ve
learned to host your own successful fire sale.

Joanne Mason is an Internet Marketing Consultant and the creator
of one of the best fire sales of 2007. Discover how you can get
an incredible discount on a huge collection of internet marketing
products and software to help you make a lot more money online at

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Dan Kennedy Understands Web Video And Audio!

For a long time Dan Kenndy bad mouthed Internet
marketing, and joked about not using it.

Now, he appears to be really embracing web audio
and video. You can see how he's using "our" tools
and techniques here:


Here also has an incredible up-sell and backend
built in. That is probably the single technique
I've learned to use after studying how he does it.


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July 23, 2007

How I Mange To Get It ALL Done!

How I Mange To Get It ALL Done!
Copyright 2007 by Willie Crawford

First of all, the title is misleading in that, as Dan Kennedy
points out, most of us will go to our graves with lots of things
still on our "to do lists." There's simply not enough time in
the day to do everything that many of us want to do.

Therefore, both the problem and the solution lies in identifying
what you should be doing, and then managing your time properly.

Here' how I, as someone very active in the "Internet marketing"
niche, accomplish an inordinate amount of WORK:

1) I set aside specific times to answer emails. Email was the
one (often less productive) thing that was stealing more of my
time than any other specific activity. Taming the email monster
involved both reducing the amount of email and it's flow.

2) Closely related to number 1 is the fact that I set up a
help desk. I now route 95% of customer service issues, joint
venture correspondences, and general coordination issues through
my help desk.

Inside my help desk I have pre-composed answers to the most
frequently asked questions that we get. It's set up so that a
customer can sift through my FAQ files. If it's something
sensitive, such as download instructions, I still have templated
answers pre-composed. I (or an assistant) merely needs to log
in, glance at a help ticket, and select the answer from a
dropdown menu accessible from our admin panel. This makes
answering many "trouble tickets" HONESTLY take less than a

Can you imagine answering a customer service email in under
a minute? That's the power of a help desk. You can check out
the very simple and inexpensive system that I use at:

3) Outsourcing and using assistants. I know that I can't do
everything, so I only do those tasks that I'm best suited for
or REALLY enjoy. For example, I don't do my own graphics or
programming. I could easily get proficient at both, but that
would draw me away from managing and marketing my businesses.

4) Akin to number 3, I actually completely turn the running
of certain websites or systems over to specific individuals.
Once I have validated that things are properly setup, I often
find it more economical to train someone to manage that
site or business. Then I only periodically make inputs. An
example is a site that I sell a fairly successful cookbook
from. The cookbook sales, list management, and most aspects
of that site are delegated to one well-trained individual
who seems to really enjoy it!

5) Specific times for most routine tasks. I block times for
writing, reviewing metrics and test results, answering trouble
tickets, email, making phone calls, doing consultations,
revising copy, product creation, and even visiting online

6) I set time limits for many tasks. For example, I've found
online discussion forums can be excellent for conducting
marketing research, locating joint venture partners, actually
networking with others in my industry, and test marketing
products. The danger is that visiting online forums can
become addictive.

I actually have a digital time installed on my computers.
Prior to starting certain tasks, I set how much time I will
allocate for that task, and start the timer counting down. At
the end of the allotted time, the timer gives me an audible
alarm, and I move on to the next thing on my schedule.

7) Controlling time spent using instant messenger type programs.
I have ICQ, Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and a number
of other programs installed on my computers. Most of these are
turned off MOST of the time. When I do have them turned on, I
am often in "invisible" mode.

It's far too easy for others to notice that you are online and
to start a casual conversation. If you're not careful, hours
later, you're in that same conversation. I take advantage of
the convenience offered by these tools, but at a time of my

8) I've touched upon it already, but I closely monitor my
phone time. When setting up phone calls, you generally should
set up very specific blocks of time, and you should have
written agenda... assuming that they're business calls. Just
telling a client or business partner to call you "anytime
tomorrow morning" only invites inefficient use of your time and
theirs. Have an agenda, have an allotted timeframe, and make
sure that all parties understand these two parameters.

9) Only "touch" each email once... if possible. When you open
an email, decide right then and there what needs to be done
with it and take care of it. If it's something that will require
more time than you can allocate right then, flow that task into
your schedule, delegate it, or decide that it's not something
that you should be doing.

10) Learn to say no. You can't do everything. You can't help
everyone. You have no obligation to allow others to put their
problems on you shoulders... although it is nice to help
people from time to time. Just make sure that YOU decide how
to spend your most limited asset... your time.

11) See each project through to completion before starting
the next. I am, at times, disciplined enough to take an idea,
create an information product, write a sales letter, and launch
the project "all in one sitting!"

It's far too easy to start a dozen different projects, and
then jump from project to project, never really making any
progress on any of them.

Pick a project to focus on, and then work on ONLY that project
for an allocated amount of time, or until completion. If other
projects popup, simply jot them down somewhere so that you don't
worry about "losing" the ideas, and then go back to what you
were already working on.

12) Set aside quiet times to really focus on certain project.
I personally need a quiet environment to work on things like
copywriting, proofreading, or writing an ebook. So I do these
when there are few others around, or in environments that
relax and stimulate me.

13) Take advantage of "Automobile University." If you find
yourself spending a lot of time in your car or on airplanes,
etc., use that time to get caught up on listening to audio
lessons that you've put off. Use that time to learn or brush
up on topics you've been meaning to master.

In my car, I always have CDs and/or audio tapes of seminars,
topics I want to learn, or just motivational speakers. When
flying I also take printed versions of the same material.
While out jogging, I have similar material on my portable
MP3 player. I'm never bored while exercising or stuck in a
traffic jam because I keep my mind occupied.

14) Finally, know the value of your time. Perhaps the simplest
way to "value" your time is to set an income goal for yourself.
Divide that income goal by the number of hours you're willing
to put in during a set timeframe to reach that goal. That gives
you a VERY rough approximation of the value of your time.

Now, when you're stuck on the phone listening to a telemarketer,
or bouncing emails back and forth with someone that you really
shouldn't be having a protracted exchange with, at least you
know what it's costing you.

Those a just a few of the ways that I DO get a LOT done each
day. I do other things that I haven't covered here. Many of
those things, I do without even thinking about them. They have
become habits! That's another key to getting more done. You
want to make doing many of these things that you want to do
automatic. If you don't have to think about them, they just
get done :-)


Willie Crawford is an 11-year veteran of internet marketing,
and an expert at generate massive traffic to your web sites,
and building massive list of responsive ezine subscribers. For
Willie's special report, "How I Boosted My Ezine Sign-Up Rate
By 5200 Per Month... Virtually Overnight... And How You Can
Too!" visit:

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Recipes From South Africa :-)

Meet my friend Michael Tracey. We've known each other
online for a LONG time, but never met personally.


Michael is over in South Africa, and we're both in
the cookbook niche. However, Michael focuses on Africa
recipes, and I focus on "soul food." Our pathes cross
in that we both have okra recipes :-)

Most American's don't realize that Okra came to our
hemisphere from Africa... at least according to my
understanding. Anyway, check out Micheal's very
unique cookbook at:


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July 22, 2007

Should YOU Host A Fire Sale?

I ran this in my ezine recently, and though that
I'd share it here too...

Should YOU Host A Fire Sale?

Many, many people are bouncing the idea of hosting a
fire sale off of me lately. That indicates that many
people are also feeling the "traditional" Summer
slowdown in the Internet marketing niche. This is normal
as a large percentage of your potential customers turn
their attention to family vacations, and spending more
time with the kids who are out of school.

If you ARE contemplating a fire sale, you should know
that I've seen some very BIG ones in the works. An
example is one starting on July 25th where:

The Main Offer is $37 for first 48 hours, $47 on Day 3 to
Day 7

Featuring 100 Resell Rights / Master Resell Rights Products

There are several other offers (OTO, backend etc.)

Affiliates/JV Partners Receive 50% Commission on ALL Sales

The products in the above fire sale are ALL fresh, many
coming with everything you need to start selling the
products immediately.

I'm not telling you this to discourage you from hosting
your own fire sale. It's a very big world, and there is a
huge chance that you'll be reaching different prospects.

Given that organizing a fire sale is a lot of work, and
that to be successful you DO need something different
... something that the market sees irresistible value in,
I am telling you this so that you REALLY think it through.

I'd even go as far as to encourage you to participate in
others' fire sales before hosting your own. For example, I
know the host of the fire sale described above well, and
can probably get you in as a JV partner if you have a
responsive list or a busy website. If you'd like to get
more details on this fire sale, just leave a note at my
help desk:

You are not required to register to leave a note at my
help desk. Just select the category "Personal For Willie"
from the drop-down menu.

I personally love the idea of fire sales and have even
began coordinating a mega-fire sale. To give you a clue
as to what I have in mind, if you checked the domain names...


you'd see that I own both... and have owned them for some

Those domains stem from an idea a group of my high-level
friends and I dreamed up long ago, and WILL implement soon.
This will be another one of those events that will make
Internet marketing history... while raising a lot of bars
(including the quality of items offered at fire sales).

Stay tuned for more on the One Million Dollar Fire Sale.
It will be one of those 50% commission deals, and we expect
to pay out $400,000 in commissions in a week to 10 days, and
anyone regardless of list size or website traffic will be
able to partake if they are willing to just make the effort.

Anyway, I'm getting a little off track here, but I did want
you to be aware that a lot of people are bouncing around
the idea of a fire sale. Given that that's true, you
probably want to know what's going on in advance of you
putting a lot of time and effort into orchestrating one. A
great place for you to get an early "heads-up" on fire sales,
product launches, etc., is The Internet Marketing Inner

You can check them out at:

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July 18, 2007

The Three "R's?"

The Three "R's?"

I’ll never forget third grade. That was when I was first
introduced to the three r’s.

I always found it amusing that the three r’s stood for reading,
writing, and arithmetic, considering that only one of them
started with the letter ‘r’.

Yes, the foundation of our education was based on three words,
only one of which actually began with the right letter.

As I grew older and moved from school into the real world I
found something else even more amusing.

Why didn’t the building blocks of our education ever including
anything about money?

We were all sent off into the world without any knowledge or
understanding about how to generate the one thing that would
sustain us and our families.

We were just expected to go out and figure it out for ourselves.

And this is why so many people struggle…why so many people
have to trudge through the daily grind and barely make ends meet.
So, you’ll be delighted to hear about something my good friend
Mike Ambrosio has just done…

He’s taking you back to school, only this time you’re going to
discover exactly what it takes to make money online.

Mike’s brand new PLR Dominance is dedicated to your success
on the Internet. And the real beauty is that he designed the class
so that it is truly step by step to profits.

Nothing is left to chance, and you will finally have everything
you need in order to profit online, within just days of getting

I’m sure you’ll understand why Mike would limit the number of
openings in this powerful course, so you best have a look
immediately, before it’s too late…

Go now, as class is about to start. In fact, I think I hear the
bell now…

To Your Success,


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Joe Vitale Book Signing In Wimberly Texas

Just a note about an appearance by a friend. Drop by, grab a
book, and snap a photo :-)

Author and speaker Dr. Joe Vitale will be autographing his newest book “Zero Limits” in Wimberley, Texas on Saturday, July 28, 2007.

Date: Saturday, July 28, 2007
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Location: Rancho Deluxe, 14010 Ranch Road 12, Wimberley, TX 78676 (On the square)
Phone: (512) 847-9570


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July 17, 2007

7 Dollar Secrets Expansion Pack Makes Things Work A Lot Better

I'm one of those people who uses Jonathan Leger's
7 Dollar Secrets scripts to run a number of sales
that I have going. I've gained thousands of new
PAYING customers, and I've earned a small fortune
with the system.

There were a few things that I initially didn't like
about the scripts... thing about the way that it
interacted with Paypal, and several things about just
the way that I was restricted in how I set up my offers
and commissions.

I recently purchased Don Morris' "Expansion Pack For
$7 Secrets."

This expansion pack adds numerous capabilities and fixes
several bugs that are present in even the latest version
of the scripts. It also allows you to troubleshoot your
7 Dollar Secrets installation.

The expansion pack itself sells for $7. As I said, I
AM using it and recommend that you do too.

It has ended a lot of headaches for me.

Get it a


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25 Tips For Conducting An Interview

25 Tips For Conducting An Interview

Copyright 2007 by Willie Crawford

I have a personal goal of doing one interview per day.
These interviews are done via email, Skype, telephone, live
at seminars, for internet radio, and for offline media. I
do these interviews because they are generally great free

Like many marketers, when asked to do an interview, I
have to answer the "What's in it for me?" question. As
you approach a potential interviewee, you need to make
sure that your interview request answers that question.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1) The interviewee knows if you're just trying to leverage
off his/her name. You don't need to hide that fact.

2) The interviewee knows if you're just trying to leverage
off his/her list. That can sometimes backfire.

3) An interview should not take too long. Acknowledge that
the interviewee probably has a busy schedule and is not
getting other things done while being interviewed by you.
Try to keep it brief and very focused.

4) You should not make the success of your product dependent
upon one interviewee. That's not fair to the interviewee,
and also puts the success (or failure) of your product in
someone else's hands.

5) You should not expect the interviewee to do a solo
mailing promoting your interview or product. While it's nice
if they do tell their audience about the interview, they
often will not have the "capacity" in their promotional
calendar to do extensive promotions for your interview or

6) You should not expect the interviewee to provide you with
a testimonial. Since he/she is in the product, that
testimonial has less credibility anyway... and may seem
hypocritical to some interviewees or prospective customers.

7) You should not expect the interviewee to write your ad copy.
Don't ask them to give you bullets to put in your sales letter!

8) You should not follow-up with the interviewee ("for
clarification on points") too many times. The interviewees
should not feel like it's never over because you bombard them
with emails. If you do, they are at some point likely to just
ask to cancel the interview.

9) You should not expect the interviewee to download some
new piece of software in order to be interviewed by you. Try
to use something that they are already likely to be using,
such as Skype or the telephone. While it's nice to use some
"new fangle" technology that hands you an MP3 and a transcript
10 seconds after you hang up, you should place the interviewee's
convenience ahead of yours.

10) You should offer the interviewee a copy of the interview
when practical, and when it wouldn't harm your product. Let
them know how you plan on using the interview and restrictions
that you place on them using the interview.

11) You should promote the interview/product heavily. That's
getting back to the "What's in it for me?" If the first
interview is fruitful, then an interviewee is more likely to
say "YES" to future requests for interviews.

12) You should value the interviewee's time and the resulting
product. If the product did not "take off," look for ways to
repurpose that interview, but get the interviewee's permission

13) You should ask them how they prefer being interviewed. For
example, some interviewees prefer email because it gives them
more time to compose their responses. Other interviewees
prefer a live telephone interview because it can be much

14) Generally, you should coordinate the interview questions
ahead of time. The interviewee should not be surprised during a
live recorded interview. Most interviewees won't have a
problem with tough questions, but it is a professional
courtesy to let them know to expect and prepare for those tough

15) You should test out your recording equipment ahead of
time. Don't make the first time that you've every used a
recording system when you have a busy interviewee on the

16) You should seek questions from your subscribers/
audience ahead of time to ensure you're asking the questions
that your intended audience is really interested in. Also,
ask your interviewees for suggested questions since they
know the subject so well. The real "pros" will have a handy
question and answer sheet (Q&A) that they can send you in a
matter of seconds ;-)

17) If conducting an email interview, and you haven't gotten
your answers back in a few days, you should gently remind
the interviewee.

18) You should conduct the interview at a time convenient
to the interviewee. Consider what time zone they're in and
always confirm that it's convenient for them to do the
interview when you call them.

19) Many of us have large ego's and if approached properly,
will say yes to an interview request. That's just human nature
and should give you numerous angles for landing a difficult

20) Don't ask for an interview when what you're really seeking
is a consulting session. If what you're really seeking is
personal advice, arrange a consulting session.

21) Tell the potential interviewees who else has also agreed to
be a part of the series/product. This provides social proof that
they're making the right decision by agreeing to do the
interview. Potential interviewees will often say "yes" to
get their names associated with a project that a "bigger fish"
in also a part of.

22) Share the transcript/recording of the interview with the
interviewee before publishing it. This gives them an
opportunity to confirm that there's nothing there that might
be embarrassing, etc. Circumstance do change over time, and
they might request that something be deleted after thinking
about it more.

23) If it's an email interview, consider correcting spelling
and grammar mistakes (with the interviewees concurrence) before
publishing it.

24) If it's an audio interview, consider "cleaning it up" before
publishing it. While you want an interview to sound natural,
coughs, dogs barking, and "uhhs," "ummmmm's," and "you know's"
add nothing to the call. They can be very annoying in a written

25) If you're doing a recorded interview, make sure that you
use a quality microphone and are in a quiet environment. An
interview that's difficult to understand annoys the listener
and reflects poorly upon the interviewer.

Just keeping these simple tips in mind as you go about putting
together, recording, and "pushing out" an interview will make
you an interviewer that top personalities will really enjoy
working with and helping!

Willie Crawford is an 11-year veteran of internet marketing, and
generating massive free website traffic. For more proven ideas
on generating more website traffic, customers, and subscribers,

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July 11, 2007

Have You Checked Out My Autobiography?

Several years ago, one of my mentors issued
a challenge. The challenge, issued to a
group of us during a small weekend workshop,
was to write a REAL book... going from idea
to printed book in hand in only 3 months.

I was one of several in the room who
accepted the challenge. We all brainstormed
in the room about what we could write on...
what experiences, knowledge or unique
training would create something that the
world would want to buy.

I settled upon... was talked into writing a bio
of how I'd gone from welfare, through college,
on to the military, and then into my own very
successful online business.

Less than 3 months from that day, my book
was ready for the world :-)

When my mother read it, she wanted copies to
give to all of her friends! I guess that's
a good recommendation.

That book is now available on
among other places and is doing VERY well.
You can read about and get a copy at:

I can mail you an autographed copy...
sure to become a collectors item :-)
or you can get the PDF version for instant

WARNING: Most people that I've talked to
after they got a copy of my book tell me
that once they started reading it, they
couldn't put it down until they finished :-)

After you finish reading it, I'd appreciate
your feedback.


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July 10, 2007

A Peak Into Willie Crawford's Tiny Mind... And His Buying Triggers

Like any serious copywriter, I keep a swipe file of copy
that I think is pretty good. I analyze what about it makes
it so good.

When I get an email or visit a sales letter that sells ME
something, I generally think that it must be pretty good,
so I add that to my swipe files. If it's a webpage, I
merely save it to a file on my hard drive that I've set up
just for that. If it's an email, I do the same thing, but
generally within my email client.

Here's an email that recently sold me on an inexpensive
product. I bought the product on impulse, and the
turned around and began selling it using the same copy...
because I had proof that it worked. After all, it had
just worked on me.

The email that worked... and might give you a peek into
my psyche, is reproduced below. I've changed the links
to MY links for the product :-)

After reading the sales message (the email reproduced
below), take a look at the website too. Try to identify
what it is about both the email and the webpage that
makes them work :-)

Email that sold me...

Hi Willie,

Today you have a chance to grab UNRESTRICTED Private Label
Rights to a brand spanking new and profitable Tool...

The "Sales Trigger Generator" is a powerful new software
to force your visitors to buy your products NOW !!!

This has got to be the hottest product that is ever graced
these mailings. And you have to act now because the PLR's
(source code), are going out the door fast!

Finally an affordable way to not only provide fast reliable
sales for your online business, but also a very reasonably
priced script that will have you turning out buyer after buyer,
day in and day out:

WARNING: Do not refresh the sales will lose your
one time discounted offer. This is part of how the script works.
You just have to see it in action...

You get this HOT product with Private Label Rights, Professional
sales letter, Unencrypted Sourcecode and Full Sourcecode Rights
to Add, Subtract, or Edit ANY Way You Want!



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July 09, 2007

An Interview A Day Keeps "The No Traffic Blues" Away

One of my favorite ways for generating free, high
quality traffic is by doing interviews. I do a lot
of interviews for online and offline radio shows,
magazines and newspapers, and email interviews to
be included in ebooks, on high traffic websites,
in compilations, etc.

Traffic that comes to you through interviews is VERY
high quality because they come to your site after
they've heard or read your interview. By consuming
your interview, they are presold on you, so the
arrive at your site wanting more of your expertise
or whatever it is that attracted them to you.

Lately, I've had an interview on my schedule practically
everyday. Some of these interviews are conducted via
email, so I can answer the questions that they raise
at my convenience.

Some of the interviews are via telephone, and many of
these are turned into products or content for membership
sites,or podcasts, etc.

Some of the interviews are even where I offered a
consultation as a bonus with a product I was selling
and the customer wanted to turn the call into a
recording. I did that with Mike Filsaime's recent
product launch that I blogged about here earlier today.

As I do interviews over the next few months, I'll
try to remember to point some of them out to you so
that you can see how/why I do them as well as how I
use them to generate traffic and business.

Two of the interviews/teleseminars that I've done over
the past 7 months are actually being offered as
products on The Internet Marketing Warrior Forum. You
can see how those are being deployed at:


Interviews are an easy way to generate traffic. All you
need is a phone, a microphone, or in the case of an
email interview, just a computer. Some of those
interviews can go on to generate traffic for a very long


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July 08, 2007

Looking For Feedback/Ideas On How To Use Software!

I have a piece of software called Tuelz that I
offer as a free download. You install the software
on your PC by clicking on the software icon (a screw)
after unzipping it. Then the software runs in the
background, with only an icon visible in your
system tray.

- Allows you to subscribe to and monitor numerous
RSS feeds.
- Allow you to monitor your websites, sounding
an alarm when it detects one of them down.
- Allows you to spy on your competitors, notifying
you when they've changed/updated a website or
webpage. It also keeps snapshots of what the site
looked like over time.
- Has an integral search engine.

The copy that I pass out has links to a few of my
websites and to two of my RSS feeds hardcoded. The
other links can be deleted, and the users can add
their own links or .xml feeds.

My copy also has a linked banner to one of my products
across the top. This is for branding... and a viral
tool. I use it for a lot of things to include keeping
in touch with subscribers, and educating them as to
how simple RSS really is.

You can grab a copy at:

What I'm looking for is feedback on what you do and
don't like about the application, as well as suggested
uses for it. I'm basically brainstorming. I'll likely
bounce the same questions off of my networking and
brainstorm group (that I get together with by
teleconference most Saturdays) next Saturday.

Please post your feedback to my helpdesk at:
(NO registration is required)

One of my friends (Kelvin) sells customized copies of this
application. It's one of several pieces of software
that I have in folders on my laptop, and am trying
to figure out how to best use it. After I get
that figured out, I'll push it out to my lists and
through a number of sites.

NOTE: This version has links to sites in several
unrelated niches. I'll likely push out very
specialized versions in the near future.

Thanks for your feedback.


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July 06, 2007

20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate - Part 7

Tip #6 – Use A “Sig File When Posting On Discussion Lists And

Some people will advise you to keep away from online forums and
not to spend too much time reading email discussion lists. I
agree with that, but it IS a great place to learn, network, and
even make direct sales.

I’ve made more money from posting to online forums this year
alone than most of my immediate family members COMBINED earn in
an entire year.

If you are going to post to forums you must use a signature line
where permitted. This signature line should basically tell readers
how you can make their lives better!

Keep your sig file short and include a call to action. Actually
tell… or at-least encourage them to do something!

Online communities work best when you contribute something of
real value. That means don’t just post, “I agree!” in order to
be able to leave your sig file. Moderators and other community
members see right through that.

Some online forums don’t allow you to post sig files. So on
those… you can’t blatantly promote your products in a sig file,
but you can point out useful resources… when appropriate.

Some online forums don’t allow you to post links to affiliate
products in your sig file. This is largely the result of backlash
caused by some affiliate programs telling their affiliate to go
to the more popular forums, post regularly and leave their sig
files. When dozens of people start posting to a popular forum,
and they all use similar sig files, that’s a BAD sign!

To get around the no affiliate links restriction, simply provide
a link to your blog or a simple webpage where you recommend an
affiliate product. From the blog or webpage you then provide a
link to click through to the affiliate product. This is a VERY
effective strategy.

I often even go as far as to get a domain name that suggests the
benefits of the productthat I use in my posts. You can buy domain
names for under $9per year here:


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20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate - Part 6

Tip #5 - Make Absolutely Certain That It’s A Great Deal For Your

This should go without saying but I acknowledge that there can
be a lot of temptation to market a substandard product for a quick
buck. If you take care of your customers, offering them ONLY
products that will substantially improve their lives, at a great
price, they will grow to trust your recommendations, and they
will buy from you over and over again.

You’ll also be able to sleep better :-)


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Here's The Fastest Way to Learn How to Make Your Own Video Infomercials

My partner, and I were talking the other day about how frustrating the experience of trying to get started in business on the Internet can be.  There is simply so much to learn that it's difficult to know where to start.

There's a reason for that...

And now that everyone and his kid brother seems to be talking about how smart it is to start using videos to promote your products or services, it's enough to make you want to pull your hair out and scream!

Your frustration is understandable.

It's the same reason many people have trouble operating computers in general, or setting up their own website.  Sure, computers come with operating manuals.  And most website building software comes with a user manual as well.  

But the problem is that standard operating manuals just tell you "how" the equipment or software is supposed to work.  In other words, it doesn't tell you jack about "how to use" the equipment or software to accomplish what you want.  And that's a HUGE difference.

Here's another example...

Most automobile owner manuals describe how the car is supposed to operate, under ideal conditions.  But reading it isn't going to make you a better driver.  Because, again, that's not the manual's purpose.

Now consider this...

Even if these types of user manuals actually showed you "how to use" the equipment, most people would probably still be at a loss.  Why?  Because most learning is auditory or visual.

We're used to having things spoon-fed to us, in our modern society, via audio and video.  And there's nothing wrong with that.  Even in the most prestigious universities, students learn their lessons via lectures or visual presentations.  

And most of us get the majority of our news via the radio or TV. It's simply much more convenient in the rush and hectic society in which we live.  

But that kind of reliance on audio and visual learning typically leaves most consumers stuck when trying to figure out how to operate even the simplest gadgets with only the aid of a user manual.

I used to be embarrassed to say this.  But there's another reason that people don't get much from user manuals.  It's because they "get it" faster and easier if someone just takes the time to show them how to do it.  

In fact, I literally "sailed" through college on the honor roll without hardly ever cracking a single book because I could remember exactly what the professors said and I simply regurgitated it all during exams.  I'll bet you're the same way.

For example, which would you prefer?

Someone hopping in the driver's seat and showing you how to drive, or reading a 600 page manual about how to do it?  I think you see my point.

The good news is that now you can easily learn how to make your own video infomercials.  And you won't have to read a single word. 

Click here to learn>


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Are You The Beetle On It's Back?

On a recent walks I observed a beetle lying on
it's back next to the sidewalk. Ants, out foraging
for food noticed the beetle and began to probe it,
checking to see if it was edible I imagine.

The beetle began kicking, either because the ants
were taking bites,or because it sensed the danger.

My first inclination was to rescue the bettle, but
instead I elected to not interfere with nature.
Nature rewarded me with a valuable lesson...

The beetle merely extended a leg, rolled itself
upright and began to walk away. The ants didnt'
persue it. Even though the beetle was only a few
inches away, once it was on it's feet, the ants
no longer thought of it as food.

Many of us often find ourselves flat on our back, in
a predicament very similar to the one that the beetle
found itself in. Far too many of us continue life
flat on our backs, when all we need to do is roll over
and get back on our feet.

Food for though :-)


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July 02, 2007

Number 1 Out of 20,500,000 - My Free Internet Marketing Course

Several years ago, I wrote a 20-lesson "Internet Marketing
Success Course" which I offered for YEARS from my site, via
autoresponder. This was a course where you receive 2 lessons
per week when you subscribed via my online form.

Then my mentor told me that some people didn't want to wait
10 weeks to go through the course,and that if I compiled all
of the lessons into an ebook, and offered it for a nominal
fee, that could turn into a nice little revenue stream. So,
I listened to my mentor... and it did turn into a nice
revenue stream.

Like many things that we write for the internet marketing
niche, the course eventually became "dated." Coupled with
decreasing email deliverability, unless I really worked on
the wording of my autoresponder messages, I eventually stopped
promoting the autoresponder version. Too many people were
contacting us regarding missing lessons (the ones blocked
by spam filters because they contained the wrong words).

As I sifted through my log files recently, I noticed that a
lot of people are still finding my site for the "long tail"
keyword phrases, "free internet marketing lessons," and
"free internet marketing coures."

A quick search on Google showed my ranking on these terms as:

Number 1 out of 20,500,000 for "free internet marketing lessons!

Number 7 out of 50,700,000 for "free internet marketing course"

That top 10 ranking on terms people were actually searching for
me on, and it was bringing in a significant amount of highly
targeted traffic.

Incidentally, I also ranked Number 2 out of 2,030,000 for the
term "jv broker."
Given that that's a 2-word term that is
also bringing in a lot of tartgeted traffic... and clients,
I think that's pretty good too.

Where am I going with my rambling though?

Given that a lot of people are still looking for my Internet
Marketing Business Success Course, I have decided to update it
over the next week or so and begin offering it again via
autoresponder and ebook. The difference will be that NOw when
someone needs a missing lesson, they will be sent to my helpdesk

Every lesson will have a note at the bottom telling
subscribers to go to my helpdesk if they need any help with
anything pertaining to the course!

At my helpdesk, the FAQ will tell them how to get the entire
course if they want, and also how to access missing lessons.

I also plan on adding the entire 20-lesson course to my blog...
as 20 separate entries. That is where my FAQ will tell the
subscribers to go to retrieve individual lessons. I'm posting
the entire course on my blog at "link bait," something I
discussed in an earlier post ;-)

So there you have it, a living example of recycling old
content that is too popular to just let die.


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June 30, 2007

Blackhat JV Software

I use a piece of software called Giveaway Manager
to run free giveaways for both myself and my clients.
You can check the software out by clicking here.

A use that I never considered... as a busy JV broker,
is using it as a blackhat JV tool. However, that's
exactly what some people are doing. This YouTube video
reveals how:


I do encourage you to grab check out the software. It can
be use to run membership sites, run giveaway events, and
as the video revealed, even for blackhat JV ops :-)

Check it out by clicking here!Willie

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June 27, 2007

Where The Heck Did He Get That Picture?

No, it's not one of those kind of pictures, although I
am planning on going to The Rich Jerk's networking party
at The Playboy Mansion. My wife will be there too :-)

Anyway, I have a "Google Alert" set to search cyberspace
for my name. So, I can tell when something new is posted
about me. The most recent one had a number of interesting
finds, along with snippets of what the text, around the
mention of my name, said.

When I clicked though to the site, I saw a lot of positive
things being said about me. Clearly they don't know me :-)

Have a look:


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June 26, 2007

My New Centralized Help Desk

After all the discussion I had with visitors to
my forum, and in private emails, I'm finally
taming my "email monster." The solution that
I've implemented is basically routing 99% of
my communications through a help desk at:

This is where I'll eventually route everything
from JV requests, to software download problem,
to just about any other issue you can think of!

I will still have several email addresses but
most people will be encouraged not to use them.
I will eventually have links to my help desk on
ALL of my sites rather than my email address. All
of my autoresponders will also direct customers
to my helpdesk. My staff and I are going through
and making those changes now :-)

The help desk is set-up and functional. Several
people on my staff even get desktop notifications
when a "trouble ticket" is submitted. I do plan
on modifying the template to give it more of the
look that I want.

You can read about the help desk software that I
use at:

I chose this software because it's powerful,
inexpensive, and designed specifically for
marketers. It can't do all of the things that
the $600 - $2000 packages can do, but then again,
I don't need all that.

A customer, or anyone needing to contact me, can
- Search the knowledgebase to see if the answer to
their question is there. However, I'm just starting
to build that knowledgebase.
- Click on the link labeled "open a new ticket"
and submit a ticket.
- The can also check on an old ticket.
- The system sends a desktop alert to my support
staff and/or me.
- The system sends an email with the trouble-ticket
number to the submitter.
- The system can send an email to my tech support
if so configured.
- When we respond to the ticket, an email is sent
to the submitter.
- When they read the response, a desktop and/or
email notification is sent to my staff.

It's simple, it works and it's decluttering my
life and making me less dependent upon email
which is incredibly unreliable!

Check out the simple, inexpensive help desk system,
I tested, and now use and recommend at:


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June 24, 2007

20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate

I mentioned in an earlier post the art of using “link bait” which also goes
by other names…. such as “pillar articles.” That’s essentially what my
article series, “20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate” are.

To make it easy for you to find all of the techniques, since I’m posting
them over time, I’ll eventually have links to all of them from this page.
There is a method to my madness. It has to do with SEO in case you’re

So here are links to the Super Affiliate Techniques Posted Thus Far:

Introduction To 20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate

Super Affiliate Technique #2

Super Affiliate Technique #3

Super Affiliate Technique #4

Super Affiliate Technique #1


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Flash In The Pan Launches

Life has taught me that I am DEFINITELY not smarter than the
average person. Sometimes I tend to think that I am and then
something will prove differently.

So, as I watch all of these “flash in the pan” product launches…
the ones where a product is only available for a few days or
weeks, I ask myself if that’s a good model.

Surely, if the product was being sold for a longer period of
time, more money could be made from the product over
it’s life-cycle… or could it.

I look at products like Product Launch Formula, Traffic
Secrets, Butterfly Marketing, and Yanik’s home-study
copywriting course. I sold those products for a long time
and they sold well for a long time. I didn’t make sales
everyday, but sales did trickle in often enough to make
it worthwhile to focus on these products.

Some of them continue to sell today!

The other model basically forces marketers to
constantly come up with new “better” products. Then
marketers run to their lists proclaiming that they absolutely
must have this new “doo-hickey.” Since the doo-hickey
that they were selling last week … or last month is no longer
on the market, this new one must be better.

The reality is that the product you purchased last month
really can make your business much better IF you use it.

The reality is that most of us grab that latest and greatest
product, and get about 1/10th of the way through it before
our attention deficit disorder cause us to notice something
else, and set the other product aside never to go back to it.

I am going off on a tangent here.

However, I do wonder if the flash in the pan model is
better than creating a product and then marketing it for
YEARS! What do you think?


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June 23, 2007

Copyrights and Trademarks

Here's a good article on a topic that many internet
marketers seem to struggle with...

Copyrights and Trademarks

Copyright is a type of intellectual property. A copyright
is a set of exclusive rights granted by the government for
a limited time to protect the particular form, way or
manner in which an idea or information is expressed.
Copyright is the legal protection given to artists or
producers of creative work which protects them against
unauthorized copying of their work.

All copyrighted material must be produced in a tangible
medium (photo, paper, CD, or video). Concepts, processes
and ideas can not be copy protected in the United States.
If a statement is made yet not recorded or published it is
not protected under the US copyright laws. In other words
things must be recorded in a physical form in order to be
protected under the copyright laws in the United States.

Any creative works that meets the definition is copy
protected. If the creative works was produced after 1978,
it is protected for the length of the authors life plus 70

In the US original works can be registered to be copy
protected at the US Copyright Office. If a creative work is
not registered at the US Copyright Office, it is still
considered copy protected. Registration does however make
it easier to defend a copyright. Use of a copyright notice
is encouraged to be included with creative works because it
informs the public that the work is protected by copyright,
identifies the copyright owner, and shows the year of first

In the US the Copyright Act of 1976 governs all US
copyrights. Additionally the US has treaties with a number
of other countries that assist copyright holders with
protection in foreign countries. Unfortunately, there is no
international copyright law that grants immediate
protection to copyright holders. That said, most developed
countries do respect and offer some form of copyright
protection. These foreign copyright protections have been
made easier through treaties and conventions, namely the
Universal Copyright Convention in 1955 and the Berne
Convention in 1989. Nations that participate in these
conventions respect copyrights from other participating

Copyrights are often confused with trademarks. Trademarks
are also a type of intellectual property. Trademarks are
any symbols, words, number, picture, or design, used by
manufacturers or merchants to identify their own goods and
distinguish them from goods made or sold by others. Company
logos are an excellent example of a creative that can be
protected through a trademark. Trademarks are also known as
service marks. Trademarks are registered with the USPTO
(United States Patent and Trademark Office), they are not
registered with the US Copyright Office.

Unlike copyrights, protection of unregistered trademarks
may be limited to their specific geographical area.
Trademarks must be actively used in order to be considered

Technology is challenging the laws with new venues and
mediums falling under the protection of copyright and
trademark laws.

About the Author:

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing,
publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon
manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing

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June 22, 2007

Free Software - Desktop Forum Buddy

I broke this out of the thread on popular internet
marketing discussion forums to make it easier to

Free Software - Desktop Forum Buddy

This is a piece of software that you install on
your computer. It has direct links to tons of
resources including numerous business, internet
marketing, and copywriting forums. It also direct
links to numerous blogs.

The software will actually allow you to surf
several forums simultaneously. I sometimes bounce
back and forth between 4 or 5 forums effortlessly.
The software is a real lifesaver, and you can
download a copy (in a .zip file) by clicking here!


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Latest Issue Of My Ezine For Your Reading Pleasure

Here's the issue of my ezine that I sent out today.
In it I mentioned that although I had a lot to pass
along, I would keep it short by posting many things
to my blog. Now I need to get all of those things
posted :-)

If you are not a subscriber, please use the box
at the top of the menu bar (on the right) to
subscribe now!

Here's the issue:

Limitless Marketing Ezine - June 22nd, 2007
Published by Willie Crawford williexxxxxx@.xxxxxxxcom



This issue of Limitless Marketing is to tell you about a
few quick things that you don't want to miss as we head
into the weekend. I'm actually on my way to a friend's
house for a party shortly :-)


I did want to CONFIRM that I will be hosting my free
networking and brainstorming call tomorrow. On that
call, we'll review/critique two websites, then we'll
open it up to discuss any internet marketing topic.

If you've registered for any of the previous calls, you
should still be in our database, and should have already
received an autoresponder message with the call-in

If you've never been on one of these "fun" calls, or did
not get the autoresponder message, then you need to
register. After you register, you'll get the call-in
details, as well as instructions on how to submit your
website for a free review by the group. Register at:


I do have a lot of info to pass along to you but don't
want to make this ezine too long. So, I'm going to
post most of it on my blog. I make several blog posts
per day, passing along stuff like this. Please visit
my blog daily (including today) at:

On the blog your find a TON of resources such as my
Super Affiliate Tips (a series of over 20 will eventually
be posted), a list of proven places to run solo ads, and
a list of recommended internet marketing discussion boards.
I even GIVE you a piece of software that allows you to
effortlessly surf between the forums (or keep 3-5 of
them open simultaneously).


Some of you may have noticed my $5 special report, "How
To Make $1000 - $2000 In 24 Hours Or Less!" I wrote
that report in response to people coming to me with
financial emergencies. The report provides a solution
to doing just what the title says. It has been very
well received. You can read some of the testimonials
on my blog :-)

You can grab a copy of this report now at:

After you get the report, you can use the link on the
first page of the report to sell it yourself, and have
100% of the sales price deposited directly into your
Paypal account. Several people who bought the report
earned $400 - $600 within a matter of hours
just by
telling their site visitors or subscribers about this
report :-)


I've mentioned several places that last month there were
well over 200 new product "launches" in the internet
marketing niche. That led to a product release glut, and
made it hard for many new products to get noticed. If
you're getting ready to release a new product, I can
offer you some advice that has worked very well for some
of my friends. I'll post that advice on my blog too.

Of the new products that I've taken a look at, and fallen
in love with, there is a Camtasia Brander, a help desk
software designed specifically for internet marketers,
and some excellent (very concise) courses. I'll blog
about all of these.

As you can see, I encourage you to visit my blog
rather than trying to squeeze everything into an ezine.
Be sure to visit today:

Bookmark the blog and/or subscribe to the RSS feed ;-)

That's it for today. I hope that you have
an outstanding weekend. I also hope that you'll join our
networking and brainstorming call on Saturday.

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The Battle Over PPC Intelligence

Recently, I've been introduced to, and even tested
several EXCELLENT programs that allow you to spy
on your competitors PPC campaigns.

These programs basically:

- Show you your competitors campaigns and split test
so that you can literally copy them.

- Show you what keywords your competitiors are using.

- Show you how long a particular campaign has been
running so that you can deduce how succcesful it is.
After all, a person would have to be a complete idiot,
or have a huge corporate budget to keep running a
losing PPC campaign.

Today, I was shown a free piece of software designed
to block the robots that gather this intelligence.

To me that spells the beginning of a battle where
the two sides will keep updating their software
to combat the latest changes made by the other side.
Here's that piece of software, which I am IN NO WAY
associated with:

This battle should be similar to that between those
creating page generation software and the search
engines :-)



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June 19, 2007

20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate - Part 5

Tip #4 - Use Audio That Redirect In Your Affiliate Promotions

Like watching video, listening to audio is easier than reading
for many people. Until recently, the problem with using audio is
that you still had to depend upon the listener to click through
to a webpage. Now, if you stream the audio…or put it on a CD
that requires being connected to the internet for optimal
performance, you can redirect the listener right to your sales
page or order form at the end of an audio.

My favorite program for redirecting a listener to a target
product is Website Jukebox. This is a part of the Total Web
Audio suite. You can find it at:

To get more ideas on how to use audio and video in your
affiliate marketing, listen in on an interview that I did with
Josh Anderson, owner of Total Web Audio. You’ll find that
interview at:

Another reason that I use a lot of audio in my marketing is that
it allows me to grab multi-taskers. They can listen to one of my
recordings in the background if they want to, while they surf to
other pages… or read things on a webpage. They still hear important
parts of your message, and if you use audio that redirects, they
are still on your order page when their attention is drawn back to
your message ;-)


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June 17, 2007

20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate - Part 4

Tip #3 - Use PROOF In Your Affiliate Promotions

Of all the things that you can do to improve all of you
marketing, this may be the biggest one! People are naturally
skeptical, and that’s a good thing! However, that means that
you need to not just make assertions, you need to prove what you
say to them.

Proof can come in many different forms. One of the most powerful
ones is “social proof.” That’s where others prove your point.
That’s what testimonials and even using quotes from recognized
experts brings to the picture.

If you study Internet marketing, one of the trends you’ll notice
is a tendency to encourage people to visit a blog and post on a
topic. Seeing that others are posting on a topic, and are excited
about it, VERIFIES to observers that they too should be interested
in a topic, or should take a certain action. People like to see
that others are taking the same action… that others thought that
taking a given action was a good idea.

Another form of proof is offered through video. Video
testimonials are so powerful because the viewer can see that it’s
a real person giving the testimonial AND they can read that person’s
body language.

Camtasia videos work so well for me in selling complicated
sounding software because with a quick demo you can show how easy a
product is to use. It’s one thing to say that it’s easy, or to even
have someone else say that it’s easy. It’s much easier for your
prospect to believe that they can do it too when they see you
actually go through the process.

Another type of proof that you can use in your promotions is seals
from organizations that have tremendous credibility. That’s why you
see the “as seen on TV” in many ads. You can do something similar
by mentioning that a product was featured on television, is used by
a certain organization or client, or even that it’s featured on Make sure that you don’t step on any trademarks when you
implement this strategy, and also make sure that you’re not sending
your customers away… to purchase from someone else.

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Are You Using Google AdWords to Build Your List?

If you have been around the Internet Marketing
circuit for a while, I'm sure you understand the importance of
building a targeted list of subscribers and customers
that you can build relationships with.

When building your list, one of the most important things to keep in
mind is the kind of traffic you are driving to your website.

Ideally, the traffic you get coming to your site should
be extremely targeted visitors.

Not only that, but it's always more effective if these
visitors pro-actively sought you out by searching for
specific information offered on your website.

This is because anyone can send out an email, or ask a
partner or colleague to send out an email to another
list, and ask someone to check out your website.

But if someone took it upon themselves to search for a
solution to a problem they are experiencing, they would
be that much more likely to give you their name and
email address in exchange for that information.
How would you be able to do that?

The fact of the matter is that the answer could very
well be right under your nose the entire time!
I'm sure you've heard of You may have even
used it in your marketing.

Did you know that there are 1000s of advertisers who
are taking advantage of Google's 200 million plus daily

These advertisers are getting tons of exposure, and
many of them are getting extremely targeted traffic to
their websites each and every day for just pennies on
the dollar!

And you can do it too...

You see, Google AdWords is one of the most affordable
ways to build a large list of targeted subscribers
instantly and easily.

And when you take these visitors, who searched on the
keywords that you selected and clicked on the ad that
you wrote, and show them a solution to a problem that
they are clearly searching for...

...You're bringing in high quality prospects who are
going to love hearing from you!

So if you're ready to change the way you're doing
business online, be sure to start using Google AdWords
to build a targeted list today.

Simon Leung of is a retired Sr.
AdWords Optimization Specialist from Google. Discover
his innovative AdWords List Building strategies at

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Over 120 Hours Of Free MP3 Audios

Click the banner to access it.


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June 16, 2007

20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate - Part 2

Tip #1 - Focus On One Product Or Promotion At A Time

There are thousands of potential product that you as an
affiliate can promote. You can only effectively promote
a few because it does require concentrated and orchestrated

When you promote too many different products you don’t put
the creativity and repetition into promoting ANY of the
products that generates the necessary momentum.

You also appear to be a butterfly, flirting from flower to
flower, not really committed to any product, and willing to
promote anything.

Select only high quality products that are a perfect match
for your market. Look at the life-cycle of that product,
and then flow your promotions out on a promotional calendar.
Even on very short-term promotions, you should plan on
doing at least three mailings.

It’s been proven that sending three emails promoting the
same product often produces exponentially better results
than sending one email each promoting three different

Get over the idea that you might miss out on something if
you decline getting involved in promoting a particular

I have clients who will often see a promotion for a given
product that I’m NOT promoting, and they’ll email me to ask
if they can buy it through me. At that point I MAY
investigate the product, become an affiliate, and encourage
them to purchase through my link. More often than not, I’ll
simply tell them that I’m not an affiliate for that product…
and maybe offer my opinion based upon the
copy I read on the webpage.

*** Be on the lookout for Part 3 which is Tip #2 ***


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June 15, 2007

20 Insider Techniques Of A Super Affiliate - Part 1

A few months back I wrote a special report
that I called, "20 Insider Techniques Of A
Super Affiliate." As I sifted back through
my harddrive and noticed that report, which
I think is fairly good, I decided to share
it with you here on my blog.

Each day I'll post a few of the techniques
that I use to sell a substantial number of
affiliate products.

I'll begin with the introduction and my
own generic disclaimer, which is that I'm
sharing what works for you but can't and
don't guarantee that you'll get the same
results that I do!

Here's the introduction:

I named this report “20 Insider Techniques Of
A Super Affiliate,” which immediately
begs the question, “What gives me the right
to call myself a ’super affiliate’.” My answer
is that a super affiliate is an affiliate who
can sell a LOT more of an affiliate product that
an average affiliate. I do that so effectively
that most top Internet marketers come to me
when they are contemplating a product launch. They
know that if they can get me onboard, agreeing to
promote their product, they’ve substantially
increased the chances of the success of that product
promotion or product launch.

Naturally, I’m only one of many super affiliates,
but I have earned that title :-)

I won’t bore you with my accomplishments, but I do
invite you to Google my name and research my background.
Visit the discussion forums, read ezine, and listen to
interviews to see what others in the Internet marketing
world are saying about me.

