Unlimited Traffic And Unlimited Sales For Free
By Willie Crawford

You really can get unlimited traffic to your website
for free. You really can get unlimited sales for your
product for free. You don't need to invest any money
upfront to drive all this business to YOU. How do you
accomplish this miracle? Start your own affiliate

When you start you own affiliate program you will have
thousands of affiliates generating sales for you. You
will have thousands of affiliates placing links around
the web, all pointing to your site and your product.
You will have thousands of affiliates enthusiastically
telling others about your fantastic product or service.
They do get paid for all this effort, but they only get
paid when they PRODUCE. They only get paid when they
put money in your pocket. So you really can generate
unlimited traffic and sales for free (no out-of-pocket

My friend Jimmy Brown started an affiliate program for
one of his websites. This website went from 50 hits
per month to 250,000 hits per month in only 4 months.
These hits are all people that his affiliates are
sending to his website. These are all customers coming
to see more of his fantastic product which his affiliates
have pre-sold. You can achieve the same results with
the right product and a good plan. To see exactly how
Jimmy did it, check out his site. Just visit:

Wait you say! I don't even have a product of my own to
sell... I couldn't possible start an affiliate program.
Why not create one? The easiest product for you will
probably be an ebook, a hard copy book, or some much
needed software. None of these are really hard to do.

To create an ebook, you simply choose a topic that
people need more information on and you find that
information. Then you compile that information into
an ebook. If you're writing about a topic you're
passionate about or very knowledgable about, this job
is even easier. As an example, I wrote a cookbook late
last year comprised of recipes I learned while growing
up on the farm. My website built around that topic had
already shown me that this was a popular topic. The
ebook sells great. I already had the recipes. It was
just a matter of sitting down and compiling them into
a marketable format. With the right topic, your ebook
will be just as easy.

I also wrote a hard copy of the same cookbook. Many
people prefer a paper copy over an electronic copy. If
you can produce the electronic copy, you have the
material for a paper copy to. More logistics is
involved in getting a paper copy produced and distributed.
But this is still a very easy product to produce. You
just need to ensure that the demand is there before
making a large investment. The fact that my site often got
over 10,000 visitors per day (especially around holiday
periods) showed me that the demand existed. This was
further confirmed by site visitors frequently emailing
me and asking if I had a cookbook. To check out my
extremely simple, yet highly popular and profitable site,
simply visit:
http://www.chitterlings.com Use my model
to get your creative juices flowing.

The third type of product that I consider easy to create
and market is software. Software, like an ebook has
virtually no distribution cost, and doesn't require
you to maintain a large inventory. You can simply have
your customers download electronic files. If you don't
have the programming skills, but have a great idea,
partner with a programmer to create the product. You
can also, simply hire a programmer to write your
product. You pay once to have the product created and
then you collect on sales for YEARS to come. The best
product I've seen, which steps you through creating your
own software, is called Software Secrets Exposed. It
takes you step-by-step through creating your own
software. It also show you that even the LITTLE guy
can get rich by creating his own software. It's not
as challenging as you probably think that is is. Check
out Software Secrets Exposed at:

Yes... starting your own affiliate program is your
key to getting unlimited traffic and making unlimited
sales. Resolve to start your own affiliate program
today. That's how all of the big successes became
successful. That's how you can get off the treadmill
that you are on. What are you waiting for?

Willie Crawford is an internet marketing consultant who
has aided hundreds in building very successful online
businesses. Feel free to drop by his marketing discussion
board at
today to discuss marketing and website traffic issues ;-)


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