In this special report , I’m going to share with you
some of the ways that I manage to sell so many affiliate
products. If you adopt these techniques, and you offer
quality products to the right audience, you too will be
able to sell a LOT more product than the average
affiliate! I can’t say how much more because I don’t know
you. So, I make no income promises. If it works for me,
it should work for you ;-)

*** Be watching for Part 2 which will be technique #1 ***

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Meet Rhea Perry In Raleigh, June 18th, 2007

Meet my friend Rhea Perry. She's a home-schooling mom,
who includes entreprenueralism as part of her curriculum.

Rhea Perry

I first met Rhea at Joel Christopher's Masterlist Builder
Workshop back in 2003.

Rhea now hosts many of her own events, structured so that
the entire family can attend. They are amazing events.

If you are in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, don’t miss this opportunity to meet Rhea Perry in person!

Rhea will be in Raleigh this Monday night from 7 PM to 10 PM talking about Entrepreneurial Education, Internet marketing (especially affiliate marketing), eBay and real estate.

You’ll get the location details once you register here:

Let me know if you decide to go and tell Rhea I sent you!


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June 14, 2007

Trusting Your Instincts!

One of the pieces of advice I've given consulting
clients,and almost anyone contacting me over the
past few years seeking advice on an offer is "trust
your instincts."

Lately, I've been forcing myself to follow my own
advice more and more. I've noticed that a lot of
"gurus" give excellent advice but don't follow it
themselves. It's more of a "do as I say, not as I do!"

I only mention this because it seems like more and
more of the JV proposals that I get lately, really
make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

My rule is if I have trouble figuring out what's
being sold, or even have difficulty immediately
understanding everything on a website, JV'ing with
the webmaster is instantly ruled out.

Another rule is that if they lead with the promise
of big money, rather than what's in it for my
customer, there's a 99% chance that I'll say no.

I do trust my instincts because they have served me
relatively well over the past 48 years. Do you trust
your instincts? Sometimes your subconscious is trying
to tell you something ;-)


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June 12, 2007

So How Have You Changed?

Over the years I've had the honor of working
with dozens of relatively inexperienced people
... helping them to build their online
businesses. Many of these people, were very
intimidated by the technology when I first
met them. They didn't know html, how to
use email, autoresponders, copywriting, etc.

I usually just pointed out that while there
is a learning curve, it's just a matter of
jumping in there and doing it. I often
pointed out online tutorials to them and
suggested they just put in the time and
effort to go through them. Some did -
some wouldn't. Those who did, mastered
those seemingly impossible task in no time.
Many of those who wouldn't STILL can't do
those things, or simply went back to their
offline jobs.

It's all about change, and being willing to
face your fears :-)

One of my favorite people in the whole world
works as a councelor. Her favorite expression
is "But how have you changed!" She loves to
point out the one definition of insanity is
"Doing the same thing over and over, but
expecting a different outcome each time."

Often the "change" needed is just to take
action, boldly doing that which you are most
afraid of (or intimidated by). I frequently
have to remind myself of that :-)

So if you are struggling with your online
business, let me ask you, compared to how
you did things even six months ago...
"So how have you changed?"


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June 11, 2007

The Internet Marketers' Diet

After looking at some video footage of
me speaking at a seminar, I decided it
was time for me to lose some weight. I
had gotten FAT!

Since January 1st,2007, I have lost 42
pounds by changing my diet and supplementing
that with walking and slow jogs.

I'm thinking of writing a special report
of how I did that. I'm either going to offer
it as a free gift (incentive) or I'll sell
it very inexpensively. I just wonder how
much interest there would be in something
like this.

If this is something that would interest
you, please drop me an email at
willie DOT crawford AT gmail DOT com

By the way, I lost this weight while often
spending 12-16 hour days in front of the
computer. Not MOST days, but on some days.


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June 10, 2007

My Secret Methods For Choosing Article Topics

When I write ezine articles, I want to make sure that
I'm writing about something my target audience is
really interested in. To do that, I actually have two
methods of doing research... besides polling my

1) I visit forums related to the market and I note
which threads are the most popular. Many forums will
tell you how many views and/or how many comments a
thread has had. I simply look for the most popular
ones and then skim those to see what the real interest

2) Similar to #1, I also visit top article directories.
Many of these directories will let you browse by
category, and tell you how many views each articles has
had. I then look at how fresh the most popular
articles are, and also determine if the topic is
something that fits in with my overall online activities
and goals. If it is, then I look for holes in the
articles and by reading the articles often actually
learn enough about the topic to firm up my knowledge.

So there you have two of my secret methods for choosing
article topics. After I settle on a topic I write the
article. I've had a few articles ghost written, but
95% of the time, if I'm putting my name on it, I write
it myself because I'm very particular about the quality
and accuracy of the articles.


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June 09, 2007

Six Degrees of Separation From Oprah?

Six degrees of separation is the theory that anyone
on the planet can be connected to any other person on
the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no
more than five intermediaries.

The theory was first proposed in 1929 by the Hungarian
writer Frigyes Karinthy in a short story called "Chains."

As I look at my day to day experiences and some of the
amazing people that I have met, I believe that there
is a lot of validity to the theory.

One of my goals is one days meet/chat with Oprah
Winfrey. I have a lot of reasons for wanting to do
that, not the least of which is that I'm working on
several projects that she could offer a major boost

One of my business partners is Dave Franks. Dave
was Alex Haley's cook and farm manager. If you don't
remember Alex, he wrote the book Roots, among other
noteworthy accomplishments.

While working for Alex, Dave got to meet notables
like Oprah (whom he once sat in a porch swing with
discussing "the old days"), Governor Lamar Alexander,
Lou Gossett Jr., and countless others.

Alex pushed Dave to write a cookbook, which he has.
It's called Foods Of The Southland. It's an
execellent cookbook, and I'm getting ready to help
Dave roll it out.

Dave has been on one of my lists for many years,
and liked my model for selling cookbooks. He
turned to me for help with marketing. As soon as
the website is revised by one of my Inner Circle
members, it will roll out big-time, and should do
very well.

As I helped Dave plan the rollout, one of my first
suggestions to him was to get a testimonial from
Oprah. We're working on that now. Dave know
people with enough access to Oprah to just walk in
and hand her a copy of the book. We'll see how that
works out.

By the way, Dave's unfinished site is at:
We expect it to be "live" in a week or two!

Partnering with Dave made great sense to me since
I already sell 5 other cookbooks. Cookbook
collectors will buy numerous cookbooks from you
if you offer them in the right way. It's a
niche most internet marketers (who choose to
enter that niche) don't do that well in though.
There are secret tactics/techniques that I may
someday share with you... maybe in a private
conversation at a seminar.


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May 27, 2007

Podcasting Just Might Be the Tool to Revolutionize Education

Interesting article...

Makes you wonder what other clever uses there are
for podcasts... and even if you could become a
consultant in you industry helping to teach that

Podcasting Just Might Be the Tool to Revolutionize Education
By Sharon Housley

Schools all over the country have flocked to podcasting as a new medium to assist the teaching profession. Professors are using podcasts to instruct students and get their messages out. Podcasting is not restricted to one educational sector, professors at prestigest colleges from Bentley to Purdue have flocked to this medium.

A growing number of professors are recording their lectures, the term coursecasting has been adopted in academia. Podcast lectures are used as study tools, and are available for students who might have missed class. Some podcasts are password restricted to students who are enrolled in that specific class. While other institution's publicly post their podcasts and offer non-enrolled students insight into the class material.

Why has podcasting been embraced by the educational field? The adoption of RSS is likely in part due to the demographic higher-education attraction. Most college students are young and well educated. Because of their age the students have embraced technology, they have always had technology as a component to their life. This demographic have grown up with computers their entire lives, technology has always been an integral tool in their education.

Bentley initially adopted podcasting in the course IT 101, to introduce students to the concepts of technology as they relate to business, ethics and social responsibility, global commerce and culture. Students are not only required to listen to podcasts, but also to produce their own podcasts. Bentley, understanding the importance, influence and power of technology felt that students would benefit by obtaining a complete and thorough understanding of the podcasting medium.

Certain subject material lends itself to podcasting more than others, for example: foreign language lessons are ideal for podcasts because students can listen to accents, intonations, and speech patterns. Students listening to foreign language podcasts are able to hear and experience the language outside of the classroom.

Some educators are using videocasts to demonstrate science labs and experiments. The portability of the videocasts make it easier for students to review labs, when critically analyzing their data.

Educators are known for their philanthropy and desire to share their knowledge. Technology and podcasting as a communication medium have made it easier for educators to collaborate, share and provide material in a portable format. Podcasting allows professors to extend their reach outside the classroom. With the hectic pace today's students keep between classes, commuting and employment, podcasts fit, allowing students to maximize their commute and use their time efficiently while juggling it all. Just as home computers have become an integral tool in the educational field, todays hectic lifestyles make the need for educational podcasts and videocasts only more evident.

Additional Resources: How Podcasts and RSS are Used in Education

Locate Educational Feeds
Educational Feeds -
Educational Podcast Network -

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.

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Plain Old Fashioned Hard Work???

A recent conversation with several leading
internet marketers reminded me of the value
of just plain hard work.

Too often what keeps us from success is spending
all of our time looking for shortcuts and the
easier way of doing tasks.

Of course, it does make sense to use things like
software to make our jobs easier. It makes sense
to leverage the efforts of others through joint
ventures and affiliate programs. It makes sense
to study what is working for others.

However, in the end the work still has to be done.

"Nothing happens until something move." - Einstein

What too often happens is that we learn the software,
the proven techniques, etc., and then we don't use
it... instead we continue looking for something even
easier :-)

I'll dig deeper into this topic in other posts, to
include sharing with you the few pieces of software
that I do use almost daily.

I'll also share here that when I first started my
online business I was in the US Air Force. I'd often
put in 16-18 hours as an aircrew members and then
work at my computer until I fell asleep at the
keyboard. I'd often wake up to a screen full of
letter (all the same) because my fingers were pressing
a certain key as I fell asleep. I'm NOT suggesting
that you work those kind of hours (it's not healthy).
I am suggesting that sometime you just jump in and
do whatever it takes ;-)


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May 01, 2007

Is Your Affiliate Marketing WRONG?

Many affiliates in the internet marketing
space (myself included) market too many
different products. If you focus on fewer
products and market them longterm you should
get to know the products better, have time
to really deploy some effective tools, and
with the right products make more total

As I examined my product mix and saw that I
was marketing too many products, I personally
have decided to put more time and resources
into promoting a few core products. That's
not to say that I won't be promoting others,
only that I won't be promoting several new
products a week, and I have done from time
to time.

Another reason for the change is that it will
be doing my subscribers a favor. Too many of
them find it hard to resist "the latest and
greatest" even if they haven't finished reading
and digesting their previous purchase. Since
they never finish studying and setting up their
purchases, they never really benefit from them.

If you are an affiliate marketer, perhaps you
should choose 2-3 really high quality products
to really focus on marketing. You'll notice
in the menu bar that I promote Traffic Secrets,
Product Launch Formula and
Yanik Silver's Copywriting Course.
These are fairly pricy, but very high quality
products that DO sell regularly.


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April 26, 2007

Fast And Easy Free Long-term Website Traffic

I've decided to post some of the more than 700 articles
I've written to my blog... sort of an experiments. Here's
the first of many:

Fast And Easy Free Long-term Website Traffic Generation
By Willie Crawford

It's a fact of life that without traffic, your website
can't make sales. That makes traffic generation the
top priority for many webmasters.

The sad thing is that we often make generating traffic
to our websites much more difficult than it has to be.
We also often make it more expensive in terms of time
and other resources than it has to be.

Let me share with you just one quick traffic generation
method that will generate an endless stream of traffic
to your website.

One very successful method that I use, and that many of
my mentors use, is to offer a free or low-cost service
from your site. An example is to have some script on
your site that generates code that other webmasters
need to make their sites work better. It doesn't have
to be webmaster tools though, it just needs to be
something that brings visitors back to your site over
and over again.

You could host games on your site. These could even be
games where site visitors compete against each other.

You could host a recipe generator or recipe converter
on your site.

You could host quizzes or interactive courses on your
site. This would bring visitors back over and over again.

You could offer a file hosting and sharing service. Your
site visitors would come to your site, upload files, and
then access them from various places such as their Ebay
auctions, etc. They would have a convenient place to
point family and friends to for accessing their photos,

With the file sharing and file hosting service, you could
charge a nominal fee, and easily earn more than most people
do at their regular JOB. You could also offer the service
for free, and monetize your site by running your own ads,
or by running ads through a service like Google AdSense (TM).

I love the file hosting idea because it is so simple, and
it's something you can set up for under $20. You can grab
the script needed to do this for $17, set it up, and have a
traffic magnet in about an hour... if you're fast. You
can get that simple, easy to install script at:

Back to the idea of offering tools that webmasters need...
you can host "generators" on your site. Generators are
software tools that "generate" code or products that others
need. For example, you can host a press release generator,
or a cloaked links generator. The possibilities are really
endless, and most can be set up on your site fairly quickly.

For a ton of generators that can be set up on your site just
by copying and pasting a few lines of html code into your
webpage (where you want the generator to appear) check out
this site:

When you really start thinking about it, generating free,
long-term traffic to your website is a snap. For some reason,
we just over-complicate it. We also often look at simple ideas
like the ones I just shared with you and don't use them. They
work, they're easy to implement, they're inexpensive, and you
should be using them! Instead most people who read this will
just keep foolishly looking for a bigger, more complicated,
harder to implement, secret method :-)

Take advantage of this idea today, and I'll offer you a few more
that are just as simple, fast, and easy in future articles.


Willie Crawford has taught thousands how to build successful
online businesses since late-1996. His membership site
contains over 30 interviews of leading online marketers sharing
their views on "How To Break Into The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle." You can access those powerful and shocking interviews

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April 23, 2007

A Simple Traffic Experiment

One of my most successful websites is a cooking
website. As a simple experiment, I'm posting 1000
new recipes to the blog on that site to see what it
does to traffic, page rank, Alex rank, and sales.

I'll have soem help with making those 1000 new posts
and am not sure how see they'll get made. I'll let
you know what happens. I suspect that pushing out
that much additional "search engine bait" will increase
traffic and sales significantly. It will prove that
"content really is king!"


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April 15, 2007

Ghostwriting - You Get What You Pay For

I've recently had several batches of articles ghostwritten
on various topics. All except one job was by writers
I located through ScriptLance. All of the articles
basically said NOTHING :-(

If I were just looking for content to throw at the
searchengines, I guess they would have been suitable.
I may have ranked for some of my primary keywords.
However, for articles that my site visitors would read
and respond to, NONE of the articles were satisfactory.

I do have to admit that I didn't choose the most
expensive writers, but I also didn't choose the cheapest.
I also read their ratings/feedback very closely and
looked at samples of their work.

So, when it come to article writing, you definitely
get what you pay for. I'll be able to reword a few
of the dozens of articles into something usable, but
for many, I'd be better off starting off from scratch.

I've now written nearly 700 of my own articles, so I
may be expecting too much, but when I'm putting my name
on an article, I do expect something useful, even if I
just want to use the ghostwritten article as a starting
point :-)

End Rant!


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April 11, 2007

Gary Halbert's Passing

I was just reading on John Carlton's blog his tribute to the
late Gary Halbert.

Gary and John we're longtime friends.

I last experienced "the legend" when I attended a copywriting
seminar that Gary hosted last year in Miami. He was an amazing
copywriter and someone who fully lived up to his reputation.

Thanks for all that you shared Gary.


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April 07, 2007

Using Redirect URL's When Promoting Affiliate Products

One of the topics that has come up in recent emails to
me is using redirect URL's when promoting affiliate
products... to make it less obvious that the link IS
an affiliate link. I've been doing this for about 7
years now!

If I am going to promote an affiliate product longterm,
I buy a domain name just for that affiliate product. Then
I log in at my registrar and redirect the domain to the
affiliate link. In rare cases, I'll actually set up a
homepage on the domain, and then use html redirects "in
the header tags."

I own over 200 such promotional domains. Just a few examples

I register all of my domains through my own domains
name registration service at:

In some instances, I not only redirect a domain but also
"mask" it, so that the url of the actual affiliate site
doesn't even show up in the browser bar.

In some cases, rather than registering the domain in my
name, I use proxy registration, so that the 'whois record"
doesn't show me as the owner.

Just a touch of insight into my VERY effective affiliate
marketing techniques. For some reason, some customers won't
click on a link if they know an affiliate is going to make
a commission... they'll just type in the base url. I use
masking and the techniques outlined about to keep from
losing the commissions that I've earned.

I reason that if I'M the person who made someone aware of
a product, then I'm certainly entitled to the commission.
All typing the base url directly into the browser bar does
is save the product owner the affiliate commission... it
doesn't reduce the cost to the customers. That's one of those
mysteries that I've never completely understood... people
who are in business themselves earning money via commissions
objecting to other getting them.

I'm doing a seminar with my friend Frank Garon in early
June. At that seminar we'll share with you step by step
some of the things that we do to very effectively grow our
businesses... while getting around the information overload.
We basically want to teach intermediate marketers how to
finally make the leap to full-time online income. It will
be a very intensive seminar that we're still finalizing.
We'll actually do a short ASK campaign first to confirm what
YOU need to know to make that transition to full-time online.

As I said, the seminar will be aimed at intermediate
marketers... those close enought to full-time to taste it,
but haven't quiet figured it all out yet.

Stay tuned.


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February 11, 2007

Willie Crawford - Over $10 Million Per Year?

I did a recent radio interview that I think you'll
enjoy. This is the first time that I reveal my personal
income goal for 2007.

I think that you'll enjoy the show. Is broker into 2
segments. Just click the appropriate link to enjoy that

Segment 1

Segment 2


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February 03, 2007

Why I Host Where I Do

Many clients frequently ask me for hosting recommendations.
I host several places, and have several dedicated servers.

I send most of my clients to Host4Profit though. I explain
why here:


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January 30, 2007

The Upcoming VRE Boom in 2007

The Upcoming VRE Boom in 2007
By Brad Johnson

2007 is said to be the year that will launch Virtual Real Estate
to a boom period. Such an example of a VRE boom was when Google
purchased for 1.6 billion dollars. This very
remarkable event has been praised by hundreds of Internet
Marketers around the web as the most successful VRE flip in
Internet history.

As the Internet is still relatively young, there is no doubt
that there are many possibilities for Internet Marketers to
create a content-rich website that could equal well into the
million dollar range depending on one’s idea. The trick for many
new Internet Marketers who are coming onto the online scene is
to find a simple step-by-step system that they can follow to
quickly build out popular niche websites that attract a large
flow of visitors and make a large amount of capital online.

Such a system would need to show an Internet Marketer everything
from the very beginning. From how to select a potential niche
market that gets a lot of attention from users online, to
teaching keyword research strategies and outlining the
development of a website that has the capability to deliver a
high subscriber conversion ratio allowing a large list to grow.

New tactics using Web 2.0 strategies would greatly benefit an
Internet Marketer in creating a website that would get nearly
immediate attention from targeted visitors and Search Engine
crawlers. Using the newly adapted blogging strategies can aid
Internet Marketers in creating a website faster than standard
static sites as well as getting it picked up quickly through
Search Engines and targeted visitors online.

Such a system that currently exists on the market which can
teach users fast website generation that can quickly score
profits, leads and exposure online can be found at: Through this system, users have access to
over 40 informative videos that show them exactly how a
successful website can be created within less than a 30 day time
period. The true benefit of the Promotion Genesis system is that
it teaches anyone how to create a VRE worthy website without the
use of artificial generator programs. Its sole purpose is to
show Internet Marketers how a site can easily become developed
through organic methods that will be noticed by search engines
and targeted niche visitors alike.

The VRE era has never been stronger in 2007, and using such a
tutorial system as Promotion Genesis can help to increase one’s
chances of developing websites organically that can be rolled
out quickly within less than a month. It’s not impossible to
think that another potential billion dollar VRE flip can happen
here in 2007, it could very well be your next website that could
score you an enormous profit online. Why not use the Promotion
Genesis system to help you develop a true moneymaking VRE site
that could potentially earn you millions? It’s at:

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January 26, 2007

The Rich Information Marketers' Secret

The Rich Information Marketers' Secret
Copyright 2007 by Willie Crawford

Tens of thousands of Internet marketers spend all day
long wasting their lives. They spend all of their time,
money, and energy promoting tired, dull products that
absolutely NOBODY wants.

Don't you do that!

This is so easy to fix. Here's the very simple
formula that many very rich Internet information
marketers use.

First of all, examine what you're selling. Read
through the sales page for each product that you're
selling. If that sales page doesn't get you "hot and
bothered" about that product, then it's not going to
excite your prospect either. Save your time, and don't
promote anything that you wouldn't buy yourself. Also,
don't use any sales page that doesn't excite you...
even when you're reading your own copy!

Simply stop wasting your time and resources.

Secondly, you need fresh, original material. Many
of your prospects have seen most of the more popular
titles "advertised all over the place." If it's a
really good product (which is the only thing that
you should be promoting) and most of your customers
don't own it, then you "may" have a winner on your

If it's a hot topic, but an old title, the market
may be tired of the title. So, create your own work
on the hot topic, and watch sales skyrocket!

The fact is, that many of the things that you and your
prospects need to understand are NOT new subjects,
and the information is readily available.

However, it IS information that hasn't "sunk in"
enough for most of your clients to use it. Otherwise,
they'd all be extremely successful. The reason that
they are not, is because they fail to apply things
PROVEN to work when they are exposed to them. The
way to get them to look at the information again,
maybe long enough for it to sink in this time, is to
make the information "look and feel fresh."

Here's the "down and dirty," fast and easy method
to crank out a series of products that breathe new
life into old topics, and give you a line of products
that your customers want.

Locate a "nice" collection of well-researched private
label products in your niche. Take these products
and actually revamp them, one-at-a-time, and roll
them out using your marketing machine. The easiest
(and cheapest) way to do this is:

1) Make sure that you start with a quality package
in the first place... one filled with products on
hot topics. For example, you'll find one on such
current topics as public domain works, marketing on
MySpace, properly setting up joint ventures, and
copywriting, at:

2) Pick ONE of those private label products and
create a high quality, standalone product. You do
this by rewriting the basic ebook (or upgrading
the basic software), creating all-new graphics,
writing a new sales page, and then rolling it out.

That sounds like a lot of work, but it's LESS work,
and 1000% times more productive, than trying to sell
something no one wants!

If you don't feel like doing any of these tasks
yourself, you outsource it. Simply go to ScriptLance:
Sign up for a free account, and then post a description
of each job that you need done.

At ScriptLance you'll find freelancers from all over
the world, who do beautiful work, for incredible
prices. To get an idea of what you should pay, browse
the existing job listings first. You'll see that people
do get ebooks written (or rewritten) for as little as
$50, get graphics for as little as $10, and get articles
written for as little as $5 each.

You do want to review a person's portfolio before
choosing them to work on your project, but it's so
cheap that it makes sense for you to get someone more
proficient than you to do many of these tasks.

3) Choose a few other products in your collection
to offer as bonuses. Don't overdo it with the bonuses
though. When you offer too many, you decrease the
perceived value in the minds of your potential customers.
Instead, maybe offer bonuses that are also PLR products
that you've had reworked, and that you've then re-titled.

4) After your product is ready to rollout, test your
sales process. Use articles, pay-per-clicks, or joint
ventures to drive traffic to the site, and closely monitor
initial sales results. As the sales come in, collect
testimonials and add those to your webpages. When you
are satisfied with the conversion rates, move on to your
next product, but continue pumping traffic into your old site.

To master traffic generation, get a good course on website
traffic generation and actually do what it teaches. I
recommend :
Go through that course, turn on the traffic, and then
unleash a site that actually generates real income for you.

The process is that simple.

One other critical factor though is the backend. I
recommend offering other related products on your
"thankyou pages" and in your follow-up autoresponder
messages. With the right offer on the “thankyou page,”
you’ll get a 20%... even 30% conversion rate there.

That backend product can be another product produced
using the same easy, proven system.

Now you have the same simple system that many rich online
information marketers use. You didn't think that they did
all the work themselves did you? You didn't think that
everything they created was from a new, original idea
did you? That's not what they do. They sell what the
market is already buying and has already proven that
it wants. Now you'll do the same!


Willie Crawford has taught thousands how to build successful
online businesses since late-1996. His membership site
contains over 40 interviews of leading online marketers sharing
their views on "How To Break Into The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle." You can access those powerful and shocking interviews


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January 16, 2007

Attempting Suicide In A TOILET?

Weird or Funny ... Man Tries To Commit Suicide In Toilet

In a story just released, a man tries to do Just

That's right... flush himself down a toilet!


I don't think I've ever been quite THAT distraught,
but I can definitely understand his frustration.

Read all about it here: :)



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Wonder Women Of The World Seminar

My friend Donna Fox recently sent me an email pointing
out the as much as 85% of the buying decisions are made
by WOMEN yet your typical internet marketers have no
clue how to properly market to them.

Donna is putting on a seminar in February that you
probably should be at if you're a serious online marketer
who wants to make sure that you're not ALIENATING a major
percentage of your customers.

Check out Wonder Women Of the Web

All of the speakers at this seminar are women...
unlike MOST internet marketing seminars. Those speakers
- Alexandra Watson
- Deborah Micek
- Jennie Armato
- Dr. Letitia Wright
- Lisa Cannon
- Lorrie Morgan Ferrero
- Rhea Perry
- Sylvie Fortin
and Donna Fox

Get complete details and register now by
clicking here.


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January 15, 2007

This "Copy" Sold Me On Squeeze Page Generator

I bought Master Resale Rights to Super Squeeze Page
Generator today. Then I turned around an quickly made
my money back many times over by reselling it.

Since I'm a budding copywriter, I like to study pieces
that made me buy. Here's the email that I bought from.
I just changed the links to my own. Study the copy though,
something in it pushes the right buttons.

Dear Willie,

How many times have you heard, "The money is in the list" ?

However, it's not as easy as it sounds. Thousands of
businesses start online every day and thousands of
businesses also fail and go offline everyday because
they simply don't have a list and a well converting site.

With the new Super Squeeze Page Generator it is almost
impossible NOT to build a laser targeted list and convert
more of your visitors into sales...

Super Squeeze Page Generator will help you...

* Build a super responsive list of hungry leads in record
breaking time!

* Automatically customize your website sales copy to your
users preferences on the fly.

* Increase your sites response rate and increase it over
time automatically!

* Literally read your prospects mind and then auto generate
sales pages laser targeted specifically to them- this will
increase your conversion ratios up to 400%

* Personalize your sales experience to each and every customer,
no more Dear Friend, now it will be Dear Mark, or Dear Sally...
Your prospects name will appear all over your sales letter!
Everyone loves hearing their own name...

* Personalizes the website by any variable you choose based
on a question you ask them.

* Creates multiple sales pages automatically and tests the
response on them to show you exactly which one is making the
most sales.

* Edit your pages with a built in WYSIWYG editor for complete
ease and quickness.

* Tracks how many visitors went to each page, which page
converted more sales and which answer was chosen most
from your question.

* Display's the statistics for everything in a beautiful
graphical interface for easy viewing and understanding.

There have been other Squeeze Page makers and Lead Capture
Page creators out for a while now but none of them did
anything more than get an e-mail and send your prospect
to a cold, unpersonalized sales page.

Now you can make your visitors feel like your rearranging
just for them when they show up like an old friend...that
builds relationships.

This is a great tool for a great price you can have today,
and also this great product come with "Master Resell Rights",
so you can profit also by re-selling it from your website.

Go to -->

and read about the great features of this tool, you won't
regret it...



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January 12, 2007

Great Video Tutorials On Internet Marketing

Tons Of Video Tutorials On All Things Internet Marketing!

If your list has lots of newbie marketers, or you need a
referer in how to do many of the common webmaster type things
then I highly recommend checking out the videos on this site.

This site has video lessons stepping your through everything
from registerring your first domain, and creating your first
ebook, or your first mini-site, to much more advanced stuff.

If, like many, you learn best by watching, then you definitely
want to watch the video lessons on this site that's packed
to the brinm with nicely done videos.

You'll find the red hot videos here:


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January 11, 2007

Using Co-registration "Leads" To Build Your Email List Faster

Should you be using purchased email or some type of coregistration
leads to build your online business? A lot of big name marketers
HAVE built huge lists using "co-reg" names. However, there are a
lot of dangers, tricks, and techniques involved in properly "working"
co-reg leads.

Do it wrong and you WILL get shut down for spam complaints, and that's
regardless of whether the person "opted-in" or not.

I don't currently recommend that my clients use this shortcut to
build their list. What good does it do to have a huge list one day
and then have your site shut down the next?

If the topic does interest you and you're thinking about doing it,
then you absolutely must read "Co-Reg Secrets" by my dear friend
Ed Thorpe.

Get this ebook on buying and using coregistration leads before you
even THINK about using them. Then you can make a more informed decision.

Again, I'm advising my clients not to use them in most of their
business situations.


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January 08, 2007

Financial Freedom and Wealth Creation Masterclass, January 25th - 28th, 2007, London

Here's a seminar that I can't make even though I wanted to.

One of my friends actually can get you in at a big discount
too ;-)

Financial Freedom and Wealth Creation Masterclass
January 25th - 28th, 2007, Central London

This seminar covers all aspects of the wealth creation techniques used by
Mark Anastasi.

Mark grew up in a family beset by money problems. He reached an
all-time-low two and a half years ago being £7,000 in debt and living out of
a suitcase in a squat. He had his first break-through several months later,
making 21,000$ in 28 days. Today, just 2 years later, he is worth several
million dollars.

In this Masterclass, Mark teaches EVERYTHING he knows and uses today to
generate his wealth, using both online and offline methods. He also teaches
exactly what he did in the months running up to his first wealth
break-through and turning his life around.

Mark is an approachable, sincere and vibrant young man who has 'walked his
talk'. For the time being - and luckily for us - he is passionate about
handing his valuable information on to others so that they too can create
financial success.

If you want to book for this seminar then I suggest you apply using the
email address below - and as soon as you possibly can for you will be able
to buy the tickets at half-price (a lady with an extended family circle
bought a large bunch of tickets and has several left over. As time is
marching on she is happy to let the tickets go at this great discount
instead of them being wasted).

For more information go to:

For more information or to order now send an email to:

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January 07, 2007

Ted Ciuba - Taking Public Domain One Step Further!

Click above to check out The New Think And Grow Rich.


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January 06, 2007

A Member's Comments On The Internet Marketing Inner Circle


Who is a member of the private site at
shares some of his thoughts on his membership

He also has a nice photo of the two of us,
although it leaves people wondering who the
purse belongs to :-)

I spent some time getting to know Kidino while speaking
at The World Internet Summit Malaysia, and he even gave
me a ride back to the airport... saving me from a boring
1 hour taxi ride :-)


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January 02, 2007

MP3 of Interview With Russell Brunson

I did great interview with Russell Brunson on Friday night,
December 29th, 2006. In that interview I was really surpised
at how much of his business operations, sources, procedures,
etc... that Russell shared with me and my listeners.

Russell went from a struggling student on his college wrestling
team, working 1 hour per night on his online business, to
building a true million dollar business today.

He's doing well enough that he's part of a full page ad on the
back cover of the January/February 2007 issue of Millionaire
Blueprint Magazine.

You can listen to Russell's interview here:

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab a notepad, and let this
savvy young businessman give your some actionable business


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December 21, 2006

Willie Crawford Call's Russell Brunson "A Little Snot!"

I posted a comment about Russell Brunson on another forum,
where I jokingly called him a name.

Being the brilliant marketer that he is, here's how Russell
used that to start buzz. Here's an email I just got from him:

Hey Willie

A huge internet marketer (Willie Crawford) just posted to a major
forum that I'm a "Little Snot."

I just posted my public response on my blog and wanted your
feedback on it.

Russell Brunson

Notice how those of his subscribers who have no clue who I am
now know that I'm HUGE. It's all of the good food between
Thanksgiving and New Years Day in my house :-)


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December 19, 2006

Stop Reinventing The Internet Marketing Wheel

Stop Reinventing The Internet Marketing Wheel
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

There are a lot of really brilliant people building
businesses in the Internet marketing niche. Many of
them not only have great technical skills but they’re
also "doers!"

At the same time, I have watched many people who were
much more brilliant than I am accomplish only a tiny
fraction of what I have. I often sat scratching my head,
and wondering what kept them from achieving major

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks...

The difference is that when I see something with a
lot of potential, I tap into my "Million Dollar Rolodex"
and see if this is something someone is already working on.
I "sniff around" to see if someone is already "running with”
my project idea.

Others see the tremendous potential in a new technology,
service, or craze, and they set about inventing their own system
for capitalizing on this potential.

The problem with the second approach is that the person
often takes on such a monumental task that they frequently
get bogged down in the little details, and never get the
project finished. They never get the product to market.
Then, one day they look around, and someone else has
fielded THEIR idea.

The big secret of course is to stop "re-inventing the wheel"
and to stop operating in a vacuum. It's very UNLIKELY that
someone else doesn’t have an idea similar to yours. Track
down these people and work with them to combine your talents
and get the product fielded in a flash!

You connect with people whom you can discuss your ideas with
and partner with at seminars, and through online sites set up
to facilitate such exchanges. One such site is The Internet
Marketing Inner Circle. Inside this membership site you:

- Can organize lunch and dinner meeting with “movers and

- Set up joint ventures

- Introduce yourself, your interests and your projects to others
who probably have similar interests

- Listen to interviews by the top online marketers who
reveal to you how they achieved major online success, and
how you can form partnerships and joint ventures with them

You can join The Internet Marketing Inner Circle at:

If you're looking for live events to network at, and to
meet potential joint venture partners at, the most
listing of Internet marketing seminars, conferences, and
bootcamps that you will find is at:

Here are a few quick examples of products that I've actually
watched develop or even helped to develop over the past six
months that illustrate my point, and that will be six or
seven-figure projects:

Traffic Geyser is a service that allows you to upload your
videos to their server, and from there optimize the videos,
and then upload them to the top 30 video hosting sites such as
YouTube and Google Video.

Video is hot! It does generate sales and traffic to a site when

done correctly. As the cost of bandwidth goes down, and as
high-speed connectivity spreads, video is fast becoming the
norm. Lots of people saw this and many busily started
uploading their videos to these sites.

I did.

However, I tapped into a service that allows me to do it in
1/20th the time. That means I can get 20 times as much work
done in the same time as someone who's busily creating their
own system, and who is in the meantime doing it the
old-fashioned way.

Check out Traffic Geyser, created by a few of my online
friends, at:

Another example is a system, developed by my friend Louis
Burleson, that allows you to build a list of "buyers" by using
private label rights. Louis has taken some proprietary software,
integrated it with a system for both building a list and
actually selling product that he has private label rights to...
all in one effort. It's a really nice system.

There are undoubtedly thousands of people out there trying to
figure out how to build their lists, how to market those PLR
products that they have, and how to automate the whole thing.

I met Louis at a seminar, had him show me his system, and now
I don't have to invent anything. Louis incidentally was
interviewed for The Internet Marketing Inner Circle members.
You can check out Louis' "knock your socks off" system at:

The common thread in the examples above is that they were
developed by people who actually did a lot of the brainstorming
at seminars and conferences. Another common thread is that they
solved obvious problems.

Another product born out of solving a common problem and out of
a partnership formed at a seminar is at:

This is the 2 1/2 hour audio recording, and PDF transcript, from
a teleseminar on easy to implement, low-cost methods of
generating website traffic. The product reveals the very best
traffic generatingideas of three seasoned marketers, to include
myself :-)

The product teaches how to generate web site traffic, something
that every webmaster needs to know. As you listen to the audio,
you can actually feel the synergistic energy developing as three
minds cover a laundry list of proven ways to generate web site
traffic. It's also obvious that neither of the individuals could
have produced a product this in-depth by working all alone. It
was by not trying to reinvent the wheel, and by not operating
in a vacuum, that a hot product was developed that is destined
to be a six-figure earner in 2007.

At this point, you should be asking yourself if you spend too
much time reinventing the wheel and operating in a vacuum. You
need to consider the very real probability that while you
"hammer away" at a project, you could probably do it a lot
quicker and easier if you just partnered up with the right
person. In-fact,

without partnering up with the right person, there's even the
very real probability that you'll never even finish your
project. My research has shown that the majority of projects
and products started in the Internet marketing niche are never
even finished.

That brings up another reason that you want to partner up with
someone. When you have a partner who is depending upon you, it
helps to keep you focused and accountable. If you don’t finish
your part , or get sidetracked you let someone else down. That
generally will keep us moving forward more than just the threat
of letting ourselves down. That's a BIG secret to success in
Internet marketing.


Willie Crawford has taught thousands how to build successful
online businesses since late-1996. His membership site
contains over 40 interviews of leading online marketers sharing
their views on "How To Break Into The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle." You can access those powerful and shocking interviews

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December 18, 2006

Top 10 Signs You Might Be Obsessed with Internet Marketing

Top 10 Signs You Might Be Obsessed with
Internet Marketing
Copyright 2006, Joanne Mason,

There are two things in life that I really get a kick out of and
both are extremely silly. There’s a quick glimpse into my

One is David Letterman’s Top 10 lists where he makes fun of
topical issues on his show each night. The other is “you might
be a redneck” jokes by comedian Jeff Foxworthy where he warns
that if you display certain habits or behaviors there’s a good
chance that you might be a redneck.

I’ve combined the two tactics and applied them to my fellow
Internet Marketers who shall remain nameless.

Chances are you’ll probably recognize some of these quirky
habits in yourself or identify them within your circle of
friends in Internet Marketing.

Here are the top 10 signs that you might be obsessed with
Internet Marketing:

10. You insist on inviting Joel Christopher to your birthday
party each year.

9. The guestbook at your wedding includes an option to subscribe
to your online mailing list.

8. Your idea of family movie night is popcorn and John Reese’s
Traffic Secrets DVDs.

7. You call a family meeting to discuss your new product launch.

6. Your family photo album contains several pages of pictures of
Russell Brunson’s twins even though the rest of your family has
no idea who Russell Brunson is.

5. Your wife is pregnant and your only two suggested names are
if it’s a boy – Willie Crawford Smith or if it’s a girl Rosalind
Gardner Jones

4. Frightened, your wife increases your homeowners’ insurance
after overhearing several conversations about your upcoming fire

3. You didn’t make it to your uncle’s funeral because
unfortunately it was the same weekend as Armand Morin’s Big

2. You deposit your kids’ allowances into their PayPal accounts.

1. You tell your wife not to get you anything for Christmas this
year because you’re already on Mark Hendricks’ 12 Days of
Christmas giveaway list!

If you understood this list and found it even mildly amusing,
you are definitely obsessed with Internet Marketing!
Joanne Mason has been obsessed with Internet Marketing since
1998 and helps small business owners achieve success online. For
help starting or increasing your own highly profitable online
business, visit

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December 16, 2006

Search Engine Optimization Doesn't Have To Be Complicated!

Search Engine Optimization Doesn't Have To Be Complicated!
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

I recently noticed “a ton” of orders for my Ace PDF Brander and
rebrander software. This is something that I've done practically
no promotion on for several months. One of the reason that I wasn't
aggressively promoting it is that the programmer is almost
finished with a major upgrade. Registered customers will get the
free upgrade, but I reasoned that it is better to wait for the upgrade
before launching a major promotional campaign.

Still, I wondered where all of these mystery sales were
coming from.

After checking my server logs, and noticing the traffic from
Google, I checked my position at Google...

#1 for rebrand pdf
#3 for pdf rebrander
#3 for pdf brander

Having decided months ago that focusing on search engine
optimization was not the best use of my time, I now wondered
what made this simple webpage rank so high.

A quick glance at the page shows that all I've really done is
sprinkle my target keywords in:

- The title tag
- The description tag
- The H1- H3 tags
- Strategic places throughout the page

There is not a lot of fluff on the page to reduce my keyword
density or keyword relevancy.

Off-page factors are that I mentioned the software in several
articles that I've submitted to various article directories,
and in a few blog posts. The other part of my very effective
linking strategy is that I set up an affiliate program.

I allowed others to sell Ace PDF Brander at 70% commission! By
offering a higher than normal commission, I attracted some
quality affiliates who do a great job at marketing the software.
They create the inbound links to my site and send a lot of
traffic too. Managing the affiliate program using the software at requires practically no time.

There you have it, a simple, effective search engine optimization
strategy that's easy implemented, and that you can even see in
action at


Willie Crawford is a veteran Internet marketer who teaches using
simple strategies and techniques to grow your online business.
His "Traffic Generation That Works" Teleseminar shared proven
traffic generations methods and tools in a 2 1/2 hour recorded
teleseminar. You can get the MP3 recording and PDF transcript

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December 15, 2006

A Sincere Apology

I owe many subscribers a BIG apology. I told you about a dime
sale recently, and ended up sending you to an insulting page.

What happened was the product owner has a page set up for
people who try to steal his product. That page has some choice
words, and a picture of someone giving the would-be thief the

The PROBLEM was that the URL I was given to refer my customers
to was misconfigured, and so I ended up sending dozens of
paying customers to that page :-(

So, if you were one of those customers, I sincerely apologize!
The problem was fixed, when I called the website's owner, at
3am, in Sweden, and shared my frustration. It was just a
configuration error, but an embarrassing one none-the-less!


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December 08, 2006

My Top Website Traffic Generation Techniques

My Top Website Traffic Generation Techniques
Copyright 2006 By Willie Crawford

I recently conducted a 2 1/2 hour teleseminar that I entitled
"Website Traffic Generation Techniques That Work." I conducted
the teleseminar for two reasons:

1) I was partnering with two esteemed clients/friends in
creating an in-demand product. Our combined knowledge and
experience guaranteed a website traffic generation product
better than any similar product that I'd seen recently!

2. I was tired of seeing so many people with websites getting
practically ZERO traffic when it is so easy. I wanted to
explain to my subscribers and clients, in a plain-English
fashion, some very effective but simple methods of getting
visitors to their websites.

My websites currently get so much traffic that, while we
could always use more traffic, I no longer worry about
getting website traffic. I've reached what my friend Jack
Humphrey termed critical mass - that point at which one
could actually stop promoting for a while and the traffic
would continue.

When you look at website traffic generation - big picture -
it's just a matter of identifying where your ideal traffic is,
and "standing in front of it!" Here's are just a few ways
that I do that. We covered many more in the teleseminar.

These are all fast and easy to implement:

- Article Writing - Write 300 - 1000 word articles on topics
that your market cares about. Make sure that the articles
address a problem, worry or challenge that your market
faces. In the article point them to solutions that they can
find on your website. It's that simple.

- Affiliate Programs - With an affiliate program, you have
others send you traffic, and you don't spend a penny until
that traffic converts into sales.

You can set up a simple affiliate program selling an ebook
through Clickbank or and have an army of
people working hard to send you customers in no time.

If you don't have a product, you can take private label
products, and with a little effort, create products that
your market will be clamoring for, and that affiliates will
be thrilled to market for you. The best duplicable SYSTEM
that I've seen for doing this was developed by Louis Burleson.
You can learn all about Louis' easy to implement system at:

- Ebay Sales - With over 100 million registered users, Ebay
is simply too big to ignore as a source of traffic. The most
important thing about that incredible number of Ebay users
is that they are buyers. They visit Ebay with credit card
in hand, and all you need to do is be there with the
products that they are looking for.

By some estimates that I've seen, Ebay gets MORE searches
per day than Google!

There are dozens of ways for you to lure some of those
millions of visitors to your website. Ebay even makes
it easy for you to sift through their database and see
WHAT the most common things are that people are searching
for. What could be easier? You sift through their database,
determine what lots of their users are searching for and
then create simple information product that cater to those
concerns. Then you advertise on Ebay, extremely
inexpensively, letting people know that you have the
solutions over at your website.

- Organic Search Engine Traffic - This seems mysterious
or difficult to many people. However, if you understand that
people visit the search engines seeking solutions to their
problems, then it's as simple as determining what problems
a lot of people are searching for solutions to, creating
solutions to those problems, and then making people aware
of the solutions through content on your site.

As an example, this article addresses the massive problem
of most websites not having enough traffic. It tells them of
the solutions offered on my site, and finally the article
facilitates the search engines telling searchers that
my site is where they'll find the solution. I'll feed this
article to the search engines through my article distribution

- Social Networking Sites - Sites such as MySpace, Youtube,
and dozens of bookmarking sites, get millions of users
every day. MySpace rapidly grew into the sixth most
visited site on the Internet.

MySpace users set up accounts and conveniently categorize
themselves into interest groups. Using very simple techniques,
you can redirect massive traffic from MySpace to your
website. You can also build your mailing list by interacting
with targeted niches on MySpace. The other social networking
sites function similarly.

- One of the easiest ways to get massive, extremely targeted
traffic is through joint ventures. Through joint ventures,
you get those who already have the attention, trust, and
loyalty of the traffic, to send their traffic to your
sales page. This is totally risk free and one of the
easiest and fastest ways to grow a web business.

Through organizations such as The International Association
Of Joint Venture Brokers (IAJVB), you find large list owners,
product owners, or joint venture brokers. You set up huge,
mutually beneficial partnerships, and leverage your combined
assets. You can get more information on using IAJVB at:

In the teleseminar, we also covered generating an endless
flood of highly targeted visitors through methods such
as publishing a newsletter, blogging, creating viral ebooks
and software, creating educational or entertaining multi-
media products, etc. We showed that there as so many
ordinary, easily-implement traffic generation methods that
there really is no reason for any website to suffer from
a lack of traffic.

Actually, I'll retract that statement. Your website does
have to be about something that people are interested in.
There does have to be enough people in the world interested
in your niche to offer you a pool of people that you can
"stand in front of."

I've just shared with you my top website traffic generation
technique. Now all you need to do is implement them. You can
discover many more by listening to the MP3 recordings or
reading the PDF transcripts from my recent teleseminar at:


Willie Crawford, has been successfully marketing goods and
services on the Internet since 1996. He teaches his clients
and subscribers how to use common-sense methods to effortlessly
grow their businesses. You can learn more of Willie Crawford's
methods, and those of over 40 other top online markers by

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Free One Day Seminar - London England, December 17th, 2006

My friend David Watson, creator of Website Article
Wizard and Website Content Wizard
, is sponsoring a

FREE One Day London Seminar!

Here's part of an email to me...

"Following a conversation recently with a few users,
I have decided to hold a one day seminar in London on
December 17th 2006.

The seminar is FREE to any user of WebsiteContentWizard
or WebsiteArticleWizard who wants to attend, subject to

There will be a limit to the number of people that can
be accomodated, only 20, so I will have to take it on a
first-come, first served basis.

I'm sorry for the late notice, but I only decided to do
this 2 days ago. It took a little organising to ensure I
can find a suitable venue, and the 17th December is the
only date I have available to do this before February
2007, so I had to go with that date.

I've laid on tea, coffee, and biscuits for you all, but
lunch is not included. Food is available at the
restuarant inside the hotel, or there are several eating
facilites just outside the hotel.

This will be an informal event. A chance for you to come
along and ask me any questions about my software, my
strategies, in fact about anything.

I'll go through the software, and demonstrate the features,
and explain how I see the best ways to use the software to
achieve maximum results.

I'll talk about the best ways to structure your sites.
How to link your sites and promote them. The most
effective ways to build sites.

The seminar will be held at the Imperial Hotel,
Russell Square, London on December 17th 2006, and will
run from approximately 10:00am until 5:00pm.

If you would like to attend, please send an email to
XXXX but, please, as spaces are limited, only say YES
if you are certain that you can attend.

If you can make it, I'd love to see you there.

Best regards,

David Watson

End of slighly edited email. I took David's email
address out to protect him from spam.

If you're one of his customers and you didn't get his
email, contact him, or you could even contact me and
I'll see if I can connect the two of you.

David,by the way, is a member of The Internet Marketing
Inner circle. His interview sharing how he went from a
total unknown, with NO list, to someone that had the
guru's asking him to promote his software, is included
on the site. It's very inspirational!

You can check it out at:


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December 07, 2006

The Most Startling Internet Marketing Predictions For 2007

My friend Rebecca Hagel has just published her

"The Most Startling Intenet Marketing Perdictions for 2007...
(That could entirely change the way you do business!)

It's humorous predictions that she's cooked up on how various
online entities and marketers will change the face of "Internet

She also went back and looked at last years predictions and
evaluated which ones came true.

Take a look... I found it VERY funny :-)


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December 05, 2006

RSS Feed and Blogging Etiquette

RSS Feed and Blogging Etiquette
By Sharon Housley

Citizen journalists and writers have become common place on the web. Perhaps you are considering blogging, but are unsure of how to enter the world of online journaling. As the medium has grown, I thought it might be a good idea to put together some general guidelines for new bloggers and reminders to veteran bloggers about blogging practices.

There is no Emily Post in blogging that offers etiquette advice, or a Miss Manners that details appropriate behavior. That does not mean there are not acceptable and unacceptable actions that bloggers should take. In order to efficiently communicate as a blogger on the Internet, it is critical to understand the unwritten rules of blogging etiquette.

If you copy another blog's post should you link to them?

Yes, blog manners dictates that you make every effort to credit the original source of the blog post, this should be done through a link. The link should not contain the "nofollow" tag. Generally speaking the commentary about the quoted post, should be at least as long as the post that is copied.

How much can you quote of another persons blog post?

Fair use allows for posts or portions of posts to be quoted, but it is generally good practice to only quote what is necessary to retain the context of the post. When posting an excerpt from someone else, it is imperative that the context of the post remain intact.

If someone complains about having a blog post copied, what should you do?

The appropriate course of action would be to remove the offending post and replace it with text that explains why the post was removed. Even if you feel the post was simply fair use, and not a copyright violation, net courtesy dictates that you respect the wishes of the original poster and remove the content.

Why should you credit your sources?

Always credit the sources of your information. Attribution is important, it not only extends your credibility but it also will help build your channel for future content. Sources seeing that you give appropriate attribution will often reward you with additional information in the future.

How do I validate information?

As a blogger, reputation is everything. All items should be confirmed prior to posting. Consider using two sources to verify that information is accurate prior to posting. Also always use credible sources. Second sourcing and relying on credible sources will ensure that posts are accurate.

I made a mistake, what should I do?

If you have a change of heart, or posted something that is not 100% accurate, apologize to your readers and correct the information as soon as possible. Not only is it the right thing to do, but often feeds or blog posts are syndicated and unless a correction is made the words could perpetuate unchecked. If the mistake occurs in a blog post in addition to posting an apology, go back to the original post and strikeout the incorrect content and add a comment indicating why the post has been changed.

How should my posts be formatted?

Break posts into readable chunks. Generally the best posts are broken into multiple paragraphs. Be careful not to alienate readers by using ALL CAPS, this is considered "shouting" online and is thought of as very rude.

Do I have to use proper grammar in by blog?

Proper grammar matters, grammar and spelling may be inconsequential when instant messaging with your friends but blogs, immortalize your words, the Internet is becoming an archive for the past. Appropriate grammar should always be used when blogging or posting to an RSS feed.

What does off the record really mean?

Always respect your sources. If you are told something "off the record" do not report about it, post it or share it with anyone.

What exactly is copywritten?

Any creative works are copywritten. In the US and many other countriesm, even if the creator does not apply for a copyright, the creative works are protected by the copyright laws the moment the creative work is created. Unless the creator waives those rights, the creative cannot be reproduced or modified without the creators permission. Copywritten work includes images, text, music, or software.

If posting a controversial piece, is it appropriate to include the opposing view?

It depends on the style of your blog or RSS feed, but in general, it is best to include an opposing view point on any controversial items. Let your readers view both sides to the controversy, they will respect the balance your provide.

Following basic netetiquette when blogging and posting to RSS feeds will build credibility and a following of loyal readers.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

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November 30, 2006

Check Your Clickbank Account To Avoid A Shock

A few people have noticed a big drop in the Clickbank accounts
recently, and upon logging in, noticed that the price on many of
their products had been reset to ZERO.

This was apparently due to some system updates that Clickbank made
recently. The problem was brought up on another discussion forum,
but I wanted to make sure that if you're affected, you didn't miss

It might pay to log into your Clickbank account recheck the settings
on products that you are selling.


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Famous Internet Marketer Hit By An Airplane

One of my friends was out driving his car one day
when a near miss dramatically changed his life.

Imagine being out on the freeway and having an
airplane crash on top of your. This actually
happened to him.

Find out more and register to win a free Video
IPOD at the same time. Register here:


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Using MySpace To Promote A Non-Profit And Raise Awareness

Here's an article by a friend on using MySpace to raise
awareness for your nonprofit...


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November 25, 2006

1.57 Million Website Visitors

I'm at the World Internet Summit in Singapore where
I just had Ewen Chia and JoHan Mok reveal to me how
they've generated 1.57 MILLION visitors to their

They're making their system available to my contacts
for the next 72 hours as a workshop special. What
they're actually doing is demonstrating to the summit
attendees how an info product such as theirs in

Anyway take a minute and check out their system.
You can actually tell others about their system
and earn 75% on each backend sale generated.

These guys DO really know their stuff by the way!


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"The Alex Factor" - A Secret Marketing Weapon

"The Alex Factor" - A Secret Marketing Weapon
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

Direct marketers and copywriters have long-known that
certain things make ads much more effective. When
they craft ads, they spend the most time working on
things that make the biggest difference. This only
makes sense because focusing on those factors will
give you your biggest return on investment.

Internet marketers have all heard, and often preach,
that the headline is where you should spend the most
time and effort when crafting your copy. That makes
perfect sense because it's the headline that has to
grab the readers' attention, and pull them in, so that
they will read the rest of the copy.

The purpose of the headline is to interrupt the
casual surfer, pull them in, and start them reading
the rest of the webpage. I once heard copywriter John
Carlton describe it as "grabbing your readers by the
eyeballs, and pulling them in!"

After headlines, the sub-headlines, the P.S., and
photos are the most often read parts of a sales letter.
These are the things skimmers look at when determining
if they want to invest the time to read the rest of
the page.

Using the right photos, along with the right captions,
can be VERY powerful. The eye is naturally drawn to
colorful pictures on a sales letter. If those photos
are congruent with your sales message, they can often
be THE factor that closes a sale for you.

We all seem to know intuitively that using photos of
children and pets works well. For the pets, I tend
to favor dogs because, statistically, more of my
customers own dogs than any other pet. I want to use a
photo that my audience members can relate to, and feel
an emotional connections with.

On many of my webpages, and even on the back cover of
my cookbook, I use a photo of my Shitzu "Chica." It
works :-)

Almost any animal photo can make a big difference in
your advertising copy. People just tend to love
looking at photos of cute animals. So these photos
are very effective at interrupting your audience, and
drawing them into your sales letter.

Pictures of cute children are often many times more
effective than pictures of animals. That's because the
love of children is deeply rooted in the psychological
makeup of most of us. It's essential to the survival
of the species that we love children and want to
nurture them - at least until they are old enough to
fend for themselves.

Using photos of children, and understanding our response
to them is what I call using "The Alex Factor." Alex is
my two-year-old granddaughter. When I am busily working
at my computer, and she walks into the room, it's
impossible for me to ignore her. My parenting instinct
is simply too strong!

Many people respond the same way to their own children,
and they have a similar emotional response when they
look at the photos of others' children. They can relate
to being a parent, and to nurturing a sweet, loving child.
The photo evokes a warm, positive, deep-seated, emotional
response. Good copy uses factors that evoke an
emotional response.

In using photos of children, using "The Alex Factor,"
it is critical that the photo fits in with the message.
The caption under the photo, or the copy around the
photo, must explain why you used the photo.

An example that I used recently can be seen on my page
at: Down near the
bottom of the page, I give the price, and then I have
a photo of Alex. Underneath the photo, I explain that
I lowered the price from $67 to $9.97 to make Alex happy.
This is not a very rational "reason why" for offering a
giveaway price on an item that would sell at the higher
price. However, it is a good enough "reason why" to
trigger a SUBSTANTIAL increase in conversions.

People need a logical reason that something is on sale.
They need a reason that is believable. Combining that
reason with our deep emotional tie to our children makes
using "The Alex Factor" on this page, extremely powerful.
It's so powerful that my using Alex's photos on my sites
will easily pay for her college ;-)

Look for places in your marketing where you can apply
"The Alex Factor." You can use your own photos, or even
stock photos that you can acquire from thousands of places

This is a very simple, time-tested, and proven copywriting
concept. Use it today to give your web copy more punch.


Willie Crawford has been teaching Internet marketers to build
successful online businesses since late-1996. He is an
in-demand, international speaker who captivates and motivates
audiences in The U.K., Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and
across the United States. Online you can interact with Willie
on the member-only discussion forum at:

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November 21, 2006

More Photos From WIS Malaysia

I finally figured out what was wrong with the earlier photo.

See if you can spot the difference :-)



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November 13, 2006

Re: The Death Of Internet Marketing

While in Orlando, I suggested that you checkout Mike
Filsaime's "The Death of Internet Marketing" Report. I
got a lot of feedback from you, and some of you have some
pretty STRONG feelings about that report.

Not only do I believe that you should read AND evaluate
the report, but I also believe that you should really
study the marketing around the release of the report.
Many of you saw exactly what that marketing was designed
to do, and that's tremendous! If you haven't read the
report yet, take a minute now and check it out.


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November 10, 2006

Have You Read "The ONE Thing" Yet?

One very satisfying experience for most marketers is having
someone come up to them and tell them that they've enjoyed
their ebook. I've gotten a lot of that while at Thea Swafford's
"The Road To Online Riches Seminar" this weekend.

Here's an ecover that one of my customers even designed for


You can still get the Master Resale Rights to this ebook at:

At only $4.97, it's a great bargain.


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November 09, 2006

Planning On Conducting Your Own Fire Sale?

I've communicated with a LOT of people lately
who are contemplating a fire sale. So, lot me
tell you first of all that you need to have an
excellent product package, a unique angle, and
also give your potential partners plenty of
lead time.

I recommed that you invest in two different
resources in rolling out a fire sale. First get
this course containing a number of case studies
on fire sale...

Secondly, go listen to the interviews on this
site which are all about "Breaking Into The
Internet Marketing Inner Circle." These interviews
could very easily make or break your fire sale.

Get the interviews at:


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November 02, 2006

Using Bonuses To Increase Your Internet Marketing Sales

Using Bonuses To Increase Your Internet Marketing Sales
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

When marketing affiliate products over the Internet,
you’re often competing directly with a lot of other affiliates.
Often you are reaching the SAME prospects. In order to
standout from the crowd, you need to make your promotions
different. One easy way to do this is by offering your own
unique bonuses.

Before offering a bonus to those who purchase affiliate
products through you, confirm that this won't violate the terms
of service of the affiliate program. Also confirm that it
doesn't violate the terms of service of the third party
transaction processor.

When considering what to offer as a bonus, make it something
that has a high perceived value, but also has a low delivery
cost. Digital products work nicely here. These could be
digital products that you create or obtain the rights to. I
prefer creating my own bonuses because that makes sure that
they are truly unique.

Examples of inexpensive bonuses, with high perceived value that
you can offer are:

- MP3 Audio's Of Teleseminars Or Interviews
- PDF Special Reports Or Ebooks
- Access To Live Teleseminars On How To Use The Product
- Reprint Or Resale Rights To Products
- Private Label Rights To Products
- Audio CD's
- DVD's

The last two bonuses above also facilitate you building a
physical mailing list at the same time. As an "Internet marketer"
you should use a variety of tools including direct mail. To do
this, you need physical mailing addresses too.

Your bonuses should make sense based upon the primary product
that you are marketing. They should be related to the primary
product, or something that a person interested in the primary
product would appreciate.

Your bonuses should also have an appropriate value based upon
the price of the primary product. If you're marketing a $17
ebook, but offering $5000 in bonuses to purchasers, you lose
credibility. There's just too much of a psychological
disconnect in the minds of your prospects... unless you have
a very good reason that you also explain to them.

If you market bigger ticket items, you can offer bigger bonuses
with great impact. However, the bonuses must still make sense.
Here are several example that I've used recently and encourage
you to check out and model:

1) For a live seminar to be held in Orlando, Florida the
second weekend of November, I offered to create a product
with my customers. The workshop focuses on stepping beginners
through building world-class businesses. Since all beginners
need a product, this bonus makes perfect sense.

To create this product, I will gather my customers in my hotel
suite after-hours, we will go over tons of proven and tested
low or no cost traffic generation methods. I'll record the
session, have it transcribed, and we'll have a product that
all participants can sell as their own and keep 100% of the
proceeds. I even plan on setting up the website and order
processing I'm essentially putting them in

This bonus makes perfect sense, will allow my customers to
easily recoup the very low cost of the workshop, and only
costs me a few hours of my time. While creating the product,
I’ll also be solidifying relationships with my clients.

If you'd like to join in on that bonus, you can by signing up
for the Workshop (if it’s not too late) at:

2) For customers who purchased Ewen Chia's Super Affiliate
Cloner Program (no longer on the market), I offered membership
in a live mastermind group. I facilitate this bi-weekly
mastermind meeting that focuses exclusively on effectively
marketing affiliate products. The mastermind will run for a

This bonus will cost me 26 hours of my time, but at the same
time allows me to do some networking, and to develop
relationships with some serious affiliate marketers. This
also presents me with a ready pool of very well trained
affiliates when I have a product that I want help rolling
out :-)

3) For the launch of Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula, I
offered a set of DVD’s and a few other bonuses that didn't cost
much to deliver. The DVD's did cost more than a digital
product, but also facilitated building my database. I added
people to my database that have a proven willingness to invest
$997 in a product that will help them to build their business.

With Jeff Walker's launch which was for the product at: I actually created a video, and
uploaded it at You can go there and
enter the search term "internet marketing titans" to actually
locate and watch that short video. That video worked
extremely well, and still produces sales today.

I do offer bonuses with many of the products that I market. It
IS a very effective technique when used properly. A big point
to keep in mind is that the value of the bonus is "in the eyes
of the beholder."

Offer bonuses that your prospect will want and that they will
use. Offer bonuses that your prospects would happily pay for as
stand-alone products if they could not get them as bonuses.

Incorporate the use of bonuses into your affiliate marketing mix
today. The results could really astound you :-)


Willie Crawford has been teaching highly effective Internet
marketing since late-1996. His innovative methods have helped
thousands improve their online businesses. His latest project
to prove that it's possible to earn $1 million in 90 days
using Internet marketing tactics can be tracked at:

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October 30, 2006

Your Articles In Spanish, French, German, Italian,and Portugese?

I just noticed that IdeaMarketers has a tool
that will translate your articles into Spanish,
French, German, Italian,and Portugese.

That's a nice touch that more article sites should
incorporate. Something for you article site owners
to consider :-)

You can check out that feature and one of my articles :-) at:


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What Bonuses Would YOU Like To See Offered During Product Launches

Lately, we've seen a flood of new product launches.
I don't see it letting up any time soon. I see several
dozen new product launches every week for about a
month... although not all of them are "big ticket"
of course.

As you watch affiliates promoting these products,
you have to notice that they often compete by trying
to offer the bonus with the highest perceived value.

As an affiliate, or potetial affiliate for many of
these products, I also often offer bonuses. However,
I've noticed the bonuses getting crazier and crazier
lately :-)

I feel that a bonus should compliment the primary
product, should have genuine value (as oppose to
the worthless JUNK that is sometimes offered), and
should be something that you will use. A bonus
that you will never use adds no real value to your
life no matter how great the copy makes it sound.

Sadly, most of the bonuses that I see offerd in
MOST of these packages will NEVER be used. In fact,
most of the purchasers would have to spend the next
YEAR just working through some of these packages.

I personally like offering live seminars,
teleseminars, reprint rights, software product
licenses, consulting sessions, and things like that
as bonuses.

My question to your though, as a potential
customer is what bonuses would you like to see
offered? If you are one of my competitors,
please don't read the answers... or if you do,
don't pay any attention to them :-)

I'm sure that there are many marketing lessons
hidden in this trend.

Feel free to email me privately with an answer
to this question if you prefer. Use


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October 24, 2006

Product Launch Madness

From today's ezine...

Tons of you have emailed asking why I'm not promoting
ANY of the 8 major product launches today. Actually, I've
looked over most of these products and AM promoting several
of them.

The thing is... I was in the UK much of the last five days,
and haven't had time to do write-ups on any of the products
that do you (or them) really justice. I'm working on several
reviews, but until those are ready, I won't rush something
out to you just to earn a commission.

I want to provide you with in-depth reviews and
recommendations that help you to make informed decisions.
Ideally, when you make these decisions, they will be based
upon the merit of the individual product, rather than on
some asinine bonus package filled with things that you
will never even finish looking through... simply because
there are not enough hours in a month!

I'm not suggesting that bonuses shouldn't play into your
decision, only that you should buy products that you need
based upon the product itself, with the bonuses being just
that... a bonus package.

As I get reviews completed for the various products,
I'll post them on my blog for you to read. I'll list
my bonuses there. So, please make a note to drop by
my blog at least once a day. It could save you a LOT of
headaches... not to mention a few bucks.
My blog is at:


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October 20, 2006

Poor Yanik! Selling His Car :-)

I first wrote this for my blog at:
but decided to share it here too...

A part of my overall strategy IS to build and
leverage relationships. This can be incredibly

A friend, Sterling Valentine, was a relative
unknown who befriend Ken McArthur and eventually
had Ken mentor him. This led to Sterling creating
a product that launch a few months ago, and
generating over $100k in a week... if I remember
my numbers correctly.

As Ken mentored Sterling, and took him through
creating a big ticket product, this became fuel
for a course Ken is now rolling out called
Product Launch Blueprint.

Sterling first came to Ken's attention when he
was at a seminar and he was doing little favors
for people such as bringing them cups of coffee
when he visited a local Starbucks, or tracking
down hotel staff to get them to adjust the
air conditioning when he noticed how uncomfortable
most of the seminar attendees were.

Sterling wasn't part of the "staff" helping with
that seminar.

YOu can reach out and get noticed in a hundred
different way. Not too long ago, I noticed that
Jay Conrad Levinson was selling his multi-million
dollar house on Ebay. He was offering a finders
fee it the buyer turned out to be someone you
pointed the auction out to, but I just wanted
to help spread the word on the auction. That
led to my first contacts with this famous author.
I emailed offering to help sell his house and
now I "sort of" know him :-)

Last night I notice that Yanik Silver is selling
his Mercedes on Ebay. He's not using it much
since he just bought a new car. He sent out
an email telling people that the auction would
start soon and inviting them to join a notification
list at: yaniksbenz @

He also told them that they could see the car on
his webpage

The car is actually pictured on the page AFTER
the squeeze page. If you understand html, and
viewing source, you'll easily see your way
around that tiny obstacle... if desired. However,
signing in through Yanik's squeeze page also
offers valuable lessons.

I took it upon myself to help spread the word,
knowing that Yanik will someday reciprocate :-)

I've watched dozens of people "get in" with
others by just doing little favors for them.
It's a good habit ot cultivate...and again
figures into my HUGE plan.


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October 17, 2006

Get Real! MONEY

Here's an email that I sent to some of my list today. It's
about great book, but it also shares with you that I'm working
on things OUTSIDE of straight Internet marketing products.

To see the why and how behind my sharing this promotion
with you click through to the site, and then check out
the bonuses on #2.

Here's the linK;

The promotion is designed to drive the book to #1 status
at while also helping all of the partners.

Here's the email that worked great for me...

Have you ever thought...

"I need a money miracle... FAST!"

There's a great book I strongly recommend you get your hands
on today... it's called; "Get Real! MONEY, Get the Money You
Want in Just 7 Minutes a Day".

Money expert Jim Guarino promises, "If you've got 7 minutes
a day, I guarantee to work a financial miracle in your life."

This powerful book contains the exact strategies Jim has
been paid hundreds of thousands to personally train more
than 125,000 business owners, investors, and "normal" people
since 1990.

And, for the first 2,100 books that sell at Amazon today,
he's even including $2,756 worth of incentives created by
some of America's leading business, personal achievement and
finance experts including myself.

This email is going out to over 1,000,000 people, so you
better move fast, this $15 investment goes a long, long only!

>> How to get real money...
>> How to keep it...
>> How to make it work for you - so you don't have to work
for it!

Get Real! Money is easy to read, easy to understand, and
easy to do. It's not one of those "get rich quick", or
stuffy "greater than thou" books. Its for real people who
are strapped for time yet...want results. In fact, it
contains a complete game plan to get the money you
want... in just 7 minutes a day.

Everybody wants to know how to win the money game... but
most people aren't exactly sure how. Whether you're an
employee or a business owner, you'll gain an immediate
hidden advantage once you understand, "The 7 Minute Secret"
inside this book.

"Just 7 Minutes a Day..."

You'll learn how to; create and live a tax deductible
lifestyle, invest for predictable results, retire sooner
that you imagined possible, avoid the 5 common money
mistakes even smart people make, and a step-by-step proven
method to dramatically increase your current income.

Take a look at what others say;

"Wow! Jim really made money so easy to understand. Thank
you, Jim!"
-Melea, AR / homemaker

"His strategies have created an "AHA" moment where we have
no doubts of our abilities to double our income..."
-David and Leslie, OR / multi-millionaire investors

"Jim takes complicated issues and simplifies them in a way
that just about anybody can understand."
-Stu Taylor / WBIX.AM Boston

"This is for anyone wanting to be more financially
-Loretta, AR / real estate investor

"...very clear and exciting."
-Keith, OH / financial planner

"He knows how to make money, and how to teach his students
to do the same."
-Gilmer, GA / retired colonel, U.S. Army

"Worth millions! Proven solutions-real fast"
-Ute, AZ / interior designer

You may be asking yourself, "Why are we giving away tons of
bonuses today?" Simple, because we're going to make it a
#1 seller on Amazon today, and we want to deliver so much
value you can't help but say... "YES, I want it... now!"

Click the special link above and find out if you're one of
the 2,100 entitled to receive $2,797 in bonuses and valuable
gifts from some of the greatest minds in the world, including:

Peggy McColl / Randy Gilbert / Rick Frishman / David Lakhani
/ Lynn Pierce / David Riklan / Michael Caruso / Jason Oman
/ Ted Cuiba / Willie Crawford / Jeff Mills / Barb Keddy
/ Stephanie Frank / Dean Graziosi / Chip Tarver / Terri Levine
/ Kevin Decker / Jill Lubin / Steve Manning / Cheri Hill
/ Joe Sabah / Michael Koenigs / Ross Lambert / Matt Bacak and
many more!

The best gift of all is the boost in confidence you'll gain
by taking total control of your personal and business finances.
Whether you're an employee, a speaker, an author, an internet
marketer, it doesn't matter...

You'll discover how to save thousands in taxes this year, the
proven methods wealthy people use every day, and little known
strategies to retire sooner.... in just 7 minutes a day!

I honestly believe this book will dramatically accelerate your
financial position and save you from disastrous mistakes. These
powerful strategies are THE exact methods you must know in order
to achieve financial safety, security, and long-term success.

If you've ever wanted better results, click the link now and
Get Real! MONEY immediately!

Thanks for your support on this very important day. I look
forward to hearing of your success using Get Real! MONEY.

Best of success,


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October 15, 2006

40 Years Of "In Your Face" Selling

Michael Worthington

My friend Michael Worthing has a nifty little
ebook called

Been There Done That! 19 Snippets of Marketing
Wisdom for a 40 year Veteran of "in your face'

His long title reminds me of Dan Kennedy's titles :-)

Anyway, you can download Michael's ebook free at:


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Free Report And Peek At One Of My "Secret Weapons!"

Another Tool That I'm Breaking Out In A BIG Way...

This is how I'm going to increase opt-ins on some of my sites
by a over 500%!

Get the free report now.

The site doesn't launch until November 1st. But I've been invited
to participate in the pre-launch - so you can get in now... a deep discount.

Enter this coupon code on the order page to get your discounted
membership: AY8H74

But you need to do it now. Because the coupon code is set to
expire ;-)



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October 13, 2006

Sylvie and Breast Cancer

Many in the Internet marketing world who know copywriter
Michel Fortin know that he is a newlywed, and that his lovely
bride Sylvie has breast cancer.

Sylvie and Michel are strong people with a lot of us praying for

Please take a minute to drop by Sylvie's blog, say hi, and
read what she's doing to help others combat this all-to-common

Click here to visit Sylvie's blog.


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What The Heck Is Marlon Sanders Up To?

I know that Marlon is a brilliant marketer, so I watch everything
that he does closely.

He just sent me a video to help promote the launch of his new
product called "The Red Factor." And it's HILARIOUS! It's gotta be
one of the funniest videos I've seen in a long time.

Check out The Red Factor here.
It's got --

* A banjo playing hippie

* A guy doing the "Red Factor Rap" (almost...)

* Babies saying "red's the bomb"

* More shenanigans than I can list here.

I guarantee if you watch just the first 15 seconds of this
video, you WILL watch the rest of it. You've really gotta
go see this video. And let me know if you thought it was
as funny as I did.

Click here to see Marlon's latest.


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My PR Web Podcast

Just thought I'd share with you my most recent podcast posted
on PRWeb as part of their press release service.

Here's the note that they sent me.


Your Podcast Request entitled "Internet Marketing Expert
Declares He'll Earn $1 Million In 90 Days Using Mental
Powers " has been reviewed, accepted, and is currently

Your podcast has been listed on the main page of PRWeb
Podcast, as well as under "Most Recent Podcasts" and in the
"Most Recent Podcasts" RSS feed

It can also be found under the approriate iTunes category feeds
on this page

You can find your podcast in various formats on this page:

Please free to use any of our feeds on your site(s) and
share your podcast with as many people as you wish.

Congratulations, and thanks for choosing to work with the
PRWeb PodCrew!


As you can see, PRWeb does a great job of pushing your podcast
out there :-)


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Joel Comm's Instant AdSense Templates - Virtual Real Estate Building System

A number of subscribers have emailed asking if I am
promoting Joel Comm's Instant AdSense Templates.

The answer is yes.

I took a look at Joel's package before he launched and
felt that it was a great product. My problem was that
I was asked to help with over a DOZEN product launches
ALL at the same time. I knew that if I blasted you with
too many promotions it would just confuse you. So, I
chose just to focus on the product that I felt was most
needed by more of my subscribers. That product is called
The 6M Profit Method, and it won't even launch for a few
days. However, you can download a free MP3 and get on
the early notification list here.

Joel's Instant AdSense Templates is great for those focused
on the AdSense business. I do very well with AdSense
myself, but it's not what I push many of my beginning
subscribers toward.

Instant AdSense Templates is scheduled to come off the market
in 2 days, if it doesn't sell out first. There are less
that 300 copies left. If you'd like to check out Instant
AdSense Templates, click here.

Again, it is an excellent product, but I teach those I
mentor to focus on promoting just a few products to do
that most effectively. I'm simply "practicing what I


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October 12, 2006

Success Net's Big 10 Year Sale - Don't Miss It!

My good friend, Michael Angier, who has been running one of
the most powerful, and reputable sites on the internet for
10 years is having a big sale that you need to check out.

Michael Angier

Here's Michael's note to me...

As you're probably already aware, we're celebrating 10
years of helping great people and great companies become
even better.

At ten minutes after 10 AM on the 10th day of the 10th
month of our 10th year, we're launching SuccessNet's
10-Year Anniversary Sale.

And it will last . . . yep, you guessed it--for 10 DAYS.

10% of ALL SALES will be used to
make micro loans to disadvantaged
people all around the globe.

We're donating a tenth of the proceeds to FINCA. Founded
in 1984, FINCA (the Foundation for International Community
Assistance) provides financial services to the world's
poorest families so they can create their own jobs, raise
household incomes and improve their standard of living.
As FINCA loans rotate among members of the community--
and as members' savings are re-invested in the
neighborhood--opportunity and economic vitality increase.

Save a bundle and help yourself while helping others.

We've put almost all of our products on sale including
some we've never sold before. And to show their support,
many of our Internet friends have offered their products
and services to make this sale B1GGER and BETTER than ever.

We're putting the finishing touches on at least ten product
and service packages that will sell in some cases for as
little as a 10th of their regular retail prices.

At least they will START selling at that price.

After the second day--and every day thereafter until the
sale ends on October 20th--the price of each package will

We're proud to bring you a virtual cornucopia of success-
building resources at exceptionally low prices. This is
your chance to get highly effective tools and products
at never-before-offered prices.

Go here for more details.

Here's the headline I snagged from the site...

One Company, One Vision, One Decade
Dozens of Experts, 17 Success Packages,
Over 100 Resources,
Oodles of Free Bonuses
Over $10,000 to Charity
Save Big with SuccessNet's 10-Day, 10th Anniversary Sale

Get the Tools for Your Success at
a FRACTION of the Regular Prices . . .

And 10% of All Sales Will Be Used to Make Loans to
Disadvantaged Micropreneurs Around the Globe.

Don't miss it!


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A Review Of My Seminar Performance :-)

Here's a write-up by one of the attendees at the RPM Summit in Las
Vegas last weekend:

It's nice to get feedback from your audience periodically :-)


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October 06, 2006

No Brainstorming Call This Week

This is just to confirm that we will not have our networking
and brainstorming call Saturday, October 7th, 2006. I'm
speaking (and learning) at a seminar in Las Vegas this weekend.

I'll post a few notes/photos from that seminar on my blog

Since we don't have the call, I invite you to pick up some
great tips by listening to some recent interviews that I
did and recorded. I've recently interviewed, or done teleseminars
with, Ken McArthur, Thea Swafford, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, Josh Anderson,
Quentin Brown, and Frank Garon.

You can access those interviews free of charge from here:

I also want to encourage you to check out the DVD's and CD's from
Yanik’s Underground II seminar. I was at that seminar and also
ordered the recordings.

I miss Yanik's first underground seminar but also have the
recordings from that event. Ideas picked up from those DVD's and CD's
are what helped enable me to... as a little experiment... set out to
earn $1 million in 90 days. That's over $13,000 per day, not
counting the days I plan on taking off. I'm doing this partly to
prove that it can be done, using techniques we are all exposed to...
such as the ideas I picked up from the DVDs.

You can, and should check out the DVD's from Yanik's most recent
underground seminar at:

I'll blog more about my million dollars in 90 days challenge at:

I DO plan on hosting a networking and brainstorming call on Saturday,
October 14th. Then I'll be traveling to seminars the following
two weeks (in London October 21st, and in Atlanta, October 27th).


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October 03, 2006

Stomper Net Closed To New Members At Midnight EST Tonight!


October 3, 2006. 9:17PM EST.

From: Brad Fallon & Andy Jenkins
Re: StomperNet Membership

We want to personally thank everyone for their
interest in StomperNet. The response to it has been
nothing short of overwhelming!

At this time we are 95% certain that StomperNet
has completely SOLD OUT. We are in the process
of tallying up all the submitted applications.

Since our new members signed up a number of different
ways (merchant account, PayPal, via phone, etc.)
we don't yet have our final numbers. It's also possible
that we might turn some applicants away if we feel
that StomperNet isn't for them. As we previously
stated, this is for serious marketers only and we
are dedicated to preserving the integrity of our
entire network.

Here's what we have decided to do...

Since it's inevitable that StomperNet will be completely
sold out (it's only a matter of time even if we have
not already hit the limit) we are shutting down our
web site at exactly MIDNIGHT EST tonight.

This isn't some marketing 'trick' or technique. We have
no choice but to pull the plug and see where we
stand with our membership numbers.

We will no longer accept any new membership
applications after midnight tonight. So there are
only a couple of hours left before it's all over.

If anyone is on the fence about joining, this is
their last chance to submit their application.

Over the next 2-3 days we will be doing a full audit
of the membership applications that we received.
If for some reason we end up with a few available
spots, they will be offered on a first come, first
served basis later this week -- there will be a
"Waiting List" form on the web site.


If we do our audit and discover that we have
reached our limit, then this promotion is officially over
and you won't be hearing anything more --
we'll be very busy with the initial training program
for all our new members.

We want to personally thank all the people that
took action and moved quickly to join StomperNet!

We truly feel that we have put together one of the
most valuable resources in the history of
Internet Marketing. We can't wait to see the
success that our members create; we expect
nothing less than for them to impact the
Internet in a major way.

Thank You.

If you are still undecided or on the fence about
joining StomperNet, this is truly your last chance.
Take one last look at:

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October 02, 2006

What The Heck Are Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, And The Rich Jerk Up To?

Unless you've been under a rock recently, if you're in the Internet marketing arena, you've gotten dozens of emails pointing out various videos, PDF, and blogs discussing with Brad Fallow and Andy Jenkins are doing online.

They have sites that are generating over $1 million per month, and many of their clients aren't doing so bad.

The videos are worth watching because they do actually explain WHY many of the things that they are doing ARE working.

Yes, the who thing is a buildup to a product launch which kicks off on October 3rd.

If you've missed everything, it is an education in how to do a big ticket product launch. I encourage you to make time to check out the videos. You can check them out at:

In case you're wondering how much the big ticket items is... let's just say it's not for everyone. However, I'm taking a serious look at it!

If you're on The Rich Jerks list. You've also been exposed to some of his rather abbrasive emails :-)


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September 30, 2006

Rhea Perry's Fall Writer's Retreat - Ebooks Or Print Books!

Rhea Perry

Here's an event where you can get some top notch coaching on
finishing that book and getting it published...

Rhea Perry's Fall Writer's Retreat
November 17th - 18th, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

A 2-day event for writers to learn how to monetize their gift.
Learn from experts in offline and online publishing

Registration is $397.
But the Early Bird Special is until Sunday, October 8. Folks
can register for just $197 each ;-)


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September 29, 2006

Five Ways To Maximize Profit In Resale Rights Marketing

Five Ways To Maximize Profit In Resale Rights Marketing
by Liz Tomey

Product creation is usually one of the first concerns of an
internet marketer. Conceptualizing a profitable idea and
formulating a marketing plan to sell it is a relatively
exhausting task. Not everyone is gifted with the creative
juices to come up with a cutting edge concept.

Fortunately, there's resale rights marketing.

Many internet marketers actually sell their created products
either because they have squeezed them dry of all possible
earning potentials, or they feel that they’ll earn more by
selling the master rights to the same. This has paved the way
for resale rights marketing, which is an ingenious method of
making profit out of others’ works.

Think of it first in the point of view of the creator. He’d
come up with an e-book that he feels is worth $60. But his
sales would depend on the success of his marketing campaign.
What if he’d sell the master rights for the e-book instead to a
hundred of his fellow marketers for $25 each? He’ll earn an
instant $2500, which is a surer profit than the uncertainties
involved if he decides to market his e-book himself.

Now, let’s look at it in the point of view of the resale rights
marketer. He’d buy the master rights for $25. Granted that
he’d share the same with 99 other people, the internet has a
population of 50 million surfers at any given time. Surely the
ratio does not convert to saturation of any target market.

Additionally, the resale rights marketer can repackage the
product in so many ways that would seem novel and distinct from
how it was marketed originally, or how the other master rights
holders would market it.

It is important to note that there are two kinds of resale
rights. First, we have the master resale rights that grant you,
basically, every right the owner has, or had. Second, we have
the limited resale rights, which carry with it certain
conditions depending on the license.

Here are five options that a resale rights marketer can use to
maximize the potentials of any products he plans to resell.

Re-brand, repackage, resell. If the resale rights marketer
holds the master rights to the product, he could name himself as
the author, change a few things here and there, and sell the
product as something new.

Buy and sell. The resale rights marketer can also partake of
the most fundamental principle of profit: buy low, sell high.
In our illustration, the resale rights marketer bought the
master rights to the product for $25. He could sell the same
master rights for a higher amount. Or better yet, he could sell
the product itself to many interested buyers at a price that he
would deem sustainable and reasonable. Imagine if he succeeds
on selling the product to 90 people for $10 each. That’s $900
from a $25 investment!

Divide and distribute. The resale rights marketer can also
divide the product into several components, and sell or use them
individually. An e-book, for example, can be broken down to a
series of articles which can be used as auto-responders, e-zine
content, or chapters for other e-books.

Use it as a freebie. If the resale rights marketer holds the
master rights to the product or is otherwise allowed by the
license, he could bundle it with another one to increase the
latter’s value and justify a higher selling price. Or he could
use the product as a freebie in a viral marketing campaign he is

Have it auctioned. If the resale rights marketer holds the
master rights to the product or is otherwise allowed by the
license, he could have the product auctioned to the highest
bidder. This would allow him to earn more than what he
originally paid for!

There are many other ways by which the resale rights marketer
can earn through this trade. The possibilities are only limited
by your imagination!

About The Author:

Liz Tomey got her start in the direct mail business in 1998. In
2004 she turned her business into an online information
business, and quickly made it into a full time profitable
business that she now runs full time from home. She has created
over 50 different information products, and also offers brand
new resale rights product packages seen no where else but her
site at:

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Join Me LIVE On Net Biz Radio, Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Saturday night, September 30th, 2006, I invite you to listen in as
I'm the guest on Net Biz Radio. This is an actual radio show, but
one that you can also listen to over the Internet.

You can get more details at:
If you click on the menu link labeled "Insider" you can
sign up to be notified of each Saturday's line-up and how
to access the recordings from the show. I've listened to
past episodes of the show and this IS a QUALITY show ;-)

Here's more info about the show in general... snagged
from the site:

Net Biz Radio is a weekly, 1 hour radio program broadcast
from beautiful downtown Wheeling, West Virginia on the
powerhouse AM giant, WWVA 1170. The NBR studios are located high
atop the historic Capitol Music Hall, the long-time home of the
venerable country music show, The WWVA Jamboree.

Net Biz Radio is dedicated to enabling anyone, anywhere who
wants to learn how to make a living...either part-time or
full-time...on the Internet to do just that!

Even though, right now anyway, unemployment is low, there
are 100s of thousands of people who are looking to earn some
extra money to help with the bills, get the things they want and
need, save for the name it!

So, if you've always wanted a business of your
own...especially if you're interested in growing that business
on the Internet...this is the radio show to listen to. If you
already own a business and want to expand your
marketing...either locally, reginally or nationally...this is
the radio show for you!

The show itself is a fast-paced, funny hour that's filled
with information, interviews, and special features. You won't
want to miss a LIVE show, but if you do, you can always go to
"THE LAST SHOW" button and listen to it at anytime you want.

Go sign up now. The host is taking questions during the show
although I know he has already received numerous questions via


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September 28, 2006

Does this product launch stuff work?

Lately it seems like everything is in pre-launch.
And every time you turn around you are hearing
about "product launch this" and "product launch

Personally I am getting pretty sick of it...

HOWEVER, I just saw a pretty amazing Case Study of
a product launch in a tiny little niche - and this
had NOTHING to do with "Internet Marketing".

In fact, this launch was by a marketing "newbie"
(by his own admission)... and he launched a $37
ebook in a hobby niche.

The results?

A cool $32k+ in a single week.

This is one Case Study that we can all learn
something from... and it's available for free (at
least for now). Check it out now:

Product launches for the masses! That is what
this Case Study is all about... you don't need a
high-priced product, and it doesn't have to be a
"make money" product. Go watch this Case Study now:


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September 23, 2006

Are You A Newbie, A Marketer, Or A Guru

Are You A Newbie, A Marketer, Or A Guru

Take the quiz here..

The Guru Quiz


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September 21, 2006

Automatically Adding Friends To MySpace

Automatically Adding Friends To MySpace

Unless you've been living in a cave recently, you know
that MySpace is catching on BIG TIME. In-fact, I read
somewhere that it's the 6th most visited site on the

If you have a MySpace account... then you know that a
lot of people love adding new contacts to their "friends."

Internet marketers have come out with many ways to use
MySpace for marketing and growing their businesses. I'll
point out a few of the better ones later.

Right now I just wanted to call your attention to one of
the new automated tools that allow you to literally invite
thousands of people to join your network. The software
can do a lot of other things too. It also has a lot of
potential for abuse.

Take a look at Badder Adder by clicking here.


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September 20, 2006

Do You Want A Free Website Review - Critique?

We will have our semi-regularly scheduled networking and
brainstorming call this coming Saturday. These calls are a
great place to have a group of very seasoned marketers give
you a free website review.

To get full details on this call via autoresponder, as well
as instructions on how to submit your site for a free review,

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The "SPIDER" - A Great Tool For Finding Ideal JV Partners!

If you're looking for more traffic and more sales, check
out Neil Shearing's Spider software. It's a very easy
to use piece of software that makes grabbing great Joint
Venture partners and Super Affiliates child's play.

I'm sure you know that the fastest way to generate traffic
and sales is to tap into the power of someone else's email
list and have them do a mailout promoting your product. Well,
Neil's software makes *finding* those "power players" simpler
than ever. Now there are no excuses... go out and get some
super affiliates to work for you!

Neil's been online for over a decade and has an excellent
reputation for honest business online. In fact, he founded
the ScamFreeZone in 1997 to help people make money online
without falling victim to scams. That's why I am happy to
endorse his software.

Here's the link to find out more about the Spider...


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September 18, 2006

Internet Marketing Or Network Marketing - Which Is Better?

Internet Marketing Or Network Marketing - Which Is Better?
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

When I interact with most online marketers, it's obvious that
they view Internet marketing and network marketing as two
separate and very distinct worlds. Proponents of either often
act as if the other is something to be avoided like the plague.

I personally am involved in marketing for, and consulting with,
companies in both “worlds.” I've discovered that there is a lot
of overlap, and that there are techniques which work equally
well in both worlds.

Let's briefly examine how they differ, and which is better.

Network marketing, or MLM, is very familiar to most people
because we've all been approached by someone in the offline
world who is doing it. We've been invited to meetings, or
sat through presentations where they demonstrated what they
did, and how it could mean financial independence for you.

I generally think of network marketing as:

- Being multiple-tiered - where you earn on the efforts of
others that you recruit.

- Offering residual income, where you sell the product once,
and then earn commissions each month as the customer reorders
a consumable product.

- Utilizing auto-shipment, where the customer agrees to purchase
a certain amount of the product or service each month...
generally at a lower price that if it were a one-time purchase.

- Requiring lots of phone calls, meetings, and direct
interaction with the customers.

- Allowing representatives to grow their businesses through
duplicable systems where they just plug new representatives
into a proven system.

I generally think of Internet marketing as:

- Utilizing a two-tiered (at most) payment plan. When you
go beyond two-tiers the rules change dramatically for the
program operator.

- Emphasizing earning commissions primarily on your own
efforts although many super-affiliates also earn hefty
second-tier commissions.

- Marketing primarily using email and websites, although RSS,
broadcast calls, teleseminars, and even direct mail can fit
into the picture. There is a movement towards using offline
methods to drive business online.

- Often only offering one-time commissions on individual

- Requiring very little direct customer interaction, although
the most successful affiliate marketers focus more on interacting
with customers and building relationships.

Which is better? Obviously, that's a loaded question with
room for lots of differences in opinion.

Generally, whichever best serves YOUR customers’ needs is
better for you.

Whichever offers your customers something that they can't
buy cheaper at the local superstore obviously should sell
better for you.

Long-term, lasting success in both isn't based upon throwing
around big numbers, when you know that the average person
probably won't achieve the level of success offered in the
examples. That's because both depend upon how well your new
"recruits" can utilize the system that you equip them with and the
level of commitment that they have.

Both can offer residual income, and I personally do generate
substantial residual income with both systems. Internet marketing
offers residual income through products such as web hosting,
membership sites, and product-of-the-month type sites.

An example of such a site is Dr. Mike Woo-Ming's Affiliate
"Sales Letters" which offers affiliate marketers re-written
sales letters for Clickbank products that otherwise would be
poor sellers. This is an excellent example of a product that
solves a problem, and offers to the affiliate/member a
residual income. You can see how this works at:

Ordinary consumer products can also offer very nice residual
income. In order to be a big success in the network
marketing arena the product must offer unique advantages
AND be priced competitively. Very often, you'll see products
that are WAY over-priced, and they're that way because there
is no real demand in the marketplace and the high commissions
are what are used to "lure" unsavvy new distributors.

These unfortunate distributors are lured into businesses built
on very shaky foundations. If you look in the right places
though, you will find products that people want, that they are
buying, and that you can offer at a competitive rate. Here are
two examples:

1) Discount travel through YTB travel. This is a network
marketing company that allows your customers to tap directly
into one of THE BIGGEST online travel databases and book
travel, reserve lodging, and reserve rental cars. Travelers get
great deals, and you earn a commission on each referral
booking that you make. You can see this incredible system
in action at:

The url above is the one that I link to from a site that helps
people locate Internet marketing seminars at: After they've
located a "can't miss" seminar, it's natural for them to
look for inexpensive travel and accommodations. Therefore,
selling travel becomes effortless.

I offer the same travel booking service on a site where
I help martial artists locate karate tournaments. Again,
it is natural for site visitors to book their travel once
they've located an event that they want to attend. You can
see how I do this in the martial arts niche at:

This same method of marketing travel... selling an MLM
product using "Internet marketing techniques" shows how
the distinction can quickly become blurred.

Another product where I seamless blend Internet marketing
and network marketing, with a product that sells itself,
practically hands off, is... greeting cards.

I offer visitors to many of my consumer-type sites the
ability to send real, printed greeting cards right over the
Internet, for a fraction of the cost that they would pay in
a card shop. They get the same quality of card, don't have
to travel... brave the weather... fight the crowds, or even
lick stamps. They just choose and compose the card, add
any photo they desire, click send, and the card is in the
mail, for around $1.50 TOTAL :-)

You can check out that slick setup, and see how effortless
it really can be at:

Back to the question of which is better - Internet marketing
or network marketing...

Both can actually be marketed the same way. You can market
Internet marketing products via phone, fax, email, direct mail,
or a website. You can do the same with network marketing

The bottom line is that the "want" for a product, and the
availability of that product at a great price, are more important
than method of selling. Which is better therefore depends upon
which is a better match for you and your market.

You can do very well with either. It's really just a matter
of doing your research, finding a perfect market-to-product
match, and then starting to actively build your dream
business. You'll likely find yourself using a mixture of
methods regardless of the product.


Willie Crawford has been teaching Internet marketing for over
9 years. Take advantage of his uncanny insights and unusual
candor by subscribing to his free, information-packed
newsletter. Also visit his top-rated blog. Do both at:

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September 17, 2006

My Other Daughter And Her Husband


My other daughter and her husband.


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The Newly Weds


Here's a photo of my daughter and her new husband.

They do make a nice looking couple :-)


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I'm In The "Guru Spot Light!"

Here's a 2 hour interview I did that I though you'd enjoy.


Other links to check out:
Charles F. Hannel's The Master Key System

The Most Trusted Guy On The Internet

Earn An Instant $300 Per Sale

Earn 16% - 50% Investing In Tax Liens

The Truth About Network Marketing

Audio Reveals How To REALLY Increase Clickbank Sales

Free Proven Advertising Resources

How To Plan And Host A Wedding

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Commission Hijacker Hidden Inside Your Web Page Design

Here's an article with some excellent advice...

Commission Hijacker Hidden Inside Your Web Page

by Vishy Dadsetan

As a person almost obsessed with Web site marketing, I am often
at odds with my Web site designer friends as to what is
important. They know that I love them and I mean no offense so
all is good.

For all Web masters especially those who count on commissions
selling other people’s products, some Web design flaws could
really hurt. The following are some common and some not so
common flaws that can rob you of commissions by masking your
affiliate links from visitors without your knowledge, sending
the visitors to wrong landing pages, lowering your Web sites
search engine ranking and wasting your valuable time on
maintenance and tracking.

Fixing these flaws creates a clear path to more productive Web
design and higher commissions.

1- Error 404 Disease.

Test your Web site for this widespread and deadly disease that
keeps sending your potential customers to the never land of
server error 404. Go to your Web site home page, which in our
case is Then add a slash and
something after the main url. For example,
“emailmarketing.html”. The complete url of this example is

What will you see? Our home page, right?

Now, go to your own Web site and repeat the process. Enter a
url from a page on your Web site that you know does not exist.
Do you see a message related to error 404? If so, your Web site
is losing hard earned traffic and potential customers. Contact
your Internet hosting provider to help you cure this and place
a customized error message on your site. A custom error 404
message displays your sales message or redirects these lost
visitors to your home page.

2- Long Affiliate Links & Ad Blockers

Long affiliate links always create problems especially when
they break up in email campaigns. But now there is a more
serious threat: Ad blocking. These ad blocking scripts view
your affiliate links and banners as advertising, assume the
client doesn’t want to see them and block them entirely from
view. The dark humor in this is you’re your stats show the
banners and links as displayed but the visitors do not see
them. What will this do to your sales and commissions?

The most popular Internet Security and Firewall software comes
with default ad blocking ON! Most if not all users will never
take the time to turn it off for your sake or mine.

This blessing in disguise forces us to solve several marketing
issues at the same time.The solution is fairly simple and it is
done in four steps.

Step one - Create an internal directory and call it something
like merchants or resources. We use “find” in one of our Web

Step two - Create a page and name it after the merchant. In
this case we called it “the business end of Websites.” The
complete url looks like:

Step three - Within your page, you can place a redirect url
code. So instead of showing a link to :

You show a link to:

Of course in this example we are using a little more
sophisticated system and database driven Web site and this is
why you see those strange code “v19605.”

Go ahead and test both urls, you will not see any difference in
destination, but Ad blockers may block the first one but not the
second one. You can lose commissions using one and get paid
using the other. Significant difference, don’t you agree?

This process will also help improve keyword base internal
linking which we will discuss more in later articles.

3- Published Work-In-Progress

Don’t use your Web site as a filing cabinet for
work-in-progress projects. Any time you place your
work-in-progress page or script on your Web site, you risk
having them included in search engines. Go to Google and type

At risk of making it too obvious I like to mention that in the
above url I mean for you to replace the term “yourwebsite” with
your actual Web site.

Look at the list. Are these pages you want to have listed on
the search engines? Click on a few links, do they end in error

Remember that every unproductive page of your Web site may
replace a productive and completed page on Google and other
search engine directories. Can you see the damage this could
cause? Yes, we can always recover but how long will it take?

Work-in-progress does not belong on your Web site. Complete
your projects before you place them on line.

Warning - Before you remove any pages, make sure you have a
back up and your customized error 404 is in place.

4- Missing robot.txt file.

Some directories and files are necessary for running your Web
site but have no marketing value that you want to announce to
the world. Robot.txt text file tells search engines to leave
these files alone and do not index and show them to Web
For example, your image directory or your policies directory
does not contain anything of value so you tell visiting search
engines not to bother with them. An example of robot.txt file
that excludes these directories is:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /images/
Disallow: /policies/

For more details refer to

Do you have a robot.txt file on your Web site?

May both Web site pages and days of your life be productive.

About The Author: For additional information visit:

Other sites of interest...

Charles F. Hannel's The Master Key System

The Most Trusted Guy On The Internet

Earn An Instant $300 Per Sale

Earn 16% - 50% Investing In Tax Liens

The Truth About Network Marketing

Audio Reveals How To REALLY Increase Clickbank Sales

Free Proven Advertising Resources

How To Plan And Host A Wedding

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September 15, 2006

10 Ways to Protect Your Computer Against A Virus

10 Ways to Protect Your Computer Against A Virus

"There are 500 new virus/worms created each month,"
according to the web site.

Whenever I learn about another virus or worm that has
developed into "medium or high" status, I shake my head in
disgust. Have you ever wondered what would happen if those
virus programmers turned their energies around and instead
developed a positive program for us to use? Can you imagine
how terrific that program would be?!?!

I'm going to come clean and admit the truth: I, too, have
had a virus wreak havoc on my computer - ONCE in 12 years
of Internet use. And once was enough for me. The virus that
hit my 'puter was a beautiful attachment that seemed to be
from a friend. Some of you computer veterans may know it
well. It was sent around on July 4th (Independence Day in
the USA) and looked like a beautiful fireworks display --
before it destroyed some of my Word documents and other

Even though every antivirus web site tells you not to open
attachments from people you do not know, it's usually the
people you know and love who somehow will infect your
computer. So, I won't tell you not to open attachments.
That's a crazy suggestion, anyway.

If you haven't heeded the latest slew of warnings, then
you've probably been hit with a virus or worm. It's likely
you've also lost use of your computer for at least a few
hours, if not for a few days. In some cases, you've lost
important computer files or programs too. Take steps today
so your computer will stay virus-free. Take the time now,
right now, this moment, to protect your computer.

1. Subscribe to an ezine list, such as the ones listed
below, where the owner provides readers with an added value
-- in the form of emails that alert subscribers to
important Internet virus warnings.

Elevating Your Business Ezine:
Web Chamber

2. Most new computers come with 30- or 90-day trial of an
installed antivirus program. But the program's data files
(for dat files) are out of date by the time you receive
your computer. If you've purchased a new computer recently,
locate its antivirus program, get on the Internet and
download the latest dat or zip files (large group of files
compressed so they download quickly). Ensure that your
computer's files are up-to-date. Also, start looking around
for an antivirus program you're willing to purchase and
keep updated yearly.

3. If you don't have an antivirus program, test drive one
of the many programs available on the different
antivirus-protection web sites. Most offer a 30-day trial
and you can see if it's a program that's easy for you to
use. I recommend purchasing a program that offers an
automatic scheduler feature, and set the system to update
files once a week.

4. The oldest antivirus programs are those by McAfee and
Norton. When you purchase a PC or laptop, these are the
trials you're likely to find on your computer. However,
many other programs are available. Trend Micro Kaspersky Lab Softwin SRL Symantec Norton Alwil Avast! McAfee ViruScan MS OneCare Panda Sofware
Computer Associates

5. Costco, Sam's Club, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples,
etc., carry antivirus programs, and they all have online
stores too. Or try an online comparison store like,, or

6. Add "yearly update of my antivirus program" to your
business or personal budget. And if you use the Outlook
calendar, include a reminder to purchase the program a year
from now.

7. Put aside 30 minutes to read the directions of your new
antivirus program so that you know everything it can do. If
you're updating a previous version, the "read me" text file
usually contains information on what's been updated or
added since the last version.

8. Know that if you have email programs other than
Microsoft, you can still end up with a virus. Antivirus
programs are designed to destroy files and cause fear.
Viruses have been targeted at Adobe PDF, ICQ, and other
Microsoft files!

And if you have a Mac, don't think you'll be spared! Many
Mac users are carriers of viruses. I've received MS Word
documents from a Mac and my antivirus program found a
virus. While Mac users can't get the virus, their computers
can carry it and send it along to other computers.

Also, with many Macs having the capacity to use Internet
Explorer, we're bound to hear about other Mac-related

9. Microsoft provides updates for programs on their
website. Security updates may include fixes for a virus and
are called critical files. Visit the sites below once a
month to update all critical files.

MS Main Program Updates

MS Office Updates

10. When you use them properly, antivirus programs work!
However, remember that they are reactive, not proactive.
Even if you set your preferences to allow your antivirus
program to automatically update, whenever you hear about a
new virus, update your dat files immediately.

So which antivirus program am I using? OneCare by
Microsoft. The purchase of one program allows me to use it
on three computers. It updates often, and it contains other
programs that help me keep my PC and laptop in tiptop
shape. You can try it for 90-days at no cost to you.

C 2006 Maria Marsala, America's Business Coach and a
former Wall Street Trader, helps business owners improve
Profits and productivity. If you're ready to kick-start
your business and have more free and fun time, get your
FREE business success tips and audios at

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September 14, 2006

Rethinking Publishing Your Physical Address On Your Website

Rethinking Publishing Your Physical Address On Your Website

My friend Lynn Terry shares an incident on her blog that
will cause many to rethink publishing their physical
address on their website.

Yes, she did have someone show up at her house unexpectedly.

Read here story here.


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September 12, 2006

My New MySpace Page And Why...

After getting an email from Marlon Sanders sharing what
he's doing on, I went over and checked out
Marlon's My Space page, and created my own.

Some Internet marketers have awaken to the possibilities
of using My Space as a marketing tool. You'll be hearing
a lot more on this topic from me, and many other experienced
marketers, soon.

Go check out the page just I'm just getting
setup. Set up your site and then invite me to become
"your friend." I'm at:


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September 07, 2006

Cody Moya's Earnings Revealed!

A lot of rumors and controversy has surrounded the release of Cody Moya's Adsense Template. Many people questioned the results he actually has using his own products.

Today, for the very first time ever Cody Moya is showing the proof of his search engine optimization results.

He's be quietly making money from search engine optimization for about 1.5 years and didn't want to share his results or secrets or call attention to himself before.

He is not the kind of person who likes to show off, but since people asked him, he is showing you the proof: his search engine optimization results for 2 different highly competitive keywords as of September 8th 2006.

Click here NOW to see the proof and find out how you could get the same results.


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Start Your Own Internet Radio Show!


Have you ever thought of starting your own internet radio
show. It's never been easier. I realize that earlier this week
when I did an interview of Dr. Mike Woo-Ming. We were just talking
over the telephone, and when I listened to the playback, with
minimal editing, I was very satisfied with the quality of the

Click the banner above to see how you can literally host your
own radio show, complete with replay line, and virtually
unlimited bandwidth, for only $19.95 per month!

Check this out today!


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September 05, 2006

12 Reasons Your Website Is Failing

12 Reasons Your Website Is Failing
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

Most Saturdays, I conduct a free networking and brainstorming
call, where we critique and give makeovers to 2-3 websites.
On the weeks that we don't review websites, the calls are
generally “open discussion” of Internet marketing issues.

These calls are just another tool in my very effective
marketing arsenal, and you can join them by registering at:

During most weeks, I get dozens of joint venture proposals,
and several potential new clients who want me to evaluate
the potential of a project that they‘re working on.

Many of the joint ventures that I turn down, and many of the
clients that I reject, are for the same reason. Their
websites are so poorly written that I know that the
websites won't convert. I rarely do outside copywriting,
but I often suggest revamping their websites before they
move forward.

With the sites reviewed on my calls, and with the sites I
look at for other reasons, I notice many of the same
mistakes. Here are 12 of the most common:

1) The site has no focus. A website should be designed with
its primary purpose in mind. You should have ONE thing that
you'd really like most visitors to your page to do. Almost
everything on that page should lead the visitors toward
deciding to take that primary action. Nothing on the page
should distract them and "lead them off down other trails."

Common primary actions that you'll want your visitor to
take are to join your list, buy your product, download a
free trial version, or join an online community. Make sure
that you know what you want your visitors to focus on,
and get rid of the other distractions. It's been proven that
if you give your visitors too many choices, or confuse them,
they will simply choose to leave!

2) The site has no email capture mechanism. Most honest
copywriters will tell you that in most Internet marketing
type niches, a 1-2% response rate to a sales letter is VERY
respectable. You've worked very hard to get visitors to
your site, and if you completely ignore the 98% who don't
buy you're not going to be in business very long.

Incorporate a form into your website that gets them
into an autoresponder so that you can follow-up with them.
Offer them a free report, access to an MP3 on the topic,
or access to an exclusive community. Get them to opt-in,
and then you can follow up with them on their topic of

Your opt-in form can be set up "in-line" as a part of
the webpage, and even take them back to the point on the
webpage where they were reading before they stopped to
opt-in. You can also have an exit popup, or pop-under,
that offers them a freebie as they're leaving your site.
Once they've decided to leave, you'll probably NEVER see
them again unless you have a way to invite them back. An
autoresponder is the perfect way to do this automatically.

3) The owner is "hiding behind the website." Web surfers
are skeptical and distrusting. You need to let them know that
there is a real person behind the site. Give them contact
information, show them your photo, and even let them hear
you. You can easily add audio or video to your website,
and allow it to "touch" your visitor on such a deeper level.
When people hear your voice or see you talking, and get to
watch your body language, you communicate so much more
effectively than just the written word.

To add audio to your website, all you need is a microphone
plugged into your computer. To add video to your website,
all you really need is a webcam plugged into your computer.
There are services that will take this audio or video,
allow you to edit it with a few clicks of your mouse, and
then stream it from their servers or upload it to your

A totally amazing service that I use is called Audio Acrobat.
I use it to have customers, subscribers, etc., call in and
leave testimonials. I use it to record some teleseminars,
interviews, product recommendations, and for dozens of
other purposes. I do record video from my webcam to
this service too. You can also upload video recorded on a
regular video camera to this service, and then stream it
from their website.

As I said, I LOVE Audio Acrobat. If you want to check
it out, you can get a free 30-day trial from here: It’s where I have dozens
of testimonial lines, dozens of audios, and a few videos.
It's also how I save on my web hosting bandwidth ;-)

4) The owner of the site offers no credentials The
very first question I ask when reading a magazine article,
watching a television show, or reading a web page, is
"What makes this person qualified to teach ME this topic."
Most web surfers don't trust you, and believe that most
Internet sites are out to rip them off. You need to show
them that your experience and training makes you qualified
to teach them the topic. In addition to formal credentials
a professional looking website also shows that you are a
serious business person. Don't skimp on your website’s

5) Not offering proof of statements. It's natural for
you to say how great you and your product are. Therefore,
that means nothing to potential customers. Get other to
share how your product improved their lives. Use media
interviews, and statements by officials in professional
organizations, to provide third-party validation.

Testimonials with photos, audio, or video, are very
powerful. Testimonials with just a set of initials, or
a with just a first name, have NO credibility.

6) Offering the wrong payment options. The majority of
Internet users prefer to pay via credit
card. If your product allows you to do it, and still make
a satisfactory profit, consider taking orders through an
answering service or call center, via fax, via snail mail,
and through third party processors such as Paypal as well.
Evaluate each of these options and decide which of these
make sense for you.

As an aside, I once considered even offering my customers
the option to order C.O.D (cash on delivery). My local
postmaster strongly suggested that I NOT do that and
also pointed out that it's almost never done these days.
He convinced me that it was more trouble than it was
worth :-)

7) Using the wrong or too many fonts. When you use different
sizes and colors of letters on your webpage you need to have
a real reason. When you highlight or underline text on your
webpage you need to have a logical reason.

As your site visitor reads your webpage, he will subconsciously
ask himself why you emphasized a certain word or sentence on
the page. If you had no logic reason, you pull him out of
your message as his mind “wrestles with the why."

You page should be structured such that a “skimmer” could
just read the headlines and sub headlines and get the message.
He should be able to read just the highlighted text and get
the gist of your webpage. He should be able to just go to
the bottom of the page, read the "P.S." where you've restated
your offer, and order without being forced to read the rest
of the page... if he's in a hurry.

8) Using header graphics that distract from the message.
Your header graphic should spell out or emphasize the main
benefit of your product. It should be simple enough that
the visitor is not forced to waste time trying to decipher
its meaning.

Sometimes, it's better not to even have a header graphic.
This is something you should test. You want to get your
visitor reading the text on your page, and discovering how
your product can help him, as soon as practical. This is
what will sell him... not cute or fancy graphics.

9) Not focusing on benefits rather than features. Don't tell
your visitor how great the product is, tell him how it will
improve his life. Your testimonials should also provide concrete,
and very specific, examples of how it improved someone else's

10) Focusing on "I" rather than "you!" Look at your webpage
and make sure that it talks about the customer and his problem
more than it talks about you, your company, and your products.
Your customers don't really care about you. They care about
how you can help them! Read through you copy and make sure
that it answers that question. Make sure that you're not
talking about yourself too much, and that when you do talk about
yourself, it's answering the question of how you can help the

11) Not emphasizing the guarantee. When a customer purchases
with a credit card, or through certain third-party processors,
the guarantee is implied anyway. So, why not make your guarantee
a selling point? If a customer goes to Visa or MasterCard and
states that they are unhappy with their purchase from you, they
will get their money back in most cases... and you'll pay an
extra fee for the "chargeback." If a customer goes to Clickbank
or Paypal with a complaint, they will end up issuing a refund
in many cases.

Make it easy on yourself by offering and honoring a guarantee.
It will increase your conversion rate, and unless your product
is total JUNK, it won't increase your refund rate.

12) Not using a P.S. Many busy surfers will jump right to the
end of your webpage and read the P.S.(s). If they were somewhat
pre-sold before they arrived at your page, many will go ahead
and purchase at that time. Use the P.S.(s) to restate your
offer, emphasize the guarantee, showcase your bonuses, and to
emphasize any scarcity factor in the offer.

The bottom line is that, if your sales page is horrific, it's
pointless to drive traffic to the site. Fix the page before
you do anything else, or you're just wasting time and
frustrating yourself.

A well-written webpage is so pivotal to the sales process, that
many professional copywriters will often rewrite bad sales letters.
When they discover great products that they KNOW would sell
if the products’ owners just had better copy, they will often
rewrite bad sales letters, pre-sell the products, and then
send the "ready-to-buy" customers directly to the order form.

My friend and colleague, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, recognized the value
in revamping bad sales letters so much that he went as far
as to set up a membership site, offering members rewritten
sales letters for Clickbank products in hot niches. You
can check out what Dr. Mike has done, and join his site, if
he hasn't already closed memberships, at: Tell him that I sent you.

Fix the 12 common errors covered above, and your website will be
more effective than 99% of direct sales websites out there.
Don't fix these mistakes, and your sales won't increase, but
at-least now you will understand why.

Willie Crawford has been teaching Internet marketing for over
9 years. Take advantage of his uncanny insights and unusual
candor by subscribing to his free, information-packed
newsletter. Also visit his top-rated blog. Do both at:


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How I Put 5000 Members On My List(s) Since Last Summer

Here's an article written by long-time subscriber and
friend, Michael Worthington, sharing how he grew his list
to a very respectable size in a short time frame. I know
this is better than many people do, although I've added
thousands of new subscribers with a single promotion.

Anyway, he's Michael's article for you to read, and apply
what he teaches....

How I Put 5000 Members On My List(s) Since Last Summer
by Michael Worthington

Today, one of my subscribers and customers
was telling me how he was drowning in
information overload, and just couldn't seem to
get anywhere with his business.

The following article is basically what I sent him
in return.

The first thing you need to do is build relationships
with other marketers--as many as you possibly can.

Next, either research and write a short report on
some "niche" subject and offer it with Private
Label rights along with a keyword list to them
as a free download for their subscribers.

Or, you can take a Private Label Rights product,
rework it, change the title, add some content,
add your name as the author, and offer that instead.

I did this with a report on improving the circulation
in the lower body, and have added over 2000
subscribers to one of my lists since last summer.

I have problems with circulation so while I was
researching remedies, I thought other people might
have the same problem, so I put all my research in
a report and gave it away with Private Label Rights.

Another thing I did was put together a Private
membership site and let some other marketers
give away free one-year memberships to their

Altogether, this has added over 5000 subscribers
and members to my lists and it's virtually "Hands Off"!

I realize these aren't gigantic numbers like some
of the "gurus" throw around, but did I mention
all this was practically automatic? Like in "Do
the work one time and keep on getting subscribers"?

Now, granted, it's not easy to do, but it is
just that simple!

Yes, it will take some work, but if you focus on
one thing at a time, I guarantee you'll be getting
quality subscribers by the dozens.

The wonderful thing about this can keep
on repeating the process, over and over until you
run out of marketers to contact! ;-)

There's no limit to the size of the list you can
build by doing this one simple process over
and over again with different people.

This truly is the "Million Dollar Secret".

What you do with it is strictly up to you!

Michael Worthington

Feel free to re-distribute this article or use it
in your newsletter as long as you leave the
resource box intact.
Michael Worthington has been selling products
offline for over 35 years, and on the internet since

His latest venture is, a
private membership site dedicated to teaching
you how to build and maintain a profitable

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September 04, 2006

Jeff Mills' Midwest Internet Marketing Super Conference...

After seeing so many IM seminars in Orlando, Atlanta,San Francisco, and San Antonio, it's refreshing to see one in "Minneapolis!"

Not that I mind the fact that many of the other ones are within convenient driving distance, by variety is good too.

Check out...

Jeff Mills' Midwest Internet Marketing
Super Conference
September 29th, 30th, and October 1st, 2006
Minneapolis, Minnesota

How to Market Your Products, Network Marketing Company, or ANY
Business Over the Internet ... And Multiply Your Profits Using
the Methods of Internet Marketing Millionaires

Register now and...

- Get 12 Hours of Live Marketing Training - FREE via Phone!
- Claim Your Free Audio CD (worth $49)
- Proven Techniques to Increase Your Sales
- How to Multiply Your Profits - & Increase Your Time Off
- One of a Kind Midwest Event
- VIP "Behind the Velvet Rope" Treatment
- Learn how to create a product, market it and profit from it!
- Outfox your competition, with Specialized Knowledge!

Limited to 200 attendees only!

Click here to register now or for more details.


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Quentin Brown's Project With A Thai Orphanage, Etc.

Quentin Brown

Quentin Brown is a friend that I've shared the seminar stage
with. I took a genuine liking to him because he's such a
nice, and giving person. You don't get the feeling that he's
only dealing with you because he wants to sell you something.

Quentin's latest project, a Thailand Company called Global
Internet Systems
, is teaching orphans and underprivledged
young people in Thailand the skills of Internet marketing.

He is training them in creating professional looking websites,
crisp sounding audio, sharp looking videos, advanced web
graphics and so much more. All of these skills will directly
translate into the global Internet market place.

In a recent interview Quentin was asked what's his secret for
success and he stated " It's the power of two! So many people
try and make it on their own but until you can learn to empower
other people to help you in the creative process you can never
build a truly successful business. The joy and excitement of
seeing others reach their potential is really where the success

These young people that Quentin's company is training will be
an excellent pool of skilled workers that you can outsource
all kinds of projects to, and know that they will be done in
a professional and dependable manner.

Click here to check out Quentin's project,and how you can get
involved ;-)


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September 03, 2006

The Lack of Trust In Internet Marketing

The Lack of Trust In Internet Marketing
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

I hosted a seminar in April of 2003 where my first speaker
was a relative newbie named Stephen Pierce. This was his
first time speaking at an Internet marketing seminar. As
I listened to this very dynamic speaker, I knew that he
was a very shrewd marketer who would go far.


Stephen Pierce

Now, Stephen is featured in the September/October 2006
issue of Millionaire Blueprints Magazine, partly due to his
meteoric rise in Internet marketing - although Stephen
has made his mark in many niches. I now earn a considerable
income from marketing the DVD's from my most recent
, and from applying what Stephen taught me at that
very first Internet marketing seminar that I hosted.

What did Stephen teach me that's just as relevant today as
it was back in the Spring of 2003? He taught that people
on the Internet don't trust you, and that the most important
thing you that can have on your website and in your email
promotions is proof! Without proof, your audience members
simply don't believe you.

People involved in the "Internet marketing niche" are
naturally skeptical. They've studied all of the marketing
"tricks," recognize them when they see them in use, and
simply believe that 95% of what they read is hype. So,
it’s critical that when you make an assertion in your
web copy or emails that you do provide proof.

I periodically do "probes" in my market to get a feel for
how my subscribers and site visitors feel without asking
them directly. I do this by sending out emails, or publishing
articles, on thought-provoking topics. Then I listen carefully
to the feedback that I get.

What I hear loud and clear is that many members of my
"audience" don't trust most Internet marketers, don't
believe most of the promises made, and believe that you
will rip them off if allowed to. Surprisingly, this distrust is
stronger towards the more established and most visibly
successful marketers.

As an aside, customers in some of the niches that I serve
outside of Internet marketing are still afraid to enter their credit
card information into a web form. Given a choice, they
prefer to phone, fax, or mail in an order. They don’t trust
marketers OR the technology.

One contributing factors to the level of distrust is the unreliable
nature of email. Few of my subscribers and customers seem to
realize that some ISP's delete MOST of the email sent to their
servers before it ever reaches their customers' inboxes. They
think that if they send you an email and you don't respond
immediately, then you are avoiding or ignoring them. The reality
is that they probably didn't hear back from you because you never
received their email, or your response to them was blocked by

I receive emails almost daily telling me that I, or another
marketer, can't be trusted, because we took an order and
never responded when emailed about some aspect of that
order. The customer never even considers that we may not
have received the email, or they may not have received
our response due to filters. I've had customers call my office
about an order, and when instructed to check their spam or
"junk mail" folder, that's where they found the email from me, or
from another marketer that they were spreading uncomplimentary
rumors about.

I've had customers email about an order, and when I responded, the
email bounced because their mailboxes were full – for WEEKS.
These same customers are the ones who won't provide a phone
number on the order form, and often have unlisted numbers, so that
it's impossible to track them down or contact them other than via
email. If it’s really bad, they pay via Paypal so that they don’t even
need to provide a snail mail address! I've gone as far as to look them
up in the "whois" database only to discover that the information used
to register their domain is either out-of-date, or that they registered the
domain via proxy... so that they couldn't be looked up :-(

I'm not sure what can be done about the email deliverability
issue, except encouraging all Internet marketers to make a concerted
effort to educate their subscribers on the problem. I do that by writing
articles like this ;-)

Another way to deal with the issue of engaging in reliable
communications with customers and fostering trust is to
use a help desk or trouble-ticket system. Since communications
are stored in an online database, they are not subject to
the problems inherent in email. However, many of our customers
dislike the seemingly impersonal nature of a trouble-ticket
system. So, again, it's our job to educate them to the fact
that this is one of the most reliable forms of communications
and that this also allows a written record of the thread pertinent to an

Getting back to the issue of trust and proof - how do you
foster it online? The most effective way is by having
what you say validated by third parties who have nothing
financial to gain from the transactions. That's the value
in customer testimonials. That's also the value in being
written up in industry or professional publications such
as Millionaire Blueprints Magazine, that I mentioned earlier
in this article.

Word of mouth advertising is also extremely powerful.
However, you need to realize that often your customers
will only tell others about you when they are dissatisfied
with a purchase they’ve made from you, or dissatisfied with
your customer service. I know this because 90% of the
feedback that I get about other marketers occurs when I
endorse one of their products to my list. That's when
my list members email to question whether I really think
that this is a worthwhile product, and to share with me
perceived bad experiences they've had with a given

Very often, the bad experience they had was not getting
a response when they emailed the marketer about a problem
they encountered. I have to believe that any seasoned
marketer appreciates the value of good customer service
and the word of mouth advertising generated by it.
Therefore, it's difficult for me to believe that any
marketer hoping for long-term success would deliberately
ignore a customer. That leads me to the conclusion that
they must be falling victim to the email deliverability

I saw a cartoon once which showed a dog sitting at a
Computer - typing away. The caption underneath the cartoon
read, "On the Internet, no one knows if you're a dog." This is
a very true statement, and one that you should consider
often. Then make a concerted effort to educate your audience,
and to earn their trust. Without it, your business cannot
grow very much, so it may just turn out to be “a dog.”


Willie Crawford has been teaching Internet marketing for over
9 years. Take advantage of his uncanny insights and unusual
candor by subscribing to his free, information-packed
newsletter. Also visit his top-rated blog. Do both at:

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Affiliate Cloner - 1/2 The Price Of Covert Affiliate!

Here is how to protect yourself against 
people who want to RIP OFF A PIECE 
OF YOUR affiliate paycheck! 
Battle-tested software that solves one of  the biggest marketing problems on the Internet! 
Click here

I mentioned Covert Affiliate in an earlier post
as an excellent solution to the problem of affiliate
commission theft. It is a very powerful program that
allows you to cloak your links, and even set cookies
just from a visitor coming to one of your web pages.

However, for the "non-blackhat" way that most
affiliates will probably use it, Affiliate Cloner can
do the same job at half the price. Both will work
with Clickbank links since neither uses frames,
although Affiliate Cloner does offer that option if
you want to use it for some reason. Check out Affiliate
Cloner at the link near the graphic above.


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Conroversial Software Solves The Problem Of Stolen Commissions

Ever wonder why you arent earning as much commission as other affiliate marketers?

A study shows that about 30% of sales are lost due to commissions being stolen.

A lot of people just don't like the idea of someone making a commission from their purchases.

So they simply bypass your affiliate link and visit the site directly.
Bam another commission lost.

You Don't Have To Lose Those Commissions ever again!
You need to employ advanced javascript techniques to protect your affiliate link and your page source.

Yes, I know most of us arent good at javascripting?

Well luckily i just happend to come across a software that not only protects your affiliate link but amazingly also make sure that nearly every single visitor to your site gets your affiliate cookie the moment they arrive.

The visitor doesnt even come to know that she has arrived on a page that has your affiliate link embedded in it.

So it doesn't matter if they click your link or not. If they end up buying, you get your commission.

Well dont wait go check it out now!

Oh,and before i forgot - for today, they are giving you a free trial of this amazing software so you can try it out before you buy.

So dont waste time, click here to visit today.


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September 01, 2006

Blogging For Money

Blogging For Money
by Scott Lindsay

While most of the bloggers don't care about money, but about
exposure, there are some making pretty decent earnings with
blogs. The question is: how much? Well, that depends on the
method used by the blogger, the traffic he or she can attract
to the blog, the value of the post and so on. If you are
willing to win some money with a blog, there are a few

There are various ways to make money from a blog: advertising,
including the famous ads by Google (AdSense), affiliate
marketing, the controversial pay-per-post current, the actual
blogging job and donations:

1. While AdSense is not so difficult to master - all you need
to do is insert a code provided by Google into the HTML of your
blog and Google will display on it ads related to the content.
Each click on the ads will bring you a few cents. High value
keywords may even bring you larger amounts. Google is not the
only pay-per-click program provider. Even Yahoo! has a similar
plan. It's up to you what you choose.

2 To win money through affiliate programs requires more efforts:
you need to place links to merchants. These links should be
appealing - to determine visitors to take action. And writing
"sales links" is not such an easy task.

3. The third method is known as pay-per-post. Many advertisers
are willing to pay bloggers to post advertisements or news on
their blogs. The purpose is to build traffic and gain back
links that will boost their search engine rankings. There are
plenty of online firms offering such an opportunity to
bloggers. Some examples of sites where bloggers could make
money blogging are:,, or

4. Firms are looking to hire professional bloggers. There are
already job portals for bloggers on the Internet and job
postings for bloggers on many websites. If you are looking for
a blogging job check out Problogger:
and the blogger jobs board you find onsite.

5. A less popular method is used by bloggers who ask their
readers to "donate" some money to help them keep the blog
going. It may come as a surprise, but many visitors do act on
such requests, especially when they find something really
interesting and they enjoy reading the blog

These four methods are what bloggers call "making money with a
blog." Professional bloggers know a more effective method:
"making money as a result of a blog." This is the case for many
writers, SEO experts, web gurus and online entrepreneurs. If we
think about it, even big corporations understand the importance
of a having a blog and what huge revenues they could get as a
result of having a blog. That's great news for passionate
bloggers looking to make a living online (remember the forth
method of making money with a blog?)

As a conclusion, blogs are great to share knowledge, but, with
some skills and experience plus a touch of really valuable
content, they could generate some fine profits for their

About The Author: Scott Lindsay is a web developer and
entrepreneur. He is the founder of HighPowerSites and many
other web projects. HighPowerSites is the easiest
do-it-yourself website builder on the web. No programming or
design skill required. Get your own website online in just 5
minutes with at:

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August 31, 2006

Sell Your AdSense Sites At This Workshop

Here's an email I just received from my friend Dr. Mike,
about his AdSense Immersion Workshop, coming up next month.
Apparently, he will have people there looking to BUY AdSense

Here's the email:

Dear Willie,

It's shaping up to be THE workshop
to attend.

- No pitches

- No backend sales

- UNCENSORED discussion on the latest
internet marketing innovations

We've just added a mystery guest (There
always has to be one right?)

Mr. and Mrs. "Smith" (Not
Brad and Angelina) are a husband
and wife team who built up a huge
Adsense empire from the comfort of their
own home.

Unlike others, they have built
content the right way with handbuilt

So much so, that they sold a portion
of their Adsense sites for big money, that allows
them now the freedom to travel wherever
they want.

They'll tell you how they did it, and how
you can do it too..


I've been on the phone all week,
with big wigs from a multimillion dollar international company who
are looking at BUYING your Adsense/SEO/infoproduct websites
at Adsense Immersion.

All entrepreneurs need an exit strategy, and we'll learn
how these underground internet marketers sold their own
sites for $8 million to a giant conglomerate...
and now they are looking for more sites to buy...(maybe YOURS)

This should be an education in all takes
place at

(This will be first internet marketing
workshop where people are trying
to GIVE you money, not sell you anything else.)

The price will go up starting on Saturday, Sept 2.

Dr. Mike

PS If you think internet marketing is just a hobby,
don't show up. This conference is only for serious
players only. It all starts next week in Anaheim...

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Beginners Start Here - Step-by-Step, Handholding Guidance!

Many of my subscribers who are complete "newbies" often
ask why I don't create a complete A to Z course on how
to get an online business going. My answer is because
there are already lots of such courses. We don't need
another one... at least not from me :-)

They also ask me which one I recommend then!

Here's a site designed to step a beginner through the
process of getting a web business up and running. The
site contains a lot of fill in the blank "generators"
where you just answer a few questions, or fill in data,
and it outputs the finished product. I used the press
release generator on this site for the last press
release that I did, which is still prominently featured
on dozens of websites and does generate hits and

This site actually contains lot of "generator-type
tools" that you can put on YOUR site to give visitors
a reason to come back time after time.

The site steps you through everything from choosing
a niche and domain name, to setting up an affiliate
program, to generating website traffic.

If you're a beginner, or even an intermediate level
Internet marketer who is "stuck" this site may be just
what you're looking for.

Take a look at


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August 30, 2006

The Art Of Shameless Self-Promotion

The Art Of Shameless Self-Promotion
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

When it comes to really growing your online business
without having a multi-million dollar budget, free publicity
is essential. If you can master "the art of shameless
self-promotion" you can literally get millions of dollars
worth of free publicity.

While I call it "the art of shameless self-promotion," that
in no way implies that you do anything dishonest or
unethical. It just means that you actively seek opportunities
to promote yourself – ideally for free.

I've been online since late-1996, and a major part of my
massive success is directly due to me actively seeking and
taking advantage of free publicity. Let's look briefly at
some of the things I do, that you can also easily do.

1) Seek interviews on radio, and in magazines, ezines, and
newspapers. I haven’t personally done television yet
although I do have a cooking show coming out shortly.

This generally means writing press releases and pushing those
out to the media so that they know what your expertise is.
Add a "media" page to your website where you offer a
downloadable bio, and tell the media how to easily contact

If you're uncomfortable with writing press releases, here's
an inexpensive membership site that not only steps you
through the process of writing press releases but also
steps you through the process of doing most of the other
things that I'll mention here:
The last press release that I wrote (in under 5 minutes),
and then submitted through, was created
using the Press Release Generator on this site!

Comb the Internet looking for radio shows and websites
that feature experts in your niche. Contact the people
who select guest for these shows, or to feature on these
websites, and point out to them why you'd make the perfect
guest. Read some of the interviews on the sites first, or
listen to recordings of the shows, so that you confirm that
they are a match for you, and that you are a match for them.

This is one of the secrets as to how I've done well over
100 media interview over the past few years.

2) Seek to be featured in ebooks and ezines as an
expert. People writing ebooks, or regularly publishing
ezines on topics for which you are a subject matter expert,
need you! They need to interview you and share your
expertise with their audience. Your job is to be visible
enough that they find you. That often means having a
website that ranks high for your primary keywords, and
that showcases your expertise. Do this and you'll soon be
getting more request for interviews than you care to do.

Do as many of these interviews as practical. They all
promote you, and provide “signposts” pointing to your site.

3) Write articles on your area of expertise and
submit them to article directories and appropriate
ezines. This is an excellent way to get your name out
into cyberspace as an expert on a given topic. A great
article PROVES your expertise. Having someone publish
your article serves as an indirect endorsement and is
usually MUCH more effective than running a paid ad
in the same ezine. The publisher is hinting to his or her
readers that they consider you someone worth listening
too... and that's why they gave you some of the limited
space in their publication.

4) Write a physical book. If you can write ezine articles,
you can compile a few of them that are related, expand
upon them, and you have the makings of an ebook or a
physical book. Have as few or as many copies as you
want printed up. Just having a physical book instantly
adds to your credibility, and elevates you above your
contemporaries/competitors who haven't written a physical

Think of that physical book as a glorified business card.
People tend to throw away or ignore business cards. It's
harder to ignore a book sitting on the corner of their
desk. In the "about the author" section include information
on your projects, and how to best contact you. Also offer
some type of free downloadable gift to drive them to your
website where you can add them to your mailing list.

I have an inspirational biography that I wrote and use
just for that purpose. It tells of how a poor farm kid,
who spent most of his youth on welfare, eventually rose
to become one of the Internet's “superstars.” It tells
of how I made the decision to do this, made a plan, and
then made it happen. More importantly, that book,
available at (or at tells the reader what pet projects I'm
involved in, and how to contact me if they need my
products or services.

I have this book printed up by my print-on-demand
publisher in small batches so that I CAN change the
"about the author" section to target whatever project
I want to focus attention on at the time. While I
think it is a great book, and so does every reader who
has provided me with feedback, it's a great example
of effective shameless self-promotion.

5) Seek positions of authority. An example of
how I did this is that I volunteered to be a moderator
at one of Internet marketing's busiest forums. By
becoming an authority figure at the forum, I gained
instant credibility.

6) Leverage the “success by association” principle. An
excellent way to gain credibility is to be seen, and
photographed, with people considered experts and
admired by others. This is why I teach subscribers
and clients to always take a digital camera to
seminars and workshops that they attend. Just by
taking photos with famous people, and then posting
those photos on their websites or blogs, those who listen
to my advice often elevate themselves in the eyes
of their audience. People see you hanging out with
(or hugging) someone famous, and they subconsciously
put you into the same category as that celebrity.

In addition to taking a still camera to seminars, take
a video camera or portable MP3 player, and look
for opportunities to interview celebrities and
up-and-coming marketers. Use these recordings as
unique bonuses in your product packages. The
speakers and other marketers will often agree to do
these interviews because they know that when you
spread these recordings, you are also promoting

These are just a few of dozens of ways that I've
used shameless self-promotion to grow my business
to a point that it's virtually unstoppable. To
discover even more ways that I use shameless
self-promotion, drop by my blog and join the thread
discussing this very topic. That thread is at:

I'll share a few more techniques on my blog that I
couldn't fit in here, without making this article too long.

More importantly than discussing these techniques
though - just get out an apply a few of them! They've
been proven to work.

Willie Crawford has been teaching Internet marketing for over
9 years. Take advantage of his uncanny insights and unusual
candor by subscribing to his free, information-packed
newsletter. Also visit his top-rated blog. Do both at:

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Freebies: AdSense Website Templates, Blogger Templates, WordPress Templates, Private Label Articles, Content Websites!

I have gift for you today courtesy of one of my friends.

- 3 Google Adsense website templates including editable header graphic

- 3 Blogger Templates

- 3 WordPress Templates

- 30 Private Label Articles

- Three 10-page websites with content

You can get all this by clicking here.


Willie Crawford

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August 29, 2006

Update Teleseminar Legal Issue Surrounding Copyrights

Late last week I told you about problems with Web Law Generator
and the fact that its output apparently violates intellectual
property rights (and could lead to lawsuits).

That lead to lots of discussion and questions.

Not being a lawyer, but wanting to see you protect yourself,
I just encouraged you to do your due diligence.

Since there were so many questions on the topic, my friend,
Internet marketing law expert - Dr. Bob Silber, decided to
host a teleseminar on the topic.

The teleseminar is not free - it's $10. However Bob is
giving all proceeds to charity. He's giving it to
"Kids In Distress"

After you register, you can email questions to Bob in advance.
You'll get details after registering.

If you can't make the call, which is September 7th at 8PM
Eastern, you can still benefit. Bob will record the call, and
you'll get the MP3 of the call.

Bob's and I aren't profiting from the call. We just want
you to get the straight facts. Get signed up now at:


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August 25, 2006

Web Law Generator Warning!

Apparently, some of the templated documents contained
within Web Law Generator violates some intellectual
property rights. This could result in a fine of
$150,000 per usage, according to what I've read in
several places.

If you have documents generated by Web Law Generator on
your website you probably want to remove them.

I'll provide updates as I get more confirmed details. I
know the person who's intellectual property rights this
software violates, as well as one person who was sued
over using documents generated by the software. So, I'll
see if I can't get the straight scoop.


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August 24, 2006

Microsoft Sues Well-known Internet Marketer For Cybersquatting - Trademark Infringement

You can read the full story here:

Jason Cox is a marketer I've known for years. I don't think he wants to go up against Microsoft though... they have REALLY deep pockets.


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Salvaging A Product That's Not Selling

Salvaging A Product That's Not Selling
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

If you were to walk into an offline store or business
that was struggling, and it was immediately obvious to
you what was wrong, you'd probably ask yourself how you
could capitalize on your insights. If you were an investor
or venture capitalist, you might even look for ways to
acquire that business so that you could turn it around
and then sell it.

Fortunes are being made online doing the same thing with
virtual real estate. If you can spot a struggling online
business, acquire it, turn it around, and then sell it,
you can make a fortune. If you can look at a product
being marketed online, spot huge flaws in the marketing,
acquire the product, and fix the marketing, you can
benefit massively.

This very thing is happening online right now... to one
extent or another. Let me give you a few examples.

I regularly get approached by software developers who have
created excellent pieces of software but had no luck in
marketing them. They either want to partner with me, or
they want to sell the rights to the software outright to
me. This is how I acquire MOST of the software that I

In the case of software, the programmer has often created
the software, written a webpage, and then given up when
the webpage didn't convert. Often the only thing really
wrong with the equation is that the programmer is not a
good copywriter or marketer. People WANT the software
once its benefits are properly conveyed and demonstrated.
This situation is what leads to so many source code and
resale rights packages, for quality software, being offered.
That's why the market for software that's been shelved
due to poor marketing is so lucrative.

Another common occurrence is also simply due to poor
copywriting and web design. That's where a website is,
again, offering a great product, but the site simply isn't
converting. With a good understanding of web copywriting
you can buy one of these sites (which usually already has
great search engine ranking), give the site a makeover
and then sell it at an incredible profit.

My friend Kirt Christensen developed an entire business
around buying "fixer-uppers," giving them a basic facelift,
and then selling them. Kirt also does well with a product
that teaches you to buy, improve, and then sell websites.

My good friend, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, and his copywriter, put
a unique twist on the problem of poorly converting websites.
They noticed that of the 10,000 products at Clickbank, only
a handful were on the front page (or in the top 100). The
rest were relegated to being buried deep within Clickbank
where very few Clickbank affiliates treaded.

Dr. Mike and his copywriter did a lot of research and discovered
that there are LOTS of excellent niche products offered by
Clickbank merchants. The big problem, and reason most of
these products aren't selling, is the copy stinks!

Dr. Mike's copywriter, and many other professional copywriters,
actually spend their time locating these products and then
writing webpages that convert. They do so well at this
that many of them don't actively look for new copywriting
jobs. Writing webpages, and then flying under the radar as
they sell these excellent products, has actually proven
much more lucrative.

Clickbank has so many of these untapped, hot products
that would be excellent sellers if the product developer
just "had a clue," that Dr. Mike has set up a membership
site where he passes along rewritten websites to his
members. Members then simply put these pages up on their
domains, link to the order forms hosted on Clickbank
using the proper format, and dominate many niches. You
can check out what Dr. Mike has set up for his members

A final way that I'll share with you for salvaging a
poorly selling product is to break up bundles, locate the
hidden gems, and market them separately. If you don't
want to market them separately, at least emphasize the
real gems in your ad copy. Often those huge reprint
rights packages that you can buy have many hidden gems
that the ad copy just glosses over. Bring these to the
forefront in your ad copy and watch sales take off.

As you can see, salvaging a failing web business is not
that difficult. Salvaging a product that's not selling,
in the majority of cases that I've studied, only involves
fixing horrific web copy. That's why good copywriters are
worth their weight in gold. At the same time, you can
become a fairly decent copywriter by working your way
through a comprehensive home-study course. The one that
I've worked my way through, several times, is Yanik Silver's
Ultimate At-Home Internet Copywriting Workshop." Yanik
filmed the course at one of his multi-day events and it's
VERY comprehensive, and comes with "tons" of swipe files.

You should check out Yanik's course at: Realizing what
a difference revamped web copy can make to a struggling
web business, this course is one of the best investments
that I've personally ever made.

Now that you know the key to salvaging a failing online
business, start actively looking for likely candidates.
When you spot glaring flaws in their marketing, and their
websites, ask if you can turn them around. You do want to
confirm that the product is something that the marketplace
wants. However, if the want is there and the marketing
is what's killing the business, consider stepping in and
fixing it!


Willie Crawford has been teaching Internet marketing for over
9 years. Take advantage of his uncanny insights and unusual
candor by subscribing to his free, information-packed
newsletter. Also visit his top-rated blog. Do both at:

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August 23, 2006

Less Than 5 Seats Left For Yanik Silver's Underground Online UK Seminar

I sent this list out to my list earlier today, and since
then have sold 1 seminar seat, so there are 5 or less seats
remaining! Here's he not theat I sent...

If you still haven't signed up for the Underground Online
Seminar UK - this is your last chance. I just found out
there are only 6 seats left! (May even be less by now.)

The Underground UK is just about to SELL-OUT.
And if you want in - you need to go here right away:

Do you really want to miss all-new 'under-the-radar'
successes from the Uk and Europe who generate $126M online
every year? (Selling everything from from eBooks, real
physical products, information products, high-end services,
selling leads, AdSense and even membership sites.)

Do you really want to miss the legendary, Ted Nicholas?
He'll be speaking an entire evening on how he's sold over
$4.5B (with a 'B') using direct response.

Do you really want to miss the speakers giving up their
juiciest secrets because they are competing for the title
of "Top Underground UK Marketer" and a $10,000 prize for
their favorite charity?

Do you really want to miss out on a chance to take out 3
different "007" Aston Martins on the company's test track?

Do you really want to miss out on all the networking

Do you really want to miss all the fun and surprises in
store for attendees?

If not - you've got to get in before the final 6 seats are


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August 22, 2006

My Super Affiliate Cloner Bonus - Just What You Need ;-)

This is a quick note to let you know that Ewen Chia's
Super Affiliate Cloning Program has launched. There
are only 1000 total slots in this program and it is
expected to sell out fast. If you're in a hurry, just
go to the site now before you miss this... it will
NEVER be repeated again. Just go to:

In case you don't know who Ewen is, he's the super
affiliate, who is just one recent 5-month period, earned
$1.4 million in affiliate commissions. This is while
most affiliate marketers struggled to make ANY sales.
There's proof of his earnings at the site.

Many Internet marketers will be emailing you regarding this
launch, and many will offer you bonuses. The problem with
most of their bonuses is that it will be stuff that you
will never use. That's why my bonus is different... I
want you to use it and benefit tremendously from it. Their
bonuses will just distract you - my bonus will help you
focus and get things DONE.

My bonus is a 1-year membership in my "Virtual & Real World
Mastermind Group." Beginning the first Wednesday in
September, we will get together via telephone every other
Wednesday evening for a full year.
I'll facilitate,
provide topics and lead the discussion. Other SERIOUS
affiliate marketers on the call will share with you what's
working great for them in affiliate marketing.

First of all, you may wonder why other affiliates would
share their secrets with you. I discovered the answer
to this question at my very first seminar. They share
with you because you share with them. You don't worry
about giving away some of your slice of the pie -
instead you focus on making the entire pie bigger
so that everyone within the group gets more.

I'm the perfect person to lead this group simply
because I'm in touch with so many of the world's top
affiliate marketers. Ewen is a close friend for
example. I'll expand the thinking of everyone in
the group while sharing with you some hardcore
proven affiliate marketing techniques.

If you can't make all of the calls, that's not a
problem. Each call will be recorded and made
available ONLY to group members.
You will not be
allowed to share these call recordings with
anyone, and neither will I... EVER. This is what
will allow mastermind group members to not fear
sharing insider information.

In addition to the bi-weekly calls for a full year,
any time that I'm speaking at, or attending, an
Internet marketing seminar, I will hold a
mastermind meeting in that location
(usually in
the hotel where the event is at). These will
last for a minimum of two hours, and be really
high intensity masterminding.

In case you haven't noticed. I do attend a lot of
seminars. Over the next year I am scheduled to
be in London several times, Australia, and
numerous U.S. cities. I'll publish my schedule
far enough in advance so that you can plan and
attend these mastermind meetings. These meeting will
also be incredibly for networking and setting up
joint ventures.

I don't want to take up too much of your time. I
want you to get signed up for Ewen's course before
it sells out. If you have any questions, send them
to me at or you can phone
me (toll free in the U.S.). The number is
877-262-3367. Please don't use this number for any'
other purpose over the next 2 days, as I anticipate
lots of calls on this offer.

That url to go sign up is:
And I'll see you at the bank.

Willie Crawford

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August 21, 2006

Book Of Dirty Marketing Tricks - $4.95

One of the neat little books that I've read
over the past week covered 10 dirty tricks that
online marketers are probably using on you
every day. These tricks aren't illegal or
anything. They're just ways that marketers
get you to buy more of their products and
services without you realizing what's
happening to you.

The book is educational, even a little fun,
and comes with master resale rights.
Although it's intended to be sold for much
more, I thought I'd offer it to my loyal
blog readers for only $4.95. I really
wanted to get this informativie little
book into your hands :-)

You can read all about this ebook, and
order the package with resale rights at


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August 17, 2006

Russell Brunson - $50,000 Per Month In Residual Income - Let Him Operate YOUR Membership Site

Russell Brunson

$50,000 Per Month From ONE of his membership sites.

One of the most innovative products that I've checked
out lately is by Russell Brunson. What he's basically
done is set it up so that you can operate your own
membership site and have him do all the work. He got
the idea after a friend asked him to GIVE him one of
Russell's membership sites. Russell jokingly told the
friend that he'd sell it to him, and the friend bought
it. That gave Russell the idea of offering others 500
membership bundles (that they could resell) at a give
away price. You collect the monthly memeber revenues
and Russell does all the work :-)

Russell calls it his Bulk Landmine - Click here to check
it out. It's dirt cheap!

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My Interview With The Int'l Association Of Home Business Enterpreneurs

I've done probably over 100 interviews with people
working on ebooks, newspaper and magazine articles,
information products, membership sites, and
conducting teleclasses over the past 8 years or so.
Of those one my favorite was with IAHBE.

I often point that one out to new clients. You'll
find it here :-)

That photo is of me in a flight suit. They needed
a photo fairly short notice so I just grabbed one
from a photo album and scanned it. I didn't have a
digital camera, and didn't really have time to get
professional photos made.


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August 16, 2006

You Really SHOULD Be Upset

You Really SHOULD Be Upset
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

There are people spreading inaccurate information and
misleading you in Internet marketing. Some of them do
it unintentionally - they just repeat things they've
heard. Others do it intentionally - they take advantage
of your greed, or they produce products full of theory.
Either way, you get the same results. You spend years
trying to market things without any real success.

I'd like to ask you to do me a favor today! Look at what
you're selling, and how you're selling it. Then ask
yourself, "Is this working?" If it's not, then you need
to do something differently.

Most likely, you need to change your product mix. If
you're offering your market a product, and they're not
buying it, it's because they don't want it (at least
not the way that you've packaged it). No matter how good
you think that the product is, you need to drop it and find
out what your market WANTS. The real experts will tell
you, "Sell them what they want." The real experts won't
tell you, "Sell them my products!" Your market may not
want my products.

It took me a while to understand that “market to product
match.” When I first built my soul food website at I tried to sell them a variety of
Internet marketing products, and all kinds of affiliate
products. They kept telling me that wasn't what they want.
When I finally listened, and wrote a cookbook, I created a
six-figure residual income stream!

It is possible that you're selling a product suitable
for your market, but packaging or presenting it all
wrong. Do a little price testing (without reducing
your price too much). Also test packaging the product
with other related, desirable products. In your copy, test
making different parts of that package your lead product.
That may make a big difference.

I titled this article, "You Really Should Be Upset."
That's because often the cause of your failing to make
any progress is simply that you've bought into the hype.
You've bought rights to unwanted products, or worthless
programs. You bought into the hype because YOU wanted
to believe that you could build an online business
with no monetary investment and no work. That makes
it your fault, but the person serving up the hype bears
some of the blame too.

Many shysters never see the results of their misleading
the flock. They're like the high altitude bombers that drop
bombs through the clouds and never see the resulting death
and destruction. All these shysters know, is that when they
tell you what you want to hear they make lots of money.

Likewise, many people write copy so good that it does get the
unknowing to whip out his wallet and buy a totally useless
product. An example might be an outdated package of resale
rights. This unknowing person then puts up a website and tries
to sell individual products from that package, for the
suggested retail price, while others are giving away the same
item, or selling it on Ebay for five cents (as a list building
tool in both cases).

I recently had one of my subscribers explain to me that, while
the scams are easy for people like me to detect, the newbie is
defenseless. I think that's partly true, but the old rule of ,
"If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is,"
serves as an excellent measuring stick.

If you feel like that subscriber above, then you probably
need someone to guide you through the minefields. So, you ask,
"How do I know who to trust to guide me through the minefields?"

First of all, trust your instincts. Secondly, look for proof
that your guide "has a clue." If they're that good, there are

Let me give you a few examples:

1) When I wanted to know more about Google AdSense I looked
around at all of the products telling me "how to improve my
results as an AdSense publisher." I looked for evidence that
the people creating the products actually "practiced what they
preached." I kept looking until I came across a guy making
$400,000 per year from his AdSense sites. That's who I listened
to. That mentor of mine is named Dr. Mike Woo-Ming. You can
read about him at:

2) When I was looking for another group to mastermind with, I
looked for a group where everybody was bragging about how much
they learned, and enjoyed themselves, during the group meetings.

The group that caught my attention was led by a guy named Mark
Hendricks. They meet several times a year, and members can't
wait to get back together. Mark actually teaches the group and
brings in outside experts. You can read about Mark's group

3) When I wanted to know how to market affiliate products
better, I searched until I found a guy making over $1.4 million
a year selling affiliate products. Then I starting studying his
methods and reading everything he produced. That guy's name
is Ewen Chia, and he's actually teaching a handful of people how
to become "super affiliates." Don't you think that he's the
right person to teach this? Top Internet marketers like Marlon
Sanders and John Reese do... because Ewen sells more of their
affiliate products than practically anyone else. You can check
out Ewen at

I could give you dozens more examples of people who would
be excellent guides. All of these people have two things in
common. First of all, the evidence of their success is
everywhere. Secondly, you could look on any of their websites,
find their clients or people giving them testimonials, and
then contact those people to confirm how they REALLY feel
about the "guru's"expertise.

Another way to confirm you're following the right person, and
the right path, is to look at the success of people taught by
those people. If their students are struggling, then run in
the other direction!

As the title say, "You Really Should Be Upset." However you
should be upset with yourself as well as with those who have
mislead you. Being upset should fill you with the conviction
to not be mislead again, and to run your business based upon
common sense, and solid business practices.

Willie Crawford has been teaching Internet marketing for over
9 years. Take advantage of his uncanny insights and unusual
candor by subscribing to his free, information-packed
newsletter. Also visit his top-rated blog. Do both at:

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Quick Review Of Search Big Daddy PPC Search Engine

I had a friend show me this search engine today called
Search Big Daddy. It's a free pay per click search engine
that allows you to add search boxes to your sites and get
paid each time you or someone else search. It also allows
you to give yourself a free top position ad (provided no
one else has already claimed the term that you want.

When you sign up for one of these free search engines you
get $50 in PPC advertising credits. You get free
advertising credits when you or someone take numerous
actions using your search engine.

I signed up, set up a few PPC ads, and set up my top
position ad. It was all fairly quick and seems to show
a lot of potential. But then again I only signed up

The person who show me Search Big Daddy said he has
one list member who has earned over $4000 from his
copy of the search engine so it clearly has potential.

I do recommend that you check it out. It's slightly
confusing at first, but you: sign up, confirm you email
address, and then set up you ads. Then you just put a
few search boxes on your site and wait for the money
and ad credits to roll in. Looks like a potentially
good source of free traffic.

You also get a url to promote the free search engine,
and you get paid on new signups too.

The system has the ability to notify you every time that
you've earned money or credits. It does this by email
and I certainly didn't want all those additional emails.
You can turn off "notifications" by logging into your
"back office" and it's under "My Account" > "Settings."

You can sign up here:


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August 06, 2006

Free Publicity For Internet Marketing Seminar Speakers

I'm in the process of updating my site at:
and I'd like to promote YOU!

One of the sections of the site hilights
those who frequently speak at IM seminars.
I'd like to fill that section with the bio's
of practically everyone out there speaking
on the Internet marketing seminar circuit.

If you speak on the circuit, and you'd like
to be included, please forward your preferred
bio and a link to a photo, and we'll get your
info up on the site.

Please forward all this to: Make the topic of
your email "Bio For Seminar Site." This makes
it much easier for me or my virtual assistants
to spot your email. It also reduces the chances
of Mail Washer deleting the email as uninvited :-)

Willie Crawford

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Private Label Rights To Over 650 Articles In Over 20 Niches

I just purchased the private label rights to over 650
articles in over 20 niches. Those of you who know me
know that I am a fairly prolific writer. So, why would I
BUY private label articles?

I plan on taking those articles, revising, them, and then
using them on my various niche sites. Rather than starting
from scratch, I'm going to use these articles largely as
outlines and research material.

As I find myself getting busier and busier, I find myself
with less and less time for writing, no matter how much
I enjoy it. Since article marketing is soooo effective
for me, I have considered using ghost writers. That's why
when I saw this article pack I couldn't resist it.

I also got the Master Resale Rights to this package, and
have decided to offer it to you at a giveaway price. The
license that came with the package specifically prohibited
giving it away... except in a paid membership site. That's
to uphold the value of the package and is a good idea.

Rather than rambling on and on, when I know that you're
busy, here's a link to a page describing the package:

The package is a good deal, and I encourage you to check
it out.


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August 02, 2006

Surviving The "Google Slap"

Did you get "slapped" by Google recently?
If you are an internet marketer that uses PPC you may
just have gotten a wake up call.

With some keywords going as much as $10 now
(where it previously was 10 cents) some
marketers are throwing in the towel.

However, my friend Dr. Mike knew there
had been warning signs by Google
several months ago.

And get this...his team is discovering it
actually works in your favor whether you are
an Adsense Publisher OR an Adwords advertiser!

You'll definitely want to listen to this free
teleseminar, where he'll run down the latest
changes at Google, and how good times
may be ahead...if you are prepared. It's
tomorrow night and you can register here:

I'll see you there :-)


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Today's Google Bots and What They Do

Here's a nice article on Google's spiders...

Today's Google Bots and What They Do
Copyright © 2006 Kim Roach, All Rights Reserved

Google currently indexes over 8 billion web pages. However,
before these pages were placed in the index, they were each
crawled by a special spider known as the GoogleBot.
Unfortunately, many web masters do not know about the internal
workings of this virtual robot.

In fact, Google actually uses a number of spiders to crawl the
Web. You can catch these spiders by examining your log files.

This article will attempt to reveal some of the most important
Google spiders, their function, and how they affect you as a web
master. We'll start with the well-known GoogleBot.


Googlebot, as you probably know, is the search bot used by Google
to scour the web for new pages. Googlebot has two versions,
deepbot and freshbot. Deepbot is a deep crawler that tries to
follow every link on the web and download as many pages as it can
for the Google index. It also examines the internal structure of
a site, giving a complete picture for the index.

Freshbot, on the other hand, is a newer bot that crawls the web
looking for fresh content. The Google freshbot was implemented to
take some of the pressure off of the GoogleBot. The freshbot
recalls pages already in the index and then crawls them for new,
modified, or updated pages. In this way, Google is better
equipped to keep up with the ever-changing Web.

This means that the more you update your web site with new,
quality content, the more the Googlebot will come by to
check you out.

If you’d like to see the Googlebot crawling around your web
property more often, you need to obtain quality inbound links.
However, there is also one more step that you should take. If you
haven't already done so, you should create a Google Sitemap for
your site.

Creating a Google sitemap allows you to communicate with Google,
telling them about your most important pages, new pages, and
updated pages. In return, Google will provide you with some
valuable information as well. Google Sitemaps will tell you
about pages it was unable to crawl and links it was unable to
follow. This allows you to pinpoint problems and fix them so that
you can gain increased exposure in the search results.

The next Google bot in our lineup is known as the MediaBot.

MediaBot - used to analyze Adsense pages
useragent: Mediapartners-Google

MediaBot is the Google crawler for Adsense Publishers. Mediabot
is used to determine wich ads Google should display on Adsense

Google recommends that webmasters specifically add a command in
their robots.txt file that grants Mediabot access to their entire
site. To do this, simply enter the following code into your
robots.txt file:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*

This will ensure that the MediaBot is able to place relevant
Adsense ads on your site.

Keep in mind that ads can still be shown on a page if the
MediaBot has not yet visited. If that is the case, the ads chosen
will be based on the overall theme of the other pages on the site.
If no ads can be chosen, the dreaded public service announcements
are displayed instead.

There is an ongoing debate over whether or not the MediaBot is
giving websites with Adsense an advantage in the search engines.

Even Matt Cutts has confirmed that the Adsense Mediabot has
indexed webpages for Google's main index.

He states,"Pages with AdSense will not be indexed more
frequently. It's literally just a crawl cache, so if e.g. our
news crawl fetched a page and then Googlebot wanted the same
page, we'd retrieve the page from the crawl cache. But there's no
boost at all in rankings if you're in AdSense or Google News. You
don't get any more pages crawled either."

Matt Cutts claims that your website does not get any advantage
by using Adsense. However, in my mind, simply getting your site
updated in and of itself is an advantage.

This is very similar to Google Analytics, which also promotes a
slightly higher degree of spider activity.

Those who run Google Analytics on their site can expect
additional spider activity.

However, you certainly shouldn't depend on any of these tools
for getting your site indexed. The key to frequent spidering is
having quality inbound links, quality content, and frequent

Have images on your site? If so, you have likely been visited by
our next Google spider, the ImageBot.

ImageBot - used to crawl for the Image Search
useragent: GoogleBot-Image

The Imagebot prowls the Web for images to place in Google's image
search. Images are ranked based upon their filename, surrounding
text, alt text, and page title.

If you have a website that is primarily image based, then you
would definitely want to optimize your images to receive some
extra Google traffic.

On the other hand, some web sites may not benefit from Google
image search. In most cases, the traffic from the Image search
engine is very low quality and rarely converts into buyers. Many
people are often just looking for images that they can swipe. So,
if you want to save some bandwidth, use your robots.txt file to
block ImageBot from accessing your image directory.

One of the few exceptions might be if you have a site dedicated
to downloadable images.

Our final bot is completely dedicated to the Google Adwords

AdsBot - Checks Adwords landing pages for quality
useragent: AdsBot-Google

AdsBot is one of Google's newest spiders. This new crawler is
used to analyze the content of advertising landing pages, which
helps determing the Quality score that Google assigns to your

Google uses this Quality score in combination with the amount
you bid to determine the position of your ads. Therefore, ads
with a high quality score can rank higher even if other
advertisers are paying more than you.

This is one of Google's many efforts to ensure that they are
delivering the best results to their users.

Can you still block being spidered? Of course, but it will lower
your overall Adwords quality score, which could end up lowering
the positioning of your ads. If possible, it is best to give
AdsBot complete access to your site.

Today's Google bots are becoming more advanced all the time.
However, nothing beats relevant, quality, updated content.
Deliver that and the search engines will eat it up.

Kim Roach is a staff writer and editor for the SiteProNews
( & SEO-News (
newsletters. You can contact Kim at:

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Kick Start Mega Sale Relaunches Today

Back on June 20th, we launched the Kick Start Mega
to raise money for a television show, and to
parlay that into building and funding the operation
of a homeless shelter.

The sale was plagued with technical problems, due
primarily to files being moved from one server to
another. Due to those technical problems, many
people who wanted to promote the sale did not get
a chance to. Many of those people have pushed us
to relaunch the sale.

After a lot of planning (and moving many files to
a dedicated server), we're finally relaunching that
sale today, August 2nd.

If you were a jv partner or an affiliate before,
your affiliate link still works. If you misplaced
that link you can use the lost password feature at
our site to retrieve your password and link.

You can also contact me through our help desk or
via email and I'll help you to retreive that link.

During this sale, the price will increase by $10
every 2 days.

If you didn't join in the mega sale before,
click here to sign up now!

Here's our write up at PR Web :-)

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August 01, 2006

Kick Start Mega Sale To Relaunch Today - Bigger and Better

Back on June 20th, 2006, we launched Kick Start Mega Sale.
This was a fire sale to help fund a television show which
would then be leveraged to build and fund a homeless

We had a great initial response but ran into technical
problems with our site.
As a result, many clients never
got a chance to promote the sale.

Since then, we've had dozens of requests to re-do the
sale so that those who wanted to promote it could. After
much thought, we have decided to relaunch that project

All existing affiliates and my ezine subscribers will get
an email when we officially launch.

The site is still at:
If you check it out you'll see that we've changed the
product package a little. One of the products the we
added is a package of 127 products, all with either
master resale rights, resale rights or private label
rights. This package normally sells for $97 from but we're including
it in the Kick Start Package.

Stephen Pierce has also offered his new book "Optimize
It" along with resale rights. This book is so new that
it's still being edited. I understand this is the first
product that Stephen has ever offered resale rights to.

I think that you'll like what we've done with the
package, and encourage you to check out the site now.
A short email to your list, or blog post should generate
some quick sales for you :-)

If you signed up for the package before, your affiliate
ID is still the same. If you misplaced it, the retrieve
password feature on our homepage allows you to login and
get it.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this

Thank you,

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July 24, 2006

Is This Copywriter The Next Halbert - At A Fraction Of The Price

Over the years, I’ve coached and worked with hundreds of struggling web marketers. I’ve also reviewed, individually and in group settings, hundreds of websites. On practically all of those websites the problem was rarely the product… it was almost always the copy.

Marketers, such as John Reese, are often quoted as saying you can have a lousy product but good copy and you’ll do well. You can have an incredible product, but lousy copy, and you’re guaranteed to fail. The copy on your website Sales Letter is more important than most people will ever realize!

Writing winning Sales Letter copy is just plain tough some times. I know from firsthand experience that feeling of struggling to put together just the right words.

And the thing with Sales Letter copy is that it simply has to be persuasive and personal. You have to keep the reader sitting on the edge of their seat from the very beginning all the way through to the end… “sliding down the slippery slope.”

One small misstep and your reader, no your customer, is gone. When they click away, that’s it…there goes your sale.

Copywriting is one of the MOST important aspects of your marketing campaign. If your product is the best thing since sliced bread it absolutely won’t matter at all if you can’t grab your prospect by the eyeballs and bend him or her to your will.

Your graphics, your professional looking site, your Alexa ranking, your Page Rank, your product…they’re all pointless without copy that seals the deal.

This is exactly the reason that copy is often outsourced to high priced writers. Some of these guys have even become more well-known and popular than the top gun Internet Marketers that they write for.

Guys like Gary Halbert, Michel Fortin, Dan Lok, Jo Han Mok, John Carlton, Carl Galletti and many others have made names for themselves in this business by providing copy that literally forces prospects to open their wallets and whip out their credit cards.

Because of their successes, they now have the luxury of charging $15,000, $20,000 and much more, plus a percentage of the back end profits whenever they take a copywriting job!

Well, every now and then a new “gun for hire” emerges and rockets to the top with their talent…and if you’re lucky you can grab their services before they’re charging $15,000, $20,000 and back end percentages.

I have the privilege of being friends with just such a person.

John Hostler has a refreshing and unique style that has been garnering serious attention with some major “players” in this industry. In addition to many marketers you may not know, he has worked for John Delavera, and is the exclusive copywriter for Ewen Chia, who calls his work “kick ass”.

Because John and I are friends (frequently chatting on the phone), he has agreed to do something special for me and my subscribers – many of whom I know desperately need his services. He has agreed to a special copywriting offer, for just 10 clients, in the month of August.

You’ll be pleased to learn that he really is making this offer a special deal, and by being decisive, you’ll be able to finally have webpages that sell your products masterfully.

Again this special copywriting offer is only open to 10 smart marketers. Once those 10 spots are filled he’s pulling down the page.

I don’t think it’ll be very long before John is ranked with the great copywriters, and the buzz around him seems to agree.

You have a very limited opportunity to grab John before he’s charging $15,000 or $20,000. You have a very limited opportunity to grab him before he explodes on the scene.

To reserve 1 of 10 spots you need to get to his site now. Copywriters of this caliber often get backed up for months when their customers start talking about them. You can check out the offer at

Here’s To Great Profit-Pulling Copy,

Willie Crawford

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WARNING - Affiliate Marketers Pay Attention

WARNING - Affiliate Marketers Pay Attention
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

A few weeks ago I started getting popup warnings
saying that given sites were blacklist when I'd
click on a link in my email. I'd then be asked if
I was sure that I wanted to go to that site.

Since these were sites that I knew to be
reputable, I'd click "OK." In many cases, these
were sites running special offers for Internet
marketing products.

After doing some research, and asking questions
on discussion forums, I discovered something
shocking. The most recent version of Pegasus
(the email client) was apparently triggering these
warnings when you clicked a link to a site listed
in one of the blacklist databases.

Further research indicated that Pegasus even
went so far as to regularly check for updates
to this database. Yes, the software running
on your desktop, regularly updated itself by
accessing a database of blacklisted sites.

A surprising number of MAJOR Internet marketers'
sites were in this database. These were sites
that had a lot of affiliates who do “silly” things.
Some of these were sites that had done major
big ticket product launches recently.

What caused the problem in the latter category
above? Too many affiliates used the url of the
affiliate program's site, and there were simply
enough complaints to get given sites blacklisted.

One of the problems with major product launches
is that when enough people email for the same
promotion, on the same day, then many people
can get dozens of emails promoting the same
product. This is especially true in the Internet
marketing arena where some people subscribe
to dozens... even hundreds of ezines. Some of
these people out of frustration will file spam

Some of the recent big ticket launches have
offered 50% commission on $997 - $1497 products.
Those commissions are nothing to sneeze at! On
top of that they often run affiliate contests that
offer fabulous prizes. The temptation to get as
many promotions out as possible, often using poor
techniques,is simply too much for some affiliates!

The solution to the problem caused by too many
people emailing using the same affiliate program's
domain is simple. First, make sure that you use
accepted email practices (Don't Spam). Secondly,
use a redirect url or a promotional domain. This
offers some protection, in that if complaints are
filed due to the massive promotions, the number of
complaints against the affiliate program's url
will be reduced. This also reduces the chances of
YOUR email generating one of those dreaded
"Blacklist Alert" popups when your link is clicked

There are side benefits to using redirect url's
including the ability to change the destination
of the url. If you become displeased with one
affiliate program, and find a more suitable
competitor, you can change where one of your
redirect url's point to. Without this capability,
once your links are in cyberspace, you lose
control over them!

There are many ways of setting up redirects,
to include redirects coded into the header of
a web page, java script redirects, and php redirects.
I won't explain how to set all these up in this
article. You can go to any search engine and
find hundreds of sites explaining how to do this.

There are also services, and pieces of software,
that will redirect url's for you.

My favorite technique is to use a promotional
domain. You can purchase a domain, and then,
without even building a website, simply redirect
that domain’s url to your affiliate url. This takes
less than 10 minutes to set up. You can purchase
domains for less than $9 a year at:

If you read through many of the more than 400
articles that I've written, you'll see that many
of the links promoting affiliate products use
promotional domains. This is because it work!

Many people also think that affiliate url's look less
professional. There are also some people who simply
don't like the idea of YOU earning a commission off
of their purchase. So when they see an affiliate url
they simply snip off the end. This sends them to the
base url, and you lose the commission. The customer
still pays the same price, but they've just cut you out
of a hard-earned commission.

I could give you a dozen other reasons to use redirect
url's or promotional domains. However, I feel that
just the problems mentioned above should suffice.
One other consideration is, how do you think a potential
customer feels when he sees one of those popup warnings?

The title of this article begins with "WARNING."
That's fully justified, because if you're not
heeding the warning, you're losing a major
percentage of your affiliate sales!


Willie Crawford has been marketing and teaching on the
Internet since late-1996. For more great tips, and updates
on the world of Internet and affiliate marketing, visit
Willie's very popular blog at

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July 23, 2006

Video Preview Of Uncut Internet Marketing

Jason James has relatively new membership site filled with uncut videos/interviews by some of the top Internet marketers.

There is a LOT of great information in those videos, and several of those marketers have mentored me.

I've arranged a video that shows you what's in the site. It's fairly short but could help you to avoid missing a great site. The video overview is at:

Take a look ;-)


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The Legal Side of Blogging

My friend Mike Sigers is doing something interesting
over on his blog at:

He's collecting questions about the legal aspects of us
Internet marketers blogging. Then he's going to get Dr.
Bob Silber, a lawyer, to answer those questions.

Bob's a pretty knowledgable guy, who handled the
legal documents for most of my websites. We also
did a teleseminar together 2 years ago on the legal
aspects of buying and selling reprint rights. I
still sell the transcripts from that teleseminar

I guess I need to update that site :-)

Anyway, I wanted to point out Mike's Blog. People
take legal action against you so fast these days
that it might be worth checking out.


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July 22, 2006

What Google Said When You Weren't Listening

What Google Said When You Weren't Listening
By Kim Roach (c) 2006

Google wants to create quality search engine results just as badly as you want to acquire high search engine rankings. Fortunately for us, Google provides web masters with plenty of guidelines and tips for building a Google-Friendly site.
Unfortunately, many web masters simply aren't listening. Most web masters seem to be pulling tips and strategies from almost every source but Google itself. However, Google has some of the most beneficial SEO tips to be found online.

Below are just a few of the questíons that you can find answered directly by Google.

Q. Does Google index dynamic pages?

A. Yes. Google indexes dynamically generated pages. This includes pages with the following file extensions: .asp, .php, and pages with question marks in their URLs. However, these pages can cause problems for the Googlebot and may be ignored.

Fortunately, there is a solution. If you feel that your dynamically generated pages are being ignored, you may want to consider creating static copies of those pages for the Googlebot. Keep in mind, if you choose to do this, be sure to include a robots.txt file that disallows the dynamic pages so that Google doesn't see those pages as duplicate content.

Q. Does Google index sites that use ASP?

A. Yes. Google is able to index most types of pages and files with very few exceptions. This includes pdf, asp, jsp, html, shtml, xml, doc, xls, ppt, rtf, wks, lwp, wri, swf, cfm, and php. This is not a complete list, but it gives a good overview.

Q. Does Google index sites that use Macromedia Flash?

A. Yes. Google indexes pages that use Macromedia Flash. However, Google may have problems indexing Flash pages. If you are concerned that your Flash content is inhibiting Google's ability to crawl your site, you may want to consider creating HTML copies of those Flash pages. As always, you will need to include a robots.txt file that disallows the Flash pages so that Google does not recognize those pages as duplicate content.

Q. How do I add my site to Google's search results?

A. According to Google, inclusion in Google's search results is frëe and easy. They also state that it is unnecessary to submit your site to Google. Google uses software known as "spiders" to crawl the web on a regular basis and find sites to add to the index.

When a spider misses a site, it is often because of one of the following reasons:

The site is not well connected with other sites through an inbound linking structure.

The site launched after Google's most recent crawl was completed.

Poor web site design makes it difficult for Google to effectively crawl your content.

The site was temporarily unavailable at the time of crawling or an error was received. You can use Google Sitemaps to see if the Google crawlers received errors when trying to crawl your site.
Q. How can I get my web site into Google's Mobile index?

A. Google Mobile offers Google Web Search, Local Search, and Image Search for web sites that are configured for mobile devices. Google adds new sites to their mobile Web index every time they crawl the Web.

To let Google know about your mobile site, it is best to submit a Mobile Sitemap. To help ensure that Google's mobile crawlers can crawl and index your site, you should:

Use well-formed markup
Validate your markup
Use the right DOCTYPE and Content-Type for the markup language that you are using.
Q. Will participation in Adsense or Adwords affect my listing in Google's frëe search results.

A. Google's advertising programs are independent of their search results. Participation in an advertising program will have no effect on your organic search engine rankings.

Q. Why does my site have a PageRank of zero?

A. Yes. Google has an answer for this as well. According to Google, a page may be assigned a rank of zero if Google crawls very few sites that link to that particular site. In addition to this, pages that have recently been added to the Google index may also show a PageRank of zero. This is simply because they haven't been crawled by Googlebot yet and haven't been ranked yet.

The key is to be patient. A page's PageRank score may increase naturally with further crawls.

Q. My URL changed. How can I get Google to index my new site?

A. Google cannot manually change your URL in the search results. However, there are steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition.

First, you can redirect visitors to your new site. To do this, simply use an HTTP 301 (permanent) redirect. This ensures that Google's crawler will discover your new URL.

To preserve your rank, you will need to tell others who link to your site about your change of address. To find a portion of the sites that link to yours, you can go to the Google search engine and type in: . To obtain a comprehensive list of links that point to your page, perform a Google search on your URL in quotes: "".

Q. How often does Google crawl the web?

A. Google's spiders crawl the web on a regular basis to rebuild their index. Crawls are based on a number of factors, including Pagerank, links to a page, and a web site's structure. This is just a small list. There are a variety of factors that can affect the crawl frequency of individual sites.

Q. How do I create a Google friendly site?

A. To help Google find, index, and rank your site, it is suggested that you follow their Webmaster Guidelines.

Here are some of the general guidelines that Google offers to web masters:

Have other relevant sites link to yours.

Submit a sitemap.

Submit your site to relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project and Yahoo. For a complete listing of web directories, go to

Make sure each and every page is reachable from at least one static text link.

Offer your visitors a site with links that point to the most important parts of your site. If your sitemap is largër than 100 links, you may want to break the site map into separate pages.

Keep the links on any given page to a reasonable number (less than 100).

Chëck for broken links and correct HTML.

Create a useful site that is full of information-rich content. Your pages should be written in a way that clearly and accurately describes your content.

Make sure that your TITLE and ALT tags are descriptive and accurate.

Use a text browser such as Lynx to examine your web site. Most search engine spiders see your site in much the same way as Lynx would.

Allow search bots to crawl your sites without session Ids or arguments that track their path through the site.

Make use of the robots.txt file which tells crawlers which directories they can or cannot crawl.
Q. How can I report a site that is spamming the Google search results?

A. Google is constantly working to improve the quality of their search results. Therefore, they have implemented a program that allows web searchers to report sp@m that they find within the search engine results. These Sp@m Reports are submitted directly to Google engineers and are used to devise long-term solutions to fight sp@m.

However, before you submit a site as being sp@m, Google highly suggests that you take a look at their webmaster guidelines to determine if sites are acceptable or not.

Q. Why are sites blocked from the Google index?

A. Sites may be blocked from the Google index if they do not meet certain quality standards. Google does not comment on the individual reason for pages being removed. However, they do reveal that certain actions such as cloaking, writing text that can be seen by search engines but not by users, or setting up pages/links with the sole purpose of fooling the search engines may result in removal from the index.

If you receive a notification that your site violates Google's quality guidelines, you can correct your site to meet their guidelines and then request reinclusion.

So there you have it, some of the many tips that Google is handing out for frëe. If you want to obtain high search engine rankings for the long-term, Google actually provides some very good advice.

About The Author
Kim Roach is a staff writer and editor for the SiteProNews and SEO-News newsletters. You can contact Kim at

This article may be freely distributed without modification, provided that the copyright notice and author information remain intact.

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Free Site Building Software

Here is the new site building tool that was discussed during today's brainstorming call...

It's a brand new way to give your affiliate income a simple boost or jumpstart at no cost to you.

Best of all…this is at no cost to you. "There is absolutely Nothing To Buy!"

It is no secret that there is a lot of money to be made with AdSense and more importantly, contextual advertising.

I do not want to waste too much time with this message, explaining all of the awesome details about this software, but you should know that you can build hundreds of sites containing contextual ads with YOUR unique ClickBank, Amazon, PayDotCom…or literally ANY other affiliate links of your choice! Oh yeah, and you can customize your AdSense ads on each page too!

This site will explain more of the details. Trust me, this software is great! And the best part…it is completely 100% FREE! (well, for now at least)

To get free, private access you need to use the link below.

This is a really powerful piece of software!


Willie Crawford

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July 12, 2006

So What Are You Doing About It?

This post is probably going to be a little controversial,
but I felt that it needed to be said.

One trend that I've noticed over the past 6 months is too
many people complaining about things that are holding them
back in their business growth, without doing anything
about it. Often, what they need is simply a concerted
effort to correct the deficiency and then in a few hours,
a few days, or maybe a few weeks, it's no longer a

Here are a few examples:

Someone who's new and doesn't know how to put together
that first webpage, and also can't afford to hire someone
to do it for them. The solution is really simple. There
are more websites than you can imagine with free tutorials
on how to do this. Simply set aside an hour a day and
start going through the tutorials. It's a little time
consuming, but that's what will enable you to learn that
new skill. Take the tutorials and practice doing what
they teach you.

Someone who has "no list" and therefore isn't making a
lot of sales. The soloution here is also fairly simple.
Study the listbuilding techniques of those who do have
sizeable lists and immulate them. You'll find a whole
weekly (free) teleseminar series focused exclusively on
list build here:
You don't need to invent anything new, just do what's
already been proven to work!

Someone with no product. The solution is to identify a
group of people that you want to serve. Then identify a
BIG problem that they have. Confirm that they are willing
to pay money to solve that problem (they should already
be spending money on solving that problem). Then create
your own, high-quality product to also solve that problem.
Creating that product can be as simple as interviewing
one or several experts on the topic and recording those
interviews. You now have an audio product. Have those
interviews transcribed and you now have an ebook or a
physical product.

I could give dozens of other examples but you get the

Let others complain and make excuses about what's
holding them back. While they're doing that, you use
your time more productively by actually doing something
about it. Six months from now, they'll still be
complaining, but you won't because you will have done
something more productive... you will have corrected
the problem.

So again, I ask, "So What Are You Doing About It?"


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July 11, 2006

Joel Comm's Link Sizzler

I'm back from the Focus 4 The Future Seminar
(in Seattle) and going through my email looking
at new products. Here's an interesting one...

Joel Comm has created a product that's similar
to the Pixel sites but with a twist. He's
released a software package that allows you to
set up a site where you charge your customers
for keywords hosted on your site and pointing
to theirs. Basically, your customers will be
buying anchor text on your site.

The software is expensive, but I can see using
it on several of my niche sites where I have
great page rank, and it would benefit my
customers (who buy these text links).

You can check it out here.


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July 01, 2006

The 332 Most Successful Internet Marketing People

Here's an interesting site. It's selling a
"Joint Venture Database of the 332 most
successful Internet Marketing People.

The site offers phone numbers, addresses,
sites owned... etc.

I'm sure that this will make some people's
day since we're already get so many jv
offers. Then again, I'm fairly certain
that the information is out there anyway.


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June 25, 2006

Win A Free Copy of Traffic Secrets

MrOverDeliver is giving away a copy of John Reese's Traffic
Secrets course. That's a $1000 value.

Click here to sign up now for your chance to win! This ends on
July 2nd!


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Joel Comm's Instant AdSense Templates

Joel Comm and I spent some time talking at the
JV Alert Live Seminar (in Philadelphia) last
night. Joel showed me some of his new products
that I hadn't really taken a look at.

He has a product coming out called Instant
AdSense Templates that I think will be a
great product. Take a minute now to check
out Instant AdSense Templates,
and sign up
for his advance notification list.


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June 23, 2006

Fire Sale Interview Featured At Crazy Web Guy Show

Gary Knuckles

Just a quick note to encourage you to check out an
interview I did last week. Gary Knuckles hosts an
internet radio show called The Crazy Web Guy Show.
He and I spent an hour or so talking about doing
fire sales. The MP3 from that interview is now
posted online at:

If you're a multi-tasker, you can listen to the
interview in the background while doing other


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June 21, 2006

A Fire Sale To Help Build A Homeless Shelter ???

The SECRETS To Internet Marketing Fire Sales Success
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

Over the past year, "fire sales" have really caught on in
the Internet marketing niche. Fire sales held in that
niche generally involve bundling a huge batch of related
"stuff" (ebooks, software, membership sites, reprint rights,
private label rights, etc.) and then offering it for an
incredibly low price, but only for a very limited time.

Fire sale are held for a variety of reasons, and are an
excellent way to generate some quick revenue. Their power
was demonstrated by a handful of Internet marketers, that I
watched in 2004-2006, as they burst onto the scene to a
large extent because of their successful fire sales. That's
not to say that these Internet marketers were not very
savvy in their own rights, however their fire sale
successes did gain them a lot of notoriety.

After reading about, and listening to audio recordings
discussing fire sale, when I nabbed a copy of Mike
Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Course, I became convinced
that this was (at times) a very viable short-term business
model. If you get a chance, I recommend checking out Mike
Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Course...if it's still on
the market. He did a limited edition printing, so you need to
confirm that it's available at:

In studying great marketing campaigns, and then successful
fire sales, I saw that one of the biggest reason why some
were more successful than others was due to a strong "reason
why." People are naturally suspicious, and when you offer
something "on sale" they wonder why. They wonder what's
wrong with it.

At the same time, people love a bargain, so if you can give
them a logical, engaging, perhaps even emotional "reason
why," many will happily buy your products.

For example, my first fire sale was held to help finance
my youngest daughter's wedding. When she shared her plans
with my wife, and then with me, we knew it was going to be
an expensive wedding. So, I decided to host my "Wedding
Fire Sale."

That fire sale generated six-figures in a week (in
front-end and back-end sales)! That was extremely powerful
and instructive. The reason that it was so successful is
that every parent on my list could relate to my reason for
hosting the sale. On top of that, I offered an incredible
array of products initially priced at approximately 1 cent
on the dollar. Considering the fact that I also
included some brand new (never before released), big-ticket
software in the package and really was an irresistible value.

Another reason that this fire sale was so successful is
that people like to help out with a worthwhile cause...
especially when it benefits them.

The Wedding Fire Sale's success was further fueled by the
viral way that it was setup. The affiliate program, which
paid 50%, was only open to customers and a few JV partners.
So, many people purchased the product just for the
opportunity to promote a fantastic bargain. They knew that
it would be very profitable for them. These savvy marketers
purchased the inexpensive product, joined the affiliate
program, and then rapidly fired off emails to their

After seeing how effectively, and how easily a fire sale
could be employed, I looked for other applications of the
methodology. I realized that a successful fire sale required
a great reason why, and needed to appeal to a large number
of people. That meant doing a fire sale with a twist, and
not even calling it a "fire sale."

My second fire sale, was called my "Kick Start Mega Sale."
It was put together to help pay for the filming of a few
episodes of a television cooking show, that would then be
leveraged to generate enough revenue to fund the building
and operation of a homeless shelter in Baton Rouge,

The need for this second fire sale was actually brought to
me by a client with two pet projects... the cooking show
and the homeless shelter. After studying the projects
and brainstorming, it made perfect sense to "kickstart" the
under funded projects with a "mega sale."

All of the right elements were in place for another wildly
successful fire sale. It was for a great humanitarian
cause! Many of the people who were homeless in Baton
Rouge were there because Hurricane Katrina had displaced
them. The nation, and indeed the world, was very familiar
with this tragedy, so this was a cause easy to get people

To roll out the fire sale, I used a lot of the techniques
taught by Mike in his Butterfly Marketing Course. I also
used a lot of other "stealthy" marketing tactics that I had
learned in my nearly 10 years of online marketing... plus a
lifetime of studying direct marketing.

If you want to know exactly how this fire sale panned out,
I invite you to watch it and its aftermath (the follow-on
publicity, the development of a television show by a couple
of Internet marketers, and the building of a homeless
shelter) unfold. You can check out how the fire sale was
structured, and even participate, by visiting the launch
site at:

You can also follow along as the team members share much of
what they did, and are doing, at two blogs: and

I think you'll find it very insightful to watch "Internet
marketers" use articles, blogs, press releases, viral tools,
media interviews, direct mail, relationship building via
email, joint ventures, backend sales, teleseminars, and a
plethora of other tools to accomplish what at first sounds
like a monumental task. Just watching it all unfold offers
a PhD in the synergistic use of numerous marketing tools.

Watching how this fire sale turned into a source of
tremendous accomplishment will prove to you how much
more powerful your marketing can be when you don't rely
too heavily upon ONE method of generating business. It will
also show you, very decisively, how powerful the fire sale
concept is when properly executed.

Study this entire EVENT very closely, and then ask yourself
how some variation of a fire sale might fit into your
marketing mix. It's a proven way to jumpstart a cash
-strapped project ;-)

Willie Crawford is a corporate president, executive
television co-producer and star, published author, seminar
speaker and host, tele-seminar trainer, retired military
officer, karate black belt, network marketing trainer, and
lifetime student of marketing. Subscribe to his free
9-year-old Internet marketing ezine today by visiting:

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June 18, 2006

Rebrandable PDF's A Viral Traffic Generation Mega-Tool!

Rebrandable PDF's A Viral Traffic Generation Mega-Tool!
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

It's no secret that, if you can create a product that
points back to your site, and can then send it viral,
you'll generate an endless stream of website traffic.
If your website is structured properly, you should be
able to turn that traffic into a steady stream of
subscribers and orders.

Over the past 10 years, the biggest problem that I've
seen with most viral tools I've studied, is that they
fizzle before they really reach critical mass. Once a
viral tool reaches a certain "velocity," then it will
continue spreading. If it never reaches that critical
velocity... where enough people are passing it along,
then it "technically" was never viral.

Of all the viral tools that I've studied and dissected,
the easiest to create and most successful one that I've
personally used is the rebrandable PDF. Let's look at
what makes that such a powerful tool!

First of all, people need a reason to pass something
along and send it viral. One of the best reasons they
can be given for doing this is that it will make them
money. When you create your PDF files, you simply set up
certain links so that they can be changed to other links
that pay the recipient money when they passes the PDF's

As someone who sells several dozen products through
my own affiliate programs, I have found this to be the
perfect tool. When I write ebooks, or special reports,
I often give them away (or sell them very cheaply)
with reprint or redistribution rights. Then I give
the buyers or recipients permission to rebrand certain
links in the PDF's, changing those links to THEIR
affiliate links.

Now, they have a real incentive to pass the PDF's
along! They get paid when a customer makes a purchase.

I've done this with the articles I've written too...
given people permission to substitute an affiliate
URL for my URL in these articles. This works especially
well with your affiliates who publish ezine or have
blogs. They happily publish your articles and
substitute their affiliate ULR's in them. They get
to product a quality publication or blog with
minimal effort.

In my experience, the PDF document seems to work
even better. I'll let you in on a little SEO
secret here. When your affiliates, or clients, take
a PDF that they have redistribution rights to and
post it on their websites, the PDF document will often
rank HIGHER that straight HTML webpages on the same
topic. The search engines sometimes seem to treat the
PDF's as more valuable, perhaps because authoritative
reports and research `studies are often published
online in PDF format.

So, sometimes it's better to just post your PDF
documents, with branded affiliate links, or links to
your own products, on your web server. Then just link
to those PDF document from another webpage that already
indexed and frequently spidered. I like to do this by
referencing a PDF document on one of my blogs that's
visited by the search engine spiders every day.

PDF files have another advantage over plain text files,
or html files posted on a website. They have a longer
shelf-life with individual readers. The typical reader
will download a PDF file to their hard drives and then
periodically notice it. Since disk space on their
hard drives is so inexpensive, they often hesitate to
delete the PDF's... even after they read them. So they
keep seeing your PDF’s, and that increases the chance
of them click a link and visiting your site, or at least
passing your PDF's on.

I said that creating a PDF is easy. I simply type up my
documents in MS Word (TM) and then save it using my
favorite PDF creation tool. I use a fairly expensive,
well-known PDF creation tool now, but there are lots of
free PDF creation tools that easily output perfect PDF’s.

For many years, I used a free tool called PDF995. With
PDF995, after you finish writing and editing your Word
file, you simply tell Word to print. When it asks for a
printer, you select your PDF creation program as the
printer, and the PDF is magically created.

After you create the PDF, you need to make it brandable
before passing it on, or selling it, if you really want
it to go viral. For that I use a PDF brander called Ace
PDF Brander. You can get a copy at:

You'll notice that Ace PDF Brander was actually created
to MY specifications. That's because, I found ALL of the
other PDF branders that I looked at either too expensive
or too cumbersome to use. Ace PDF Brander is neither.

After you create you brandable PDF, designating which links
in the document can be rebranded, you want to package it
up with a rebrander tool (that included when you get ACE
PDF Brander) and a readme.txt file. The readme file simply
explains to the recipient how to use the rebrander. You zip
this all up into a neat package and you're ready to start
your traffic virus. I've done this dozens of time, and
achieve outstanding result almost every time.

If you are too lazy, or don't feel comfortable creating
your own PDF documents, Ace PDF allows you to take
pre-existing PDF documents, and make links within those
rebrandable. This is very powerful, but also has
tremendous potential for abuse. Theoretically, you could
take ANY PDF document (that's not locked or encrypted) and
rebrand the links, and then pass it on... and perhaps
violate the author's copyright.

I'm certainly not advocating doing that, nor do I do it.
What I am advocating doing, and what I do frequently do,

1) Buy reprint or private label rights to PDF documents
and then make them rebrandable or rebrand them before
passing them on. This allows me to either change the links
inside to my own affiliate links, or to make it so that my
affiliates can rebrand the links to their affiliate links.
I'm sure you can see how powerful this is!

2) Request permission from the authors of PDF ebooks that
aren't rebrandable to make them rebrandable... and then
change selected links to my affiliate links or pass the
rebrandable PDF's on to my affiliates.

Many of the documents that I do this with were created
BEFORE this technology was invented. Many of them were
written when the only way that you could make a PDF
rebrandable was to add clunky "tags" to the document as
your were writing them. Then you converted them to brandable
documents with some fairly expensive software. With modern
tools, you no longer have to do that.

As you can tell, I'm BIG on creating and distributing
rebrandable PDF's. The reason is that it works in sending
lots of traffic and sales to my sites. It also serves to
spread my name around... building my credibility and
reputation. It can do the same for you!

If you're not using this very powerful tool today to start
viral traffic building campaigns, then you're probably
generating traffic using more difficult methods... or your
site simply isn't getting any traffic. Fix that problem
today. Begin by checking out the tools that I mentioned. Ace
PDF Brander is at... where else

PDF995 is available at: The free
version works fine, but had a "nag screen" when you first
open it. They do offer ungraded version to include an
"enterprise version." When I used PDF995, I used the free
version... for several years and generated dozens of very
profitable PDF's ;-)

Now that you know the secret, you have no excuse not to start
creating that traffic virus today.


Willie Crawford has been teaching Internet marketing for over
9 years. Take advantage of his uncanny insights and
experiences by subscribing to his free, information-packed
newsletter at

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June 13, 2006

Free Ebook, Confession Of A Forum Marketing Zombie

Free Ebook, Confession Of A Forum Marketing Zombie


Here's a delightful ebook that I just finished
reading and wanted to pass along to you. It covers
everything you need to know about online forums and the
strategies and tactics you need to succeed in order to
generate sales through forum marketing. Here's what's
covered in this 40 page ebook:

Table of Contents

History of Forums

The Most Important Thing to Remember

Selecting the Right Forum

The Power of Forum Marketing

Pricing Your Offer

Posting Your First Promotion

Forum Etiquette

Forum Administrators & Moderators

Forum Nazis
Responding to Inquiries to Your Post

Ad-Free Sites

More About Signatures

Selling through Profiles

Selling through Articles and Reviews

Other Benefits of Forum Marketing

Starting Your Own Forum

Product Licenses

And Much, Much More!

Click here to grab this VERY informative ebook
for free now!
You're sure to learn a trick or
two that will make your time spent visiting
online forums more PROFITABLE ;-)

Don't worry, I won't even ask you for your name
or email. You can just right click this link and
save the ebook to your hard drive.


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June 12, 2006

Grab This $97 Ebook For Free - Here's How!

When I first came online in late 1996, I did a
lot of looking around for guidance. I was very
fortunate in that somewhere in my first few months
I discovered Jim Daniels (one of the most eithical
and honest people I have ever dealt with).

I subscribed to Jim's ezine, copied his writing
style... to an extent, and learned from him fairly
rapidly. By the time Jim released the next
edition of his print Internet marketing book, I
was doing well enough that I was in it!

I mention Jim because I've gotten permission
to GIVE you a copy of his $97 ebook. It's called,
"The New Age Work At Home Plan - Internet-Based
Financial Independence In 10 Simple Steps."

It's an excellent ebook. If you go to:
you'll see that Jim is selling this ebook for $97.

DON'T buy it though!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page and
click on the gold key graphic, it will take you
right past the order form to the download page.

This is something you'll want to do right away,
since I'm not sure how long Jim is going to keep
this "backdoor" open. He did give me permission
to share it with you though.


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Increasing Productivity In Your Online Business

Increasing Productivity In Your Online Business
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

Running an online "empire" of approximately 1600
websites and blogs, selling a variety of products,
services and ideas, I have to be much more
productive than the average person in a "regular

During a typical week, tasks I personally perform

- Writing several ezine articles, and publishing
3-5 issues (each) of 2 different newsletters

- Writing or revising web copy for my own products,
and reviewing or writing web copy for clients

- Consulting by phone, email, or in person with any
of 2 dozen clients

- Conducting teleseminars and brainstorming or
mastermind sessions

- Doing project to fund and/or produce my own
television cooking show

- Working on my next print book or ebook

- Speaking at seminars or writing/polishing my
presentation for the next scheduled seminar

- Doing things with my family and friends, and
fitting in exercise and recreation

- Reading/reviewing any of several ebooks, books,
or software packages produced by clients, potential
JV partners, or mentors.

- Monitoring advertising and promotional campaigns,
as well as doing media interviews, and measuring
their effectiveness.

Ok, so I'm admittedly a bit of a workaholic :-)

With such a busy schedule, I have to utilize a lot
of tools and techniques to maintain my productivity.
Here are a few of the ways I manage to get it all
done, and still have time for relaxing (perhaps
you can adopt some of these):

- Stop procrastinating. Jobs that you dread doing
often are nowhere near as difficult as you imagined
that they would be. Develop the habit of tackling
the most challenging tasks first and you'll likely
get a lot done. I developed the habit of doing this
while working as a door-to-door salesman while in
college, and later as a soldier. In both jobs,
success often came from doing things that you
didn't necessarily want to do.

As a soldier, and aircrew member, I also learned
to compartmentalize. When you compartmentalize,
you block out everything except for the task at
hand. Flying at 600 miles per hour, at tree top
level, you really couldn't afford to be thinking
about the fight you had with one of your teens
that morning! Online, if you can compartmentalize,
you won't worry about what you might be missing
on one of the discussion forums while you spend
3 hours revising a manuscript or website.

- Give yourself firm deadlines, just as you would
have if you were working for someone else. Pretend
that you have a boss that's constantly looking over
your shoulder.

Tell someone else those deadlines if you need the
accountability. Setting and meeting deadlines is
very satisfying. Work expands to fit the time
available, so without written deadlines, you'll
likely take much longer to do even simple tasks.

- Schedule things based upon your personal body
clock. Schedule things requiring greater focus
or creativity for times when you're at your peak.
Schedule things like answering email and returning
phone calls for when you're typically less

- Value your time and let others see that you
value it. This will cause them to spend less time
trying to waste your time on small talk. There
is a time for small talk, but it's not when you
need to finish an urgent project within the
next hour or two!

- Do the things that you do best and outsource
the rest. As an example, I discovered a long
time ago that creating graphics, and writing
programs, are not two of my strong points. So I
hire these two tasks out.

You should even hire out things that you are
good at if you have something more pressing
that needs doing. I consider myself a "fairly
decent" copywriter, yet I often have other
copywriters write webpages for me.

- Have a designated place to work if you work
from home. I often grab my laptop and go work
in a favorite spot by the ocean - that's where
I'm extremely creative.

- Pick one or two pressing tasks (preferably
ONE) and do that task before allowing yourself
to work on anything else that day. You'll
get the satisfaction of crossing that task
off of your "to do list." You'll also get
the satisfaction of seeing that project start
to produce results... or income.

- See one project through to completion before
starting the next. Having a dozen projects
half completed produces no more income than not
having started them since you can't generally
sell something until it's ready for market.

- Maintain a to do list. This list allows you
to get things down on paper, and off of your
mind, as you focus on one task at a time. You
don't worry about forgetting something that
you need to do. There is also a certain sense
of accomplishment when you cross something off of
that list!

- Use software, computers, and faxes to automate
some tasks. Autoresponders are great for
following up with customers for example. I use
the system at
because it is an all-in-one integrated database.
I recommend that you check it out, and grab the
free 30-day test drive.

- Utilize travel, exercise, and dead time. All
of the super successful people that I know keep
audiotapes, CDs, DVDs, and manuals from courses,
seminars, training sessions, and teleseminars in
their cars and briefcases. Time spent driving,
sitting around waiting rooms, or even going for
a brisk walk, does double duty.

I personally workout with an MP3 player (on an
arm band). Since I'm admittedly a workaholic, I
don't feel guilty taking a hour or two off to
exercise. I continue to "work" as I exercise.
The MP3 also distracts me enough so that I
don't notice the pain from the exercise :-)

- Handle each email, or piece of paper, only once.
When you first open it, act upon it, pencil it
onto your to do list, delegate it to someone
else, or trash it. That way you only have to
read, and analyze, that piece of correspondence
ONCE. Be very rigorous on this one, as it's a
tremendous time waster for many online business

- Delegate. Even though you may be able to do
a task better, acknowledge when others can be
trusted to do a satisfactory job, and allow them
to do it. Focus on doing what is the highest and
best use of your time.

My last few years in the U.S. Air Force were
spent testing computer software and hardware.
The joke was that you had to know when it was
"good enough for government work." Contractors
built items and created software to specifications.
If an item did what it was suppose to do
(according to the specification documents), but
wasn't perfect, you had to know when it was good

When you start delegating you have to learn to
recognize when a job is done "good enough."
Even when you are doing a task yourself, you have
to know when it's "good enough." Otherwise, you
will NEVER finish it. One of my mentors use to
constantly say, "Focus on completion - rather
than perfection!"

- Learn to say "NO!" Most of us are constantly
approached with requests for help, and with joint
venture offers. We have more requests for our
time, and other resources, than we can fulfill.
It's critical that you learn to recognize when
"your plate is already full" and then how to
politely say "NO."

I've just given you a handful of tips, that if
applied, will allow you to accomplish more than
you probably ever imagined.

I do want to recommend that you get and read
(several time) a copy of the best time management
book that I have ever read. The book is by Dan
Kennedy, and is called "No B.S. Time Management
For Entrepreneurs - The Ultimate No Holds Barred
Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide To Time
Productivity & Sanity." You can get the book
online at or Barnesand
Reading it's a great investment of your time...
provided you apply what it teaches.

I also recommend that you grab a free 3-month
subscription to Dan's No B.S. Marketing
newsletter. This is a newsletter that is mailed
to you each month (along with a companion CD).
This newsletter will continue teaching you how
to get more out of your marketing efforts.
Grab a free 3-month subscription now at:

Read through this article several times, and
then begin applying what I shared. Also, pass
the article along to some "frazzled" friends. They
will appreciate it and have more time to be
friends :-)

Willie Crawford is a corporate president, executive
television co-producer and star, published author,
seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar trainer,
retired military officer, karate black belt, network
marketing trainer, and lifetime student of marketing.
Subscribe to his free 9-year-old Internet marketing
ezine today at:

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Free XSite Pro Traffic Videos

Paul Smithson at XSitePro recently released a series of terrific
videos. These were only available to registered users of the
software, but I've just heard from Paul and he's said he's happy
to let everyone have access to these videos for a limited time

If you've never seen this amazing web site building software in
action now's your chance. These videos give you a real insight
as to why so many Internet marketers are now using XSitePro on a
daily basis.

I don't know how long he'll be making these videos available
for, so I highly recommend you check them out whilst you've got
the chance.

Click here to check out the videos.

I am not even sure if the page will still be live if you read
this post a little later so if you do get a "page removed"
message don't say I didn't warn you. Get them whilst you can!

I learned a lot from watching the videos, and think that you
will to. Click here to watch them free now;-)


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June 10, 2006

Transcripts Of Some Great Interviews

The "In Search Of Heroes" blog has the transcripts posted from
some of the top online marketers. They make an interesting read,
and I don't just say that becuase my interview is posted there :-)

Check out:


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June 09, 2006

Are You A Victim Of The SEO "Mind Crime?"

Interesting premise...

Click here to read more about the SEO MindCrime and what
the SEO experts are not telling you!


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June 08, 2006

Avoiding Internet Marketing Burnout

Avoiding Internet Marketing Burnout
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

Over the past 10 years, I've had dozens of friends,
who had successful online businesses, tell me that
they were going to quit the Internet marketing
business and do something else.

Over the past 10 years, I've gone to hundreds of
websites to discover that the owners of the sites had
left the online world... simply packed up and quit.
Some of them explained why they quit, others simply
allowed their domains to expire and quietly faded

Many of the people, in both of the cases above, simply
experienced "Internet marketing burnout." They no
longer enjoyed Internet marketing and so they went
on to do something that they enjoyed more.

Let's briefly examine some of the causes of Internet
marketing burnout and perhaps address how you can
avoid it!

One of the most prevalent causes of Internet marketing
burnout, that I've noticed, resulted largely because
people were selling thing that they really didn't
believe in. They simply tired of trying to "convince"
people that they needed and wanted products that they
didn't honestly believe were a good value. They were
selling products that they made good money from, but
that they weren't convinced improved peoples lives.

The solution to avoiding the type of burnout described
above is very simple. Don't sell anything that you
wouldn't buy yourself. Don't sell anything that you
feel somewhat guilty about offering to others. It's
that simple. Get a sample of any product that you
are thinking about selling, examine it end to end,
and ONLY offer it to your market if you're convinced
that it will add tremendous VALUE to your customers'

A second thing that burns Internet marketers out ...
especially consultants and coaches, is dealing with
people who ask you for help but won't commit to helping
themselves. You throw your heart and soul into giving
someone the best advice that you have. You spend a
lot of time and effort helping someone to research a
project and come up with a great plan - only to have
them not follow through. That burns a lot of people
out over time.

The way to avoid encountering this type of burnout
is to be very selective in agreeing to work with
clients. Interview/screen them and confirm that they
have the habit of completing tasks. Confirm that they
have a strong enough "reason why" that they will
NEVER give up on a dream or a project. These are
the people you want as clients. These are the ONLY
people that I currently work with - because my time
is very limited and I only want to work with people
who are willing to help themselves. You should do
the same!

Many Internet marketers burn out after growing tired
of pushing product after product to a "jaded" market.
They see new products "coming down the pike" every
day, and they are asked to promote many of them.
Some can't resist this temptation. The problem
arises when they realize that MOST of their customers,
who buy product after product, NEVER actually use
most of them. This becomes disheartening and can
lead to burnout.

The solution is to be very selective and to only sell
things that that you believe in. Once you have a
product that you really believe improves your
customers' lives, don't just promote it for a week
or two. Develop a long-term plan and promote it
until it's no longer a timely and appropriate
product. Most of your customers will only buy that
product after hearing you talk about it over and
over again. So, do repeat mailings for the same
product rather than promoting 100 different
products. You'll find that more satisfying :-)

Many people burn out because what they're doing
online doesn't fit in with what they see as their
"purpose." When you do a job that has no real
"meaning" to you, you soon get bored or tired of
that job.

The solution is to do something that fits in
with something in your life that has meaning...
something bigger than just the act of making a
few short-term sales. As an example, I help
with a project that, on the surface, sells cookbooks
and is producing a television show. When you dig
deeper, the project (at
is helping to build and fund a homeless shelter...
perhaps two homeless shelters, in Baton Rouge
Louisiana. That project has a LOT of meaning and
purpose to me because I've known so many homeless
people... some whom have died largely as a result
of being homeless. I enjoy that project because
I can see the "good" that it's doing.

Not every project has to take on such significance,
but when one does it's a lot easier to see it
through to completion. It's a lot easier to
enjoy working on a project like that, even when
the going gets tough!

Another way to avoid Internet marketing burnout
is to take control of your time and lead a balanced
life. One of the elements missing from many
Internet marketers' (that I consult with) lives is
that they have no real social life. They spend
all of their time sitting in front of a computer
and interact with other people face to face very
little. That can turn you into a very lonely

You can deal with the "lonely computer person"
syndrome by making a conscious effort to get out
and do things with neighbors, friends, and
relatives. You can also make new friends who share
your interest in Internet marketing by attending
more Internet marketing seminars and conferences.
You can form deep friendships at these events
as well as meet new potential business, and joint
venture, partners.

A good place to locate Internet marketing events
There may even be inexpensive seminars and
conferences within a convenient driving distance
from where you live ;-)

Another cause of Internet marketing burnout is
the feeling that you are not making any real
progress. This is often due to the fact that,
without a boss watching over your shoulders, you
have very little discipline and therefore VERY low

The solution to the low discipline, low productivity
problem is simple... guard against things that decrease your
productivity such as instant messenger type programs,
hanging out in forums too much, playing games online,
etc. If you need to, eliminate... or at least schedule
when these things will fit into your day!

Take a course or read a few books on time management.
This will help you to see how others gain control
over their time, and get much more done. My favorite
book on the topic is by Dan Kennedy, and is called:
"No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs - The
Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners
Guide To Time Productivity & Sanity." I bought
a copy off Barnes and Nobles. Get a copy, read it,
and apply some of what Dan teaches... it will free
up an amazing amount of time for you.

While you're learning from Dan, also grab a free
3-month subscription to his newsletter. It
will continue helping you to get a grip on your
use of time, and also revolutionize your business.
You can get a free 3-month subscription at: Grab it
NOW ;-)

The final cause of low productivity that we will examine
is lack of focus and trying to do too many different
projects at the same time. You begin to feel overwhelmed
and that you are not getting ANY project finished. The
solution to this one is amazingly simple too..
Focus on one thing at a time and see it through
to completion. This gives you that much
needed sense of accomplishment AND also gives
you some cash flow. Half-completed products
can't be sold. After you've complete a given project,
only then do you allow yourself to even NOTICE
the next project.

I've just shared with you some common causes of
Internet marketing burnout, and how I, and my clients,
avoid them. Apply the appropriate ones to your
life today, and you can easily avoid this business

Willie Crawford has been teaching Internet marketing
for over 9 years. Take advantage of his uncanny insights
and experiences by subscribing to his free, information
packed newsletter at

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June 07, 2006

Take Advantage Of Niche Web Directories For Lots Of Targeted Traffic

Here's a great article on niche web directories. You can
find lots of niche web directories by clicking here to go
to (which is free)!

Niche Web Directories

Niche web directories are a great way for small online business
owners to list their information in a place where others in the
industry and potential customers can easily find them.
Directories group sites that are all related to one theme or
subject. What niche web directories would best suit your

Niche Web Directories Versus Search Engines

Niche web directories are different from search engines in that
they are highly specialized. Go to a craft directory, for
example, and type in the words 'space travel' and you'll
probably come up with craft supplies to make planetary systems.
Very specific! You won't find NASA's website or scientific
analyzes of recent space shuttle flights in an arts and crafts
niche web directory. But go to space or science niche web
directory and you may find a link to the craft site that
specializes in making model space shuttles.

Niche web directories do relate to search engines in that
search engines rank them highly. Due to the intensity of
filtering that most directories apply to the sites that they
include, search engines highly respect them. This level of
respect is good for the page rankings of all the sites listed
in the directories. Getting your site listed in appropriate
niche web directories provides you with a one way link from a
reputable, highly ranked site and that's one of the most
important aspects of the page ranking formula for search


When you get web traffic through listings on search engines,
you may or may not be what the web surfer was looking for. Yes,
there is the chance that the person didn't know that you existed
and, now that she does, will bookmark your site to return for
purchases at a later date. However, this is a big 'if.' Traffic
that you receive as a result of niche web directories will
generally be more apt to buy because a higher percentage of
them were looking specifically for you and what you have to

Partners and Competitors

Because niche web directories are based around themes or
industries, the editors are usually experts in the chosen
theme. This helps them to choose neighbor listings that are
relevant and high quality, minimizing spam entries and putting
you in good company. Just as a customer may search these
listings in hopes of finding everything he or she needs to,
you, too, can search them to check out your competition. What
else is out there? Who is competing for your target audience?
Perhaps you will see a niche within a niche that needs
attention and fill it.

Also, because links raise your page ranking with search
engines, niche web directories are a great way to find
companies who sell complimentary products and services with
whom you can trade links. If you sell antique car parts, you
may want to have a link page that includes links to antique car
show sites or fan sites for antique cars. Building up your links
to other relevant sites in your industry will help increase your
page ranking in search engines and will increase your traffic as

Niche Web Directory Options

Some niche web directories are so focused on attracting the
most qualified sites that they will pay to list if you apply
and qualify. This is always a great sign of a specific,
reputable niche web directory. Some will also offer you
highlighting options like placing your website listing in bold,
brackets, or highlighting it for optimum visibility.

It's important that webmasters do not ignore the opportunities
that niche web directories provide. Exposure, especially in
this form, can do nothing but boost your traffic, boost your
sales, and boost your profits.

About The Author: Adrian Lawrence is the webmaster of Indexplex
a popular web directory site. Please
feel free to republish this article providing this resource box
remains intact with a working hyperlink to our site.

Moneymaking Opportunity

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June 06, 2006

One Way To Find Popular Article Topics

Over the years I've written over 400 articles.
One of my favorite sites to submit them to is

I get great traffic from them.

They tell you how many times a given article
has been viewed. On this page:

they also tell you what the all-time most viewed
articles are. That gives you an idea of topics
that their visitors are most interested in.

You can see that two of my articles are number
66 and 67. The trick there is to get your articles
listed on the front page of the website. The 2
articles I have listed earned a lot of money from
direct sales.

Anyway, just though I'd share a great place to
submit your articles. Having said that, I just
noticed that I had submitted less than 70 of the
more than 400 articles I've written there. I need
to go back and submit a few more :-) As you go
through and decide which sites to submit your
articles to (using Article Submitter Pro), I would
recommend noticing the page rank. I tend to focus
on the higher PR sites, and it pays off, although
you can never have too many links pointing to you
from other sites!


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Learn How To Really Build Your List FAST!

Check out List FX!

This product REALLY tells you how to put your list building
efforts on steroids, AND at less than $10, this product is a
complete no-brainer. Keith includes some incredible MP3
interviews from some of the best online marketers I know.
Many of the interviewees are friends, and I KNOW that they
have personally built HUGE lists. Check out List FX by
clicking here.


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June 05, 2006

Tips for Promoting RSS Feeds

Here's an article I felt that many readers
would benefit from. Sharon really knows her

Tips for Promoting RSS Feeds
by Sharon Housley

There is little argument from webmasters and publishers that
RSS brings in traffic. So once you've made the leap and
created a feed, how do you tell your visitors about the

1. Submit Your RSS Feed to RSS Directories.
This will not only increase the number of sites linking to
your website and increasing your link popularity, it will
also increase the RSS feeds profile. A number of RSS search
engines and RSS directories exist that allow you to freely
submit RSS feeds. Feeds are generally categorized and
grouped together by subject. Web surfers looking for RSS
feeds about a specific subject will often search the RSS
directories, to locate a feed that matches their specific
criteria. Topic specific RSS feed and podcasting directories
are also emerging. Choose a web feed's category carefully
and only submit relevant feeds to topic specific

A large list of directories is located at

Example of Topic Specific - or

2. Explain RSS
While you have finally figured RSS out, some of your
visitors may not have. The concept while brilliant, can be a
bit confusing for the beginner. The concept of RSS feeds
might be completely new to some of your website visitors.
Hence it is generally good practice to walk website visitors
through the steps of locating, subscribing and reading an
RSS feed. It is generally a good practice to include a page
on your website that contains a general explanation on RSS
and details how website visitors can subscribe to an RSS

Sample explanation page that can be used to on your website: .
RSS specifications has authorized the replication of this
webpage. It can be republished, simply insert your RSS feeds
or otherwise customize the material to explain RSS to your
website visitors.

3. Graphic on Website
Since the conception of RSS, bright graphic flags have been
used to denote the location of an RSS feed. Now
instinctively, website visitors frequently look for a
colorful flag on websites. The looks of the flags have
changed but a variety of options exists. When you add the
image, be sure to link to the location of the RSS feed. Some
webmasters use chicklets to indicate the presence of feeds,
web surfers click on the chicklet that relates to their RSS
feed reader or news aggregator and the feed is added to
their list of feeds. Others feel that the volume of
chicklets simply add confusion, and opt for a single
relevant RSS graphic.

4. Press
As with any important addition to your company, it is
completely appropriate to send a press release to let the
media know you have RSS feeds available for specific
content. This will often garner a little attention.
Additionally, key news editors may opt to subscribe to your
RSS feed in order to stay abreast of your latest corporate
news. Considering the possibility of these subscriptions,
makes a press release to signal the availability of an RSS
feed simple common corporate sense.

5. Newsletters
Include a mention in your e-mail newsletter that content is
now available via an RSS feed. Many newsletters subscribers
appreciate an alternative subscription method and will
subscribe to a web feed as well.

6. Auto Discovery
Some of your website visitors might be web savvy. Be sure to
include an auto-discovery tag in the HTML header of each web
page. Many RSS Readers will automatically discover that an
RSS feed is available for specific content and notify the
website visitor and ask them if they wish to subscribe.

7. Brand a Newsreader
Distribute pre-loaded RSS readers branded to your company
name. The big benefit to brandable newsreaders is that you
can include all of your RSS feeds in it. Any downloaders
will have immediate access to your RSS feeds in the branded
news reader.

Brandable Readers - or

8. Blog
If you have a blog or know bloggers, be sure to share with
them that you have added an RSS feed for specific content.
Blogs are a great vehicle to spread the word. Marketers
instantly understood the power of word of mouth, but few
marketers understand the movement of blog to mouth. This
growing phenomenon has added credibility to online blog

In order to reap the benefits of an RSS feed, it is
important the feed be properly publicized. Taking simple
steps to promote an RSS feed will go a long way in ensuring
a feeds adoption.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing,
publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon
manages marketing for NotePage a
wireless text messaging software company.


Promoting RSS Feeds

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Are You Ignoring Your Customers' Requests

Are You Ignoring Your Customers' Requests
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

Many Internet marketing experts will tell you that
the best way to find out what your customers want
from you is to ask them. While that may be true,
I believe that an even more accurate way is to just
listen to what they're telling you, and to what
they're asking you for.

To illustrate my point, I'll use a couple of
examples from one of my own niches... the recipe
and cookbook niche. If you already have even a
minor foothold in any niche, my experience should
be somewhat instructive.

In-case you're unfamiliar with my background, I
earn six-figures from a soul food cookbook that
I wrote and self-published. I wrote that cookbook
because my site visitors asked for it.

The full story behind my first cookbook is that,
when I first came online in 1996, I was told that
I should focus on a niche. After building your
typical "Internet marketing" site, which didn't
really take off immediately, I eventually decided
to build a site around the "soul food" recipes
that I learned while growing up on a farm in
North Carolina. I posted a few of my favorite
recipes online as search engine bait, and then
advertised affiliate products around the site
... usually with banners.

I was also told that I needed a mailing list to
bring visitors back to the site, and to stay in
touch with potential customers. With a recipe
site, it made perfect sense to me to create a list
where people could trade recipes. That list was
an immediate hit, and has been going strong for
over 8 years.

While the recipes sent out through the list were
primarily from site visitors, list members grew
to associate me with great recipes. They eventually
started asking me if I had a cookbook. I told
them "no" but that I would write one if they would
buy it. I also announced that I was taking advance
orders (to verify the demand). I had over 100
orders before I wrote the first word. That cookbook
has provided me, and my family, with a comfortable
living for YEARS!

Over the years, I tried to sell those site visitors,
and list members, a variety of different backend
products, but nothing sold as well as my cookbook.

For the last six years,list members have regularly
told me what my next few products should be, but I
wasn't really listening. List members regularly
emailed me saying that they loved my recipes, but
that they were on restricted diets. They often
asked if I had diabetic, low-fat or low-carb recipes.
They also often wrote to tell me that they'd been
diagnosed with high blood pressure, and asked if I
had any recipes for people with hypertension.

When I finally started listening, I knew exactly
what my next 4-5 products should be. They should
be versions of my cookbook featuring diabetic,
low-fat and low-carb recipes. I also needed to
write a cookbook for those with high blood pressure.
All of those cookbooks will be rolled out to my
list and sites within the next 2 months!

What's also instructive is that over the years I
built up this HUGE asset... people who have bought
cookbooks from me and then asked if I had more.
They were telling me what to sell them. They were
telling me that if I just offered them what they
WANTED they would buy it.

The above is just applying basic common sense
and a little bit of marketing know-how ...which
most Internet marketers already possess. Let me
share with you a few more insights that you probably
already have but are not using.

1) The easiest way in the world to make more money
from a proven, profitable niche is to "go deep."
Produce multiple episodes or versions of the
product. That's what movie producers do. That's
what traditional book publishers do. Look at the
"Chicken Soup For The Soul" series! That told me
that if I produced additional versions of my
cookbook, it would sell. My list members also
"told" me that.

The way that I will apply this is by re-labeling
my first cookbook "Volume 1" during the next
printing. Then, I will introduce "Volume 2" and
as many volumes as the market will bear over the
years. Labeling the original "Volume 1" tells
my customers to look for additional volumes. It
sets up collectors to collect the complete series.

Speaking of collectors, another version of your
product that you can release is a limited collectors'
edition... if appropriate for your marketplace.
The co-producer and host of the television
cooking show that I'll tell you about later is
doing just that. At my prompting, he's released
a "Limited Edition Autographed Version" of his
cookbook, "The Devotional Cookbook." You can
see how he did that with my help at:

What will make the limited editon of the cookbook,
in the example above, sell out really fast is the
fact that it really is only being released in a
very limited quantity, and that a television
personality is autographing copies. Ask yourself
how you can apply a similar idea to your product.
I'll admit that this idea isn't something that I
dreamed up... it's somethings that I heard a
speaker use as an example at a seminar. All I did
was have my client APPLY the idea!

2) Go deep by offering more versions of your basic
product. For example, with my cookbook, I offer
it in PDF, print, and on CD. In a few months
many of my recipes will be available on DVD since
I will share them on a television cooking show that
I'll be co-producing.

My mentors long ago told me that I needed not only
a cooking show, but a full line of spices and
sauces. Instead of listening to them, I went off
in search of more exotic markets... largely
ignoring the hungry market that I already had
(pun intended).

It took one of my clients, coming to me with an
idea for a cooking show that he had, to get me
into the television business. When you really
think about it though, producing a cooking show
is just repackaging the information that I already
have into a different format.

Listening to my market, will not only allow me
to triple my book sales, it will also generate
millions when the show is nationally syndicated.
The show is just beginning production now, but
will grow rapidly. You can follow our progress,
and learn from the process, by frequenting our
blog at:

You can also see how I develop and market a
full line of cookbooks and related products by
visiting my cooking site at: Go ahead and join the
mailing list, as this is where I announce new
products and site news.

A few people may ask why I share so much of what
I'm doing in my cooking niche with you here. You
may wonder if I'm not afraid of competition. The
fact is that there are MILLIONS of webpages out
there offering free recipes, yet I earn six-figures
selling them. The fact is that there are thousands
of people who have written cookbooks and are having
difficulty selling them. I don't have to worry
about competition because by studying Internet
marketing I have learned how to dominate my niche.

What should you do with the information that I've
just shared with you? Ask yourself how you can apply
it in your niche. Ask yourself if your site visitors
and subscribers aren't already telling you what they
want to buy!

Once you discover that your product is a hit with
the marketplace, listen to them as they tell you
how to improve the product, and how to sell more
things to them. Instead of going off looking for
new and more glamorous markets, serve the one that
you've already mastered. Apply the many marketing
techniques you already know to your existing niche.
It will pay off handsomely!


Willie Crawford has been teaching Internet marketing
for over 9 years. Take advantage of his insights and
experiences by subscribing to his free, very popular
newsletter at



Moneymaking Opportunity

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Willie Crawford Interview At Guru Spotlight

I recently did an interview with Steve Schwartzman for his new
site "Guru Spotlight." Robert Plank just sent out a note to his
list this morning telling them about the interview so I though I'd
just post Robert's announcement here...

My good friend Steven Schwartzman has just finished interviewing Internet Marketing Guru Willie Crawford.

Willie Discusses How To Succeed Online, How To Avoid Distractions, How To Conduct Market Research, And Much Much More...And It's Yours FREE!

Steven sat down with Willie for 2 hours and asked him all the questions you've wanted to ask!

Here are just a few of the things they talked about:

-What you must do immediately to succeed online
-Why you have to find a mentor immediately
-How to locate the most profitable niches online (it's not what you think!)
-How to conduct market research online and offline
-Why your competitors are actually your ideal partners
-What kind of products are the best for joint ventures

...and so much more!

I loved the interview, and I'm sure you will too.

Get it for free while you can.

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June 03, 2006

Rate "Git Off The Porch" At

Many regulars to this forum have read my autobiography, "Git Off The Porch" which I sell from my own site at

I sometimes pass out copies at seminars instead of a business card.

If you've read the book, I would appreciate it if you could either drop by and leave your comments, and/or email your feedback/testimonials to me at willieDOTcrawfordATgmailDOTcom.

Thanks for any feedback you provide. You can never have too much feedback or too many testimonials.


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June 02, 2006

Social Bookmarking - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I told you earlier about a course and some software that allows you to take advantage of social bookmarking (Tag and Pinging) to increase traffic to your site and increase your sites page rank. Sherman Hu, over at shared his thoughts on this new craze.

Sherman basically cautions that this has the same potential to be abused as blogging and pinging suffered with the result that abusers can spoil a good thing for all of us. You can check out Sherm's blog at:


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Tag and Ping - The Next Generation of Blog And Ping

I've spent much of today reading about Tag and
Ping, and playing with a piece of software that
makes it incredibly easy.

I'll write a review of this fantastic product
in my ezine with the next week or so, but I did
want to let you know now that I give it 2 thumbs
up. I have a lot of VERY important sites that I
work very hard to get high search engine rankings,
and lots of free search engine traffic. This
product is making that a lot easier.

Be looking for my review, and in the meantime,
click here to check it out.


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May 31, 2006

My Upcoming Cooking Show (In Partnership)

In a few months, my partners and I will be rolling
out a network television cooking show. We hope
to start filming within the next few months, and
I'll write a lot about that here.

Since my schedule will be busier and I'll be
focusing on slightly different things, I resigned
as a moderator at the Internet Marketing Warriors
discussion forum. When I posted to the forum
that I was stepping down from that position, here's
a joke .gif designed by one of the Warriors to
tell the story. I thought that it was cute...


Willie Helps Launch Cooking Show


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May 29, 2006

Linking Strategies: "To Buy or not to Buy, That is the Question"

Here's a nice article by my friend Merle...

Linking Strategies: "To Buy or not to Buy, That is the Question"
By Merle
Buying text links for your website is a highly
controversial subject online. Like it or not,
approve of the practice or disapprove, it does
exist and there are many website owners who
are doing it. I'm not going to debate the issue
one way or the other; just shed some light on
what some consider a "gray subject."
So why would you want or need to buy a text
link on another website? It all goes back to
"link popularity." Search engines look at how
many other sites are linking to yours when
deciding on your ranking. Granted, this is
just one criterion, but nevertheless an
important one to pay attention to.
If you don't know how many other sites
are linking to yours, go to any search
engine and type this in:
link: ... you should
get a pretty good idea of your "popularity."
Keep in mind that Google never shows all
sites linking to yours, so what you see
in the results will not be an accurate
presentation of those linking to you. Why
they do this is not clear (it's one of
those "Google Secrets"), but a possible
explanation is that it's one of the methods
they use to keep their ranking algorithms
When considering a link purchase, only buy
from sites that are related to your theme
and use the Google Toolbar to check their page
rank. You can download it here:
A page rank of 4
or above is pretty good but a 7 or 8 is
excellent. Never buy a link based on page
rank alone. If the site doesn't relate to
your site's content, don't do it.
Here are some things to keep in mind before
making any purchases:
There are two types of
links: one-way and reciprocal. A reciprocal
link is when two sites agree to link to each
other, a one-way link is just one site
linking to another without linking back.
Purchasing a text link is an example of a
one-way link. One-way links are counted higher
by most search engines and therefore are more
valuable then reciprocal.
When supplying your text link to other sites,
make sure to include your keywords in your
anchor text. The anchor text is the part of
the link that is clickable. Use a variety of
key phrases so as not to raise any red flags
with the search engines.
You also want to be consistent with your url.
Use the "www." part in all incoming links, as
links to "" and ""
could be treated as two different websites by
the search engines.
Another tip when buying links is to do it
slowly. Don't buy too many at one time. You
want it to look natural to the search engines.
Hundreds of sites deciding to link to yours
in a week is not "natural" and may catch
unwanted attention from the powers that be.
Stay away from link farms when choosing link
partners. Just associating with "bad sites"
can be enough to get you banned by the search
engines. You'll also want to make sure you're
getting links from different IP addresses.
Search engines will give the links more weight
if they don't all come from the same IP.
So now that you have the basics, where do you
buy the text links? I thought you'd never ask.
1) LinkHaul:
Purchase static links to PR 4, 5,6, 7 or 8
websites. Pricing starts at 3.00 per month.
2) Text Link Brokers:
Offering a variety of link building programs
to increase your link popularity.
3) LinkAdage:
Buy or sell text links within an auction
format or buy direct thru a broker.
4) Text-Link-Ads:
Offering $100.00 in free text link ads when
you spend $125.00. So you only have to spend
an initial investment of $25.00
5) BackLinks:
Free service that allows webmasters to trade,
sell or buy text links.
When you buy a link, it's usually billed on a
monthly basis and you'll always pay more for
a site with a higher page rank, and also for
having them put your link on their main page
compared to a page deeper down within the
site. Once you purchase a link let it run for
a few months at a time, search engines will
need it in order to find and spider them.
Right or wrong, purchasing links is one way
to improve your link popularity quickly and
move your site up the ranks in the search
engines. Remember, there are many ways to
increase your website traffic, and buying
text links is just another means to an end.
Merle has been "working" the Net for over
8 years and has a Special Gift just for you.
Download my FREE E-book "50 Easy Ways to
Promote Your Website". Get your copy now at


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May 23, 2006

Know Your Purpose And Focus

This passage I read from a book not too long
ago so reminded me of the Internet marketing
world, that I though I'd share it with you...

Knowing your purpose focuses your life. It
concentrates your effort and energy on what's
important. You become effective by becoming

It's human nature to get distracted by minor
issues. We play "Trivial Pursuit" with our lives.
Henry David Thoreau observed that people live
lives of "quiet desperation," but today a better
description is aimless distraction. Many people
are like gyroscopes, spinning around at a frantic
pace but never going anywhere.

Without a clear purpose, you keep changing
directions, jobs, relationships, churches, or
other externals - hoping each change will settle
the confusion or fill the emptiness in your heart.
You think, "Maybe this time it will be different,"
but it doesn't solve the real problem - a lack of
focus or purpose.
--- From The Purpose Driven Life

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April 13, 2006

Interesting Uses for RSS Feeds

Interesting Uses for RSS Feeds
By S. Housley

The core use for RSS is generally considered news headlines
and blog syndication, but innovative businesses are learning
to use RSS in different ways. Consider RSS as a
communication channel that can provide current, targeted
information as it appears within a very targeted audience.

Monitoring Newsgroups/Usenet

Google Groups is a free online community and discussion
group service that offers the Web's most comprehensive
archive of Usenet postings. Google Groups can be monitored
using RSS feeds. In order to monitor a specific newsgroup
simply add "/feed/msgs.xml" to the end of the Google Group
URL. Add the new URL to a newsgroup reader and receive
updates each time a new post is added to the newsgroup.

Example Feed: eed/msgs.xml


Build a calendar for public or private use and receive
calendar updates via an RSS feed. Calendars can be created
for personal reminders to pay bills or attend social
functions. Calendars can also be used for specific groups
like schools, sporting events, or industry events. The
calendar can be syndicated and shared using RSS feeds.

CalendarHub -
Example Feed -


Enter a zip code and obtain the weather information in a
specific region. Click the orange RSS icon and add the feed
to your reader. Each morning you will receive local and
regional weather reports as they are made available. RSS
feeds can be customized to include current local conditions,
local Doppler radar, pollen trends, regional video forecasts
with expert commentary, and extended forecast details. - or RSS Weather -

Classifieds (Homes/Jobs)

Curious about the availability of specific employment
opportunities in a specific industry? Receive notification
when positions are made available. RSS feeds can be created
for regions, salary ranges, or positions.

RSSJobs - or Craigslist Example Feed

Ego Searches

Ego searches are free and simple searches designed to
monitor blogs and news portals for mentions of your company,
product, competitors, or other specific keywords. Conducting
ego searches, not only allows you to stay informed, but also
allows you to maintain a strategic advantage over competing
companies. A number of new Internet services are freely
available that make these 'ego searches' painless and easy.

Many of the services allow you to create a keyword based
feed. Each time new information containing the keyword
appears in the searched resources, the RSS feed updates.

More on Ego Searches:


Receive notification via RSS feeds when packages are
delivered. Custom RSS feeds can be created to monitor
delivery progress. Track the status of packages shipped via
US Postal Service, USP, DHL or Federal Express.

Simple Tracking -

Site Checks

Initially used by search engines to indicate new websites
with top ranking for specific keywords. Many webmasters
provide RSS feeds to let visitors know when web content
changes occur.

Coupons or Specials

Everyone loves a bargain, RSS feeds that promote time
sensitive discounts or offers are becoming increasingly
popular. Restaurants convey lunch specials while travel
companies convey last minute deals to prospective travelers
using RSS Feeds.

Sample Restaurants Feed - or
Sample Travel Feed -

Auction Monitoring

Items on eBay are time sensitive, few individuals have time
to make daily auction checks of new auctions for specific
products. Create an RSS feed using keywords to monitor
products as they become available for auction.

Bidding Tools -
Example Feeds -

RSS is still very young. Both publishers and consumers are
actively seeking ways to exploit this communication medium.
Additional uses of RSS feeds are popping up daily. Consider
how your business might use this new communication medium to
increase sales, increase productivity, and reach new

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing,
publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon
manages marketing for NotePage a
wireless text messaging software company.

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April 12, 2006

Looking For Partners To Attend Stephen Pierce Seminar With Me!

On April 21st - 23rd, I'll be at Stephen Pierce's
Publishing For Profits seminar.

This seminar is designed to teach aspiring writers
how to sell hundreds of thousands of their books
both online and offline. It's limited to 50 attendees
and is going to be incredible.

I'm looking for a budding writer or two that would
like to join me. If you look at: you'll see that it's a
little expensive. Since I'm looking to cut my
expenses, I'd like to chat with others who are
interested in attending and haven't made reservations
yet. I think I can save us some money.

If interested, drop me an email at
Make the subject of your email
"Publishing For Profits Seminar"
I'll get back to you as soon as practical. Since this
seminar is less than 10 days away, it is critical that
you contact me now though.


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Don't Miss This Free Link From A PR7 Site!

Get a free link from a PR7 sites by posting your
article or press release to this site:

If you don't take advantage of this freebie... you may be crazy :-)

Willie Crawford

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April 11, 2006

How I Get My Articles In THOUSANDS Of Places

I just wanted to show you a this great new way of marketing and
promoting your own sites and/or products. Whether or not you are
a believer in article submissions I suggest you try this one out.
If you haven't already heard about,
you are bound to in the near future.

I'd venture to guess that is one of
the biggest concepts there is on the internet today when it
comes to article submissions and for all you know, you might
already have come across one of the sites belonging to its
network of close to 1500 websites. Yes it is that big and yes it
a tremendous way for you to market yourself without having to do
much at all.

What is it and why submit articles to is a huge network consisting of close
to 1500 individual niche content site directories, all connected to
each other with Submit content as its main site. Therefore,
submitting articles to is like
submitting articles to hundreds of directories all at once. How does
this work?

Regardless of which one of the content sites you are visiting
and wanting to submit articles to, the article will go into's database. From there it will
automatically be posted to sites relative to your subject which
could end up being hundreds of sites. For example, an article
about babies will be sent out to all the sites relative to
babies. Just a few of those are:,,,,, and so on.

Every one of the sites within the n
etwork are all niche content sites with content regarding only
subjects related to the name if its site. for example will only
have articles regarding matters related to internet marketing. This
is how it is with all of the sites. They are all dedicated to
specific niches which is a great tool for article marketers and
people searching for certain topics without having to spend
extra time finding articles regarding their interest. just might prove to be the best tool
you have come across in a long time when it comes to article
marketing. One thing is for sure http:/ has
created an awesome tool for people looking for content as well
as for you internet marketers out there wanting to get noticed.


Here's how I get my articles not only into the's massive database,but into potentially
many thousands of places. I submit TO through
ContentPropulsionLab using an application called Article
Submitter Pro (ASP).

ASP is a semi-automated articles submission tool that allows
you to submit you articles to up to 900 different places (as
appropriate). The leverage kicks when one of those places is
really an article NETWORK like Can you see
the power in this?

I said ASP was semi-automated because you have to enter your
username and password for some sites into the software before
it can submit to them. Once you've done this though, and stored
your usernames and passwords in ASP, you can submit to sites
that you select AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE. You can even use different
pen names within one account. This is very powerful. I'd tell
you how many articles per week I submit using this method but
you probably wouldn't believe me. Let's just say that I'm a
very prolific writer :-)

Take a minute now to check out and
also Content Propulsion Lab, which you'll find at:


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April 10, 2006

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

The following article was in today's issue of the I-cop
newsletter. It's good advice in preventing identity theft.
The I-cop newsletter is only sent to members, but you can
get information on membership on The International Council
of Online Professionals at:

Here's the article...

Guard Your Wallet

Read this and make a copy for your files in case you need to
refer to it someday. Maybe we should all take some of his
advice! A corporate attorney is said to have sent the
following out to the employees in his company.


1. The next time you order checks have only your initials
(instead of first name) and last name put on them. If someone
takes your checkbook they will not know if you sign your checks
with just your initials or your first name, but your bank will
know how you sign your checks.

2. When you are writing checks to pay on your credit card
accounts, DO NOT put the complete account number on the "For"
line. Instead, just put the last four numbers. The credit
card company knows the rest of the number, and anyone who might
be handling your check as it passes through all the check
processing channels won't have access to it.

3. Put your work phone number on your checks instead of your
home phone.

4. If you have a PO Box, use that instead of your home address.

5. Never have your Social Security Number printed on your
checks. You can add it if it is necessary, but if you have it
printed anyone can get it.


1. Carry only, in your wallet or on your person, the cards,
checkbook, cash, etc. you absolutely need.

2. Do not carry a Social Security card in your wallet.
Memorize the number. If necessary, write the number on a piece
of paper in a manner that you can recognize it but another
person cannot.

3. Do not carry any record of account numbers. Memorize them.
If necessary, write the numbers on a piece of paper in a
manner that you can recognize it but another person cannot.

4. Place the contents of your wallet on a photocopy machine:
do both sides of each license, credit card, etc. You will know
what you had in your wallet and all of the account numbers and
phone numbers to call and cancel. Keep the photocopy in a safe

5. I also carry a photocopy of my passport when I travel,
either here or abroad. We've all heard horror stories about
fraud that's committed on us in stealing a name, address,
Social Security number, credit cards, etc.


Unfortunately I, an attorney, have firsthand knowledge because
my wallet was stolen last month. Within a week, the thief
ordered an expensive monthly cell phone package, applied for a
VISA credit card, had a credit line approved to buy a Gateway
computer, received a PIN number from DMV to change my driving
record information online, and more.

But here's some critical information to limit the damage in
case this happens to you or someone you know:

1. We have been told we should cancel our credit cards
immediately. But the key is having the toll free numbers and
your card numbers handy so you know who to call. Keep those
where you can find them easily.

2. File a police report immediately in the jurisdiction where
it was stolen or lost. This proves to credit providers you
were diligent and is a first step toward an investigation (if
there ever is one).

3. But here's what is perhaps most important: (I never even
thought to do this). Call the three national credit-reporting
organizations immediately to place a fraud alert on your name
and Social Security number.

I had never heard of doing that until advised by a bank that
called to tell me an application for credit was made over the
Internet in my name.

The alert means any company that checks your credit knows your
information was stolen and they have to contact you by phone to
authorize new credit.

By the time I was advised to do this, almost two weeks after
the theft, all the damage had been done. There are records of
all the credit checks initiated by the thief's purchases, none
of which I knew about before placing the alert.

Since then, no additional damage has been done, and the thief
threw my wallet away this weekend (someone turned it in). It
seems to have stopped them in their tracks.

The numbers are:


Experian (formerly TRW):

Trans Union:

Social Security Administration (fraud line): 1-800-269-0271

"Gerald P. Nehra, of Muskegon, Michigan, is an MLM Specialist
Attorney at Law. His 33 years of legal experience include 9 years
as Director of the Amway Legal Division. His private law practice
was established in 1992 and is focused on serving the legal needs
of direct sales companies operating in the United States.
You are invited to visit his web site at"

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The Cheapest Website Traffic That You Can Get

At Yanik Silver's Underground Online Seminar II, my friend
Dr. Mike Woo-Ming gave me a hint of one of the coolest
pieces of software that I've ever seen.

A fact seldom discussed by those who build a lot of
niche websites, and buy a lot of domain names is that
we often buy expired domains because they are already
listed in the major search engines, and already have
traffic going to them. When compared to the cost of
using pay-per-clicks, the free traffic from these domains
often pays for them within the first day!

Dr. Mike and his partner have developed a tool that finds
recently deleted or expiring domain names very easily.

The tool also gives you a LOT of data such as:
- How many backlinks the domain has in Google
- How many backlinks the domain has in Yahoo
- How many backlinks the domain has in MSN
- The sites Google pagerank
- If the site's listed in DMOZ
- If the site's listed in the Yahoo Directory
(this alone costs several hundred dollars)
- How old the site is (Google gives higher ranking
to older sites)

The software even gives you an estimated value for the
expired or expiring domain name. This is very cool
because you can actually just buy a domain and then
resell it for thousands of dollars in profit :-)

The tool has an interface that allows you to put in
your bid on the expiring domain. It also has a page
builder tool where you just plug in your keywords,
your AdSense Code, and AdSense Channel and it generates
a directory page for you to upload to your new site to
immediately begin earning AdSense revenue.

Basically, the tool saves you many hours in researching
and grabbing expired domains before your competitors do.
You want those domains because they are ALREADY getting
the traffic from very good listings in the search engines.

Go take a look at this tool, which Dr. Mike calls NameSpy
now at:

OH, all of the data that this software provides you is
realtime data!

When you look at return on investment, especially when
you factor in your time, this is the very cheapest
website traffic that you can get ;-)

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April 09, 2006

Check Out This Fire Sale - Master Resale Rights To Some Amazing Stuff!

There is a REALLY nice fire sale going on over
Jahn A is calling it his SuperNova Firesale

He has some incredible software (PDF brander that
costed $5000 to develop), a text to speech converter,
a content extractor, tons of web design headers
and graphics.... just an all around nice package.

Most of the products come with MASTER RESALE RIGHTS.

Take a look. I couldn't resist some of the stuff.


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April 03, 2006

Another Photo From Yanik's


Here' a photo I took with Vern, who played "Mini Me" in the Austin
Powers movies. He's a really nice guy but doesn't really care
for the character most people associate him with. I picked up on
some good vibes just from hanging out with him though.

Thanks Vern,


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March 30, 2006

MP3 Recording From Teleseminar With Alan Bechtold!


Alan Bechtold

Just over a week ago, I did a very informattive
teleseminar with Alan Bechtold. Alan was running a business
on the web long before the commercial Internet. He made a
fortune from running a bulletin board system.

Alan covered a lot of creative ways of creating a ebiz
and publishing empire that I would have never though of. For
example, he mentioned listing yourself on PR sites such as as "press." That way, ideal prospects and JV
partners come to you!

You can listen to Alan's interview and grab a free gift
that he offered now. To listen to the MP3 just click here.


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March 28, 2006

I've Been Voted "A Hero"

Tomorrow, I'm interviewed for inclusion on the "In Search of Heroes" site. So,
I'll point it out to you tonight. This link not only takes you into the site,
but also points you directly to probably 400 photos from Yanik Silver's Underground
seminar... something MOST people aren't even aware of. You'll find the photos
from Yanik's seminar here:

You can also find photos from tons of other seminars here. Ralph has taken
thousands of photos and they're on his In Search of Heroes site. So this gives
you a real insight into what actually goes on at seminars.

Take a minute to listen to some of the heroes interviews. Discover which MAJOR
online marketers lived on the streets, sold drugs, got shot, where they all
came from. I found it VERY inspirational myself, and consider myself honored to
be counted among the heroes. Again, I do my interview on Wednesday, March 29th :-)

Incidentally, if you'd like to be included on the site, send me an email. I'll
see what I can do. Listen to the interviews FIRST though, to see what the site is
all about. It's BIG and going to soon be HUGE!


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Using The "Let Them Feel The Pain" Promotional Model

Using The "Let Them Feel The Pain" Promotional Model
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

One of my favorite copywriting models is the "problem,
agitate, solution" model. This is where you show your
prospects that they have a nagging, painful, problem. Then
you describe in excruciating detail why it really IS a
problem that they desperately want to solve. Finally, you
point out to them why your product is the perfect solution.

My friend Stephen Pierce, and several mentors, showed me
that nothing is more powerful in marketing than PROOF. This
lead me to observe how effective it is to use the next logical
step, which is...

Prove to them that they really do have a problem by actually
stepping them through experiencing the pain.

Let me give you a few quick example so that you can see how this
is used very effectively.

Back when free-for-all (ffa) links pages were very popular, there
were companies that would provide your with a page containing
links to the submission pages of hundreds of sites. They showed
you exactly where to go to manually fill in the forms on these
sites to get a free link pointing back to your site. After every
25 or so listings, they would have a link offering access to
their automated submission software.

Many people were thrilled to find the URLs of these submission
pages all in one place, and they set about gleefully submitting
their site to the ffa pages. However, after doing this for an
hour or so, they soon realized how tedious this was. The light
bulb suddenly came on, and they realize that manually submitting
to hundreds, even thousands of sites would take DAYS. Then,
paying a few dollars to do this using an automated system seemed
very inexpensive.

The company offering the automated submission service had
proven the VALUE of their service.

The same model has been used in the article submission business.
A company will give you a page containing the actual link to
the submission pages of hundreds of article directories and
ezine publishers who accept articles. Site visitors/authors who
industriously set about manually submitting their articles to
hundreds of places soon realize that this was a very poor use of
their time. So they gleefully pay $20 or so to have their articles
automatically, or semi-automatically, submitted to hundreds of

If you look around, you'll see this model being used over and
over again. In-fact, to sell many services all you need to do is
tell them EXACTLY, step-by-step, how to do it. If your step-by-
step instructions are detailed enough, it will seem very tedious,
and many people will want to hire YOU to do it. If you also
offer an automated way to do this, or offer to do this for them
through your company, they will use you to do it.

This is an incredibly effective method of selling your products
and services. Take a close look at your products today. Can
you structure your sales process so that you demonstrate (prove)
the value of using YOU to do it… instead of the customer doing
it themselves. If you can, you should witness a substantial
improvement in sales when you do. The whole key is just letting
them actually experience how painful it is for them to do it
themselves. It's a proven model used by countless very successful
companies :-)

Willie Crawford is an instructor and partner at Content
Propulsion Lab where you are shown how to create and then semi-
automatically distribute your articles and content across the
Internet (generating massive traffic). Learn how to make content
distribution less painful today at:

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March 27, 2006

I FINALLY Met Phil Wiley


Willie Crawford and Phil Wiley

I known Phil Wiley online for YEARS, swapped tons of emails
with him, and even done joint ventures with him. However,
prior to Yanik's Underground Online Seminar II, I had never
actually personally met Phil.

He's as nice in person as he is online. I hope to make it
to Australia sometime this year. Maybe I'll pay him a visit?


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March 26, 2006

Jeff Walker At Yanik Silver's Underground II Seminar

On Friday night we had a who-done-it style dinner
theater. We learned a lot about pent up feelings that
Jeff Walker held.


Jeff Walker

We also learned a lot about Russian spies and even certain
Internet marketers "short" lived careers in porn.

Stay turned for more.


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March 25, 2006

Meet Author John Harricharan

One of my very favorite authors is John Harricharan, author of
The Power Pause, and When You Can Walk On Water - Take The Boat.

I got to hang out with him at Yanik's Underground Seminar II,


John Harricharan

You can find one of John's best books here.

What surpised me the most about meeting John is that I have been
a longtime fan of his work, and he has been a longtime subscriber
to my ezine. That just shows how small the world really is!


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Hanging Out With Bart Baggett

One of the guys I've followed for years, and got to spend time
chatting with at the Underground Seminar was Bart Baggett.


Bart Baggett

Bart's expertise spans handwriting analysis, and being an expert
on getting publicity. You can read more about him at


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March 22, 2006

Mr. Over-Deliver - Amazing FREE Membership Site

Check out this free membership site loaded with
ebooks, software, and even free AdSense sites.

My friend Michael Ambrosio, has put together an
amazing deal... amazing in that he's giving your
the whole package for free.

Go sign up now, then you could spend the next two
weeks just sifting through all of the stuff that
Mike gives you for free.

Sign up at:


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March 21, 2006

No Networking And Brainstorming Call This Week

I sent this by email to regulars on my Saturday networking
and brainstorming calls, but wanted to make that email filters
didn't prevent me from notifying any who cares :-)

Here's the email I sent...

This is Willie Crawford with a quick note to confirm that
there will NOT be a networking and brainstorming call this
Saturday (March 25th). Instead I'll be at Yanik Silver's
Underground seminar in Washington, D.C.

I'll be there March 24th - 26th. I must consider this seminar
VERY important since I'll be spending my birthday there. I
turn 47 on March 26th :-)

At the seminar I'll be networking, blogging, taking a few
photos (with my new digital camera), and doing a few interviews
(with my portable MP3 recorder). It sounds like I'm becoming
more of a geeky gadget-guy doesn't it?

Actually, it's just that when you're in a large gathering with
people like these attendees, you shouldn't miss the chance to do
some of those things I just mentioned. The photos make great
material for blogs... or websites. The MP3 recordings can be
used all over the place, and even turned into products.

I did want to encourage you to check out one thing this week
though. It's an ebook called "The AdWords Black Book." The
author, who make more money in a month from Google AdWords than
many people earn in a year, showed me this ebook several months
ago. At that time, he was trying to decide whether or not to
release it... and wanted my opinion/advice. I basically told
him that it was up to him, but if I were him, I wouldn't want
my competitors to get that information.

The ebook contains a lot of controversial stuff as you'll see
just from glancing at his webpage. It's at:
Before looking at the page, be warned that this guy doesn't pull
punches. He treats Google AdWords like a serious business and
plays for keeps!

Anyway, let's plan the next networking and brainstorming call
for Saturday, April 1st. I'll send out an update email after
I get back from D.C.


Willie Crawford

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March 20, 2006

Court Orders Gmail To Turn Over "Deleted" Email Records!

Here's an interesting story! reports that a Judge in San Francisco is requiring Google to hand over all the emails of a specific gmail user, even the deleted emails. Since Google stores deleted emails for an undisclosed amount of time, the number of emails that can be used against the plaintiffs, AmeriDebt and founder Andris Pukke, could be "tens of thousands." The case is about a credit counseling company that failed to use the customer's money to pay the creditors.

You can read the rest of the story here.


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March 19, 2006

Affiliate Marketers, Are You Getting Ripped Off?

Affiliate Marketers, Are You Getting Ripped Off?
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

Affiliate marketing has been very good to me, and I think
it's a brilliant concept. The merchant doesn't have to pay
a penny until his affiliate makes a sale, and the affiliate
doesn't have to invest heavily in creating his own products.
However, many affiliates are getting ripped off, BIG TIME,
and don't even realize it.

Some shams are glaringly obvious. One being a BIG link
right in the middle of a sales page inviting potential
customers to join the affiliate program. The affiliate spends
lots of time and money driving potential customers to a site.
Then, the merchant interrupts the sales process and invites the
customer to NOT make a purchase... but instead to sign up as
an affiliate. Many prospect do signup, then buy through their
own affiliate links for an instant discount!

Clearly, a better system than the one just described is to
invite the customer to become an affiliate AFTER he makes a
purchase. This could be done on the thank you page, or in
a follow-up autoresponder.

Some affiliate rip-offs are due to shoddy tracking systems.
I've lost LITERALLY tens of thousands of dollars in
commissions when the affiliate tracking systems "dropped
cookies" or failed to track orders properly. Most affiliates
who fall victim to this are never even aware of it happening.

Then there are the merchants who have RIDICULOUS timeframes
that they'll pay for a referral. They know that with bigger
ticket items, they often need to follow up for perhaps months,
so they only give credit for the order if the customer buys
during some shorter time period after that first visit.

There is also a lot of technology being brought into play
that allows affiliates to steal from each other. I've fallen
victim to that too. I was once shocked to see an iframe
pulling another affiliates link into a section of one of
my webpages. Exactly HOW that got there I'll never know,
but I was driving traffic to my webpage and making sales
for someone else.

There are literally dozens of ways that affiliates can
steal your customers right off your site, or at least
prevent you from getting credited with sales resulting from
your hard work. It's probably too dangerous, to cover those
methods here. One of the most eye-opening books I've read
on dirty tricks that are played in the affiliate marketing
games is called, "AdWords Black Book." It reveals stealthy
ways of generating an unfair advantage using Google AdWords
(TM), but it also shows what goes on in the bigger world...
beyond AdWords.

Adwords Black Book was only released in limited quantity
(only a total of 500 copies) but if it's still available
it's at:
If it's already off the market, you'll undoubted see
discussion on online forums about some of these dirty

As an affiliate marketer, you just need to be aware that
you may be working very diligently to generate sales, and
then have them stolen right out from under your nose. This
can be done through software that you download and install
on your computer. This can be done through code embedded
in webpages that you visit. This can be done through
browser settings or coding.

When you really look at all of the ways that your
affiliate commissions can be stolen from you, it may
shock you that you make ANY commissions on certain
products. In-fact, it may explain why you DON'T make
commissions on certain products.

So what does this mean to you? It means that, as an
affiliate, you need to be very diligent. You need to
research and understand the ways that you can be
ripped off. By understanding what's going on out there,
you are better prepared to take preventative measures.
This is the best way to ensure that you are properly
rewarded for your hard work. Without educating yourself,
you're just taking a real gamble when you spend money
advertising affiliate products.

Willie Crawford serves as a consultant, mentor, and
confidant to some of Internet marketing's top income
earners. You can tap into his 9 years of online
experience and million-dollar, success-creating advice

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March 17, 2006



By: Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

Talk with most anyone and ask them what they think are the top issues in time management and you will get answers such as, "Having a well prepared 'to do' list", "Managing multiple priorities", "Managing Meeting time", "Handling the flood of paperwork and emails". All are good responses but overlook the top four time management issues that, in combination with one another, can do more to keep you from having, doing or being what you want and deserve.

They are: ineffective relationships, a poor attitude, being flat out tired, and the weather.

1. Ineffective relationships. Probably more than 50% of your personal productivity success has to do with effective relationships with other people. Friends and allies will open doors for you that would take a considerable amount of your effort. They can give you words of encouragement that lift your spirits during down, unproductive times. They can teach you lessons that would take too much time otherwise to learn.

I'm not suggesting that one who does not have the good cooperation of other people can not be productive. They can, but not as productive as those who enjoy positive, effective relationships with others.

2. A poor attitude. It has been said that your attitude will determine your altitude in life's successes. With a poor attitude you become discouraged and demoralized and your performance goes down. Moreover, a negative person tends to repel positive people, whom you need to boost you up, and they tend to attract other negative people who will bring you down with their stories of misery and failure. "You got a flat tire? Well I got two flat tires! You think you have it bad? I have it worse!" Imagine. Two people having a debate about who has the worse life.

3. Being flat out tired. Three out of four people claim that they are flat out tired all throughout their days. Test this. Ask anyone, any time of the day these questions: "Are you rested?" "Did you get a good night's sleep?" "Are you at the top of your game today?" Most will reply, "Oh, I'm so tired!"

Some do not get a sufficient quantity of sleep. They simply stay up too late and get up to early, burning the candle at both ends. Some have medical issues that can be treated. And many may be getting a sufficient quantity of sleep but not the quality. Their days are filled with so much stress and distress. Why? Because they do not have the tools or refuse to the tools to take control over their days so as they try to sleep, that little voice in the back of their heads is reminding them of all the unfinished items of the day and about a string of future uncontrolled events and they wind up tossing and turning, not getting the deep nutritious sleep that their bodies need every day to be as productive as they might be.

4. The weather. The city in the United States that has they highest incidence of suicide is Seattle, Washington. I understand they have fewer sunny days and more cloudy and rainy days than most other places. If you take your own life, is that considered poor time management? That's not meant to be a poor joke, but guess what? People all over the world are committing "productivity suicide" each day fussing over the weather and using it as a reason to reduce their productivity. "It's too cold!" "It's too hot!" "It's so rainy!" "It's so dry!" When, all of the time, the weather is just perfect, just the way it is.

If you were a visitor from another planet listening to the media, you would think we on earth just invented snow storms, cold and heavy downpours when they have been with us since the beginning of time.

Being aware of the weather is important, of course. If locally it is to be icy you may choose to stay indoors and a threatening hurricane may persuade you to evacuate to a safer place. But to be obsessed with the normal ranges of weather conditions is to only steal away from the opportunity to have a good and productive day.

You and your group can get more done, in less time, with less stress. Invite Don to conduct his exciting Time Management Seminar, on-site, at your location, for groups of any size, from one hour up to three full days. For complete details, email your request for "on-site" to:

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
Professional Speaker
Productivity Institute
Time Management Seminars
127 Jefferson St.
Stratford, CT 06615
(203) 386-8062 (800) 969-3773
Fax: (203) 386-8064
Visit Our Time Management Supersite:

Professional Member-National Speakers Association

Copyright 2006 You may re-print the above information in its entirety in your publication, newsletter, or on your webpage. For permission, please email your request for "reprint" to:

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
Professional Speaker
Productivity Institute
Time Management Seminars
127 Jefferson St.
Stratford, CT 06615
(203) 386-8062
(800) 969-3773

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Install Your Own Scripts - Even Open Your Own Script Installation Business

Many things seem more complicated than they actually
are until we've done them a number of times. Sometimes
you look at a task and put off even trying to do it
because of that. Installing a script on your website
is one of those things that intimidates many people.

I just finished reading an ebook by Michael Ambrosio,
called "Install Your Own Scripts." Michael does an
excellent job of demystifying everything about script
installation. He even teaches you how to start your
own script installation business if you want to.

Michael covers:
- What is PHP?
- What is Perl?
- What is MySQL?
- What is FTP?
- What is a Cron Job?
- What is Telnet and SSH?
- What are ASCII and Binary Modes?
- What's the Difference Between A URL and A Path?
- What Are Permissions and CHMOD?
- What is Zend?
- What Are Server Side Includes?
- What Is Email Piping To A Script
- What Is htaccess?
- What Is a CGI-Bin?
- Creating Databases
- Setting Up Cron Jobs
- Editing Scripts
- Password Protecting Scripts

Michael goes over about everything that you need to
know to install a typical script. He actually steps
you through installing a few scripts.

I don't consider myself a technical person, but after
reading "Install Your Own Scripts" I feel perfectly
comfortable attempting many script installations.

If you do any of your own website maintenance, this is
an ebook that should be in your library. Michael does
an excellent job of explaining this in plain English!

Click here to check out Michael's fantastic ebook.


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WARNING - The AdWords Black Book

About three months ago, a friend came to me with probably
the most unusual ebook that I'd ever seen. The
information and tactics that he shared for profiting
for Google AdWords was so aggressive that it was
almost frightening.

He had been treated unfairly by one affiliate program,
and seen a lot of underhanded tactics used by many
affiliates. So his ebook shows you how to win at that

Back then, my friends asked me what I thought that he
should do with this ebook. He was unsure whether or
not he wanted anyone to know these tactics. You can
see the advice that I gave him on his page here:

Yesterday and today, I noticed that he had decided
to go ahead and release this ebook. I received several
emails promoting it. I gave him a call, and he told me
that he'd decided to release it but was only going to
sell 500 copies TOTAL.

Go check it out here. I learned a lot about not only how
to make more sales, but also how to protect myself from
underhanded competitors.


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March 12, 2006

Internet Marketing Women - Where Are You?

Back in 2003 when I was putting together my first Internet
marketing seminar, I was told that I needed a female or two
in the line-up. It wasn't anything sexist, it was just the
fact that audience members need people that they can relate
to. We relate best to people who are best "just like us!"

I contacted a few of my online female friends, and none of
them were interested in being on-stage.

At my second seminar, one of my most dynamic speaker was
Andrea Lee. She is a coach, and she taught taking your business
from six figures to seven figures and BEYOND. She was my
sole female speaker at the event, and had me rivited to my
seat more than perhaps any other speaker.

Today, as I watch the IM seminar landscape, I don't see a
big difference. I know that there are POWERFUL women Internet
marketers out there.

So, my call out to you is "contact me." If you've really
got you stuff together, I'll point you in the right direction.
I'll help you to make the right connections!

By the way, if you're a male speaker, and you're trying to
break into "the circuit" I can probably help too. You do need
to be better than average in either case, but the industry
needs new talent!

Willie Crawford

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March 11, 2006

Confidential AdSense Report

Keith Baxter

I just finished reading a special report by Keith
Baxter that he calls "10 AdSense Secrets."

I picked up some things there that will make a REAL
difference in my AdSense bottom line, and so I
wanted to encourage you to check it out. It's at:

If you use Google AdSense on your sites, you probably
could benefit big-time from reading Keith's report.
Keith is one on my mentors.


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March 10, 2006

Could A Help Desk System Save Your Business?

Could A Help Desk System Save Your Business?Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

When I recently downloaded my email, and there were 13,000+
messages that had made it past my filters, I knew that I had to
do something. It's simply impossible to work through that
many messages in less than a few days... which is what my
team and I did. In the process, I'm sure that we deleted
more than a few that we didn't really intend to.

Before working through that PILE, I realized that I needed a
better solution immediately! After discussions with many
advisors and close friends, I settled upon using a help desk.
Now I force many contacts to go through that system rather
than emailing me. I has reduced the sheer volume by about

In researching help desk options, I asked a lot of friends
what they used. I also posted to several popular discussion
boards. What I discovered was that there are many different
excellent options. They range in price from free to very
expensive. I delayed the decision on a final option, but
implemented a temporary one that may turn into a permanent
one. I simply had to give myself and my assistants some
breathing room :-)

The advantages of setting up a help desk, and encouraging
your customers to contact you through it, are countless.
Let me share with you just a few:

1) It can completely eliminate the barrage of spam sent to
random email addresses. Depending upon how you configure
your help desk, you can allow customers to file a help
ticket via email. However, it has to be sent to a very
specific email address. So you could theoretically shut
down all other email addresses on that domain.

Many web hosts allow you to delete or "black hole" all
email not sent to legitimate addresses. This is a life
saver. The host that I've set up numerous accounts with,
and have my help ticket system set up on, allows this. Not
only that, but this host is so gracious that I'm using 1000 meg
of disk space and 120gig of monthly bandwidth and it's free.
Actually it's not totally free. It's part of a monthly
membership site that I belong to where members get unlimited
free hosting.

I'm getting slightly sidetracked here, so if you want to
know more about how I get unlimited free web hosting, check

2) A help ticket system can organize those numerous email
dialogues that many of us have going at the same time. Often,
I'll respond to 30 different people about consulting or various
projects/ proposals that we are contemplating. A few hours or
days later, some of them might respond. In the past, the
problem was that the response was often something like "Yes,
let's do option 2"... and they would have not included the
body of the original message.

That use to drive me crazy - because I had to try to reconstruct
what specific conversations they were responding to. Please
don't YOU do that. If you're replying to someone, be sure
to include at least enough of the original message to confirm
what the conversation is about.

With the help desk, the system allow you to keep a running
record of the conversation, all in one window on your
computer screen. It's wonderful!

3) It allows enhanced teamwork. You can set it up so that
"trouble tickets" are broken down into various categories.
Then you can allow assistants access to certain assigned
categories. That way, anyone on your team with the proper
authority can take care of problems, questions, etc.

This also allows team members to see what transpired on a
particular issue or help ticket. It provides a running

4) There is no hazard of communications being totally blocked
by filters. Certain ISP's are notorious for blocking email.
This is especially a problem if you send out email in any
quantity... as in... if you publish an ezine.

I've had customers send me 8-10 emails on a problem or
concern - and NONE of them get through. I've also received
emails from certain customers and responded half a dozen
times, but not have them receive any of the responses. I've
sometimes had to phone to resolve such issues.

My trouble ticket system does send an email notice telling
me and/or customers when a response has been posted to a
given ticket number. So, there is still the danger of
that notice not getting through. However, if it's a pressing
issue, the person is more likely simply to log back in and
check on a given ticket number.

5) I've found it at-least three times faster to log
in and respond to trouble tickets than it is to deal with the
same issue via email. It depends upon how cumbersome your
trouble ticket system is, and what email client you use,
but to me it just take a fraction of the time to coordinate
issues. That makes a trouble ticket system a MAJOR
productivity booster.

Those are just a few of the reasons that I absolutely LOVE
my new trouble ticket system. I'm sure that once you start
using one, you'll probably feel the same. If you’re drowning
in a sea of email, it may very well save your business.

The system I'm using temporarily... and may turn into a
permanent solution, is one that was pre-loaded into the
Fantastico control panel on my hosting account. Installing
it was just a matter of selecting that option, following
on-screen prompts through a few steps ,and the basic trouble
ticket system was ready. Then you can log in to your admin
panel and customize things for your preferred options,
look and feel, etc.

Your web hosting account probably comes with one or two
trouble ticket systems already available to you as free
options. If not, check out my host and save yourself some
dough. They're called Content Desk, and they're at: This is a membership site
designed to teach you how to grow your business through
building high quality content sites. It's a great site, and
the free hosting is just icing on the cake. Tell them Willie
sent you ;-)

By the way if you need to contact me for any reason, the easiest
way to do it is via my trouble ticket system at:

Willie Crawford serves as a consultant, mentor, and
confidant to some of Internet marketing's top income
earners. You can tap into his 9 years of online
experience and million-dollar, success-creating advice

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150 Different Videos Explaining How To Do Various Web Tasks

Here is a source of 150 different videos covering
just about everything beginner to intermediate
Internet marketers need to master. I like the fact
that it covers those things that old-timers (like me)
take for granted, but that can appear intimidating
to someone who's never done it before.

Yes, that's 150 different videos. I've actually
gone through many of these videos and can highly
recommend them. Louis, who made many of them is
from the U.K., so it takes just a second to get
use to the accent... if you're not from the U.K. :-)

Louis is obviously VERY knowledgable.

The webpage says that you can do the download
everything in a matter of minutes. The way that this
is accomplished is that you download a .exe ebook which
has links embedded in it to the various vidoes. That's
the way each of the segments are delivered too.

When you are ready to watch a given video, you just
click on the appropriate link, and the video is
streamed to you over the internet. That DOES mean
that you need to be connected to the internet to
watch a given video. I wanted to make sure that
this was prefectly clear to you. You can't watch these
videos while sitting on the beach with your laptop,
unless you have the wireless connection that I do :-)

You'll find all of these videos at:

The amazing thing is that every video in the whole
collection comes with Master Resale Rights.

Check it out. This is not my product, but I have
been through it. I do recommend it as an invaluable
tool for learning to do an incredible array of task
that you need to master.


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March 09, 2006

We Need Your Help On March 22nd!

Mark this date on your calendar, and then help out if you
can. That's the day that a new print book hits the market
that I'm in.

Go check out the site and see how many of the other stories
you recognize. Check out:


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March 07, 2006

John Reese's $521,829.73 in AdSense earnings...

By now you've probably heard about John Reese. He's
the marketer that shocked the Internet Marketing world
a little over a year ago when he pulled in over
with a special marketing campaign he put together
for one of his products.

But many people don't realize that John has been
actively creating and growing Internet and online
businesses for over 15 YEARS! (Yes, 15 years.)

And during this long period of time, John has been
very busy testing, tweaking, and fine-tuning
all kinds of methods and 'tricks' for making
money online -- and they've made him a
self-made multi-millionaire.

I am sending you this urgent message today
because you need to run (not walk) to a link
I am about to give you. You DON'T have to
buy anything or promise your first born child.
All you have to do is download two
files (although, one of them is pretty large)
and benefit from them.

I strongly believe that these files can (and will)
dramatically boost the profits in your business
if you currently (or plan to in the near future)...

1. Make Money From Google AdSense

John started a little "side business" barely
12 months ago to prove (yet again) that he
practices what he preaches. This little business
was solely focused on creating what John
calls "Virtual Real Estate." In other words,
small content web sites that make money
from advertising or affiliate programs.

(i.e. The sites don't sell any products of their own.)

This little side business of John's (which he
will tell you he has spent less than a total
of 150 hours developing) has already raked in..
are you ready for this?

$521,829.73 in AdSense earnings.

(And John expects this number to
*exponentially* GROW.)

* And oh yeah, these sites have NOTHING
to do with "Internet Marketing" or teaching
people how to make money. They are
tiny niche markets that ANYONE can
make money from.

And because ALL of his traffic was generated
from no-cost search engine listings, it's
almost ALL profit for him. (Aside from hosting
and domain registration fees.)

Not bad for a side business. ;-)

Let's move on...

2. Make Money From InfoProducts

Do you sell (or plan to sell) digitally downloadable
ebooks or physical infoproducts?

If so, you MUST download the two files I
am about to lead you to. You'll learn how to
sell TONS MORE of your products and how
you can grow your traffic AUTOMATICALLY.
(It really is impressive.)

3. Generate An Income With Affiliate Programs

Do you make money from affiliate programs?
Or maybe you have plans to start making
big money by promoting other people's

You'll learn how to BOOST all of your
affiliate commissions. Quickly. Easily.
And without any major headaches.

4. Produce Cash From Consulting,
Hard Goods, or Any Other Type of
Internet Business

You're about to discover several tried
and tested methods that can be applied
to ANY business model that's utilizing
the Internet to find cash-paying customers.

Okay. So Here's What This Is All About...

Early last year, John decided to do something
as a TEST. He decided to start an OFFLINE
monthly publication to share some of his best
strategies. Every month he created
a 20-page newsletter and companion
CD-Rom that contained tons of screencam
video tutorials where he DEMONSTRATED
his moneymaking Internet techniques.

Now, you've probably never even heard
of this publication. That's for a reason...

John decided to only offer it to a very
small group of people -- because he didn't
know what the response would be.

Well, the response was OVERWHELMING
and people couldn't get enough of his
special techniques. Many of the people
that were lucky to get access to his
'secret' publication made tons of money
by simply applying EXACTLY what he
showed them how to do.

And now (for a very limited time) John
wants to let other Internet marketers
get a small glimpse into what he has
been publishing -- FOR FREE.

WARNING: John is only sharing his
valuable information with
entrepreneurs that are willing to
WORK HARD on their businesses
to make huge profits. So if you
are only interested in "get rich quick"
schemes, this isn't for you.

John has just put a single issue of
his 'secret publication' (he calls
it "The Reese Report") online for
you to go and download -- BUT...


John plans to take the newsletter
and CD-Rom files OFFLINE very
soon to protect the valuable
strategies that they contain.

So here's what you need to do...

(It will only take a moment.)

Go right now and download the
files while they are still available!

That's it. There's nothing more to
it. I'm 100% positive you will enjoy
them as much as I have AND find
tons of ways to apply his methods
to make more money.

Frankly, I can't believe some of
the things he's sharing! You'll
see exactly what I mean when you
download the files.

Here's the link to download them:

* If you visit the above link and the files
have been removed, PLEASE don't email
me and ask me for them -- I am not allowed
to give them out directly. And once John
takes the files down they will no longer
be available.

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March 06, 2006

Recommended Reading By Joe Vitale

Are you missing this, too?

If you had "Life's Missing Instruction Manual,"
you would be able to answer questions like --

If you were in an argument, how would
you end it almost instantly?

If you wanted to know how to attain your goals
faster than ever before, how would you do it?

If you wanted to be happy right now, what
would you do?

If you wanted to know what was behind every
behavior, where would you look?

If you wanted to know the favorite question of
your own mind, what would you do?

If you wanted to know the Top 10 destructive
money beliefs, where would you look?

If you wanted to lose weight once and for
all, how would you do it?

If you needed a job, how could you get one
in a matter of minutes?

If you wanted to know the real secrets of the
universe, where would you look?

If you wanted to know how people tick inside,
what book would you turn to?

The answers to all of the above questions -- and much
more -- are in Dr. Joe Vitale's latest book, "Life's
Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at

Rather than brag about "Life's Missing Instruction
Manual," look at what *others* are saying about it ---

"Every man, woman and child ought to study this book like
a scientist. Every high school, college and graduate school
ought to include it in their curriculum. Joe Vitale
reveals and reminds us of the wisdom it takes to be happy,
healthy, and wealthy. I couldn't put this book down."
- Steve Siebold, author, "177 Mental Toughness Secrets
of the World Class"

"Brilliant, simple and profound. If we could all absorb
and live by just one of these lessons every day, our lives
would truly be abundant. As I read, I realized I needed about 50
copies to give to the people I love and care about. This
is truly a unique work of art from the spirit of a beautiful
man. ‘Life's Missing Manual’ will make you think, feel, and
be more curious than ever about what you can create for your
life and for those you love."
-- Wendi Friesen, CEO and founder of

for details on all the bonuses you can get,
including the new "Intention Creator", when
you get this book today.

"Joe Vitale opens the wisdom of the ages to all who will
read on the pages of this winsome, precious gem of a
book. ‘The Missing Manual’ may be the only self-help book anyone
really needs, if they would simply heed it. What a gift to
the world it is!"
-- Marcus L. Gitterle, M.D. Physician, Wellness Consultant,
Nutraceutical Designer

"Life's Missing Instruction Manual' by Dr. Joe Vitale is a
magnificent roadmap through the pitfalls of life and
living. Those fortunate enough to get a copy, read and apply the
rare wisdom, will find that life becomes a glorious
adventure full of all good things. This is one of my
highest recommendations ever ... a MUST read."
-- John Harricharan, prize-winning scholar and
award-winning author

"Bravo! Read a page, learn a lesson, emerge renewed."
-- Mike Dooley, author, Notes from the Universe

for more about the book, and the bonuses,
by the author of "The Attractor Factor"

"It's about time somebody finally explained how we're
supposed to play this crazy game called life! For those
who have never quite figured out how to ‘put it all
together’ and make life work for them, Joe Vitale's
‘Missing Manual’ is going to be a godsend."
-- Blair Warren, Author of “The Forbidden Keys to

for surprising news about this new book

"This is the volume that should have come tucked under the
pillow in your bassinet - words of wisdom about life, and
yes, about business, too. Once again, Joe Vitale
speaks directly to those of us who seek success through
-- Jillian Coleman Wheeler,

"This book is so good I'm reading it to my sons and they
love it, too. It's a lifetime of wisdom delivered in
quick, easy to digest lessons everyone really should have at
-- Craig Perrine,

"Joe did it again! He delivers the secrets to living a
Healthier, happier life in easy to read nuggets of wisdom
and parables. The perfect gift book for you and everyone else
who wants a better life."
-- Nerissa Oden,

"Joe Vitale combines the wisdom of Lao Tsu with the
Clarity of Alan Watts in his "Life's Missing Instruction Manual."
Like John Lennon's "Imagine," and Martin Luther King's "I
Have a Dream," this book is going to change our world."
-- Pat O'Bryan, Director, Milagro Research Institute

Again, you can get the book and all the original
bonuses at

If I were you, I'd get multiple copies of "Life's Missing
Instruction Manual" and share them with people you
care about.

After all, I'm sure they're missing the manual to life,

It's in book stores, or get it with the bonuses over at -



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February 28, 2006

My First $27,000+ Day - Join In The Earning!

Yesterday, I launced my "Wedding Fire Sale." It's called
that because I planned on using part of the money to pay
for my youngest daughter's upcoming wedding.

With only a few dozen JV partners, this thing really
took off! It HAS now gone viral.

I used what was taught in Mike Filsaime's Butterfly
Marketing course to set the whole thing up. I also used
a LOT of what I learned in Firesale Secrets.

I set this thing up to set a new record in Internet
marketing for a fire sale. To stack the deck, I made it
such a tremendous value, that I knew anyone who saw my
homepage and DIDN'T buy was not serious about growing
their business. I even offered $694 of my ORIGINAL keyword
research and split testing software as part of the

Yesterday, I had over $27,000 in sales, and since those
who bought yesterday are just sending out their emails,
and since my assistant didn't set the autoresponders
up correctly, I fully expect to DOUBLE that today.

I want to thank everyone involved for your efforts and
encourage those who have hesitated to get a mailing out

I'm offering over $4500 worth of stuff for under $50 (but
the price goes up every day starting tomorrow). Please get
your package through the publisher of your favorite ezine.
They've provided you with a lot of useful information and
will appreciate the 50% commission that you give them.
Most major Internet marketers are in on this sale :-)

Incidentally, the affiliate program is only open to
buyers... a concept that Mike Filsaime convince me
was sound. The only other people promoting the package
are a hand-full of marketers that I used to launch the

I will publish a case-study after this is all over and
my head stops spinning. I would not be surprised if
when the dust settles, this ONE WEEK fire sale rakes
in $300,000. That should PROVE to all of the skeptics
what can be done in Internet marketing when you just
get into action. My basic plan was laid out in the
stuff I got from Mike Filsaime in his Butterfly
Marketing Package. I just decided to put it all to the
test, and to do it while everyone else was just thinking
about it!

Willie Crawford

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My First $27,000+ Day

Yesterday, I launced my "Wedding Fire Sale." It's called
that because I planned on using part of the money to pay
for my youngest daughter's upcoming wedding.

With only a few dozen JV partners, this thing really
took off! It HAS now gone viral.

I used what was taught in Mike Filsaime's Butterfly
Marketing course to set the whole thing up. I also used
a LOT of what I learned in Firesale Secrets.

I set this thing up to set a new record in Internet
marketing for a fire sale. To stack the deck, I made it
such a tremendous value, that I knew anyone who saw my
homepage and DIDN'T buy was not serious about growing
their business. I even offered $694 of my ORIGINAL keyword
research and split testing software as part of the

Yesterday, I had over $27,000 in sales, and since those
who bought yesterday are just sending out their emails,
and since my assistant didn't set the autoresponders
up correctly, I fully expect to DOUBLE that today.

I want to thank everyone involved for your efforts and
encourage those who have hesitated to get a mailing out

I won't post a url here because that wouldn't be fair
to my affilates... and I take VERY good care of my
affiliates and JV partners. If you're subscribed to
many email lists, you will hear about this crazy fire
sale between now and Sunday. I'm offering over $4500
worth of stuff for under $50 (but the price goes up
every day starting tomorrow). Please get your package
through the publisher of your favorite ezine. They've
provided you with a lot of useful information and will
appreciate the 50% commission that you give them.

Incidentally, the affiliate program is only open to
buyers... a concept that Mike Filsaime convince me
was sound. The only other people promoting the package
are a hand-full of marketers that I used to launch the

I will publish a case-study after this is all over and
my head stops spinning. I would not be surprised if
when the dust settles, this ONE WEEK fire sale rakes
in $300,000. That should PROVE to all of the skeptics
what can be done in Internet marketing when you just
get into action. My basic plan was laid out in the
stuff I got from Mike Filsaime in his Butterfly
Marketing Package. I just decided to put it all to the
test, and to do it while everyone else was just thinking
about it!

Willie Crawford

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February 27, 2006

Over $4588 Worth Of Software (Some Never Released) and Stuff For Less Than $50!

Don't Miss Out On The Most INSANE Fire Sale In Internet
Marketing History!

Over $4588 Worth of Software (some NEVER released before),
Exclusive Resale Rights, Courses, MP3s, Membership Sites
Access and Ebooks For Less Than $50. NOTHING Compares To
This Fire Sale!

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February 24, 2006

Willie Crawford SNAPS - $3000 Worth Of Marketing Tools For Almost Nothing!


Willie And Daughter Charlene

Late last month my youngest (second) daughter announced
that she was getting married in a few months. When she
told her mother and I the wedding that she wanted, we
nearly fell out of our chairs! This child has EXPENSIVE

To celebrate, and to pay for this wedding, I got the
idea for a "Wedding Fire Sale." However, I didn't want
my fire sale to just offer a bunch of outdated, worthless
JUNK. So I had a few items especially commissioned
just for this sale. The top two items will be sold from
their own websites after the fire sale for $497 and
$197 respectively.

I wanted this fire sale to be a no-brainer, so I put
together a package of Over $3000 worth of "stuff" and
plan on offering it to you for under $50 (starting

This sale starts Monday, February 27th, and ends Sunday,
March 5th.

Here are just a few of the unbelievable items included
in this INSANE package:

Keyword Legend - the ultimate keyword research tool.
comes preloaded with millions of keywords presorted
into over 200,000 niche lists. The $497 value software
is the Rolls Royce of keyword tools, customized by
my programmers just for me, and I've NEVER sold it
to ANYONE before this sale. I've never even SHOWED
it to anyone before... it's my secret weapon!

Split Test Guru - the ultimate multi-variable, split
testing software. I've never shared this $197 value
software with anyone else until now! Everybody says
that you should test and track. Most people don't,
mainly because it's too complicated.
This software
makes it easy to accurately test numerous variables
in your marketing at one time.

Desktop RSS pheed and news aggregator on steroids.

Software that tracks an unlimited number of webpages and
notifies you when they are updated. Excellent for spying
on your competitors.

Software that monitors your websites and notifies you when
one is down. Critical tool for pay per click advertisers
since you could otherwise be paying for clicks to a site
that is down

Desktop mega search engine

A Huge Collection of reprint and resale rights

Membership to Video How To website. Lots of videos
designed to show you step by step how to do common
webmaster and ecommerce tasks.

The Ultimate Guide To Marketing With Content.
Reveals how to grow your business using articles, ebooks,
RSS, audio, and video. Numerous "bleeding edge techniques"
are revealed!

Mining Gold From Ebay Course - Discover all of the power
sellers' secrets

Web Audio Plus Software

Impact Popup Creator

Affiliate Defender Link Cloaking System

Small Changes Big Profit Website Conversion Course

Power Copywriting For The Internet Web Copywriting

Net Marketing 2006 Web Marketing Course
Feature HOURS of interviews and presentations
by Jack Humphrey, Shawn Casey, Mark Joyner,
Jim Fleck, Oliver Bigler, Mike Glaspie, Mike
Enos, Shannon Denniston, Ken McArthur, and Chris
Mriscin. I've listened to all of this course
several times. It provides a PhD-level education
in direct and online marketing!

Niche Modulator Software

The Newbies Guide to Making Software
(Master Resale Rights)

Bloggers Guide To Profits
(Master Resale Rights)

Poster Store Script - VERY versatile

The Fish Tapes - Powerful brainstorming sessions
with a number of top level marketers (in MP3)

Other keyword research tools

Tons of great ebooks

Closed affiliate program. After you purchase, you
are given an affiliate url that you can use to
tell your list about this fire sale. You'll earn
50% commission, paid INSTANTLY to your Paypal

All together over $3,000 worth of stuff, all for
UNDER $50.

Watch for this "Wedding Fire Sale." It kicks off early
Monday morning.
Watch for email from me, or one of
my select JV partners.

NO Fire Sale to date has even come close! Be a
part of Internet history in the making. This will be
THE case-study everyone else will model for years to

The sheer VALUE in the package has raised the bar
to an entirely different plateau!


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Check Out Friday Traffic Report Blog - Learn All About Website Traffic Generation

My friend Jack Humphrey, who wrote the best book on power linking that I've ever read, has an excellent blog. Check out his blog here.

Be sure to subscribe to Jack's ezine while there. You'll learn a lot about traffic generation.

Tell Jack that I sent you.


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February 23, 2006

Jane Mark And I At JV Alert Live In Orlando

Jane Mark and Willie Crawford

Here a photo of me and my good friend Jane Mark at the recent JV
Alert Live Seminar.

Jane runs a number of sites that offer free or low cost advertising
packages. You can do very well promoting with some of these
packages if you advertise the right products. I do well with free
to low cost products that are designed to bring them into your
funnel and then you start building the relationship with them.

Go check out Jane's site at Free Ad Depot.


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Group Photo From JV Alert Live - Orlando, Florida, February 17th - 20th


I thought I'd share with you a group photo from the JV Alert
Live Seminar that I was at in Orlando this past weekend.

It was a really incredible seminar, because the focus was not
on the speakers so much. It was on the attendees who were
on the "hot seat" and on setting up joint ventures. Everyone
was incredibly helpful, and it even had a bit of a family feel.
You could tell that the attendees really cared about each other.

I'm not in this photo. I was onstage, but was farther to the right
than was captured in this photo :-)


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February 22, 2006

Check Out The System Smart Beginners Course


Ken McCarthy

Can't attend Ken McCarthy's System Seminar?

Check out The System Smart Beginners Course!

The goal of the The System Smart Beginners course is simple. It's to

Blast away all the Internet marketing myths that may be holding you back
Replace those myths with facts and real life truths about how the Internet business really works
Show you the exact tools you need to operate a successful Internet business and how to use them for maximum profit
It all adds up to increasing your sales and profits as fast as possible, or if you're looking for a business to start, showing you how to put your first business together so that it starts off on the right foot. Get Started Now!

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February 21, 2006

Fun and Silly... Your Own Simulated Million Dollar Launch

I just finished having my own Million Dollar Day. Actually
it was just simulated.

Leon Klepfish has set up a site where you can
experience what it feels like to have your own
big ticket product launch, getting notifications of
thousand dollar sales every few minutes.

It's fun, silly, and even has a viral effect built in.
It's also free. Take a look at:


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February 20, 2006

How To Effectively Use Private Label Articles

During the February 11th, 2006 networking and brainstorming
call that I conducted, we spent part of the 90 minute call
discussing using private label articles. Since, I felt that
you would find that discussion useful, I have posted the MP3
from that portion of the call here.

Simply click here to play that MP3. You can also right-click
on the same link to download the file and play it at your

We frequently discuss topics like this in our brainstorming
calls. If you'd like to get an email notifying you of when
we'll host one of these calls, you can register at:

We'd love to have you on these calls.

One of the items mentioned in this call is a piece of
free software called Unique Content Generator. You can
access this software for free here:

If you want to know everything there is to know about using
content in all of it's forms including searchengine-friendly
multi-media, check out Content Propulsion Lab. I actually
teach in webinars at Content Propulsion Lab. Check them out


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February 18, 2006

Using Video In Affiliate Marketing

One of my favorite tools for selling affiliate products lately
is Camtasia video. I used it in the launch of Butterfly
Marketing for example. You can see the video I used in that
launch, currently on Google Video, at You'll
see the video at:

If you go to and type in Butterfly Marketing,
you'll see that my video is the only return under this search

We teach using many forms of multi-media in our affiliate
marketing, and teach many of these techniques at Content
Propulsion Lab. You'll find CPL at

If you're not using content in all of it's form, including
multi-media, you're misssing a lot of sales!


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Newbie To Make $100,000 In 90 Days!


Sterling Valentine

This is Willie checking in from the JV Alert Live

One of the projects we launched yesterday, was a
project to help a complete newbie earn $100,000
in 90 days. The experts at JV Alert wanted to
show how easy this is. Admittedly, this newbie,
Sterling Valentine, has the deck stacked in his
favor since he has a lot of people with fairly
large lists helping him.

You can check out Sterling's project here:

We are documenting everything that we do on the
project too ;-)


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February 17, 2006

700 Free Private Label Articles Free

I'm actually at the JV Alert Live Seminar in Orlando,
Florida, but I had to take a break and tell you about

I just picked up 700 private label articles at
If you understand the fact that on the web
"content is king" you'll really appreciate that.

I don't want to go into too much detail, but encourage
you to grab this freebie at:

When you have private label resell rights it means
you can do almost anything you want with them like:

--> Re-title the articles.

--> Re-write the articles.

--> Re-edit the articles.

--> Re-author the articles.

--> Re-brand the articles.

Plus, you can combine the articles together and
create other types of information products to sell
or give away.

Face it, the possibilities are virtually endless!

I spent 20 minutes during a recent brainstorming
session explaining the best/right way to use private
label articles. I'll post the audio from that session
to my blog today, so that you can get the most benefit
from this gift :-)

I promise, you will be kicking yourself if you miss

Now back to the seminar :-)

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February 16, 2006

Check Out Rick Beneteau's Personal Development Blog

"My friend and fellow Internet marketer, Rick Beneteau, just introduced
his new, world-class self-development podcasts that I'm positive you
will find to be as beneficial to your personal and business life as I have.
Jim Rohn is the featured guest on one of them I encourage you to visit
Rick's site and listen/subscribe at:

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Free PDF Ebook "Using Content In 2006"

Free PDF Ebook "Using Content In 2006"

Report is aimed at AdSense and affiliate marketers, article
and ezine publishers, bloggers, and anyone else who uses
content to generate clicks and cash.

This free special report reveals why many internet marketers
are dead wrong about the right way to use (and profit from)
content in 2006, and how they will quickly paralyze their
buinesses as a result!

Download your free copy here now:

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February 14, 2006

Rarely-Used but Very-Effective Internet Marketing Tools

Rarely-Used but Very-Effective Internet Marketing Tools
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

While many online marketers struggle to build a successful
business, mine grows almost effortlessly. I'm going to share
with you today the "rare" tools that I use to make that happen.

Briefly, my seldom-used tools are: actually caring about your
customers; a lot of actual customer contact; and giving them
tremendous value. Please allow me to provide examples of how
to actually implement each. I'll use examples from my own
business so that you can see how EASY they are to implement.

Rarely-Used Tool Number One - Actually caring about your

I've witnessed scams where retirees invested thousands of
dollars in programs where they were told that all they
needed to do was plug in traffic. Then they were offered
this plug-in traffic for a few thousand dollars more. In
every case, that untargeted traffic failed to produce many...
if any... sales.

Having a HUGE list, I've often been phoned and asked to promote
a program with a mailing or two to my list. I've been told
that I just needed to plug into the system, allow them to "mine"
my list, and they would build me a nice residual income. Ideal
prospects from my list would identify themselves, they'd be
signed up under me, and I could just sit back and collect the
passive income.

I've seen this scenario in action before, so I do KNOW
that this would generate a nice passive income stream for me.
However, I also know that many of those recruited would not
fare nearly as well. So, I've turned down all such offers.

Actually caring about your customers also often means telling
customers NOT to buy some hot new product.

During many product launches, my customers have emailed me
and asked if I felt that a given product was right for them.
They often asked me at the same time if I had an affiliate url
(if I had not actively promoted it to them). As often as not,
I've advised them not to buy the product. If one of your
customers hasn't even finished going through the last major
product that they purchased, perhaps you should advise them
the same.

Rarely-Used Tool Number Two - Lots of actual customer contact:

First of all, realize that people buy from those that
they know, like, and trust. Part of that puzzle is allowing
them to feel that they know you. Online, one of the
most effective tools for facilitating this is actually
allowing them to speak to you, or at least hear your voice.

I accomplish this by "investing" 90 minutes of my time
each week in a free networking and brainstorming call.
The calls are actually very little work because other
experts gladly join these calls and contribute freely.

Most Saturdays, between 11:00am and 12:30pm CST, I host
these free networking and brainstorming calls. These calls are
designed to allow my subscribers, clients, and contacts
to connect, and also to help everyone involved improve their
online marketing.

Some weeks we do reviews of 2-3 websites. Other weeks
we have open Q&A. Other weeks I have "featured" guests,
or I do a semi-lecture.

When we do website reviews, I email everyone slated to
be on the call with a list of the sites, so that they can
look at the sites before the call. Then everyone is free to
offer their constructive feedback during the call.

One recent call was an all-open-discussion call. Topics
covered included: methods and tools for combating or
preventing email spam; the pros and cons of using private
label articles, and ways to use them effectively; search
engine optimization issues; and third-party credit card

As you might imagine, it was a very constructive call. All
of these free networking and brainstorming calls have been
very well-received. They all build customer relations,
and they all allow existing and future client to connect
with me (and each other) on a deeper level.

By the way, you can register for these call, get call-in
details, and get instructions on how to submit your site for
a free review at:

Another "almost effortless" customer contact tool involves
sending many clients birthday or holiday cards. This
shows them that you think of them as more than just a
source of sales. We enter many customers, whose
birth dates we have, into a database. Then we get an
automated reminder a few days before, but the system
can be set to automatically send them a card.

I use a system called "Send Out Cards" for this. This
system allows me to send the same card to a batch of
customers, or send a unique card to select customers.
For those that get the "same" card, the card is still
personalized with the customers' information. The
system allows you to indicated where personal data, such
as names, children's names, etc., should be inserted. The
system can be completely automated (like an autoresponder)
if you choose.

I send these fully-personalized cards, semi-automatically,
for about $1 each (including first-class postage).

By the way, these are real, printed, full-color greeting
cards, that you send right from your computer desktop. You
can check out the system that I use for this at:

Rarely-Used Tool Number Three - Deliver tremendous value:

My mentors often use the phrase "under-promise and
over-deliver." This is just the opposite of what you
see most hypey marketers doing today.

However, this is fairly easy to do. In fact, all of
the things I mentioned above are a part of that formula.

This can be accomplished by giving customers numerous
unannounced gifts with an order. It can also be in the
form of making sure that every product you sell is
worth many times what you charge for it.

Yes, value is in the eyes of the beholder. However, you
can and should examine every product that you're
considering offering to your customers very carefully. If,
when examining a product, you feel that you would not be
absolutely thrilled if you personally had purchased it from
someone else, then you should not offer that product to your

Go back and study each of the tools and techniques outlined
above. They are very powerful, and really do require very
little effort. Used correctly, they will endear you to
your customers, and allow your business to grow at a
mind-boggling pace. Look for similar things that you
can start doing in your business today.

Willie Crawford serves as a consultant, mentor, and
confidant to some of Internet marketing's top income
earners. You can tap into his 9 years of online
experience and million-dollar, success-creating advice


NOTE: You may use this article in you ezine, ebook,
website, blog, or print publiction provided it is published
unchanged... to include the resource box above.

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Meet The "Anti-Guru"

Meet The Anti-Guru

I spent several hours this week reading through an ebook
by John Hostler. John's ebook is called "Hidden Secrets
Of The Big Guns... and ssshhh... some they don't even
know yet!"

John has branded himself as the "Internet Renegade" and
spends a lot of time in his ebook, and even on his blog,
putting down the gurus.

John's (and many others) feel that too many of the gurus
mislead the average person trying to start an online
business. So part of John's "mission" is to uncloak the
shysters. That's a very noble mission, and I commend
John. I know that there are scammers and crooks in any

Back to John's ebook. In it he lays out the way he has
set up his own online business. He shares how his websites
are set up, what tools he uses, and how he runs his day
to day operations.

John is big on not spending a lot of money to build your
online business. At the same time, he teaches that you do
need to spend some money to build a serious business. So,
his focus is on low to no cost tools.

I don't use many of the tools that John uses because they
are tools such as traffic exchanges. These tools do produce
results but require a little more effort to get the results
that I desire. I'm willing to pay more to get there quicker,
since it's more cost-effective for me just to pay for things
like traffic.

John shares the tools that HAVE proven effective for him in
building a list and producing a big enough income that he
gets to stay at home and spend time with his two small kids.
So he is living the lifestyle that he desires.

I did find a few tools in John's book that I was not
using, and that intrigued me enough to start using them.

I do recommend that beginner to intermediate online marketers
grab a copy of John's ebook. It show you some tools that
work well when you are on a limited budget. I also recommend
that advanced marketers (even the "gurus") check it out.
It's eye-opening, to an extent, to see how the "big guns" are
viewed by the "underground."

You can grab a copy of John's ebook at:

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February 12, 2006

"The Seal of Integrity in Online Business"

Few people would argue that the International Council of Online

Professionals (iCop) has one of the highest credibility ratings of any

organization on the Web. So, who would we expect to build "The Ultimate

Membership Site?" iCop!

Now, online business owner can join a very affordable organization that

shouts to their visitors of their business integrity. Those considering

opening an online business can still join and learn from the "REAL"


As a member of iCop merchants can learn from highly successful online

marketers and personal success experts. These top-name marketers and

trainers are members of iCop, and they care enough to share what they

know to help others.

These are people who aren't AFRAID to share their "secrets!" Ethical and

well-known marketers such as Dennis (Boogie Jack) Gaskill, Joe Robson,

Willie Crawford, Eva Almeida, Joel Christopher, Marty Foley, Bill

Burdin, Harry Pickett, Gary Knuckles, Rick Beneteau, Peter Twist and

others who make top money online.

The iCop organization is also a training center, AS WELL AS a highly

regarded professional organization. As stated by Director, jl scott,

"The best way to have online business owners of the highest caliber is

to help TRAIN them. Give them what they need, and help them move toward


Members receive product and service discounts, lots of "freebies,"

teleconferences, articles and tutorials including both personal and

business success techniques, and even products for resale to help them

build their businesses.

They can list their businesses in the iCop Business Directory and

Shopping Mall, join the affiliate program, and of course, display the

highly acclaimed iCop Seal on their web sites.

But, what makes this an UNBEATABLE membership site? All members can give

input into what they want and need. They discuss - they vote - they

participate - they build their online businesses - and they have fun

doing it!

Isn't it time YOU aligned yourself with the most successful - and

helpful - people on the 'Net? Yes? Then, hop on over and join NOW!

Willie Crawford
Founding Member

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February 11, 2006

"The Anti-Guru - Standing Up For The Little Guy"

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WIDTH='468' HEIGHT='60' TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash"

Meet The Anti-Guru!

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February 10, 2006

Several last minute CHEAP seats to the JV Alert Live Florida Seminar which initially sold out in December

Life being what it is, bad things happen to people and usually at the last minute.

I recently got an e-mail from Ken McArthur and he says that a couple of people -- because of personal reasons -- are not going be able to make it to the jvAlert Live Florida event.

This is the event I'm speaking at next weekend and it's going to knock everyone's socks off. We're going to BUILD a few six figure people over the next few months and probably some 7-figure people too (over the next year)!

I won't let the whole cat out of the bag though.

The event starts next Friday in Orlando Florida.

The event has been sold out since last December, but sometimes things come up at the last second that prevent people from coming.

There are only a couple seats available because of people having last second problems, but since it's so last second here is what Ken will do.

If you can make it to Orlando Friday, Saturday, Sunday, February 17th, 18th, 19th, Ken will give you a ticket to the entire event -- Apprentice Workshop, Main Event - Hot Seat Day for only $495.

That's a savings of $195 over the regular price and this originally sold out in December!

Who's going to be there?

Me (Willie Crawford), Joel Christopher, Carl Galletti, Ramon Williamson, David Garfinkel, Michael T. Glaspie, Bob Silber, Holly Cotter, Phil Basten, Jane Mark, Frank Sousa, Cody Moya, Joe E. Clayton, Allyn Cutts, well the list goes on but you get the idea.

An AMAZING SOLD-OUT Event at a special price for all three, just because it's so last minute.

This saves you $195.00 over the regular -- extremely low --price.

These seats will be gone VERY quickly, so if you want the ticket do the following right away!

All the details on the event are at:

Ignore the "Sold Out" tag and register for the event.

After you put your Name and Email address information in, you will be taken to a payment page.

Click on the button under:

"Event One: Registration for the jvAlert Florida Main Event (Includes: Friday Evening, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Morning) - $495"

Ken will let you in to ALL of the EVENTS for just the price of the Main Event.

This event is NEXT WEEKEND so do this right away!

And I'll see you there. Bring business cards, a digital camera, and be ready to stay up late into the evening networking and building your business. I also usually take a portable MP3 recorder with me, because I like to do impromptu interviews, etc. That's part of what keeps me up until incredible hours at these events!


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A Day For Hearts: Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Day

Dr. Mani

Just a quick note to let you know about something a good
friend of mine is doing that I hope you'll want to help with.

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian, heart surgeon and webmaster of
'Heart Disease Online' has joined an effort to help children
with birth defects of the heart receive life-saving treatment.

"A Day For Hearts: Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Day"

is a global publicity event that focuses attention on the
deadly problem of heart defects in kids.
The aim: to
spread awareness about the problem and raise funds to help
some children get a chance to live.

100% of the funds raised goes towards treating *heart kids*
And this is done in the most cost-effective manner, by funding
treatment at centers of excellence with lowest expense.

Think for a moment about a child you love. Imagine how you'd
feel if that child had a heart condition. Then think about
how bad it would be if this child couldn't have it treated.

Then ask yourself if you would do something to help, to make
sure this won't happen to another child somewhere else. A
child without access to medical attention, or with a family
that's simply too poor to afford the cost of lifesaving

Whatever you might have thought, it doesn't take a fortune
to get heart defects treated. In fact heart surgery can be
done for as little as $2500

Now imagine the power you have. If you, and a few hundred
more people like you, help with as much as you can, we
could easily raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for
*heart kids*. And if each one tells five more friends to do
the same, the impact could be greater.

You could save a child's life - literally.

Do whatever you can. Every little bit adds up - fast.
Start today. Go to

And please, spread the word. Forward this note to anyone you
think might be willing to help out. Tell your friends,
family, customers, contacts - everyone.

Then treat yourself to a smile. You'll have earned it.

GIVE -- so a child may live!

Support 'A DAY FOR HEARTS : Congenital Heart Defects
Awareness Day'

P.S. - You might also find the short special report Dr.Mani
created specifically for this event useful. It's titled
"How To Succeed Online - Against All Odds" and is a nice
compilation of 30 powerful 'secrets' to success. You can
download it here:

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January 27, 2006

EXACTLY What Is Butterfly Marketing? Watch This Free Video

With all of the buzz about Butterfly Marketing, you may be wondering exactly what it is.

This is the product that Mike Filsaime will release on Tuesday, January 31st.


Mike Filsaime

I've created a short video that explains exactly WHAT the product is. I've taken a pretty thorough look at it. You can watch that video at:

I'm also going to be offering a bonus, valued at $5000 to the first 20 people who end up buying thorough my link. What makes this bonus unique is that it will better enable you to use this product or any other product that you buy. My bonus is going to turn a 20 lives around, or help those 20 people really improve their businesses in 2006 and on into early 2007.

Check out the video now. You'll also see why I had to limit the bonus to only 20 people.


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January 26, 2006

Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Ed Dale "No Pitch" Teleseminar Tonight!

Here's a "no pitch" teleseminar that Jeff Walker is hosting
tonight. I realize that it's short notice, but I thought
I'd still pass it along. I'll be listening in.

Here are the details....

In just a few hours Jeff Walker (of Product Launch Formula
fame) is going to be giving the 2005 Product Launch Mastery
Award to a couple of guys that did more than $3 million in
product launches last year.

But the really cool thing is that Jeff is going to get these
two guys on a teleseminar and ask them all kinds of
questions, and really break down exactly how they did it.

Who are they?

Frank Kern and Ed Dale of Underachiever Mastery fame.

These two put together a string of amazing launches in 2005,
and they did it with some very innovative strategies and a
variety of different products.

And there are three more great things about this call:

1. You are invited.
2. It is free to attend.
3. There will be no selling or pitching on the call whatsoever.

And here are a couple of more good things... Jeff will be
releasing the recording AND the transcripts of the call.

The call is this Thursday, January 26th at 5:00pm eastern,
but remember - even if you can't make the call, you can
still get the recording and the transcripts. Go here for all
the details:


PS: Jeff has assured me that this call will be 100% content, with zero
pitching. Frank and Ed have been doing some amazing things,
and Jeff plans to pull all the details out of them. Feel free to
tell your friends about this call - they can register here:

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Can You Pass The Secret Agent Test

Check out this clever promotion that Yanik Silver is running.
Yanik uses the "secret agent" theme in this promotion. He's an
email the he sent me yesterday (it's fun):

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is waiting
for you here -

This assignment is Double Zero classified and we cannot
reveal anymore here. You *must* use activation code - 36679
to unlock your mission.

If you succeed you will be well rewarded for your effort.

However, as always, in the event of detection the agency
will disavow any knowledge of your involvement. We're
counting on you.

Good luck!

Yanik Silver,
Director Y.S.S.

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January 25, 2006

How To Triple Your List Building Rate With Squeeze Pages

How To Triple Your List Building Rate With Squeeze Pages
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

Most people in the Internet marketing arena know what a squeeze
page is. However, most marketers that I've seen try to
implement one do a terrible job. Therefore they get less
than desirable results.

For the uninitiated, here's a quick definition. A squeeze page
is a webpage that, when the visitor "lands" on it, he is asked
to opt-in to some type of list in order to proceed further. On
some squeeze pages, your only options are to opt-in or leave.
On others, you are given a method to continue exploring the
site without opting in. Purist would argue that the second
type isn't a real squeeze page.

The rationale behind using a squeeze page is that most Internet
marketers realize that the vast majority of visitor will not buy
from a site on the first visit. So, these marketers make list
building their top priority. If they can just collect the
email address, along with permission to follow-up, then they'll
get other opportunities to make the sale later.

A squeeze page, generally, has some enticing bullets on it, and
does a thorough job of describing what you'll be able to access
after you enter your data. The enticing offer on the
squeeze page, that has the visitor salivating to get at what's
behind that "door," is essential.

The most effective squeeze pages that I've seen, used
enticing emails to drive traffic to the sites. These emails were
either emailed by joint venture partners, or by the product
owner who was introducing a new product.

That email that drove traffic to the squeeze page, sent them
there already READY to sign up. That email, if it did its
job, thoroughly described what was waiting on the site, and
so the squeeze page was only a slight inconvenience. It was not
enough of an inconvenience to be noticeably objectionable to
those who were already thoroughly sold on the product concept.

The enticing email that does the pre-sell is a step many less-
savvy marketers skip. Because their visitors aren't pre-sold,
their conversion rates are much lower than they would otherwise

Squeeze pages often experience "leakage" because many visitors
knows how to view the page's html source code, and locate the
url of the follow-on webpage. So they can just enter that url
to access what's behind the door.

A good way to prevent this type of leakage (if you want to) is
to encrypt the url for that follow-on webpage. Another way to
do this is to EMAIL what was promised on the squeeze page. So,
if the visitor doesn't provide an email address (or provides
a bogus email address) they don't get to enjoy what was
promised on the squeeze page.

If you'd like to see an example of one of the most effective
squeeze pages that I've seen lately, check out

On the page above, notice that if you try to circumvent the
squeeze page, you CANNOT just access the information. Instead,
you are simply given another chance to opt-in. This is a
brilliant implementation of a squeeze page.

By the way, you should go ahead and opt-in at That way you can study the rest
of the process being used. You need to see the full picture in
order to set up your COMPLETE process correctly!

One other nice implementation of a squeeze page that I've seen
is one that passes information from the squeeze page on to the
next page. So, the next page that you get to after filling in
the form may have your name, or some other personal data, right
in the copy on the page.

An example of the above might be a site selling pet toys. The
form might ask what type of pet you have and your pet's name.
On the next page, as you read through the copy you might see
your pet's name scattered throughout the page, or you might
see mention of the specific type of pet that you have.

The type of squeeze page described above can be very powerful if
done correctly. If it's not too blatant, your visitor may not
even consciously notice that the page is personalized and
specifically targeting him. For example, if that page only
mentions the type of pet that you have, or some other seemingly
innocuous fact, the personalization will still make the copy
talk to YOU more. However it won't be as "in your face"
as when the copy uses your name.

There is actually a piece of software that will generate this
type of squeeze page for you. That way, you don't have to
understand how to set up coding that tells the page how to pass
variables from one page to the next. This software is called
Squeeze Page Generator. You find it at:

When you visit the page above, enter your name and email
address, and the demo will show YOU what your visitors will see
when you use this software on your site.

I've tested Squeeze Page Generator on some of my sites, and it
DOES increase conversions. I prefer using it where it's less
"in your face" as I've described above ;-)

When you use Squeeze Page Generator that way, your visitors feel
more connected to you and your copy, but they don't really know
why. I think that makes it more effective.

Many online marketers do use squeeze pages, because, while they
may irritate a small percentage of your visitors, they have
been proven to increase your signup percentages. If they don't
opt-in to your list, then there's no way for you to follow-up
with those who don't buy on that first visit. Consider adding
squeeze pages to your marketing arsenal today.


Willie Crawford has been marketing on the Internet for over 9
years. Many consider him, and his millionaire mentors, the top
online marketers. Learn more of the proven "butterfly
marketing methods" Willie and many of his mentors use at:


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January 19, 2006

Secret Weapons Of A MASTER Butterfly Marketer

Secret Weapons Of A MASTER Butterfly Marketer
Copyright 2006 By Willie Crawford

Legendary Internet marketer, Mike Filsaime, teaches a
brilliant concept he calls "butterfly marketing." Part
of the concept hinges upon making little changes in
your marketing that RIPPLE throughout your entire
marketing mix. These little changes don't just have
a cumulative effect, they result in massively
exponential improvements.

As I began first studying "butterfly marketing" I both
saw its beauty, and saw that I already had a huge
arsenal of weapons that could be made so much MORE
effective just by applying the "butterfly marketing
principles." I won't cover those principles here. If
you want more information on them you can find it at

Let's just look at a few of the tools that I use and
why they work so effectively. I'll cover just a few of
the most effective tools, because I, quite literally,
use DOZENS of them. Here they are, in no particular

1) Review Sites. People have been trained to comparison
shop before making a decision. When you make that easy,
they appreciate it, and if it's done properly, you can
turn these comparison shoppers into your customers.

This will work in any marketplace. If you're selling
exercise equipment, you can create a webpage reviewing
the top three, or top five, treadmills, or dietary
supplements. You can often use data provided by the
manufacturers for this. As an online marketer you'd
incorporate this into a content site that profited you
by also using Google AdSense, or by being an affiliate
for some of the products you are reviewing.

Yes, you can even be an affiliate for several competing
products in this example. While you may honestly
believe that one product is "the best" you should also
realize that "that product" might be out of your
customers' price range, so also show them the second
best option... and explain clearly why it's still a
great buy.

You can do this with marketing courses, dating sites,
diet products, or practically any other niche product
you market. Help the prospects do their comparison,
they'll feel that they have done their research, and
then they'll click on your links to buy (or earn you
AdSense revenue).

2) Articles. I use articles, just like this one,
to educate my readers. You can do the same. Creating
great articles that are also amazing sales tools is no
harder than imagining you're talking to a friend, and
then writing out what you'd say.

What makes this such an effective tool is that it
educates your "prospects." When you educate you "earn"
trust. However, that's only if the TRUTH in what you
write is overwhelmingly obvious.

Understand that the single bigger obstacle you have to
overcome in online marketing is distrust. People have
heard about numerous rip-offs, and in certain markets
they also know all of the marketing "tricks," So you can
only sell them by proving or demonstrating the obvious
truth in what you say.

Writing articles IS one powerful part of the mix. Of
course, an article is only effective if your can get it
into the right hands. For that, a weapon I keep hidden
is a "secret holster" is Content Propulsion Lab. They're
at: They'll help you to
"push" your content into the marketplace in all of its
different formats.

3) MP3 Audio's and Podcasts. People connect with you
MORE when they hear your voice than they do when they
just read your words. So, conduct teleseminars, strategy
or brainstorming sessions, or coaching sessions. Record
these, and then make the recorded audio available to
your market. This builds the relationship with your market

This is so powerful, that EVERY Saturday (when I'm not
speaking at a seminar) I host live brainstorming calls.
On these calls we do live website reviews, discuss marketing
issue, and do Q&A. Sometimes, I also invite special expert
guests onto the calls. Everyone on these calls grow to
know and trust me... because I do allow them to actually
know me.

I'll let you in on a secret here... Practically every tool
in my marketing arsenal is something I "borrowed" from
someone else. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. When
you see something that works, add it to your arsenal. I
got the idea of offering free calls, just to give a little
something back, from Alex Mandossian. He periodically does
the same thing!

4) video. Video is a natural extension of audio, and with
increasing bandwidth, it's growing at an amazing pace. In
fact, I recently read an excellent special report called
"How Internet Infomercial Will Transform Your Business."
Infomercials are used on television simply because they WORK.
The Internet is a natural extension of this marketing
tool. If you'd like to read this report, you can get a
copy free at:
It's eye-opening, and puts you in front of a HUGE wave.

5) Actually Care About Your Customers. As strange as this
sound, this can easily allow you to outsell all of your
competitors. People can tell when you really care about them,
AND when you're just "feeding them a line." Those that can
see that you really do care about them... really do want
to help them achieve their goals, they will place an amazing
amount of faith in you.

Along with all of that trust, you also get a tremendous
amount of responsibility. It's critical that you not
betray that trust. It takes a lot of time, effort, and
energy to build that trust. That trust can be completely
destroyed with one little mistake. Once that trust is
destroyed word spreads VERY quickly on the internet, so it
would be very difficult to recover.

In my book, "The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing
I harp upon the fact that you have no right to
toy with other people's dreams. That's what you're doing if
you offer them anything other than what you're convinced is
absolutely appropriate for them. Jay Abraham teaches his
"Strategy of Preeminence" which emphasizes ALWAYS putting
your customer's best interest first. Make this your strategy
and it will pay off handsomely.

6) The Softsell. The tools I use, which are amplified
by "butterfly marketing tactics" aren't always obvious.
Just from reading the descriptions above, you can see
that. Part of the reason for that is that people don't
like being sold.

People like to buy, but they don't like being sold to. It's
essential that they feel deep-down-inside that the buying
decision was their decision. It can be a very subtle
difference, but it's amazingly POWERFUL. Work at
understanding that subtle difference, and examine all of
your marketing efforts to ensure that they don't convey
the wrong message.

I've just shared with you a few of the dozens of tools
that I use to make me a very effective "butterfly
marketer." As I previously stated, what makes it all so
powerful is the exponential effect these tools had when
used synergistically. Be careful to ensure that they
don't cancel the effects of each other out though. Study,
understand, and employ these tools to take your marketing
success to a totally different level!


Willie Crawford has been marketing on the Internet for
over 9 years. Many consider him, and his millionaire
mentors, the top online marketers. Learn more of the proven
"butterfly marketing methods" Willie and many of his mentors
use at:

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January 18, 2006

Free Ebook, Internet Marketing Myths Exposed - EXCELLENT!

Dan Cauthron his put together a VERY nice ebook called
Internet Marketing Myth's Exposed. It exposes 25 common
Internet marketing myths, and can save you a LOT of money.

You can grab this highly recommended ebook here.

If you are a subscriber to my ezine, you have download instructions
waiting for you in your inbox ;-)


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Are You A Member Of The Internet Marketing Secret Society?

In January every year, thousands of people list "make money online" as one of their yearly goals.

Within a few months, many of these same people get left looking like deer in the headlights while a few of their elite colleagues leave them in the dust.

What's the difference? Why do two people who start at the same place have such drastically different results a few months up the road?

The "secret" is in what each person focuses on.

The person who spins their wheels is the one who buys a ton of books and resources that they can't even use it. For example, they learn all about RSS before they even get a blog going. They buy up all the search engine optimization tools before they even know a lick of HTML or even have a clue what sort of website will be profitable. They immerse themselves in traffic generation books before they have a product to sell.

You can guess what happens. This person gets overwhelmed and frustrated.

Think of it this way: would you buy a "how to fix a car" manual if you didn't even have a car? Of course not. It's not useful because you need to get the car FIRST so that you know what kind of fixit manual to get. It's a waste of your time and money to read a Ford manual if you might get a Chevy in the future.

See what I mean? Too many people buy ebooks they'll never use, and end up frustrated, unfocused and broke.

Now what about those other guys? The ones who succeed this year?

Their "secret" is their focus. They start with a complete "A to Z" course, follow it, and replicate it.

They keep it simple. They take action. And they follow a proven blueprint so they leave little to chance.

If you're ready to focus, then it's time for you to get the blueprint. Go get yours now at the Internet Marketing Secret Society

Willie Crawford

I'm already an IM Secret Society member. I'll see you inside!

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January 16, 2006

Proof Of Mike Filsaime's Online Earnings

We get so use to seeing online "gurus" make huge income
claims that... first of all, we tune them out, and secondly
we don't believe them.

Here's proof of what Mike Filsaime is doing. It's very
encouraging, especially when you consider that he's been
at this online stuff for only 3 years.

Click here and see for yourself. It'll give you that little
bit of motivation you may be needing today ;-)

I've gotten to know Mike well over the past year or so, and I can tell you, he's "the real deal!"


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Semi-Automatically Personalize Your Private Label Articles

Over the weekend, I tested a piece of software that my
friend, and renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Mani showed me.
The software takes a private label article and customizes
it. It can turn a private label article into a unique
version of the same article in a matter of under a minute.

In case you're not familiar with "private label" articles,
these are article that the author gives you permission to
change and/or put YOUR name and resource box on.
people sell batches of private label articles to business
people looking for unique content for their websites, blogs,
ezines, ebooks, etc.

The obvious problem is that the people selling the private
label articles have to sell them cheap enough to make them
an attractive purchase. By buying private label articles,
you are saving yourself the time and trouble of researching
and writing an article. They are also generally cheaper than
ghost written articles because they are sold to more than
one person.

The potential problem with dozens, or even hundreds, of people
buying the same private label articles is that they could
all use the articles without editing or changing them. That
leads to search engines not ranking, or even listing, all of
the pages because they could see it as duplicate content.

The solution, of course, is to edit the articles and make
them unique.

I personally have purchased well over 500 private label
articles on various subjects. Why? I'm not an expert on
many of the subjects that I've created sites on, yet I
needed unique content for those sites in order for them
to rank well in the search engines. So I bought packs of
10-30 articles on various topics.

As soon as I started editing these articles, I realized
that I could almost write an original article as fast as
I could edit one of the private label ones. That's if the
topic was one I was familiar with.

Dr. Mani's software, makes the articles unique by breaking
up the original articles and inserting comments into them.
The software can customize an article in 1,000 different
ways to create any of 10,000 variations from that same
article. Actually, there are over 6.25 MILLION distinct
of the typical private label article. That's
because you tell the software where to break up the
article and insert the new comments.

Anyway, I used the software over the weekend to customize
over 100 of the private label articles
that I have. This
took me about three hours. I did some articles in under a
minute, but I spent a lot of time double-checking and proof
reading them. I'll use these articles mainly on my sites
and niche blogs. The software undoubtedly saved me about
100 hours on those articles.

Needless to say, I give it "two-thumbs up." You can check
out Dr. Mani's software at:

The software above is still in beta testing since Dr.
Mani has a BUNCH of new features planned. It does work
flawlessly as-is though. As I said, I converted over
100 private label articles over the weekend. The
conversions required nothing more than a little cutting
and pasting.

Since the software is in beta, I've talked Dr. Mani into
both giving anyone that I send to him a HUGE discount,
and into throwing in an extra bonus. If you know Dr. Mani,
you already know he over-delivers, but I put the squeeze
on him a little more :-)


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January 14, 2006

Valentine Cookbook Master Reprint And Private Label Rights

Here's a great deal. You get the Master Reprint Rights plus the Private Label Rights to this cookbook of Valentine's Day recipes. Not only is the cookbook timely, but you can edit the Word file... putting your info in it, and making yourself the author, then you can sell this cookbook or the reprint rights to make it viral for you.

This is very powerful. In fact, I don't even care if I don't make any money off of it. I want the copies of the cookbook that I distribute to promote a different cookbook, one called The Devotional Cookbook... which is a cookbook destined to eventually sell in the millions!

Anyway, you can check out the reprint rights here:

If you're interested in The Devotional Cookbook and helping to launch a cookbook that will sell millions and also help to fund a homeless shelter, check out


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January 13, 2006

Confession Of An Internet Marketing Expert

You have permission to publish this article electronically
or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are
included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be
appreciated. Send to

Confession of an Internet Marketing Expert!
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

Do you really believe that there are people making VERY
comfortable livings selling stuff over the Internet? Or do
you believe that they're just a bunch of fakes who'll tell
you ANYTHING just to get your money?

Like many of you, when I first came online I believed that it
WAS possible. Then, meeting with marginal success for a
while... as I marketed many different products, I began to
doubt. It was during this time that I watched many friends
who'd come online at the same time that I did, simply
give up and go back to their regular jobs. I never seriously
considered doing that despite my wife's "suggestions."

Eventually, I was exposed to those actually doing what I
dreamed of doing. I met them at conference and workshops.
I talked to them on networking calls and teleseminars.
Slowly, I began to believe again. I saw people offering
irrefutable proof that they were really making the big bucks.
Like many people, I reasoned that if "they could do it then
so could I."

When I say big bucks, I mean over $200,000 a year. To
someone from my background that is a significant annual
income. My annual goals are now seven-figure, but I still
keep grounded and acknowledge that a six-figure income is
above average. So it's the six figure income that I first
sought the secret to earning.

Then, one day, I woke up and it was happening to me. At
that point, I asked myself, "How did it happen?" I actually
sat in bewilderment as I asked, What happened?" I needed
that answer because I wanted to show others.

Here was my biggest challenge! Every week I was
approached by people with very big dreams. They wanted
to build a business on the internet to supplement their
incomes or maybe even completely quit their day jobs.
Long after I was able to leave my day job and earn a
full-time living on the internet, I really couldn't explain
to others WHY they couldn't do it too.

I knew what I was doing, and what was working for me, but
there seemed to be a missing piece of the puzzle.

I needed that missing piece of the puzzle because by this
time I had become a trusted advisor and role model to
many. I viewed their trust in me as almost sacred and I
desperately didn't want to mislead them. What a
tremendous burden!

I knew that the answer had to be in something that I had
done. It had to be in something that my role models and
mentors had done.

As the pressures of desperately needing to make money
just to pay the bills lifted, this allow me to view things
from a more detached view. What I began to see and understand
was mind-boggling.

The first thing that became apparent was... what all of the
experts had been telling me was actually THE WAY. The
problem was that I couldn't hear what they were saying
over all the noise in my head... the noise born of
desperation to find a way to earn a living online... that
struggle to succeed that so many do experience.

When that noise quieted down, I could see that first of all
there are only a handful of "Internet marketing experts"
making the big bucks online in "Internet marketing." Many
of these are actually making most of their money in niche
markets. Many of them are also making much of their money
in the offline world... often in mail order.

This is what they were telling me from the very beginning
though. However, for some reason, I couldn't hear what
they were saying. I could not hear their message. It was
like I was deeply submerged under water and could barely
see or hear them just above the water's surface.

What were they yelling? "Find a niche and fill it!" Some
even taught, "Find a niche and totally dominate it,
ethically exploiting it in every way possible."

Recently, I found these teachings reinforced even more.
One of my friends shared a manuscript with me that told the
stories of people earning from $100,000 to $18 million per
year... all selling very niche products over the internet.
One of these was an affiliate marketer, but he was targeting
very specific niches.

My friend had actually tracked down and interviewed over 60
people who were making the big bucks. He had asked each
of them over 75 probing questions to get at the very essence
of what they did and why it worked for them. As I read the
answers to the interviews he conducted, they firmly confirmed
all that I'd slowly learned over the past 9 years. They
confirmed that all of the things the experts had been teaching
me were true.

Had I gone full circle? I now believed the possibilities were
as limitless as I perceived them to be when I first came
online. When I first came online I saw the possibilities of
earning a living on the Internet as totally limitless. I even
named a site and an ezine "Limitless." Now you know the
rest of that story :-)

Internet Marketing (marketing products and services over the
Internet) is truly the greatest opportunity that most of us have
available to us. The barriers to entry into your own business
are so low. The only element really missing for many is the

My friend compiled his interviews into an ebook which he
called Success Alert - Conversation With Successful Internet
Entrepreneurs. This ebook is actually just 9 of the best
interviews that he conducted. That fills a 281 page ebook.
I encourage you to check out this ebook at:

I've just shared with you a cycle that I think many internet
marketers go through as they gradually figure out the puzzle.
The baffling part is how difficult it can be to see what people
are telling you. We seek answers and are given them, yet we
often don't hear them.

Yours in service and gratitude for being so richly blessed,

Willie Crawford


Willie Crawford serves as a consultant, mentor, and
confidant to some of Internet marketing's top income
earners. You can tap into his 9 years of online
experience and million-dollar, success-creating advice

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Here's An Excellent, Inexpensive Place To Advertise

Here's an advertising special currently being run by Mike
Glaspie. For the reach, I haven't found a better buy. What
will make it really produce for you though is either using
2-step advertising, or promoting something that's not too
expensive and that appeals to a general market.

Anyway... here's the promo that I passed along to some of
my lists earlier today...

When we first saw this, we knew we had to get it for you! Mike G only offers this to his own subscribers, but after several emails back and forth, he finally agreed to allow us to offer it to you! But you must hurry... he is only making this available as a "marketing test" and it may end at any time!

I want to feature your favorite program or website, and I want to get started on this right now...

Here it is again! If you have not tried this yet, now is the time... And if you have ordered this before, here's your chance to get in on it again!

I've offered this only five times and each time it sold out almost immediately, with many members asking if it could be repeated... (it's working for them!) Nothing like it exists, nothing like it has ever been offered by anyone else on the net.

In fact 65% of the orders for this the last time I offered it were repeat orders!

Here's what I want to do for you:

  1. I'll take your fifty word ad, and put it in a HTML sales letter endorsing your program and mail it out to approximately 400,000 of my members.

  2. After mailing your offer to my membership database, I'll take your offer plus nine more, put them on a web page and show it as an exit pop for all visitors who visit,,, and I'll leave it there for one full week. The headline of this webpage will read, "My favorite handpicked, selected programs you should become involved in..."

  3. Following the showing of your ad with my endorsement as an exit pop, I will take that same page and I will put a link to it at my primary sites, and this link will be called... "My favorite programs you should become involved in." Visitors who click on this link will have access to my endorsement of your program along with everyone else's program who participates in this unique advertising method. This is significant because...

    I will leave this link up for six full months, and you will get traffic, and by having your website with up to fifty words of text copy linked from pages at my primary sites you will get the added benefit of having a text link at a website/sites that get lots of traffic, and you know what that does for you? It improves your ranking results at the search engines! This really happens.

  4. We're not done yet. I'll take your fifty word ad and I'll drop it in to our daily ezine Your Membership and include it in our Website Showcase section and mail it out to approximately 800,000 of our members. Note: Members may drop out of our solo mailing program and keep our membership but if they drop out of receiving our daily ezine Your Membership they must cancel their membership, hence the difference between the two databases, ie; solo mailing recipients are always about 50% of the daily ezine recipients.

This is an unparalleled opportunity. I've priced it as low as I possibly can. You should know that unless I'm doing a trade mailing with a JV partner who has a substantial database to mail an offer of mine to, I charge $1,500.00 for an endorsed solo mailing, and most clients come back time after time after time for repeat mailings of the same program or different programs.

You should know that I charge $99 just for the Website Showcase in our daily ezine and then limit those ads to 30 words, this deal gets you 50 words.

You should know I have never offered outside exit pops at any of our primary sites at any price, nor have I ever offered text linking at any of our primary sites. Just this benefit alone makes this a lay down hand deal.

So what is this going to cost you? $2000? Uh-uh. $1500? Nope. $1000? No way. I've slashed the price on this unbelievable package to the rock-bottom, absolutely-as-low-as-I-can-go price of just -- are you ready? -- $150.

Yes, you read that right. Just one hundred-fifty bucks. You simply won't find a deal like this anywhere.

But you MUST hurry! I'm taking orders for this right now, starting today. I suspect that I will have to discontinue this program very soon... 50 participants is the maximum number I will be able to help. And I want to get those 50 lucky people set up with this "experimental" offer now, that's why I'm offering it at such a low price... this time. Therefore, I highly recommend that you go here:

50 Word Ad program secure participation request form

...And get your request for participation in right away.

By the way, here's what two recent participants said about this awesome program. :)

Hi Michael,

We took you up on your "50 Word Ad special" in early December 2004.

We are just 3 weeks into the campaign and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Response has been simply tremendous!

We have been very busy catching up with all of the clients that have visited our business and with the many who have joined our business because of your promotion.

Thanks again!


T P DePaoli

Re: $150 ad special of this week.

By the way, the last time I took you up on this offer the results were staggering! Please continue this program when you can and be assured that I will grab the opportunity each and every time.

Thanks, Mike!

Bob Nottage

Because I can only feature ten favorite programs through a single solo mailing to my entire database, and because I will only mail one time per week for ten participants on a first come, first serve basis. You need to GET YOUR REQUEST IN NOW. My editor will notify you separately on the date your Website Showcase will appear in our daily ezine, Your Membership.

The first ten orders will be set up three weeks from now (immediately following fulfillment of the last batch of orders), the second ten will be set up four weeks from now, and so on. Get your order in now. This will sell out! As you can see from the unsolicited testimonials above, my members are achieving stellar results from this package.

Please don't delay. I'm doing everything I can to help you market successfully online... I'll even edit the copy you give me on the participation form, I want it to be just right.. I'll even personally visit your website to make certain that you are capturing the best essence of the offer for your 50-word ad.

I'm so convinced that you will be delighted with the results of this campaign that I make you an unheard of guarantëë... Following the end of this marketing campaign of six months (remember the text link stays up for six months), if you are not satisfied with the results of this campaign for any reason, simply let me know and I will refund out of my personal pocket every penny you invested in this first and only of it's kind marketing opportunity.

At this website:
50 Word Ad program information
you will see a few more details and if you elect to purchase via PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account as PayPal will take several forms of payment and send you a receipt.


Michael T. Glaspie
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January 12, 2006

Trial Copy Of Ebay System

Here's something I passed along to my Ebay list
that might interest you...

If making a LOT of money on eBay (for example, $100,000+ in
your first year) appeals to you, I'd like to give you a
Trial Copy of "The Insider Secrets of an eBay Millionaire"

See, I've just been given permission to send a limited number
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It's a tested and proven method for finding an endless supply
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But since this is the first time these trials have EVER been
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this weekend...

... so you'll need to act right away!

Otherwise, the Trial Copy I've had reserved for you will be
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Enjoy your trial,


P.S. Don't underestimate the value of the information in this
trial. The strategies that Brandon reveals in his system took
him EIGHT years to learn, and cost him hundreds of thousands
of dollars in research and testing! To get your Trial Copy of
the "eBay Millionaire" system right way, visit:

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The 900-Pound Monkey On Your Back

The 900-Pound Monkey On Your Back
Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

Many years ago, I was a young, U.S. Air Force major, working
an office job Hawaii. This "seasoned," gruff-but-fatherly
colonel peered over my shoulder as I worked, and asked what
I was doing. I explained that I was writing a paper to
help another major document a problem for the general. He
asked why, and I explained that I was the expert on the

The lesson that colonel taught me that day changed my
life, and continues to help my online business grow. You
see, I had allowed the other major, who had a big
challenge, simply pass it along to me because it was
something I felt very comfortable with. I had TONS of other
things I needed to get done, but I had allowed a co-worker
to get me to do his work.

What that colonel explained to me that day was that all my
life I would have people come to me with "900-pound monkeys
on their backs." He explained that often there's nothing they
would like better than to take the monkey off their back
and put it on someone else's. He went on to explain that
it's nice to help people, but often DUMB to just let them
dump their work on you.

As I look around me in the online world everyday, I
witness people allowing others to take 900-pound monkeys
that are on their backs... and place those monkeys on other's
backs. I see this as a PROBLEM many times because in the
process of agreeing to take on someone else's problem,
the "volunteer" often puts his own projects on hold.

I often hear those who've taken on others' problems
complaining about not having the time to finish their
own projects. I sometimes politely point out that it's
their fault.

Let's look at a few concrete examples...

Often, I see people on discussion boards ask how to
fix an html problem, modify a graphic, or perhaps
improve on a webpage. Sometimes, those of us who are
very comfortable with doing these things volunteer to
take a minute and quickly fix the problem. This only
becomes a "900-pound monkey" when it takes longer to
do the favor than expected, or we get talked into
making additional changes or revisions. Then a favor
can quickly turn into a JOB that you should be
charging for!

I often see us volunteering to do these favors for
others as a means of procrastinating. We have a major
project that we really should be working on, but it
seems so massive that we look for other things to do
to prevent getting started. Any convenient excuse
will do, and that excuse is often that someone else
needs our help. The fact often is that OUR projects
are what need our attention :-)

I'm NOT saying that you should not do favors for
others. However, you do need to fully define the
scope of what you're volunteering for. You need
to confirm that you're not offering to transfer that
900-pound monkey onto your back so that the other
person can go sit around on the beach.

Examples of things Internet marketers often
volunteer for that turn into 900-pound monkeys...

- Fixing an html or script problem
- Rewriting a salesletter
- Designing a graphic
- Fixing up a PDF file
- Editing some audio

The list could be a lot longer.

Now here's the really strange thing about the
things we often volunteer to do for others. They
are often things that we have personally grown to
consider "not the best use of our time." So we
have started outsourcing these things when they
need doing in our own businesses. Yet we often
volunteer to do them for others.

As you go through your day, and find yourself
feeling overwhelmed with so many things to do, stop
for a second and consider... if part of the problem
might not be that you're simply taking on too many
problems that aren't even yours. If that is the
case, learning to refuse that monkey, from time
to time, takes a lot of weight off your shoulders!
(Pun intended)


Willie Crawford serves as a consultant, mentor, and
confidant to some of Internet marketing's top income
earners. You can tap into his 9 years of online
experience and million-dollar, success-creating advice


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January 11, 2006

DON'T Buy Adsense Revenue Exposed Resale Rights!

Here's an email I sent out yesterday that I wanted to
make sure that members of my private membership site

This was based on a decision made AFTER I posted below
offering the software for sale to my list. Here's the

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By now, you've heard about Google Adsense, and how
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It's everywhere!

And BECAUSE Adsense is the hottest topic in Internet
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And that's where you come in...

I have just acquired Master Resell Rights to a brand new,
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The Master Resale Rights package comes complete with
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You get:

* The complete 'Adsense Revenue Exposed' PDF document.
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